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Definition of 'good'

Good describing quality, expressing approval.

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good beneficial

Good morally right, good other uses, video: pronunciation of good.

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good in American English

Good in british english, examples of 'good' in a sentence good, more idioms containing good, related word partners good, trends of good.

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Definition of good noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

morally right

  • Do they even know the difference between good and evil ?
  • Is religion always a force for good?
  • The charity does a lot of good.
  • the difference between good and evil.
  • Her goodness shone through.
  • In disadvantaged areas, schools can be a force for good.
  • the struggle between good and evil
  • Schools can definitely be seen as a force for good in this area.
  • do (somebody)
  • for somebody/​something’s good
  • a force for good
  • for somebody’s (own) good
  • for the good of something

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defining good

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synonyms for good

  • exceptional
  • satisfactory
  • commendable
  • first-class
  • super-eminent
  • super-excellent
  • up to snuff

See also synonyms for: best better goods

antonyms for good

Most relevant

  • unacceptable
  • unsatisfactory

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

How to use good in a sentence

Years of historical data and analysis helped guide the teams on which keywords were historically the best performing.

For best results, however, you should achieve 50 conversions over a 30-day period prior to implementing Target ROAS bidding.

If you own a small salon in Los Angeles, most people looking for salon services will search for very specific phrases like “salons in Los Angeles” or “best hair stylists in Los Angeles.”

Despite the best efforts of all involved, from players to TV producers, things were off all night.

Forwards Bile and Wahab were extremely active during Georgetown’s best runs, but foul trouble kept taking both off the floor.

As an example of good science-and-society policymaking, the history of fluoride may be more of a cautionary tale.

The speaker conjures up centuries of collective sagacity, aligning oneself with an eternal, inarguable good .

I think everybody would like to be handsome and good at karate.

Petty, shade, and thirst are my favorite human “virtues” and the trifecta of any good series of “stories.”

Finding a smuggler in Ventimiglia is easier than finding good food.

We resolved to do our best to merit the good opinion which we thus supposed them to entertain of us.

And with some expressions of mutual good -will and interest, master and man separated.

She did not need a great cook-book; She knew how much and what it took To make things good and sweet and light.

The Seven-score and four on the six middle Bells, the treble leading, and the tenor lying behind every change, makes good Musick.

Those in whom the impulse is strong and dominant are perhaps those who in later years make the good society actors.

Choose the synonym for steep

  • precipitous

Words Related To good

  • affirmative
  • beyond a doubt
  • by all means
  • good enough
  • indubitably
  • most assuredly
  • undoubtedly
  • unquestionably
  • without fail
  • intelligent
  • cat's pajamas
  • crackerjack
  • meritorious
  • out of sight
  • out of this world
  • praiseworthy
  • super-duper
  • on the ball
  • on the beam
  • quick on the trigger
  • quick on the uptake
  • quick-witted
  • up to speed
  • convenience
  • gratification
  • improvement
  • pre-eminence
  • recognition
  • superiority
  • Synonyms For
  • Antonyms For
  • Related Words

Your business is incredibly powerful. Why not use that power for good?

defining good

Every business has an impact on people and the planet.

You're probably here because you want your impact to be positive, to not cause unnecessary harm to other humans and maybe even leave the world a little better than you found it — you’re just not sure where to start or simply don't have time to implement., i help business leaders assess their social and environmental impact and implement strategies to decrease harm and increase good for people and the planet. all with business in mind., seen & heard in:.

defining good

Hi! I'm Rachael Parker-Chavez

Lover of humans. aspiring optimist. social impact strategist..

defining good

Everything you do, you do with purpose.

Your business is growing and you want it to grow in a way that puts people above profits., depending on your business needs and goals, your social impact strategy could include one or more of the following:, business model integration.

Adjusting or supplementing your existing business model to incorporate solutions for creating and delivering positive social impact.

