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If you grow up to be a professional writer, everything you write will first go through an editor before being published. This is because the process of writing is really a process of re-writing —of rethinking and reexamining your work, usually with the help of someone else. So what does this mean for your student writing? And in particular, what does it mean for very important, but nonprofessional writing like your college essay? Should you ask your parents to look at your essay? Pay for an essay service?

If you are wondering what kind of help you can, and should, get with your personal statement, you've come to the right place! In this article, I'll talk about what kind of writing help is useful, ethical, and even expected for your college admission essay . I'll also point out who would make a good editor, what the differences between editing and proofreading are, what to expect from a good editor, and how to spot and stay away from a bad one.

Table of Contents

What Kind of Help for Your Essay Can You Get?

What's Good Editing?

What should an editor do for you, what kind of editing should you avoid, proofreading, what's good proofreading, what kind of proofreading should you avoid.

What Do Colleges Think Of You Getting Help With Your Essay?

Who Can/Should Help You?

Advice for editors.

Should You Pay Money For Essay Editing?

The Bottom Line

What's next, what kind of help with your essay can you get.

Rather than talking in general terms about "help," let's first clarify the two different ways that someone else can improve your writing . There is editing, which is the more intensive kind of assistance that you can use throughout the whole process. And then there's proofreading, which is the last step of really polishing your final product.

Let me go into some more detail about editing and proofreading, and then explain how good editors and proofreaders can help you."

Editing is helping the author (in this case, you) go from a rough draft to a finished work . Editing is the process of asking questions about what you're saying, how you're saying it, and how you're organizing your ideas. But not all editing is good editing . In fact, it's very easy for an editor to cross the line from supportive to overbearing and over-involved.

Ability to clarify assignments. A good editor is usually a good writer, and certainly has to be a good reader. For example, in this case, a good editor should make sure you understand the actual essay prompt you're supposed to be answering.

Open-endedness. Good editing is all about asking questions about your ideas and work, but without providing answers. It's about letting you stick to your story and message, and doesn't alter your point of view.


Think of an editor as a great travel guide. It can show you the many different places your trip could take you. It should explain any parts of the trip that could derail your trip or confuse the traveler. But it never dictates your path, never forces you to go somewhere you don't want to go, and never ignores your interests so that the trip no longer seems like it's your own. So what should good editors do?

Help Brainstorm Topics

Sometimes it's easier to bounce thoughts off of someone else. This doesn't mean that your editor gets to come up with ideas, but they can certainly respond to the various topic options you've come up with. This way, you're less likely to write about the most boring of your ideas, or to write about something that isn't actually important to you.

If you're wondering how to come up with options for your editor to consider, check out our guide to brainstorming topics for your college essay .

Help Revise Your Drafts

Here, your editor can't upset the delicate balance of not intervening too much or too little. It's tricky, but a great way to think about it is to remember: editing is about asking questions, not giving answers .

Revision questions should point out:

  • Places where more detail or more description would help the reader connect with your essay
  • Places where structure and logic don't flow, losing the reader's attention
  • Places where there aren't transitions between paragraphs, confusing the reader
  • Moments where your narrative or the arguments you're making are unclear

But pointing to potential problems is not the same as actually rewriting—editors let authors fix the problems themselves.

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Bad editing is usually very heavy-handed editing. Instead of helping you find your best voice and ideas, a bad editor changes your writing into their own vision.

You may be dealing with a bad editor if they:

  • Add material (examples, descriptions) that doesn't come from you
  • Use a thesaurus to make your college essay sound "more mature"
  • Add meaning or insight to the essay that doesn't come from you
  • Tell you what to say and how to say it
  • Write sentences, phrases, and paragraphs for you
  • Change your voice in the essay so it no longer sounds like it was written by a teenager

Colleges can tell the difference between a 17-year-old's writing and a 50-year-old's writing. Not only that, they have access to your SAT or ACT Writing section, so they can compare your essay to something else you wrote. Writing that's a little more polished is great and expected. But a totally different voice and style will raise questions.

Where's the Line Between Helpful Editing and Unethical Over-Editing?

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether your college essay editor is doing the right thing. Here are some guidelines for staying on the ethical side of the line.

  • An editor should say that the opening paragraph is kind of boring, and explain what exactly is making it drag. But it's overstepping for an editor to tell you exactly how to change it.
  • An editor should point out where your prose is unclear or vague. But it's completely inappropriate for the editor to rewrite that section of your essay.
  • An editor should let you know that a section is light on detail or description. But giving you similes and metaphors to beef up that description is a no-go.


Proofreading (also called copy-editing) is checking for errors in the last draft of a written work. It happens at the end of the process and is meant as the final polishing touch. Proofreading is meticulous and detail-oriented, focusing on small corrections. It sands off all the surface rough spots that could alienate the reader.

Because proofreading is usually concerned with making fixes on the word or sentence level, this is the only process where someone else can actually add to or take away things from your essay . This is because what they are adding or taking away tends to be one or two misplaced letters.

Laser focus. Proofreading is all about the tiny details, so the ability to really concentrate on finding small slip-ups is a must.

Excellent grammar and spelling skills. Proofreaders need to dot every "i" and cross every "t." Good proofreaders should correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. They should put foreign words in italics and surround quotations with quotation marks. They should check that you used the correct college's name, and that you adhered to any formatting requirements (name and date at the top of the page, uniform font and size, uniform spacing).

Limited interference. A proofreader needs to make sure that you followed any word limits. But if cuts need to be made to shorten the essay, that's your job and not the proofreader's.


A bad proofreader either tries to turn into an editor, or just lacks the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job.

Some signs that you're working with a bad proofreader are:

  • If they suggest making major changes to the final draft of your essay. Proofreading happens when editing is already finished.
  • If they aren't particularly good at spelling, or don't know grammar, or aren't detail-oriented enough to find someone else's small mistakes.
  • If they start swapping out your words for fancier-sounding synonyms, or changing the voice and sound of your essay in other ways. A proofreader is there to check for errors, not to take the 17-year-old out of your writing.


What Do Colleges Think of Your Getting Help With Your Essay?

Admissions officers agree: light editing and proofreading are good—even required ! But they also want to make sure you're the one doing the work on your essay. They want essays with stories, voice, and themes that come from you. They want to see work that reflects your actual writing ability, and that focuses on what you find important.

On the Importance of Editing

Get feedback. Have a fresh pair of eyes give you some feedback. Don't allow someone else to rewrite your essay, but do take advantage of others' edits and opinions when they seem helpful. ( Bates College )

Read your essay aloud to someone. Reading the essay out loud offers a chance to hear how your essay sounds outside your head. This exercise reveals flaws in the essay's flow, highlights grammatical errors and helps you ensure that you are communicating the exact message you intended. ( Dickinson College )

On the Value of Proofreading

Share your essays with at least one or two people who know you well—such as a parent, teacher, counselor, or friend—and ask for feedback. Remember that you ultimately have control over your essays, and your essays should retain your own voice, but others may be able to catch mistakes that you missed and help suggest areas to cut if you are over the word limit. ( Yale University )

Proofread and then ask someone else to proofread for you. Although we want substance, we also want to be able to see that you can write a paper for our professors and avoid careless mistakes that would drive them crazy. ( Oberlin College )

On Watching Out for Too Much Outside Influence

Limit the number of people who review your essay. Too much input usually means your voice is lost in the writing style. ( Carleton College )

Ask for input (but not too much). Your parents, friends, guidance counselors, coaches, and teachers are great people to bounce ideas off of for your essay. They know how unique and spectacular you are, and they can help you decide how to articulate it. Keep in mind, however, that a 45-year-old lawyer writes quite differently from an 18-year-old student, so if your dad ends up writing the bulk of your essay, we're probably going to notice. ( Vanderbilt University )


Now let's talk about some potential people to approach for your college essay editing and proofreading needs. It's best to start close to home and slowly expand outward. Not only are your family and friends more invested in your success than strangers, but they also have a better handle on your interests and personality. This knowledge is key for judging whether your essay is expressing your true self.

Parents or Close Relatives

Your family may be full of potentially excellent editors! Parents are deeply committed to your well-being, and family members know you and your life well enough to offer details or incidents that can be included in your essay. On the other hand, the rewriting process necessarily involves criticism, which is sometimes hard to hear from someone very close to you.

A parent or close family member is a great choice for an editor if you can answer "yes" to the following questions. Is your parent or close relative a good writer or reader? Do you have a relationship where editing your essay won't create conflict? Are you able to constructively listen to criticism and suggestion from the parent?

One suggestion for defusing face-to-face discussions is to try working on the essay over email. Send your parent a draft, have them write you back some comments, and then you can pick which of their suggestions you want to use and which to discard.

Teachers or Tutors

A humanities teacher that you have a good relationship with is a great choice. I am purposefully saying humanities, and not just English, because teachers of Philosophy, History, Anthropology, and any other classes where you do a lot of writing, are all used to reviewing student work.

Moreover, any teacher or tutor that has been working with you for some time, knows you very well and can vet the essay to make sure it "sounds like you."

If your teacher or tutor has some experience with what college essays are supposed to be like, ask them to be your editor. If not, then ask whether they have time to proofread your final draft.

Guidance or College Counselor at Your School

The best thing about asking your counselor to edit your work is that this is their job. This means that they have a very good sense of what colleges are looking for in an application essay.

At the same time, school counselors tend to have relationships with admissions officers in many colleges, which again gives them insight into what works and which college is focused on what aspect of the application.

Unfortunately, in many schools the guidance counselor tends to be way overextended. If your ratio is 300 students to 1 college counselor, you're unlikely to get that person's undivided attention and focus. It is still useful to ask them for general advice about your potential topics, but don't expect them to be able to stay with your essay from first draft to final version.

Friends, Siblings, or Classmates

Although they most likely don't have much experience with what colleges are hoping to see, your peers are excellent sources for checking that your essay is you .

Friends and siblings are perfect for the read-aloud edit. Read your essay to them so they can listen for words and phrases that are stilted, pompous, or phrases that just don't sound like you.

You can even trade essays and give helpful advice on each other's work.


If your editor hasn't worked with college admissions essays very much, no worries! Any astute and attentive reader can still greatly help with your process. But, as in all things, beginners do better with some preparation.

First, your editor should read our advice about how to write a college essay introduction , how to spot and fix a bad college essay , and get a sense of what other students have written by going through some admissions essays that worked .

Then, as they read your essay, they can work through the following series of questions that will help them to guide you.

Introduction Questions

  • Is the first sentence a killer opening line? Why or why not?
  • Does the introduction hook the reader? Does it have a colorful, detailed, and interesting narrative? Or does it propose a compelling or surprising idea?
  • Can you feel the author's voice in the introduction, or is the tone dry, dull, or overly formal? Show the places where the voice comes through.

Essay Body Questions

  • Does the essay have a through-line? Is it built around a central argument, thought, idea, or focus? Can you put this idea into your own words?
  • How is the essay organized? By logical progression? Chronologically? Do you feel order when you read it, or are there moments where you are confused or lose the thread of the essay?
  • Does the essay have both narratives about the author's life and explanations and insight into what these stories reveal about the author's character, personality, goals, or dreams? If not, which is missing?
  • Does the essay flow? Are there smooth transitions/clever links between paragraphs? Between the narrative and moments of insight?

Reader Response Questions

  • Does the writer's personality come through? Do we know what the speaker cares about? Do we get a sense of "who he or she is"?
  • Where did you feel most connected to the essay? Which parts of the essay gave you a "you are there" sensation by invoking your senses? What moments could you picture in your head well?
  • Where are the details and examples vague and not specific enough?
  • Did you get an "a-ha!" feeling anywhere in the essay? Is there a moment of insight that connected all the dots for you? Is there a good reveal or "twist" anywhere in the essay?
  • What are the strengths of this essay? What needs the most improvement?


Should You Pay Money for Essay Editing?

One alternative to asking someone you know to help you with your college essay is the paid editor route. There are two different ways to pay for essay help: a private essay coach or a less personal editing service , like the many proliferating on the internet.

My advice is to think of these options as a last resort rather than your go-to first choice. I'll first go through the reasons why. Then, if you do decide to go with a paid editor, I'll help you decide between a coach and a service.

When to Consider a Paid Editor

In general, I think hiring someone to work on your essay makes a lot of sense if none of the people I discussed above are a possibility for you.

