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  • How do you improve "research" for medical career path

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  • How to get outstanding Research metric in Medical career?

Author Topic: How to get outstanding Research metric in Medical career?  (Read 33133 times)

Metropolis man.

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how to do research sims 3 medical career

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Re: How to get outstanding Research metric in Medical career?

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how to do research sims 3 medical career

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$11,000 an hour, lol.
Quote from: oddball on April 19, 2010, 05:53:34 AM $11,000 an hour, lol.
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how to do research sims 3 medical career

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I have aging turned off. But I fired up the game and the stats says: Week 34, Day 2. And she makes $11,537/hour.
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I found a couple of journals on my medical sim's inventory. I had the sim read the journals and his research metric went up from a neutral face to a smiley face.

how to do research sims 3 medical career

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January 2018

The Sims Wiki

  • The Sims 2 (console)
  • The Sims 2: Pets (console)
  • Get to Work
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The Sims

The medicine career concerns the professional medical treatment of other Sims. It is a base game career track in The Sims , The Sims 2 , and The Sims 3 . It returns in The Sims 4: Get to Work (where it is renamed to "doctor") as an active career . In The Sims Medieval , Physicians are doctors of the medieval era.

  • 1.1 Chance cards
  • 2.1 Adult promotion levels
  • 2.2 Teen/elder promotion levels
  • 2.3 Adult chance cards
  • 3 The Sims 2 (console)
  • 4 The Sims 2: Pets (console)
  • 5.1 Promotion Levels
  • 5.2 Research
  • 5.4.1 Vaccination clinics
  • 5.4.2 Free clinics
  • 5.4.3 Medical outreach
  • 5.4.4 Local emergencies
  • 5.4.5 House calls
  • 5.4.6 Career rewards
  • 6.1 Career levels
  • 7 The Sims Medieval
  • 9 References

The Sims [ ]

Medicine has a somewhat shallow and almost perfectly straight pay curve. Of the ten career tracks in the base game, it had the fourth-highest pay at rank 1 but the fourth-lowest pay at rank 10, and was tied with Xtreme career for third-easiest to climb with 11 friends required to reach rank 10. Of the 20 career tracks in the base game, Livin' Large , and Unleashed , it still has the fourth-highest pay at rank 1 and has the sixth-lowest pay at rank 10.

A Chief of Hospital Staff will eventually change careers and become an Inventor in the Science career track.

Chance cards [ ]

The sims 2 [ ].

Medicine is one of the ten basic careers in The Sims 2 . Its career reward is TraumaTime "Incision Precision" Surgical Training Station , unlocked at level 4, which can be used to build Mechanical skill. If The Sims 2: Apartment Life is installed, Socialites are likely to be employed in this career. [ TS2:AL ] College majors associated with this career are Biology and Physics. [ TS2:U ]

Adult promotion levels [ ]

Teen/elder promotion levels [ ], adult chance cards [ ], the sims 2 (console) [ ].

Medicine is one of the careers available in The Sims 2 (console) .

The Sims 2: Pets (console) [ ]

Medicine is one of the career tracks available in The Sims 2: Pets (console) . [1]

The Sims 3 [ ]

Medical career icon

Medical is a career track in The Sims 3 .

How to apply: Directly at workplace, Newspaper, Computer, or Upload Resume. [ TS3:UL ]

Performance options: Business As Usual, Take It Easy, Work Hard, Watch TV in Ready Room, Meet Medical Personnel, Do Boss's Paperwork.

Depending on the game, Medical will be a profession-career, unless Ambitions isn't installed. Otherwise, Sims will only work in the rabbit hole .

Beginning at level four, the player receives a medical journal each night to read. Doing so increases the Sim's performance. Each one counts as a book read, though, so bookworms can get a massive number of books to read if they keep at the medical career.

"Random events" are very common in this career track. Sims will often meet new personnel, gain job performance, and increase relations with their boss randomly during operations, patient escapes, days with few patients, etc. These events are very useful for advancing.

Medical can call a Sim to work at anytime. Using the Take Unpaid Time Off [ TS3 ] feature will not prevent them from going to work if they are called but it will delay the day they go to work.

After reaching Level 10, Sims will have a Special Performance Option: Play Golf, that will fulfill the Fun need and increase relationship with coworkers.

After reaching Level 5, Sims will be able to determine the gender of pregnant Sims' babies. If the doctor chooses the option of "Determine Gender of Baby", then an alert will pop up, saying "____ is having a girl/boy!). If the pregnant Sim chooses the option "Ask Gender of Baby", then you'll have to hover over the doctor's head to see the thought bubble pop up, displaying the gender. Either a female or male sign will show up.

If the Sim is having twins, however, the doctor will only be able to determine the gender of one of the twins or triplets. And, if the Sim eats watermelons or apples after the gender is determined, the chances of the watermelons and apples working are significantly lowered.

