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10 best film bloopers you have to watch right now

Joe Allen

One of the joys of great movies is that everything feels perfect and exact. Nothing is there by mistake, and that’s a large part of what makes them feel so great. Even people making great movies make mistakes, though, which is why blooper reels can spark so much joy.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

Liar liar (1997), the descent (2005), the silence of the lambs (1991).

  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Step brothers (2009), young frankenstein (1974), bridesmaids (2011), superbad (2007).

Whether the movie the blooper is related to is good or not, a great film blooper can humanize a film’s stars, and remind us all that making a movie is a job just like any other. Sometimes something falls over, someone forgets a line, or something else goes wrong. In honor of those moments, these are the 10 greatest film bloopers of all time.

Because so much of  The Legend Continues was totally improvised, the gag reel features loads of great jokes that didn’t make the final cut. On top of that, the movie also features plenty of moments where it’s clear that the actors are well aware of how funny what they’re saying is, and are struggling to keep it together.

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This gag reel is great from front to back, and that’s in large part because the people making the movie are some of the funniest folks working in comedy today.

Thanks to Jim Carrey’s remarkable face, any one of his movies could earn a spot on this list. While there’s no single blooper here that stands above the rest, the combined impact of the  Liar Liar  blooper reel serves as a reminder that Carrey might be the funniest man to ever live.

The faces are one of the main attractions here, but they’re not the only thing worth emphasizing. There are plenty of line flubs as well, but also delightful moments when Carrey goes totally off script, and completely shocks his castmates as a result.

A crucial reminder that people can have fun even when they’re making one of the scariest movies of all time,  The Descent ‘s bloopers feature the cast having just a delightful time, even while they’re covered in all kinds of fake blood and mud.

There’s one particularly great gag where someone spots an exit sign at one of their filming locations and realizes that it could be their salvation. The entire reel is great, though, and it also features a crawler (one of the film’s monsters) doing some Gene Kelly-style business with a broom in a full-body green suit.

This gag reel is short and to the point, but it’s another reminder of how much fun a cast and crew can get up to, even when they’re making something that becomes a masterpiece.

Perhaps the best moment here comes when Jodi Foster holds her gun up and says, “Freeze! Put your hands on your hips!” but there’s also a great moment featuring a struggle to put some rubber gloves on, as well as one that gives you a sense of just how much Anthony Hopkins enjoyed playing the embodiment of pure evil. The Silence of the Lambs is a masterpiece, and as it turns out, so are its outtakes.

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

The decision to shoot almost all of  The Phantom Menace  on green screens may not have worked out all that well for the film itself, but it certainly helped the blooper reel. Here, we get great moments like when R2-D2 tumbles completely over, as well as the usual line flubs that are a part of any great blooper reel.

What makes  The Phantom Menace ‘s reel so great, though, is that it’s a reminder that the bigger the scale and scope of your movie is, the harder it’s ultimately going to be to pull it all off perfectly.

You might think that it would be difficult for an animated movie to get in on the fun of bloopers, but one of the great things about early Pixar is that it would often animate takes where the actors messed up a line or were goofing off with one another.

These animated bloopers prove to be just as endearing as the real thing, and also serve as a firm reminder that there are real people voicing these cartoon characters.

It might seem foolish to stick two collaborations between Adam McKay and Will Ferrell on a single list, but the results speak for themselves. The final version of  Step Brothers  is one of the funniest movies ever made, and it turns out that the outtakes are just as hilarious.

Look for plenty of improv from Ferrell and John C. Reilly, plus moments when both of them break, as we see that even they couldn’t always resist the sheer comedic power of the movie they were making.

Another comedy that deserves a spot in the pantheon of all-time greats,  Young Frankenstein  is one of the funniest movies ever made, and its gag reel is filled with moments where even the ultra-professional Gene Wilder seems to understand just how hilarious everything around him is.

The reel is a humanizing look at one of the funniest actors of his generation, but it’s also got plenty of laughs from beginning to end for any devoted Mel Brooks fan to enjoy.

Given the fact that the cast of Bridesmaids , one of Netflix’s most popular comedies , includes roughly half of the great female comedians working today, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that they got into some nonsense while filming the movie.

This gag reel features the normal bits of silliness, as well as a reminder of just how difficult everyone found acting serious to be around Melissa McCarthy’s performance. There’s a reason she was nominated for an Oscar, and it’s in part because she was so funny that she even kept her co-stars from completing takes.

Anyone who has watched a single Stefon segment on  Saturday Night Live  is likely aware that Bill Hader has a little bit of trouble with breaking.

The moments when he breaks in the  Superbad  gag reel are some of the funniest in the movie, but there areother highlights as well, including plenty of great stuff from leads Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. Superbad  is a legendary comedy, and its outtakes are just as good as the finished product.

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Joe Allen

Netflix has always been good at churning out solid, funny comedies for every conceivable demographic. With Old Dads, Bill Burr's new comedy about three men in middle age who slowly discover that they are out of step with the world around them, Netflix has made a new classic for anyone who likes sharp comedy about the way the world is changing.

If you've already watched Old Dads, there are several other Netflix comedies that may scratch that same itch. Here are three Netflix comedies like Old Dads that you should definitely check out. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017) The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

If you're looking to cut back on streaming service expenditures, take solace in the fact that the best free movies on YouTube right now are still worth your time. Yes, believe it or not, YouTube has an extensive library of ad-supported free movies and TV shows for all. It's not a spectacular collection, and it's changing all the time, but there are plenty of quality entries. We keep this list up to date every month so you can stop scrolling and start watching. Looking for more stuff you can watch for free? Check out our guides to the best free shows on YouTube and the best sites for watching free movies online.

Ghostbusters (1984) new

Just under five months after it hit theaters, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has finally made its streaming debut on Netflix. The heavily-anticipated follow-up to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse did not disappoint as it became one of the top hits of the summer. Given its overwhelmingly positive reception from fans, it should be among the most popular movies on Netflix within its first 24 hours.

Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson co-directed the film from a script by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Dave Callaham. Shameik Moore reprised his role as Miles Morales, with Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy, Brian Tyree Henry as Jeff Morales, Lauren Vélez as Rio Morales, Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker, Jason Schwartzman as The Spot, and Oscar Isaac as Miguel O'Hara.

