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14 Best Places to Watch Free Movies Online

Tubi and YouTube are the best sites for streaming free full-length movies, but you've got lots of other options

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Watching free movies online is a convenient and frugal way to see the films you love right from the comfort of your own home. Yes, there are plenty of sites where you can get movies "for free" but I've taken the time to confirm that the ones listed below, although ad-supported, are clean from viruses and, importantly, 100% legal to use .

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Tubi

Tubi has thousands of free movies and shows, including big titles and a kid-friendly area.

Best for User Feedback: YouTube

Among the millions of videos on YouTube are free movies with ads, curated by YouTube staff.

Best for High-Quality Movies: Vudu

Vudu's high-def movies are organized into unique sections like Blast From the Past, Hidden Gems, and Big Time Movie Stars.

Best for Popular Titles: Freevee

Amazon's free movie streaming service includes tons of well-known films.

Best for a TV Experience: Pluto TV

It's like cable TV, but totally free. Watch on-demand movies and TV, plus live videos 24/7.

Best for a Variety of Movies: Popcornflix

Jump right into watching free movies on your TV, phone, or computer without even setting up an account.

Best for Finding Movies Around the Web: Yidio

Yidio doesn't host any content, but it has a robust search feature that finds where you can watch films and shows for free online.

There's a huge variety of freely available movies on these sites, from comedies and dramas to horror and action films. There are movies from big-name studios, but also many older and independent movies that you'll love to watch over and over again.

I spend some time each month looking for the best free movie sites on the internet. This list was last updated in February to confirm that they still work, are still free, and are still worth your time.

Most of these sites have a mobile app for watching their movies. Take a look at our list of the best free apps for streaming movies so you can take the films with you wherever you go.

High quality, popular movies.

Lots of categories.

Subtitles can be enabled for most movies.

Has a section just for kids.

You don't need to log in to start watching.

Genre categories don't separate movies from shows.

You don't want to miss the thousands of free movies and TV shows you can stream right now at Tubi.

I like to visit the Leaving Soon page to catch freebies before they start to cost somewhere else, but my favorite part of this website for inspiration is Trending Now — I often have no clue what I'm in the mood for, so to see what everyone else is watching right now is awesome.

For example, a few of the more popular titles people have been streaming over the last month include Scandal , Big Momma's House 2 , Mr. and Mrs. Smith , Little Giants , and Push.

There are dozens of other genres and collections to pick from, too, like exclusives in Only Free on Tubi , and Black Cinema, Foreign Films, Based on a Book, Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes, and Cult Classics.

Tubi Kids is a section of this site perfect for streaming just kid-related films. It's available from the top of the website and has categories just for preschoolers and other kids, including Toon TV, LEGO, Animé, and Friendly Monsters films. There are also parental controls you can set through the normal website.

You don't even need a user account to watch this stuff. Just follow this link below, click something you're interested in, and enjoy!

Movies are rated by real viewers.

You can leave comments.

Single, easy-to-scroll-through list.

Most movies have subtitles.

No ads for Premium subscribers.

Many aren't in HD.

Relatively few genres.

No easy search tool for just the free movies.

I was shocked the first time I found out YouTube has free movies . And no, these aren't poorly filmed videos without subtitles that were uploaded by someone random. I'm talking full-length, totally legal movies, uploaded and managed by YouTube.

This last month, I was able to watch A Walk to Remember and Bram Stoker's Van Helsing ; both movies included captions and were available in 1080p. Here are some other examples of free films I saw listed on YouTube: Donnie Darko, Gladiator, Fool's Gold, Coneheads, A.I. Artificial Intelligence , and The Iron Giant.

Something you can't get with YouTube, but that is supported by most of these movie sites, is the ability to search through just the free titles. However, here's a trick that has saved me loads of time: Open the full list of movies and use your browser's Find function to search by year, genre, or title.

YouTube's curated list (the link below) is the best way to find all their new and popular free movies. Some companies, like Cineverse , list movies in their own profile.

Lots of high quality movies.

Several useful ways to find just the free movies.

Most are popular and well known, and include subtitles.

Films can be filtered and sorted in a number of ways.

Also supports buying and renting movies.

Some movies here cost.

You must log in (it's free).

There are thousands of movies on Vudu that you can watch right now. All you have to do is put up with a few commercials.

It's a great movie site whether you do or don't have an idea about what you want to watch. Films can be filtered by genre, and you can browse by most-watched or release date. All the basic genres are available: action, comedy, crime, romance, and a few others.

While it's true that the genres aren't interesting, Vudu makes up for it with their curated lists. Check these out: Most Watched Movies , Critically Acclaimed , Hidden Gems , and Big Time Movie Stars . There are a few hundred videos in each section.

Something unique about this site is that not only does it let you look through the newest releases, but you can do so on a single page for every genre. Some of the more recent additions include Before the Fire, Confession, Defining Moments , and 15 Cameras .

One great thing about Vudu's movies is that some of them are in 1080p, so you don't have to sacrifice quality just to watch some free movies.

Once you settle on something to watch, you might be given the option to buy or rent it, but so long as you found it through one of the free pages, there will be a button you can use to stream the movie without paying. You can also pay for movies here ( some are even still in theaters ).

Great collection of newer free films and shows.

Browsing for movies is easy.

Includes original videos.

Locate movies with subtitles in your language.

Uncluttered video player.

User account required.

Most in-video ads are long.

Unhelpful search tool.

For US users only.

Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) is Amazon's collection of free movies. I use this a lot from my TV, but it's just as easily accessible from their website or mobile app. Everything I watch here is easy to find and seems to be high-quality.

Something I like about this site is how the genres and movie collections are organized. For example, if I'm looking through the most popular movies or recently added list, I can filter by genre and/or subtitle language to make sure I find a movie that's a good fit for me.

The video player lets you turn on subtitles, adjust the way the captions show up on the screen, change the video quality, and go into full-screen mode.

Here are some of the most popular movies you can watch at Freevee: Home Again, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Waiting, Baby Driver, Space Jam: A New Legacy, The Hitman's Bodyguard, Nerve , and Old .

Has the same feel as a TV's channel guide.

Includes thousands of on-demand movies.

Streams TV shows, news, music, and more.

No user account necessary.

Has only a dozen or so channels for just movies.

Live-streamed movies can't be watched again on demand.

There's always a video playing; you can mute, but not stop it.

Pluto TV is the closest thing I've found to free cable TV. It's owned by Paramount and fully supported by ads, so there's no worry that you might accidentally buy something.

My biggest joy about using this service is that I can just turn it on and let it play. There are hundreds of live channels, so some of them feature news, reality TV, or game shows, but there are also some with full-length movies.

Not everything is live, though, which is good. If I'm in the mood for something specific, I can look through thousands of movies and TV shows that are available on demand.

The unique categories for their on-demand films are a huge plus because most movie sites just stick to the traditional few genres. Examples include Season's Greetings, Hollywood Icons, Hand-Picked Hits, Audio Description Available , Black Voices , and '90s Throwback .

These are some of the most watched movies on Pluto TV this last month: Top Gun, Mean Girls, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Firm, Paid in Full, The Big Short , and Tropic Thunder.

In my experience, running Pluto TV through a TV makes it easier to use because the always-on video player gets in the way on smaller screens. But, there is a mobile app and a desktop player if you'd rather go that route.


Includes subtitles.

Has a one-page list of every movie available.

'Continue watching' section.

Can't sort by date or popularity.

Strange site navigation.

Popcornflix is another great place to watch free movies online. Their constant flow of new titles from Screen Media Ventures means they have lots of movies being added all the time.

Right off the bat, I appreciate that I don't need an account to use it. I also like that resume playback is supported so I can pause and watch the rest of the movie later.

However, there are a few things I don't like. While the website is definitely very modern looking, it's not super user-friendly. Along that same line, I would love to have sorting options within each genre list because it's way more fun to see which documentaries, for examples, were added recently so I'm not scrolling over all the same movies I always see.

There are several hundred movies here that include comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, documentary movies, and foreign films. They also feature web and film school originals, and list some titles by a common theme. I've seen To Boldly Go, Offbeat Comedies, Leaving the Parents at Home, A Dose of Adrenaline, and Martial Arts .

Makes it easy to find free movies around the web.

Lots of unique filtering options.

Sort by popularity and date added.

Can be helpful for renting and buying, too.

Films are streamed through other sites.

Movies are DVD quality.

Incorrectly labels some paid movies as free.

Shows the wrong synopsis and photo for some films.

I'm so happy I stumbled on Yidio years ago! It's like a search engine for all these other movie sites. It shows where on the internet a movie is available for free. It's incredibly handy.

A search box would be enough, but Yidio goes above and beyond with lots of other sorting and filtering options. These include MPAA rating, decade, genre, IMDb score, and others. Just fill out any of that information to get a list you can comb through, with links to free movie sites.