If you can't ask your parents. For example, if your parents aren't good writers, or if English isn't their first language. Or if you think getting your parents to help is going create unnecessary extra conflict in your relationship with them (applying to college is stressful as it is!)

If you can't ask your teacher or tutor. Maybe you don't have a trusted teacher or tutor that has time to look over your essay with focus. Or, for instance, your favorite humanities teacher has very limited experience with college essays and so won't know what admissions officers want to see.

If you can't ask your guidance counselor. This could be because your guidance counselor is way overwhelmed with other students.

If you can't share your essay with those who know you. It might be that your essay is on a very personal topic that you're unwilling to share with parents, teachers, or peers. Just make sure it doesn't fall into one of the bad-idea topics in our article on bad college essays .

If the cost isn't a consideration. Many of these services are quite expensive, and private coaches even more so. If you have finite resources, I'd say that hiring an SAT or ACT tutor (whether it's PrepScholar or someone else) is better way to spend your money . This is because there's no guarantee that a slightly better essay will sufficiently elevate the rest of your application, but a significantly higher SAT score will definitely raise your applicant profile much more.

Should You Hire an Essay Coach?

On the plus side, essay coaches have read dozens or even hundreds of college essays, so they have experience with the format. Also, because you'll be working closely with a specific person, it's more personal than sending your essay to a service, which will know even less about you.

But, on the minus side, you'll still be bouncing ideas off of someone who doesn't know that much about you . In general, if you can adequately get the help from someone you know, there is no advantage to paying someone to help you.

If you do decide to hire a coach, ask your school counselor, or older students that have used the service for recommendations. If you can't afford the coach's fees, ask whether they can work on a sliding scale —many do. And finally, beware those who guarantee admission to your school of choice—essay coaches don't have any special magic that can back up those promises.

Should You Send Your Essay to a Service?

On the plus side, essay editing services provide a similar product to essay coaches, and they cost significantly less . If you have some assurance that you'll be working with a good editor, the lack of face-to-face interaction won't prevent great results.

On the minus side, however, it can be difficult to gauge the quality of the service before working with them . If they are churning through many application essays without getting to know the students they are helping, you could end up with an over-edited essay that sounds just like everyone else's. In the worst case scenario, an unscrupulous service could send you back a plagiarized essay.

Getting recommendations from friends or a school counselor for reputable services is key to avoiding heavy-handed editing that writes essays for you or does too much to change your essay. Including a badly-edited essay like this in your application could cause problems if there are inconsistencies. For example, in interviews it might be clear you didn't write the essay, or the skill of the essay might not be reflected in your schoolwork and test scores.

Should You Buy an Essay Written by Someone Else?

Let me elaborate. There are super sketchy places on the internet where you can simply buy a pre-written essay. Don't do this!

For one thing, you'll be lying on an official, signed document. All college applications make you sign a statement saying something like this:

I certify that all information submitted in the admission process—including the application, the personal essay, any supplements, and any other supporting materials—is my own work, factually true, and honestly presented... I understand that I may be subject to a range of possible disciplinary actions, including admission revocation, expulsion, or revocation of course credit, grades, and degree, should the information I have certified be false. (From the Common Application )

For another thing, if your academic record doesn't match the essay's quality, the admissions officer will start thinking your whole application is riddled with lies.

Admission officers have full access to your writing portion of the SAT or ACT so that they can compare work that was done in proctored conditions with that done at home. They can tell if these were written by different people. Not only that, but there are now a number of search engines that faculty and admission officers can use to see if an essay contains strings of words that have appeared in other essays—you have no guarantee that the essay you bought wasn't also bought by 50 other students.


  • You should get college essay help with both editing and proofreading
  • A good editor will ask questions about your idea, logic, and structure, and will point out places where clarity is needed
  • A good editor will absolutely not answer these questions, give you their own ideas, or write the essay or parts of the essay for you
  • A good proofreader will find typos and check your formatting
  • All of them agree that getting light editing and proofreading is necessary
  • Parents, teachers, guidance or college counselor, and peers or siblings
  • If you can't ask any of those, you can pay for college essay help, but watch out for services or coaches who over-edit you work
  • Don't buy a pre-written essay! Colleges can tell, and it'll make your whole application sound false.

Ready to start working on your essay? Check out our explanation of the point of the personal essay and the role it plays on your applications and then explore our step-by-step guide to writing a great college essay .

Using the Common Application for your college applications? We have an excellent guide to the Common App essay prompts and useful advice on how to pick the Common App prompt that's right for you . Wondering how other people tackled these prompts? Then work through our roundup of over 130 real college essay examples published by colleges .

Stressed about whether to take the SAT again before submitting your application? Let us help you decide how many times to take this test . If you choose to go for it, we have the ultimate guide to studying for the SAT to give you the ins and outs of the best ways to study.

Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Anna scored in the 99th percentile on her SATs in high school, and went on to major in English at Princeton and to get her doctorate in English Literature at Columbia. She is passionate about improving student access to higher education.

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14 Best College Essay Services for 2024 (40 Services Reviewed)

Not sure which college application essay coaching and editing service is the best? We compared the top 40 services, created in-depth reviews for 14 of them, and narrowed it down to the 4 best that will help guide you through the process of writing amazing college application essays.

What is the Best College Essay Service?

  • PrepMaven  – best college application essay service overall
  • College Essay Mentor  – best for individual consultants
  • The College Essay Guy  – best for unlimited essay assistance
  • College Vine  – best of the big platforms

The best of the rest:

Individual essay consultants:

  • College Essay Editor  – small editing team
  • Allison Karpf  – former English teacher helping students
  • Your College Vision  – former journalist with more affordable rates
  • The College Guru  – good on paper but unresponsive
  • Sofia Zapiola – budget-friendly application assistance

Mid-size teams:

  • Lotus Learning  – focus on health sciences

Large platforms:

  • Study Point  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • Ivy Select  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • Empowerly  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • BeMo  – expensive and aggressive with wrong expertise

starting to write college essay

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Best College Application Essay Services in 2024

#1 – prepmaven.

Our Verdict — Best College Essay Assistance Overall Price: $79–349/hour (minimum $510 package) PrepMaven’s one-on-one college essay assistance is the best option overall. Founded by brothers and Princeton grads Greg and Kevin, almost all of PrepMaven’s essay coaches have Ivy-League experience, primarily from Princeton and Harvard. All essay coaches also undergo a thorough training program in PrepMaven’s methods, developed by professional writers with deep understanding of the college admissions process, for helping students to discover the most compelling stories for their essays. Unlike other services, PrepMaven offers college essay assistance at several different price points. At the most accessible rate, students can work with current Ivy-League undergraduates who specialize in writing and have recently aced the college application process. At higher rates, students can work with coaches who are both Ivy-League grads and professional writers (screenwriters, journalists, editors) with many years of experience helping students to craft compelling essays. Interested students can even work directly with founders Greg and Kevin, who have over 15 years of experience helping students through the entire essay-writing process. PrepMaven’s services combine many of the best features of other good options into one, and it’s hard to beat their experience.

Sign up for PrepMaven’s college essay help now

Any student wanting college essay help, at any point in the process, with a range of budgets.

At a glance:

  • Cost: $85–349/hour (minimum $510 package)
  • Writing coach qualifications: Princeton graduates and professional writers (or current Princeton students); all trained

What we like:

  • Ivy League experience —most of their writing coaches are Princeton grads or current students, with some from Harvard and other Ivies
  • Different pricing options to meet different families’ circumstances
  • More flexible and greater capacity to take on new students compared to individual consultants

Sign up for PrepMaven’s college essay help

Princeton University

#2 – College Essay Mentor

Our Verdict — Best of the Individual Consultants Price: unknown but high Some college essay consulting services consist of just one expert. Of these individual essay consultants, Chris Hunt at College Essay Mentor is our favorite. He combines writing experience as a journalist for the Economist and the Wall Street Journal with personal experience as a graduate of Dartmouth. However, he only works with a small number of students each year, and students need to apply to work with him — he only accepts students with top grades and test scores who are already strong applicants for top schools. Chris offers the option for one-time written feedback, but this only gives big-picture generalizations. (And written-only feedback is always limited.) In order for help with the essay process, students need to purchase a complete essay package.

Students with top grades and test scores who want to work with a one-person business, who have a sizable budget, and who are ready to get started early.

  • Cost: $210 for a one-time written essay feedback (big picture only), then $110 per draft feedback; pricing for essay process packages unknown
  • Essay coach qualifications: professional journalist, Dartmouth grad
  • Professional writing experience as a journalist
  • Extensive experience working with college applicants
  • Partners with Debra Felix, former Director of Admissions at Columbia, for full application review

What we don’t like:

  • One-on-one work is limited to very high-achieving students, who need to apply with a resume : “I limit my one-on-one work to students who I believe will be strong applicants to elite universities. As a rule, this means having high grades in challenging classes, a test score of ACT 34+ or SAT 1500+, and substantial activities outside of the classroom.”
  • Works with a limited number of students (60 per year), so often no availability
  • All-or-nothing packages don’t allow students to work with Chris for just a few hours or for part of the essay-writing process
  • Secretive about pricing (he’ll only give pricing details once he’s reviewed the student’s resume and agreed to work with them), but we expect the minimum cost of working one-on-one to be several thousand dollars

#3 – The College Essay Guy

Our Verdict — Best for Unlimited Essay Assistance Price: $7400 for application for 10 schools We’re fans of Ethan Sawyer, the original “college essay guy”— his book, College Essay Essentials , is a great guide to the essay-writing process. Ethan doesn’t work directly with many students these days, but he now has a team of consultants who help students follow his principles. Their assistance is really all-or-nothing — they prefer to work with students from the very beginning of the process, and their minimum package is $4900, which includes assistance with essays for three schools. If students are applying to ten schools (a more realistic number for students aiming at competitive colleges), the fee is a hefty $7400.

Students who want unlimited help through the entire process, who have a sizable budget.

  • Cost: $4900 (supplemental essays for 3 schools) – $7400 (supplemental essays for 10 schools)
  • Essay coach qualifications: mix of Ivy grads and former teachers, some writers/screenwriters; all trained
  • Great free resources about the essay-writing process
  • Their Matchlighters Scholars Program gives back to the community by providing admissions consulting for select qualifying students
  • All-or-nothing packages have a high minimum fee and don’t work for students who want just a few hours of feedback or help with just part of the process

#4 – College Vine

Our Verdict — Best of the Big Platforms Price: $170–190/hour There are plenty of large platforms with large stables of part-time tutors and coaches available to work with students. Of these big platforms, we think CollegeVine has the best offerings. Compared to other large companies, CollegeVine provides more information about their tutors, and students can pick individual tutors to work with from their roster. However, this model is really just a way of finding individual tutors to hire. Tutors don’t receive any training and don’t share a common approach, so it’s a mixed bag. Their rates are fairly high for part-time tutors who don’t have specific expertise and training in college essay consulting. We also recommend working with college essay consultants with a clear code of ethics stating that they will not make edits directly on the essay documents for the students. It’s unclear to what degree the editors with CollegeVine follow these principles.

Students who want to work with a big company.

  • Cost: $170–190/hour
  • Essay coach qualifications: no specific qualifications, but a few are Ivy League graduates
  • Possible to select individual editors to work with from their roster
  • No training or common approach for tutors
  • Editors are part-time , with no option to work with full-time college admissions experts
  • Relatively expensive for this level of expertise

College Essay Editing Alternatives (that Didn’t Make the Cut)

Individual essay consultants, #5 – college essay editor.

Our Verdict — Small Editing Team Price: Roughly $5,950 for application to 10 schools College Essay Editor comprises two graduates of Stanford. This means that they have personal experience applying to highly competitive schools. One member of the team also has a college counseling certification, which is a good background for college essays. Based on their website, they appear to focus on the editing and proofreading phase of the essay-writing process. This can be helpful to students, but we recommend working with a service who can help students to uncover their values and brainstorm really great material that allows them to really shine—and if this doesn’t happen at the beginning of the process, it’s much harder to add in later on.