Funniest movie bloopers on YouTube

No one can stick to the script forever, and these comedic compilations from movies across the ages are sure to have you cracking up.

anchorman cast

Movie bloopers are a heck of a thing, lifting the veil from filmmaking to reveal what goes on behind the scenes. Bloopers give fans a chance to see which scenes from their favorite flicks were too hard for the actors to get through without cracking a smile, because even professional performers slip up from time to time, and we just can’t get enough.

These moments of comedic weakness from actors humanize them in a way that even the finished product can’t, and allow audiences to laugh along. Funny is as funny does, and laughing with each other is about as hilarious as things get. 

For decades bloopers or outtakes have been recorded and added to the released movie in what’s called a “Blooper Reel.” As the name would suggest, the assorted footage is a supercut of a movie’s funniest missteps. Yet, for a long time these could only be seen during the credits or as a DVD extra. That’s where Youtube comes in.

Over the years, movie buffs around the world have been kind enough to put together countless compilations of bloopers for entertainment on the internet. These collections cover about every genre of film you could imagine, and span decades worth of silver screen hilarity. 

As far as the “funniest” bloopers to watch on Youtube, we’ll leave that up to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and who are we to tell you what’s funny. Especially when it comes down to unusable moments from iconic films over the years, however funny they may be. Instead, here are a few in-depth blooper reels on YouTube that cover movie and pop culture moments that are bound to make you break character. 

To start, here’s a look at 50 incredible movie bloopers from over the years. Each is timestamped, and marked by the year of the film’s release. With over 29 million views, this particular video is a must watch.

If you’re looking for more specific pieces of cinematic comedy, below are a few different films that are known far and wide to have legendary blooper reels. Take a look.

It seems the king of comedic breaks is none other than Saturday Night Live icon Will Ferrell. His films never cease to be included in lists and videos of some of the best bloopers in Hollywood. Two of his other movies Anchorman 2 and Step Brothers also have outtakes you have to see to believe.

Getting a little more old school, the Mel Brooks classic Young Frankenstein has some devilishly funny bloopers, which is surprising considering the film’s leading man, Gene Wilder, was known to be incredibly professional on set. For whatever reason, he couldn’t keep himself together during the shoot, allowing audiences to see an entirely different side to the legendary comedian. 

The 2011 comedy Bridesmaids took the world by storm with an ensemble cast of comedians seldom seen in movies. The women involved with the project went on to generate some of the most classic blooper material currently out there. 

Movie bloopers aren’t the only thing that can be found on YouTube. TV and news shows have also had some incredible outtakes over the years, and those can just as easily be found on there.

Television’s longest-running live-action sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia , is a goldmine of blooper reels. Youtube is full of outtakes from the show, with each season having an extensive blooper reel. 

Stepping away from movies and celebrities for a moment, here’s a look at some of the best bloopers from live television and news. Watching regular people have a laugh never gets old, and can create a YouTube wormhole that has the potential to take up hours of time. Watch at your own risk. 

There it is, some of the funniest bloopers to watch on YouTube. Hopefully along the way there were some laughs and the discovery of a newfound appreciation for the strength it takes to get through some of these comedic moments. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Parker Whitmore

About the author

Parker whitmore.

Parker is a writer, filmmaker, and storyteller who really hates talking about himself in the third-person. Couldn't he just say something like... Hi, I'm Parker! I write articles about some of the stuff you like. Take a look — or don't, I'm not the boss of you.

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The Best Bloopers from Movies and TV Shows Guaranteed to Put You in a Good Mood

Including 80-minutes of rare 'Seinfeld' outtakes.

Let’s be honest, things are tough right now. A worldwide pandemic will do that. In these uncertain times we find comfort in friends, family, and entertainment. But if you’ve already exhausted your rewatch of The Office or are patiently waiting for the next round of new titles added to Netflix, we have a humble suggestion to put you in a good mood: watch some bloopers! Through good times and bad, the one thing that has the power to bring us all together is footage of our favorite actors and actresses absolutely cracking each other up.

Okay maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but bloopers are great, and there’s no shortage of movie and TV show bloopers on the internet. So for your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Below, you’ll find a selection of some of the most memorable blooper reels from TV shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation and movies like Anchorman , as well as some fake blooper reels that are just too good not to share.

Indeed, the world could definitely use a bit more joy at this particular time, and these bloopers are guaranteed to bring you just that: joy. And if you’re looking for even more content to put you in a good mood, check out our list of the best feel-good movies and TV shows, as well as the best comfort food movies to watch on streaming right now.

Without further ado, we bring you the very best bloopers on the internet.

Parks and Recreation

Anchorman and anchorman 2, it's always sunny in philadelphia, the master (yes, really), step brothers alternate takes and bloopers, thundercats "outtakes".

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From 'The Office ' to 'The Avengers' : 17 Hilarious Blooper Reels You'll Want to Watch Again and Again

Because sometimes, making your favorite films and television shows, is just as fun as watching the final product

We fell into an hours-long YouTube black hole of bloopers to find you the best of the best outtakes from some of our most beloved shows and films.

(Warning: Some NSFW content in the videos.)

I FEEL PRETTY Honestly, Michelle Williams might be even funnier than Amy Schumer — and that’s saying something, considering the comedian made us laugh so hard we’ve cried during this blooper reel.

BLACK PANTHER It’s very important to make time for impromptu dance parties when you’re busy trying to save your country. It helps relieve stress.

RIVERDALE Some people just can’t control their goofiness (and we’re so glad).

SEINFELD “Nobody enjoyed our show more than we did,” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus tweeted in response to this amazing clip of her uncontrollable laughter. “Also apologies to all the actors in this scene for my unprofessional behavior.”

WONDER WOMAN We’re not even surprised that Gal Gadot is just as charming when she’s screwing up.

THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW The host released years worth of goofs in honor of the show’s 2,500th episode. From overly handsy reptiles to shattered props, her “When Things Go Wrong” compilation is pure hilarity.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Sylvester Stallone struggles to say “ravager,” Chris Pratt does some aerial ballet, Dave Bautista lets his potty mouth loose and no one can stop laughing in this gag reel. And, unsurprisingly, we still really want to be a part of this crew.

DEADPOOL Things were just as crude — and hilarious — behind the scenes of the irreverent 2016 superhero flick.

FRIENDS After watching the season 8 and 9 outtakes, we can’t blame Lisa Kudrow for confessing to PEOPLE that she sometimes watches the bloopers. We’re also reminded to be extremely retroactively jealous of the people who got to watch them tape the show live.

