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synonyms for critical

  • calumniatory
  • disapproving
  • discriminating
  • disparaging
  • hairsplitting
  • hypercritical
  • nit-picking
  • overcritical
  • penetrating
  • reproachful

See also synonyms for: criticality critically criticalness

antonyms for critical

Most relevant

  • complimentary
  • unimportant

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

How to use critical in a sentence

Now, “I’m more cautious and more critical of what someone’s saying in their bio,” Ogalo says, adding that any comments making light of the coronavirus are automatic left-swipes.

Federal prosecutors and the FBI have accused self-identified Proud Boys of leading some of the earliest, most destructive and critical efforts to overrun police lines and break into the Capitol building.

Collaboration with the Schneider Electric site analytics team was critical for measurement as well, with bounce rate and site engagement becoming key user experience measurement metrics.

Working as an ESPN broadcaster after 10 years coaching Kansas City, Schottenheimer had been highly critical of Snyder’s early moves as owner.

The right equipment for the type of job you’re doing is critical for safety.

Dossi initially was listed in critical condition with wounds to his arm and lower back.

Dear Thief is worthy of the abused critical adjectives philosophical, atmospheric, and masterful.

But by the time a critical wanted poster sent via fax arrived, more than two hours elapsed.

Truth is, no one is sure how Cuba will play in the critical swing state of Florida in 2016.

And the actor says his childhood experience plays a critical role in his performance.

These are few and verbal, but momentous, and were not made without consultation of many critical authorities and versions.

The Colonel left, and in a few days the election coming off, each candidate made his appearance at the critical German polls.

He was threatened with erysipelas, and there was a rather critical inflammation of the left eye.

Later on he became intensely critical of his own work, and finally bought up all the copies he could lay hands on and burnt them!

“I thought she wos wery plump, and vell made,” said Mr. Weller, with a critical air.

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Words Related To critical

  • exceptional
  • major-league
  • playing hard ball
  • professional
  • strictly business
  • influential
  • significant

bottom line

  • fundamental
  • indispensable
  • importunate


  • bad-tempered
  • bloody-minded
  • disagreeable
  • ill-humored
  • ill-natured
  • quarrelsome
  • Synonyms For
  • Antonyms For
  • Related Words

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Example sentences critical issue

Definition of 'issue' issue.

IPA Pronunciation Guide

Definition of 'critical' critical


COBUILD Collocations critical issue

Browse alphabetically critical issue.

  • critical infrastructure
  • critical inquiry
  • critical insight
  • critical issue
  • critical judgment
  • critical juncture
  • critical mass
  • All ENGLISH words that begin with 'C'

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Critical Issues > synonyms

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Cambridge Dictionary

  • Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

Meaning of critical in English

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critical adjective ( NOT PLEASED )

  • She is critical of the president's globalist foreign policy .
  • She was highly critical of the insensitive and peremptory way in which the cases had been handled .
  • Many people were critical of the resurgent militarism in the country .
  • She is a prolific writer with critical views and a sharp tongue .
  • She is very critical of the way we bring up our children .
  • astringency
  • astringently
  • be all very well idiom
  • hypercritical
  • scarifyingly
  • scorchingly
  • uncomplimentary
  • witheringly

critical adjective ( GIVING OPINIONS )

  • Studying has certainly sharpened my critical faculties .
  • Despite his great commercial success he still yearns for critical approval .
  • The play opened to great critical acclaim .
  • He has written a long critical piece evaluating the exhibition .
  • adjudication
  • have the measure of someone/something idiom
  • interpretable
  • interpretive
  • reinspection
  • reinterpret
  • reinterpretation
  • reinvestigate
  • reinvestigation

critical adjective ( IMPORTANT )

  • The avoidance of injury is critical to a professional athlete .
  • It is critical that we keep the content of the letters secret .
  • Continued funding is critical for the project .
  • He left a case containing critical documents on the train .
  • Continual stirring is critical to a good custard .
  • all-important
  • at all costs idiom
  • be a matter of life and/or death idiom
  • life-altering
  • life-and-death
  • life-changing
  • principally

critical adjective ( SERIOUS )

  • be in the wars idiom
  • brain damage
  • second degree

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Critical | american dictionary, critical adjective ( very bad ), critical adjective ( judging entertainment ), critical adjective ( disapproving person ), critical | business english, examples of critical, translations of critical.

