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What's a paraphrasing tool?

This AI-powered paraphraser lets you rewrite text in your own words. Use it to  paraphrase articles, essays, and other pieces of text. You can also use it to rephrase sentences and find synonyms for individual words. And the best part? It’s all 100% free!

What's paraphrasing

What's paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing involves expressing someone else’s ideas or thoughts in your own words while maintaining the original meaning. Paraphrasing tools can help you quickly reword text by replacing certain words with synonyms or restructuring sentences. They can also make your text more concise, clear, and suitable for a specific audience. Paraphrasing is an essential skill in academic writing and professional communication. 

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Why use this paraphrasing tool?

  • Save time: Gone are the days when you had to reword sentences yourself; now you can rewrite a text or a complete text with one click.
  •  Improve your writing: Your writing will always be clear and easy to understand. Automatically ensure consistent language throughout. 
  • Preserve original meaning: Paraphrase without fear of losing the point of your text.
  • No annoying ads: We care about the user experience, so we don’t run any ads.
  • Accurate: Reliable and grammatically correct paraphrasing.
  • No sign-up required: We don’t need your data for you to use our paraphrasing tool.
  • Super simple to use: A simple interface even your grandma could use.
  • It’s 100% free: No hidden costs, just unlimited use of a free paraphrasing tool.

Features of the paraphrasing tool

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Rephrase individual sentences

With the Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool, you can easily reformulate individual sentences.

  • Write varied headlines
  • Rephrase the subject line of an email
  • Create unique image captions

Paraphrase an whole text

Paraphrase a whole text

Our paraphraser can also help with longer passages (up to 125 words per input). Upload your document or copy your text into the input field.

With one click, you can reformulate the entire text.

free article rewriter

Find synonyms with ease

Simply click on any word to open the interactive thesaurus.

  • Choose from a list of suggested synonyms
  • Find the synonym with the most appropriate meaning
  • Replace the word with a single click

Paraphrase in two ways

Paraphrase in two ways

  • Standard: Offers a compromise between modifying and preserving the meaning of the original text
  • Fluency: Improves language and corrects grammatical mistakes.

Upload any document-to paraphrase tool

Upload different types of documents

Upload any Microsoft Word document, Google Doc, or PDF into the paraphrasing tool.

Download or copy your results

Download or copy your results

After you’re done, you can easily download or copy your text to use somewhere else.

Powered by AI

Powered by AI

The paraphrasing tool uses natural language processing to rewrite any text you give it. This way, you can paraphrase any text within seconds.

How does this paraphrasing tool work?

1. put your text into the paraphraser, 2. select your method of paraphrasing, 3. select the quantity of synonyms you want, 4. edit your text where needed, who can use this paraphrasing tool.


Paraphrasing tools can help students to understand texts and improve the quality of their writing. 


Create original lesson plans, presentations, or other educational materials.



Explain complex concepts or ideas to a wider audience. 



Quickly and easily rephrase text to avoid repetitive language.



By using a paraphrasing tool, you can quickly and easily rework existing content to create something new and unique.


Bloggers can rewrite existing content to make it their own.


Writers who need to rewrite content, such as adapting an article for a different context or writing content for a different audience.


A paraphrasing tool lets you quickly rewrite your original content for each medium, ensuring you reach the right audience on each platform.

The all-purpose paraphrasing tool

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool is the perfect assistant in a variety of contexts.



Writer’s block? Use our paraphraser to get some inspiration.


Professional communication

Produce creative headings for your blog posts or PowerPoint slides.


Academic writing

Paraphrase sources smoothly in your thesis or research paper.


Social media

Craft memorable captions and content for your social media posts.

Paraphrase text online, for free

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool lets you rewrite as many sentences as you want—for free.

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Frequently asked questions

The act of putting someone else’s ideas or words into your own words is called paraphrasing, rephrasing, or rewording. Even though they are often used interchangeably, the terms can mean slightly different things:

Paraphrasing is restating someone else’s ideas or words in your own words while retaining their meaning. Paraphrasing changes sentence structure, word choice, and sentence length to convey the same meaning.

Rephrasing may involve more substantial changes to the original text, including changing the order of sentences or the overall structure of the text.

Rewording is changing individual words in a text without changing its meaning or structure, often using synonyms.

It can. One of the two methods of paraphrasing is called “Fluency.” This will improve the language and fix grammatical errors in the text you’re paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing and using a paraphrasing tool aren’t cheating. It’s a great tool for saving time and coming up with new ways to express yourself in writing.  However, always be sure to credit your sources. Avoid plagiarism.  

If you don’t properly cite text paraphrased from another source, you’re plagiarizing. If you use someone else’s text and paraphrase it, you need to credit the original source. You can do that by using citations. There are different styles, like APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Find more information about citing sources here.

Paraphrasing without crediting the original author is a form of plagiarism , because you’re presenting someone else’s ideas as if they were your own.

However, paraphrasing is not plagiarism if you correctly cite the source . This means including an in-text citation and a full reference, formatted according to your required citation style .

As well as citing, make sure that any paraphrased text is completely rewritten in your own words.

Plagiarism means using someone else’s words or ideas and passing them off as your own. Paraphrasing means putting someone else’s ideas in your own words.

So when does paraphrasing count as plagiarism?

  • Paraphrasing is plagiarism if you don’t properly credit the original author.
  • Paraphrasing is plagiarism if your text is too close to the original wording (even if you cite the source). If you directly copy a sentence or phrase, you should quote it instead.
  • Paraphrasing  is not plagiarism if you put the author’s ideas completely in your own words and properly cite the source .

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Article Rewriter

Article rewriter tool helps writers to compose unique artistic blogs, articles, essays, or any kind of content by rewording or spinning already existing articles. If you are tired of searching for an excellent article rewriter tool, welcome to

How does this article rewriter work?

Our free article rewriter tool is unbelievably easy to operate. The text rewriter tool’s inbuilt technology scans your entered text carefully and results in absolutely fresh and unique content. Our paragraph rewriter tool switches the words with their best-fitted synonyms that not only take good care of the original concept of the content but also maximize the accuracy of results.

