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Getting Assistance Article

Assistance with legal document preparation.

Need Assistance Preparing Legal Documents?

Individuals may complete legal documents on their own behalf. Attorneys in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona can assist you with court forms as well as provide you with important legal advice about your legal situation.

Additionally, Arizona certified legal documents preparers (“AZCLDPs”) who have been certified by the Arizona Supreme Court are authorized to help you complete court forms. However, AZCLDPs cannot give legal advice, recommend case strategies or legal remedies, engage in settlement negotiations, or represent you in Court.

The Board of Legal Document Preparers, appointed by the Arizona Supreme Court, certifies legal document preparers. AZCLDPs are certified individuals and/or businesses who prepare legal documents without the supervision of an attorney. AZCLDPs may provide general legal information but MAY NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE .

A Certified Legal Document Preparer CAN:

•     Prepare or provide legal documents without an attorney's supervision.

•     File and arrange for service of legal documents.

A Certified Legal Document Preparer CANNOT:

•     Give you legal advice, opinions, or recommendations.

•     Have protected or privileged communications with you.

•     Help you if you are already represented by an attorney.

A Certified Legal Document Preparer MUST:

•     Give you a written itemization of all rates and charges if you ask for one.

•     Provide completed documents to you in a timely manner.

•     Disclose to you any relationships which may give the appearance of impropriety.

•     Refrain from knowingly making misleading, deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent statements.

•     Follow Code of Conduct of ACJA §7-208 and are subject to disciplinary action if found in violation.

A directory of certified individuals and businesses is available on the Legal Document Preparer Program website . To confirm certification status, you can also contact the Program by calling (602) 452-3108.

NOTE: The Program cannot refer you to a specific AZCLDP for services. A complaint form is available on the website.

On 7/14/09 Noel said What are you saying, on one hand there is legal advise and on the other there is not legal representation.

  • Can you assist me with a will? Answer
  • im looking for a document for motion to reconsider in a child support case Answer
  • I live in San Diego now, but was receiving UI from Arizona. My benefits were cut because I am in a training program that pays a stipend. UI insists that the stipend is income, but no taxes were taken out. I need to file an appeal. Answer
  • When my son was arrested somehow he was wrongfully charged. It shows the wrong charges on the Az Court Records Search. I asked our attorney at the time to get the wrong charges removed but as we found out today, he did not do that... What can we do to get this taken care of? Who actually sits at a computer and puts these charges on the records search for any one to see? Answer
  • Is Arizona a common-law marriage state? If two seniors have been living together for more than ten years without being married and one passes away, will the living senior be responsible for the debts of the deceased. Answer
  • How do I take care of my daughters estate, since she did not have a will, nor life insurance and was living under the poverty level? Answer
  • I need help with HOA violations that I am being fined $25 a day which I think is unreasonable. No others have been cited for similar problems for 30 years. Nothing has changed on my property for the 4 years I have lived here and only now has a complaint been filed against me. I cannot afford this claim and will more than likely lose my home if it cannot be paid. I need some free legal representation to resolve these issues ASAP since I am on SSA and retired and disabled. Answer
  • About a judgement against me and can't afford to pay. Answer
  • 1) what is the statute of limitations for committing perjury; 2) for "suborn(ing) perjury; civil and criminal, if different. Answer
  • Free & Reduced Fees Legal Aid Resources Click Here to apply online, or call 866-637-5341.


Other legal resources.

  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Maricopa County Bar Referral number 602-257-4434
  • Pima County Bar Referral number 520-623-4625
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center 866-553-0893
  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Program Link


  • Arizona Corporation Commission View full description
  • Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, Inc. View full description
  • Arizona Secretary of State Tucson Office View full description
  • Attorney General’s Office (Tucson) View full description
  • Arizona Coalition to End Sexual & Domestic Violence View full description


Certified Fiduicaries

Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

Tips for a Successful Client-Attorney Relationship


Benefits Checkup

Arizona Department of Economic Security

American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Law and Aging

Arizona Attorney General Civil Rights Division

Area Agency on Aging

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  • Legal documents

When you start to think about it legal documents are everywhere. Sometimes you can find them in the small print at the bottom of an advert, or on a receipt for something that you purchased. Other times a legal document is something personal to you, like a will or a contract.

