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Video Editing Software Tips to Make Movies Look Their Best

film personal statement editing

Are your videos looking a bit lackluster? Maybe they need an update to look more professional. Fortunately, you can achieve the effects you’re aiming for when you use the right video editing software. It just takes a good understanding of a few key processes and creative solutions. That’s why we’ve put together this quick collection of video editing tips to help you achieve the effects your videos need. From adding music and effects to trimming down footage, these tips will help your videos look their best. So put on your video editing hat and get started!

Choose the Right Video Editing Software for Your Needs

If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to choose a software program that is easy to use. However, if you need more features than the basic software offers, look for a pro version. Make sure to research which video editing software is the best for your needs by looking at the features and tools available and the reviews users have posted. Keep in mind that some software suites offer more than one type of editing.

Add Music and Effects to Your Videos

Adding music and effects to your videos can add professionalism and interest to your footage. By using soundtracks and background sounds, you can create a more immersive experience for your viewers. You can also use music and effects to enhance the presentation of your videos, or to create specific moods. Additionally, by creating videos that are both fun and informative, you can create a successful video portfolio that is both engaging and informative.

Trim Your Footage for a Polished Look

If you want to create videos that look their best, it’s important to remove unnecessary material. This can be done with video editing software by cutting out pieces of footage that you don’t need. This will help to clean up your videos and make them look more polished. There’s a number of cutting tools available on most editing software programs, so it’s important to understand what the different programs offer and if they’re capable of meeting your needs.

Another way to improve the look of your videos is to correct color errors. Video editing software can help you to fix errors in the colors of your footage. This can be a valuable tool if you want your videos to look professional. Color correction can make a big difference in the overall look of your video. There are several different color correction techniques to choose from, and each works best for a certain kind of footage.

Finally, it’s important to keep your videos looking their best with proper lighting and composition. You can achieve this by using lighting cues or by positioning your subjects in a way that looks natural. Composition also plays a big role in the look of a video. It can help to set the tone and mood for the video.

Thanks for reading! These video editing tips will help your videos look their best. With the right software and techniques, you’ll be able to create professional-looking videos that are both polished and professional.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


film personal statement editing

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Film Personal Statement Examples

Our film personal statement examples, as well as our top rated statements , should inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how students have successfully applied for film studies in the past.

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film personal statement editing

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film personal statement editing

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film personal statement editing

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film personal statement editing

What is a film personal statement?

When you apply to university, you need to write a film personal statement to convince the course leaders that you’ll be a great candidate on their course.

A successful film personal statement should include a breakdown of your skills, achievements and ambitions.

When reading a film studies personal statement, university tutors are looking for confident, committed, and enthusiastic students that will bring value to their department.

How do I write a film studies personal statement?

We recommend you start by making a series of detailed notes about your skills, experience, hobbies/extracurricular activities and career plans.

A successful personal statement will highlight all of these, and back them up with examples. Think about what sparked your interest in film - was it a movie you watched during your childhood? or a story you read as a teenager? or were you inspired by a visit to a museum or a family member that works in the film industry? Whatever your motivation, the admissions tutors want to hear about it!

Read through some of our film personal statement example above for inspiration, and take a look at some previous successes in our top rated statements .

What should I include in my film studies personal statement?

  • Make sure your passion and enthusiasm shines through. Think about any creative activities you have completed, such as a series of YouTube videos, a writing project, podcast or presentation.
  • Try to show your commitment to a film studies course by talking about things you have done that might help you. These include extra classes, getting a part-time job or a relevant hobby that shows hard work and dedication.
  • Talk about your work experience and what skills you have learned from it, e.g. did you shadow somone in a TV or film production crew, or take up an internship or trainee scheme somewhere?
  • Round off your statement with your ambitions for the future and your gap year plans (if you have any).

For more help and advice on what to write in your film personal statement, please see:

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Student Good Guide

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  • Film Production Personal Statement Examples

Learn how to write a good film personal statement from our examples. Our personal statement examples are free to use for inspiration and as a template for writing. 

Below are two film production personal statement examples you can check. 