Last but not the least, our rewrite paragraph tool has the ability to detect the original sense of the text and after precise analysis, the rewritten content you get is free of all types of plagiarism.

Features of our rewriting tool article rewriter is considered the finest article spinner because it generates high-quality, plagiarism-free, and unique content that Google demands. Here's what you'll find out in our article rewriter tool!

· Unique and plagiarism free content

Without a question, it's the best free and professional article spinner you'll find on the web out there. It works quite well and never lets its users down when it comes to creating unique material that is clean of plagiarism and any duplicating errors!

After rewriting your article by using our paragraph rewriter tool, you can run your paper through its plagiarism checker to ensure originality and uniqueness.

· Ease of Essay Rewriter

Our essay rewriter is easy to use and this feature makes it stand out among many others. With its easy-to-use UI, even a newbie writer or student can utilize it without any difficulty. In order to use it, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps, which anyone can do quickly.

  • Access to
  • Click on the article rewriter tool
  • Upload content
  • Tab on the rewrite button
  • Fresh content is ready

· Free to use

There is nothing better than unveiling a text spinner that is free to use. Indeed, that's what everyone is looking for, right? Our article rewriter tool's functionalities are all free to use, so there's no excuse not to make use of it.

· Safe and secure

Our article rewriter is 100 percent secure and reliably generates genuine and precise results. "Precise results" implies that each changed text is not only free of plagiarism but also better in reading and understanding.

Because of its originality and efficacy, it will improve your content's reach and engagement. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now and enjoy rewriting.

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How to Use Article Rewriter Tool?

Using our rewriter tool to rewrite texts is very easy and simple. All you have to do is follow the three steps mentioned below:

Upload Article

Copy-paste (CTRL + V) text or upload the file from your device.

Select Mode

Select your required mode.

Start Rewrite

Click the "Rewrite Article" button to rewrite the article.

Article Rewriter Features

Our advanced algorithm rewrites articles without altering their sense or general idea. This AI rewriter tool gives plagiarism-free content with enhanced readability in just a few clicks. 

You can check the results given by our article rewriter using any plagiarism checker. The results will come back 100% unique. It can help you rewrite content for blog posts, academics, and marketing by improving the content’s vocabulary. The interface is convenient to use for first-time users with easy to operate options and features. Here's a list of advanced features of this paragraph rewriter:

AI Rewriting

This AI-based sentence rewriter tool uses advanced technology to rewrite each sentence and gives you better options. You just have to upload content, and it will rewrite it automatically with one click.

Simple to use

This free article rewriter is simple to use. With just a few clicks, users can generate unique content that's free of duplicate content . You can rewrite articles on the go without having to register.

Grammatically Perfect Results

The outputs provided by our online paragraph rewriter tool are free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Thanks to the smart AI working, even if there are grammar errors in your input, they will be eliminated when the text is rewritten.

Time Saving Rewriting Tool

Using an Article Rewriter can make life easier. This prevents inefficiency and unnecessary delays. Users can get the results within seconds with this online sentence rewriter.

5 Different Rewriting Modes

Our article rewriting tool comes with five different modes – all of which have a different working. Let’s take a look at each mode in detail:

The Word Changer mode of our essay rewriter is made to target only words in the input text and replace them with their synonyms. It does not change sentence formation or the structure of the overall content. It is best for learning new words and for making light changes to the text.

The Sentence Rewriter mode is made to rewrite sentences of the given text. It alters the structure of the sentences. It can make changes such as converting passive voice into active and replacing phrases with concise words.

The Plagiarism Remover mode of our text rewriter can be used to rewrite text and make it plagiarism-free. If you have any plagiarism in your writing that you need to eliminate, you can use this mode to make the content unique and original.

The AI Rewriter mode utilizes advanced AI algorithms to understand the meaning and context of the given text. With this mode, our article rewriter is able to make heavy changes to the text without altering its original meaning.

The Paragraph Rewriter mode is programmed to make changes at a paragraph level. In other words, it rewrites the content paragraph by paragraph. The mode utilizes AI as well, and it makes smart changes without changing the intent of the text.

Who Can Use Essay Rewriter?

Different Professionals can use this essay rewriter tool for their purpose. Here is a list of the professions in which rewriter tool can be used:

As part of their regular educational schedule, students are expected to use this article rewriter tool to rewrite their essays , assignments, notes, and other educational materials. Plagiarism is a common issue for students and they try to avoid it, as it is closely monitored by universities. An article spinner tool can assist students in avoiding these issues by rewrite text that is unique and free of plagiarism without altering its meaning.

Research work requires information from pre-existing studies, and the chances of similarity are higher. The same concept is true for writers as they must rewrite content based on online researched material. Therefore, the risk of duplication increases. Researchers and writers will no longer have to scratch their heads because a sentence rewriter can be the perfect remedy to deal with duplicated content with just a few clicks.

Blog content should be regularly updated to stay ahead in the rankings. Bloggers have to rewrite sentences to refresh their content so that search engines can recognize it. In this case, a free paragraph rewriter can assist as it provides various options and features to perform as a sentence changer. Bloggers can perform more efficiently by making an effort of hours in just a matter of seconds.

Ranking on search engine result pages is a crucial SEO strategy for everyone. Before ranking a website, Google examines the content to see if it addresses the query of the site's users. Hence, SEO experts can prepare content for their sites with an article spinner. Making content unique and readable with a paragraph rewriter can guarantee its quality on the webpage.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best article rewriter?

By comparing results, speed, word count limit, different modes and ease of use, the article rewriter by is the best rewriting tool available online. It's 100% free to use with no daily limits. 

Is article rewriting legal?

Article rewriters are used for changing words and for helping in your own research. As far as such uses go, these tools are legal to use. But it is always advised to cite the source of the original content if you happen to borrow some.

How much can you copy without infringing copyright?

Our text rewriter makes your content 100% plagiarism-free, So, the newly generated content is yours. You won’t have to worry about copyright infringement. If you want to copy research material directly, then cite the sources.

