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design personal statement conclusion

How To End A Personal Statement So The Admissions Committee Remembers You

design personal statement conclusion

Written by:

Max Stevens

Max Stevens


Students are often unsure of  how to end a personal statement.  A strong conclusion makes all the difference in whether your application gets noticed by admissions officers or not.

If you’ve just finished writing your personal statement and you’re stuck on your ending, then don’t worry! This article will walk you through the essentials of personal statement conclusions.

Avoid writing a tedious and forgettable ending for your personal statement by following these rules.

Talk About Your Main Points

Don’t end your final paragraph by stating what you’ve never mentioned in the body of your personal statement. Remember, the purpose of your conclusion is to  wrap up  the package.

You shouldn’t say, “My experiences kindled my passion for engineering,” if you didn’t mention these “experiences” in the first place!

So actually summarising your key main body points is a great conclusion in many cases.

Summarise Your Key Points In A Simple Way

After reading thousands of personal statements, the admissions committee will be happy to see you concluding your personal statement with a clear summarisation of the vital points. 

Go over your personal statement and jot down the main takeaway of each paragraph. Once you have that list, find a way to integrate them into your conclusion.

You can dedicate a sentence to each key point, tie them all together, and you now have a conclusion that does what it’s supposed to do!

how to end a personal statement with 11 tips

Use Your Key Points To Restate Your Passion For Your Course

If you’re wondering how to end your personal statement using your key points, use them to restate your passion for the course you’re applying for.

Say your key points including your skills and experiences, and wrap them up by saying, “With the [your specific skills] and [your specific experiences] I’ve gained over the years, I’m committed to [mention your course].”

By doing so, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. One, you’re reminding the admissions committee that you have the skill set necessary to succeed in your course. Two, you’re demonstrating your dedication to your desired course.

Double Down On Your “Why”

Another powerful ending is to remind the reader of your “why.” Many students pursue their chosen course because they’re not sure what else to take.

So being clear on your purpose immediately sets you apart from the rest. 

To do this, take the most heart-moving story from the body of your personal statement on what inspired you to apply for your course. Mention the main idea of it in a sentence or two, then end with a “for this reason, I believe pursuing [mention course] is the best way to achieve my [state your why].”

If your course is related to education, perhaps your “why” is to help children learn by allowing them to show how they learn best.

Say you’re writing a medical personal statement . Maybe your “why” is to forward technology that helps safeguard the elderly from falling accidents because you witnessed your grandparent suffer injuries from a fall when you were young.

Doubling down on your “why” shows your conviction and direction on why you’re applying for your course.

Mention The Next Step Of Your Application Process

What’s the next step after the admissions committee accepts your personal statement? For many courses, they’ll call you up for an interview . Go ahead and mention this in your conclusion!

Write along the lines of “I’m looking forward to dedicating myself to this course, and I would love to receive an invitation for the interview.”

The reader will right away recognise that you’ve done your research. You know what the next step should be. You  are  serious about this application!

Make The Universities Excited To Have You As Their Student

Studying at a university is not merely a means to an end. It’s a profound journey in and of itself! You’ll meet new colleagues, form lifelong communities, and discover mentors who will guide you along with your future career.

Think of them when you’re pondering on how to end a personal statement. What can you contribute as a student to make the university a better place? Demonstrate your excitement in meeting them, building relationships with them, and serving them!

A statement as straightforward as “I am eager to establish new, lifelong relationships and use my [mention your skills] to help make the university a better place for learning and community-building.”

Demonstrate Your Willingness To Learn

Universities exist to train and mould students, not the other way around! A little humility goes a long way. Show yours by demonstrating your willingness to learn. Nothing excites teachers more than willing students.

To pull this off, make sure you know what values your course upholds. It could be service, excellence, inclusivity, and so on. State in your conclusion that “I’m looking forward to learning how to embody [write down the course’s values you resonate with], to grow and succeed in [mention your field of study].”

There’s so much value packed in this simple personal statement ending. Tweak it and make it yours!

Avoid Famous Quotes

Many students insert famous quotes from well-known persons when ending their personal statements. Avoid this tactic as much as possible because you’re driving attention  away  from YOU as the applicant.

If you want to include famous quotes, put them at the beginning of your personal statement to grab attention. To keep your reader’s attention focused on you in the end, why not come up with a memorable, relevant quote of your own?

Use The Bookend Strategy

Bookends are sturdy objects placed at either end of upright books to keep them standing. When you translate that into writing, the bookend strategy is when the introduction and conclusion statements connect to support the body between them.

You may start your personal statement with a heart-wrenching story about how you watched your beloved pet die of the wrong diagnosis. Then, for your conclusion, you can call back on this story and state how this event fuels you to pursue veterinary practice.

The bookend strategy is a clean and efficient way how to end your personal statement.

Ask Help From Your Family And Friends

If you’re still stuck on how to end a personal statement, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Approach your family and friends because they know you more than anyone. Read to them the introduction and body of your personal statement.

Ask them what particular line struck them the most. Maybe they know something about you that you missed including in your personal statement. What characteristics do they see in you that will help you succeed in your course?

Gather their answers in one place, and after reading them in one go, you now have a decent idea of what to emphasise in your conclusion statement.

Never State That It’s The “Conclusion” Or “Summary”

The most boring, generic way to end a personal statement is to write “In conclusion” or “In summary.” It’s actually one of the topics we cover in  what not to put in a personal statement .