This section explains situations where you might need a legal document and who you can contact to create it for you.

Do I need a legal document?

There are many types of legal documents covering different situations. Depending on your issue you might need one created for you.

They can help to protect you - for example you may need a legal document to put in writing something you have agreed with someone else.

It can be very important to set down the full details of what has been agreed in writing so, if things go wrong, you can prove what was agreed between you and the other person.  A legal document may say exactly what will happen if either one of you breaks the agreement.

Legal documents for legal reasons

There are situations where you must have a certain type of document for legal reasons. Some of these have to be prepared in a certain way. Some legal documents that you might come across include:

  • Wills - these explain what you want to happen to your belongings, or how your family will be cared for after you die
  • Deeds of Trust – if you buy something together with other people, like a house, you can use this type of document to set out what the responsibilities of each person will be
  • Contracts  – you can use this to set out the exact details of what has been agreed between you and someone else
  • Tenancy agreement – this is an example of a contract, and is a document that sets out the arrangements where a tenant rents a property from a landlord
  • License or Permit – these are used to give someone else permission to do something, and they often set out how long someone may act for you or be allowed to do something, as well as the fee they will pay if there is one
  • Witness Statement - this is used to set out what a person states happened in a situation
  • Pleadings –these documents are prepared to explain to a court what a persons’ case is and what they want the court to do
  • Statutory Declaration – these are often prepared to set out and confirm the truth of specific information that is required, and they must be signed in a special way before a lawyer
  • Court Order – if an agreement is reached in a civil court the details may need to be set out in a document for the judge to approve
  • Consent Agreement –these are used in divorce cases, or dissolving of a civil partnership, to set out the details of agreements between the couples about the things they own that a court can then formally record in a court order

Lawyers can create documents like these for you and make sure you can rely on them when you need to.

They can also help you in other ways with legal documents. For example some legal documents must be signed in a specific way - sometimes in front of other people who are known as witnesses, or sometimes in front of another lawyer.

If you think you might need a legal document you could make an appointment to visit a law firm and talk to a lawyer about your needs. The type of lawyer you will see initially will usually be a Chartered Legal Executive, CILEx Practitioner or a Solicitor. However you might also need the help of a barrister for the preparation of some documents.

You can find out about the different types of lawyer on our types of lawyers page  and learn more about the ways they can help you – including how to go about finding the right lawyer for you.

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  • Meeting your family lawyer for the first time?
  • Domestic abuse
  • ID and money home-buying checks - why they are needed
  • Problems with buying or selling
  • Buying and selling: Finding a legal adviser
  • Evictions: if you’re being told to leave
  • Repairs and poor living conditions
  • Rent money, deposits and fees
  • Immigration solicitors and legal advisers
  • What to consider before buying a pet
  • How old do I need to be to own a pet?
  • What pets are legal in the UK
  • Pet purchase protection
  • Pet owner responsibilities
  • Microchipping
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  • I want to know my rights
  • Your consumer rights this Christmas 
  • Your guide to defamation
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  • Tipping point: Has your problem at work become a legal issue?
  • I’m not happy about something my employer has done
  • Speaking up about sexual harassment – Three things you should know
  • Covid vaccine: Can workers be forced to have the jab?
  • Employment rights and dismissal
  • Redundancy and the law
  • Control of your images online 
  • Legal protection for ideas
  • Protecting ideas
  • Lawyer checklist
  • Factsheet: Business structure
  • Factsheet: Employment law
  • Factsheet: Tax law
  • Factsheet: Insurance for small business
  • Factsheet: Trading law
  • Factsheet: Premises and property
  • Chartered Legal Executives and CILEx Practitioners
  • Costs Lawyers
  • Immigration Advisers
  • Licensed Conveyancers
  • Trade Mark Attorneys and Patent Attorneys
  • Charity and Trade Union Advisers
  • McKenzie Friends
  • Will Writers
  • Finding out more on the provider’s website
  • Choosing a legal adviser – other factors
  • Leaving a review
  • Complaints to legal services providers
  • My legal options
  • Registers of legal professionals
  • Contact a legal regulator
  • If you want to complain
  • Law Centres
  • Legal insurance
  • No win no fee
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  • Questions to ask lawyers
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  • The Money Advice Service
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Legal documents

Make and sign legal documents online, business and contracts.