What is the importance of rewriting?

The importance of rewriting is in every field. It is important for the following reasons:

  • To avoid plagiarism in your content
  • Article rewriting helps to improve the quality of the content
  • Existing ideas can be re-created using rewriting 

How to rewrite an article without changing the meaning?

You can rewrite an article without changing the meaning by replacing the original words with synonyms, altering the sentence structures, breaking and merging sentences and shuffling the order of the content. You can also try our text rewriter to do all of these steps in a single click.

free article rewriter

How to Rewrite an Essay in Your Own Words?

free article rewriter

Revolutionizing Content Creation: The Power of ChatGPT and

free article rewriter

Does Article Rewriter Change the Intent of the Text?

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Article Rewriter

It is easy to create website content by rewriting content. Our website, Article Rewriter, is here to rewrite content on your behalf with ease and speed.

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Free Article Rewriter Tool Rewrite Unique Copy Instantly

Generate 50+ types of copy in seconds with the Article Rewriter. Rewrite unique & plagiarism-free content for articles, blogs, ads, products, websites, emails & social media.

No credit card required


Create Your Copy with Free Article Rewriter

Try a Simplified article rewriting tool for a marketing game-changer! The Article Rewriter instantly swaps out existing content with new, engaging copy. Switch up your tone with 10+ writing tones to go from humorous to serious in seconds! It's marketing magic with one-click tools!

Refresh and Rewrite Content in Seconds

4-P's of Marketing Copy

Improve Your Writing with the Copy Rewriter Tool

Rewrite content in an instant with our free Article Rewriter tool. Improve or rewrite inspiring copy for articles, Facebook and Instagram captions, quotes, descriptions, marketing materials, or website content with the magic AI rewriting generator. Optimize your copy with our rewriter for uniqueness and readability, while keeping the same overall meaning.

Update Copy with Simplified Free Article Rewriter

Freshen up ideas and recreate digital or print marketing campaigns without spending extra time or money! Update ads, phrases, taglines, bios, and more faster than ever with the 'Article  Rewriter'. Repeat your brand message without repeating your brand message!

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Simplified blog is a great place to learn from the best in Instagram marketing. Whether you want to bulk up on social media knowledge or get your first followers.

Simplified Blog

Free AI Copywriting For All Your Marketing Copy

Simplified Tool

AI Sentence Rewriter: How To to Reword and Paraphrase Effortlessly

Simplified Academy

Best Free AI Sentence Expander Copy Generator

Simplified Blog

Switch up your tone with the content rewriter tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of content can i create in the ai writer, who is the ai content writer for, what can simplified's ai write for you, can i use the ai writer with a free account, what is your refund policy, the ai content writer that will save you one day a week.

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Great software

I was glad the day I discovered this website/software. As the name indicates, it makes the process of creating content for publication incredibly easy.



Free up more time for you and your business

Simplified AI has been a game-changer for me. It has saved me time and effort in creating new designs, unique and high-quality content. I am using millions of photos, video templates, hashtag generators, and more for my blogs/agency.


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I love it! The simplicity of writing and designing in one app 🎉 Makes social media marketing a breeze ❤️

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great content writing service

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The longform copywriting mode is excellent. Easier to use than Jarvis Ai. And it is far more affordable. Easy commands, you just right click and go write section or continue.


Incredible number of tools in one place! One platform for all your needs.

Really powerful and intuitive. We were amazed at how many tools this packs under the hood. More intuitive to use than many similar products such as Spark and Canva.


The Best AI Writer

The Best AI writer i have came across, super easy, super fast, and amazingly great writing that your customers or clients fell in love with. very helpful and amazing.

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Article Rewriter

Rewrite to modify your diction, remove plagiarism, and enhance content quality!

Using advanced AI algorithms, our article rewriter simplifies your writing process, enabling you to rephrase any type of content with just a couple of clicks. It lets you make your content absolutely unique so that it can stand out with plagiarism-free, improved wording.

Just as you upload the content , our tool’s AI carefully analyzes it to understand the intent and then rewrites it accordingly. Each statement and passage is rephrased with a clear and precise tone that doesn’t change the context or compromise the quality.

Our rewriting tool primarily focuses on improving the content's appeal and originality. This is why it modifies the choice of words and syntactic structures in a way that makes your content significantly engaging and unique.

There is no premium subscription required to rewrite your content and make it better. You can leverage our online article rewriter to perfect your writing for free.

Why Use Our Online Article Rewriter?

Enhanced user experience.

The user interface of our online text rewriter is designed in a way that even a novice can use without any hassle. Every feature and functionality is quite easy to locate, access, and utilize. There are no delays or errors in the working of the tool either. The users can readily upload the content and rewrite it as per their requirements.

Free Unlimited Access

The best feature of our text rewriter is that it offers free unlimited access to worldwide users. There is no need to buy any premium plan or create a registration account. Whether you are a student, researcher, content writer, book writer, blogger, or any other person who is required to write, you can take advantage of our article spinner to rewrite your content however and whenever you want. There’s no time limit or usage limit either.

Content Quality Enhancement

Clarity, uniqueness, and readability mark the quality of every type of content. This is why our article rewriter ensures that whenever you rephrase your content, its quality is improved. For sure, our tool rewrites your content with the intention to make it clearer, more engaging, and easier to read. No matter if there are any grammatical mistakes in your content, our sentence rewriter will correct them, making sure that your content is all-perfect to go.

Quick Plagiarism Removal

Whether you are writing an academic article or a blog post, there is one thing that’s unacceptable. Yes, it is none other than plagiarism. Anyhow, thanks to our article rewriter, you can easily take out plagiarism from your content. It works effectively to rewrite your content in 100% unique wording that doesn’t match with any source. Our tool makes your content appear as if it were written from scratch.

Error-free Paraphrasing

When it comes to rewriting the content, then contextual, informational, and semantic errors are most likely to occur. Anyhow, when you use our tool then there’s nothing to worry about. Our article rewriter restructures and rewords the content with the highest level of precision and accuracy, leaving no chance for errors.