Film Production Personal Statement Example

I have been captivated by the magic of film. Watching movies transported me to different worlds and sparked my imagination. This lifelong passion for film has fueled my ambition to become a film producer. Studying Film Production at university will equip me with the practical skills and knowledge to achieve this goal.

To prepare for university, I completed a BTEC in Media Production where I gained top marks in most courses, demonstrating my determination and ability to overcome obstacles to reach my objectives. I particularly excelled at the practical elements of production, and I look forward to continuing to strengthen these skills at university. While I had previously pursued traditional academic A-Levels in Theatre, English Literature and Law, I found that my true talents and interests lie in the practical and creative realms of film production.

Beyond the classroom, I have actively sought opportunities to gain valuable experience in the film industry. I spent a term teaching primary school children how to make stop-motion animations, utilizing techniques I had taught myself to help the students create their own short films. However, my most impactful experience was working as a runner for an actual production company, where I assisted in assembling and disassembling 3D cameras. This gave me an invaluable, hands-on understanding of camera equipment and functions. My weekend job as a sales assistant in the Sound and Vision department of Sainsbury’s has also provided insight into film marketing and distribution. Advising customers on what films to choose has honed my skills in effectively promoting creative works, which will be useful for networking within the industry.

In my spare time, I have taught myself various technical aspects of filmmaking by creating stop-motion animations and short films. My self-taught abilities were recognised when I was chosen to edit a company’s promotional video, providing my first paid work and lesson in balancing artistic vision with client demands. I also served as team leader for a student production where I edited a music video and managed a 16-person crew as floor manager, overseeing all cameras and equipment. My editing work received public acclaim when our student production was nominated for a prestigious award. As Technical Director and Chief Editor, I ensured my team executed all technical elements, gaining valuable experience directing others and strengthening my time management abilities.

Outside of film, I enjoy organising charity events for a local hospital’s special care baby unit. I am an avid swimmer and hope to join the university’s swim team. I aim to collaborate with other film students at the university on various projects. I am determined to seize every opportunity to progress towards my goal of becoming a film producer. The film is my passion, and I aspire to instil in others the sense of wonder it has given me.

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Film and TV production personal statement

Fascinated by the film in all its complexity, from the collaborative creative process of production to its cultural impact and ability to influence society. Through previous study, I have built a strong foundation in both film theory and practice. I now aim to gain specialized knowledge that will allow me to play an integral role in the growing film industry.

From an early age, I have been imaginative and creative, enjoying various art forms and media. An avid dramatist and writer as a child, I often made short films and put on plays with friends and family, in addition to participating in school productions. Film uniquely combines my interests in storytelling, visual arts, and performance, explaining my lifelong dedication to the medium.

Eager to turn this passion into a career, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Media and Creative Industries to gain comprehensive exposure to media theory and practice. While focusing heavily on filmmaking modules and completing many projects, the broad, cross-media nature of the course has shaped me into a well-rounded creative talent. Nevertheless, the film remains the medium that inspires me the most. I took a directing course at the Met Film School in London to gain further practical experience exploring different aspects of filmmaking.

My filmmaking experiences during these courses have also led to amateur projects with friends and fellow students in various production roles, including Co-Producer and Assistant Director, using different cameras and editing software. My natural abilities in organization, working well under pressure, and communicating with my team indicate I am well-suited to such positions, which I hope to explore as potential career paths.

Fascinated by film’s power to convey complex ideas, I have also worked to thoroughly understand communication in general. Placements at DDB Advertising and in fashion marketing/design (including website design) have allowed me to demonstrate my creative approach to communication across media. I believe this has made me a stronger filmmaker by providing insight into how the film relates to and differs from other media.

I am convinced a strong film industry could address important social issues. Studying and working across film and other media has established a foundation for a meaningful creative career in this powerful medium. Gaining the skills and experience to fulfil this potential through postgraduate study at a prestigious university is the next step in achieving my goal of contributing to the growth of this exciting industry.