Make professional business contracts and more. We can help.

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Family and personal

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Create complete legal documents to protect your rights in housing, family law, debt collection, and many other types of problems, for free.

Immi helps immigrants in the U.S. understand their legal options. 

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Help after a Disaster

Were you affected by a weather or climate disaster.

Go to our Disaster Legal Help page to learn more about disaster assistance, legal help in your area, and how to appeal a decision from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

  • Prepare legal documents

Adobe Acrobat Sign

How to prepare legal documents.

Create legal documents to save time and money. Learn what types of documents you can prepare by yourself and what information to include.

Explore Acrobat Sign

A person sitting at a desk using their laptop.


When you need to be prepared

Different types of legal documents

Important points to include in a legal document

Make and manage legal forms with Adobe

What are legal documents?

From documents that state a contractual relationship to those that grant an agreed-upon right, legal documents serve as the backbone of the judicial system. While any kind of legal documentation can be complex, there are many instances in which non-lawyers can encounter legal documents in everyday life. An eviction notice, a last will and testament for a loved one, or a contract for construction on your home are some examples. Understanding how to sign, edit, and manage legal documents can be helpful in a number of business and personal situations.

Sign legal documents quicker with e-signatures

When you need to be prepared.

If you work for a small company or are an entrepreneur, you will need to frequently draft items such as employment contracts, service agreements, and more, all of which can be finalized without legal aid. If you have personal legal matters that are relatively straightforward, like a name change or an advanced directive (also known as a living will), you can prepare those yourself, too. The ability to do so can speed up business and save you time and money.

While you can draft some documents with little help, it’s wise to consult with or hire a licensed attorney for legal document preparation services or to get legal advice for things like divorce proceedings, child support, and large estate planning.

Different types of legal documents.

There are three categories that most legal documents fall under. Understanding which one fits your needs goes a long way toward informing the format and language that you’ll want to use.

Most letters are legal documents that you can prepare without a lawyer. These include letters resolving disputes, responses to orders, mediation, and much more.

Also known as agreements, these documents detail parties’ obligations to one another and outline who or what will be governed and exactly how. Examples of directives are wills, trusts, contracts, and any other written agreements for services rendered.

These are documents filed in either federal or local court, like an affidavit, complaint, or motion. As a formal part of court proceedings, a certified legal document preparer should create these.

Formal legal entities like notaries can recognize more complex legal forms like articles of incorporation and property deeds. So a licensed attorney or law firm should prepare these for the best results.

Three people reviewing and signing a contract together at a table

Important points to include in a legal document.

Before you start preparing your legal forms, consider the intent of the document, and research the specific requirements for your jurisdiction. And, of course, consult legal guidance before continuing if necessary.

Look for examples or templates online for inspiration and as a foundation to help you get started. Here are some common components of legal documents:

Party details. List the names, numbers, addresses (email or physical), and any other relevant information of all parties involved. This can include people or companies.

Background information. Give a brief explanation of the legal issue at hand and share any pertinent legal details regarding it, like facts or evidence.

Motion. State your proposal or “motion” for how you will try to solve the legal matter with as much specificity as possible.

Roles and responsibilities. Clearly define the duties of each party involved to avoid ambiguity. You should also include other essential points like a financial obligation and a projected schedule or timeline.

Breaches or contingencies . Provide details on the next steps should something unexpected occur or if the terms of the contract have been made null and void through violation of the agreement.

Dates and signatures. Carve out space for all associated parties to sign and date after reviewing and acknowledging the document’s terms and conditions.

Make and manage legal forms with Adobe.

Whatever legal curveball you encounter, don’t balk — keep Adobe on deck and stay prepared.

E-docs let you craft and create customizable PDFs that fit your needs. Send your document for a digital signature safely and securely in a few clicks. Receive notifications on your favorite device when it is complete. Encrypted cloud storage, featuring firewalls, password protection, and e-signature tracing, means you can rest easy knowing your documents are safe and secure.

