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How to Read Newspaper Articles Online

Nowadays, many people prefer to get their news online. But with so much information available online, it’s more important than ever to get your news from reputable sources. For some people, that means relying on traditional newspaper outlets. Luckily, plenty of newspapers offer content online. Here’s how to access it.

The New York Times Newspaper

If you want to access The New York Times newspaper online, the good news is that you have a monthly allotment of free articles. However, if you’re a consistent reader, you should look into its subscription options. These include the “Basic Subscription,” which offers unlimited access to articles on any of your devices. You can also opt to add the “Cooking Subscription” or the digital access plus print subscription.

The website is laid out very intuitively, with the home page acting much like the front page of the paper. You can access content online and also through its app.

The Los Angeles Times Newspaper

The Los Angeles Times newspaper offers users three free articles per month on its site. After that, you must sign up for one of its subscriptions. The subscription is billed monthly and gives you unlimited access to all of the content. There are also other bonuses to signing up for a digital subscription, like receiving the Daily eNewspaper, which is just like the print paper but online, plus the chance to add home delivery options. And if you already pay for a regular paper delivery, digital access is included.

The Sunday Times Newspaper

The Sunday Times and The Times offer subscription-based access to online content. One subscription covers both papers, plus access to video content, crosswords and everything in the archive spanning 200 years.

The Seattle Times Newspaper

Reading The Seattle Times newspaper online requires a subscription that is billed weekly. There are several options available, including unlimited digital access. It also offers a package that gives you online access plus physical delivery of just the Sunday paper. That’s a bonus for coupon lovers. Others can opt for a digital and seven-day paper delivery subscription. The digital access includes a copy of the daily paper’s “Print Replica,” which mimics the paper copy.

Free Newspaper Articles Online

If you’re looking for free newspaper articles online, the best way to start is by doing a search on Google News for your keyword. If you gather your news from various sources, the free quota of articles may be enough to help keep yourself informed throughout the month. Some sites offer completely free articles, which are often local newspapers or sites like The Telegraph and The Guardian .


newspaper articles download

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Download a PDF of a newspaper.

A young woman wearing a striped shirt sitting on the floor using a laptop to download a PDF of a newspaper.

If you want to read newspapers or periodicals offline or send an article to a friend, make a PDF of a newspaper with a handy application.

Maybe you want to read your newspaper offline during a long trip. Or maybe you want to send an article or column you find stimulating to a friend to read. Perhaps you want to print out some newspaper content without the formatting challenges of printing directly from a web page. Good news — you can easily convert a newspaper or periodical file to a PDF. Once you have your PDF file, you can download it for your long trip, email it to a friend, or print the file to save an engaging or important article.

Here’s how to get a PDF file of a newspaper.

Most web browsers provide the option to print the page you are viewing, and within this function, you can save the page as a PDF instead of sending it to a physical printer. If you’re viewing a newspaper page on the web that you would like to save as a PDF, just find the Print option in the menu and choose “Save as PDF” as your print destination.

Another way to create a PDF from a newspaper is to download the contents you’d like to include in another file format, then convert that file to a PDF. The process might look a little different depending on your browser and operating system, but you should be able follow these or similar steps:

  • In your internet browser, click File > Save Page As.
  • Choose the location where you’d like to save the file.
  • For the file format, select DOCX or another type of file extension.
  • Open Adobe Acrobat and go to the File menu.
  • Choose Create > PDF From File.
  • Navigate to the location of the newspaper file and click Open.
  • When the new PDF opens, you can email it or save it for offline reading.

How to download a newspaper as a PDF on mobile.

You might want to save a newspaper article that you’re reading on your mobile device as a PDF. If you’re viewing the article in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Share.
  • Tap Save as PDF.
  • Adjust size, orientation, and page number.
  • Select the location where you would like to save the PDF.

What next for your PDF newspaper?

Now that you have your newspaper in PDF format, you’re ready to go. If you need a quicker option than this, you can always head to the convert to PDF page and follow the easy instructions there. You can also take advantage of other easy options that Acrobat online services offer, such as annotating PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat includes all the tools you need to create, edit, and share PDF files. In addition to editing PDFs, Acrobat includes PDF management tools that make it easy to communicate and preserve important information in beautiful formats. No matter your browser or operating system, you’ll be able to find all the intuitive and easy-to-use tools you need in one place. Try out the tools individually by accessing them for free with Acrobat online services, or download Adobe Acrobat for a full range of advanced tools.

Discover even more robust PDF editing options with Acrobat .

newspaper articles download

Top tip: Saving newspaper articles to your computer

' src=

Did you know that you can save the stories you find at The British Newspaper Archive to your computer?

This step-by-step guide will explain how you can download a whole newspaper page and also how you can save individual articles or images. Watch this short video tutorial or follow the steps below:

Search the newspapers –>

How to save articles from The British Newspaper Archive

  • Use the ‘Download’ option at the top of our image viewer to download a PDF of the whole newspaper page.
  • Open the file and then click the disk icon at the bottom of the page to save it to your computer.
  • To save a single article or image, go back to the image viewer. Click the ‘All Articles’ option on the left-hand side of the page to get rid of any highlighting.
  • Use the bottom icon on the image viewer to make the newspaper fill your whole screen. You can then zoom and move the page to focus on what you want to save.
  • If you’re using a Windows PC, your computer should have a ‘Snipping Tool’ installed on it. You can find it by opening your computer menu and searching for snipping tool.   If you’re using a Mac instead, you can use the ‘Grab’ tool which works in a similar way.
  • Draw around the article or image you want to save. You can then click on the disk icon and save it to your computer as a JPEG file.

  Search the newspapers –>

' src=

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Meet the content lead of the british newspaper archive, 250,000 pages added, including the daily telegraph, related posts:.

newspaper articles download

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newspaper articles download

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newspaper articles download

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4 comments on top tip: saving newspaper articles to your computer.

' src=

This article borders on untruth.

Yes, there IS a download to PDF command, but it produces a low-resolution document with unreadable text from older newspapers. So it is useless. Did nobody in the British Newspaper Archive think to test it to see if it is fit-for-purpose?

So, oh whoopy, you can do a screen capture using the ordinary screen capture code built into any computer. Nothing provided by you guys. Why haven’t you got a “download as image” command? You have the image at hand, because that’s what you use to create the display on the screen, all it needs is appropriate formatting for download.

On my brief foray into this website, I see it is completely amateurish. The OCR is rubbish, the OCR editor is rubbish, the article identification is rubbish, the search can’t work well because the stored text is incomplete and incorrect.

You need to sort out your systems. Filling them with more badly processed data, amateurishly presented, is not the way forward.

' src=

Hi nodgo, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with the website. We’ll pass your feedback onto our team, so thank you for taking the time to post it.

We’re currently working on improvements to allow our customers to snip articles directly from the website, but felt it would be useful to show how this can be done at the moment.

' src=

I could not agree more with nodgo. I often want to print (for my family history research) long articles from old, large, closely printed newspapers – using the snipping tool is not an option for a report covering a couple columns that run from the top to the bottom of a very large page .

The low resolution document is totally unacceptable. Downloading a whole page that has been squashed onto an A4 sized pdf by you is not even readable on the screen. It will never produces an acceptable printed result – even after editing in Photoshop and reducing the resolution from 300dpi to 150 in order the increase the size of the text. One can only produce a very poor quality print out that almost needs a magnifying glass to read it.

The new folder system for saved searches is an improvement but it is irritating not to be able to return to the folder you are working with and having to select the folder again to get back to where you were.

' src=

Thanks for the post and thanks for all commenters. keep continuing.

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