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critical issues synonym

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  • critical (NOT PLEASED)
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  • critical (IMPORTANT)
  • critical (SERIOUS)
  • critical (VERY BAD)
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Definition of critical adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

expressing disapproval

  • You should just ignore any critical comments.
  • The supervisor is always very critical.
  • critical of somebody/something Some parents are highly critical of the school.
  • She became openly critical of party policy.
  • The report was highly critical of the company's poor safety record.
  • They issued a critical report on the government's handling of the crisis.

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  • Industry leaders are working together to address this critical issue .
  • a critical factor in the election campaign
  • The kidneys play a critical role in overall health.
  • Reducing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is of critical importance .
  • critical to something Your decision is critical to our future.
  • critical for something Timing is critical for success.
  • Experience is essential for this job.
  • The police play a vital role in our society.
  • It is crucial that we get this right.
  • Your decision is critical to our future.
  • She has played a decisive role in the peace negotiations.
  • Cars have become an indispensable part of our lives.
  • essential/​vital/​crucial/​critical/​decisive/​indispensable for something
  • essential/​vital/​crucial/​critical/​indispensable to something
  • essential/​vital/​crucial/​critical that…
  • essential/​vital/​crucial/​critical to do something
  • a(n) essential/​vital/​crucial/​critical/​decisive/​indispensable part/​factor
  • of vital/​crucial/​critical/​decisive importance
  • absolutely essential/​vital/​crucial/​critical/​decisive/​indispensable
  • Maintaining control of the budget is absolutely critical for success.
  • This reorganization is critical to the long-term future of the company.
  • Price and availability are the critical factors that will determine product success.
  • If the temperature drops those critical two degrees, the engine will stop functioning.
  • increasingly


  • One of the victims of the fire remains in a critical condition .
  • The first 24 hours after the operation are the most critical.
  • a critical care ward
  • This is a critical moment in our country's history.
  • He's at a critical point in his life.
  • a critical step in the process

making careful judgements

  • Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking instead of accepting opinions without questioning them.
  • His latest film attracted enthusiastic critical comment from cinema-goers.
  • Mike studied the canvas with a critical eye .

of art/music/books, etc.

  • the film director’s greatest critical success
  • In her day she never received the critical acclaim (= praise from the critics) she deserved.

Other results

  • critical care
  • critical masses
  • critical paths
  • critical care unit

Nearby words

Critical issues Synonyms

Critical replaced.

  • serious issues
  • important issues
  • severe issues
  • significant issues
  • crucial issues
  • urgent issues
  • grave issues
  • particular issues
  • sarcastic issues
  • weighty issues

Definitions for Critical

  • (adjective) given to making or expressing unfavorable judgments about things
  • (adjective) needing immediate attention
  • (adjective) of the greatest possible importance

Synonyms for phrase

  • dangerous effect
  • serious problem
  • crucial point
  • serious question
  • serious effect
  • important point
  • important question
  • vital point
  • serious matter
  • serious point
  • crucial effect
  • crucial question
  • pivotal point
  • decisive effect
  • decisive question
  • decisive outcome
  • important number
  • important matter
  • vital question
  • vital release

CI abbreviation

Issues replaced.

  • critical point
  • critical event
  • critical effect
  • critical problem
  • critical number
  • critical result
  • critical release
  • critical question
  • critical matter
  • critical edition
  • critical issue

Synonyms for critical issue

Found 19 synonyms

Synonyms for critical

Synonyms for issue, synonyms with "critical".

critical task

critical role

critical time

critical element

critical moment

critical importance

Synonyms with "issue"

crucial issue

ethical issue

priority issue

important issue

gender issue

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Critical Thinking: A Simple Guide and Why It’s Important

  • Share This: Share Critical Thinking: A Simple Guide and Why It’s Important on Facebook Share Critical Thinking: A Simple Guide and Why It’s Important on LinkedIn Share Critical Thinking: A Simple Guide and Why It’s Important on Twitter

Critical Thinking: A Simple Guide and Why It’s Important was originally published on Ivy Exec .

