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Special Collections and Archives

From its inception, Baker Library has collected rare and unique materials that focus on the evolution of business and industry.

Special Collections and Archives' de Gaspé Beaubien Reading Room is open to all users. Schedule an appointment to confirm the material in which you're interested is available and ready for you in the reading room when you arrive. Please contact [email protected]  for additional information on our access policies.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are unable to visit to use our collections, please reach out to us at  [email protected]  so we can work together to meet your research needs. 


  • Provide in-depth reference via email, phone, or web conference to determine the scope of your research project and evaluate how staff can best meet your needs remotely
  • Direct you to relevant  digital resources  and newly available collections
  • Schedule remote access to microfilm collections
  • Assist you in planning future research visits or reproduction requests

Baker Library collects and makes available the records of business dating from the 14 th  century to the present and the records of the Harvard Business School since its founding in 1908. These varied collections include corporate archives, manuscripts, account ledgers, rare books, broadsides, photographs, company annual reports and audiovisual and digital materials, as well as works of art by a diverse range of artists from around the world.

While the collections contain extensive materials on American businessmen and leaders from the colonial period to the present, we are actively working to expand both the diversity and global scope of Baker Library’s collections, with a particular focus on acquiring the records of women and Black business leaders. We are also reviewing and engaging deeply with our existing collections in order to highlight materials and works by women, Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), as well as enslaved people and immigrants, represented in our holdings.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

As a research library committed to collecting, preserving and making accessible resources that document the history of business, Baker Library welcomes a wide range of researchers to explore our rich collections.

As members of the HBS community, we embrace the actions outlined in HBS’s action plan for Advancing Racial Equity & Diversity .

As members of the Harvard Library community, we stand in unity with Our Responsibilities: A Message from Martha Whitehead .

Within Baker Library Special Collections and Archives, we recognize that we must make clear how we intend to take meaningful action against structural racism and inequality. To that end we will:

  • Address any offensive or harmful language in our collection descriptions and cataloging and make those descriptions more conscious and inclusive by revising our descriptive and cataloging practices going forward using our Guiding Principles for Conscious and Inclusive Description ;
  • Extend access to our collections through digitization and enhanced web content;
  • Increase the diversity of our collections starting with the contemporary business archival collecting program by seeking out the records of Black leaders in business and entrepreneurs, preserving their legacy, and providing access to primary data for scholars and practitioners worldwide.

We welcome comments and suggestions on this statement and our work at [email protected] .

November 2021


Tafareel Plate 38

The South Sea Bubble, 1720: Narratives of the First International Crash

See additional   exhibit collection guides

Harvard Business Review

A leading publication on business theory and practice. Access is offered through aggregation services, not via the publication itself.

For HarvardKey holders, EBSCOhost is a good place to start for browsing issues dating back to 1922.

Other options are available via HOLLIS .

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Executive Education

Harvard business school mba program, apply to the mba program, curriculum - mba - harvard business school, mba admissions, hbs mba class profile, hbs working knowledge, baker library | bloomberg center | harvard business school, maps & directions, mba classcards.

  • Faculty & Research

Databases | Baker Library | Bloomberg Center | Harvard Business School

The institute for strategy and competitiveness, academic units, arthur rock center for entrepreneurship, campus & culture, business & environment initiative, capital iq | baker library | bloomberg center | harvard business school.

Exploring Libraries

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  • Early Development

A library’s purpose is as varied as the collections within it. From championing curiosity to preserving history, these institutions are vital to so many communities.

Archive advocates

Members of the Harvard community are exploring the hidden past, volatile present, and equitable future of libraries.

Cathy Chukwulebe

Cathy Chukwulebe’s Little Black Library was Baker Library’s first non-business or economic collection and its first placement in an academic library.

Olha Aleksic

Bibliographer for Ukrainian Collections Olha Aleksic launched the “Russia’s War on Ukraine” digital archive last year.

Alexandra Schultz

Alexandra Schultz studied the rise of the public library, and in the process shed light on the true story of the Library of Alexandria.

The right to read

What happens when we quash freedom of expression in the form of reading? Harvard Library’s Lesliediana Jones discusses the recent U.S. trend of book banning.

Advancing the mission of libraries

Libraries and archives are far from static collections—they must constantly evolve to keep up with changing times.

Students working in the Robert W. Woodruff Library of the Atlanta University Center

Expanding access

HBCU Library Alliance and Harvard are teaming up to digitize and preserve African American history collections.

Prized manuscript

In 1989, archivist Irina Klyagin made a remarkable discovery that changed Russian ballet scholarship.

A smiling woman leans against a tree outside

Preservation priorities

Preservation Services staff work to maintain, protect, and repair library collections.

Conservation work on a book

Journalism and libraries

Librarians are teaming up with journalists to promote media literacy, spur civic engagement, and take on reporting projects.