For example, I asked Yidio to find me free animation movies from 2020 or newer, and to sort the list by IMDb rating. The top several results provided links to watch those films on Tubi, Roku, Pluto TV, and other free streaming sites.

This isn't a perfect service, but it works great nearly every time I use it.

The Roku Channel

Provides high quality movies.

Includes newer films.

Works on computers, mobile devices, and TVs.

Offers customizable captions.

No user account needed.

Can't filter or sort any genre list.

Doesn't separate movies from shows in category lists.

Lists paid videos next to free ones.

You might already know about Roku's free movies if you have a Roku TV or streaming player. But even if you don't, you can still watch all the same free movies, TV shows, and live TV from a computer, phone, tablet.

There are some ads in these movies, but the trade-off is really high-quality videos and well-known movies.

On the home page are handy categories I have yet to find on another free movie site. They change often, but some that I've seen include Workplace Comedies, Super Powered Stories, Politics, Twisted Realities, Underdogs, Back to School , and Just Keanu.

While there are also typical genre lists you can browse through, none of them let you sort by popularity or filter by rating or year. This is by far my biggest issue with the service. That, and both TV shows and movies are mixed into the same lists, and said lists must be browsed horizontally in a carousel-like menu. It's just not super user-friendly.

However, I do like that you can search for actors and directors to find movies they're associated with. I also appreciate the Continue watching section.

Most if not all movies have subtitles.

Doesn't require a user account.

Several ways to browse the films.

Create a queue for easy passive watching.

Mostly uninteresting genres.

Lists shows alongside the movies.

Huge lists of videos that can't be sorted.

Plex is an interesting service because it's actually a much bigger package than it might seem at first. In addition to its massive collection of free full-length movies and TV shows, Plex also has live TV and associated software that serves as a really cool at-home media server .

Currently, there are tens of thousands of free movies and shows here. They're sectioned off in traditional genres like action and crime, but you can also browse by actor or channel. Plex has its own unique collections, too, including Take Me to Your Leader, Reel Mockbusters, Til Death Do Us Part , Cheap Thrills , and Based on a True Story .

On a movie's watch page are similar titles and additional details that help build a total picture of the film, like the full cast list, reviews, and trailers. I love this because it makes it easy to find other movies on Plex with the same stars.

See which movies on Plex are leaving soon to catch them before they go! Plex's Most Popular page lists these titles and more: The Girl Next Door, Monstrous, The Marksman, Safe Haven, Scary Movie 4, Drive Angry , and Gods of Egypt.

If you can't find what you want on Plex, the title you're interested in might still show up in the results, and you'll be given links to places you can buy/rent it (sort of like Yidio, listed above).

You don't need a user account.

Also has TV shows.

Save movies to a 'Watch Later' list.

Includes movie trailers.

The ads help fund the project and filmmakers.

Can't sort or filter any genre list.

Really distracting ads.

No age verification for NC-17 films.

Filmzie is built for streaming movies from independent filmmakers and both small and large studios. The site and app are well-designed, and there are plenty of great titles to stream.

There are some unique collections that are rare to find on a movie site, like Festive Films, Asia's Top Cinema, Cuddle-Up Comedies , Independent Cinema, and Directed By Women .

Of course, over 20 traditional genres, like drama and thriller, are also available. Trending, new, and most-watched movies each have their own section as well.

Filmzie does a great job organizing its movies. This is the main reason I use it. That, and there are so many videos here that I have never even heard of, so it's the perfect place to find something brand new.

Some of this site's most watched movies are Broken Side of Time, Maybe Shower , The Babysitters , and Play Hooky . A few of the newer additions include Violent Delights, Mischief, Women in the Dark, and Once Again.

I've used the website and the mobile app, and both work more or less the same as these other movie sites.

Includes thousands of free videos.

Adds new movies often.

No ads display within the movies.

Loads of genres to pick from.

Unique movies.

Must have a supported library card or school account.

The Kanopy movie streaming site is different from these other choices because you need a valid library card or university login before you can watch anything. However, there are zero commercials in the movies, and new films are added every month.

Use the Kanopy signup page to search for your library, whether it's a public library or one attached to a school. You can start watching movies after you've been approved.

Kanopy does a great job providing useful categories to look through. There's Short Film, History - Ancient, LGBTQ Cinema, War & Action, Sociology, Performing Arts, Human Rights, Everyday Health, and K-12 Lessons .

A few of the more popular movies here include Donnie Darko, Memento, The Girl on the Train, and Maurice.

There's also an entirely separate section for Kanopy kids movies . My son's old enough now to watch non-kid movies, but if he weren't, I'd be thrilled with this. There are subsections like Story Time and Read-Along Storybooks . You can also set up parental controls to force only age-appropriate content.

Big selection, including recent films.

Good video quality.

Really great mobile app.

Can't sort films by popularity.

Available only in the US and its territories.

Crackle is a no-brainer for this list. I always come back to it to watch free movies online because of its list of hundreds of full-length films and original programming. These are big-name movies with stars I'm sure you know.

Although you have to sit through commercials, I find them to be relatively short, with only a few breaks during a movie.

Another reason I choose Crackle is because of its unique categories like Foreign Language, Stand-Up, British, Variety/Talk/Games, and Unidentified/Unexplained . It's fun to look through interesting genres like this.

A closed captioning toggle is available directly from the video player for all users, but if you sign up for an account (it's free), you can also enable parental controls (options are kids mode, teen mode, and grown-up mode).

Here are some examples of the most popular movies on Crackle: Falcon Rising, Half Nelson, They Call Me Sirr, Winter Passing , and The Six Wives of Henry Lefay.

Supports 'resume watching.'

Clearly shows which titles are leaving soon.

Genre lists can't be sorted.

Few unique genres.

Redbox is known for its DVD rental kiosks, but they also have free movie streams available through their website and mobile app. No matter where you use it, the user interface is quite bland, and you can't sort any of the lists. Still, I'll end up here from time to time if I can't find something good through these other services.

Like most movie sites, Redbox's collection can be browsed by genre to help you find dramas, kid movies, romance films, comedies, etc. Faith-Based is one category I haven't seen elsewhere.

Redbox also makes it super simple to see which movies are the most popular and which ones will be leaving the site soon. Some of the latest movies added to their streaming collection include Curtis, Infinitum: Subject Unknown, Dark Frontier, Southbound, and Hall.

Stream some movies without an account.

Add films to a personal watchlist.

Several genres to pick from.

Uncluttered website design.

Recommends movies based on watch history.

Lots of movies require a paid membership.

Can't easily search through all the free titles.

Sluggish, sometimes unresponsive UI.

Basic search tool with zero filters.

Requires a user account.

CONtv calls itself the "digital destination for Comic Con fans." It partners with Cinedigm and Wizard World to offer cult classics, anime, horror, martial arts, and sci-fi movies and TV shows.

The website is pretty basic in that there aren't sorting or filtering options, but I do like that it supports browsing by actor or director, as well as really specific keywords, such as hypnotic or arcade .

The Top 10 Movies section is handy because it shows what other people like to watch here. I'm also grateful that this website separates its movies from its TV shows, and that the non-free titles are clearly marked as such before you click on a thumbnail.

There are mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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Watch for Free

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The 15 Best Sites to Watch Movies for Free (Legally!)

Looking for the best free online movie streaming sites? Here's where you can watch free and legal movies anytime you like.

Although free movie streaming might sound synonymous with piracy, there are loads of legal free movie websites on the internet. These are packed full of movies you can stream for free without breaking the law.

Whether you're looking for movies or TV shows, finding free videos to stream is totally feasible; it just requires that you know where to look. With that in mind, here are the best free online movie streaming sites to check out.

What to Expect From Free Movie Streaming Sites

There are a ton of free, legal videos online, so you'll find a great mix of options on the below services. A healthy amount of the movies available to stream for free are in the public domain. Because these films have lapsed in ownership and fallen into common property, many sites host such video treasures.

But it isn't just B-movies available to stream online; you'll also find many big-budget releases. Usually, these are ad-supported, so like watching a movie on TV, you'll have to sit through limited commercials. Nevertheless, the movies are usually presented uncut.

You shouldn't expect to see the latest releases. Instead, you'll mostly see movies dating back anywhere from a few months to many years. Additionally, some sites include original productions and amateur films.

To watch on the go, don't forget to also install some of the best free movie apps on your phone.

YouTube Free Movies

It's no surprise that YouTube ranks among the best free movie streaming sites you can find. It offers a ton of free films to pick from, including many public domain films from channels such as the aptly titled Public Domain Films .