The film has captivated me from an early age with its ability to transport audiences to different times and places. I aspire to instil in others the sense of wonder film has given me by pursuing a career as a producer, and ultimately starting my own production company. With a diverse background spanning film, media, marketing, and beyond, I believe I would bring a unique multidisciplinary perspective to this role. Graduate study is crucial to acquiring the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to become an innovative leader in the next generation of filmmakers.

FAQ for Film Production Personal Statements

– Your lifelong interest in film and dedication to the medium – Relevant experience, e.g. making short films, internships, and media-related jobs – Transferable skills, e.g. communication, time management, creative thinking – Career ambitions, e.g. producer, director, starting your own production company – Reasons for applying to university and how their programme suits your needs

You can start with an anecdote showcasing your passion for film from an early age. For example: “From a young age, I have been captivated by the magic of film. Watching movies transported me to different worlds and sparked my imagination. This lifelong passion for film has fueled my ambition to become a film producer.” Or start with a more dramatic statement indicating your dedication and work ethic: “I live and breathe film. While my peers were participating in school sports or clubs, I could be found making short films or constructing plays to communicate stories in a visual medium. The film is my craft, my calling, and my ultimate aspiration.”

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Write Film Personal Statement in 5 Simple Steps

film personal statement editing

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film personal statement editing

Now, the grueling process of preparing an application package is our duty.

film personal statement editing

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film personal statement editing

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Film Personal Statement

In recent times, the film industry has recorded massive growth and this has sparked interest in many people. People either want to be actors, film directors, film producers, scriptwriters as well as other careers that lie within the film industry. To do all these, however, you must have enough knowledge and film study must be involved and in this way a personal statement film production such as OTCAS personal statement.

A film personal statement plays a very crucial role in the process of applying so that you can undertake a film study. It is a chance to express yourself and stand out among your equals who might have qualified just like you and impress the film school production committee.

Why You Need a Film Personal Statement

A film personal statement is very important for anyone who is applying and is hoping to be considered for an opportunity to study film. The importance of a film personal statement should be emphasized as it is a determining factor as to whether you will be chosen to pursue a particular course in an institution of higher learning.

film personal statement tips

5 Simple Steps on How to Write a Film Personal Statement

From our film studies personal statement examples, there are very simple and straight forward steps that you can follow while writing a film personal statement as elaborated by our film studies personal statement examples.

The 5 very simple steps of the goal essay roadmap include:

  • You should open your film personal statement with a very strong opening sentence. You need to be able to keep ahead of the pack, so make the right impression that you have what admission board want to see.
  • Be focused while writing your personal statement. Answer the exact questions that should be answered in a straightforward manner.
  • Your personal statement should reflect your interest in a particular field. If you already have any experience, don’t forget to mention it as well. To show that you are specific enough you can show your awareness of the study field by using professional language.
  • Make sure that you write in an enthusiastic, concise and natural style while using simple language that is well understood and precise.
  • Make sure that you proofread and review the write-up after you complete writing it. You could use a third party who can read through the statement for the sake of those errors that you might not notice yourself.

How to End a Film Personal Statement

How should you end a film and television production personal statement? You are seeking a position through expressing yourself, so just show all your passion to chosen subject. In the conclusion part of your film studies personal statement, make sure to focus on the main reasons why you are the best applicant among others in the most laconic style. Mention your expectations of what you will gain through the course.

Common Mistakes

film studies personal statement example

Image credit: Welling School Sixth Form

Many people make a number of mistakes which recur for different people. These include

  • Copying from statements that have already been written for successful candidates or from the internet or asking someone else to write on your behalf. This is a personal statement and therefore you are the best person who can explain yourself.
  • Use clichés instead of coming up with original and authentic write-ups. This is especially rampant with the opening sentence where most people copy common quotes as well as overused statements.
  • Failing to go through the environmental science personal statement after you are done writing. This way the statement is bound to have a lot of errors such as those of grammar, omissions, spelling mistakes, punctuation. Some statements could be insensible as well.
  • Writing in an informal style. This could be by using jokes, conversational language, casual statements and much more. Some people could be overdoing it by using very difficult terminologies and vocabulary.
  • Failing to plan before writing is another common mistake. A plan or draft is quite important in this case. It gives you an opportunity to write a sure and proofread copy that is complete with all detail and that lacks any form of errors.