Importance of Our AI Rewriting Tool in Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly, Artificial intelligence has completely transformed the digital market. Thanks to AI, we don’t have to spend extra hours and money on creating quality content for communication, advertisement, and marketing purposes. There’s a wide range of content tools including rewriters are available that simplify and accelerate the way we create content.

An AI-powered rewriting tool serves the best to cut down time and generate high-quality content with efficiency. Moreover, it makes sure that your content is accurate, creative, clear, and unique by all means.

Anyhow, there are only a few tools that completely understand the content intent and rewrite it without changing the original meaning and losing the quality. So, this is where it becomes challenging. In order to take advantage of AI, you must find an effective rewriting tool.

For the record, our Content Rewriter is one of the best AI tools that quickly and accurately paraphrase any type of content. It works as an effective sentence rewriter and paragraph rewriter that you can easily use it to change the wording of both short and long-form content.

It serves the best as a sentence changer generator, enabling you to paraphrase content at a sentence level. Just enter a statement and see how perfectly, it changes the diction and modify the tone as required.

Take into account that our AI Content Rewriter can help the content creators to:

Boost Writing Speed

Where you spend hours while writing content, there you can use content rewriters that take only a few seconds to paraphrase any type of text. The AI rewriter tools quickly analyze the given content to understand the context and then rewrite it to make it more creative, unique, and clear. For instance, you have found some content that is well-researched and well-written. You can enter it into a rewriting tool to remove plagiarism within seconds. Once you process it through a rewriting tool, it will become completely unique so that you can easily publish it on any website.

Remove the Plagiarism

We know that you are tired of writing plagiarism-free content because sometimes it's impossible to avoid duplicity. Therefore, we recommend using an online article rewriter that works effectively to rephrase the given content and make it completely unique. Whenever you find plagiarism in your content, you can use our rewriting tool as it will take less than a minute to make your content free from plagiarism (without changing the intent).

Improve Content Quality

For sure, AI rewriting tools do not alter the original meaning, but they definitely improve the content quality. According to our research, all beginner writers prefer using a rewriting tool to perfect their wording, style, and tone. Whenever they write something, they process it through an AI tool to get pertinent writing suggestions and alternatives with improved quality. This helps the best to enhance content quality and especially, writing skills without any hassle.

Achieve More Clarity

If your writer’s block is holding you back from creating quality content with absolute clarity and you keep thinking “how can I reword my sentence in the best way possible” then you should leverage an AI rewriter online tool. Undoubtedly, we often fail to write clear sentences and end up confusing our readers. The best way to resolve this issue is to rephrase your text using our free AI content rewriter. This tool will thoroughly analyze your content to comprehend the intended meaning and then find the best-suitable words to substitute in your content to achieve more clarity.

Article Rewriter Tool

What is the purpose of a article rewriter tool.

Article rewriter is a Ai-based tool that is used to generate a new text from an existing one. A rewriting tool, on the other hand, is used to change the text so that it has a different meaning. Rewriting tools are often used by students to get better grades by paraphrasing their essays and assignments. Rewriting tools are more often used in articles, blogs, and social media posts. Because it generates high-quality, plagiarism-free, and unique content, ewriter is regarded as the best article spinner. Here is what our article rewriter tool has to offer!

When you have to replace every relevant word to make it unique while keeping the basic idea of the topic the same, it becomes challenging. An article rewriter is a tool that can greatly assist in removing this challenge.

How to use this article rewriter?

Our article rewriter tool is the best because it is easy to use and effortless also.

  • Insert the text (article, research paper, book extract) into the Input Text area.
  • Upload files from local drive to rewrite articles. It offers support of various file types such as doc, docx, pdf, txt etc
  • Press the “Rewrite It” Button and wait.
  • If everything works fine you will get Improved version of your text in seconds.

summarizer tool img

Edit Pad - Free Online Text Editor

  • Article Rewriter

The article rewriter enables you to create unique and plagiarism-free content in no time. It rewrites the input content by replacing specific words with their best suitable synonyms.

How to use Article Rewriter?

To rewrite your article or any other content, follow the steps below:

  • Write or paste the text in the left input box.
  • Or, upload a file from the system.
  • Click the Rewrite It button.

How does this rewriter work?

Once you click the button, the rewriter will scan the entire document and make necessary changes to create a unique output by keeping the actual meaning the same. It uses the latest sentence changer techniques and changes a few words in the sentence with their accurate synonyms .

What is Article Rewriting?

Article Rewriting is the process of expressing the content in a new and unique way.  The rewriting includes making necessary changes in the content by either replacing specific words, phrases, or sentences.

Rewriting content manually takes both time and effort. 

To ease this difficulty, we have developed this free online tool to help users in publishing plagiarism-free content without any hurdles.

Features of our online Article Rewriter

Some of the key features of this rewriting tool are:

Words Limit

The content rewriter allows users to rewrite up to 1000 words on each search query.

Files Support

The rewriter supports multiple file formats and allows users to upload files in TXT, DOC, or DOCX format.

Plagiarism-Free Content

The rewriter tool uses the word and sentence changer techniques and generates plagiarized-free text in the right output box.

You can also use our plagiarism checker to check the originality of your rewritten content.

Highlights the Rewritten Text

After making necessary changes, it bolds the changed text within a fraction of seconds. 

Copy the Result Data

This feature gives an option to copy the result data with just one click.

Download Result File

The rewriter provides an option to download the result file in DOC format.

Benefits of using this article rewriter tool

This utility is widely used by bloggers, writers, students, and webmasters to create unlimited new content for free.

Some of the main benefits of using this rewriting tool are:

  • Writers can use this rewriter tool to create readable and unique posts every day in no time.
  • It helps students to submit plagiarism-free assignments within the given time.
  • Our content rewriter allows bloggers to generate unique content for their blogs without any hurdles.
  • It saves your time and increases your productivity by generating unlimited text in no time.
  • Freelancers can use this rewrite tool to create a large amount of plagiarized-free content for their clients.