Initiative Development | Developing short or long-term initiatives that often include but are not limited to:

implementing or improving ethical and/or sustainable operations – creating an earth-friendly and/or human-friendly workplace – building ethical and/or sustainable supply chains – developing “give-back,” customer engagement or issues leadership campaigns (short-term) or programs (long-term) – designing employee engagement and/or community engagement projects – developing programs to employ individuals from marginalized, vulnerable or otherwise underserved communities – developing products or services to specifically serve or create equity for individuals from marginalized, vulnerable or otherwise underserved communities

Developing or clarifying brand-aligned language to clearly articulate your efforts and impact. (e.g. social value propositions, mission and vision statements, product or service correlation, initiative descriptions, etc.)

Non-Profit Partnerships

Researching nonprofit organizations for potential partnership opportunities and relevance in programming. Auditing potential partners for proven impact models, financial stability, and red flags. Procuring partners and facilitate initial partnership process including partnership agreements, and program development and implementation.

Measurement Preparation

Review current and/or potential initiative outputs to understand baselines and generate measurement systems to gauge and measure social impact.

Communication Planning

Where applicable, outlining a communication plan to engage your audience and amplify your initiatives.

defining good

Let’s work together.

How can i help, social impact strategy.

Every business is unique, which means there's no one-size-fits-all social impact strategy. We’ll delve into the specifics of your business to create a clear strategy for reducing negative impact, increasing positive impact or both.

Time: six to eight weeks for strategy development. Implementation time varies dependent on strategy.

Human-centered design.

At the center of the best products, services and solutions are people. More specifically, the people who are closest to and have the most lived experience with the problem you’re trying to solve. We’ll go through each phase of HCD – inspiration, ideation, and implementation – to ensure the solutions you’re creating or iterating on will have the greatest positive impact.

Time: dependent on size and structure of business.

One-off strategy sessions.

If you aren't ready for full strategy development or need a little support with your current strategy, I’m your gal. In 90 minutes, we’ll work through pressing issues or ideate on your next big move — anything from creating a new initiative to assessing your impact to navigating supply chains to messaging your impact.

Time: 90 minutes

Social impact assessment.

The best place to start. We'll measure how both your business model and operations impact people and the planet, along with evaluating your company's accountability to high ethical and sustainable standards. You'll get a baseline on your company's current social and environmental impact and a detailed report on how to move forward.

Time: three to four hours to complete assessment + two weeks to analyze data and deliver your inclusive (stop, start, continue) report.

B corp certification support.

Ready to make your commitment official? I’ll help you navigate the B Corp certification process; facilitating the initial assessment, managing and/or creating required documentation, analyzing reports, assisting with the review and, if needed, developing a strategy to improve your score for certification. If applicable, I’ll also liaison with your internal or third-party team for all legal requirements.

Have questions about working together?

defining good

I’ve worked with some exceptional people using business as a force for good.

Here’s what a few of them had to say..

defining good

Stephanie Tusler

Creator and lead photographer, tslr lifestyle.

After our initial call, I was so impressed with Rachael's industry knowledge and her expert insight. Initially I had no idea where to start with my social impact strategy, and honestly was nervous about jumping into a big project at the early stages of business, but it couldn't have been a smoother process, and I'm so inspired by the non-profit partner we’re working with and the initiatives Rachael helped us build to support the mission of inspiring young people in diverse communities to pursue their dreams.

defining good

Tara Konitshek

Founder and head baker, sweet as bliss.

From start to finish Rachael was professional, timely, and patient as we developed our social impact strategy. She was very thorough when explaining how this entire process works and providing such great insight. I enjoyed our weekly meetings via google video chat where her enthusiasm and passion for what she does really shows through the work and effort.

defining good

Carrie Murray

Founder, business relationship alliance network.