In case you need any form of assistance with writing your film and television production personal statement, make sure you reach us!

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Video Editing Personal Statement

film personal statement editing

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Mentoring and working with troubled youth at Academy Park High School was a really interesting experience. Prior to this opportunity, I felt as though I would be able to change those I worked with and give them the same mindset that I had. After working with these students and getting to learn about their lives and their challenges I soon realized that one mindset is not the only mindset that one should have. I quickly realized how much of an impact one's background could have on their entire view of life. This was a really amazing volunteer opportunity that really helped open my eyes to…

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Staffing for Wilderness Trail, a backpacking ministry, I once led a group on a trip on the Appalachian Trail. I was 17, the group was filled with recently graduated high school seniors. I knew I had to make my voice heard if we were going to accomplish anything as a group. I started off timid, afraid to come off as bossy, however once I realized it was my job to make sure this group was not only safe but also thriving. I worked along side the hikers, creating a mutual level of respect. Resulting in a successful week for…

Personal Narrative: Representation Of Minorities In Film

This past summer, I took a workshop where I went through the film making process, wrote several scripts, and made one into a video. Last year, I took a film class where I learned about aspects of film and how to write a screenplay. Where I may lack in experience compared to others, I believe I make up for it in my values and determination.…

Kyles Resume 2014

I participated in Tec Voc’s career fair by creating a power-point presentation and presenting it to members of the public.…

BrightLink Prep

Sample Personal Statement in Filmmaking (New York Film Academy)

film personal statement editing

by Talha Omer, MBA, M.Eng., Harvard & Cornell Grad

In personal statement samples by field.

Here is the personal statement of a student who made it to the New York Film Academy in the filmmaking program.

I want to emphasize that you must be honest in writing your personal statements. If you borrow content from other places, refer to them in your personal statement. Admissions officers in the US read many essays each year and can easily detect plagiarism.

Sample Personal Statement in Film Making

While many around me associate their life with a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs, my life experience has been quite the opposite. Instead, my life has been characterized by constants and calms that have made me think I was born with a certain degree of “unusualness.”

Growing up in a complex family with literally a dozen siblings and two stepmothers, my life sounded like a tragedy to my school friends. Nevertheless, I don’t remember a day when I was any less proud of being born to my father. I remember my father reading this poem a lot to me when I was young.

‘Said the coo what shall I do, I have family of two

Said the hen my family is of ten, But we live like gentlemen’

As I matured, my perspective on things evolved. The ‘unusualness’ of my life has allowed me to view things the way a moviegoer views a film, that is, by paying attention to the little nuances in the movie. Whether listening to indie rock music or interpreting the cues of a film director, I have always paid attention to the subtleties. Since childhood, I have developed a strong relationship with our car driver. He was my guardian who played a defining role in my upbringing. From braiding my hair to dropping me off at school to watching cartoons, he defined my childhood while my parent’s complicated relationship unraveled. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was roughly 10. By then, no one had counseled me on what death meant. I never really asked where he had gone; instead, as a teenager, I tried to imagine him as I grew up. At this time, I began writing my first screenplay, addressed to him every night.

Aside from writing my screenplay, the other constant in my life was changing from one field to another to find my passion. I made it into basketball, gymnastics team, declamation, and theatre play at school. However, I was never a standout in any of them until my senior year at school. During that year, I became a popular and influential figure, leading various social events such as concerts and charities. And then, after high school, at 18, enrolling in a film school completely changed my life.

I am a nonconformist, too bold to surrender to prevailing traditions. I believe that change can only be triggered by challenging societal norms. To be successful in this, one must coax others by showing that what was once considered wrong can be right and that what was previously thought impossible can be made possible. Throughout my life, I have followed such a path and have proved myself in everything I have pursued. Each step forward has required a leap of faith, and one of the biggest leaps I took was earning a B.A. (Hons.) in Theater, Film, and Television. Unlike many of my peers and classmates, I was not initially passionate about studying or making films. Filmmaking found me by accident, and that’s probably my favorite part of fate.