Avoid this writing style at all costs. A good conclusion statement doesn’t require explicit announcements.

By its style and structure alone, the reader knows immediately they’re about to read a lasting statement. So don’t hesitate to proceed straight to the major points. As long as the conclusion connects seamlessly with the previous paragraph, you’re good to go!

Stay Authentic

Universities hold honesty in high esteem. Show authenticity and honesty in your personal statement beginning with an attention-grabbing introduction to a strong conclusion.

The best way to radiate honesty in your personal statement is to write from the right mindset. When you work on your personal statement, your objective is to show  who you are and demonstrate why you are a worthy candidate for the course .

Don’t try to impress. If you come from that standpoint, you’re more likely to add embellishments. The experienced admissions committee can smell insincere personal statements from a mile away. So stick with who you are and let your personality shine through.

Give Yourself A Break, Then Come Back To It

When working on how to conclude a personal statement, you need to give yourself time. After writing a rough draft of your conclusion statement, take a break and return to it after a few days. 

When you return to it, you’ll be surprised to notice details you haven’t seen before. Edit as you like, and make it better. Keep the old versions of your conclusion at hand so you can readily compare them with your newest, edited text. Compare and choose which one sounds better.

5 Bad Examples For A Personal Statement Conclusion

These are 5 personal statement examples for conclusions that don’t meet the criteria outlined above.

  • In this application essay, I have made it clear I am an outstanding candidate for a degree because I think everyone will love my positive attitude and I deserve it.
  • In summary, you can see my highlighted qualifications and experience, I know they’re not the best, but I want to stress that my passion for this field is what sets me apart as a candidate. It shouldn’t matter if the others are more qualified or experienced than me.
  • Remember the skills I have, that’s really what sets me apart from other students, they don’t have what it takes to break the rules creatively and not follow the book.
  • Finally, I would like to thank you for considering me for this opportunity and I hope you will make the right decision by choosing me, otherwise, I may cry and be disappointed.
  • As a final note, it’s easy to see how qualified I am for this degree and how I will excel in it – but you should accept me because I’m cool and will get along with everyone else.

5 Amazing Examples Of A Personal Statement Ending

  • In conclusion, I am excited about the opportunity to study computer science at this university. My passion for technology, combined with my programming skills and experience, make me an ideal candidate for the program. I am eager to learn from the esteemed faculty and contribute to the research community. I am confident that this program will enable me to achieve my career goals and make a meaningful impact in the field of technology.
  • In summary, I have always been fascinated by the human body and its functions. My experience in volunteering in hospitals, combined with my academic record, makes me confident in my ability to handle the rigours of a medical degree. I am excited about the opportunity to study at this esteemed university and to contribute to the field of medicine through research and patient care.
  • To wrap things up, I am excited to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at this university. My passion for designing and building, combined with my experience in physics and mathematics, make me confident that I have the knowledge and skills to excel in this program. I am eager to learn from the esteemed faculty and contribute to the field of mechanical engineering through research and innovation.
  • Finally, I am honoured to be considered for a law degree at this university. My passion for justice, combined with my research skills and experience, make me an ideal candidate for the program. I am excited about the opportunity to learn from the esteemed faculty and to contribute to the legal field through research and practice.
  • As a final note, I am excited to pursue a degree in Environmental Science at this university. My passion for the environment, combined with my experience in environmental research, makes me confident that I have the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in this field. I am eager to learn from the esteemed faculty and contribute to the field through research and conservation efforts.

How Long Should the Conclusion To A Personal Statement Be?

A personal statement conclusion should be 150-200 words long and leave a positive lasting impression on the reader. A UCAS personal statement should be 4000 characters long, making the conclusion 705-940 characters long – this is just a rough estimation based on the average number of characters per word (4.7).

Do You Feel More Confident Writing A Personal Statement Conclusion?

To  end your personal statement  in the best possible way, you need to know the body’s key points. Use them as pillars when deciding which direction your conclusion takes. 

Will you highlight your future goals? Maybe you want to focus on your why? Take the time to decide. And if you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your family and friends so you can leave a lasting impression on the applications committee.

How much did this article help you out? Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference!

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design personal statement conclusion

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design personal statement conclusion

design personal statement conclusion

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Personal Statement Blogs

February 17th, 2023

Interior Design and Architecture Personal Statement Examples – With Writing Guide (2023)

design personal statement conclusion

Are you having trouble writing your personal statement for interior design?

Your personal statement has a significant impact on how others will see you and your abilities.

Therefore, if you’re unclear, read our blog to get clear:

  • Things to include
  • How to format it
  • Professional tips

What is the Need for an Interior Design Personal Statement?

Through your personal statement, you can inform the admissions committee of anything that is not covered in your resume—something personal.

  • To create a personal portrayal of the candidate.
  • To distinguish you from others
  • To demonstrate your passion.
  • To make a good impression.
  • In order to boost admissions prospects.

When to Start?

  • Perfect time : Before 1 month of deadline
  • Things to include: Your personal stories
  • Note down the points to include
  • Find the most important ones to add.


How Lengthy is Your Personal Statement for Interior Design?

Depending on the university you selected, there are different requirements for the personal statement for interior architecture and design.

However, the typical length of a personal statement is:

No of pages –

Word count –, no. of characters –, best fonts –, font style –.