  • Cost: $195/1000 words for proofreading, $495/1000 words for 3 rounds of editing and proofreading, or $595/1000 words for unlimited rounds of editing and proofreading; for the purposes of comparison, complete applications to 10 competitive colleges would be around 9,650 words, or $5950.
  • Writing coach qualifications: Stanford graduates, one of which has college counseling certification
  • Editors are graduates of Stanford University , and one is a member of NACAC, the national association of college counselors
  • They focus on editing and proofreading only , not on the crucial earlier steps of brainstorming and strategy
  • Small team with very limited availability

#6 – Allison Karpf

Our Verdict — Former English Teacher Helping Students Price: $300/hour or $3000 package for application to one school Another option for students looking to hire an individual consultant is Allison Karpf. Allison is a former high school English teacher and a graduate of UC Berkeley who also holds a Masters of Education from Stanford. Her rates are definitely on the higher side, especially for someone who doesn’t have a professional writing background, but she does have extensive experience working with students to craft their essays.

  • Cost:  $300/hour or $3000 unlimited counseling (includes supplemental essays for one college)
  • Essay coach qualifications: former high school English teacher; Berkeley grad, Stanford MEd
  • Lots of experience helping students improve their college essays
  • Very quick to respond to client requests
  • No professional writing experience or Ivy-Plus undergraduate experience
  • High rates relative to other options
  • Limited availability , since she works alone

#7 – Your College Vision

Our Verdict: Former Journalist with More Affordable Rates Price: $150/hour (minimum 10 hours), or $3800 package for application to seven schools Laurie Lande is another individual consultant who helps students through the essay-writing process. She comes recommended by other consultants like Chris from College Essay Mentor . Laurie did not herself attend a highly competitive school, so she doesn’t have that personal experience of going through the selective admissions process, but she does have a professional writing background as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

  • Cost: $150/hour (for 10 hours), or $3800 package for application to seven schools
  • Essay coach qualifications: journalism background
  • Affordable pricing , relative to other options
  • Professional writing background as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal
  • Not a graduate of a highly selective school

#8 – The College Guru

Our Verdict — Good on Paper but Unresponsive Price: unknown Yet another individual essay consultant is Geanine Thompson from The College Guru. Geanine attended Dartmouth as an undergraduate and also holds an MBA from Duke. She also has a professional writing background as an assistant book editor at Berkley Publishing Group. Like Greg and Kevin at PrepMaven , she combines experience in the business world and at Wall Street firms with experience in education.

  • Cost: unknown
  • Essay coach qualifications: former assistant book editor; Dartmouth grad, Duke MBA
  • Dartmouth graduate and former book editor
  • Not responsive to emails and client requests

#9 – Sofia Zapiola

Our Verdict — A budget-friendly, personal essay editor. Price: From $65/hour Yet another individual essay consultant is Sofia Zapiola, who offers a mix of essay editing and college application counseling services.

  • Cost: From $65/hour
  • Essay coach qualifications: M.A. from Harvard; certificate in College Counseling from UC San Diego.
  • Individual approach, budget-friendly rates, commitment to working within families’ budgets.
  • Very few testimonials, so it’s difficult to evaluate how effective she is.

student writing college essay on laptop

Mid-size Teams

#10 – lotus learning.

Our Verdict — Focus on Health Sciences Price: $165/hour Founded by a Harvard grad who is a former teacher and veteran of the publishing industry, Lotus learning offers college essay help in the Boston area. They have a small team of tutors, mostly recent grads from good but not Ivy-Plus colleges, and mostly with focus in health sciences.

  • Cost: $165/hour (minimum 8 hours)
  • Essay coach qualifications: tutors are recent grads, but not Ivy-Plus schools
  • Reasonable pricing with flexible packages
  • Essay editors aren’t graduates of Ivy-Plus schools and don’t have professional writing experience

Large platforms

#11 – study point.

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: unknown Study Point is a larger essay editing service. They claim to have several decades of experience helping students to craft their college essays, but they do not give information about who their essay coaches are and what qualifications they might have.

  • Essay coach qualifications: unknown
  • Larger company with several decades of experience
  • Unclear who the essay coaches are
  • Secretive about pricing

#12 – Ivy Select

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: unknown Ivy Select is another larger essay editing service. They do not give information about who their essay coaches are and what qualifications they might have.

  • Long list of impressive (but anonymous) testimonials
  • Only work with “top students”
  • No information on their website about who the editors are
  • No professional writing experience

#13 – Empowerly

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: unknown Empowerly has over 60 college counselors who each work with an average of 5 students per year, in order to have more time to devote to each student. Their counselors come from “different educational backgrounds,” and while they do not provide specific biographical details we can assume that most of their essay coaches did not attend highly selective schools.

  • Cost: $3550 minimum package
  • Essay coach qualifications: college counselors
  • Counselors work with just a few students per year
  • You have to upgrade to “Empowerly Elite” to guarantee a counselor with a more selective educational background

#14 – BeMo

Our Verdict — Expensive and Aggressive with Wrong Expertise Price: $2997–12797 BeMo is a large admissions company based in Toronto, Canada. They focus primarily on admissions to medical schools and science graduate programs in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Their rates are expensive, and they justify these by pointing out potential high earnings decades later as a doctor. Past customers have commented that their “school selection consultation” doesn’t provide any information specific to the individual student or schools. They do provide a training process for their essay consultants, but their essay consultants do not have training as college counselors, do not have experience as professional writers, and did not attend Ivy-Plus schools . They have been known to be very aggressive with their marketing emails, and have included some strange language in their sales pitches that seems inappropriate for high school students.

  • Cost: €2997/silver (one hour consultation and then unlimited written essay review for one application, no supplemental essays), €4797/gold (one hour consultation and then unlimited written essay review, incl. supplemental essays for up to 10 schools; waitlist letter, scholarship applications), €8797/platinum (unlimited consults), €12797/titanium (unlimited consults)
  • They have more of an international scope
  • High prices
  • Not focused on undergrad admissions

Top 40 College Essay Services Considered

  • College Essay Editor
  • The College Essay Guy
  • College Vine
  • College Essay Mentor
  • Study Point
  • Allison Karpf
  • The College Guru
  • Lotus Learning
  • Summit Prep
  • Sofia Zapiola
  • Ivy Global / New Summits
  • College Essay Solutions
  • Your College Vision
  • Essay Edge*
  • ServicEscape*
  • PapersForge*
  • QuickWriter*
  • JustEditMyEssay*
  • JustDoMyEsssay*
  • ExpertWriting*
  • SpeedyPaper*
  • GradeMiners*

* A number of services will edit essays directly for students, or even write portions of the essay for students. We do not condone this. Admissions officers can tell when essays have been written or edited by adults and this can have severe consequences. We have excluded these services from our reviews.

student writing college essay

Why are college application essays important?

Can a great college essay alone get you into Harvard?

No. You’ll need your grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities (as well as letters of recommendation and interview) to be outstanding.

But can a mediocre essay be the reason you didn’t get into Harvard?

Yes. There are thousands of amazingly-qualified students who graduate from high school each year. Great grades and test scores might be a prerequisite for admission to a competitive college, but they alone aren’t enough.

Harvard University

College essays are a key component of a student’s application . When done well, they transform a collection of numbers—GPA, class rank, SAT or ACT scores , number of AP classes taken, AP scores—into a glimpse of a real, individual person.

Essays do many things. Good college essays can highlight extracurricular achievements which otherwise would be overlooked in a sterile list. Strong essays often indicate the student’s future plans —how they plan to leave a mark on their college campus and on the world. They can shine a light on unique challenges that a student may have had to face on their journey.

College admissions officers only have a few minutes to spend on each application. College essays need to be original, interesting, and memorable . They need to grab the attention of the admissions officer and persuade them that this is the student out of hundreds or thousands of other similarly-qualified applicants who should be admitted.

College admissions essays are usually unlike any other kind of writing that students have done before. They’re a combination of memoir and marketing pitch, and they need to be creative but also highly strategic. That’s a tough assignment!

What’s more, students are left to figure this assignment out on their own. A thoughtful and generous high school English teacher may provide guidance or offer to read essays and give feedback, but these teachers are responsible for many students, and they’re (usually) not experts in admissions strategies.

Princeton University

Why work with a college essay service?

You may want to consider a college essay service if:

  • You have no idea where to start in order to write your college application essays
  • You feel overwhelmed by all of the different ideas you have and don’t know what would be the most strategic for college admissions—and what topics to definitely avoid for college essays
  • You don’t know how to craft a compelling story
  • You’re not sure how to edit and refine what you’ve written
  • You have a hard time keeping yourself on track and want an external structure to hold you accountable
  • You’re tired of conflict between students and parents about college essays
  • You’re aiming at a competitive college (not just the Ivy League!) and know that you need your essays to be outstanding
  • Your grades, test scores, and extracurriculars aren’t exceptional, so you need your essay to make your essay stand out from the pack
  • You’re unfamiliar with the US college admissions process (a common situation for international students and first-generation families in the US)

Any of these are strong reasons to consider working with a college essay service!

It’s important to note that a good college essay service will not write your college application essays for you . This is unethical and illegal. 

A good college essay service will guide you through each step of the process , teaching you how to self-reflect and write well while sharing insider insight about admissions strategy .

Yale University

What makes a good college essay service?

We strongly believe that students need to write their own college essays , and we do not condone plagiarism or “buying” a college essay.

However, writing college application essays requires a completely new set of skills that is rarely taught in high school!

Writing a personal essay is much more creative than simply writing a good paper for English class. It requires a compelling narrative and a great deal of writing craft . A good essay service will teach how to do this kind of writing.

There are many college essay services that will provide only written feedback to students, usually in the form of comments added to an essay draft. (Remember, it’s important that students write their own essays, so avoid any college essay service that will make edits directly to an essay document .)

Written comments can be an effective component of good essay coaching. However, writing college essays is a deeply personal process , and it’s incredibly difficult to guide a student through the process of self-reflection, brainstorming, and planning purely through written comments.

In addition, a great college essay coach will teach students how to do this entire process of brainstorming, planning, outlining, writing, and revising . It’s difficult to learn why an essay coach is advising certain changes through written comments alone.

For these reasons, look for a college essay service with live, one-on-one services , not just written feedback. These days, it’s easy to work with the best college essay consultants in the country over Zoom!

college essay coaching service online

Students need to reflect on their goals, their passions, and what drives them to be the person they are. This requires a great deal of self-awareness and self-analysis . An experienced college essay coach can help draw these ideas out of students through tested introspection techniques and brainstorming exercises .

On top of all of that, students need to be cognizant of which traits and accomplishments will be most appealing to colleges , and which stories will be cliche and boring. Personal statements and supplementary essays need to fit together to tell a cohesive story, and they need to work together with the rest of the student’s application (extracurriculars, grades, and other accomplishments).

In other words, there’s a great deal of strategy here! An experienced college essay service can help students decide how to present themselves in the best possible light .

Furthermore, most students don’t know how to edit effectively . A really top-notch college essay service will also teach students how to edit their own writing —how to reorder sections for better flow, cut unnecessary words to meet a word count, eliminate passive verbs, and make their writing vivid and exciting. Our students are routinely amazed by how transformative this step can be, and how much they learn by doing it together with the essay coach.

Finally, the best college essay services can also help students to make a writing plan and keep them on track , so that parents don’t have to be involved directly.

Ready to work on your college essays? Schedule a free 15- to 30-minute consultation with Jessica or one of our founders.

Best overall: PrepMaven’s

Best for individual consultants: College Essay Mentor

Best for unlimited essay assistance: The College Essay Guy

Best of the big platforms: College Vine

Ready to work on college essays with one of our experienced writing coaches? Schedule a free test prep consultation with Jessica (Director of Tutoring) or one of our founders to see what would be the best fit for your family.

It’s always best to start early and not wait until the last minute to write your college essays! Remember that essays can be used to earn scholarships as well as college admission, so a few months of writing now can pay off with up to $300,000 in tuition saved later. 

We work with students at all stages of the writing process, from I-have-no-idea-what-to-write to final edits. To start working with an Ivy-League writing coach today, set up a quick free consultation with our team.

Schedule a free college essay consultation

Ivy League schools

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hiring someone to write college essay

Emily graduated  summa cum laude  from Princeton University and holds an MA from the University of Notre Dame. She was a National Merit Scholar and has won numerous academic prizes and fellowships. A veteran of the publishing industry, she has helped professors at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton revise their books and articles. Over the last decade, Emily has successfully mentored hundreds of students in all aspects of the college admissions process, including the SAT, ACT, and college application essay. 