GAME OF THRONES As this season 6 blooper reel proves, it’s not all drama and violence on set of the mega-popular fantasy series. And please, people, stop making Peter Dinklage say “benevolent.”

MEAN GIRLS Honestly, the gag reel is just as iconic as the movie.

MODERN FAMILY We might just like the Dunphy family even more off-script.

So how did the cast manage to maintain straight faces during their costars’ hilarious antics? Well, according to these season 2 bloopers, they often didn’t.

SCANDAL Even Kerry Washington messes up sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Unexpected makeouts, rogue giggles and lots of sassy Robert Downey Jr. make Avengers bloopers basically worth the ticket price of the actual movie and then some.

SUPERNATURAL While filming season 1, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki seemed to be just as goofy as the constantly teasing brothers they play.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Season 3 was just as much fun to shoot as it was to watch. Also, “Clint Eastwood in drag” is now our ideal aesthetic.

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30 Funniest Movie Bloopers

Those times when famous actors got paid extensive amounts of money to laugh themselves stupid.

30. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

29. hellboy 2: the golden army, 28. up in the air, 27. kill bill, vol. 1, 26. terminator 3: rise of the machines, 25. international house, 24. the other guys.

Scott Fried is a Slammy Award-winning* writer living and working in New York City. He has been following/writing about professional wrestling for many years and is a graduate of Lance Storm's Storm Wrestling Academy. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/scottfried. *Best Crowd of the Year, 2013


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    Bloopers That Make Us Love The Anchorman Movies Even More

    Ron Burgundy speaking

    Good evening, San Diego! Fans of Will Ferrell, or just laughing in general, will often tell you that two movies cause them to break out into a fit of hysteria every time they watch them: " Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy " and its beloved sequel "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." About a local newsman who overcomes misogyny and self-righteousness in order to deliver the evening news to San Diego, the "Anchorman" films are loaded with laughs thanks to a cast of standout comedians.

    Any movie with Ferrell is enough to enjoy a couple of hours of side-splitting humor, but the "Anchorman" movies take it to another level, filling the main cast out with Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Steve Carell. With that much comedic power in one room, it is no wonder there have been a plethora of outtakes and bloopers that have followed the release of the comedy hits. If you haven't seen any of the improvised jokes, gut-busting gags, or ridiculous moments caught on film during the making of the "Anchorman" duology, prepare your ribs. Keep reading to discover some of the most hilarious moments that never made it into the final cuts but make the movies even more lovable than they already were.

    The Human Torch could not get a bank loan

    Comedic powerhouse Ferrell has come to adopt his news anchor character of Ron Burgundy to the point of bordering on split personalities. Aside from the two "Anchorman" films, the legend of the character continued with "The Ron Burgundy Podcast." Diving into a character and delivering hours upon hours of adlibbing is a near-impossible feat for many actors. However, Ferrell naturally adopted the self-righteous and overly arrogant characteristics of his "Anchorman" persona from the moment he pulled on the three-piece suit.

    One of the best examples of Ferrell's aptitude for the character occurs when he is left to his own devices. Before the evening news camera roles, Burgundy often warms up his vocal cords with original tongue twisters or obnoxious screaming . In "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," before we see him greet San Diago for the first time, he challenges his mouth with phrases like "unique New York," or "the arsonist has oddly shaped feet." However, the deleted scenes showcase how one of these lines was too silly, even for Ferrell. Surprisingly, it was not when Burgundy sings a jingle about his love for scotch that caused him to break character. Instead, repeating " The Human Torch was denied a bank loan ," had him, castmate Carell, and the behind-the-scenes crew doubling over in laughter.

    What's the filling?

    Ferrell and the rest of the onscreen performers deserve most of the credit for making the "Anchorman" movies monumental comedic achievements. However, one person you don't see is responsible for a significant portion of the hilarity: Adam McKay. The writer-director of both "Anchorman" entries boasts a long history with star Ferrell, as they collaborated throughout much of the comedian's time on "Saturday Night Live." The pair's relationship would blossom beyond the first "Anchorman," developing classic comedies such as "Talladega Nights," "Step Brothers," and "The Other Guys" together.

    Co-writing the script for both "Anchorman" movies alongside Ferrell, McKay's humor is peppered throughout the stories. However, the director had just as much influence on the improvisational humor as some of the stars. Throughout many of the bloopers and outtakes, McKay can be heard hollering lines and jokes from behind the camera. The best example of McKay's cleverness comes in an "Anchorman 2" scene between Ferrell and Rudd . Discussing breast implants, Ferrell makes the crack that they now use taco meat as the filler. Rudd retorts with some quick ideas of his own, like pudding and whipped cream. However, when McKay yells "Nickels" from off-screen, both actors get a quick chuckle at the idea of a breast being synthetically filled with a bunch of loose change.

    When there is weather to report

    Of course, even an anchorman of Ron Burgundy's caliber wouldn't be anywhere without a superstar news team. Thankfully, the movie did an outstanding job of filling out the crew behind the Channel 4 News. The diverse group of funnymen playing his posse, including David Koechner, Paul Rudd, and the still relatively unknown comedian Carell, accentuate Ferrell's comedic prowess. Each of the actors perfectly fits into their respective roles, adding their unique brands of humor to the already amusing script.

    While fans got to know the entire Channel 4 News team well over the course of two films, many deleted scenes helped audiences learn even more about them. Much of the content deleted from the original "Anchorman" film was collected into the direct-to-video counterpart film "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie." However, the blooper reel for the first "Anchorman" showcases a collection of unused taglines by the four seasoned stars of San Diego's favorite news. Filmed in the same tone as a short TV commercial, the Channel 4 News crew delivers a quick line that perfectly encapsulates their characters. "Nothing like a good strong lady and a tasty BLT," Burgundy fittingly says. Rudd's character hilariously ends with his self-advertising signature "Fantana!" Meanwhile, Carell's not-so-bright weatherman character Brick nails it on the head saying, "When there is weather to report, I report the weather."

    News team roundup

    While the first "Anchorman's" assortment of comedians helped make the movie a success, "Anchorman 2" brought in so many well-known actors the film struggled to fit them all in. Cleverly, the sequel doubled down on a famous scene from the first movie where the Channel 4 News team got into a tussle with a rival group of anchors. However, in "Anchorman 2," the fight got much bigger , involving news teams from all over the world. Each group features some of the biggest names in Hollywood , including Sacha Baron Cohen, Marion Cotillard, Liam Neeson, Vince Vaughn, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, and Kanye West.