I made my first documentary when I was in grade nine, and I won an inter-school competition for it. This was my first time feeling above average, and then I became habitual of feeling like this when I joined college. I had initially planned to study journalism and present facts and figures, but the film took me over with magic.

My love for watching documentaries grew over my love of watching news channels, and before I could sense it, I began to look at stories as potential subjects for filmmaking. Every dialogue I heard had to fit into a genre, and every narrative treatment made me wonder which film movement would suit me best. While I was able to gain experience in a variety of roles through my extensive degree in Theater, Film, and TV, I never fully had the opportunity to explore my passion for writing narratives. At college, I grew not only as a student but also as a person. My leadership skills were consistently recognized and appreciated by my teachers, who often chose me to assist them in leading groups for various assignments. College gave me courage, grew my self-esteem, and nourished my sense of cinema.

Henceforth, I became bold enough to take up another challenge by stepping out of my comfort zone, which is direction, and pursue screenwriting. I was one of the top 3 students in my Dramaturgy, Writing for Screen, and Creative Writing classes, which gave me confidence that I could pen narratives. I also directed a few films, one of which was selected in the Top 20 Peace category at the 60siff festival. Another was displayed at the Aks Film Festival and was selected for the Shanghai Pride festival. I also directed and scripted a theatre play called “Teesri Dhun,” which was invited for performance after its three-day success at Yale University.

I remember the first day I printed my final draft of ‘Katchi.’ I took a picture of the pages and messaged my friend: “I’ve never delivered a baby, but I know I am as happy.” The subject’s confinement and its execution were not only something I did out of sheer passion but also out of a sense of responsibility. I had previously worked on a docu-drama theatre play on transgenders, where I assisted the directors with scripting. After a three-day success in Singapore, I thought I was done with my efforts for ‘TeesriDhun – The third tune’ until I went nuts deciding what I wanted to direct as my thesis short film. Glossing over ideas that were too big to be projected under those deadlines or were not good enough as a major film student, I realized that one of my protagonists from a previous project still had to be told. Anaya, my first transgender friend, was someone I wanted to talk about. A few critiques began questioning my love for indie filmmaking, which I had been loyal to for so long after choosing a ‘social issue’ just because of its stereotype of selling out.

Nevertheless, I advanced with my gut feeling and created a short film. Honestly, the contentment never lay in the final product, but it was in the process I had gone through. Every meeting with the supervisor, with the crew, and auditions with the actors, secured my belief to be a writer-director. Regardless of the tight scheduling, small budget, and limited resources, I felt the fire in my team and the resolve in my actors. I felt like I was making something that happily absorbed everyone’s best, including myself.

The cinema industry in my country is struggling to revive non-stereotypical subjects. Movies like ‘Inya’ and ‘Kakabila’ were based on a solid storyline and screenplay. They reflected a narrative and visual display complimenting each other and proved that it was time to revolutionize cinema with some realistic aesthetics and logical motives. On the other hand, documentaries like ‘Girl in the river’ and ‘Saving face’ applauded the dark tragedies to be unveiled and helped change obsolete perspectives.

I aim to pen down unconventional but realistic stories based on our social, cultural, and historical paradigms. I want to redefine my horizons. I want to prove that this is not only an entertainment business but also a learning and teaching medium with no limit to expression. I wish to change viewpoints so that people can look at ordinary things in an extraordinary manner, which is impossible without the superior skills I want to acquire through academic excellence.

For the past year, I have been working in a filmmaking agency where I have learned to professionally edit, mood board, storyboard, and handle clientele. Overall, my degree has taught me the theory and its implementation in a professional setting. In contrast, my job has taught me how to handle the extreme pressure and enhance my leadership and communication skills. My experiences have instilled in me the confidence to become a good director, but I want to give voice to what is hidden inside me. My sensitive observation and thorough understanding, along with the audacity to present my revolutionary thoughts, demands me to direct something more than just “hotchpotch of glamour” screening big names and exotic locations. I want to make a film with a sensible story and convincing plot to which people can relate. That’s how I want to contribute towards the revival of cinema and give it a new horizon of success that will be counted amongst the best international cinemas.