Rachael’s the woman in your circle that challenges you to think beyond your own stratosphere. When she shows up to support someone, it is as natural to her as breathing. She is a continual source of inspiration and her work serves as an excellent reminder that profit can benefit more than just the individual. This, and more, is what keeps our community looking to her for guidance in some of the most troubling times in the world and in our own neighborhood.

defining good

Whitney Shindelar

Owner and principal travel advisor, undiscovered sunsets.

Since before officially starting Undiscovered Sunsets, I knew I wanted to include a social impact element in my business. I had no idea what that would look like and I had so many questions. All of these questions and so many more paralyzed my progress and I remained stuck at square one for almost two years. The Strategy Sessions were the perfect solution because this wasn’t a process I wanted to hand over to someone completely; I wanted to be a part of the process. Working with Rachael not only gave me a great appreciation for her expertise and her knowledge, but it has also set me up for success. After two years of no progress at all, I’m now on the path to forging a new relationship with an organization I truly believe in and putting forth creative initiatives to support them, all in only six weeks. Thank you, Rachael!

defining good

Founder, THR Hospitality + Pueblo Restaurant

Rachael’s spirit and passion were palpable from the very first minute. She was happy to work with our company’s limited scale to create a very specific and detailed action plan that produced real impact and results. She cares deeply about helping others — whether by guiding companies like mine or leading by example — and it shows in the quality of her work! I recommend that Rachael be by your side whenever you’re defining good.

defining good

VP of Operations, Chem-Impex International

Rachael was really fantastic to work with, she knew just the right questions to ask to help us conceptualize our social impact strategy. We walked away from the experience feeling educated and very excited to work with the partners she helped us identify and to engage our employees in volunteering. It is definitely no small feat to do the amount of work she does to audit potential partners, develop initiatives and support with implementation.

defining good

Anna Bulbrook

Founder, girlschool.

Rachael helped me clarify, articulate and present my organization’s objectives in an incredibly short time. With her background in corporate social responsibility, her genius at strategic communication, and her enthusiasm for the work that we are doing to empower women, she is a truly special coach and consultant.

defining good

Michelle Ranavat

Founder, ranavat botanics.

Rachael is a true gem. When starting my business, I knew giving back would be part of our story—but I had no idea where to begin. Rachael took her time to completely understand my business and brand and provided an in-depth analysis on organizations that would support our belief in building intrinsic worth and self-confidence in all children. Rachael spent hours analyzing the partnership from a business and administrative perspective to make sure we were the right fit for one another. In the end, it is her goal to make partnerships successful for both the foundation and the business — and she delivered!

defining good

Current Events

Check back for future events.

Past Events

August 2019 A Night of Hope Benefiting Refugees | Panelist | 8.21.19

April 2019 Impactathon UCLA Anderson | Pitch Competition Judge | 4.26.19

March 2019 Women on the Rise | Award Recipient | 3.13.19 Ethical Business Breakfast by Ampersand | Speaker | 3.4.19

February 2019 UCLA Strategic Social Impact | Guest Lecturer | 2.13.19

November 2018 Savior Collab’s Wild Women Series: Visionaries Becoming The Voice | Panelist | 11.14.18 Rising Tide Society: Philanthropy & Business | Speaker | 11.13.18

May 2018 South Bay Women's Conference | Speaker | 5.11.18

April 2018 Yellow Co. Ownership Tour LA | Panel Moderator | 4.14.18 Yellow Co. Ownership Tour OC | Panel Moderator | 4.7.18

March 2018 Business for Good: powered by Savior Collab | Co-Host & Mentor | 3.17.18

February 2018 Ellevate Network: New Year, New Ways | Moderator | 2.21.18 Yellow Co. Ownership Tour SD | Panel Moderator | 2.17.18

November 2017 Six Degree's Society The Business of Giving Back | Panelist | 11.30.17

October 2017 The Navigating North Summit | Panelist | 10.30.17

September 2017 Create Purpose | Speaker | 9.28.17 Foundations for Startups Workshop Series | Creator & Facilitator | 9.11.17- 9.25.17

June 2017 Foundations for Startups Workshop Series | Creator & Facilitator | 6.12.17 - 6.26.17

Better yet, let me come hang with you! For speaking, moderating or facilitation on using business to make the world better, social ventures, B Corps, sustainability, social justice and the like, please contact me.

defining good

Supporting Kiva from the start because dreams are universal, opportunity is not.