    With so many funny people in one place, shooting the fight scene was understandably a rambunctious occasion . And the "Anchorman 2" bloopers do not disappoint in showing off the chaos. One outtake shows how difficult it was for Carrey to remember his Canadian news anchor name . Tina Fey and Amy Poehler obviously had an entertaining time as they couldn't help but laugh when they pulled up in a dune buggy. The entire event must have been too much for everyone, as comedy veteran Will Smith wound up crying, likely from laughing far too much.

    Ron Burgundy breaks the fourth wall

    Filming a movie as comical as the "Anchorman" duology without laughing sounds like an insurmountable job. No wonder someone bursting into laughter is the reason why the majority of the outtakes and bloopers on this list hit the cutting room floor. However, a few scenes went off the rails without giggling causing the director to call "cut." Most notably, one of Ron Burgundy's deepest and most philosophical conversations, which he shares with his beloved pet dog Baxter, had to be refilmed due to another fourth-wall-breaking situation.

    In the first "Anchorman," we get our first honest glimpse at the man behind the news team camera when he returns home from his day at work . Ferrell's character is greeted by his loyal canine, whose barks are translated as concerns about Burgundy's loneliness, all mentioned before the dog confesses to eating an entire wheel of cheese. "I believe it was Aristotle who said: Come children. Let me tell you a tale about ships and whales," Burgundy says in an extended outtake from the scene. As funny as the edited version is, it understandably had to be removed as Burgundy finishes his dialogue by mentioning that they are inside a movie with a fourth-wall-busting line that would be better suited to a "Deadpool" film.

    Condom improv

    In an unforgettable scene from the first "Anchorman," Rudd's Brian Fantana shares his secret to success with women, revealing his off-brand cologne "Sex Panther." The scene is responsible for one of the most quotable lines from either film: "Sixty percent of the time it works 100 percent of the time." So, obviously, when it came to making a sequel to "Anchorman," the writers wanted to develop a similar scene in hopes of recreating the magic.

    For "Anchorman 2," Fantana's cupboard gets much larger than holding one bottle of cologne. Rather, he has an entire shrine of condoms and lubrications that he shares with the rest of the Channel 4 News team. The scene is a hysterical moment during the finalized film, but the bloopers take it up another notch . Analyzing different condoms, the actors improvise an assortment of lines around their individual purposes. The day of filming must have been an entire laugh-fest, as the performers clearly enjoyed their time exploring Fantana's special cupboard.

    Christina Applegate can't help but be distracted

    By the time Christina Applegate was cast in "Anchorman," she was already a seasoned comedy professional. Growing up over 250 episodes of "Married with Children," as daughter Kelly Bundy, Applegate also starred in comedy films like "Mars Attacks!" and "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead." For a time, Applegate even starred in her own television sitcom, "Jesse." Still, despite her impressive resume, the actress could not prepare herself for the hilarious antics that would ensue when surrounded by the many comedic powerhouses in "Anchorman."

    As Veronica Corningstone, Applegate plays the even-tempered professional thrown into the clown show known as Channel 4 News. Burgundy and crew grow to resent the anchorwoman stepping into a role beside them, so they hatch a plan to ruin her career. This is showcased when the news team attempts to throw her off by making faces and gestures at Corningstone while she is live on air — and she remains completely unfazed. However, as easy as Applegate's character made it look in the movie, the actress had a much harder time keeping a straight face. One blooper  depicts Paul Rudd and David Koechner taunting the actress as she reads her news report, and no one could blame the actress for her inability to hold back the giggles. Even funnier is the fact Applegate seems so disappointed that her co-stars got the better of her.

    Brick's wrap

    "Anchorman" may be one of the most beloved comedy films of the last 20 years, but it is also responsible for putting one comedic legend on the map, Carell . He joined the cast of "Anchorman" as a relatively unknown actor, as his most iconic role, Michael Scott in "The Office," wouldn't hit television screens until a year after the movie opened. Unsurprisingly, the comedian credits McKay and Ferrell for giving him a shot. "They took a chance," Carell said in a 2013 interview with The Guardian . "From there I met Judd Apatow, one of the producers, and we wrote 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' together. That led to other things, so it was an incredibly important time in my career."

    Undoubtedly, Carell made the most of the opportunity, as his weatherman character Brick Tamland quickly became a fan favorite and delivered some of the film's most quotable lines. Rudd admitted in an interview with GQ that one scene with Carell made him "laugh the hardest." The moment in question involved Carell's character eating a wrap for lunch. However, the meal consisted of a used coffee filter wrapped around a cigarette butt and loose change. Not only did the bit make everyone continuously break into laughter, but the bloopers also showed Carell's difficulty choking down the makeshift wrap.

    Keep your head on a swivel

    Aside from Ferrell, the next biggest name on screen in "Anchorman" at the time was Rudd. Already an established actor from major films such as "Clueless" and "Wet Hot American Summer," Rudd's resume impressed well before landing the role of Brian Fantana. However, the actor says he was not expecting the hilarity that ensues on the set of "Anchorman." "Will might just go off in some direction and I'm not prepared for it. Or [Adam] McKay would be behind the monitor yelling out lines," said Rudd in a GQ interview . "There are so many times in 'Anchorman' and scenes that I have such clear memories of laughing."

    Rudd points to one particular scene when he struggled to hold it together. It takes place after the Channel 4 News team gets into a street fight with a rival crew from another news channel. Licking their wounds in Ron Burgundy's office, Ferrell delivers the line, "I'm proud of you fellas. You all kept your head on a swivel. And that's what you got to do when you find yourself in a vicious cockfight." The improvised bit proved too much for the veteran Rudd, as he remembers breaking character and laughing. Meanwhile, the blooper reel reveals that Ferrell also couldn't help but laugh at his own impromptu joke. Thankfully, the actors managed to rerecord the line and get the joke into the final film.

    Break the huddle

    Koechner is an underrated addition to the "Anchorman" news team, his rough and raucous energy perfectly suited to being the Channel 4 sports anchor. And while the character actor has a long list of credits to his name, audiences love his role in the "Anchorman" movies the most. Koechner's performance as Champ Kind rounded out the fantastic four of Channel 4, as he uttered some of the crew's most obscene comments.