Furthermore, channels like Popcornflix host full movies via YouTube, and you'll find an official Free to Watch section in YouTube's Movies & Shows hub. There's a fantastic mix, with everything from classic comedies to sports and much more. It's a far cry from channels that only offer movies from the 1950s you've never heard of.

You may have to dig a bit for what you want to watch. But for those with patience, YouTube is a treasure trove of free, legal movies to stream.

Crackle Movies

Boasting a solid array of syndicated content and its own productions, Crackle is a must for any film buff . Its rotating selection varies, but you'll find quality movies across genres here.

Aside from films, Crackle features television shows, including original programming. And by making a free account, you can enjoy Crackle on your TV too.

CONtv Movies

CONtv, formerly known as Viewster, features live TV, shows, and movies. Among the TV shows on offer, you'll still find some free movies to enjoy here, including a lot of horror B-films. Some of it requires a subscription, but a lot of the content is available to watch for free.

Vudu Free Movies

While Vudu is known for its digital video rentals and sales, it has a sizable selection of free movies to stream too. With a comprehensive array of movies and TV shows, plus fresh additions arriving regularly, it's a fantastic service.

Vudu's free section operates similarly to Crackle by providing full movies with limited commercials. Through hosting films with ads, Vudu is able to offer free movies and TV shows legally.

You need to register for a free Vudu account to use this service, but it's worth doing so. Once you do, you can use your account to activate digital copies of movies and shows, as well as buy and rent movies from Vudu.

5. Popcornflix

PopcornFlix Website

Like Crackle, Popcornflix presents full movies with limited ads. Here, you'll find a range of movies in a rotating selection, and there's no account required to start watching. The service even offers some original content, to boot.

Flicks are segmented into genres that are more unique than the standard ones, such as Out for Revenge and Medieval Action . With a beefy lineup and easy navigation, Popcornflix is an awesome choice for free, legal movie streaming.

Tubi Website

Providing free movies and shows, Tubi is another fantastic service for legal movie streams. Here, you'll be able to view newer movies from as recent as 2022, as well as older favorites.

Helpfully, Tubi offers a Leaving Soon category. This lets you prioritize your streaming queue so you can catch movies and shows before they disappear. Be sure to check out the First Time on Tubi collection, too.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV Movies

Pluto TV has a lot to offer. You'll find a Live TV section where you can switch between channels, much like traditional cable. Switch to the Live TV section on the left side to jump to channels that only play films, though they may be in the middle of something depending on when you start watching.

If you can't find something that you like on the live stations, switch to the On Demand section at the top. Here you'll find tons of free movies you can start streaming right away.

8. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

As the name suggests, Classic Cinema Online focuses on older content. Even its website aesthetic captures a decidedly retro vibe, using a backdrop of red theater curtains. You can walk through the decades here with films from the 1930s to the 1960s. There are even some silent films on offer, if you're interested in those.

Some of the inclusions may have you calling the definition of "classic cinema" into question. Nevertheless, Classic Cinema Online is pure gold for old-school movies and one of the best sites for public domain films .

Hoopla Movies

Hoopla has one barrier to entry, but is still an easy way to legally watch movies online for free. To use Hoopla, you'll need to create an account and link your supported public library card.

Once you do, you can use Hoopla to borrow movies and TV shows, plus audiobooks and ebooks, from your library's collection. The service is available on the web as well as apps for all your devices and TV streaming boxes.

If you don't have a library card or your library doesn't support Hoopla, you won't be able to use it. But if you can, it's a service worth checking out.

Yidio Free Movies

Although Yidio isn't a video host, it does act as an excellent aggregator of free streaming movies and TV shows. The way Yidio works is by redirecting you to third-party services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others. As such, certain films and shows here do require a subscription.

Using the Free filter on the left side will help you find movies and TV that come at no cost. Unfortunately, not everything in the free categories is actually free. Clicking on some titles prompts you to sign up for a free trial.

Still, Yidio makes finding free movie streams far easier than checking individual sites manually. You can filter by rating, genre, and more to find something to watch.

11. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel Movies

Don't be fooled by The Roku Channel's name. While it's available for Roku streaming devices via an app, you can watch on the web too. With a few clicks, you can stream Roku Originals, popular TV shows, and new-arrival movies.

The selection rotates, and there are categories on the main page to help you find something you'll enjoy. As expected, you'll have to sit through ads, but ad-supported means free, right?

Kanopy Movies

Libraries are most often associated with books, but that's not all they provide. Kanopy, like Hoopla mentioned above, lets you stream tons of "thoughtful entertainment" movies for free, making it another great way to get free content with a participating library card (or university login).

With either of those, you can watch hundreds of free movies. These include a lot of documentaries and international films, so this is a great fit for those who want something a little different.

13. Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) lets you enjoy free movies on Amazon Video. The service launched in 2019 and while its name has changed, the experience has remained the same. It allows anyone with a free account to watch a selection of free movies and TV shows. In addition to watching online, you can enjoy this content on your Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and other streaming devices.

Alongside the movies, you'll also find some TV series (including live channels) and originals to enjoy.

14. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema

As the name suggests, Free Movies Cinema features legal free movie streaming. Unlike many sites, the selection touts not only general categories like action and comedy, but also short films and features.

There's also a collection of fan-made movies, such as Portal and Watch Dogs, based on video games of the same names.

15. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

If you're looking for free documentaries, you'll find plenty at Top Documentary Films. It packs a varied selection, including amateur documentaries you might not have heard about before.

Browse the Top 100 documentaries to find something that's popular, or take a look at recently added movies or the various genres to drill down a bit.

The Best Free Movie Sites for Everyone

With these free online movie streaming sites, you now know where to look for hundreds of free movies. Enjoy these legal films anytime, anywhere so you never go without something to watch.

Meanwhile, you should also know how to legally download movies for offline use, so you can enjoy them on your next flight or long trip.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

The marvels.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Planet of the Apes

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How many times have you sat down for the evening, gotten comfortable with your drink, put on your lounge pants. And then you discover there are no good movies to watch? For most people, it happens frequently. What can you do instead? How about watching a full length movie online through Yidio? You are guaranteed to find a movie you want to watch.

Finding a full movie to watch through Yidio is very easy to do. There are several ways in which one can search and find a movie title that is interesting. You can search through all the latest movies by genre, alphabetically, or rating. You can also search by which source you might already be a member of or a subscriber to. Here are some ways to watch streaming movies online with Yidio.

Are you a fan of drama movies? Do you prefer the down to Earth reality of a historical piece? Browse the genre that interests you most on the right-hand column of the website and select the movie in question. The online movies are categorized in to 21 different categories to stream.

If the family is all available to sit down and watch a flick, you might want to choose a G rated movie. Movies can also be searched by their rating. You can be family friendly with your choice or you can pick one strictly for adults when the time is right. There are 6 rating choices to search through.

If you want to watch the movie immediately, it can be purchased or rented through Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Hulu, Crackle and My Lifetime. Depending on the source you choose, there might be a wider selection available than another. Netflix is also available as an option if you have a subscription and want to queue a movie on to your account.

Once you select a movie title, it lists the brief plot, the rating, the length, the actors and the genre it belongs to. There are reviews from users that might help you decide to watch it or not. There are even video clips listed to give you a preview of the movie.

Simply go to the Yidio website and begin the search for a movie.

Killers of the Flower Moon

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online movie link

The Best Free Movie Sites and Apps: Watch Free Movies Online

Here's where you can stream hundreds of movies online for free..

The Best Free Movie Sites and Apps: Watch Free Movies Online - IGN Image

As convenient as today's grand selection of paid streaming services is, sometimes it feels good to watch a movie knowing that you aren't paying for a subscription. Luckily, there is an array of websites and services that make this possible, even with the existence of their fierce competitors. While they are less sought-after or convenience incentivized than services like Netflix , Hulu , or HBO Max , they are perfect for those penny-pinching movie viewers looking to save. Since there are so many paid streaming services in 2024, for many–if not all–of the sites on this list, advertisements are an obvious obligation.

Since there are so many options that come up from a simple search, this list will be a guide for the free movie sites that tend to be a bit less risky than some alternative options. There are plenty of sites available that are illegal in multiple provinces and countries, it should be noted that the free movie websites and appson this list are all legal in the way that the streaming rights were acquired.

You can also check out our guide on where to stream TV for free online .