Promotion Levels [ ]

Research [ ].

Research can be performed by reading Medical Journals to increase job performance. A Sim brings Medical Journals home from work starting from the 4th Medical career level, Intern. Each journal appears in the Sim's inventory and has a "read" option. It is read like a regular book. Once completed, the next time the Sim goes to work, he/she will gain a performance boost.

  • When giving Free Vaccination Clinic at Graveyard, player may also be required to vaccinate ghosts too.
  • Occult NPCs such as SimBot , Genie and Ghost will need to be vaccinated too even though these lifestates are not biological and are not supposed to be sick.

Ambitions career expansion [ ]

Medical top

Celebration for medical neighborhood hero.

Doctor career icon

The Medical career track is the only base game career that underwent significant changes in the The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack and The Sims 3 Deluxe .

With this expansion installed, medical Sims have the option to leave the hospital from time to time in order to participate in a variety of community activities. If the Sim receives one of these opportunities, they have to briefly leave work to do so and then get back to work immediately after.

Vaccination clinics [ ]

Vaccination Clinics take place at a random community lot such as a park or graveyard . The Doctor is given four hours to vaccinate as many Sims as possible, and is paid for each individual vaccination. A patient's reaction to the vaccination depends on their personality ( cowardly Sims scream and cry, while brave Sims don't even flinch). Patients who show up but fail to get vaccinated receive a relationship drop with the Doctor.

Free clinics [ ]

Free Clinics operate very similarly to Vaccination Clinics. The Doctor has four hours to tend to as many patients as possible and is paid for each individual patient cured. Doctors use a wide array of gadgets and amusing healing techniques to cure patients.

Medical outreach [ ]

During medical outreach, the doctor is asked to visit a random rabbit hole . After staying for a few hours, the doctor is rewarded with additional career performance.

Local emergencies [ ]

Sims may also encounter emergencies outside of regular work hours. Sims dining out will be able to choke and they will need medical assistance. [2]

House calls [ ]

After a doctor finishes working at the hospital, they can make a house call to follow up on one of their patients. After calling the hospital, the doctor is assigned a random person to visit. The doctor must now visit the patient's house and perform the follow up treatment. Once the doctor is finished, he/she writes a bill for the patient (which most patients look at in shock). House calls are a great way to make extra money.

A Vaccination Clinic.

There is a glitch with Free Clinics and Vaccination Clinics: when the time is up the unserved patients may complain that they waited too long and go home. This will greatly decrease the Sim's job performance and may even cause the Sim to get demoted or fired if their performance drops too low. The job performance meter will drop between 10 and 15 points for each unserved patient.

Career rewards [ ]

  • Medical Trophy of Honor: Complete 3 Vaccination Clinics
  • Medical Trophy of Valor: Complete 10 Medical Outreaches
  • Medal of Mending: Diagnose 40 sims
  • Tending Trinket: Help 10 sims in Local Emergencies
  • Medical Key to The Town: Reach Career Level 10 (May not be Provided for Some Time)
  • Skeletal Endowment: Complete 5 Free Clinics after reaching Career Level 10

The Sims 4 [ ]

The Doctor career is one of the three career tracks introduced in The Sims 4: Get to Work . Like the other Get to Work careers, Doctor is a profession , which are active careers where Sims can be followed to work. Also like the other Get to Work careers, Sims who are Doctors can be called to work at anytime.

Just as other active careers, Sims need the fill up the meter on the upper left hand corner by completing the tasks right below it. In general, the tasks revolve around conducting tests on the patient (e.g. taking temperature, x-ray scan), diagnosing a patient's illness, treating the illness, and occasionally attending to emergencies in (e.g. patient collapses while queuing) and out of the hospital (e.g. house call, outbreak). In order not to lose performance points (e.g. from good to average), the Sim needs to end the day by doing at least an Adequate job (i.e. first section of the meter being filled).

Career levels [ ]

Description: "Who doesn’t want to be held responsible for another Sim's health and well-being? A Doctor who can advance in the medical ranks will find themselves rewarded with objects like a Standing Surgical Light and a Full-Sized Skeleton to brighten up the home nursery. To make the deal extra sweet, you'll be able to unlock your very own Hospital Scrubs and Patient Gowns so you can play Doctor at home!"

The Sims Medieval [ ]

Physicians are Hero Sims that act as doctors for the kingdom with quests and daily responsabilities. Physicians can craft and deliver health salves as well as perform surgeries with the uses of leeches.

  • Medical and Law Enforcement [3] are the only Careers that can call a Sim to work at any time in The Sims 3 , while Detective, Doctor, and Scientist are the only Careers that can call a Sim to work at any time in The Sims 4 .
  • The icon of the job represents the staff Caduceus belonging to the Greek god Hermes. The symbol is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius , which, belonging to Asclepius, the Greek god of healing and medicine, would be the correct symbol to use.
  • Medical [ TS3:A ] and Film are the only careers that are a hybrid of the original career system and the Profession system.