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Is your college essay service safe, do you offer any discounts, are your writers professional, can you assist with proofreading as well, what is the procedure for requesting your service, i need a college essay writing. should i pay upfront, is it risky to order college essay writing.

We totally get the concerns about online safety. Navigating the digital age is like walking a tightrope sometimes. But when it comes to us, you've got solid ground beneath your feet. We’ve fortified our systems like a fortress, keeping your details locked away from prying eyes.

First off, we've dialed up our defenses to ensure your personal data remains just that - personal. None of that information ends up with third-party advertisers or, heaven forbid, your college. Every request, every chat, every shared detail? Encrypted tighter than your most trusted diary.

We've designed a bulletproof payment gateway that keeps your funds untouched until you're all smiles with the finished essay. Release it only when you're 100% satisfied.

In short, seeking our help isn't just about easing your academic strain; it’s about doing so safely and confidently. Dive in, and let us work some essay magic without any hitches.

Our college essay writers consistently deliver excellent work for over 10 years

The digital maze is brimming with dubious sites and half-hearted promises. As a student, you're often stuck thinking, "Where I can find an experienced college essay writer without letting me down?" Enter our decade-long legacy at EssayPro. We're not just another face in the crowd. We're the trustworthy friend you've been searching for online.

Every time you reach out to us, you're tapping into years of expertise and a commitment to excellence. Our pride lies in timeliness, originality, and true dedication to your academic success. With our college essay assistance, it's not just about helping with a paper; it's about crafting your story, your aspirations, and your goals. We’ve been handling these requests for over 10 years, so believe us when we say, we've got your back, every word of the way.

Why choose your reliable college essay service?

Let's be real: college essays are mixed bags. Between intense lectures, social escapades, and that sudden realization that adulting isn't as fun as it seemed, there's barely any time to breathe, let alone write an essay. We’ve all been there, wishing for an extra hour (or ten) in the day. But what if there's an alternative?

With our college essay writing service, you find that much-needed breather. Choose to pay someone to write your college essay and experience academic ease and success. We're not just any service; think of us as that genius friend in class who can eloquently express any idea. Handing over your essay to us isn’t giving up, it's teaming up. So, when the weight of assignments feels crushing, remember there's a reliable place where you can get full assistance with your essay, freeing you up to tackle everything else on your plate.

Do you provide any other services?

Of course, we do! Think of us less as a single-stop essay shop and more as your academic support crew. We've got a team of professional college essay writers, but hey, their talents don't stop at just essays. Got a corporate letter to draft for a business class, need graduate school essay writing services ? Or a looming dissertation that's been haunting your dreams? We're on it.

Remember those surprise assignments that professors love springing on you? We've been there, done that. We handle everything - from those bite-sized assignments that somehow eat up all your time, to beefy, intensive research projects that feel like they’ll never end.

Already penned down a paper but it's missing that spark? Our editing squad can step in, giving it the makeover it needs. The gist is simple: for all things written, big or small, from essays to theses, our skilled writers have got your back. Dive in, let us be your academic sidekick.

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Every college paper we produce stands out with originality. Our college essay writing services delve deep to craft content that resonates with your personal journey and goals. Before any essay reaches you, we rigorously screen it using multiple authenticity checkers, ensuring it's not just unique, but also error-free.

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hiring someone to write college essay

hiring someone to write college essay

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Conflicts between European Colonists and American Indians

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The History of Language: Lexical Meaning and Semantics

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Social media impact

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Writing school essays always takes a significant amount of time for all students. It requires studying a much of material and a general understanding of the essay topic. But what to do for those who need more time for such a task? PapersOwl offers college students help with their essays. Our team includes hundreds of professional writers ready to help you write your essay. In addition, we guarantee complete text uniqueness, confidentiality, and 24/7 online support. Prices for the services of our professionals start at $13.5 per writing. If you want to know a specific price for your project - write us your topic, a desired number of pages, and personal requirements for the essay. Thus, we will be able to calculate the cost of your work accurately.

Can I Pay Someone to Write My College Essay?

Wondering how to order college essays? It is simple to do! Now that you have decided to trust our writing company, you only need to place your order. The process of placing an order is straightforward - if students need any writing assistance, they can use the live chat option and contact our expert writing staff asking them to help with college essays.

We are here to help you write a college paper! You can relax and be sure we provide qualified help!

  • Visit our website.
  • Press the "place your order now" button that you will see on the interface.
  • Fill out the information regarding your college essay.
  • Converse with our expert customer representatives and get a qualified writer assigned to you.
  • Set the deadline and relax!

Once you have the college paper, you can ask the writer for revisions if needed. We have professionals who can write an essay for you and even make edits wherever required. After you are 100% satisfied with the success of the writing essays you receive, you can make the payment!


Just fill out the form, press the button, and have no worries!

hiring someone to write college essay

Paper Editing Services

Maximize your paper’s potential with clear and effective writing.

Expert paper editors polish your writing to reflect the work you put into it. Professional paper editing will:

  • Ensure your arguments are judged on merit
  • Lift the quality of your paper as a whole
  • Make you stand out from your peers

paper editor

Proofreading & Editing

Personalized editing with human expertise, revisions within 12 hours, 100% happiness or a refund or re-edit.

Paper editing example with comment

Get your paper back, free of language errors and inconsistencies

Standard paper Proofreading & Editing is perfect if you’re confident about your writing but need a second pair of eyes to catch:

  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Inconsistencies in dialect
  • Overuse of passive voice
  • Subjective or inflated language

For a more comprehensive edit, you can add one or multiple add-on editing services that fit your needs.

Add-on services

Customize your editing package to get the help you need, structure check, clarity check, paper formatting, citation editing.

Ensures sections and chapters are structured and focused and your writing is free of redundancies.

  • Through in-text feedback, your editor will help:
  • Organize and focus individual chapters and sections
  • Eliminate repetitive and redundant information
  • Perfect transitions between sentences and paragraphs
  • Align titles and headings with the section’s content

You’ll also receive a personalized Structure Check Report meant to help you identify missing elements in each chapter or section and prioritize improvements.

hiring someone to write college essay

Ensures ideas are presented clearly, your arguments are consistent, and your audience can follow along.

Through in-text comments and checklists, your editor will:

  • Make sure your text tells a clear and logical story
  • Check that you’ve clearly presented concepts, ideas, and key terms
  • Make sure your key takeaways and conclusions are front and center
  • Highlight contradictions within the text
  • Ensure you’re keeping your audience’s needs in mind

hiring someone to write college essay

Ensures a professional look and feel of your document that meets your formatting requirements.

Your formatting expert will apply the 7th edition APA Style guidelines to all elements in your paper, including:

  • Margins, spacing, and indentation
  • Body text and headings
  • Page numbers
  • Abstract and keywords
  • Explanatory footnotes

hiring someone to write college essay

Ensures your citations and references are consistent and meet your style guide’s requirements.

Your citation expert will:

  • Format your reference page (margins, indents, spacing)
  • Edit citations and references to your style guide’s requirements
  • Provide feedback on incomplete citations and references
  • Cross-check citations with references for inconsistencies

We’re familiar with all common citation styles, including APA, MLA, Harvard, Vancouver, and Chicago.

hiring someone to write college essay

Get matched to the perfect editor - or editing team

At Scribbr, you can rest assured that only the best editors will work on your paper.

All our 800+ editors have passed the challenging Scribbr Academy, which has a passing rate of only 2%.

We handpick your editor on several criteria, including field of study and document type. And we’ll even expand your team with citation and formatting experts if needed.

editor richa profile picture

I have a doctorate in biology and studied a range of life science subjects. I specialize in editing academic texts.

editor samantha profile picture

I researched at Harvard, taught English with a Fulbright in Peru, and earned a master's from Johns Hopkins.

I have a PhD in German studies, an MS in library science, and extensive experience teaching undergraduate students.

editor emily profile picture

I have a bachelor's in electrical engineering and a master's in psychology and am pursuing a PhD in neuroscience.

editor callum profile picture

I am an ESL teacher and academic editor with a research background in the humanities, arts, and culture.

editor Ayo profile picture

I am an academic editor and book reviewer. I am familiar with many style guides and have edited over 6 million words.

Maximize your paper's potential with expert editing

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“Hoped for the best and got it!”

“I needed to have a paper proofread that was going to be published. Because English is not my native language, I was unsure about the text’s linguistic quality. I’m all the more grateful that B. & K. from Scribbr took care of my request very professionally, thoughtfully, and above all, quickly. It couldn’t have gone better!”

How it works

Stay in control throughout the paper editing process, upload any time.

Upload your document and easily select the pages that need editing. Next, choose your turnaround time and services and explain your situation and needs to the editor.

Stay in the loop

After placing your order you can keep track of our progress. From finding your perfect editor to potential hand-overs to formatting or citation experts.

Revise and submit

You’ll receive back your document with tracked changes and feedback as well as a personal letter from your editor. The last step is submitting your work with confidence!

Scribbr & academic integrity

Scribbr is committed to protecting academic integrity. Our proofreading service, our AI writing tools ( plagiarism checker , paraphrasing tool , grammar checker , summarizer,  Citation Generator ) as well as our free Knowledge Base content are designed to help students produce quality academic papers.

We make every effort to prevent our software from being used for fraudulent or manipulative purposes.

Your questions, answered.

At Scribbr, we promise to make every customer 100% happy with the service we offer. Our philosophy: Your complaint is always justified – no denial, no doubts.

Our customer support team is here to find the solution that helps you the most, whether that’s a free new edit or a refund for the service.

The fastest turnaround time is 12 hours.

You can upload your document at any time and choose between three deadlines:

Yes, in the order process you can indicate your preference for American, British, or Australian English .

If you don’t choose one, your editor will follow the style of English you currently use. If your editor has any questions about this, we will contact you.

Yes, regardless of the deadline you choose, our editors can proofread your document during weekends and holidays.

Example: If you select the 12-hour service on Saturday, you will receive your edited document back within 12 hours on Sunday.

Your editor is on stand-by and ready to start editing your paper.

Get in touch, with real people.

We answer your questions quickly and personally from 9:00 to 23:00 CET

Support team - Nina

Knowledge Base

Finishing your paper with scribbr’s top-rated guides.

Research paper

Writing a Research Paper Conclusion

How to write academic paragraphs.

Research process

Developing Strong Research Questions


How to Write a Literature Review

hiring someone to write college essay

  • The Magazine
  • Newsletters
  • Managing Yourself
  • Managing Teams
  • Work-life Balance
  • The Big Idea
  • Data & Visuals
  • Reading Lists
  • Case Selections
  • HBR Learning
  • Topic Feeds
  • Account Settings
  • Email Preferences

How to Write a Personal Essay for Your College Application

hiring someone to write college essay

What does it take to land in the “accept” (instead of “reject”) pile?

How can you write an essay that helps advance you in the eyes of the admissions officers and makes a real impression? Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Start early.  Do not leave it until the last minute. Give yourself time when you don’t have other homework or extracurriculars hanging over your head to work on the essay.
  • Keep the focus narrow.  Your essay does not have to cover a massive, earth-shattering event. Some people in their teens haven’t experienced a major life event. Some people have. Either way, it’s okay.
  • Be yourself.  Whether writing about a painful experience or a more simple experience, use the narrative to be vulnerable and honest about who you are. Use words you would normally use. Trust your voice and the fact that your story is interesting enough in that no one else has lived it.
  • Be creative.  “Show, don’t tell,” and that applies here — to an extent. The best essays typically do both. You can help your reader see and feel what you are describing by using some figurative language throughout your piece.
  • Make a point. As you finish your final body paragraphs ask yourself “So what?” This will help you hone in on how to end your essay in a way that elevates it into a story about an insight or discovery you made about yourself, rather than just being about an experience you had.

Ascend logo

Where your work meets your life. See more from Ascend here .

We’ve all heard about the dreaded “college essay,” the bane of every high school senior’s existence. This daunting element of the college application is something that can create angst for even the most accomplished students.

  • AA Amy Allen is a writer, educator, and lifelong learner. Her freelance writing business,  All of the Write Words , focuses on providing high school students with one-on-one feedback to guide them through the college application process and with crafting a thoughtful personal essay. A dedicated poet, Amy’s work has also been published in several journals including  Pine Row Press ,  Months to Years,  and  Atlanta Review .

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5 Best Websites Where I Can Pay Someone to Write My Essay

hiring someone to write college essay

Every day the number of requests from students on the Internet is growing.