The Roku Channel

online movie link

One of the few on this list that has its own original content, The Roku Channel is a unique option for the casual viewer. With no need to sign up or register, it’s easy to start streaming one of the many titles available. While it is one of the favored free sites to stream, the quality of content is somewhat limited, making it a good option to catch an arthouse film you may have missed. And if you’ve been wanting to watch the Weird Al movie , this is the only place you can.

online movie link

With a surprisingly impressive interface, Pluto TV acts almost as an interactive TV Guide of movies and TV shows. With multiple options for the layout, anyone who visits this site–no registration required–will have access to a fairly large catalog of movies. While there are no popup or banner ads, there are still ads that may interrupt in the middle of a scene or dialogue.

online movie link

A site with a higher standard of big movies available for free, Plex is a good choice for the money-saving cinephile. After a quick sign-in through Google, Facebook, or Apple, a viewer can watch many popular movies with the cast, internet ratings, and reviews from mainstream sites right there in the film summary section. On top of that, Plex is available to stream through the app on an extremely wide array of devices.

online movie link

For those skeptical about the safety of various unknown websites, a well-known and overall trusted source of free movies is YouTube . While all of the movies contain a higher frequency of ads than other sites, the amount of mainstream options available here is worth the look. Since it’s a familiar layout for most, navigating the site shouldn’t cause any holdups.

online movie link

Another of the sites on this list growing in popularity, Tubi rivals the best when it comes to layout and movie selection. While it resembles Netflix in look and interface, Tubi is one of the few options here that are only available in some countries: the U.S. included. It’s also got some nostalgic classics that might interest the millennial crowd.

Tubi is also a great place to stream anime for free , making it a very well-rounded service.

online movie link

While Crackle carries a lot of generally unknown sequels or continuations of movie series, the sheer amount of content is enough to justify a visit. Regarding safety, this site is among the more easily trustworthy sites, as Sony is held to a much higher standard than your everyday streaming site. Along with these other pros, the ads are actually a bit lower in frequency and annoyance than the other sites.

online movie link

Taking on more of an Amazon feel, Vudu has options for purchasable, rentable, on-sale, or free movies. While there are not multitudes of ideal options for movies free to watch, it still remains another good option if you’re looking for a very particular movie. As a huge bonus, the ads for this website are quite minimal in comparison to other sites mentioned.

Freevee (fka IMDB TV)

online movie link

A sub-site of Amazon (formerly IMDB), Freevee has transitioned to an app-only format that requires an Amazon sign-in. Obviously available through Amazon Prime, free movies from Freevee can also be streamed via Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, Echo Show, and more. While the library is not as expansive as some, users can feel a sense of comfort streaming through a website they may already be subscribed to: Amazon.

online movie link

Another site where streaming live TV is an option, XUMO Play has some pretty great movie options that arguably rival the other services, depending on what a viewer is looking for. With specialized lists of movies and vast device compatibility, this is an underrated underdog of a streaming site.

online movie link

Quite unique to this list, registration is required but the criteria needed for registration are a bit strange. In order to sign up for this ad-free, simultaneously streaming website, one needs to have either a public library card or a university login. The options are better than most for movies after registration, all of which can be enjoyed on your TV, mobile phone, tablet, or online. Kanopy is a great way to get free movies without ads.


online movie link

Popcornflix is another way to get your free movie and TV show fix (no pun intended). No registration is required, though you will have to sit through ads with whatever you choose to watch. It has quite the range of shows and films as well, both in genre and release, so you're sure to find something to suit your next movie night or TV binge-watch.

More Ways to Watch Free Movies Online in 2024

Another great way to watch free movies online is by taking advantage of free trials from different streaming services. If you're not already a member, both Prime Video and Hulu offer a 30-day free trial, but the latter depends on what plan you're interested in. At the moment, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial on Hulu by signing up for their No Ads plan (which is $14.99/month once the trial ends). Paramount+ and Apple TV+ also offer a free trial period, though they're both 7 days long rather than 30 days.

Connor Sheppard is a contributing culture writer and critic of all things media at IGN with previous work on The Manual.

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18 best websites to legally watch free movies online

Kanopy loading screen tv

It might be time to say goodbye to Netflix , Hulu , or Disney Plus , especially if you’re trying to lower your monthly costs. You’d be surprised how quickly all of those services can add up and match your cable bill, especially in 2023 with all the constant price increases. It can be hard, with so many new shows and movies rolling out each week. Luckily, you can keep your spending in check and still get your TV and cinema fix. There are plenty of places online to stream movies and TV shows for free legally. The quality of shows and movies have also greatly improved since the pandemic, as more folks are looking for cheaper alternatives as paid streaming services continue to skyrocket. While we already have a guide to the best free streaming services, this list takes an even deeper look at other sources, including websites and more. 

Websites with free movies and TV:

Amazon freevee, movies found online, popcornflix, internet archive, top documentary films, the roku channel.

Editor’s note: We will update this list as more free movies options show up online.

Hoopla home page

Many people don’t know that their local library card can get them more than just books. If your local library supports it, you can also gain access to a couple of different services that let you watch free movies online, and Hoopla is one of them. Hoopla features tons of free movies and TV shows online and through its mobile app.

Beyond movies, Hoopla also has tons of eBooks, comics, music, and audiobooks so that it can become your one-stop entertainment shop. Just keep in mind, Hoopla works kind of like a standard library, so you will only be able to borrow a certain number of movies, TV shows, or books, and you have a set time to finish them before you have to check them out again (if they aren’t checked out by another patron already).

Stock photo of Freevee by Amazon logo on phone next to box 1

Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) is one of the best websites for movie lovers to catch up on all sorts of movie and celebrity-related content. It offers local movie showtimes and ticketing, trailers, movie critic and user reviews, personalized recommendations, and even a robust library of free movies online. The service comes bundled together with Amazon Prime memberships, too.

It features fun family favorites, but it also has many cult classics as well. Whatever kind of mood you are in, you can bet Amazon Freevee has something for you.

Movies Found Online homepage

The name says it all. Movies Found Online doesn’t host its content, but instead, the website embeds free movies and videos from other sites into one location. Nearly everything on this website is independently made, and the selection includes narrative features, documentaries, and even short films. The website has a somewhat limited library compared to other sites on this list, but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you might find something on Movies Found Online.

Just be sure to keep your ad blocker on; Movies Found Online is prone to pop-ups here and there.

popcorn flix cover

Popcornflix is a straightforward video streaming service to watch free movies online. It hosts tons of films, TV shows, and documentaries. The service has been around for nearly a decade now, but the library seems to have made a recent move towards B-movies. It features a well-organized directory to quickly peruse the various genres you are interested in, including new arrivals, foreign films, and even Popcornflix originals.

Internet Archive free movies online

The Internet Archive is a little bit of an oddball in this list. Not only can you stream thousands of hours of free movies online, but you are also free to download nearly everything on the website too. That’s because all of the content on the Internet Archive is either uploaded by users or falls within the public domain. Most feature films are more than 70 years old, but it’s the place for classic detective, sci-fi, horror, and silent films.

Kanopy home page

Just like Hoopla, all you need to get up and going with Kanopy is a library card. We can’t guarantee every library supports it, but Kanopy is a treasure trove of free movies online if yours does. You may also be able to tap into Kanopy’s library through your school or university.

You can access Kanopy online or through the service’s mobile app, and there are more movies than you could ever hope to watch. Plus, Kanopy’s movie selection is top-notch, featuring award-winning films from studios like A24.

Plex free movies online

Plex is a valuable tool for people who want to access their personal media library from anywhere in the world. But that’s not all it does. Plex now has its own online ad-support media library, so users can watch tons of free movies online without having their own collection.

This selection of free content fits seamlessly within the existing Plex interface so that you can access it either from the app or within a browser. Whether you’re already a longtime Plex user or you’ve never even heard of it, this new movie selection is worth a look.

Stock photo of Pluto TV logo on phone 1

One itch most streaming services don’t scratch is the need to channel surf like you can on cable television. That’s where Pluto TV comes in. Pluto TV features tons of free movies, TV shows, and cartoons online and through the Pluto TV app, but it presents them in a way that’s more akin to classic cable.

Pluto TV has a section where you can stream content on-demand, but it also features more than 250 channels that you can tune in to watch at previously scheduled times. Naturally, that comes with a few downsides, but if you are looking for a nigh one-to-one replacement for your existing cable service, Pluto TV has you covered. 

Crackle stock photo 1

The Crackle streaming service feels like it has been around forever. It is one of the staples for budget-minded movie lovers looking for free online content. Like most other services on this list, it’s ad-supported, but Crackle’s library is more robust than others, and it is available in your web browser and through various smart TV and mobile apps. Whether you like watching your movies on your TV, computer, or smartphone, Crackle is there waiting for you to give it a shot.

Top Documentary Films home page

Are you in the mood for a documentary? Top Documentary Films has you covered. Whether you are looking for a film on human health, environmentalism, or outer space, there’s something here for you. It features some of the best documentary movies you can find online, covering a vast selection of topics, and it’s all completely free.

Some movies are only a couple of minutes long, while others are as long as any classic movie. So whether you have only 15 minutes or a few hours, you’ll be able to find something on Top Documentary Films.