Read more about personal statement on:

Example 1 – Architecture and Interior Design Personal Statement

I think my traits of determination, attention to detail, innovation, and passion for design will help me succeed in achieving excellent grades and professional success in architecture and interior design. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Design, I began to consider the potential meaning a room or structure could convey about a person. A lot about a person’s life and temperament may be inferred from their room. That was how my parents would describe it. They were shocked by the chaos in my room every time they came in. And when they remarked, “Rooms can tell a lot about you,” I was unable to understand what they meant. But learning about architecture made it clear to me how significant each building is and how unique each one is. I am confident that I can offer to the education system your university offers due to my extensive knowledge of architecture, strong project-management skills, and profound imagination. My completion of my bachelor’s degree has proven my excellent degree of professional abilities and my rigorous design methods, among other things. I want to pursue a master’s in Architecture and Interior Design programme in order to broaden my experience and understanding in designing ideas.

My abilities to comprehend, analyze, and create exact concepts with creative thinking are my strongest suit. My engineering degree confirms my inclination for reliability, efficiency, and persistence in design, and I can carry these skills together with it. I decided to continue my education because of my enthusiasm and curiosity for the design world. I believe combining interior design and architecture studies will give me a better understanding of how to improve a space’s visual impact. This would be extremely beneficial for my career. The fusion of two powerful disciplines might deliver fantastic outcomes for its clients.

I have enrolled in pertinent courses in this field in order to enhance my knowledge and develop my portfolio. Through these courses, I was able to get a solid foundation in design principles, interior aspects, and diverse approaches. My internships and projects throughout my undergraduate programme have improved my communication, cooperation, organisation, and research skills. Since this field demands both hard and soft skills, I paid attention to improving both.

After attending the xyz advanced Course, I now have effective and professional-grade tools needed to produce interior and architectural representations. I can develop incredible pictures for practical uses by using these professional tools. I have learnt how to work in a manufacturing environment, effectively employ a range of methods and resources to create models, and use Photo editing softwares to recognise architectural principles.

My determination to flourish in the competitive design industry is represented throughout the courses that I’ve taken. I am confident of my capacity to carry a requirement, evaluate the demands, present a pictorial representation, show the final piece, and analyse the results and process. Considering today’s demanding world, my familiarity with business technologies gives me a huge edge over competitors.

I made a conscious decision to excel in this challenging and quickly changing domain of design by blending my clear architectural and practical designing abilities with my passion for imaginative design. I was driven to push my limits and accomplish more by my creativity and innate curiosity. By doing this course, I wish to pave the way for a future in which I can work as an interior designer and architect for any major firm in India. I intend to establish my own interior design business once I’ve accumulated the expertise and resources necessary. I believe my credentials and skills make me a strong applicant who is eager to achieve success in this program and in the future.

Example 2 – Interior Design Personal Statement

I have always been someone who continuously changed the appearance of my bedroom. I would add different items I have made and rearrange the furniture in my room to vary the appearance. I never seemed to be happy with how my room looked, according to my parents. I was constantly altering it. Actually, I liked solving the little hurdles my room presented. I look forward to discovering more about the impacts of western art and culture as I grow older since it will help me develop my own vision. I became acquainted with the design world due to my degree in Decorating Art and Design. I was able to better grasp designing through working in a variety of teams, developing concepts, and seeing them through to completion.

I really enjoy understanding how design affects how people behave. This interior design master’s programme can be helpful in learning more about the subject on a more comprehensive level. Understanding international design and current events is essential since the curriculum offers a wider viewpoint. So, in order to broaden the area of my academic studies, I began reading creative interior periodicals. I expanded my knowledge of the world through reading magazines and journals, watching interior design programmes, and attending seminars. These had a big influence on my designs. I want to build a career through this course that will enable me to accomplish more in life.

After earning my degree, I spent two months working for an interior design firm. As an intern, I helped the team leaders with planning and designing. Besides that, I realised that an interior designer needs to be a master communicator in order to comprehend their clients’ needs and meet them. This is in addition to having strong technical skills. Also, I had the chance to work individually with a client in this company. The customer enthusiastically endorsed my designs and ordered them for production. I’ve never felt as content and delighted as I did when my designs started to come to life. Since that moment, I’ve made every effort to devote my attention in the field as it brings me the most joy.

My ability to communicate with people from very different places and communities is made possible by my proficiency in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Malayalam. As a result of my encounters with these clients, my works have become more inventive and fruitful. One of the key aspects of this field that I find most appealing is the chance for personal growth. There is always room for improvement, and by enrolling in this programme, I expect to discover additional chances to socialise with others and discover other cultures.

Painting and dancing are two ways I like to use my leisure time to showcase my talent. I establish long goals with myself and make a conscious effort to achieve them both emotionally and physically. I take the same attitude for my academics, properly organizing my time and giving every task my complete focus so that it is done to the highest of my ability. With this mind-set, I will be able to meet the challenges of university education.

Spaces, in my opinion, can significantly impact our lives. Through this course, I hope to change and enhance people’s lives. I want to work as an interior designer in the future, and I want to create spaces that draw people in and inspire them. In addition to utilizing my abilities, I want to impress the company I will be working for. I feel my passion and insight of this subject make me a qualified candidate for the Interior Design degree offered by your respected university.

How Do You Write a Personal Statement for Interior Design and Architecture

A strong personal statement is essential if you desire to be admitted to the course of your choice.

So learning how to write one is important.