Dictionary and newspaper

Content accessibility

Harvard Libraries are reimagining access for their vast array of digitized articles, books, and multimedia to ensure they are accessible to users of different abilities.

A person using assistive technology on a computer

Book recommendations

Looking for a good book? Explore these suggestions from members of the Harvard community.

Check out the books

Our cabinets of curiosities

Harvard’s many libraries maintain curated collections featuring everything from plants to poetry, crimes to contagions.

The newest collection explores the life of Anna May Wong , the first Chinese American movie star.

An illustrated map of cape cod

Get lost in the fanciful delights of 20th-century pictorial cartography at the Harvard Map Collection.

Political buttons

The Political Buttons at HKS Collection includes more than 1,500 political buttons, representing U.S. political campaigns, social movements, and political demonstrations.

A woman editing film

Explore the work of Helen Hill, an experimental animator, filmmaker, writer, and social activist. Her films feature puppets, hand-drawn animation, found footage, and hand-processing techniques.

An old magazine cover that says

"Slavery, Abolition, Emancipation, and Freedom" is a growing digital collection highlighting materials related to Black history and culture, providing freely accessible digitized primary sources for scholars.

A record with a label explaining it is a poetry recording

The Woodberry Poetry Room has one of the largest collections of literary recordings in the U.S., featuring more than 6,000 recordings of poets and writers from the 1930s to the present day.

A man holding a photograph of himself


"At the Intersection of Science and Art" draws from the wealth of material in the Polaroid corporate archives at Baker Library, highlighting the formative years and trajectory of the Polaroid Corporation.

A black and white photo of people in 1911 in masks and protective gear

This online collection offers important historical perspectives on the science and public policy of epidemiology today and contributes to the understanding of the global, social–history, and public–policy implications of diseases.

A book cover that says

"Eileen Southern and the Music of Black Americans" is a digital exhibit exploring the extraordinary scholar whose landmark book inspired the academic subfield of Black music studies.

Stars graphed on a white paper

"The Harvard College Observatory's Astronomical Photographic Glass Plate Collection" contains more than 550,000 glass plate negatives and spectral images from more than a century of irreplaceable scientific observations. Hundreds of women studied and curated the Harvard Plate Stacks, but more often than not their work went unrecognized. The Center for Astrophysics is dedicated to understanding and undoing the erasure of these women’s contributions while advancing and enabling the creation of new knowledge.

A sketch of a lobelia plant

The archival collections of the Botany Libraries are rich in original artwork that represents the scientific work of Harvard botanists, including illustrations by Jacob Bigelow and watercolors by Charles E. Faxon.

An old sketch of a man throwing something at a woman

"The Studies in Scarlet" collection held by the Harvard Law School Library, includes American, British, and Irish cases from 1815 to 1914 involving domestic violence, bigamy, seduction, breach of promise to marry, child custody, and murder.

The future of libraries

Through progress, libraries have an opportunity to reach more people and tell more inclusive stories.

Explore all that the Library Innovation Lab does

An accessible future

Harvard staff, faculty, and alumni are reimagining what libraries can look like , how libraries can merge physical and digital assets , how online lending can best serve everyone , and many more considerations for the future of these community cornerstones.

Police pushing an African American man

An equitable future

Harvard experts are promoting equity in libraries by  expanding access to the world of art , democratizing knowledge , creating open and collaborative archives of modern history , and constantly examining the past .

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Keep Your Team Motivated When a Project Goes Off the Rails

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38 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

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A roundup of Harvard Business Review’s most popular ideas and advice.

Women at Work

Resources, practical advice, and personal stories to lift you up and move you forward.

Career and life advice for young professionals.

HBR Subscriber Exclusives

Tesla and elon musk, are you a collaborative leader, building your company's vision, how do i make a good first impression in a job interview, azeem’s picks: ai, accountability, and power with meredith whittaker, partner center.

  • Map of Boston Exhibits
  • Map of Istanbul Exhibits
  • Timeline of Mumbai Exhibits
  • Looking Backward

Moscow International Business Center (AKA Moscow-City)

Dublin Core

A photograph of Moscow-City, a commercial district for which planning began in the early 1990's.