Therefore, NYFA is the best place for me, as it teaches the art of screenwriting and gives an in-depth film and screenplay/script analysis, providing insights that act as the Achilles heel for real-life projects. Moreover, an introduction to WGA format and copyright law equips the students with the tools helping them to meet international standards. A writer and a director must understand the dynamics of acting to put themselves in the actor’s shoes and carve a realistic character. Hence courses on fundamentals of acting and character development skills are eminent and a unique feature of NYFA. Considering all these factors, I can say that NYFA is the right place for me to become a writer who will be distinct in their thoughts and actions.


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Sample Personal Statement for Oral Medicine

Sample Personal Statement for Oral Medicine "Some of them will live, some will die, but they all need to be loved while they are here. I try to be there for them." - Lady Diana Spencer, The People’s Princess. Throughout my life, certain events have significantly...

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Personal statement example media studies with film studies personal statement, media studies with film studies personal statement.

Media possesses an exact and fundamental integrity within the habitual lives of every single one of us. Ever since I began studying media I have developed a tenacious passion for the subject to the extent that it only feels natural to attempt to further indulge this passion at a higher level of detail. Throughout my media studies course I have established a comprehensive set of skills when working with media. Part of our course was heavily involved with the production of our own texts and from this I have become adept at Photoshop and other editing software as well as understanding the conventions possessed by different genres. Furthermore, I can confidently and systematically analyse media texts whilst offering a unique and refreshing insight.

By enrolling in this course I hope to gain a deep and fulfilling insight into the various institutes of media which would hopefully aid me when it comes to seeking a career within the industry. At the same time I will offer you all of the qualities that I possess. Hard working, organised and ready for commitment are all aspects of myself as a student which can be highlighted through the fact that I was appointed deputy head boy of Oakwood Park Grammar School in March 2014. My status as deputy head boy was truly humbling as throughout my time in the role we as a prefect team strived to raise money for Cancer Research UK and were extremely successful in doing so. The fundraising events that we carried out varied in terms of scale. The schemes ranged from non-school uniform days to a Stars in Their Eyes show which involved 20 acts comprised of OPGS students who performed to the school in the day and then parents in the evening. The main qualities I derived from these fundraisers were leadership and organisation as I had a huge part to play with regards to the development of the events.

I am no stranger to responsibility as both my part time job of over 2 years and volunteering work involved working with children across an age range from between 1 and 12 years old. From working with people this young I have established useful and effective communication skills as well as dealing with members of the public throughout my job at the soft play area Adventure Kidz. Part of my job included serving people on tills and dealing with complaints from the parents of children which one again illustrates my ability to behave cohesively with the public as well as still operate under certain pressures. I have spent the past year out of conventional education in an attempt to explore the media industry as well as working at Adventure Kidz to gain some financial stability before I enrol at university.

My volunteering work involved me working as an assistant coach at Barming Buds Soccer Academy for the under 6 squad. The attributes that I gained from this work experience is that I once again have the skill of communicating with young children as well as their parents. I have proved that I can teach other people in a way that makes them develop themselves which demonstrates a sense of leadership and authority amongst a group of people. In addition to this I found myself becoming more involved in football which is now an incredibly fond hobby of mine that I love to incorporate in my life.

I also have experience in a number of other environments; I spent 3 days working at the Waitrose RDC in Aylseford and I have also shadowed a conductor manager of Southeastern Railways. Both of these experiences involved physical labour combined with a firm awareness of health and safety as well as risk assessment in potentially hazardous environments. The above examples are proof that I am efficient under a number of scenarios and do not disappoint when it comes to possessing the necessary work ethic that is required to succeed.

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Media is the backbone of our society. In the twenty-first century, it is inevitable that we are...

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My interest in fashion photography was initially based on...