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Article Rewriter Tool

 Bestrewriter - The best free article rewriter tool using Artificial Intelligence to rewrite articles or sentences with human-readable quality. 

We understand how each word related to every other word in its context. This lets us rewrite sentences or paragraphs with the same best meaning.

What is an Article Rewriter - Free Sentence Rewriter Tool ?

article rewriter tool

Article rewriter (also known as paraphrasing tool or sentence rewriter) is a tool for rewriting text with different writing styles but still in the same language. One of the purposes of using the article rewriter tool is to avoid plagiarism.

Bestrewriter - The free article rewriter that really knows your content meaning. We understand how each word related to every other word in its context. This lets us rewrite sentences with the same best meaning and human-quality readable.

Best rewriter Based on Artificial Intelligence is developed to give the best paraphrasing tools with the greatest value !

Why Use An Article Rewriter / Sentence Rewriter Tool?

When you do manual paraphrasing or rewrite, of course, it takes more time and thought. You must have a special skill to paraphrase text properly. However, a lot of people still have difficulty to do paraphrase sentences. It may difficult to write their ideas, lack paraphrasing skills, or have many other works to be done.

What does an article rewriter do?

An article rewriter or paraphrasing tool will allow you to create new variations of sentences and other textual material that have been written. The paraphrasing tool is for purpose rephrases the sentences by modifying their wordings but without changing the context.

For everyone who expert with paraphrase text can do it rapidly. Because they had been trained before and have a lot of vocabulary. So, they can do manual paraphrasing.

Is using a paraphrasing tool cheating?

A writer often needs references for his papers. Sometimes he quotes or takes several sentences from the reference source. In this case, the rewriter or paraphrasing tool can be used as an alternative method to make the quoted text not detect as plagiarism.

The plagiarism issue is a complicated situation during the process of writing a paper or article. Hence, many ways can be implemented to avoid plagiarism, for example, using a paraphrasing tool or an article rewriter tool.

For the best and maximal rewrite quality results, you better read again and make a few corrections if needed on the paraphrasing results. But definitely, your spending time and thought on re-reading and making corrections are much more effective, quick, and easy when compared to manual rewriting articles.

How to paraphrase (paraphrasing technique) ?

For rookie writers, they need to learn and practice to improve their paraphrasing skills. There are 6 simple techniques for rewrite sentences, as follows :

  • Read the text source that you want to paraphrase until you fully understand the contents of the script properly.
  • Then start rewriting the key points contained in the source text according to your own style.
  • Compare your paraphrase text with the source text to check whether all the main points (the essence of the subject) in the original text have been included in the paraphrased text you made.
  • Use double quotation marks to bode some foreign terms, terminology, or phrases that you extracted/copied from the source text, which you took the same as the source text.
  • Write down the bibliography or source of references that you used when compiling your manuscript.
  • If you are still having trouble paraphrasing text, then start to practice from the easiest level first, which is learning paraphrasing by sentence.

If you still have trouble with rewrite a sentence or maybe don't have much time, you can use a paraphrasing tool to get your work done.

Paraphrasing Tool or Article Rewriter ?

The concept of the paraphrasing tool is not much different from an article rewriter tool online. The point is to rewrite a sentence with a different writing style. It can replace words with synonyms or reverse sentence patterns or combine both. The most important is the content ideas still on track with the sources. So it can avoid plagiarism or duplicate content.

What is the best free article rewriter

The quality result of the article rewriter tool relies on their synonym database. And it also, the accuracy in analyzing and understand the correlation of each word from a sentence which will be replaced with the proper new combination synonyms, while at the same time keeps maintaining the topic content of the original article.

You may find some free paraphrase tool online. But please check how many words succeed to rewrite sentences from the original text (it depends on the vocabulary database). If only several words from the original text have changed by the paraphrasing tool, then probably the article will be detected as plagiarism or duplication on the premium plagiarism checker. is one of the best free online sentence rewriter. We understand how each word related to every other word in its context. This lets us reword text with human-quality readability. - The Best free article rewriter tool

Best rewriter is the article rewriter tool using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to analyze and understand sentences and has the ability to immediately reword your article with the same readability as a human writer.

Best rewriter can make certain each synonym it choices makes complete sense. This gives you articles that are automatically readable, without you having to spend countless hours repairing them!

But it must be emphasized, the result of the bestrewriter tool depends on the original source. It means if the original sentence structure is incorrect, such as many typos and the sentence is not comfortable to read, then the results of bestrewriter tool are identical. So first, pay attention to the quality of the original text or article you want to rewrite.

You will not be able to use this tool on the mobile device. Please use your laptop or computer.


Article Rewriter

Our article rewriter will help you to rewrite text online including essays, articles, sentences & paragraphs for free. Try 5 amazing rewriting modes of this text rewriter now!

  • Original Article
  • Rewritten Article

Select Word

Select a word to display available synonyms suggestions or revert back to original word.

5 Modes Of Article Rewriter

Ai rewriter.

  • Rewrite text without changing its context
  • Maintains the relativity with the original one
  • Works separately as well as with Spinning modes
  • Use hybrid with Spinning modes for best results
  • Medium-level article spinning
  • Convenient, Efficient, and Free
  • Provides synonyms list
  • Allows to change highlighted words
  • Smart plagiarism removal
  • Advanced-level article spinning
  • Highlights rewritten words
  • Text spinner provides a synonyms list
  • Maximum plagiarism removal

Sentence Rephraser

  • Select any sentence from your text

Multiple options for a single sentence will be provided

Choose the best wording according to your choice

Replace Manually

  • Gives complete freedom to rewrite paragraphs
  • Highlights the original nouns, verbs & adjectives
  • Allows to replace each word by yourself
  • Manual plagiarism removal as needed

How to Rewrite Article?

Access article rewriter, upload content, press the button, fresh content is ready, what are the key features of article rewriter.

You can opt to use the best article rewriter to create unique and quality content. It will reword the sentences and display their plagiarism-free version. This rewrite tool takes responsibility for both of these tough jobs and provides you with 100% unique content in a blink of an eye.