    Surely, Koechner enjoyed playing the role, as Champ resembles other characters he has played. However, when it came to returning to do the "Anchorman" sequel, the actor may have gotten a little too excited. In a scene where Champ Kind embraces his old friend Ron Burgundy, the hug gets awkward and a tad aggressive. The moment is even funnier in the outtakes , as Koechner takes the uncomfortable moment further, refusing to "break the huddle" past Burgundy's comfort level and then past Ferrell's. The actor struggles to keep a straight face, especially as Koechner tells him, "Don't be weird."

    Mrs. Butterworth

    Over the course of two movies, there is enough "Anchorman" to leave everyone's sides hurting from laughter. It is shocking that these comedians could even get the films made, there are so many bloopers of them losing it. However, Rudd found one scene so funny that he couldn't even get through it. During an interview with The Ringer , the actor praised "Anchorman" co-star Ferrell for being a comedic innovator. He mentions the scene from the first film where Ferrell says, "Milk was a bad choice," which was nearly ruined by laughter. However, a joke from the mastermind in the sequel film really took the cake for Rudd.

    During the scene in question, Burgundy is so depressed from losing everything that he remarks that he cannot even masturbate. "He [Ferrell] starts making up things," Rudd says. "He says he can't pleasure himself to the memories of Mrs. Butterworth, the bottle of syrup." Thankfully, this hilarious moment made it into the blooper reels and audiences can see how funny Rudd and crew thought Ferrell's improvised line was. The dialogue gets a little vulgar, but during that moment Ferrell had everyone in the palm of his hands. As Rudd says, "Will is just a genius."

    Do I amuse you?

    The hilarity continued in the "Anchorman 2" scene in which the Channel 4 News team arrived at Burgundy's house to cheer him up. " Wrapped in a blanket and suffering from depression, Ferrell's character is completely over-the-top with his self-depreciation, much to the frustration of his friends. However, for the actors, it was easily one of the most entertaining days of filming for either of the movies.

    During one outtake from the scene , Burgundy compares his torture to that of what the Elephant Man suffered. Ferrell's impression of "Do I amuse you?" instantly breaks Rudd, who can be seen laughing before Ferrell finishes delivering the line. The entire cast breaks out in laughter and struggles to get the scene back on track. Even some simple moaning and groaning prompts  Rudd, Carell, and Koechner to crack up. Director McKay can be heard offscreen joining in the fun, feeding Ferrell the famous "Elephant Man" movie line "I'm a human thing!" Of all the bloopers, Ferrell's animated imitation has his castmates laughing the loudest, and it is an outtake worth watching.

    Harrison Ford makes Burgundy uncomfortable

    Ferrell has spent his entire career surrounded by some of Hollywood's funniest people. The actor famously makes everybody around him break character while he improvises and takes things to unexpected levels. It is only fair that once in a blue moon, the comedic dynamo loses control and ruins a scene by laughing. However, in "Anchorman 2," Ferrell is bested by an actor that you would least suspect to make him laugh, Harrison Ford.

    Ford is a legendary performer thanks to his iconic roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones. But what he is not well-known for is being a comedian. Still,  one blooper from the "Anchorman" sequel  shows how a well-delivered line from a professional actor of Ford's caliber can even break the best of them. In the movie, Ford plays a superstar anchorman who does not have a soft spot for local San Diego news anchor Burgundy. During one of the film's few serious moments, when Ford's character talks about his culpability in the death of a window washer, Ferrell can't help but burst into laughter. The outtake is a rare glimpse at Ferrell giggling the same way he has made so many other actors break, which makes it one of the most lovable bloopers of either film.

    What do they do with dead cats?

    One of the funniest gags from "Anchorman 2," involved Koechner's Champ Kind leaving the anchorman business behind and opening a fried chicken restaurant . The movie explains how Kind faked an accident at work and used the settlement money to open his joint. However, in an effort to save money, Koechner's character explains that he uses bats instead of poultry, and how you can barely tell the difference.

    Amusingly, Koechner was on top of using his character's situation and improvised many jokes about using other possible meats. One outtake  finds Ferrell cracking up after Koechner delivers the line, "I figure after it's been in a deep fryer, it's no longer human." Even more entertaining is another collection of adlibs from the actor where he insinuates using previously deceased cats as his next fowl replacement. His improvised line, "Chicken of the freeway underpass," compelled co-stars Ferrell and Rudd to break character for multiple takes.

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler adlibbing

    Among the best parts of watching the "Anchorman" movies is catching the never-ending assortment of celebrity cameos. "The Legend Continues" fills the frame with onscreen appearances by the least expected performers, including Ford, Drake, and Ferrell's own children. However, two cameos proved perfectly fitting considering Ferrell and director McKay shared a long history of collaborating with them on "Saturday Night Live." Tina Fey and Amy Poehler seamlessly entered their way into the news team rumble royal in "Anchorman 2" representing an all-female news crew.

    Poehler and Fey together in front of a camera equals comedy magic. There are multiple bloopers and outtakes showcasing the non-stop giggling and joking the two women brought to the "Anchorman 2" set. Side-splittingly, Fey and Poehler improvised many lines during their short appearance. And to add to the humor, the jokes the women crack aggressively get more vulgar, to the point of almost becoming inappropriate. 

    Brick is dead!

    A blooper that consistently pops up in movie outtakes involves an actor using the wrong name during a conversation. Whether calling a co-star by their actual name or by another character's title, the slip of the tongue quickly – and often amusingly – ruins the scene. However, when on a movie set loaded with comedy geniuses like in the "Anchorman" duology, a clumsy mistake like referring to a character by the wrong name will certainly backfire.

    In "Anchorman 2," Ferrell is guilty of blurting out the wrong cast member's name when sharing a scene with Koechner. Ferrell incidentally calls Koechner "Brick," a fitting name for the boisterous character, but it happens to be the first name of Carell's character. Where most actors would take the simple mistake in stride, Koechner hilariously punishes Ferrell by continuing the scene in his own improvised fashion. Koechner's character Champ Kind retorts back by exclaiming "Brick's dead!" Quick on his feet, Koechner throws Ferrell off his game and the aftermath has the entire crew splitting their sides.