The search words “pay someone to write my paper” help people find help with their assignments .

Where there is demand, there is always supply.

As students’ need for assistance with papers grows, more and more sites with authors began popping up in Google searches.

It has become increasingly harder to decide who can be trusted with an essay and whether their services are safe.

These are the top 5 sites where you can hire someone to write an essay:


Topping our list is one of the best writing services you can use to pay someone to write your essay.

Are you looking for a service that has been helping students complete their academic work for a long time? Want to get personalized help?

This website has it all.

We decided to put EssayShark at the top of the list because its reputation precedes it.

Over the years, this website has earned customers’ trust and boasts a well-known reputation for security.

We analyzed the site in detail and found that it, without question, fulfilled the requirements of the search query – “pay someone to write my essay.”

Each paragraph you “write” through this service reveals the company’s attention to detail.

Carefully study what we have written so that you can make a decision and entrust your task to professional authors.

On its website, the company details exactly how they hire writers. To hire someone to write an essay, you need to be confident in the person with whom you are entrusting your important assignments.

Before EssayShark writers collaborate with clients, the service tests their skills and education, making sure that their authors can cope with both simple essays and complex dissertations.

Ease of Collaboration

To pay for an essay on this site, you can visit any of their web pages, and on the right, you will see a form for registering an order.

Modern people value their time and aren’t interested in wasting it trying to figure out how to navigate a company’s website.

The site’s interface is straightforward and transparent, making it even more attractive for students.

Price Policy

Can I pay someone to write my essay cheaply? The cost of the assistance is essential. If the price is too low, it’s alarming, if too high, it repels customers.

On this site, the price is justified since the client chooses the author and the price they offer at the auction. The price for one page starts from $13.40 and depends on the terms and volume of work.

Before you pay someone to write your essay, it is essential to be sure that their payment system is safe.

EssayShark assures its users that it only uses well-known payment systems.

Also, the client can use the site’s free plagiarism checker and have their authors make revisions as their task is being completed.

If you choose this service, you will receive an original text with no worries about losing your anonymity.

The pay someone to do my essay desire is one that should be executed with care as your security and grades depend on it.


You might wonder why WriteMyEssayOnline made it onto our list of places to pay for paper writing.

First, the opinion of customers who visited and collaborated with different sites was essential to us.

Before writing this post, we naturally analyzed the reviews and found this company among them.

According to their clients’ opinions and observations, we highlighted several main points about the company.

Security and Anonymity

The pay-to-write essay plan is quite normal, especially if you have a lot of projects and assignments to turn in to a professor.

Anonymity for students is essential, and we understand why.

WriteMyEssayOnline, as we have seen, only requires clients to give their email when filling out their applications and asks for no personal information.

We concluded that the service does not collect data about its customers and respects their anonymity.

When you pay for essays online, it is essential to be mindful of your safety and pays only for services that guarantee it.

Essay Originality

When you pay someone to write an essay, there must be guarantees against plagiarism.

This company assures its customers that the authors of the service work exclusively with unique content for each student.

And clients can independently check their essays for uniqueness and pay no extra to check.

In our opinion and from feedback from clients, the authors of this site are producing original work, and this is certainly something to rejoice about.

Customer Support

Paying someone to write an essay means that you should be able to always count on help from the service when you need it.

While you are working with the site, you may have questions. A quality service should always support its students.

WriteMyEssayOnline claims to be available 24/7 to clients and ready to provide answers for students.

Write paper for me – these are the words that students say when they’ve decided to fully trust a service with writing their essays.

WriteMyEssayOnline is worthy of your attention and will allow you to select an author and collaborate with them on your project.

The price and number of free features will please you if you visit their site. Get someone to write your essay there if you are satisfied with the authors and their level of experience.


The pay someone to write essay option may be the best after you’ve weighed everything in your mind.

Most likely, after reaching the decision to entrust someone with your task, you saw a lot of advertising on the Internet about essay writing services, and, of course, it was difficult to figure out which service to use.

That is why we decided to help you make the choice.

PayforWriting made it onto our list of the best sites because it has a good reputation among customers.

We only considered the opinion of those who had decided to pay someone to write an essay for them, and many of those who used this site had positive reviews.

The best way a site can be characterized is by how well its team members adhere to the promises made to customers.

After analyzing the site pages where the company highlights its advantages, we managed to draw some basic conclusions and want to share them with you.

Before paying someone to do an essay, we are happy to invite you to consider these findings:

Free Features

Pay for an essay on this site, and you need not be worried about overpaying for the author’s work.

As we can see, PayforWriting offers its customers several free features that are guaranteed to be available to every customer.

Judging by the reviews, all of its clients receive free revisions, uniqueness checks, quoting, and formatting.

That way, they can get help when they pay someone to do an essay without hurting their wallets.

Money-Back Guarantee

By deciding to pay for an essay, you get the right to a refund if you are unsatisfied with the help you received from PayforWriting authors.

The site says that clients can ask for compensation if the order they received does not suit them.

To receive a refund, you contact the site’s support team, which is available around the clock.

Managers check the order for errors and compliance with the client’s instructions, and if there’s an issue, your money is returned.

Accurate Delivery

Clients of this service pay for essays, as they need to turn in their assignments on time.

One of the most popular reasons students turn to such services for help is the need for more free time.

Therefore, services such as this always highlight precisely how they help their customers to save time.

According to the company, their authors always deliver their orders on time.

We read the comments related to the delivery times and found that most often, their clients were satisfied with the timeliness of their deliveries after they made the decision to tell the authors of PayforWriting – “I’d like to pay to do my essay.”

Based on our research, we’ve concluded that you can safely and efficiently pay for a paper on the PayforWriting site.

Of course, it is up to you to decide what exactly you should pay attention to and how best to choose a site to pay to write an essay.


To pay for essay writing is much easier if you know all the best available options.

To save you time, we have created this list of the best sites specializing in essay writing. BuyEssay has earned our attention with positive reviews and an interesting approach to working with clients.

You can pay people to write essays here who have proven their competence and can give you the support you expect online.

Diverse Disciplines

The desire to pay for someone to write an essay implies that the student hopes to receive support no matter the subject they are having difficulty with.

BuyEssay, during the application registration, offers its clients more than 60 disciplines in which their authors can create papers.

Philosophy, Art, Economics, Business, and many other subjects are available upon registration of the order.

If you decide to pay for someone to write an essay on this site, you’re sure to find someone specializing in what you are looking for.

Urgent Help

BuyEssay clients who pay for someone to write essays for them are guaranteed help within 4 hours.

This kind of fast help is available if you have a one-page assignment. With that said, the company does advise you to consider delegating papers to its authors more in advance of the deadline.

With its service, you can choose the period you need on its calculator and simultaneously determine how much it will cost you to get assistance based on the deadline you set.

The cost of writing assistance is reduced when you give your author more time to finish your assignment.

Blog with Examples

If you choose, before you pay for an essay, you can view examples of your potential author’s work.

You will feel more confident with the final result because before placing an order, you can both calculate the cost of that order with their online calculator and you can evaluate the writing proficiency of the author by reading an example of one of their finished texts before you’ve selected them.

This is a great advantage BuyEssay has over other services you can find on Google when you pay for college essays with them.

When you say, “I want to pay to write my essay!” at that point, your wishes are their commands.

As it became clear to us in our research, you can get excellent customer support on this website.

Calculate the cost of your potential author’s work, evaluate samples, and only decide to pay for the essay with them if you are pleased with what you see.

BuyEssay is one of the best examples of quality student support, and we encourage you to take a closer look at its offerings.


“I dream of paying for my essay and not paying a lot of money!”

We perfectly understand your desire not to spend a lot of money on essay help.

WritingCheap, even in the name of their service, makes it clear that their services won’t make you pay much. Of course, we wanted to check this ourselves before adding the site to our list.

When looking to get an essay written, the first thing that students tend to pay attention to is the price per page and then to all the other factors.

Naturally, in these reviews, we, therefore, look for comments regarding pricing policy.

Go on to read our notes about this service to see if paying someone to write your paper on this website is worth it:

Affordable Price

To pay someone to do your essays is best at an affordable price when you don’t have a lot of expendable income.

In researching this site, we’ve seen that the service authors offer a minimum price for paper of $9 with a maximum deadline.

As part of the service, the authors include custom formatting, create a title page for you, and make corrections for free.

That is to say, you can make whatever revisions you need to in your order without paying extra to the author.

Also, customers choose their authors themselves and can review various bids from potential authors before selecting one to work on their essays.

Online Chat with the Author

Paying someone to write an essay is best when there is an opportunity to personally discuss with the author any questions that might arise while you’re working with them.

“Individual approach” is what the company calls its method of collaboration with clients who come to them for help.

Students who decide to pay for essays with this service can contact their authors in real time and receive the necessary answers.

This way, students can have corrections made and ask for help with their topic and anything related to the writing of the paper.

The online chat feature is free, as are the other features we described.

Safety and Quality

It doesn’t matter what the quality of the writing help is if the writing service lacks a safe approach for students who decide to pay people to write an essay for them.

According to WritingCheap, their services are free and anonymous to every student who registers an order with them.

They guarantee security by closely monitoring the data and payment systems that their site uses. They also do not ask for unrelated personal information.

Their service also provides students with a plagiarism checker, which is absolutely free, to ensure that students receive absolutely original work.

You might still be asking yourself, “Is it safe to pay someone to write my paper?” After analyzing this website, we’ve concluded that you can trust them.

WritingCheap deserves a place on our list, and the budget-minded student looking to pay for essays should consider them as an option.

We evaluated a number of important characteristics when researching WritingCheap and found that they have a lot to offer.

Want to get affordable help and a quality paper? You will be satisfied if you decide to register an order with this cheap assignment writing service.

The affordability of the price wins over customers from the first line.

FAQ About How to Pay Someone to Write My Essay

hiring someone to write college essay

How can I pay someone to do my essay and be safe?

Paying for essays online is safe and very easy. Want to order an essay online without stressing about safety?

Read their guarantees and their reviews.

The sites that made our list of the best are safe for students because they do not store your payment data and do not ask for your personal information.

When you decide to “pay someone to write my essay,” make sure you are not asked for information about your residence, your name, and so forth.

Can I pay to do my essay and be sure it’s original?

Originality is essential when you decide, “I want to pay someone to write my paper.”

Your identity is confidential for each of the 5 sites because the author’s custom-write original papers.

Before your professor grades you, they will check the text for originality.

Some of these sites will give you the opportunity to check the originality of the essay yourself, while the rest will provide you with a report that the author will send along with the order itself.

Is paying to write an essay costly?

Our list includes services that offer students affordable and reasonable prices.

We recommend researching how much your author’s help will cost you before going forward.

You’ll be able to evaluate prices via registration forms or via online calculators on the site pages. Ensure you understand your essay’s exact cost before getting an author to help you with it.

Which author will I get as an assistant for my essay?

Pay for essays only with authors that you feel confident in. According to the companies hosting these writers, they are professionals with appropriate levels of education.

By choosing a site with a bidding system, you will be able to select an author yourself and read their profile before entrusting them with your essay.

If you first pay for the order and then are given the author, you should read the information provided about their hiring practices—the sites we have chosen test the authors before starting to cooperate with them and guarantee you professionalism.

When I pay someone to write my paper, am I guaranteed to receive my order on time?

Beyond needing to hand in their papers on time, pricing is another reason why customers consider delivery times.

The writing services in this post have an excellent reputation and receive excellent reviews, in which customers thank them for timely deliveries.

If you decide to order an essay, you must clarify when and how you would like to receive your order.

In all cases, it’s best to give yourself more time for the essay to be completed to save yourself time and money.

Will I get a good grade if I pay someone to write an essay?

When you choose authors to help you, you get support from professionals who have already created many papers.

Among other things, your score will depend on your originality and adherence to all the writing and formatting rules.

Since the authors of the services we have chosen are professionals, you can count on good grades.

Get an A by telling the pros – “I want to pay someone to write my essay.”

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About the author.

hiring someone to write college essay

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Passionate members of the College Basics community that include students, essay writers, consultants and beyond. Please note, while community content has passed our editorial guidelines, we do not endorse any product or service contained in these articles which may also include links for which College Basics is compensated.

Can I hire someone to write my college essay?