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Media Studies Personal Statement

I have chosen this course as a pathway to my future career in Medi...

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Film And Editing Personal Statement

My cousin vinny by vincent gambino.

Movies have the ability to transport people to different times and places and distract them from ordinary everyday reality. They allow for a range of emotions to be experienced. At their core, movies examine the human condition. There are plenty of deeper truths woven into screenplays and plenty of lessons to be learned, even when an individual is solely seeking entertainment.

Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment

I never gave much thought into what it takes to shoot, direct, edit, and complete a motion picture. Sure, it may sound fun, but after this assignment, it felt like a lot of work. There are quite a few specialized groups that put together the films that we enjoy in our movie theatres. No wonder why it takes months and even years to edit a film, these folks are making sure things are done and synced correctly! The following essay will identify information pertaining to film and importance for their audience so the person or persons watching can have an understanding of what it is they are viewing. A story that has no meaning or becomes very confusing in the details that are presented does not make a good film.

Nt1310 Unit 2 Individual Assignment

I was first introduced into the IT industry through my personal favourite sport, which is F1. Since I was a small boy, I had a dream to work for one of the 10 teams travelling around the world to race. IT in Organisations will make me suitable for a job at any of those teams no matter which one whether it is Red Bull or Manor. The course suits me because I have been interested in a large amount of areas within the industry. Level 3 has already touched on some of these areas and I am fascinated by modules I haven't done such as Data Management in year one involving the use of a command line interface which I haven't used very much if at all.

Essay about Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons

“The biggest mistake we have made is to consider that films are primarily a form of entertainment. The film is the greatest medium since the invention of movable type for exchanging ideas and information, and it is no more at its best in light entertainment than literature is at its best in the light novel.” - Orson Welles

Clack Personal Statement

Firstly the reason I would absolutely love to study ICT for my A-levels is because I believe that ICT is what is making up the future and there would be a bright future for me and ICT, we use ICT in many of life’s aspects, I have been absorbed in computers since I was young, too young to even remember, I think that I could type before I could write. Media has a close relationship with Photography and ICT, that’s why I would love to do them because they are closely related, but not the

Moan Portrayal Of Polynesian Culture

For a movie to proceed to its final “point”, a filmmaker must have an image of what has to be and not be familiarized. Source three unveiled, ”Clements

The Big Sleep: Movie vs. Novel Essay

  • 2 Works Cited

    Film and literature are two media forms that are so closely related, that we often forget there is a distinction between them. We often just view the movie as an extension of the book because most movies are based on novels or short stories. Because we are accustomed to this sequence of production, first the novel, then the motion picture, we often find ourselves making value judgments about a movie, based upon our feelings on the novel. It is this overlapping of the creative processes that prevents us from seeing movies as distinct and separate art forms from the novels they are based on.

Analysis Of The Film Moonlight

Theorist Vsevolod Pudovkin claims that narrative films are mainly a “product of construction” and cautious compilations of “selections of images that have been shot” (Renée).

Personal Statement: My Love Affair With The Movies

I was fascinated with all the nuances associated with movies: the actors, the scenery, the cinematography, the glamour, and the drama behind the films. When I was younger, I loved viewing Film Noir classics. They were fascinating. I especially loved the dark lighting, the shadowy techniques, the private eyes, the femme fatale, and the hard-boiled fiction movie scripts.

Movie Analysis of Tokyo Drift: Fast and Furious

I agree with people who say movies aren’t based on real life experience, but I am pretty sure producers have specific messages to tell their audience. Movies might be long and time taking, but when there is free time to spend why not lay back and watch a good movie? Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite movies of all time, Tokyo Drift.

A-Level Vs Independent Study

If students have a subject choice in mind, they can look up different universities and courses to ensure they are on the right track for what universities want from their applicants. For individuals who are unsure what they want to study just yet - there are a handful of A-level subjects that are most commonly asked-for subjects - can study 'facilitating' subjects that look good to lots of institutions.