    An explosive piece

    The "Anchorman" movies are so funny that even when the actors keep to the script it causes laughter to ensue. Ferrell and McKay obviously loaded their scripts with plenty of humor to help keep the films as entertaining as possible. However, it is completely unexpected in an outtake where Ferrell can't hold back his giggles during a line that he knew was coming. The blooper is a hoot to watch, as you can see Ferrell's face go from serious to losing all control.

    In "Anchorman 2," Rudd's character Brian Fantana shares an upcoming expose while broadcasting the news. The "11-part series of the power and mystery of the human vagina" was enough to shake Rudd's co-star. However, as Fantana continues by mentioning his exploration of "the 50 greatest vaginas of the 20 th century," the joke proved too much for Ferrell, as the blooper shows him laughing his way to tears. Amusingly, Rudd does not let up and decides to improvise an expansion to the dialogue, mentioning that it is an "explosive piece," which almost puts Ferrell on the floor.

    More food problems for Brick

    By the time "Anchorman 2" rolled around in 2013, Carell was a comedy superstar. As opposed to being seen as a newcomer, Carell was at the top of his game. By 2013 he had already wrapped up his time on "The Office," led comedy films such as "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Evan Almighty," proved his acting chops in movies like "Little Miss Sunshine," and become an icon to children across the country as Gru in the "Despicable Me" films. Still, the A-list actor was not squeamish about reprising his role as dim-witted Brick Tamland, which started it all for him.

    Entertainingly, Carell gave his return performance as the Channel 4 weatherman the same amount of ridiculousness as his first time around. Between delivering a eulogy at his own funeral to getting married to the love of his life, Brick had a far more significant role in the sequel. However, that did not mean that he was not up to his old gags. Sure, Carell's character doesn't eat another coffee filter, but the bloopers show he had just as many struggles chowing down food . One outtake shows him unable to swallow a swig of beer and spitting it all over himself, while another shows how difficult it was to eat all that fat during his Golden Star Butter commercial.

    Helicopter service

    A significant challenge that many movie productions face when filming outside of a studio, is excessive noise — particularly, airplanes and helicopters. Unable to control flight paths or schedules, airborne machines have been a nuisance for many outdoor film sets. Thankfully, when a movie like "Anchorman" is fully loaded with comedic talent, even an unforeseen obstruction can become a side-splitting joke.

    Hilariously, when an offensively loud helicopter ruined a scene for "Anchorman," Ferrell was quick with a jest, mentioning that his personal transport had arrived. Quipping that he has a helicopter to travel him around San Diego is an ongoing joke for Burgundy. The first time audiences met the local anchorman at the beginning of the first film in 2004, he stepped out of a "Channel 4 News" chopper. Additionally, for those fortunate enough to have enjoyed the bonus director's commentary where McKay and Ferrell discuss many of the behind-the-scenes stories, the comedian again jokes that he has a helicopter continuously hovering close to the ground waiting on stand-by for his personal use.

    Name a meat

    The biggest shame about bloopers is how many good jokes become unusable because an actor can't keep their composure. Sometimes a funny impromptu moment is even better than what ends up in the final film. Returning to Koechner's character Champ Kind and his unorthodox fried chicken restaurant, the actor had another scene diving into potential meats to use in place of the usual farm animal. However, this time around, Koechner gets beaten by his own joke when Rudd delivers a line that completely catches the hardened comedian off guard.

    In one outtake , Champ Kind discusses his new restaurant with co-news anchor Brian Fantana. Propositioning that all food tastes the same after being deep-fried, Koechner's character asks his friend to "Name a meat." In the most Rudd response possible, Fantana replies quickly with "chicken." Out of all the many potential answers, Koechner was obviously not expecting that one. Much to our pleasure, the actor instantaneously bursts into laughter and struggles to pull it together, not only because of the outrageous answer but also thanks to Rudd's sincere delivery.

    Make-out outtake

    One of the most awkward parts about being an actor or actress must be sharing extremely intimate scenes with a co-star. Whether they get along, hardly know each other, or are completely uncomfortable, performers are often put into handsy romantic scenes for the sake of a film. So, we imagine it was almost impossible for Christina Applegate to keep a straight face during her "Anchorman" bed scene with Ferrell.

    It is particularly hard to forget the part of the scene in which Burgundy and Applegate's Veronica Corningstone make out. Aggressive biting of lips and far too much tongue transformed a standard kissing session into a side-splitting affair for audiences. Of course, Ferrell's goofball antics had Applegate cracking up, as seen in the film's blooper reel . The pair even get more aggressive than is seen in the movie, as it looks like Ferrell puts his co-star in a headlock. Making the outtake even funnier is a shot of the morning after, when Ferrell tries to hand-pour a sip of coffee into Applegate's mouth, which of course goes terribly wrong.

    Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig's flirting

    Not many performers can match Carell's level of hilarity; seven seasons on "The Office" proved that. However, when seeking someone to play opposite Carell's halfwit character Brick for "Anchorman 2," McKay knocked it out of the park by hiring "Saturday Night Live" alum Kristen Wiig. Wiig and Carell delivered an onscreen connection that was perfect, and better described as pure awkwardness. What makes their off-beat romance even more entertaining is the fact that much of their time onscreen together was completely improvised.

    The bloopers released for "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" are packed to the brim with outtakes featuring Carell and Wiig making each other laugh. Like a duel of professionals at the top of their game, both Hollywood jokesters struggle to keep the scene together. Asking what each others' favorites are goes off the rails when Carell mentions his favorite food is pee and from there the laughs never stop. It would not be surprising if the short exchange took an entire day to shoot, as the performers spend as much time apologizing for their laughter as they do delivering lines.

    The end of times

    Ron Burgundy's turnaround in "Anchorman 2" occurs when the new anchor realizes that he wants to deliver America the news that they want to hear, like why the USA is the greatest place on Earth. However, before that, Burgundy was in serious trouble of finding his voice while in the national spotlight. The scene between Ferrell and Dylan Baker, who plays Burgundy's boss, is vital to pushing the movie forward, although it is not a scene generally remembered for any groundbreaking jokes. Still, the exchange resulted in  one of the movie's greatest bloopers .

    In the scene, Baker's character gets mad at Burgundy's ideas and finally, frustratedly says, "That's not news!" To which Ferrell is supposed to respond with a line about grabbing popcorn and watching the end of the world from a front-row seat. However, the comedian struggles to get the words out, and then he adds to his meal of popcorn "a greasy half-live chicken leg." Amusingly, Ferrell breaks character before he can even get the words out. From there, the entire cast and crew devolve into hysterics.