Are you a current college student feeling overwhelmed by the ever-increasing workload? Are your deadlines quickly approaching but don’t have enough time to finish all your papers on time? Have you considered hiring someone to write your college essay for you? Are you still thinking about how to do my essay on time? It may sound like a risky choice, but in reality it could be the best decision you make. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it takes to find a good writer and answer many of the frequently asked questions around this topic. We’ll also look at some of the pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice about whether or not hiring someone is right for you. Read on if you want more information.

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hiring someone to write college essay

Table of Contents

 Increasing Difficulty in Academic Writing

Academic writing is an increasingly challenging task for students. With the rise of competition, universities are requiring deeper understanding and more sophisticated approaches to writing assignments. As a result, many students struggle to draft compelling essays and reports with clearly articulated arguments and evidence-based reasoning. The difficulty lies in the complexity of subject matter, how to do my essay , the need to apply higher-level thinking skills and the necessity to understand complex concepts in order to effectively communicate ideas. Additionally, academic writing typically requires critical analysis, rigorous research methods and other analytical skills which can be quite demanding for those without experience. The challenge is compounded by the fact that students are expected to demonstrate mastery of style conventions such as correct grammar and punctuation usage. To successfully complete academic assignments, students must not only possess strong content knowledge but also possess excellent communication skills which necessitate a thorough understanding of language conventions and effective communication techniques.

 Is Hiring Someone To Write Your College Essay A Viable Option?

Can I hire someone to do my essay ? Hiring someone to write your college essay is a viable option for students who need some extra help with their writing. Although it may be seen as a quick fix, it can actually provide invaluable guidance and support to give your essay the best chance of being accepted.

Having an experienced writer on hand allows you to benefit from feedback and advice that can be difficult to find elsewhere. By working with someone who understands academic writing, you can improve the structure of your essay, make sure it’s written clearly and concisely, and learn how to present your evidence in an effective way. This can be especially useful if English doesn’t come naturally to you or if this is the first time you are writing an essay in this style.

Another advantage of hiring someone to write your college essay is that they have access to resources such as research databases, which can make all the difference when it comes to finding relevant facts and reliable sources. They also know what type of material is likely to be accepted by schools and colleges, so they can ensure that your work meets all the necessary requirements.

Overall, hiring someone to write your college essay can bring great benefits if done properly. It’s important that you choose a qualified writer who has experience writing for higher education institutions, so that you get accurate advice on how best to express yourself in an academic setting.

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 Exploring the Possibility of Hiring a Professional for Assistance

Hiring someone to do my essay .Exploring the possibility of hiring a professional writer for assistance can be a great way to produce high-quality, error-free documents. Professional writers are highly trained in writing and editing techniques and provide the necessary skills to create well-crafted pieces. They have experience with the latest trends in writing styles, grammar, and usage as well as an understanding of audience expectations. Additionally, they can help ensure that your document is properly formatted and meets specific style guidelines. Furthermore, professional writers are adept at developing new ideas to enhance content and use language more effectively to create richer semantic meaning. With their help, you can confidently submit documents that meet the highest standards of quality. Additionally, professional writers have access to industry-specific resources and networks which may provide a significant advantage over other competitors. Furthermore, having access to a professional’s specialized skill set can reduce the risk of errors or oversights when completing complex tasks. In conclusion, it can be beneficial to consider hiring a professional for assistance in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy for your project.

hiring someone to write college essay

Choosing the Right Writer: Advice from Experts

How to choose the right writer to do my essay . Writing can be a daunting task. Fortunately, experts have provided some helpful advice to help you make the best decision.

When it comes to selecting the perfect writer for your academic project, you should always look for someone with an abundance of knowledge in the field you are researching. Do some research on the person’s qualifications and previous work to ensure they are a good match for your topic? You may even consider asking them questions about their experience in order to gain further insight into their expertise and ability to write high-quality content.

Additionally, it is important to select a writer who is well-versed in the type of writing you need done. Whether it be research papers, essays, or other forms of written material, make sure that the writer has experience writing in these areas and has produced high-quality work in similar contexts. This will ensure that they have an understanding of what kinds of details and facts are necessary to create an impactful piece of work.

Finally, when looking for a great academic writer, be sure to choose someone who demonstrates excellence in terms of semantic richness. This means they should possess strong comprehension skills and be able to effectively express their thoughts through words while also demonstrating creative flair by using unique ideas and metaphors throughout their writing. Highly experienced writers can also provide valuable feedback regarding structure and tone in order to produce a well-rounded piece that speaks directly to its intended audience.

Advantages of Outsourcing Essay Writing:

Outsourcing essay writing is a great way to save time, money and resources. By outsourcing the work to an experienced freelance writer, businesses can ensure the highest quality work in the quickest possible turnaround time. This allows for greater attention to be paid on other important aspects of running a business or completing a project.

One advantage to hiring someone to do my essay is writing is that it allows businesses to remain flexible and agile. When projects are large or complex, it can be difficult for one person to take them on without assistance from another party. Outsourcing provides businesses with access to experienced writers who can help them with their projects without having to commit additional resources themselves. This makes it easier for businesses to adjust their workloads as needed or complete tasks quickly if deadlines are tight or looming.

Outsourcing also benefits businesses financially as they no longer have to pay overhead costs associated with hiring additional staff members such as salaries and benefits. Additionally, outsourcing gives businesses access to high-quality talent at competitive rates, allowing them more freedom and flexibility when choosing which services they require while allowing them to remain within budget constraints.

Another benefit of outsourcing essay writing is that it allows companies’ access to writers with specialized experience in different fields and topics which may otherwise be difficult for them to find in-house staff members who possess this expertise. This can help businesses produce higher quality essays while saving both time and effort in researching complex topics and understanding different angles related to their project.

Finally, when businesses outsource essay writing services they gain access to highly skilled writers who understand the importance of deadlines and will strive towards completing the work ahead of schedule, ensuring that all projects are completed on time without any delays or complications further down the line due to missed milestones or deadlines being overshot by employees.

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 Investigating Alternatives to Outsourcing An Essay

One alternative to outsourcing an essay is to outsource the research process. This might involve contracting a professional researcher or search engine optimization (SEO) specialist who can help you find appropriate sources, while you focus on the writing. This way, you’ll have access to reliable information and facts that you can use in your paper. The downside to hiring someone to do my essay is that it might be more costly than completely outsourcing the entire essay, depending on how much research is required.

Another alternative to outsourcing an essay is to harness online tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor and ProWritingAid that can help refine your work by suggesting improvements on grammar, spelling and other writing aspects. Additionally, there are many online style guides available that provide guidance on specific formatting questions such as APA or MLA styles. Employing these tools also offers more control over the quality of work versus an outsourced project.

Finally, if you have the time and resources available, attending a writing course could be an option for getting help with your paper. This can offer structured lessons from experts on how to craft a persuasive argument as well as tips for proper grammar and syntax usage. Although this may require investing more time than hiring an outside source, it can give you greater control over the content of your essay and possibly improve your overall writing skills for future projects.

Tips for Crafting a Quality Essay on Your Own

When it comes to writing an essay, the quality of your work is everything. It’s important to follow guidelines and avoid common mistakes so your essay reads smoothly and sounds credible. Here are a few tips to help you craft a quality essay on your own:

  • Carefully Select Your Topic: It is important to select a topic that you are passionate about and knowledgeable in; this will make it easier for you to write an engaging essay. Do thorough research on the topic before selecting it, and keep your scope narrow so that you can focus on providing quality content.
  • Outline Your Essay : Constructing an outline is essential for organizing your thoughts and writing an effective essay. Make sure to include the main points, arguments and evidence that you plan to discuss throughout your paper, as well as its introduction and conclusion.
  • Incorporate Evidence & Examples: Support your arguments with facts and examples from reliable sources, such as academic journals or credible websites. It’s also important to cite any information used from these sources in order to avoid plagiarism.
  • Use Appropriate Vocabulary : While writing your essay, opt for words that are more precise and descriptive rather than generic terms; this will help you convey your message more effectively by creating higher semantic richness in your work.
  • Proofread & Edit: Before submitting your essay, it’s important to thoroughly proofread it and make edits where needed in order to ensure accuracy and quality of the work. Consider reading it aloud or having someone else read through it; they may be able to spot mistakes or suggest improvements that could enhance the overall quality of your paper.

Considerations When Choosing Between Writing Your Own Paper or Hiring Professional Help

When deciding whether to write a paper yourself or hire professional help, there are a few considerations to take into account. Writing your own paper takes time, effort and knowledge in the subject matter. For example, if you have limited experience writing academic papers or essays, it can be difficult to produce a high-quality product. Additionally, research may be necessary to ensure accuracy and validity of information included in the paper.

Hiring professional help may provide several advantages over writing the paper yourself. Professionals have specialized knowledge and expertise in the subject matter that could prove invaluable when crafting a well-written paper. Professional writers also often have access to exclusive resources that those without such expertise do not. Furthermore, hiring professional help can save significant amounts of time since the writer can complete the task faster than an inexperienced author could.

Ultimately, deciding between writing your own paper or hiring professional help is a personal decision that should depend on individual circumstances and needs. Regardless of which route is taken, it is important to ensure all sources used (including written materials) are reliable and accurate and that sufficient time is allotted for revision and proofreading for quality assurance purposes.

Weighing the Pros and Cons to Make an Informed Decision about College Essays

Many students are undecided about whether to pursue a college degree. One of the most important decisions a student can make is choosing the right type of degree. There are many factors to consider, including the pros and cons of each option. Here are some key points to keep in mind when weighing the pros and cons of different degrees:

  • A college degree is essential for many careers.
  • There are many different types of colleges, so it’s important to choose one that matches your interests and goals.
  • A college degree can be expensive, so it’s important to weigh the financial implications carefully.
  • A college degree can take years to complete, so it’s important to think about how long you want to devote to studying.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, the answer to ‘Can I hire someone to write my college essay’ depends a lot on your individual circumstances and resources. If you are able to write and submit an essay yourself, then there is no need for external help. However, if you find that you don’t have the time or ability to write a top quality essay within deadlines, it might be beneficial to seek out a reputable writing service like Edu Jungles to assist you with your needs. After all, taking advantage of courses and services available to you can help take the pressure off when it comes time to writing your college essay.

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Should I Hire Someone To Write My College Essay For Me?

635 Views September 4, 2022 Be first to comment

Should I Hire Someone To Write My College Essay For Me?

Before placing an order with any writing service , ask for sample papers. These samples will allow you to check the quality of their work. You can also read customer reviews from reputable websites. It is important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable writing service because many fake services operate online.

When selecting a writing service, students should be wary of its cost. It may seem tempting to save money on a writing service by using their loyalty program or availing discounts. But they should be wary of scams and bogus companies. These scams are bad and can lead to a student losing their grades and possibly getting kicked out of school.

To choose a reliable company, look for reviews. The reviews should be relevant to the type of paper you require. You should also pay attention to the writers’ performances. Alternatively, you can check out blogs and online forums for more comprehensive reviews. Finally, a reliable writing service should have 24/7 customer service.


If you have decided to hire a professional writer to write your college essay , you should carefully choose a writer or writing company. You want to choose a company that provides high-quality services and a good reputation. Look for a BBB rating and recommendations from people you know. You can also look for reputable reviews on college review sites.

Most colleges require students to write a general essay to apply to their school. However, some also require a school-specific essay. This is referred to as a supplement and helps the school determine if you’ll be a good fit.

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional writing service to complete your college essay. Aside from helping you get the grades you need, this service offers several additional benefits. For example, they are available around the clock. In addition, the price for their services is lower than what you would pay for yourself, which is a huge advantage.

Pricing for college essay services differs according to the type of essay you need. While many essays are relatively simple, others require extensive research and a detailed conclusion. Undergraduate-level essays are much easier to complete, and the price is lower than those for graduate-level essays.

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Paying others to write college essays involves more cheating than meets the eye.

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According to recent news stories, college students are increasingly hiring others to do their ... [+] writing assignments. That deprives them of a potentially valuable learning experience, and it may reflect the failure of our K-12 system to teach writing effectively.

An increasing number of American college students are cheating by paying others to write essays for them. They’re also cheating themselves out of a vital part of their education—and they may have been cheated by a system that has failed to teach them to write.