An intriguing opening

Any personal anecdotes or experiences you have regarding architecture and interior design should be the first thing you provide in your personal statement.

Academics & Skills

Include your academic background,  skills, achievements, activities, etc, with additional evidence since institutions are interested in knowing about your skills that will aid you on the course.

Why this course?

The course appeals to you for different reasons. Right?

To draw readers in and make an impression, describe it like a story.

Plans for the future

Describe your career objectives and how taking this course will help you achieve them.

It is good to add a personal touch to your writing.

Strong Conclusion

The conclusion should restate your points stated before and address the query as to why you should be allowed a seat for the course.

How Do You Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out?

When you are applying for interior design and architecture, it is sure that there will be competition for the course.

You can use your personal statement for interior design and architecture as a way to make yourself distinguishable and unique.

  • Using the standard format will help your personal statement look flawless and well-organized.
  • To support your claims, include pertinent examples.
  • Be more personal in your statement.
  • Thoroughly research everything.
  • Create a succinct and meaningful ending.

What Should an Interior Design and Architecture Personal Statement Include?

Your personal statement’s effectiveness will depend on how you compose it. And the content you choose to put in your writing will depend on your life.

Therefore, it is important to include the following information in your interior design personal statement:

  • Your passion for the subject 
  • Relevant work experiences
  • Any academic or professional achievements 
  • Any personal experience that led you to choose the course
  • Reasons for your motivation or inspiration.

What Should You not Say in an Interior Design and Architecture Personal Statement?

Learning what not to include in your interior design personal statement can reduce your chances of rejection.

Avoid these things in your personal statement:

  • False and exaggerated information
  • Repeating facts
  • Writing with a negative attitude
  • Applying clichés
  • Lack of clarity

Can You Copy Someone Else’s Personal Statement?

No, you cannot use another person’s personal statement as your own.

It’s unfair, and if your personal statement is found to contain plagiarised material, your application will be rejected.

Can You Reuse Your Own Personal Statement?

You can reuse your personal statement when there is no set of rules by the university.

However, change the details based on the desired course.

Challenges to Overcome When Writing

  • Facing writer’s block.
  • It might be time-consuming and difficult to decide what information to put in your personal statement.
  • Lack of confidence to write.
  • Lack of familiarity with a robust vocabulary
  • To get away from the purpose of the personal statement.

Checklist to Know Everything is Perfect

When you’re prepared to write your personal statement, use the checklist below to ensure you’ve included all the key details.

  • Your opening paragraph is attractive.
  • Included justifications for studying the course.
  • You provided proof to support your statements.
  • Your writing is precise.
  • You checked it for mistakes.

Tips to improve the effectiveness of your personal statement

Considering the number of applications submitted, the admissions committee searches for reasons to reject some of them.

By paying attention to these important tips, you can avoid having your interior design and architecture personal statement called out for its mistakes.

Do the editing

You should read and recheck your interior design personal statement at least three times. Edit your essay yourself before sending it to someone else for revision.

Seek an alternative viewpoint

After composing your personal statement, you should get a third opinion.

It can assist you in determining whether or not the personal statement achieved its goals.

Remain truthful

In your interior design personal statement, there’s no need to present a false impression of who you are.

Be honest in your explanations and usage of examples.

Give it some time

Take your time. You won’t be able to finish a personal statement in a few hours.

Therefore, take your time identifying the points and writing them.

Make it sound like you

Make sure that you come through in your personal statement—not an imitation!

To distinguish your statement from others, it must be wholly original and unique.

Best Interior Design Programs You Should Try in 2023

  • Master of Professional Studies
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) interior architecture
  • Master of Interior Architecture
  • Masters in Interior Design
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in interior design
  • Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design
  • Masters of Arts in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in interior design.

To conclude

Your personal statement should reveal more about your personality in detail.

What you should do is write, edit, and proofread.

You can better understand your interior design personal statement by writing multiple drafts.

We hope you can do it by reading this blog.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of our writing.

design personal statement conclusion

Mrs Jizah M

Mrs Jizah M has always enjoyed writing down her thoughts since school days. What just started as a hobby slowly transformed into a passion. Her writing skills were first acknowledged by few of her professors when she wrote content for the college website; this was a turing. Slowly she started getting freelance works and later on, a series of events led her to specialize in academic and higher education related documentations. In additional to personal statements, she along with her team writes LORs, SOPs, college application essays, admission essays and all similar types of documents.

Get in touch

Fill in the form below, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Interior Design Personal Statement Example 2

I have always had a great interest in interior designing. This is because I have a passion for interior designing which developed form a love of designing catalogues. My interest has grown through watching programmes related to designing homes. I understand that designing the interior is very important whether it’s a home, school, office or any other building as it makes a place look unique and fit for purpose.

I am applying for this course because I want to develop my knowledge of interior designing. In future I intend to help people with my creative ideas in decorating and designing to help them make their homes look attractive also give them what they are looking for. I eagerly want to learn how a space is planned and then presented.

I want to gain the knowledge of how to mix materials together to make a comfortable space. I would like to learn how to furnish space, and how texture, colour, lighting and other factors combine and interact to make a space eye-catching and pleasing. Looking at different homes and offices made me realise how designing the interior plays an important role in our lives to make our surroundings look beautiful.