Strong critical thinking skills are crucial for career success, regardless of educational background. It embodies the ability to engage in astute and effective decision-making, lending invaluable dimensions to professional growth.

At its essence, critical thinking is the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in a logical and reasoned manner. It’s not merely about accumulating knowledge but harnessing it effectively to make informed decisions and solve complex problems. In the dynamic landscape of modern careers, honing this skill is paramount.

The Impact of Critical Thinking on Your Career

☑ problem-solving mastery.

Visualize critical thinking as the Sherlock Holmes of your career journey. It facilitates swift problem resolution akin to a detective unraveling a mystery. By methodically analyzing situations and deconstructing complexities, critical thinkers emerge as adept problem solvers, rendering them invaluable assets in the workplace.

☑ Refined Decision-Making

Navigating dilemmas in your career path resembles traversing uncertain terrain. Critical thinking acts as a dependable GPS, steering you toward informed decisions. It involves weighing options, evaluating potential outcomes, and confidently choosing the most favorable path forward.

☑ Enhanced Teamwork Dynamics

Within collaborative settings, critical thinkers stand out as proactive contributors. They engage in scrutinizing ideas, proposing enhancements, and fostering meaningful contributions. Consequently, the team evolves into a dynamic hub of ideas, with the critical thinker recognized as the architect behind its success.

☑ Communication Prowess

Effective communication is the cornerstone of professional interactions. Critical thinking enriches communication skills, enabling the clear and logical articulation of ideas. Whether in emails, presentations, or casual conversations, individuals adept in critical thinking exude clarity, earning appreciation for their ability to convey thoughts seamlessly.

☑ Adaptability and Resilience

Perceptive individuals adept in critical thinking display resilience in the face of unforeseen challenges. Instead of succumbing to panic, they assess situations, recalibrate their approaches, and persist in moving forward despite adversity.

☑ Fostering Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of progressive organizations, and critical thinking serves as its catalyst. Proficient critical thinkers possess the ability to identify overlooked opportunities, propose inventive solutions, and streamline processes, thereby positioning their organizations at the forefront of innovation.

☑ Confidence Amplification

Critical thinkers exude confidence derived from honing their analytical skills. This self-assurance radiates during job interviews, presentations, and daily interactions, catching the attention of superiors and propelling career advancement.

So, how can one cultivate and harness this invaluable skill?

✅ developing curiosity and inquisitiveness:.

Embrace a curious mindset by questioning the status quo and exploring topics beyond your immediate scope. Cultivate an inquisitive approach to everyday situations. Encourage a habit of asking “why” and “how” to deepen understanding. Curiosity fuels the desire to seek information and alternative perspectives.

✅ Practice Reflection and Self-Awareness:

Engage in reflective thinking by assessing your thoughts, actions, and decisions. Regularly introspect to understand your biases, assumptions, and cognitive processes. Cultivate self-awareness to recognize personal prejudices or cognitive biases that might influence your thinking. This allows for a more objective analysis of situations.

✅ Strengthening Analytical Skills:

Practice breaking down complex problems into manageable components. Analyze each part systematically to understand the whole picture. Develop skills in data analysis, statistics, and logical reasoning. This includes understanding correlation versus causation, interpreting graphs, and evaluating statistical significance.

✅ Engaging in Active Listening and Observation:

Actively listen to diverse viewpoints without immediately forming judgments. Allow others to express their ideas fully before responding. Observe situations attentively, noticing details that others might overlook. This habit enhances your ability to analyze problems more comprehensively.

✅ Encouraging Intellectual Humility and Open-Mindedness:

Foster intellectual humility by acknowledging that you don’t know everything. Be open to learning from others, regardless of their position or expertise. Cultivate open-mindedness by actively seeking out perspectives different from your own. Engage in discussions with people holding diverse opinions to broaden your understanding.