RewriteGuru’s Article rewriter is one of the most advanced spinning tools available online, jam-packed with top-notch features. You can enjoy the following features with our rewording tool.

Deep Spinning

Easy to use, variety of synonyms, quick and efficient, grammar check, plagiarism check, fast and secure, similarity check, spell check.

The advanced algorithms used for developing our paragraph rewriter tool spin your content deeply without making any changes to its general idea or meaning. It makes sure to display a new version of the content uploaded to it by any user.

This text rewriter doesn’t involve a tiresome registration procedure, as it allows the users to start rewriting their textual documents on the go.

When it comes to spin articles, you will have to use synonyms wherever possible, but they must not change the context of the sentence. This sentence rewriter tool takes this matter into account and provides various synonyms that best fit the uploaded text.

The online spinner eliminates inefficiency and time-consuming problems that people might face with other tools or manual methods. It generates and displays results quickly for every user.

With this online article rewriter tool, you can check the grammatical issues. The proofreading service of this sentence changer allows you to get your hands on error-free fresh content.

RewriteGuru also facilitates you to check plagiarism right there in the same window. You don't have to put the newly generated content in some other tool to find out if your duplicate content issue is resolved or not.

If you don’t want to burden your device with spun content files, then the save files feature on this best article rewriter tool has got you covered. Instead of downloading files, you can save them within your account on

The speedy nature of this online article rewriter makes it a top choice for everyone looking forward to getting a new copy of their text in a short period.

Moreover, the uploaded files are 100% safe and secure, so the users don’t have to worry about data theft or losing confidential information.

The rewrite tool generates a list of synonyms for each noun, adjective, and verb. Now the spinner tool will automatically pick up the most relevant word but users can still change it accordingly.

Besides grammar check, similarity check, and paraphrasing tool , RewriteGuru is also equipped with a spell check feature. So be 100% sure about the content that will be provided by this sentence rewriter.

You should Consider using a Rewriting Tool when:

No time for in-depth research.

In case you’ve written over a topic a hundred times already, and you don’t have time to conduct in-depth research for finding something unique, then you should consider using the rewrite tool. With the help of this paragraph rewriter, you can steer clear of plagiarism and create a new version of your previously written text.

Below Average English Writing Skills

You should get your hands on an article rewriter if you think that your writing skills are not that good. It’s essential to generate high-quality content for your website, but due to the lack of resources, don’t rely on your below-average English writing. Instead, make use of the AI article spinner to generate a plagiarism-free high-quality text file.

No Budget to Hire a Professional Writer

What thing becomes an obstacle for most people to thrive in the online world? It’s a limited budget! The inability to hire a professional writer must not disturb you, as our online article rewriter tool is available for your rescue around the clock. You should use it whenever acquiring a professional writer’s service becomes a burden on your pocket.

You Don’t Have Command On the Given Topic.

There’s no need to invest time and effort in understanding and getting a command of the given topic as you’ve access to our online Article Rewriter . Free Article Spinner should be used to avoid all kinds of hassles and spin text within no time.

Automatic Word Spinning Vs. Manual Rewriting

The conventional way to rewrite content was quite a herculean chore. Manual rewriting requires an ample amount of time and concentration for getting the best outcome. However, perfect results are still not guaranteed with manual rewriting, and traces of plagiarism can still exist. In comparison with manual rewriting, the free article spinner is a much better option due to multiple reasons. The article rewriting tool spins your entered text in a few seconds while maintaining its quality. This tool will never get tired and let you reword as many articles as you want, which makes it a much better option than the manual rewriting text method.

How to Make Best Use of an Article Spinner?

If you wish to reap the best results from an AI article spinner, you must enter high-quality text. The article rewriter tool will provide you with the best quality outcomes, but it might not be the case for files that contain too many errors. If you are trying to save your time and money, then it wouldn’t be wrong to make use of the article spinner. As it has been designed to cater to the needs of users who need content instantly, and more importantly, with high accuracy.

Does It Provide Plagiarism-Free Content? provides you with 100% accurate and unique results. No traces of plagiarism will be left behind in the text that it provides you after the rewriting process. You can completely rely on the content of this article rewriter. There’s no need to get worried about getting caught with plagiarism, as it smartly rewrites paragraphs to make it plagiarism free. You will never have to face embarrassment due to plagiarism if you opt to use this article spinner.

Word Choice Matters

The words used in the content are significant to add power and deliver the right message to the audience. The accurate selection of words is essential, and the vocabulary you’re using must fit with the context of the article. While keeping this thing in mind, this article rewriter tool free provides you with context-based article spinning. When the tool spins articles, it makes sure that all the synonyms and suggestions are provided in a way that they don't change the original meaning. You won’t have to invest extra time and effort in changing words due to the article rewriting service offered by this web-based tool.

Who Can Use?

The article rewriter free tool is a useful and easy way for people working across several fields. Let’s discuss the professions in which people can use the paragraph rewriter tool.


Seo experts.

The students have to prepare assignments, notes, and other educational stuff assigned by their teachers regularly. Students often face the problem of plagiarism, and they have to work hard to bypass their text from a plagiarism checker as it is dealt with very strictly by the institutes. The word spinner can save students from this hassle as it allows them to rewrite articles without leaving any instance of plagiarism.

Instead of wasting an ample amount of time on creating assignments, students can use this free article spinner tool to get efficient results and spend the saved time preparing for quizzes. Unlike other essay rewriter tools that generate low-quality results or change the text’s actual meaning, this article rewriter can help students generate high-quality content without wastage of time.

The researchers often have to use second-hand data to support their research. But while presenting research, duplication isn’t given any lenience, and you might have to face a loss in credibility in the field and in front of the fellows. The writer’s careers are also in danger due to plagiarism, but they find difficulty in producing unique content on the topics they have already written before.

Our advanced article rewriter tool saves both researchers and writers from the nuisance of plagiarism by providing fresh pieces of content in a matter of seconds. The researchers and writers don’t have to scratch their heads anymore when they are stuck on using already available information again in a new text. The sentence rewriter can make this process a piece of cake for everyone.