Stock photo of Tubi logo on phone 1

Tubi TV has been around since 2014, and since then, the service has grown to become one of the highest quality free movie streaming services you can find online. What’s excellent about Tubi is that it offers some of the overall best films on this list.

It also boasts various genres you won’t find on many other free services like LGBTQ, home and garden, reality TV, and musicals. It also has many hand-curated collections, so if you have difficulty finding what you want to watch, Tubi will help you narrow it down. There’s also a growing number of exclusive movies on Tubi.

Yidio free movies online

Like Movies Found Online, Yidio doesn’t host its own content. Instead, it aggregates online movies and TV shows from paid and free services into one easy-to-navigate UI. Because of that, Yidio’s library looks massive.

You can watch free movies directly from the website, and you can also browse content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. So, if you have at least one of these streaming services, you should give Yidio a try.

YouTube free movies online

YouTube is chock-full of content creators, vloggers, and even original content . But what people might not know is that YouTube also offers a library of movies and TV shows beyond YouTube Originals. Within that online library, there is an entire selection of movies you can watch entirely for free.

Though the free library isn’t the largest on this list, you’ll find horror films, comedies, action flicks, dramas, and even children’s movies. So, the next time you check out the Android Authority YouTube channel , be sure to scout out YouTube’s free movie library.

The Roku Channel

You can watch a bunch of free movies and TV shows on The Roku Channel. The streaming service also gives you free access to Live TV. There is no subscription fee involved, and you can watch the free titles available on the service through your Roku device other streaming devices, or even a web browser. The service even has a few exclusive new movies you won’t find anywhere else.

Peacock stock photo 8

Peacock is a streaming service run by NBCUniversal. The platform lets you watch around 13,000 hours of content for free, including feature films and TV shows like This is Us, Law, and Order: SVU, and more. The only caveat is that you’ll have to watch some ads while binging for free.

ConTV Screenshot - free movies website

Previously called Viewster, ConTV is a fandom-focused digital streaming network. The website offers thousands of hours of programming, including free movies and TV shows across genres like horror, sci-fi, anime, martial arts, classical cinema, and more. It’s also got licensed content from many other studios. You’ll have to endure some ads while watching, but you probably guessed that already.

free vudu movies

Vudu is mostly known as a place to rent or buy digital movies and TV shows. However, it also has a growing number of films and TV series you can watch for free, with ads. Best of all, if you really like a movie you watch for free, you can always purchase it so you can watch it without ads and not have to worry about it disappearing from the free library.

xumo exclusive

Xumo is owned by Comcast, which also owns Peacock. Xumo has a number of older and more recent movies to watch, although most are not as high profile or have as high review scores as you can find on Peacock. However, Xumo does have a small number of exclusive films to watch.

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  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Android App


Find Movies, TV shows and more

With so many streaming sites claiming to be free and safe, it's only wise to do extensive research to choose the best one to watch movies online and serie HD online! With the explosion of streaming services, there are more and more streaming sites promising to be a safe place for movie enthusiasts. However, many of them can be very dangerous as they can steal your private info. Therefore, stick with streaming sites that don’t require any registration or sign-up, stick with Movie4k to. With thousands of movies and TV shows in stock, HD quality, and other extraordinary features, Movie4k to is among the best sites to watch movies for free online you can find on the Internet. No matter what movies you are longing to watch, be it the latest blockbusters or a long-forgotten movie, you are highly likely to find them here. Make a list, and watch them all when time allows! 

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Miller's Girl

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes-watch

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

The Marvels-watch

The Marvels

Five Blind Dates-watch

Five Blind Dates

The Beekeeper-watch

The Beekeeper


Anyone But You


Air Force One Down



American Fiction-watch

American Fiction


Poor Things


Double Blind




Lord of Misrule


The New Look

Masters of the Air-watch

Masters of the Air

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True Detective-watch

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One Day-watch

Young Sheldon

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Good Morning, Verônica-watch

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Breaking Bad-watch

Breaking Bad


Hazbin Hotel

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Delicious in Dungeon

Doctor Who-watch

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The Canterville Ghost

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The End We Start From

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Paging Mr. Darcy

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Too Much Sugar for a Dime: The Milwaukee Story

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The Marriage Pass

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The Book of Clarence


Calamity Jane

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Dario Argento Panico

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Which Brings Me to You

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The Tiger's Apprentice


Latest TV Shows


Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

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Run The Burbs

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Quantum Leap

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FBI: Most Wanted

FBI: International-watch

FBI: International

Happy Ending-watch

Happy Ending

Something About 1%-watch

Something About 1%

Vanderpump Rules-watch

Vanderpump Rules

Son of a Critch-watch

Son of a Critch

Secrets of Polygamy-watch

Secrets of Polygamy

Love & Hip Hop Miami-watch

Love & Hip Hop Miami

Criminal Record-watch

Criminal Record

Night Court-watch

Night Court


Chasing Flavor

Thousands of Years of Love-watch

Thousands of Years of Love

Small Town Stories-watch

Small Town Stories

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Vanished: The Hunt For Britain's Missing People-watch

Vanished: The Hunt For Britain's Missing People

Project Icon: The UK’s Next Music Star-watch

Project Icon: The UK’s Next Music Star

In The Name of the Son-watch

In The Name of the Son

Rap Trap: Hip-Hop on Trial-watch

Rap Trap: Hip-Hop on Trial


Secret Society of Lies

Murder in Big Horn-watch

Murder in Big Horn

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields-watch

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields

Kweens of the Queer Underground-watch

Kweens of the Queer Underground

The Price of Glee-watch

The Price of Glee


Kavos Weekender

THE SHOW: California Love-watch

THE SHOW: California Love

The Unofficial Science Of Home Alone-watch

The Unofficial Science Of Home Alone


Snack vs Chef

Tis the Season: The Holidays on Screen-watch

Tis the Season: The Holidays on Screen


The Horne Section TV Show

Waffles + Mochi's Restaurant-watch

Waffles + Mochi's Restaurant

NEXT at the Kennedy Center-watch

NEXT at the Kennedy Center



Mirror Mirror-watch

Mirror Mirror

Murders at the Burger Joint-watch

Murders at the Burger Joint

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36 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

Last Updated On: Feb 2, 2024 By Jyoti Chauhan

Here is an ultimate list of the top 36 free movie websites to watch free movies online without downloading in 2024.

All these movie streaming sites are free. Some movie sites allow you to watch movies online free without downloading and without registration while some need registration.

If you are looking for the best site to watch hollywood movies online free streaming, you will love this list. 

Attention: Read Before Accessing Any Movie Site 

All free movies streaming websites have a large no of ads and popups. Even at every click, they send you to a malicious website that can hijack your computer and steal your sensitive data like bank account details.

If you don’t have NordVPN installed on your computer or phone, don’t visit free movie sites. First get NordVPN from official website www.nordvpn.com and then install NordVPN  to create a completely secure & ads-free environment. 

NordVPN CyberSec blocks all popups, redirection requests and ignores all advertisements. This way, you can enjoy hassle-free streaming. 

Here are steps to create a fully secured environment.

  • Start NordVPN , click the “ Home icon ” and turn on “ Threat Protection “. 
  • Now connect with any server. This way you have created a secure environment for you.
  • Now you are ready to visit below-mentioned movie streaming sites and enjoy your favorite movie/TV shows.

Once you have NordVPN in your system, you don’t need to worry about ads, malicious code, popups or geo-restriction.

Limited Time Offer: Get NordVPN With 63% off

Table of Contents

1. Amazon Prime 

3. yesmovies , 4. moviesjoy, 6. primewire, 9. soap2day.fan, 10. 123 movies blog, 11. putlocker.men, 12. putlocker, 13. movie25.ag, 14. hindilinks4u.to, 15. solarmovie, 16. crackle, 17. 123movies, 18. popcornflix, 20. youtube, 21. cinebloom, 22. yomovies, 23. lookmovie, 24. yify tv, 26. vexmovies , 27. 123moviech, 28. movie4u , 29. cmovies, 30. xmovies8 (not working, checked at 12th july), 31. tvbox (not working), 32. fmovies [not working], 33. movie4k [not working], 34. imovietube [not working], 35. viewster [shutdown], 36. watch-free.me, 37. watch2movies, 38. videofiles (dead), 39. moonline (not working), 40. swefilmer [not working, checked at 29 june], 41. streamonhd, 42. soap2day (shutdown), 43. moviestars (shutdown), 44. watchserieshd (not working), 45. upmovies, top 36 sites to watch free movies online without downloading.

Website: https://amzn.to/2X1Yrn4

online movie link

Amazon Prime offers thousands of movies and TV shows to watch online in high definition quality without any advertisement interference like Netflix .