Wikimedia Commons User: "Igor508"

Wikimedia Commons,_Jun2015.jpg



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Latah County Library District

Your Account  |  Full Catalog

The Moscow Free Library and Reading Room opened in March of 1901 in one room of the Brown Building in downtown Moscow. The library was open two afternoons and two evenings a week and was operated by the Pleiades Club and the Moscow Historical Club. In 1903 members of the two clubs formed a committee to secure funding for a library building from the Andrew Carnegie Library Endowment. The Endowment granted the group $10,000. In 1904 Moscow residents approved a special tax to raise money for the building’s operation. A lot was purchased on the corner of Second and Jefferson Streets and Boise architect Watson Vernon was hired to design the library in the Mission Revival style, unique for northern Idaho. The building was completed in 1906 for just under $9,500, making it one of the last Carnegie libraries funded. The first major building improvement was made in 1931 with an addition that doubled the available space. In 1938 the front steps were rebuilt, replacing the curved stairs which had been a feature of the original architecture. In 1964 the basement was remodeled into a children’s library. Construction started in August 1982 to remodel and add to the original Carnegie building. In April 1983 the building was opened to the public, with the Carol Ryrie Brink Reading Room in the historic Carnegie building designated a special place for the children of the community. This addition more than doubled the space again. The Moscow branch serves as headquarters of the Latah County Library District, housing the administrative, adult services, youth services, access services and technical services departments. The Moscow Carnegie Library was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. More information about the library may be found on the Society of Architectural Historians’ “Archipedia” website.

110 S. Jefferson St. Moscow, ID 83843

Mailing Address: 110 S. Jefferson St. Moscow, ID 83843


[email protected]

Friends of the Moscow Library

The Friends of the Moscow Library meets regularly to plan their semi-annual book sale held at the Latah County Fairgrounds. Funds raised by the Friends support Moscow programs such as Summer Reading, Everybody Reads, Books for Babies at Gritman Medical Center, and various capital projects.

Moscow Community Resources

Discover the people and organizations working to keep your local community a great place to live.

Moscow Storytimes

Babytime : Come share rhymes and songs, board books, and bell and shaker time at this fun bonding opportunity that helps your baby get ready to read.

Storytime : Join us for picture books, songs, wiggle rhymes and a fun experience that gets kiddos excited about reading.

New on the Shelves in Moscow

New adult books.

The Untamed West :

New Youth Books

Quiet please! / by Jacobson, Jennifer,

Upcoming Events in Moscow

November 2023, moscow – open make, moscow – book reading with rosalie spielman, moscow – idaho family reading week, moscow – babytime, moscow – everybody reads, moscow – preschool storytime, holiday closure, moscow – tuesday teabirds book club, moscow – medicare 101 workshop.

110 S. Jefferson St. Moscow, Idaho 83843


Digital Library

Events Calendar

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Business Library

to the Howard University School of Business Library


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Welcome to the Howard University School of Business Library

The mission of the School of Business Library is to provide its respective patron base with authoritative business information in multiple formats, support the integration of information and technology into the School’s curriculum, and serve as a center for research and development for state-of-the-art information technology applications in the business education field.

More about the Business Library

Reserving a Study Space.

Book a meeting room for a group or sign up to use for private study. Each room can be used for 2 hours. Please see the staff at the service desk.

Library Hours

Tools for your education, online guides.

The Online Guides help students navigate a subject. 

Subject Liaisons/Specialists

Subject Liaisons/Specialists are librarians who specialize in research for a particular subject, and serve as liaison for the department on campus they specialize in. 

Business Databases

A list of accessible Business Databases to help with business related research. 

Patents and Trademarks

The School of Business Library at Howard University is one of 85 Federal Patent and Trademark Resource Centers nationwide. We value our status as a PTRC because we are a rich, local resource for small businesses, research and development firms, our University laboratories, and independent inventors.

Need Help Accessing Databases From Home?


  1. File:Harvard business school baker library 2009a.JPG

    harvard business library

  2. Baker library harvard business school hi-res stock photography and

    harvard business library

  3. Bob at ABLD at Harvard Business School Library

    harvard business library

  4. HBS completes library restoration

    harvard business library

  5. Bob at ABLD at Harvard Business School Library

    harvard business library

  6. Baker Library

    harvard business library


  1. Baker Library

    Harvard Business School. Baker Library | Bloomberg Center. Soldiers Field. Boston, MA 02163. Phone: 1.617.495.6040. Email: [email protected] Maps and Directions

  2. library.harvard

    Welcome to Library.harvard. Library.harvard. HOLLIS is the library catalog. You can also browse all services & tools. Journal of the Tenn. Negro Education Association (1951). Black Teacher Archive.

  3. Find Books, Articles & More

    The HBS Archives in Baker Library Special Collections and Archives holds over 50,000 retired cases, starting from the first cases published in 1921 through cases removed from Harvard Business Publishing in the early 2000s. Contact Baker Library Special Collections and Archives to learn more.

  4. Collections & Archives

    Boston, MA 02163. Phone: 1.617.495.6040. Email: [email protected]. Maps and Directions. Baker Library is unique among business school libraries worldwide for its extraordinarily comprehensive, large, and diverse collections. The Library's physical collections include approximately 600,000 printed volumes, 186,000 annual reports, over 1 ...