Recent stories in the New York Times and the Daily Mail paint a disturbing picture of a global system that has affluent students in the U.S., the U.K., and other English-speaking countries contracting out their writing assignments to people in developing countries like Kenya who need the money. Cheating is nothing new, but the internet has made the practice easier and more widespread. While it’s hard to come by exact numbers, the Times reports that “millions of essays” are ordered through websites annually, with 7% of North American students admitting to turning in papers written by others.

The focus in these stories is on how college students are cheating—and how the paid essay writers are complicit, whether they see it that way or not. That’s true, but there are other kinds of cheating going on as well. For one thing, the students contracting out their writing assignments are cheating themselves of what could be a powerful learning experience.

Writing assignments, if they’re well designed, aren’t just a way of assessing what students have learned or how well they can write. They’re also a way of building and deepening students’ knowledge and developing their analytical abilities.

When you try to write about a topic, you may realize you don’t understand it as well as you thought—a realization that should, ideally, push you to undertake further research and analysis. As you write, if you’re doing it well, you’re also necessarily making connections between different bits of information, determining which are more important, and deciding what order to present them in. In order to write clearly and logically, you’re forced to practice thinking clearly and logically—a valuable habit that can stand you in good stead in years to come.

NASA Urges U.S. Public To See April 8’s Total Solar Eclipse—And Drops A Home Truth

Meet the billionaires buying up hawaii, after two years of war, ukraine still has a thousand tanks.

The process of writing can also boost understanding and retention of information. When you try to recall information you’ve partially forgotten, you’re far more likely to absorb and retain it—a phenomenon cognitive scientists call retrieval practice . There’s also evidence for something called the protégé effect , the boost to learning and retention that you get from explaining a concept to others in your own words. Scientists have documented the benefits of retrieval practice in the context of quizzing or testing (in fact, it’s sometimes called the testing effect), and the protégé effect has generally been framed in terms of students’ oral interactions. But both apply in spades to what can happen when you write.

A Kenyan essayist-for-hire profiled in the Times piece, Mary Mbugua, has written on topics ranging from whether humans should colonize space to how the Great Depression ended. Presumably she, rather than the students who got credit for the papers, actually learned something from the experience (although the latter topic proved so difficult for her to address that she ended up rejecting the job). Mbugua has ethical qualms about the work, but said she “loved learning, and sometimes wished that she were the one enrolled in the American universities she was writing papers for.” By this time, she might well qualify for several degrees—if they were awarded on the basis of who was actually acquiring the knowledge and skills universities are supposedly in business to impart.

In addition to students cheating themselves—as well as their professors and universities—there’s also the cheating done to many of them by the failure of our K-12 education system to teach writing effectively. It’s hard to know why individuals are paying others to do their writing assignments. They may be good writers who are lazy—or bad writers who for some reason failed to take advantage of good writing instruction. But given the generally dismal state of American students’ writing—and the serious deficiencies in the way American schools approach writing instruction—I suspect that many have simply never been taught how to produce an effective essay.

Traditional writing instruction has focused on having students learn rules of grammar. But studies have consistently found that approach has no impact on students’ writing. In the last several decades, schools have moved away from teaching grammar at all—especially in elementary school—trusting that if students just read and write enough, they’ll pick up the conventions of written language. Given that only 27% of students score proficient or above on national writing tests , it’s clear that for many, that doesn’t happen. And teachers rarely learn anything about how to teach writing during their training.

In elementary school, where writing instruction should ideally begin, students are often encouraged to write about their own experiences or opinions rather than about what they’re learning. They might gain the ability to write a decent personal essay, but many reach high school and college ill-equipped to produce the kind of expository and analytical writing expected there.

Students are also encouraged to write at length , beginning in the early grade levels, and to simply pour out their thoughts without much advance planning. That approach drastically underestimates how difficult writing can be for those who are inexperienced at it. If students are still grappling with spelling and word choice, writing an essay is likely to be so overwhelming that they will neither learn to write well nor derive the knowledge-boosting benefits writing can confer. Some will reach high school without ever having learned to construct a good sentence—making it unlikely they’ll ever construct good paragraphs or essays. Often students aren’t taught how to create clear linear outlines before they write, making it hard for them to stay on track or avoid repeating themselves.

When students arrive in college without having learned to write well, it may be too late to do much for them. Ideally, writing instruction involves maintaining a consistent approach across the curriculum, with as many teachers as possible using a common vocabulary and common activities. College professors, a notoriously autonomous bunch, are unlikely to embrace that kind of consistency—and, understandably, they don’t see teaching basic writing skills as part of their job. At best, college students get a one-semester or one-year expository writing class, which is unlikely to be enough for many.

If college students and graduates in Kenya and other places can turn out essays that get high grades from American professors, perhaps educators and policymakers in this country should take a look at how those countries teach their students to write. That might help cut down on the cheating—and produce American college graduates who have better writing skills, deeper knowledge, and a greater capacity to engage in analytical thinking.

Natalie Wexler

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The Loss of Things I Took for Granted

Ten years into my college teaching career, students stopped being able to read effectively..

Recent years have seen successive waves of book bans in Republican-controlled states, aimed at pulling any text with “woke” themes from classrooms and library shelves. Though the results sometimes seem farcical, as with the banning of Art Spiegelman’s Maus due to its inclusion of “cuss words” and explicit rodent nudity, the book-banning agenda is no laughing matter. Motivated by bigotry, it has already done demonstrable harm and promises to do more. But at the same time, the appropriate response is, in principle, simple. Named individuals have advanced explicit policies with clear goals and outcomes, and we can replace those individuals with people who want to reverse those policies. That is already beginning to happen in many places, and I hope those successes will continue until every banned book is restored.

If and when that happens, however, we will not be able to declare victory quite yet. Defeating the open conspiracy to deprive students of physical access to books will do little to counteract the more diffuse confluence of forces that are depriving students of the skills needed to meaningfully engage with those books in the first place. As a college educator, I am confronted daily with the results of that conspiracy-without-conspirators. I have been teaching in small liberal arts colleges for over 15 years now, and in the past five years, it’s as though someone flipped a switch. For most of my career, I assigned around 30 pages of reading per class meeting as a baseline expectation—sometimes scaling up for purely expository readings or pulling back for more difficult texts. (No human being can read 30 pages of Hegel in one sitting, for example.) Now students are intimidated by anything over 10 pages and seem to walk away from readings of as little as 20 pages with no real understanding. Even smart and motivated students struggle to do more with written texts than extract decontextualized take-aways. Considerable class time is taken up simply establishing what happened in a story or the basic steps of an argument—skills I used to be able to take for granted.

Since this development very directly affects my ability to do my job as I understand it, I talk about it a lot. And when I talk about it with nonacademics, certain predictable responses inevitably arise, all questioning the reality of the trend I describe. Hasn’t every generation felt that the younger cohort is going to hell in a handbasket? Haven’t professors always complained that educators at earlier levels are not adequately equipping their students? And haven’t students from time immemorial skipped the readings?

The response of my fellow academics, however, reassures me that I’m not simply indulging in intergenerational grousing. Anecdotally, I have literally never met a professor who did not share my experience. Professors are also discussing the issue in academic trade publications , from a variety of perspectives. What we almost all seem to agree on is that we are facing new obstacles in structuring and delivering our courses, requiring us to ratchet down expectations in the face of a ratcheting down of preparation. Yes, there were always students who skipped the readings, but we are in new territory when even highly motivated honors students struggle to grasp the basic argument of a 20-page article. Yes, professors never feel satisfied that high school teachers have done enough, but not every generation of professors has had to deal with the fallout of No Child Left Behind and Common Core. Finally, yes, every generation thinks the younger generation is failing to make the grade— except for the current cohort of professors, who are by and large more invested in their students’ success and mental health and more responsive to student needs than any group of educators in human history. We are not complaining about our students. We are complaining about what has been taken from them.

If we ask what has caused this change, there are some obvious culprits. The first is the same thing that has taken away almost everyone’s ability to focus—the ubiquitous smartphone. Even as a career academic who studies the Quran in Arabic for fun, I have noticed my reading endurance flagging. I once found myself boasting at a faculty meeting that I had read through my entire hourlong train ride without looking at my phone. My colleagues agreed this was a major feat, one they had not achieved recently. Even if I rarely attain that high level of focus, though, I am able to “turn it on” when demanded, for instance to plow through a big novel during a holiday break. That’s because I was able to develop and practice those skills of extended concentration and attentive reading before the intervention of the smartphone. For children who were raised with smartphones, by contrast, that foundation is missing. It is probably no coincidence that the iPhone itself, originally released in 2007, is approaching college age, meaning that professors are increasingly dealing with students who would have become addicted to the dopamine hit of the omnipresent screen long before they were introduced to the more subtle pleasures of the page.

The second go-to explanation is the massive disruption of school closures during COVID-19. There is still some debate about the necessity of those measures, but what is not up for debate any longer is the very real learning loss that students suffered at every level. The impact will inevitably continue to be felt for the next decade or more, until the last cohort affected by the mass “pivot to online” finally graduates. I doubt that the pandemic closures were the decisive factor in themselves, however. Not only did the marked decline in reading resilience start before the pandemic, but the students I am seeing would have already been in high school during the school closures. Hence they would be better equipped to get something out of the online format and, more importantly, their basic reading competence would have already been established.

Less discussed than these broader cultural trends over which educators have little control are the major changes in reading pedagogy that have occurred in recent decades—some motivated by the ever-increasing demand to “teach to the test” and some by fads coming out of schools of education. In the latter category is the widely discussed decline in phonics education in favor of the “balanced literacy” approach advocated by education expert Lucy Calkins (who has more recently come to accept the need for more phonics instruction). I started to see the results of this ill-advised change several years ago, when students abruptly stopped attempting to sound out unfamiliar words and instead paused until they recognized the whole word as a unit. (In a recent class session, a smart, capable student was caught short by the word circumstances when reading a text out loud.) The result of this vibes-based literacy is that students never attain genuine fluency in reading. Even aside from the impact of smartphones, their experience of reading is constantly interrupted by their intentionally cultivated inability to process unfamiliar words.

For all the flaws of the balanced literacy method, it was presumably implemented by people who thought it would help. It is hard to see a similar motivation in the growing trend toward assigning students only the kind of short passages that can be included in a standardized test. Due in part to changes driven by the infamous Common Core standards , teachers now have to fight to assign their students longer readings, much less entire books, because those activities won’t feed directly into students getting higher test scores, which leads to schools getting more funding. The emphasis on standardized tests was always a distraction at best, but we have reached the point where it is actively cannibalizing students’ educational experience—an outcome no one intended or planned, and for which there is no possible justification.

We can’t go back in time and do the pandemic differently at this point, nor is there any realistic path to putting the smartphone genie back in the bottle. (Though I will note that we as a society do at least attempt to keep other addictive products out of the hands of children.) But I have to think that we can, at the very least, stop actively preventing young people from developing the ability to follow extended narratives and arguments in the classroom. Regardless of their profession or ultimate educational level, they will need those skills. The world is a complicated place. People—their histories and identities, their institutions and work processes, their fears and desires—are simply too complex to be captured in a worksheet with a paragraph and some reading comprehension questions. Large-scale prose writing is the best medium we have for capturing that complexity, and the education system should not be in the business of keeping students from learning how to engage effectively with it.

This is a matter not of snobbery, but of basic justice. I recognize that not everyone centers their lives on books as much as a humanities professor does. I think they’re missing out, but they’re adults and they can choose how to spend their time. What’s happening with the current generation is not that they are simply choosing TikTok over Jane Austen. They are being deprived of the ability to choose—for no real reason or benefit. We can and must stop perpetrating this crime on our young people.

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Why the Case Against Fani Willis Feels Familiar to Black Women

In interviews, professional women were dismayed by the personal attacks on the Georgia prosecutor, but not surprised.

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A portrait of Fani Willis, the district attorney of Futon County, Ga.

By Clyde McGrady and Katie Glueck

Tangala L. Hollis-Palmer felt a sense of pride when she learned that Fani T. Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County, Ga., and one of the nation’s few elected Black female prosecutors, would lead the election interference case against former President Donald J. Trump.

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But that pride would be tempered by dismay as news emerged of Ms. Willis’s personal relationship with a fellow prosecutor, Nathan J. Wade , an outside lawyer she hired to help run the case. Ms. Hollis-Palmer, a Black, 40-year-old attorney from Mississippi, is mostly upset at critics trying, she said, to discredit Ms. Willis. At first, she was skeptical of the allegations. But when Ms. Willis herself conceded the relationship, Ms. Hollis reserved some disappointment for the prosecutor who should have used a “little more discretion and a little better judgment,” she said.