I believe purpose-driven entrepreneurs have the power to change the world and that everyone deserves that opportunity, regardless of their circumstances. when you work with me to create positive social impact with your company, you’re helping create equity and opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world. to date, with companies like yours, we've supported over 80 entrepreneurs in 30 different countries. learn more and meet the entrepreneurs at kiva.org/team/defininggood., get in touch..

I'd love to hear from you! Click below to schedule a free discovery call or complete the form and I'll be in touch.

All fields required*

Join the community..

Sign up to receive (infrequent) emails with 'social impact x business' tips, tools and updates from yours truly.

What's Hot

Kayleigh mcenany’s definition of ‘good polling’ has critics facepalming.

Josephine Harvey

Senior Reporter, HuffPost

defining good

Kayleigh McEnany made a comical slip while analyzing Democratic victories in Tuesday’s elections.

The White House press secretary-turned- Fox News host pointed to Republican disappointments in Kentucky and Ohio, noting they are both red states.

Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, won reelection in deep-red Kentucky. In Ohio, voters passed a ballot referendum to codify abortion access into the state’s constitution, as well as another ballot initiative to legalize cannabis for recreational adult use that Republican state lawmakers opposed.

“Tonight, the midterm elections, the last few elections — we must recognize as a party, good polling does not always translate into resounding victory,” McEnany said.

“It must be operationalized” with early voting, mail-in ballot and get-out-the-vote strategies, she added.

There has been much debate about polling methods in recent years amid surprises in the 2016 and 2020 election cycles. In last year’s midterms, though certain surveys led many pundits to predict a “red wave” which did not materialize, post-election analyses found the polls were actually much more accurate overall .

It appears McEnany, who served in former President Donald Trump ’s administration, confused favorable polls with predictive ones, and the X, formerly Twitter, brigade promptly pounced:

Tell you what, Kayleigh… you can have your good polling and we’ll take the electoral wins. https://t.co/D9mdL3SCG8 — Heather (@featherty) November 8, 2023
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. https://t.co/XlhE4F7sJr — Adam Parkhomenko (@AdamParkhomenko) November 8, 2023
So her definition of “good polling” is…wrong polling? Consistent with everything we know about her so far. https://t.co/b8vBt35bPr — Kaivan Shroff (@KaivanShroff) November 8, 2023
How you gonna call it "good polling" when it's so clearly WRONG? Oh, right, nothing you say is truthful, my bad. https://t.co/7n128rEruu — @MsArielKnox (on Threads) (@MsArielKnox) November 8, 2023
Oh. https://t.co/sDlU2te0DF — Charlie Sykes (@SykesCharlie) November 8, 2023
I have unmated socks that are better political analysts than Kayleigh. https://t.co/nZMUhTulpo — Mattie Timmer (@MattieTimmer) November 8, 2023
Historical footage of Kayleigh's polling method in Kentucky and Ohio https://t.co/bCJZv6vX8Z pic.twitter.com/SkkCtVmObW — Bad Fox Graphics (@BadFoxGraphics) November 8, 2023
Narrator: It was not good polling. It never is. https://t.co/uP0m46Jv3y — Mike Redmond (@theredmond) November 8, 2023

Josephine Harvey - Senior Reporter, HuffPost

Josephine Harvey

Do you have info to share with HuffPost reporters? Here’s how.