Throughout my BTEC studies I have gained and developed many skills in different areas of art and design. I have obtained several skills which I can transfer into designing. I have learnt how to do screen printing onto paper using many different colours. Screen printing is a very unique technique which allows me to produce a picture which looks abstract because of the use of block colours. I realised how I could design an abstract image using the screen printing which would reflect my imagination.

I have also learned how to work with different materials in my 3D textiles recycling unit, where I learned how I was able to weave and combine different materials such as wool, plastic, tissue paper and fabric together onto cardboard. I realised how an old technique could look so great with using different colored materials and it also could be used in decorating a place where old and contemporary techniques could be combined. Another project that I really enjoyed during my BTEC course was fragmentation and distortion.

I enjoy this unit very much as I learn how to develop a film and how to produce prints using the darkroom. I have experimented with several darkroom techniques such as solarisation and homemade negatives. I learned how to make my own negative with sequin, glitter and net. With my homemade negative I produced some beautiful enlarged prints for which I had to use the enlarger in the darkroom.

Out of college I enjoy visiting art galleries such as the National Art Gallery London. One artist that had really inspired me during my printmaking work was Andy Warhol who changed the viewpoint of pop art and made people realize what it is. I also enjoy flicking through furniture catalogues where professionals have presented their furniture in a beautiful way in a room and have decorated it outstandingly.

I have an excellent attendance record and I am very punctual. I can work within a group effectively and can collaborate very well with others. I also have very good communication skills when working with others. I can work individually and can present my work very well to a group. I mange my time effectively and can meet deadlines when required.

In future, I would like to be an interior designer and I want to work on different projects which have different needs and design a place in a way that attracts people to my work and ideas. I want to satisfy the people I will work for in the future and make the most of my skills. I think that I am best suited for the Interior Designing course because I have an aspiration to study this course further in university and to become a successful interior designer.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by Hirasajid for application in 2012.

Hirasajid's Comments

Have a look at my personal statament for Ba (Hons)interior design . Feel free to comment on what you think is good or bad. Thanks :D

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design personal statement conclusion

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What to include in a Personal Statement

design personal statement conclusion

Personal Statement Tips

Personal statement example art and design.

Submitted by Sander

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Art and Design

Art has always been a form of expressive and elevating nature. Telling intricate stories through compositions and being able to denote messages through imagery has been a fundamentally meaningful aspect of my upbringing. Being half Dutch and immersing myself in the language has enriched my understanding of the world, whilst allowing me to see creativity across different nations, thus expanding my knowledge and curiosity for the subject.

My infatuation for art and design and therefore, drawing and illustrating has been prominent from a young age- seen through gaining East Anglia young artist 2010 and leading me to study A level art. This has been a process both creatively and personally developmental. I've allowed and encouraged myself to use the qualification and workshops as a platform for my own personal interpretations and ideas. This notion is intriguing as it has really urged me to think less like a standard student and more like a practising artist or designer; assisting me to adhere to briefs whilst thinking imaginatively. Taking this course will propel me to find new ways of communicating such as through print, visual arts and animation. Moreover, always drawing and creating in my sketch-books and finding inspiration everywhere has allowed me to start to develop my own unique style and therefore, I'm excited to experiment with new methods towards art in a focused and practise environment.

My inquisitiveness has taught me to question multiple facets across the broad spectrum of art and design. I take pride in teaching myself about adobe Photoshop and illustrator, allowing me to gain more of an insight into the technical aspects of art and digital strategies. Social connections in the industry are crucial, therefore setting up an art Instagram has encouraged me to share my work with fellow artists and peers. I have also gained valuable interpersonal abilities through volunteering in my local town and other activities around school, allowing me to express opinion and critique along with team-building skills- nurtured through bronze DofE.

Across my studies, I have always questioned 'how can I take this further?' and 'how will this benefit others around me?' meaning a range of interests alongside art have been significant for me. History has encouraged a love of analysing and evaluating, in addition to teaching me about diverse cultures and societies. I enjoy this, as enriching myself with a range of information both in and outside of the lesson is important in gaining perception into what we have and what we should appreciate. Translating art into other subjects has taught me that it doesn't necessarily have to lie at the end of a pen, but art is ever-present in a multitude of societal contexts. English language A-level has taught me multiple skills and opened many doors in terms of analytical abilities. Growing up, I was fascinated by Shirley Hughes books and illustrations and how she uses art and language together as a platform for storytelling. This curiosity has encouraged my own personal research into typography and how it can be used as a new way of relaying messages graphically. Maths AS level has helped likewise in using all kinds of techniques and approaches to solve a problem. This I think, is a valued skill that I can bring to degree level studies and flourishing into a successful artist.

My own imagination and passion have the ability to create original and innovative work to the highest standard. The desire to craft comes from within, and gaining a degree in an art and design-based subject will provide a valuable grounding in producing work on a personal but professional scale. These final steps will help me get to where I want to be as a creator, gaining and achieving knowledge along with expertise- so that I can make a personally significant impact on the world and therefore, live a dream that I've had ever since I could pick up a pencil.

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Product Design Engineering Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

Interior design personal statement- a comprehensive guide for 2023.

  • July 1, 2023

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Table of Contents

Are you struggling to write the best personal statement for interior architecture and design? 

Before you get admission to your favourite institute for training in design and architecture, you need to convince the selectors about your preparedness for the program through your personal statement. 

Don’t worry if this proposition seems challenging because we are bringing together all you need to know about personal statement for interior design course in this blog. 