    A little too much Baxter

    There is another "Anchorman" star that does not get enough credit: Burgundy's loyal pet pup Baxter. Surprisingly, this furry actor was almost the reason the beloved comedy film received a more mature rating than the PG-13 version that hit theatres. Baxter appears in much of the first film, whether serving as a counseling voice for Burgundy during some of his emotional moments or being kicked off a bridge during a Jack Black cameo. The dog plays a pivotal role in the plot and in Burgundy's heart.

    However, McKay revealed in the director's commentary  that Baxter nearly earned "Anchorman" an R rating. The pup had a habit of revealing its genitalia, and his parts can be seen throughout the film. Apparently, the Motion Picture Association of America abides by a strict rule stating that a movie will get an instant R for more than five seconds of close-up images of male genitalia — and that includes animals! Amusingly, McKay was forced to edit out several shots of the cute, fluffy pup and his overly apparent parts.

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    Screen Rant

    "i didn't go far enough": zack snyder reflects on sucker punch mistakes & misunderstandings.

    Zack Snyder reflects on the mistakes he made with his 2011 box office flop, Sucker Punch, and the perceived misunderstanding of the film by critics.

    • Zack Snyder reflects on misconceptions of his film Sucker Punch , expressing that it was intended as a satire, which many missed.
    • The director reveals that he wishes he had pushed the satire even further so that his intentions were more clear.
    • Sucker Punch reviews were mostly negative, with critics taking issue with the film's style over substance and embodiment of a male fantasy.

    Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder reflects on the mistakes he made that led to a critical misunderstanding of his divisive 2011 film. Starring Emily Browning as Babydoll, the movie chronicles a young, institutionalized woman's retreat into an imaginative alternate reality in which she plots her escape. The reviews were mostly negative and Sucker Punch was a box office disappointment , earning only $89.8 million worldwide on a budget of $82 million.

    Now, in a recent interview with Total Film (via GamesRadar ), Snyder reflects on what he considers to be a widespread misunderstanding of his intentions with Sucker Punch . The filmmaker laments that the satirical nature of the project wasn't evident enough, revealing that he wishes he would have taken a different approach. Check out Snyder's full comment below:

    "Sucker Punch is probably the most obvious example of straightforward, pure satire that I’ve made. And I still think I didn’t go far enough, because a lot of people thought that it was just a movie about scantily clad girls dancing around in a brothel. I’m like, 'Really? Did you see Watchmen? That film is completely a superhero deconstruction from the drop, which is all Alan Moore. That’s the thing I’ve found really interesting and motivating throughout my career. And I think that, seen as a whole, it’s more obvious than on a movie-to-movie basis. "The thing that is deceiving about my movies is that I’m always trying to give the audience the movie they think they want to see, but also give them the subverted version of it at the exact same time. That notion has always been really cool and fascinating: that as filmmakers, we’re trying to sneak in the subversive thing without breaking the illusion. That’s the trick."

    Does Sucker Punch's Satire Work?

    The critical response explained.

    Upon its release in 2011, the critical reception to Sucker Punch was not positive. Marking Snyder's first movie based on an original concept, critics took issue with the film's focus on visuals over story and emotion. Another common complaint, of course, was the presentation of the female Sucker Punch cast , with Babydoll and her companions frequently sexualized through costuming and framing while engaging in over-the-top action scenes.

    Peter Debruge of Variety sums up the general sentiment in this regard, calling the film " Misleadingly positioned as female empowerment despite clearly having been hatched as fantasy fodder for 13-year-old guys ". A.O. Scott of The New York Times echoes this, criticizing the film's " pretense that this fantasia of misogyny is really a feminist fable of empowerment. " The film's satire wasn't lost on everyone, however, with Oscar Moralde of Slant writing that the " critical paroxysm against Sucker Punch is quite possibly the most colossal collective misreading of satire since Paul Verhoeven was accused of being a fascist for Starship Troopers. "

    This raises an interesting point, however. If the " misreading " of Sucker Punch is such a widespread issue, this would seemingly indicate that there are shortcomings in the filmmaking. If a filmmaker's messages aren't clearly received, is this the fault of audiences or of the filmmaker? Snyder's most recent comment would suggest that he does take some of the blame and that he'd make some adjustments if given a do-over. With the director having previously teased a Sucker Punch Snyder cut , perhaps he'll get an opportunity to further flesh out his vision.

    Source: Total Film (via GamesRadar )

    Sucker Punch


    Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Can Avoid the Movie's Mistakes

    Posted: October 28, 2023 | Last updated: October 28, 2023

    • The 2010 The Last Airbender featured weak bending
    • Netflix must stay true to the characters.
    • Aang's journey must be properly set up and explored.

    Excitement is building for Netflix's live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series as its 2024 release approaches, and a first proper look is expected at the forthcoming Geeked Week in November. The success of the One Piece series has also restored faith in some trepidatious fans due to a string of failed anime adaptations from the streamer prior. The upcoming Netflix series marks the second attempt at bringing the legend of Aang to live-action, as the first time through with M. Night Shyamalan was notoriously rough. The Netflix series faced production hiccups when original series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko departed the project over creative differences. Albert Kim went on to take over showrunner duties from DiMartino and Konietzko, with the show now a reality and in sight.

    Despite some production struggles, Netflix's take on Avatar is still worth the anticipation, thanks to the strong and accurate cast assembled. Not much has been revealed from the series, but the first look at the story's key characters staying true to the animated counterparts shows promise. As fans await the first footage from the live-action series, here are some mistakes the upcoming Netflix adaptation cannot make that the 2010 film infamously committed.

    The Original Film Featured Weak "Bending" Scenes

    LEGO Needs to Bring Back Avatar: The Last Airbender Sets

    Avatar: The Last Airbender 's biggest hook lies within its premise: the ability to master the elements. The animated series displayed high-octane action through bending, making a live-action adaptation worth chasing. The bending in The Last Airbender film was slow, minimal and lacked the creativity of the animated series. The Last Airbender also made the change to restrict Firebenders, requiring them to need a source of fire like the other benders to use their power.