The Bloggers have to come up with fresh pieces of content for updating their blog website regularly. But sometimes, it becomes inevitable to use the previously discussed information in a new blog which makes them worried as plagiarism can exist in content no matter what.

Bloggers often spend an ample amount of time trying to rephrase sentences for using them in new blogs. But even with the time investment, they cannot generate the quality of the text they desire. The sentence changer is the best way to overcome this nuisance. Without wasting time or putting in manual effort, you can get fresh text for your blog with this word spinner.

If you are an SEO expert, you would be aware of the importance of content ranking well on search engine result pages. Content is the crucial element of a website’s SEO, as search engines like Google determine whether it resolves the user’s query or not before giving it a rank. The SEO experts have to rely on freelance writers to get content ready for the website. The writers might charge high costs for providing high-quality content pieces, and it can become a burden on your pocket. If you think that the content you want is already available over the web and the writer’s assistance is not required, then you can rely on this rewording tool.

Amazing Features of this Free Article Rewriter

The rewrite article tool generates high-quality results as it comes up with top-notch features, including:

What users are saying about us .

(Top Stories)


Your Feedback

How do you rate your overall experience?

Free version does not support more than 800 words!

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Are you sure you want to

free article rewriter

Uses NLP (Natual language Processing) for rewriting

Rewrites the content without changing its context

Maintain the relativity with the original one

In this blog, we will delve into the challenges you might be suffering from as a freelance writer. Also, we're going to offer solutions that can help you overcome the issues arising in this field.

Select any sentence from your text.

Read more about this mode.

The significant increase in sub-prime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of a housing bubble.

Rewriting content is an easy way out to meet the need of content creation for websites. We are here with a standalone website of Article Rewriter Free to rewrite content on your behalf in an easy and speedy way.

Try it for free

Define your guidelines.


Article Rewriter: Transform Your Content with AI

Article rewriter tool guide.

Operating our tool is a breeze. With its advanced built-in technology, this text rewriter tool meticulously scans your inputted text, generating fresh and unparalleled content. Our rewriter tool intelligently substitutes words with their most suitable synonyms, preserving the essence of the original content while maximizing accuracy.

And that’s not all. Our rewrite paragraph tool goes above and beyond, accurately capturing the intended meaning of the text. Through meticulous analysis, the resulting rewritten content is entirely free from any form of plagiarism.

Embrace the convenience and reliability of our free rewriting tool. Unlock a world of unique and flawless content, effortlessly crafted to perfection.

Upload Article

Effortlessly bring your text into our platform with two simple options: copy-paste (ctrl+v) your desired text or conveniently upload files directly from your device. Choose the method that suits you best and let our tool work its magic.

Select Mode

Choose rewriting mode! We have three modes: Light Rewriting, Medium Rewriting and In-Depth Rewriting

Simply tap the "Rewrite Article" button to commence the process of transforming the article.

ai article rewriter services

Artificial intelligence.

Experience the power of our AI-based sentence rewriter, delivering unparalleled excellence in rewriting. Leveraging advanced techniques, our cutting-edge artificial intelligence automatically rewrites every uploaded content, ensuring top-notch quality and remarkable results.

Word Swapper

When it comes to altering words, maintaining the sentence’s context is crucial. With this principle in mind, our Essay Rewriter offers a wide selection of contextually appropriate synonyms specifically tailored to your uploaded text. This ensures seamless word replacement without compromising the overall meaning of the sentence.

Grammar Fix

In addition to its remarkable rewriting capabilities, our free article rewriter also offers a comprehensive grammar check. Harness the power of this online paragraph rewriter tool to examine your uploaded text and detect any lurking grammatical errors.

Plagiarism Helper

Our article rewriter guarantees plagiarism-free and entirely unique content. Transform your existing or copied articles into something fresh and original by utilizing our tool’s capabilities.

What is the ai article rewriter?

Experience the transformative capabilities of programming or web-based apps, commonly known as free article rewriter tools. These tools effortlessly reshape and rephrase the information you provide, generating multiple variations while preserving the true essence and relevance of the content.

Sophisticated algorithms power our text rewriting tool, ensuring a profound rewriting of your content while maintaining the original intent and meaning.

These tools prove invaluable in the quest for high-quality content, aiding in the organization of your words to extract the most valuable aspects of your material.

However, with a myriad of spinners saturating the market, finding the perfect tool for article rewriting can be a daunting task. But fret not! Your search ends here, as our tool offers everything you need for content creation success. Our website provides a reliable and trustworthy tool for rewriting content, enabling you to effortlessly generate articles of exceptional quality and readability.

Forget about wasting time on manual rewriting. Instead, embrace a scenario where you maintain complete control over your content, while our tool diligently handles the intricate work on your behalf, reliably and efficiently.

Time Saving

Discover the key to a hassle-free writing experience with our service. Say goodbye to inefficiency and unnecessary delays. Our free Article Spinner ensures lightning-fast results, providing you with the desired outcome within seconds. Maximize your productivity and save valuable time by harnessing the power of our time-saving rewriting tool.


Experience the simplicity of our article rewriter, designed with user convenience in mind. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly generate unique content, free from any duplicate material. Enjoy the flexibility of rewriting articles on the go, without the need for registration. Streamlined and hassle-free, our tool empowers you to create fresh and original content with ease.

article rewriter tool features

With our advanced algorithm, articles undergo a transformative rewriting process while preserving their essence and core ideas. Our AI rewriter tool generates plagiarism-free content that boasts enhanced readability, all achieved with just a few clicks.

This versatile tool is your ally in rewriting content for various purposes, be it blog posts, academic papers, or marketing materials. It enhances vocabulary, breathing new life into your content. The user-friendly interface caters to first-time users, offering easy-to-operate options and features for a seamless experience.

frequently asked questions

Article rewriting is legal.