In this blog, you will get a: 

  • A perfect guide on how to write an interior design personal statement
  • A sneak peek into its structure and format
  • Interior design personal statement examples
  • And a checklist to help you validate your write-up after completing

What Is an Architecture and Interior Design Personal Statement? Why Is It So Important?

Architecture and interior design personal statement is an essay you develop to demonstrate to your host institute how much you know about the course and how prepared you are to take it up. It is crucial for your admission as: 

  • It is much more decisive than all other admission documents
  • No other documents but personal statement represents the candidate from a personal angle 
  • The personal statement shows how the candidate is unique from other applicants
  • Your interior design personal statement proves how much you will be able to contribute to the host institute
  • Your personal statement is tested for its ability to communicate your thoughts clearly and straight to the point. 

How Does Interior Design Personal Statement Facilitate Your Admission?

You need to have the best interior design personal statement to impress the admission council because they review hundreds of them every day. 

  • When you present a unique personal statement for your interior design, it would help the admission committee know in what ways you are different from other applicants
  • Personal statement lets the selection committee know your true intentions behind the application. 
  • Universities prefer candidates who can contribute to their student community. Through your interior design personal statement for university, you can show how you can contribute. 

Looking to Write Your Own Interior Design Personal Statement? We Have Here the Perfect Strategy for You

Drafting an impeccable personal statement for interior design and architecture isn’t a walk in the park for most students. 

But if you approach it with a perfect plan, it won’t be that hard.  We have compiled here the best strategy, inspired by the insights of industry experts, to help you write your personal statement for interior architecture and design.

Understand the Requirements and Guidelines of The University

In the majority of the cases of admissions, the university or college would give certain requirements to fulfill in your interior architecture and design personal statement. Therefore, it is imperative to read their guidelines carefully and follow them. 

Figure Out What the Admission Committee Expect You to Cover?

Though you have the freedom to talk your heart out through your interior architecture and design personal statement, the first priority should be to answer everything that the admission committee wants you to answer. Develop your essay accordingly.

Learn the Correct Structure from Realistic Samples

Have you ever wondered how the best interior design personal statements are crafted, that too without any mistakes and maintaining readability throughout? 

The right way to learn the correct structure and format of an interior design personal statement is to examine a couple of interior design personal statement examples.

How to Write Your Introductory Paragraph of Interior Design Personal Statement

My fascination with creating dimensions has been one defining element of my career choice. Being a meticulous, creative and ambitious individual, I have an inherent passion for designing. Consciously channelizing these virtues towards productive shores, I am all set to embrace the field that has appealed to me the most. I aspire to establish myself as a successful designer, growing my competencies over domains like architecture, spatial design and interior design. My initial obsession with physics has further complemented my efforts to explore interior designs. Through several projects and internships, I have acquired relevant industry knowledge to demonstrate my creativity and manage projects. Eventually, this would help me contribute to the academic environment of your institution through peer knowledge sharing. I am in the final year of my Bachelor’s program of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. My projects and marksheets speak for my research skills, conceptualizing ideas and maturing them, as well as meticulous techniques for design. Channelizing my problem-solving abilities and incepting fresh ideas, I would love to capitalize on what the industry brings to me.

The first sentence of your personal statement is like a hook. It should captivate the reader to read further. It should be very personal and intriguing for the reader. In the introduction, try to incorporate the following points as well: 

  • Your brief background
  • What is this essay going to discuss 
  • Your Motivation 

Paragraph 2 – Reflect Your Aptitude and Professional Skills

I believe that my strengths to interpret, perceive design concepts and calculate perceptions within the innovative creative field make me ideal for the course. In the past, I have been a part of a cross-functional project team during my internship at National Designers, Mumbai. Blending technology and imagination, I can come up with natural concepts. Backed by my degree in engineering and interest in Physics, I believe that it would be a logical decision for me to pursue this program. Particularly, I am interested in this course at your university, as it will refine my professional skills in terms of endurance, functionalism and the propensity for precision.

The second paragraph should illustrate your aptitude and professional skills. You can go up to 100 or 120 words. Don’t forget to write this paragraph: 

  • By adding enough evidence to your skills and aptitude 
  • Choosing the most relevant of your skills and strengths 
  • Being specific on how they matter to your formation.

Third Paragraph – Tell How Did You Strengthen Professional Skills

As a goal-oriented and organized individual, I have taken adequate measures to scale up the professional hierarchy in the coming years. Online courses at Coursera have further bolstered my understanding over the last couple of years. Besides, I have completed a certificate program on interior designing from The Interior Design Institute, India. In the process, I have developed my rudimentary skills, working on different drawing techniques and interior elements. Besides, this training program also strengthened my visual vocabulary, which I believe, would leverage my profile significantly in the world of competitions. This course, along with my internship, has significantly helped me gain professional competence, as I worked on both commercial and residential designs for our clients.

In this third paragraph, you will bring more clarity to your acquired professional skills and aptitudes. You must write this paragraph: 

  • Between 100 and 120 words in length
  • Showing the different steps you took to enhance your skills and strengths 
  • Using simple words that easily get communicated

Fourth Paragraph – Mention Your Software Competence

Particularly, I would mention my interest in Vray Advanced Course and 3DS Max, both of which strengthened my skills at the industry level. Besides, I took upon myself the responsibility of mastering the standard industry tools that are necessary to create interior and architectural visualizations. During my leisure hours, I find immense gratification, as I deploy these tools to produce high-quality visuals to be applied in the practical field. Besides, I am familiar with working in various production environments for clients, deploying a wide array of materials and techniques. The endeavours I have taken over the last three years of my graduation have enabled me to produce realistic sources of light, texture models and render scenes. Perceiving the relevant compositional mechanisms, I can execute the needful in terms of visualization and deployment.