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defining good

Cambridge Dictionary

  • Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

Definition of good – Learner’s Dictionary

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good adjective ( PLEASANT )

  • There's a good film on TV tonight .
  • "Did you have a good holiday ?" "Yes, thanks ."
  • We should make the most of this good weather .
  • Have you read any good novels lately ?
  • I have a very good social life .

good adjective ( HIGH QUALITY )

Good adjective ( successful ), good adjective ( kind ), good adjective ( healthy ), good adjective ( positive ), good adjective ( suitable ), good adjective ( behaviour ), good adjective ( morally right ), good adjective ( complete ), good adjective ( large ), good adjective ( satisfaction ), good noun ( advantage ), good noun ( morally right ), translations of good.

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Word of the Day

to improve your position by going past other people quickly or by missing out some stages

Reunions and housewarmings (Words for different parties)

Reunions and housewarmings (Words for different parties)

defining good

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  • Dictionary +Plus Word Lists
  • good (PLEASANT)
  • good (HIGH QUALITY)
  • good (SUCCESSFUL)
  • good (KIND)
  • good (HEALTHY)
  • good (POSITIVE)
  • good (SUITABLE)
  • good (BEHAVIOUR)
  • good (MORALLY RIGHT)
  • good (COMPLETE)
  • good (LARGE)
  • Good God/grief/heavens!, etc
  • a good 20 minutes/30 miles, etc
  • good (ADVANTAGE)
  • be no good/not any good
  • Translations
  • All translations

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    defining good

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    defining good

  4. Defining Good

    defining good

  5. Define Good

    defining good

  6. BYU Creative Writer on What It Means to Be Good

    defining good


  1. How is it that you go about defining good and evil? || Harry Potter and Tom Riddle tormented edit ||


  1. Good Definition & Meaning

    : of a favorable character or tendency good news (2) : bountiful, fertile good land (3) : handsome, attractive good looks b (1) : suitable, fit good to eat (2) : free from injury or disease one good arm (3) : not depreciated bad money drives out good (4) : commercially sound a good risk (5) : that can be relied on good for another year

  2. GOOD Definition & Usage Examples

    adjective,bet·ter, best. morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man. satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree: a good teacher; good health. of high quality; excellent. right; proper; fit: It is good that you are here. His credentials are good. well-behaved: a good child. kind, beneficent, or friendly: to do a good deed.

  3. GOOD

    /ɡʊd/ better| best

  4. GOOD definition and meaning

    1. adjective Good means pleasant or enjoyable. We had a really good time together. I know they would have a better life here. There's nothing better than a good cup of hot coffee. It's so good to hear your voice after all this time. 2. adjective Good means of a high quality, standard, or level. Exercise is just as important to health as good food.

  5. Good

    (comparative of `good') superior to another (of the same class or set or kind) in excellence or quality or desirability or suitability; more highly skilled than another favorable, favourable encouraging or approving or pleasing bang-up, bully, corking, cracking, dandy, great, groovy, keen, neat, nifty, not bad, peachy, slap-up, smashing, swell

  6. Good Definition & Meaning

    no-good (noun) white goods (noun) account (noun) authority (noun)

  7. good

    successful, or able to do something well: Anne's a good cook. She's very good at geography. good adjective (KIND) A1 kind or helpful: a good friend My granddaughter is very good to me. good adjective (HEALTHY) A1 something that you say when a person asks how you are: 'Hi, how are you?' 'I'm good, thanks .' good adjective (POSITIVE) A1

  8. GOOD definition in American English

    Good means pleasant or enjoyable. We had a really good time together. I know they would have a better life here. 2. adjective Good means of a high quality, standard, or level. Exercise is just as important to health as good food. His parents wanted Raymond to have the best possible education. 3. adjective

  9. Good

    1. Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor: a good experience; good news from the hospital. 2. a. Having the qualities that are desirable or distinguishing in a particular thing: a good exterior paint; a good joke. b. Serving the desired purpose or end; suitable: Is this a good dress for the party? 3. a.