✅ Practicing Problem-Solving and Decision-Making:

Engage in regular problem-solving exercises that challenge you to think creatively and analytically. This can include puzzles, riddles, or real-world scenarios. When making decisions, consciously evaluate available information, consider various alternatives, and anticipate potential outcomes before reaching a conclusion.

✅ Continuous Learning and Exposure to Varied Content:

Read extensively across diverse subjects and formats, exposing yourself to different viewpoints, cultures, and ways of thinking. Engage in courses, workshops, or seminars that stimulate critical thinking skills. Seek out opportunities for learning that challenge your existing beliefs.

✅ Engage in Constructive Disagreement and Debate:

Encourage healthy debates and discussions where differing opinions are respectfully debated.

This practice fosters the ability to defend your viewpoints logically while also being open to changing your perspective based on valid arguments. Embrace disagreement as an opportunity to learn rather than a conflict to win. Engaging in constructive debate sharpens your ability to evaluate and counter-arguments effectively.

✅ Utilize Problem-Based Learning and Real-World Applications:

Engage in problem-based learning activities that simulate real-world challenges. Work on projects or scenarios that require critical thinking skills to develop practical problem-solving approaches. Apply critical thinking in real-life situations whenever possible.

This could involve analyzing news articles, evaluating product reviews, or dissecting marketing strategies to understand their underlying rationale.

In conclusion, critical thinking is the linchpin of a successful career journey. It empowers individuals to navigate complexities, make informed decisions, and innovate in their respective domains. Embracing and honing this skill isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity in a world where adaptability and sound judgment reign supreme.

So, as you traverse your career path, remember that the ability to think critically is not just an asset but the differentiator that propels you toward excellence.


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  1. 580 Words and Phrases for Critical Issues

    Critical Issues synonyms - 580 Words and Phrases for Critical Issues key issues n. important issues n. crucial issues n. major issues n. vital issues n. critical questions n. significant issues n. critical challenges n. important matters n. pressing issues n. urgent issues n. critical problems n. pertinent issues n. urgent matters n.

  2. CRITICAL Synonyms: 130 Similar and Opposite Words

    Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance particular demanding rejective judgmental hypercritical overcritical captious faultfinding merciless discerning carping cavilling caviling judicious harsh discriminating finicky finical fastidious nitpicky exacting picky unforgiving fussy pettifogging uncharitable quibbling Antonyms & Near Antonyms uncritical

  3. 906 Words and Phrases for Critical Issue

    Critical Issue synonyms - 906 Words and Phrases for Critical Issue Lists synonyms antonyms definitions sentences thesaurus words phrases idioms Parts of speech nouns Tags issue concern challenge suggest new crucial issue n. # issue key issue n. # issue central issue n. # issue important issue n. # issue major issue n. # issue fundamental issue n.

  4. 95 Synonyms & Antonyms for CRITICAL

    synonyms for critical demanding analytical belittling biting calumniatory captious carping caviling cavillous censorious censuring choleric condemning critic cutting cynical demeaning derogatory diagnostic disapproving discerning discriminating disparaging exacting exceptive finicky fussy hairsplitting humbling hypercritical lowering nagging


    Synonyms and antonyms of critical in English critical adjective These are words and phrases related to critical. Click on any word or phrase to go to its thesaurus page. Or, go to the definition of critical. Don't be so critical of everyone else. Synonyms censorious faultfinding disparaging derogatory picky fussy nagging caviling carping nitpicking

  6. CRITICAL ISSUES in Thesaurus: 100+ Synonyms & Antonyms for CRITICAL ISSUES

    CRITICAL ISSUES in Thesaurus: 100+ Synonyms & Antonyms for CRITICAL ISSUES Parts of speech Synonyms Similar meaning View all key issues important issues crucial issues major issues vital issues critical questions significant issues critical challenges important matters pressing issues urgent issues critical problems pertinent issues urgent matters

  7. 28 Words and Phrases for Issues Critical

    Another way to say Issues Critical? Synonyms for Issues Critical (other words and phrases for Issues Critical).