The fourth paragraph of the essay is centred around the software competence of the applicant. The applicant says: 

  • How he improved his software competence 
  • How he used his leisure time to work on his passion

Fifth Paragraph – Talk About Your Industry Skills

It was in 2019 that I received my professional certification, demonstrating my competencies in AutoCAD. This particular program bestowed me with comprehensive and intensive practical training. This included editing, building, organizing and managing drawings. I am also well-versed in object manipulation, selection, surface rendering and 3D modelling. Working on multiple academic projects, I mastered industry-oriented skills like productive plotting, dimensioning and annotating. Last year, I also completed a course on architectural sketching. All these comprehensive programs have infused me with the ability and zeal to live up to industry standards. However, considering the value of a professional degree and the necessity to master the skills in depth, I aspire to pursue the course from your university.

Coming to the fifth paragraph, you can see that here the applicant has focused on talking about his industry skills. He elaborates 

  • Various career development activities and exposure he has managed to avail for himself to develop industry skills. 
  • Examples of the skills he has mastered
  • And explains why he wishes to get a professional certification in design.

Sixth Paragraph – Express the Proactiveness of The Applicant

The world of design is dynamic indeed, and it appeals the most to my intellect. To be a part of a progressive learning ambiance at your institute would be a privilege for me. I would like to work on the projects and gain advanced skills from my internship. This would help me acquire a greater degree of proficiency, gaining a competitive edge over my peers in India. Given that the industry looks competitive, I would gain an edge when it comes to tapping the professional opportunities in my homeland. Besides, it would be amazing for me to master the relevant skills, being a part of the global academic setting.

The candidate opens the sixth paragraph on a positive note telling how learning the design course at the particular institute would benefit him. He adds on: 

  • How he will utilize the resources offered to him at the institute 
  • How he wants the institute to help him grow and get trained in the trade of designing 
  • What makes the institute suitable for realizing the applicant’s ambitions

Seventh Paragraph – Explain Your Professional Experience and Strengths

Apart from my internships, I have worked as a project advisor at Blue Wood Designs, an interior designing company based in Pune for five months. Here, I became familiar with the latest trends and techniques for designing commercial spaces and office units in complexes. I am aware of the fact that industry proficiency comes from practice, I spend my leisure hours chalking out fresh concepts. After all, there’s nothing as gratifying as innovating designs based on my perspectives. Well, I would acknowledge that I draw inspiration from various journals and magazines like FX, John Wardle Architects and Idfx.

In this paragraph, the candidate talks about his professional experiences and strengths. When you compose this part of the personal statement, make sure to

  • List the experience with backing up information such as what exactly you did in that role
  • How has the role helped you to become more mature and serious in your decision to take up designing as your career?

How to Write Brainstorming Conclusion Paragraph for Your Interior Design Personal Statement

A shear blend of technical design abilities and engineering skills define my career path. Strengthening this aspiration with my imaginative design concepts and passion to shine as an interior designer, I am looking forward to pursuing this program from your university. Interior designers are in high demand worldwide, and I fancy myself walking in the shoes of a successful professional in this domain. With my natural curiosity and creativity pushing me to success, I love deploying my innovative approach to come up with effective, substantial and striking art forms and designs. However, the virtues of social sensitivity in the modern society and the requirements of physical environment guide me on my pursuit. These qualities and skills, I believe, would propel me to success, given that I get an opportunity to pursue the interior designing course at your university.

The conclusion of a personal statement is very important because this is what is going to remain in the thoughts of the reader. The conclusion of your interior designing personal statement sample PDF should be: 

  • A brief summation of the entire essay you presented to the reader. 
  • Engaging and highly enthusiastic
  • Showing confidence and hope about studying the course from the given university

Interior Design Personal Statement Examples

interior design personal statement sample 1 1

Often times, I can enter an open room and simply visualize the possibilities of what that space can be. I possessed this knack from a young age. I found a thrill from organising spaces in a unique and creative manner. Much to my parents’ chagrin, Martha Stewart and Mary Kondo were my idols. As I grew, I start conceptualising about how a space can be used and endless possibilities for remodelling and expansion. After watching countless interior design shows and amassing a vast collection of Architectural Digest and Better Homes & Gardens, I realized my true passion lay in interior design. I would like to apply to the Interior Design program at University X because it will equip me with the skills and tools I need to design liveable and sustainable spaces.

In high school, I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Perfect Designs. The experience gave me a unique sense of satisfaction that I have never experienced before. Imagine being able to create a space that fulfils both form and function, while enhancing a person’s well-being. That’s what interior design means to me. As an intern, I assisted with showing room layouts and drawings to potential clients. I loved interacting with prospective customers, determining their needs, and translating it into something tangible through sketches and drawings. It was also exciting, learning about a client’s vision for the room and transforming it into something doable. It was a unique and rare opportunity when I acquired the chance to create interpretative drawings of my own using SketchUp Pro. The software brought to life what I was envisioning. In one occasion, I used my drawing on the virtual reality platform, Microsoft HoloLens. I was able to literally walk through a project that I was working on. More importantly, it enabled the client to see my ideas come to life. Although this internship position was for only three months, it was instrumental in harnessing my creative and analytical energies. I decided that this something I want to do lifelong.