    Any Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation hinges on the bending quality. A decade ago, there might've been a concern with a live-action adaptation working with a TV budget, but the medium has made great leaps with shows set in the Star Wars and MCU producing film-quality VFX. The budget for the live-action Avatar series is reportedly over $120 million for the season, which aligns with most blockbuster shows. The Netflix series needs to do its best to use its budget and emulate what's seen in the animated series and if it gets close, then audiences are in for a treat to something on the level of Star Wars ' iconic lightsaber duels.

    The 2010 Movie Misrepresented the Show's Characters

    Netflix’s Live-Action Avatar Must Focus on This Fan-Favorite Character

    One of the biggest head-scratching decisions the 2010 The Last Airbender film made was changing the pronunciation of Aang, Sokka and other key characters' names. Shyamalan made the move in an effort to be more accurate to the Asian pronunciation. The problem was that the film failed to honor that with its casting. This time around with the Netflix series, the characters' castings have been true to the races depicted in the animated series with Gordon Cormier (Aang), Kiawentiio (Katara), Ian Ousley (Sokka) and Dallas Liu (Zuko). The rest of the cast is also filled with talent accurate to the race reflected in the original run. Based on the first look at the characters released by Netflix , the series is about as close to the animated series visually as possible.

    Now, the Netflix series has to make sure the characters are accurate in portrayal and not just in looks alone. Most of the characters in The Last Airbender lacked a personality far from what is seen in the original animated series. Sure, the Nickelodeon series featured lots of slapstick humor that's difficult to translate into live-action, but Sokka and Aang can't be as serious as they were in the failed 2010 version. The character personalities are part of the charm the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series delivered. Hopefully, the Netflix series features some semblance of that.

    Netflix Can't Speed Through Aang's Journey

    Last Airbender Theory: Azula’s Blue Fire Proves She’s Irredeemable

    Another major mistake the film made was rushing through the story, as it tempted to tell the entire first season in a roughly 90-minute runtime. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a story akin to The Lord of the Rings and the journey doesn't feature much filler, part of the reason why the Nickelodeon series was so ground-breaking . There also needs to be time to set the stage and world-build with its rich and important history of everything that led to the Fire Nation's conquest.

    Luckily, telling the live-action series in eight, hour-long episodes should be enough to tell the story accurately. The first season of the original series contained 20 episodes that ran around 20 minutes each. Because The Last Airbender film featured such a short runtime, the story of Book One was surface level and left out key elements such as the Kyoshi Warriors , Omashu, Jet and Koh. The film also could not allow the audience to grow with its heroes. The Netflix series has the time to honor the animated show's first season well; it must maintain its focus and ensure those elements remain intact.

    During the pandemic, Avatar: The Last Airbender recaptured the hearts of subscribers who rediscovered or came across the series for the first time. It's a story that features unique mythology, beloved heroes, terrifying villains and a mystical world on the level of Star Wars and Harry Potter . Seeing the story accurately brought to life has a ton of potential, given how epic and fulfilling the journey of Aang, Katara, Sokka and Zuko is. Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender has a chance to be one of the streamer's biggest hits yet, thanks to the refreshing premise and loyal fan base. The Netflix series will still take creative liberties and pave its own patch, and it should. But, there are core elements that make Avatar: The Last Airbender special that will need to find a way in. With a failed live-action adaptation already out there to learn from, the Netflix series creators have a compelling opportunity to deliver something true and satisfy viewers, new and old. By avoiding the major mistakes The Last Airbender film made years ago, Netflix will have a shot to restore the franchise's honor and take it to new heights within the zeitgeist where it belongs.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender (Live-Action)

    Live-action adaptation of the animated series centering on the adventures of Aang and his friends, who fight to save the world by defeating the Fire-Nation.

    Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Can Avoid the Movie's Mistakes

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    FDA approves weight loss drug from Eli Lilly that helped people lose up to 52 pounds

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    Justice Antonin Scalia in 2010

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    The team behind Netflix's 'One Piece' knew the anime's diehard fans would be looking for mistakes in their visual effects

    • Netflix's "One Piece" lead character Luffy D. Monkey has the special power to stretch any part of his body.
    • The show's VFX supervisor Victor Scalise told Insider that this was the main challenge for the team.
    • Scalise said the VFX team had to be wary that fans would be looking closely for mistakes in the CGI.

    Insider Today

    A visual effects supervisor for Netflix's "One Piece" live-action adaptation said the team was worried about how closely diehard fans of the original anime would inspect the new show for mistakes.

    The live-action series about a group of wacky pirates , which premiered on Netflix in August, was adapted from a manga series of the same name. However, there is already an ongoing popular anime series based on the same comic.

    In an interview with Insider ahead of the release of the show, VFX supervisor Victor Scalise said that one of the main challenges for the team was making the special powers in the show seem realistic.

    For instance, the lead character Luffy (played by Iñaki Godoy in the Netflix series) eats a special fruit that magically turns his body into rubber , allowing him to stretch whenever he fights.

    "It's one of those things that when you first look at it, you think it's going to be a very simple effect to pull off," Scalise said about creating the stretching effect. "It took a lot longer to develop than we probably originally estimated."

    When asked if he felt any pressure due to the success of the anime, Scalise said he wished he was back in the time before streaming when fans wouldn't be able to pause and watch TV shows frame by frame.

    "You'd go to a movie theater, you'd watch faces melt in 'Indiana Jones,' and it was the most spectacular thing in the world because you couldn't frame through it," Scalise said. "That actually is why Luffy's punches were so difficult. Because if you play them, they look fine. But if you stop on a couple of frames, there are frames where it's literally just a streaky blur."

    He added: "That's always the scary thing for visual effects — people do stop on frames and go through it when it's not truly built to have that happen. It's still moving pictures so it's really meant to be played and watched. And so it does require a lot of extra work on our part to frame through."

    The supervisor also said that at times, the team would finish editing a stretch scene but then go back to check to make sure there were no mistakes if people rewatched it frame by frame.

    Despite that fear, the first season of "One Piece" was widely considered a success. It was the first anime adaptation to be genuinely praised by fans, and Netflix renewed it for a second season in September.

    movie bloopers and outtakes

    Watch: Take a behind-the-scenes look at how 8 Marvel movies were made

    movie bloopers and outtakes


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    movie bloopers and outtakes

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    The Irishman (2019) Factual error: While handling the ignition coil cable to the distributor cap, Joe Pesci tells De Niro that the timing chain needs adjustment in his truck. A truck of that year with an inline Chevy motor would not have a timing chain at all, instead this truck would be equipped with a direct drive timing gear.

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