Apart from movies & TV shows, it also offers ad free streaming of thousands songs and albums, 20% off Amazon music unlimited, early access to kindly books every month, unlimited photo storage, try before you buy clothes, alexa voice shopping and deals, free same day delivery, free one day & two day shipping, 20% off diapers, baby food and many more. Sounds interesting? Read my recent article on Amazon Prime Benefits . 

With Amazon Prime, you can watch movies at any devices like laptop, phone, game console, tablet, smart TVs and set-top box.

I must say it is one of the best place for movie buffs and shop holick. Follow this link to join Amazon Prime Video 30 day free trial right now and enjoy fast & ads free streaming. 

Website: http://vumoo.to/

Vumoo provides you a popups free interface which makes it best as compared to SolarMovie and 123movies. Also, it has a huge collection of movies and TV series which you can watch without downloading and registration.

Movies and TV series videos quality are superb. And streaming is also faster.

Here, you have two options to stream any movie or TV shows. In case, you are facing an issue with one, go with the second option.

If you know what you want to watch, Vumoo is a perfect choice. Type your choice movie name into the search box then hit Enter button and you will get relevant results.

It doesn’t provide you multiple choices to short movies like genres, country, release year and IMDB rating etc.

Since only a very few free websites are offering such an awesome streaming experience, that’s why Vumoo deserves top position among movie sites.

Website: https://ww.yesmovies.ag/

YesMovies is widely used to watch movies and TV Series in high definition quality for free without downloading. Registration is not mandatory. Here you can find many countries movies including China, United States, Japan, India, and Korea etc.

Here you have several choices when we talk about genres. No matter which genre movie you like, you will find here by going to the Genre section and choose your favorite genre.

All listed movies have 4+ streaming servers. If one server link is broken, you can watch movie with other servers. YesMovies interface has few ads and irritating popups which you need to close to enjoy your movie. These ads and popups will only interfere in starting of movie only.

Searching for a movie is easy like above movie streaming sites. YesMovies let you request your desired movie if you don’t find in the current movie database.

Website: https://moviesjoy.plus/

MoviesJoy is an ad & popups free movie streaming website. It offers a large collection of movies and TV series to watch online free, no registration and downloading needed. You can explore movies collection by genre, country and IMDB rating.

You will get all required info about movie or TV series by hovering your cursor on featured thumbnail. That’s why I listed it among the top 10 free movie websites to watch free movies online without downloading. 

Website: https://flixtor.to/

Another player with a professionally designed and clean interface to watch full movie no sign up required. Or I must say no interruption and advertisement here just videos for fun.

Thumbnails are tagged with release year and IMDB rating which is cool. You can browse most viewed, most popular, now playing in theaters, latest added, and more with one click.

To watch a movie with FlixTor , click on a movie thumbnail and wait for few seconds to start movie streaming. Since its player takes time to load.

Website: https://primewire.mx/

Primewire.mx is a new functional Primewire website to watch free movies online without downloading and registration. It does not look similar to the official Primewire site at first appearance. It features a big search bar in the middle of its homepage. You can enter any movie/TV series name here, it will give you a list of relevant results. On its homepage, you have only four options to explore it. But when you dig deeper by clicking at any of them, you get more choices like a long list of genres and countries.

Media content is listed with the release date, run time, IMDB rating, and video quality. Available videos’ quality is HD, SD, and CAM. When it comes to filtering movies/TV shows, you have options like type, quality, release year, genre, and country.

PrimeWire has two streaming servers: UpCloud and Vidcloud. When you hit the “Play button” first time, a popup will appear with a message “sharing is caring” like MoviesJoy.plus. Simply close it and click play button again and enjoy hassle-free streaming without any lagging issues.

I really liked its interface since there are no misleading buttons and popups.

Overall, It is one of the best free movie websites to watch free movies online without downloading and sign up in HD quality (only old movies). If you are looking for a movie site to watch newly released movies, you can watch it at PrimeWire but in SD or CAM quality. It is updated frequently hence you will find all newly released movies/TV series streaming links here.

Website: https://1hd.to/

Another new movie streaming site to watch free movies online without registration. 1HD.to allows you to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies from 2023 to 1900s. It brings you a list of filters to sort the movies/TV series including media type, quality, release year, genres, country, and sort by (latest update, most watched, IMDB rating, release date, and name A- Z).

Filters are not available on the top bar. When you click the movies/TV series category, you will notice the Filter option just below the 1HD.to logo. Simply click on it to sort the movies/TV series.

This movie site gives you a premium streaming experience with no ads and popups interruptions here. You can notice them if your NordVPN is not connected.

Sooner, 1HD.to will make its position in best free movies websites due to its amazing features like smooth streaming, no interruption, labeled thumbnails, advanced filter section, top IMDB movies collection at one click, 3+ streaming servers, organized episodes’ links, and well-designed interface.

Website: https://bmovies.cloud/

Bmovies is quite similar to 123movies. It lets you watch full-length movies and TV series without downloading. It doesn’t require sign up. Like other free movie streaming websites, it also contains fewer ads.

Best thing of Bmovies is that here you can watch movies in high quality. It is easy to explore and offers many options (genre, country, most watched, Top IMDB) to find a movie of your interest in a very short time.

If I talk about movies and TV series database, it contains thousands of movies & TV series. It is a perfect platform for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies lovers.

Website: https://soap2day.fan/

Another site with 2 streaming servers to watch free movies online without downloading and registration in HD quality. Soap2day.fan offers user friendly interface like 123movies.

Here, you have a long list of genres including action, comedy, crime, family, war, animation, romance and many more to find the movie of your choice. If I talk about its media content database, it is vast.

Thing I did not like about it is that it has popups and few misleading buttons too. And it does not work (movie player does not load) with Brave Browse and NordVPN too like other listed sites like 123movies.

Website: https://123-movies.blog/

New 123movie site to watch full movies and TV series online for free without registration with interference of popups and commercials.

When you visit it first time, it will remind you official 123movies since it looks exactly same. 123 Movies Blog offers you ease to browse interface.

Options you get to explore its database are Genre, Movies, TV Series. In fact, like official 123movie site, it also gives you facility to drop movie request. You can also join their telegram group too to connect with other movie lovers.  

It has very large database of movies and TV series hence you will easily find what you are looking for.

Let’s move to next website to watch free movies online without downloading.

Website: https://putlocker.men/

If you are looking for movie streaming sites, then next we have Putlocker.men. It is offering thousands blockbuster movies and TV series to watch in HD qualty without paying a single penny even registraion is not required.

Additioanly, it offers easy to access interface and 2 streaming servers for enjoying trouble free streaming. Several genres to browse, additional search bar, organised interface and massive database make it great addition to the list of best free movie sites like 123movies that work. 

Website: https://putlockers2.com/

A popups free movie website to watch movies and TV shows without downloading and registration.

PutLocker is less organized and has very limited features as compared to YesMovies & Fmovies. It gives you lists of trending and Top IMDB movies.

To watch any particular movie or TV shows, type in a name into the search box and it will bring you relative results.

Movie thumbnails showcase video quality, IMDB rating, movie plot, and other information.

Here are 10 better websites like putlockers . 

Website:   http://5movies.fm/

Movie25 is another cool free movie streaming sites. It is a good choice to watch free movies online without downloading. You can use Movie25 to watch TV shows also.

One of the best thing about this website what I like most is that you can check top rated movies, most voted movies and which movie is most popular today. Is it not cool?

It offers two movie grid first of new release and second of the popular movie today with star rating and category. You can search movie using category section also.

For ex – if you like action movies and want to watch an action movie, Simple go for Genres option and select action option, You will get huge collection of action movies.

Website: https://www.hindilinks4u.to/

Hindilinks4u is best movie streaming site to watch latest Bollywood movies online without downloading . You don’t need to sign up in order to watch movie here.

This website is dedicated to Hindi movies only. You can find dubbed movies and documentaries also here.

It lets you browse movies by actors, actresses, directors, genres, and year. It lists movies with three streaming links and other necessary details like IMDB rating, synopsis, duration etc.

Website: https://solarmovie.vip/

SolarMovie is a movie site like 123Movies where you can watch movies and TV- Series without downloading or registration in HD. SolarMovie categorizes movies based on genre, country, IMDB rating. To search any specific movie or TV series, enter movie name into the search box and hit enter, you will get the relevant result. You can know little information about a movie here before watching like IMDB rating, duration, country, genre, and short description etc. about a movie. It also provides you download facility.

Website:   http://www.crackle.com/

The layout of this site is not much attractive but still serves the purpose of watching movies and TV episodes online. The site also has only selective contents, and not much can be surfed or selected.

It is relatively slow to load and does not grab much user attention. The search bar also seems to be of no use as site does not have many databases.

One needs to register and sign in, to view ‘my watchlist’.