The As An Organisation And The Bfi Top 100 Tv Programmes Essay

“We aim to inspire and motivate people, to have a direct effect on stimulating them to take action, whether they are audience members or filmmakers, to seek out and understand more of film culture, to be inspired to contribute to our film culture both through dialogue and the production of a wide variety of new work.”

Essay about Depth Analysis of a Movie – "Chicago"

Understanding movies comes from describing and analyzing the cinematic, theatrical, and literary elements that combine to create meaning. These steps create a basic understanding of the artistic and technical elements found in moviemaking. In addition, the major characteristics of different film genres and classic movies will be analyzed. The purpose of this paper is analyzing the Academy Award winning film Chicago. This paper will describe the six steps that a person should think about when watching a movie. These steps include, (1) analysis of the narrative: story, plot and meaning; (2) theatrical elements, (3) cinematography, (4) editing, (5) sound and the (6) complete package.

Red Tails: a Film Critique

The film I picked for my critique is Red Tails, a historical World War II drama. The movie starred Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard and Gerald Mcraney, was written by John Ridley and Aaron McGruder, better known as the creator of the comic strip “the boondocks”, from a book by John B. Holway, directed by Anthony Hemingway and produced by George Lucas . In this paper the author will show how all elements of filmmaking

Why Did You Decide To Study In College Essay

I thought a research project at the University of Leeds would be a great way to learn new skills and enhance my CV with relevant work experience. During my internship I was required to use various software packages such as SolidWorks, LabVIEW and Matlab to design and test components as well as analyse experimental data. As a result, my skills and confidence using these software packages improved

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Personal Statement Examples

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Film personal statement

  • Reading time: 3 minutes
  • Price: Free download
  • Published: 22nd September 2019
  • File format: Text

Personal Statement

I couldn’t pinpoint one single moment in my life which made me realise that I wanted to pursue a future in film. This was a realisation that was very gradual, and one that I came to after looking into many different career paths and options. Looking back, one of the pivotal moments that helped me reach this decision was my decision to take Media Studies at GCSE. While this was a course that focused on all aspects of media (radio, paper news etc.) I found the film related parts the most interesting. From this, I began looking into films in much more depth in my free time, I also found myself watching films more frequently. At my high school, at the end of the year we did something called Yellow Week. During the final week of the academic year, we would spend the entire week off timetable, with a variety of activities to choose from, one of these being film week. I found myself engrossed in anything I watched.

Throughout my education, I have worked on many projects that I’m quite proud of. My first ever project was a trailer for a horror film which I made in high school. This was my first hands on experience with all aspects of film production, including the planning aspect (storyboards, scripting, pitch etc.) This was useful as it meant that I finally had a chance to get stuck in to film production, as opposed to just reading and hearing about it, thus presenting me with an opportunity to begin building on the skill set that I would need for the rest of my career.

Since then, I have worked on many other projects. Most recently, I created a

In my opinion, my most fulfilling and rewarding project was definitely my multi camera improv comedy piece, inspired by Monty Python. This was one of the more technically challenging projects I had been part of, as it meant I had to get used to syncing the audio while filming on 3 cameras on multiple cameras, as well as learning to edit a multi camera piece for the first time. This was massively useful to me as it meant I had a chance to get experience working on a type of project that I had never worked on before.

Over the years, I have improved my skills by working on both my own projects within college and working on projects with friends. I believe that I am most skilled when it comes to the practical aspect of film production, mainly camerawork, however I have been improving my editing skills throughout both my college work and doing my own research into editing techniques.

Outside of my college life, I often spend most of my time listening to music, playing video games, and of course indulging in films and TV shows. As well as this, I have recently started reading books, mostly sci-fi novels as this is something that I very much enjoyed as a child, but unfortunately is something I somewhat lost my passion for as I entered high school and the challenges that came with it became my main priority. I find all of these things to be quite inspirational to my creative process, as I often find myself getting ideas from these outlets.

To conclude, I believe that I am well suited for university and think that it is the right career path for me, as it is exactly what I need to refine my skill set. As well as presenting me with an opportunity to work on my skills, it gives me plenty of time to consider my options and work out exactly what role I wish to take on within the industry.

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