  8. critical

    critical WordReference English Thesaurus © 2023 Sense: Adjective: crucial Synonyms: crucial, important, key, vital, significant, essential, decisive, all-important, deciding, imperative, pivotal, momentous, acute, urgent, high-priority, necessary, integral, weighty, a matter of life and death (informal) Antonyms:

  9. CRITICAL ISSUE in Thesaurus: 1000+ Synonyms & Antonyms for CRITICAL ISSUE

    Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Critical issue meaning and usage. Thesaurus for Critical issue. Related terms for critical issue- synonyms, antonyms and sentences with critical issue. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. Parts of speech. nouns. Synonyms Similar meaning. View all.

  10. 185 Words and Phrases for Critical Problems

    Another way to say Critical Problems? Synonyms for Critical Problems (other words and phrases for Critical Problems).

  11. 336 Words and Phrases for Critical Problem

    Tags. question. issue. problem. suggest new. Another way to say Critical Problem? Synonyms for Critical Problem (other words and phrases for Critical Problem).

  12. What is another word for critical?

    What is another word for critical? Need from our Contexts Inclined to express negative or disapproving comments A meticulous analysis of literary, music or artworks An extremely close examination of (of a situation or problem) Having a high likelihood of becoming dire or turning into a crisis … more Adjective

  13. What is another word for "critical situation"?

    Noun Critical situation with extreme significance matter of life and death emergency exigency urgency extreme importance case of emergency case of need grave affair matter of necessity Noun The state of having to move or progress quickly, such as to avoid a disaster hurry emergency urgency exigency panic crisis imperativeness desperate straits

  14. CRITICAL ISSUE definition and meaning

    (ɪsjuː , ɪʃuː ) countable noun An issue is an important subject that people are arguing about or discussing . Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers Definition of 'critical' critical (krɪtɪkəl ) adjective A critical time, factor, or situation is extremely important.

  15. CRITICAL PROBLEM in Thesaurus: 100+ Synonyms & Antonyms for CRITICAL

    thesaurus Parts of speech nouns Synonyms Similar meaning View all serious problem critical challenge critical issue crucial issue crucial problem grave problem major problem important issue severe problem acute problem big problem important problem key problem serious trouble basic problem critical difficulty crucial challenge fundamental issue

  16. Critical Definition & Meaning

    critical: [adjective] inclined to criticize severely and unfavorably. exercising or involving careful judgment or judicious evaluation. including variant readings and scholarly emendations.

  17. Synonyms for Critical Issues

    Synonyms for 'Critical Issues'. Best synonyms for 'critical issues' are 'key issues', 'important issues' and 'crucial issues'. Search for synonyms and antonyms Classic Thesaurus C Critical Issues>synonyms 308 Synonyms List search Special characters '?' and '*': ??? - shows 3-letter terms


    CRITICAL definition: 1. saying that someone or something is bad or wrong: 2. giving or relating to opinions or…. Learn more.

  19. critical adjective

    Synonyms essential essential vital crucial critical decisive indispensable These words all describe somebody/ something that is extremely important and completely necessary because a particular situation or activity depends on them. essential extremely important and completely necessary, because without it something cannot exist, be made or be successful:

  20. Critical issues

    Synonyms for phrase Critical issues. Phrase thesaurus through replacing words with similar meaning of Critical and Issues Random Critical issues Synonyms Criticalreplaced serious issues important issues severe issues significant issues crucial issues urgent issues grave issues key issues particular issues sarcastic issues weighty issues

  21. Sensitive matters and critical issues as synonyms

    The terms Sensitive matters and Critical issues might have synonymous (similar) meaning. Find out what connects these two synonyms. Understand the difference between Sensitive matters and Critical issues.

  22. Synonyms for critical issue

    On this page you will find all the synonyms for the word to critical issue. Synonyms for critical issue - critical issue, crucial issue, critical question and others.

  23. critical issues synonym

    critical issues translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'critic, criticism, criticize, criminal', examples, definition, conjugation

  24. Critical Thinking: A Simple Guide and Why It's Important

    Proficient critical thinkers possess the ability to identify overlooked opportunities, propose inventive solutions, and streamline processes, thereby positioning their organizations at the forefront of innovation. ☑ Confidence Amplification. Critical thinkers exude confidence derived from honing their analytical skills.