Mr. Trump and several co-defendants are calling Ms. Willis’s hiring of Mr. Wade a conflict of interest and want Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade disqualified, potentially upending a critical case against the former president and doing grievous damage to Ms. Willis’s reputation.

“We just have to be so careful when we are in these positions to not give people the ammunition to come after us,” Ms. Hollis-Palmer said.

On Thursday, a Georgia judge is scheduled to hear evidence on the relationship between the two prosecutors.

A defense lawyer for one of Mr. Trump’s co-defendants argues that Ms. Willis’s hiring of Mr. Wade is a “form of self-dealing” that provides Ms. Willis with incentive to keep the case going.

Mr. Wade has earned more than $650,000 since his hiring in 2021 while also spending money on joint vacations he has taken with Ms. Willis, issues that will be central to the hearing this week. Ms. Willis has said that the costs of joint personal travel have been “divided roughly evenly” between her and Mr. Wade.

Interviews with a dozen Black women at varying stages of their careers found them to be painfully conflicted about Ms. Willis’s situation and her treatment in the public eye.

To many, there is something galling about watching Mr. Trump and his allies attack Ms. Willis over a consensual romantic relationship when he has faced accusations of sexual misconduct and assault. Mr. Trump was recently ordered by a Manhattan jury to pay $83.3 million to the writer E. Jean Carroll for defaming her after she accused him of a decades-old rape. A civil jury also found Mr. Trump liable for sexually abusing Ms. Carroll.

Some lamented Ms. Willis’s conduct as a mistake, but not one that should remove her from the case against Mr. Trump. Others, thinking about their own experiences in the workplace, suggested another concern: They feel that Black women are held to a different standard and that Ms. Willis should have known that her identity, along with the enormous political stakes of the case, would create a white-hot spotlight on her personal conduct.

“I can’t sit in judgment of her as a human being, but I can say, in terms of her role as a public prosecutor, yeah, she showed bad judgment,” said Donna Brazile, a former chair of the Democratic National Committee, adding that she had always kept a clear separation between her own personal and professional life with “a bright red line.”

She said Ms. Willis faced “vitriol” and “racial animus” as a woman of color in a position of power.

But, Ms. Brazile said, some of the attention is to be expected for a high-profile person involved in a high-profile case, especially one that concerns a former president of the United States.

“She is undergoing public scrutiny — she’s a public official,” Ms. Brazile said. “Comes with the territory.”

Jeff DiSantis, a spokesman for Ms. Willis’s office, declined to comment.

The discussions about race, gender and Ms. Willis’s dilemma have played out in group chats with text messages flying back and forth, in kitchen table discussions between couples and at student hangouts.

“We deal with the sexism as well as the racism,” Ms. Hollis-Palmer said. “But sometimes the sexism is a little worse.” She practices law with her husband and said that when they walk into a courtroom, people automatically assume that he’s the lead counsel. “A lot of times people have thought that I was his assistant,” she added.

When publicly discussing Ms. Willis’s predicament, some women of color have tried to walk a tightrope of empathy and anger.

Those conflicting feelings played out during a recent discussion on the daytime talk show “The View.”

“I’m very pissed off, too,” said the co-host Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, who is a Nicaraguan American. “Because when you are a woman of color in such a high-profile position, you know that the scrutiny that’s going to befall you is greater than on anybody else, and she needed to have kept her house clean.”

The co-host Sunny Hostin, who is Black and Latina, chimed in, “Your stuff cannot stink,” before adding that she agreed with Ms. Navarro-Cárdenas.

In some cases, the concerns about Ms. Willis’s treatment are balanced with uneasiness over how her behavior could jeopardize a potential Trump conviction.

“My initial reaction was that it seemed to be kind of a halfhearted attempt to get the entire case thrown out, which I thought was just an incredible stretch,” said Faith Udobang, 25, president of the University of Chicago Black Law Student Association.

But now she is worried that the misconduct accusations against Ms. Willis could delay the outcome until after the election.

“I believe the American people deserve to have adequate information once they go to the polls,” she said.

Some legal observers have said the attempts to disqualify Ms. Willis rest on shaky legal ground. They say the allegations against Ms. Willis have nothing to do with whether or not Mr. Trump interfered with the state’s election in 2020, and conspired to subvert the will of Georgia voters. But lawyers for defendants could use the misconduct allegations to undermine perceptions about the fairness of the prosecution by calling into question Ms. Willis’s judgment.

In a January address at one of Atlanta’s oldest Black churches, Ms. Willis suggested that her critics are playing the “race card.” She defended her hiring of Mr. Wade and said that his “impeccable credentials” were only being questioned because they are both Black.

“Obviously, it was in somebody’s interest to bring her down,” said the former Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Democrat of Illinois and the first Black woman to serve in the Senate. “The fact that she’s a high-profile Black woman just means that she’s a bigger target.”

Others are less sure that race or gender are central to fueling the accusations, but instead argue that anyone in Ms. Willis’s position would be the target of personal attacks from Mr. Trump.

Luci Walker, a 54-year-old data analyst from Decatur, Ga., said she doesn’t believe Ms. Willis’s race or gender had played a role in the scrutiny.

“It would be some reason or another, but I think they might just be looking for excuses to get out of it, or to get her off the case,” Ms. Walker said.

Leah D. Daughtry, a veteran Democratic strategist, said that the focus on Ms. Willis’s personal life was, in some ways, in keeping with the kind of attention that follows many in public life. But there is an added complication for Black women, she said.

“There are people who will be emboldened and invigorated by the fact that she’s a Black woman and make it, then, their business to go further and farther than they may have gone,” she said. It is “easy to argue that white men are not often held to the same scrutiny.”

She pointed to the many accusations of misconduct Mr. Trump has faced, including from Ms. Carroll.

“No one made that a disqualifier,” she said of the current Republican presidential front-runner. “But for Fani Willis, the fact that she’s in a consensual relationship with another adult person somehow makes her disqualified, or unqualified, to continue the work that she’s been doing. In that sense there’s a double standard, absolutely.”

Glynda C. Carr, the leader of Higher Heights for America, an organization focused on engaging Black women in politics, said she had been raised with the idea that Black women must be “twice” as good to navigate challenging dynamics in the workplace.

“Yes, we have a playbook about how we have to be twice as better, that we have to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s,” she said. When the public thinks Black women have made a mistake, she added, they “fall harder on the sword.”

Audio produced by Patricia Sulbarán .

Clyde McGrady reports on how race and identity is shaping American culture. He is based in Washington. More about Clyde McGrady

Katie Glueck is a national political reporter. Previously, she was chief Metro political correspondent, and a lead reporter for The Times covering the Biden campaign. She also covered politics for McClatchy’s Washington bureau and for Politico. More about Katie Glueck

Our Coverage of the Trump Case in Georgia

Former president donald trump and 18 others face a sprawling series of charges for their roles in attempting to interfere in the state’s 2020 presidential election..

RICO Charges:  At the heart of the indictment in Georgia  are racketeering charges under the state Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act . Here’s why such charges  could prove to be a powerful tool for the prosecution .

Who Else Was Indicted?:   Rudy   Giuliani , who led legal efforts in several states to keep the former president in power, and Mark Meadows , the former White House chief of staff, were among the 18 Trump allies  charged in the case.

Plea Deals: Sidney K. Powell , Kenneth Chesebro  and Jenna Ellis  — three lawyers indicted with Trump in the case — pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors   against the former president.

Lt. Gov. Burt Jones: Since the indictment of Trump and his allies, a question has gone unanswered: Would charges also be filed against the longtime Trump supporter? It is now up to a state agency to find a special prosecutor to investigate him .


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    hiring someone to write college essay


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  3. Getting College Essay Help: Important Do's and Don'ts

    Posted by Dr. Anna Wulick College Essays If you grow up to be a professional writer, everything you write will first go through an editor before being published. This is because the process of writing is really a process of re-writing —of rethinking and reexamining your work, usually with the help of someone else.

  4. 14 Best College Essay Services for 2024 (40 Services Reviewed)

    #3 - The College Essay Guy. Our Verdict — Best for Unlimited Essay Assistance Price: $7400 for application for 10 schools We're fans of Ethan Sawyer, the original "college essay guy"— his book, College Essay Essentials, is a great guide to the essay-writing process.Ethan doesn't work directly with many students these days, but he now has a team of consultants who help students ...

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  8. Should You Hire a College Essay Coach?

    The most important part of writing your college essay, however, is that it is your words, your thoughts and your voice-not someone else's. College admission officers are often very adept at spotting the work of a ringer. Only choose someone who will help you better articulate your own ideas and arguments. Someone who will NOT do it for you.

  9. Essay Writing Service. Skilled Academic Essay Writer Online

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  10. 7 Best College Essay Writing Services: Reviews & Rankings

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  11. How to Write a College Essay

    Making an all-state team → outstanding achievement. Making an all-state team → counting the cost of saying "no" to other interests. Making a friend out of an enemy → finding common ground, forgiveness. Making a friend out of an enemy → confront toxic thinking and behavior in yourself.

  12. Paper Editing & Proofreading Services

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  14. How to Write a Personal Essay for Your College Application

    Here are some tips to get you started. Start early. Do not leave it until the last minute. Give yourself time when you don't have other homework or extracurriculars hanging over your head to ...

  15. 5 Best Websites Where I Can Pay Someone to Write My Essay

    1. Topping our list is one of the best writing services you can use to pay someone to write your essay. Are you looking for a service that has been helping students complete their academic work for a long time? Want to get personalized help? This website has it all.

  16. Can I hire someone to write my college essay

    Hiring someone to write your college essay is a viable option for students who need some extra help with their writing. Although it may be seen as a quick fix, it can actually provide invaluable guidance and support to give your essay the best chance of being accepted.

  17. Should I Hire Someone To Write My College Essay For Me?

    1. Writing a college essay. 2. Finding a writing service 3. Choosing a service 4. Choosing a writer 5. Pricing Depending on the topic, college essays can be personal and professional. For instance, if you apply to medical school, you might want to write about a medical condition you've recently experienced.

  18. Paying Others To Write College Essays Involves More Cheating ...

    Recent stories in the New York Times and the Daily Mail paint a disturbing picture of a global system that has affluent students in the U.S., the U.K., and other English-speaking countries...

  19. Hiring Someone to Write My College Essay: Benefits and Risks to

    First of all, the selection process must be quite thorough and given sufficient amounts of time. One should choose only those essay writing companies that can back up their claim for high quality services. It would be good to see a BBB rating. However, word of mouth or a referral from someone close to the prospective client will suffice.

  20. College Essay Writing jobs

    138 College Essay Writing jobs available on Apply to Tutor, Lecturer, Coach and more! ... People also searched: college essay. college application essay. college application. ... Career Explorer - Salary Calculator; Employer Resources: How to Write a Job Description - How to Hire Employees; Hiring Lab; Career Advice; Browse Jobs ...

  21. Should I pay someone to help me write my college apps? (Rising ...

    Hiring a mentor to guide you through the college application process, remind you of the college application timeline, help you brainstorm essays, and point out red flags in your essays will help.

  22. Hiring people to write your college essays is straight up FRAUD

    College essays are a way for the colleges to see your determination and your skills, and I bet the 'college essay writers' know all the tricks in the book to get into a college. Imagine a less fortunate kid that has good grades, and he really badly wants to get into X University, but can't due to the slot being taken by a professional writer.

  23. would you hire someone to write your essays? : r/GetStudying

    20 Sort by: Add a Comment divinestudy • 1 yr. ago Never. You can face some serious consequences if caught. 7 Hanners87 • 1 yr. ago NO. As a teacher, DO NOT DO THIS. If you're in high school, you're getting an F and additional punishment for academic dishonestly. If they catch you in college, you are in MAJOR trouble. It is NOT worth the risk.

  24. Literacy crisis in college students: Essay from a professor on students

    School The Loss of Things I Took for Granted Ten years into my college teaching career, students stopped being able to read effectively.

  25. Why the Case Against Fani Willis Feels Familiar to Black Women

    But that pride would be tempered by dismay as news emerged of Ms. Willis's personal relationship with a fellow prosecutor, Nathan J. Wade, an outside lawyer she hired to help run the case. Ms ...