After graduating high school, I decided to pursue the Bachelor of Architecture with a specialisation in Computer-Aided Design degree at the National Institute of Technology in Calicut. This specialisation expanded my skills in using CAD software. I learned how to draft precise drawings and technical illustrations. In addition, the subjects Architectural Drawings, Design Applications, and Architectural Appreciation were my favourite. For my thesis, I examined suburban homes for modern families and how to incorporate sustainable building practices. My thesis was much appreciated by my professors. I graduated from the architecture program in XXXX with an X CGPA. While I waiting to hear a response from potential employers, I continued to enhance my design expertise by taking additional certification courses such as Computer Aided Interior Design, SketchUp, and Floor Planner.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I love exploring museums and historical edifices. I enjoy examining how spaces were utilised in various historical periods. What fascinates me is how design is reinvented in every generation. During this time, I started delving into notable architects who transformed the face of design. The likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Frank Gehry, caught my attention. I loved how they were able to extend design beyond the limits of imagination.

Five months after graduation, I was hired as an Assistant Designer at BG Design Studio. In this role, I visualized and sketched design plans according to the client’s requirements. I learned how to source materials and products for projects. I also improved in determining costs and overseeing projects to ensure that it was on track and met the requirements of the client. I have worked at this studio for the past two years and loved every moment. I have reached a pinnacle in my career where I want to expand my acumen in planning and product design. This prompted me to search for design courses that offer this expertise, which eventually helped me discover the program at your university.

By attending the Interior Design program at your renowned institution, I will get a chance to hone my skills and talents in organisation and planning. I will be exposed to some of the most talented and creative professionals in this field. To learn from these experts is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity itself. After graduating from the program, I aspire to work at top tier architectural firms in India such as X, Y, and Z. I believe that with my unique skills in planning and product design, I will be a unique and creative asset to any firm. In the future, I envision seeking my master’s degree in architecture and design. I would also like to be a part of academia and teach budding designers.

The opportunity to study the interior design program at your university will serve as a launching pad for bright and rewarding career for me in interior design.

download pdf

Beware of Cliches and Avoid Them

If you have read too many interior design personal statement examples from online or untrusted sources, you may have the tendency to get inspired by them. Make sure you don’t copy or get inspired by any cliches in them such as: 

  • Using complicated vocabulary or technical jargon 
  • Using quotes to start your personal statement
  • Writing too long 
  • Writing cooked-up stories to impress selectors 

Format your Interior Design Personal Statement

  • Set the text to readable size. 12 points is ideal. 
  • Justify the text to make it appear equally between the margins on both sides
  • Choose any academically acceptable fonts – Arial or Times New Roman
  • Use only black as the colour for your fonts

Validate Your Personal Statement Against These Criteria (Checklist)

Have you finished writing your interior design personal statement? Before you tie up your file, make sure that it ticks the below checkboxes.

  • Have I met all the requirements? 
  • Is my personal statement engaging? 
  • Does my personal statement contain any grammatical or spelling errors? 
  • Have I started and concluded my personal statement in an impressive fashion? 
  • Have I used an engaging writing tone throughout? 

Top 10 Institutes to Do Interior Design Courses

  • New York School of Interior Design
  • College of Media Arts and Design Drexel University
  • The Savannah College School of Art and Design
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Parsons School of Design
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Cleveland Institute of Art
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Pratt Institute

How Did it Go?

We are positive that we could help clarify some of your serious concerns about writing an interior design personal statement. 

Did it answer all your doubts? Or do you still have anything else to get more insights into? 

Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions with us. 

Your input will help us immensely in improving this blog. 


I am Anjit.V.S, a freelance writer, overseas education consultant and an academic documentation expert. Over the years, I have written documents for thousands of students and hundreds of businesses and individuals worldwide. Many of the prominent study abroad counsellors in India refer me to their students for SOP, LOR, admission essays. personal statements and other similar documents. Not just the academic documents but whatever content needs you have, stay assured. Perfectly impeccable services are delivered.

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Personal Statement Examples

Guides and example personal statements

Personal statement structure: concluding paragraph

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Finally, your personal statement wraps up with your concluding paragraph – the last section the University will read so it has got to have something to remember you by that is a real standout. This is the point in your writing where you will put them into the bigger picture of what they have done and what they can do as part of the University. This is not a place to repeat what you have already said; with so little room to discuss what you offer, this is the ideal place to reconnect with the question in terms of what you have to offer the school you are applying to and what the experience will do for you in achieving goals and removing barriers.

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    A conditional statement is an “if-then” statement used in geometry to relate a particular hypothesis to its conclusion. An arrow originating at the hypothesis, denoted by p, and pointing at the conclusion, denoted by q, represents a conditi...

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  12. Interior Design: Personal Statement

    Undoubtedly, I have always been fascinated by the concept of art, and my desire to create has continuously guided my intentions and decisions in life.

  13. Personal statement structure: concluding paragraph

    Finally, your personal statement wraps up with your concluding paragraph – the last section the University will read so it has got to have something to

  14. 5 Powerful Personal Statement Examples (Template Included)

    In conclusion, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. I am committed to pursuing a career in chemistry and