  10. good_1 adjective

    good adjective /ɡʊd/ /ɡʊd/ (comparative better /ˈbetə (r)/ /ˈbetər/ , superlative best /best/ /best/ ) Idioms high quality of high quality or an acceptable standard a good book good food The piano was in really good condition. Your work is just not good enough. The results were pretty good. Sorry, my English is not very good.

  11. good

    satisfactory or excellent in quality, quantity, or degree: She was a good teacher. right; proper; fitting:[ It + be + ~ + (that) clause] It is good that you are here. well-behaved; easy to supervise: What a good baby! kind or friendly: to do a good deed. honorable or worthy: the company's good name.

  12. good_1 adjective

    Definition of good_1 adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. ... 8 following strictly a set of rules or principles It is good practice to supply a written report to the buyer. She was a good Catholic girl. kind;

  13. good_2 noun

    good / goodness good / goodness. The noun good means actions and behaviour that are morally right. You can talk about a person doing good: The charity does a lot of good. the difference between good and evil. Goodness is the quality of being good. You can talk about a person's goodness: Her goodness shone through.

  14. Good Definition & Meaning

    Noun Adverb Idiom Filter adjective best, better, better 1 Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor. A good experience; good news from the hospital. American Heritage Suitable to a purpose; effective; efficient. A lamp good to read by. Webster's New World Similar definitions

  15. good

    good Thesaurus > well behaved > good These are words and phrases related to good. Click on any word or phrase to go to its thesaurus page. Or, go to the definition of good. WELL BEHAVED Be a good girl and sit quietly. Synonyms and examples well behaved approving Our kids are normally well behaved. as good as gold

  16. GOOD Synonyms: 1341 Similar and Opposite Words

    Synonyms for GOOD: reasonable, logical, reasoned, valid, sensible, rational, solid, hard; Antonyms of GOOD: unreasonable, irrational, illogical, invalid, unsound ...

  17. The good Definition & Meaning

    The meaning of THE GOOD is the pleasant things that happen to people. How to use the good in a sentence. the pleasant things that happen to people; things that are morally proper or correct; morally good people…

  18. 369 Synonyms & Antonyms for GOOD

    See definition of good on Dictionary.com adj. pleasant, fine adj. moral, virtuous adj. competent, skilled adj. useful, adequate adj. reliable; untainted adj. kind, giving adj. authentic, real adj. well-behaved adj. considerable noun advantage, benefit noun morality synonyms for good acceptable excellent exceptional favorable great marvelous

  19. What is health?: Defining and preserving good health

    Good health helps people live a full life. Read more. Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of disease or infirmity. ... defining a value system and ...

  20. Use your business to make the world better.

    The best place to start. We'll measure how both your business model and operations impact people and the planet, along with evaluating your company's accountability to high ethical and sustainable standards. You'll get a baseline on your company's current social and environmental impact and a detailed report on how to move forward.

  21. Kayleigh McEnany's Definition Of 'Good Polling' Has ...

    Nov 8, 2023, 07:36 AM EST. Kayleigh McEnany made a comical slip while analyzing Democratic victories in Tuesday's elections. The White House press secretary-turned- host pointed to Republican disappointments in Kentucky and Ohio, noting they are both red states. Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, won reelection in deep-red Kentucky.

  22. GOOD

    A1 very satisfactory, enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting: a good book Did you have a good time at the party? The weather has been really good for the time of year. I've just had some very good news. it is good to It's so good to see you after all this time! Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples giving pleasure and holding your attention

  23. good

    Definition of good - Learner's Dictionary good adjective uk / ɡʊd / us better | best good adjective (PLEASANT) Add to word list A1 enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting: a good book Did you have a good time at the party? Fewer examples There's a good film on TV tonight. "Did you have a good holiday ?" "Yes, thanks ."

  24. Good Definition & Meaning

    Good definition, morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man. See more.