References [ ]

  • ↑ The Sims 2 Pets Prima Guide
  • ↑ The Sims 3: Ambitions Updated Q&A - Heroic Careers
  • ↑ Special Agent Branch only
  • 1 Trait (The Sims 4)
  • 2 Career tracks
  • 3 The Sims 4

GameYum Logo

Sims 3 Doctor Profession: A Detailed Guide to the Sims 3 Medical Business

Sims 3 Doctor Profession: A Detailed Guide to the Sims 3 Medical Business

The Sims 3 doctor profession is for Sims who are ambitious and ready for a fast-paced life. Ideally, those in this profession will be striving to achieve World Renowned Surgeon. To have the doctor career track, The Sims 3 Ambitions is necessary.

Please enable JavaScript

Best Traits for Doctors

Sims who want to be a doctor should choose certain traits. Having these traits will make the journey to MD and World Renowned Surgeon a little easier. The genius trait is probably a given, but many overlook it. This trait will make learning the necessities a bit easier and makes gaining logic faster. Doctors can also benefit from the charismatic trait and the ambitious trait. These two traits will help make the doctor more likable and help him earn things like promotions and raises. Ambition also increases wish-related lifetime happiness points. Doctors will work a lot so the workaholic trait can be useful to help him get through those long days and stay in a good mood. The good trait and bookworm trait are also beneficial, but more so the bookworm trait. This is because reading is a necessary part of the medical career track if a Sim hopes to get past level four. The insane trait is sometimes appropriate as well.

Career Levels in Medicine

Sims begin their career in medicine as an organ donor earning $22 an hour. Next comes bed pan cleaner earning $25 an hour. As Sims

sims 3 doctor profession - baby delivery sims3

progress, they will work toward becoming a paramedic earning $28 an hour. At level four is medical intern earning $33 hour. Level five is resident earning $78 an hour. Next comes trauma. Sims working in trauma earn $102 an hour. Once a Sims gets to level seven, he will be a gene therapist earning $192 an hour. At level eight, she will be an infectious disease researcher earning $210 an hour. Next, comes neurosurgeon earning $225 an hour. Lastly is World Renowned Surgeon earning $480 an hour. At level 10, Sims can determine a pregnant Sims’ baby’s gender and he also receives a $460 pension.

Getting the Job

To begin a the Sims 3 doctor profession a Sim should head to the hospital and apply. Before an aspiring doctor even starts his first day, it is a good idea to get started on building up logic . Logic is critical in the Sims 3 medical business.

Lifetime Wishes

sims 3 doctor profession - surgeon sims3

World Renowned Surgeon is really the only lifetime wish associated with the Sims 3 doctor profession. This is as high as a Sim can go in the Sims 3 medical business. Sims will need to through all of the nine other career levels in medicine and get to level 10 in logic. Sims will also have to ensure they are always boosting their mood. Research is also a critical factor. Reading medical journals is how a Sim completes research. He would do this just how he does a book. Sims get the journals from work and bring them home.

Opportunities in Medicine

Sims receive a variety of opportunities. These usually require that they leave the hospital, perform the task and then immediately

sims 3 doctor profession - giving shot Sims3

get back to work. Vaccination clinics involve the doctor having four hours to provide as many vaccinations as he possibly can. He is paid per vaccination.

During a medical outreach, the doctor will head to a random rabbit hole and spend a few hours there. A rabbit hole works as a community building and it a massive object. Sims can visit it, but are not playable.

After a doctor finishes his day at the hospital, he may check in on a patient by making a house call. Doctors can earn extra cash this way. To make house calls, doctors should call the hospital. They will be assigned a patient and then visit them to perform all necessary treatment.

Free clinics are similar to vaccination clinics. They last four hours and doctors should treat as many patients as possible. He is paid per patient he cures.

When a doctor Sim is out and about, she may encounter an emergency. For example, when having dinner, if another diner is choking, she should assist.


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  4. How do you improve "research" for medical career path

    Open that sims inventory, they have a medical journal that updates when they visit work, you need to read it each time you are home from work.

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    Reading the journal in the Sim's inventory does equal research. If you can't interact with the journal as you would with any other book in a

  6. How to get outstanding Research metric in Medical career?

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  7. The Sims 3 Medical Career Track

    This career track is very logic-intensive and will require your Sim to read medical journals most every day to maintain a high level of job performance. Doctors

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    The medicine career concerns the professional medical treatment of other Sims. It is a base game career track in The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3. It

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    You have to master logical skill. Then things get complicated. You have to take care of the review of your research. Everyday after work you

  14. Sims 3 Doctor Profession: A Detailed Guide to the Sims 3 Medical

    Research is also a critical factor. Reading medical journals is how a Sim completes research. He would do this just how he does a book. Sims get