Website: https://123movieshub.cloud/

123Movies is one of the favorite destinations for the people who love to watch free movies online without downloading or sign up. 123Movies features all genres and countries movies. 123Movies also features TV series. They made searching easy for users by offering multiple filters like genres, years, country. Here you can also enjoy top IMDB, most viewed and most rating movies. You will find these categories in footer section.

Best part about 123Movies is they don’t bother you throwing popups. I noticed many movie streaming sites annoy with popups even when you are using popup blocker.

Website:   http://www.popcornflix.com/

Popcornfix.com reserve 12th position in top free movie sites. The site quite heavy and takes time to load because of its rich content.

One can view the categories: new arrival, action, drama, comedy, thriller, documentary, sci-fi, etc. on the home page itself. To search for more movies in the particular genre, one can click on the genre itself.

One can also select the genre from the menu option displayed on the top left of the site’s page. The site is dedicated to watching movies online and does not contain any TV series.

Website:   http://www.hulu.com/

A premium movie streaming platform offers 30 day free trial. 

Hulu is a US-based movie streaming website that is owned by three groups, the Walt Disney Company, FOX and NBC.

It’s a hub of TV shows, serial episodes, movies, and other media, etc. Here is something to know about Hulu, it is only accessible to the Americans as the IPs of other regions are blocked. But you can browse the Hulu with the help of free proxy servers .

Hulu offers the both free and premium plans for its customers. The paid customers are notified with the latest uploads of any content to the site. It provides video in the flash format which means the videos are available in 288p, 360p, 480p and in some cases 720p.

Remember if you are browsing through a free plan then the site only accessible through PC and laptop. If you are a member of the Hulu community (premium account), then you can browse the site through all internet-connected devices such as tablets, smartphones and even to setup boxes.

Finally, you can go with other movie streaming sites if you are not interested in the premium account. Currently, Hulu is accessible to the Japanese also from the year 2015.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/

YouTube is no. 1 source of entertainment on the web. Yes, you can consider YouTube as one of the best places to watch free movies online, funny videos and other stuff.

But to find your desired movie, you need to go through a list of related results. As it is not dedicated to movies only hence there are no filters like genre, country and year. Here you have a search option only.

If you are looking a place to watch new movies online, then move to the next website. YouTube is not a good choice for watching new release movies.

Website: https://www.cinebloom.org/

CineBloom is another best choice of movie freaks to watch movies online for free without downloading and signup. In spite of free movie streaming site, its layout is ads-free and well managed. So you can enjoy your movie with zero interference.

It has a tremendous collection of movies and TV Series. And it is frequently updated with the latest movies and TV series so that you can find what you are looking for without moving to any place.

Like FreeFlix, it also provides you many streaming server choices to stream movies online free.

Website: https://yomovies.co/

YoMovies is one stop shop for movie buffs, no matter what you want to watch, you will find here like Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, South Indian dubbed movies, Tamil movies and many more.

It has a huge collection of TV shows also. Undoubtedly, you can consider this movie website as your first pick to watch free movies online without downloading and no registration required.

It provides you several options to find a movie which you want to watch like Top IMDB, Ratings, Trending, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Punjabi movies and many more.  Every movie has 2 streaming server which is a good thing about YoMovies. You can also use this website for downloading if you want. Videos quality is high definition and streaming is also faster like Primewire alternatives .

YoMovies interface is very friendly and categorized. You will not find any annoying ads here. But when you will play movie, one ad will appear then movie will start. That is okay as it is free movie websites.

Website: https://lookmovie.ag/

If Afdah is down or blocked in your country then you can go with LookMovie .

It is another best site to watch movies free online without downloading and registration. Here you can watch from latest movies/TV shows to old classic. It has clean and easy to use interface.

You need to disable Adblocker in case you use. Don’t worry you will not face any popups and unnecessary redirections. Thing I like most about LookMovie is it tags Movie thumbnail with IMDB rating and video quality. This way, you can choose best movie or TV show easily to enjoy in high definition quality.

Collection is abundant whether we talk about movies or TV shows.

Website: https://ymovies.tv/

Yify TV is an old movie streaming plus downloading website. It offers you torrent links for downloading and a vast collection of movies for online streaming.

Also, It keeps redirecting you to spam websites. This is the thing I hate about Yify TV. For a better experience, always use adblocker extension.

It features new releases and most popular movies at home page. You can also explore movies by genre, year and country.

Every movie is featured with all details from IMDB, country, genre to movie trailer link.

To play any movie, you have 6 – 7 mirror links. If one doesn’t work in your country or have any other issue, give try another.

When comes to streaming movies online, movies video also contains some commercial which you can skip after 5 seconds. I have no idea how many times they appear since I don’t personally use this website to watch movies.

Website: https://afdah.info/

Afdah is a feature rich website to watch movies online free, full movie no signup needed. Best part is it has no annoying popups and advertisement. If you use adblocker extension, you need to disable it in order to enjoy movie streaming online in HD quality.

You can consider this to watch new release movies online free, but quality is not HD. They keep streaming links updated to provide you HD version.

Apart from movies, you can watch TV shows also here but TV shows collection is limited as compared to movies. It is available on iPad, iPhone and Android.

Website: http://vexmovies.org/

Note: This website is not updated from a very long time. 

A good place to watch movies from 2022 to 2011.  

VexMovies is a new movie streaming website but it is taking lead in streaming industry due to its clean and organized layout. Since only a few websites offer ads-free interface.

It is dedicated to movies only, no option to watch TV shows here. Here you can watch full-length movies free without registration. It is a true alternative to Solarmovie, 123movies, Vumoo.to, and many similar sites.

To find a movie of your choice, you can use Advanced Search. All newly released movies are also available here in high definition quality. A thing I didn’t like about VexMovies is that it has two misleading Watch Now and Download button.

Website: https://123moviest.org/

123Moviesx is a proxy website of 123movies for watching movies and TV series online for free without sign up. Movies are categorized by IMDB rating and genres. I see there are lots of room for improvements as most of movies videos links are filled with popups.

Every category from action, horror, romance to comedy has a large collection of movies. You can find your favorites using search bar. Supported countries are Korea, China, United Kingdom and United States.

Website: https://movie4u.live/

Movie4u is one of my favorite movie websites to watch movies and TV shows online for free without bothering to create an account. It has both original and Hindi dubbed movies and has fewer popup ads as compared to other movies sites.

You can search for any movie easily using movie categories Top IMDB, Trending, Ratings, Genres, Release year and most viewed.

Streaming quality is good. For some movies and TV shows, they have more than 2+ servers, which is very good. If you find one link broken then you can continue watching with other servers.  You can watch movie trailer also here and know basic info about movie like cast, IMDB rating, user ratings and small info about movie story.

Website:  http://w1.cmovieshd.bz/

Cmovies features movies from several countries and TV series which you can watch without downing and sign up. Website layout is very friendly and well organized. Here you have multiple options to find your choice movies like genre and country.

Under every genre category, Cmovies has a massive collection of movies. Going through a movie thumbnail, you can know a movie’s IMDB rating, movie plot, country, and genre.

For every movie, Cmovies has 4+ streaming servers. If you are not able to watch the movie with one server, you can try another option.

Cmovies interface is very neat and quite similar to the premium movie platform. Once you start watching movies with Cmovies, you will never look for an alternative to watch free movies online without downloading.

Website: https://xmovies8.is/

XMovies8 is an old movie streaming site and has a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and TV Episodes. It contains a few ads and popups. I will suggest you use this site with an adblocker extension.

You will find all newly released movies here but the quality is not good like most of the free movies streaming websites.

You will get every tiny detail about movies and TV series here like IMDB rating, release date, country, quality, movie plot and more

Website :  https://tvbox.ag/

TvBox is yet another online movie streaming website where one can easily search for the film one wishes to watch. Movies can be browsed by genre, year or charts, alphabetically.

One can also select from the list of most popular categories. A short description, images and rating about the movie, are also displayed along with the movie title.

It also has a section where the recent or last aired TV shows/Episodes are featured. This site is not only restricted to movies, and one can watch TV episodes as well. It also gives the option to download the VLC media player for free. Overall, it is a good site with nice collection of movies.

Website: https://ww1.fmovies.io/

Fmovies is another popular name among movie freaks due to its abundant movie database and organized interface. Fmovies allows you to watch free movies online without downloading and sign up. Here you can also stream TV Series online for free.

Movies arrangement is done accordingly Genre, Country, Cinema movies, A-Z list, Release Year and most watched movies.

The interesting thing about Fmovies is that it doesn’t bother you with popups when you play movie. It has few ads but no popups.

Movie Videos quality is HD CAM, HD 720, CAM, VOD and HD RIP. Every listed movie has 3+ servers to stream movie and some additional information about movie like IMDB rating, movie plot, rating, release, and quality etc. You can watch movie trailer also here. Searching your favorite movie at Fmovies is very easy since it offers you several filters.