Such services serve as valuable tools for word modification and aiding in your research endeavors. In terms of these purposes, it is important to note that utilizing such tools is legally permissible. However, it is strongly recommended to appropriately cite the original source if you borrow content from it. Citing the source ensures integrity and acknowledges the contribution of the original author or creator. Embrace responsible usage of article rewriters and maintain a respectful approach to intellectual property.

How can I rewrite an article without changing its meaning?

Rewriting an article while preserving its meaning involves several techniques. You can replace original words with synonyms, modify sentence structures, break or merge sentences, and rearrange the order of content. These steps ensure a fresh perspective while maintaining the article’s core message. Alternatively, you can try our text rewriter tool, which performs all these tasks with a single click.

What sets article rewriting apart from article spinning?

While the boundary between rewriting and spinning articles can be blurry, there are distinct differences between the two. Rewriting involves conceptualizing the content and expressing it in your own words, maintaining the original meaning while presenting it with a fresh perspective. On the other hand, spinning articles relies heavily on utilizing synonym generators to replace specific terms and avoid plagiarism. Spun articles can be generated multiple times, producing variations with content resembling the original. However, the resulting content is often incoherent and difficult to comprehend.

article rewriter is good for SEO?

Absolutely! Article rewriting is a valuable tool for enhancing your SEO strategy. These tools enable you to amplify and refresh existing content without the concerns of plagiarism or duplication, as search engines penalize duplicate content. By utilizing article rewriting, you can develop more relevant and unique material at a lower cost and in less time, ultimately boosting the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing strategy.

Who did we create this tool for?

Students As an integral part of their academic routine, students are encouraged to utilize our article rewriter tool for rewriting their assignments, notes, and educational materials. Plagiarism poses a significant concern for students, closely monitored by universities. Fortunately, our article spinner tool is here to assist students in circumventing such issues by generating unique and plagiarism-free text, all while preserving the original meaning intact. With this invaluable tool at their disposal, students can confidently produce authentic content that meets the highest academic standards.

Writers In the realm of research and writing, drawing from pre-existing studies and online sources is essential. However, this increases the likelihood of similarity and duplication. Fear not, for researchers and writers no longer need to fret. Our sentence rewriter is the ultimate solution, effortlessly tackling duplicated content with just a few clicks. Bid farewell to the headache of duplicated text and embrace a seamless process that preserves the integrity of your work. With our powerful tool, you can rewrite content with confidence, ensuring originality and maintaining your professional reputation.

Bloggers To maintain a competitive edge in rankings, regular updates to blog content are crucial. Bloggers often find themselves rewriting sentences to refresh their content and make it more recognizable to search engines. In such scenarios, a free paragraph rewriter becomes an invaluable ally, offering a plethora of options and features to effortlessly transform sentences. With the assistance of this powerful tool, bloggers can enhance their efficiency, accomplishing in seconds what would otherwise take hours of manual effort. Stay at the forefront of the blogging game and unleash your full potential with the swift and efficient assistance of our paragraph rewriter.

Marketing Specialist Achieving a high ranking on search engine result pages is a vital SEO strategy for all. Prior to ranking a website, Google meticulously evaluates its content to ensure it effectively addresses the queries of its users. To meet this requirement, SEO experts can rely on the assistance of an article spinner. By utilizing a paragraph rewriter, they can create unique and readable content that guarantees exceptional quality on their webpages. Empower your SEO endeavors and enhance your website’s visibility by harnessing the power of our advanced tools.

Tips How To Use

To maximize your experience with our article rewriter tool, consider the following tips:

Choose quality content : Opt for an original and valuable topic or viewpoint that resonates with your target audience. Starting with high-quality content ensures better outcomes when generating alternative versions.

Thoroughly review the generated content : Carefully examine the suggested terms and phrases, as some may not fit the context or flow seamlessly. If needed, click the “Rephrase Again” button for a fresh version. Experiment with altering the original expression to spark new ideas.

Check for plagiarism : Once you’re satisfied with the final results, it’s crucial to use a Plagiarism Checker tool. Ensure the content is unique enough to pass search engine plagiarism tests before publishing it online. This step is essential to maintain integrity and credibility.

Avoid spamming : Generating multiple copies of the same article using this tool is discouraged to prevent spam. Search engines penalize such practices, and it provides little to no value to your intended audience. Focus on creating valuable and diverse content that resonates with your readers.

By following these tips, you can harness the full potential of our article rewriter while ensuring the quality, originality, and relevance of your content.

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    Get your hands on the article rewriter to generate high-quality, plagiarism-free content without investing time and effort. Just paste the text and hit the rewrite button to generate rewritten content instantaneously! Enter Text for rewriting. Smart Spin - Recommended. Total Word (s): 0 / 2000.

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    Article rewriter lets you rewrite your articles & words for free. Try our best rewriting tool to make your articles 100% unique.

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    The article rewriter enables you to create unique and plagiarism-free content in no time. It rewrites the input content by replacing specific words with their best suitable synonyms. How to use Article Rewriter? To rewrite your article or any other content, follow the steps below: Write or paste the text in the left input box.

  18. Article Rewriter

    Bestrewriter - The best free article rewriter tool using Artificial Intelligence to rewrite articles or sentences with human-readable quality. We understand how each word related to every other word in its context. This lets us rewrite sentences or paragraphs with the same best meaning. What is an Article Rewriter - Free Sentence Rewriter Tool ?

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    Experience the simplicity of our article rewriter, designed with user convenience in mind. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly generate unique content, free from any duplicate material. Enjoy the flexibility of rewriting articles on the go, without the need for registration. Streamlined and hassle-free, our tool empowers you to ...

  23. Article Rewriter

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  24. What's New in Microsoft Teams

    New Teams now has full feature parity for almost all features including custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7x7 video, call queues, PSTN calling, contextual search in chats and channels, cross-post a channel conversation, and more. New Teams allows us to release new capabilities faster.

  25. Walmart sends a new degree-free message about getting a ...

    A cyclist rides past a Walmart Neighborhood Market location in Bentonville, Arkansas, US, on Monday, Nov. 21, 2022. With 1.6 million employees in the U.S., the country's largest private-sector ...