  5. Plan Your Visit

    History of Baker Library. Harvard Business School was established in March 1908 as the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. A $1,000 gift provided the initial funds to acquire a small library collection, housed in an alcove of Gore Hall (the predecessor to Widener Library).

  6. Libraries

    Established in 1638, Harvard Library is the oldest library system in the United States. 28. libraries. 700. expert staff. 6 million. digitized and publicly available items. 20 million. books.

  7. Special Collections and Archives

    Baker Library collects and makes available the records of business dating from the 14 th century to the present and the records of the Harvard Business School since its founding in 1908. These varied collections include corporate archives, manuscripts, account ledgers, rare books, broadsides, photographs, company annual reports and audiovisual and digital materials, as well as works of art by ...

  8. Baker Library/Bloomberg Center

    Architect (s) Robert A. M. Stern Architeects. The Baker Library/Bloomberg Center is a building complex at Harvard Business School on the campus of Harvard University in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. It includes the Baker Library, built in 1927, and the Bloomberg Center, completed in 2005.

  9. Baker Library

    The Bloomberg Center extension and south-facing entrance is named to honor William Henry Bloomberg, the late father of New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (MBA 1966). The architectural and intellectual centerpiece of the HBS campus, Baker Library was dedicated in 1927 and named for George F. Baker (1840-1931), the benefactor who funded the ...

  10. Harvard Business Review

    Overview. A leading publication on business theory and practice. Access is offered through aggregation services, not via the publication itself. For HarvardKey holders, EBSCOhost is a good place to start for browsing issues dating back to 1922. Other options are available via HOLLIS.

  11. Harvard Business School

    Harvard Business Publishing. Harvard Business Review. Education. Corporate Learning . Baker Library | Bloomberg Center Baker Library | Bloomberg Center Initiatives . Initiatives are research-fueled "communities of engagement" where faculty, students, and alumni connect with practitioners in the field to develop insights that drive impact. ...

  12. Search

    HBS Working Knowledge. HBS Working Knowledge is a forum for innovation in business practice, offering readers a first look at cutting-edge thinking and the opportunity to both influence and use these concepts before they enter mainstream management practice. The site features new work from among the more than 200 HBS ...

  13. Sign In

    Chat with a customer service agent or Call 800-988-0886 (U.S./Canada), 617-783-7500 (International). Find new ideas and classic advice on strategy, innovation and leadership, for global leaders ...

  14. Exploring Exploring Libraries

    Harvard experts are promoting equity in libraries by expanding access to the world of art, democratizing knowledge, creating open and collaborative archives of modern history, and constantly examining the past. A library's purpose is as varied as the collections within it. From championing curiosity to preserving history, these institutions are ...

  15. Harvard Business Review

    Find new ideas and classic advice on strategy, innovation and leadership, for global leaders from the world's best business and management experts.

  16. PDF DAVID S. SCHARFSTEIN Baker Library 363 Harvard Business School Soldiers

    Baker Library 363 Harvard Business School Soldiers Field Boston, MA 02163 (617) 496-5067 [email protected] Education: ... Academic Appointments: Harvard Business School, Edmund Cogswell Converse Professor of Finance and Banking, July 2004-present. Harvard Business School, Senior Associate Dean, Doctoral Programs, September 2017 - present; ...

  17. Moscow International Business Center (AKA Moscow-City)

    Moscow International Business Center (AKA Moscow-City) Subject: A photograph of Moscow-City, a commercial district for which planning began in the early 1990's. ... The Urban Imagination / Julie Buckler, Samuel Hazzard Cross Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literatures, Harvard University. Timeline; Boston; Berlin; Moscow; Istanbul; Mumbai;

  18. Alexey Korovin

    Hello everyone! My name is Alexey Korovin, and I am...<br><br>- financier, since 1993 in the banking sector, worked as CEO of 4 banks, including OTP Bank Russia and Asian Pacific Bank (2020-22), worked on boards of directors in 4 countries;<br>- investor in EdTech / HR Tech and some other industries: microlearning platform Skill Cup, online staff assessment platform ProAction, offline ...

  19. Moscow

    The Moscow Carnegie Library was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. More information about the library may be found on the Society of Architectural Historians' "Archipedia" website. Sunday: Closed: Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm: Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm: Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm:

  20. Ali Jafarli

    Activities and Societies: Business Fundamentals Course. CORe (Credential of Readiness) is a 150-hour certificate program on the fundamentals of business from Harvard Business School. CORe is comprised of three courses—Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting—developed by leading Harvard Business School faculty ...

  21. Homepage

    The School of Business Library at Howard University is one of 85 Federal Patent and Trademark Resource Centers nationwide. We value our status as a PTRC because we are a rich, local resource for small businesses, research and development firms, our University laboratories, and independent inventors. Patent and Trademark Resource Center