Adobe Acrobat Sign automatically creates a backup of your form once uploaded to your Adobe account. You can save the form as a template for all your future legal document needs. Cloud sync lets you access files wherever and whenever you need them, and you can find what you’re looking for in a breeze by intelligently organizing your forms. Adobe has all the tools to become your own personal paralegal, right at your fingertips.

Create a legal form with e-docs

A person sitting at a desk using their laptop.

help with legal documents

  • Client Forms

help with legal documents

Professional & Cost-Effective Legal Form Assistance

We are dedicated to providing consumers and small business owners with the finest, most cost-effective legal forms and services delivered professionally, accurately, and in a timely manner.

help with legal documents

Pro Se Legal Forms Help

We are here to assist in the preparation of your legal forms for family law, litigation law, probate law/estate planning, real estate law, and much more.

help with legal documents

Professional & Accurate Legal Form Generation

Our legal form preparation services are available to consumers and small business owners nationwide.

help with legal documents

Ready to get started?

Please download the applicable questionnaires and submit them to us in order to get started.

Legal Document Solutions, LLC provides professional legal document preparation services to individuals who elect to represent themselves in court in minor legal matters without the aid of an attorney and small businesses who require assistance with business and legal document preparation. NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS, AND THEREFORE, WE DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE . However, we can assist our non-lawyer clients by using the information they provide to us on our client intake forms and questionnaires, and then transferring that information to the appropriate legal forms and documents. We are reliable, fast, accurate and here to assist you. Our staff has more than 20 years of legal document preparation experience and have prepared thousands of legal documents for consumers, small business owners and attorneys. Our document preparation specialists are experienced, professionally trained and insured for errors and omissions.

help with legal documents

Family Law Matters

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help with legal documents

Bankruptcy Services

help with legal documents

Real Estate Matters

help with legal documents

Probate Law Matters

help with legal documents

Litigation Law Matters

help with legal documents

Business Formations

help with legal documents

Document Production Services

help with legal documents

Notary Services

help with legal documents

Get in touch with us

Find out in which areas of expertise my services can help your business reach the Legal Document Solutions.

The team at Legal Document Solutions, LLC ("LDS") is dedicated to providing consumers and small business owners with the finest, most cost-effective legal forms and services delivered professionally, accurately, and in a timely manner ...


  • [email protected]
  • 354 Whitewater Drive, Unit 107 Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440 (833) 534-2525 ext. 700
  • P.O. Box 2632 Woodbridge, Virginia, 22195 (833) 534-2525 ext. 701


When contracting on-line services from Legal Document Solutions, LLC, you agree to complete the appropriate Client Forms and remit a retainer fee/deposit (50% of total document preparation fee) to initiate the preparation of your legal ...

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help with legal documents

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People working

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Our free legal advice guides are an invaluable resource designed to empower you with the insights you need to make well-informed decisions about your legal situation. These guides delve into various areas of law such as personal injury , family matters, employment rights, real estate, financial obligations, consumer protections, and Corporate law and business law and litigation . Each guide offers lucid explanations, actionable tips, and invaluable advice, making legal complexities understandable for everyone.

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  • No Fault Divorce: What’s Changed and What’s Next?
  • UK Legal Advice and the Use of Artificial Intelligence
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  1. What Is an Attest on a Legal Document?

    In legal terms, to “attest” is to sign a legal document. This signature indicates that the signing party was present for and bore witness to an event, most often the signing of a will or power of attorney.

  2. What Is a Conformed Copy of a Legal Document?

    A conformed copy of a legal document is the actual copy of a document that has been filed in court. Lawyers often have one or two copies of the same document, but a conformed copy has the court clerk’s stamp and signature on it.

  3. Navigating Legal Documents: Why Choosing the Closest Notary Public is Key

    When it comes to legal documents, there are few things as important as ensuring they are properly notarized. Not only does this provide additional security and validity to the document, but it can also be required by law in certain situatio...

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    Rocket Lawyer makes the law affordable and simple. Create and sign legal documents online, get legal advice from attorneys, incorporate your business

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    Real estate. Protect your property with custom legal documents. We're here to help. Popular documents: Lease Agreement

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