Website:   https://www.movie4k.io/

Movie4k is another great place to watch free movies online without downloading. It has a vast collection of popular movies on the main page. You can Add a movie to this site after registering.

It offers high-quality videos and keeps updating the main page with latest movie collection. You can see IMDB rating also below movie headline. Love to watch movies online in free? Movie4k is an excellent choice.

Movie4k also offers a vast selection of TV shows and featured TV shows. TV shows lovers are going to love this feature.

website:   http://www.imovietube.com/

IMovieTube is a great streaming platform to enjoy upcoming movies trailers. Yes, this movie site is only dedicated to latest movies trailers. You can know movie release date, Movie stars, director and story overview here.

Yes, they don’t bother you to sign up. You can know all information with single click at movie picture. They offer a wide collection of upcoming movies trailers.

If you are looking for a movie website where you can watch movie trailers without signup, IMovieTube may be a great choice. Give a try one and it will not disappoint you.

Website:   https://www.viewster.com/

Viewster is a popular movie streaming website with 40million visitors per month and has a huge database, where a large collection of videos are stored.

It entered the web in 2007, and it changed its name from DIVA to VIEWSTER. It offers a wide variety of ad-supported movies, TV shows, trending videos, TV serial episodes, horror, comedy, dramas, etc.

You can select the desired category by clicking on the “browse.” No need for any registrations and signup to watch and download the requested content more over there is any need to pay a single penny.

The homepage includes the list of recently watched videos that help us to get an idea about the trending videos on the web.

If you are interested in anime and TV shows then I suggest you register at OMAKASE, it is the subscription service of the Viewstar through which the fans will be notified about the latest updates.

My personal suggestion is to have a good broadband connection while browsing through the Viewster.

Website:  http://watch-free.me/

One of the most popular websites to watch HD movies online without downloading is Watch-free.me.

It has gained popularity among the masses in no time. It offers the best collection of HD movies to its users from a wide genre. Not only the movies, one can even watch their favorite TV series in HD here.

The search box on the top allows you to navigate through your favorite movies at a go. Moreover, you can view the detailing about the movie along with its IMDB on clicking on its poster.

It makes use of public API of the websites such as IMB or TheMovieDB for fetching its users with movies from different genres in HD.

Website: https://watch2movies.co/

I recently came across Watch2Movies.co when finding good alternatives of MoviesJoy to watch full movies online with no sign up.

It is a new movie platform with a clean interface. But still, there are room for improvements.

Right now, it has a limited collection of movies. They will add more movies soon.

It features Trending, Latest movies, Hottest movies, and coming soon at home page.

Movies thumbnails are featured with video quality (HD, SD, and CAM), release year and duration.

If you don’t find the movie you are looking for, you can use request facility. They will love to add this for you.   

Use adblocker extension with best experience. Otherwise you will face commercial and popups.

Website: https://videofiles.net/

VideoFiles is a video sharing website. Here you can find links of popular TV shows which you can watch online for free, no account creation needed. It has some animated movies collection also.

Website: https://moonline.tv/

Moonline is a perfect movie streaming website for them who love to watch popular and Top IMDB movies in HD quality. It doesn’t ask for registration. It has limited collection but all are in HD which makes it best.

You can face one or two popups while using adblocker extension in your browser. You got two sources here for online free movie streaming. It offers all information about movie what a movie buff want.

Here you got search bar to find any particular movie, Top IMDB movie list, and request facility.  

Website: https://swefilmer.to/

SweFilmer is another good addition to this list to watch free movies online without downloading and sign up.

Main categories are Genre, Movies, TV Series and Trending. When comes to Genre, it has lot to offer from action, adventure, comedy, science fiction, horror to mystery.

It also allows you to browse movies alphabetically.

Like other popular movie streaming sites, it has all details about movies including trailer link, IMDB rating, TMDB rating, synopsis, cast and more.

At regular basis, they keep adding new released movies to their collection. Thus, you can find here from popular to new released movies with ease.

It contains ads like other free movies websites. For best watching experience, use Adblocker extension as I recommend above.

Overall, it is a good movie site to watch Hollywood movies in high definition quality.

Now I have reached at the end of article. These were best free movies streaming websites to watch free movies online without downloading.

Website: https://streamonhd.me/

A well-organized streaming platform to watch movies and TV shows in high quality without downloading and signing up for free.

Categories are Movies, TV Shows and Top IMDB.

Available filters are release year, genres, search bar. Also it allows you to short movies on the basis of alphabet.

Best part is that thumbnails are tagged with IMDB rating. Is it amazing?

In fact, Top movies and Top TV shows are featured at home page.

I am not facing any popup and commercial ads while using NordVPN, Brave Browser and Ad blocker as I always recommend for best watching experience.

Website: https://soap2day.to/

A well categorized free movie streaming site. 

Soap2Day allows you to watch full movies online without downloading and sign up.

In fact, it offers you premium interface (no ads, no popups and no redirection) without costing you single penny. You can found all popular and top IMDB rating movies with one click.

Apart from movies, it provides you a never ending TV series collection.

If you are sports lover, you can rely on this to watch sports online.

I must say soon it is going to be your first choice to watch free movies online without downloading.

Website: https://moviestars.to/

Another place to watch hollywood movies free online without downloading that too in good quality. It provides filters like Year, country and genre. Apart from movies, you can enjoy TV shows here. 

In fact, you can stream here 13 different countries movies. Like other best free movie streaming sites, it also offers traditional search bar.

To watch every movie, here you have 3 streaming servers. In case one doesn’t work, you have two other options. Isn’t it amazing.

Here you get info like IMDB rating, release year, genre, country, duration, cast and short description about movie or TV show. I think that’s the info a movie lover want to know before watching a movie and Moviestars has it all. 

Website: https://www4.watchserieshd.tv/

You are going to love this. Yes, you heard right.

WatchSeriesHD offers you a huge collection of movies, TV Series, Drama and Anime which you can watch online for free.

You doesn’t need to create account in order to watch movie. You will see Register option here at top. Avoid this always in case of free movie streaming sites.

A long list of streaming servers are available. If one server is blocked in your region/country, then you can use another.  

I am using this website for last six months and it is working fine without any trouble. Hence you can rely on this to watch free movies online without downloading. 

Website: https://upmovies.to/

Watch 36 countries’ movies online for free in HD quality. 

UpMovies offers a unique and feature-rich interface. UpMovies features TV series, Anime, Cartoons, and Asian Dramas on its home page. Furthermore, you can navigate it by year, genre country, and cinema movies. 

Here you can watch from the latest movies to old movies without any cost or registration. Additionally, it has 180000+ movies and TV series which you can stream in HD quality. 

The list ends here. I hope you will find these free movie streaming sites useful for yourself.

If you found any other free movie streaming site to watch free movies online without downloading which is best as compared to these 38 movie websites, feel free to comment. I would like to add that free movie streaming site into this list.

What is your favorite website to watch free movies online without downloading anything?

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About Jyoti Chauhan

HEY ! I'm Jyoti Chauhan (Founder Updateland.com ), Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketer and a blogger writing about blogging tips, SEO, Tech Tips among others.

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It’s awesome. Thanks for sharing such a useful list of sites to watch movies online. Except amazon, rest of the sites are new to see.

' src=

Recently I have become a movie freak. I watch 2-3 movies every week on my laptop after downloading, but as you shown these streaming sites my life will be easier. Thank you!

' src=

Hi Jyoti, This is a useful movie downloading website links, However, I am pretty much familiar with all of them. But it would be useful for newbies those who have been seeking for their favorite movie stuff for a while. Regards. Mohit

' src=

Hello Jyoti,

Thanks for this list. It’s that I was looking for. Actually I use some streaming website but, they contains a lot ads even adblocker can’t stop all these ads. Can you advise me a particular site that works well?

Thanks for sharing Regards Maron

' src=

Thank you so much for sharing this great list of movie sites, i was looking for a list of good sites, i just tried few of them and they are perfectly working fine for me, have a great day.

' src=

All the sites mentioned in above list is working fine but few of them not working for me, please take a look into it and update this list with some more new movie sites.

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Two of the Von Erich brothers raise their fists above the ring in The Iron Claw

Oppenheimer, Thanksgiving on Netflix, The Iron Claw, and every new movie to watch this weekend

A render of the red Mario-themed Nintendo Switch model floating over a red background

Nintendo’s next-gen console reportedly delayed to 2025

A Palworld character stands in front of a yellow-ish sulfur rock

How to get sulfur in Palworld

The playable character of Palworld standing in front of a pure quartz node in the snow.

How to get pure quartz in Palworld

An image of Sonic wearing a Shadow the Hedgehod onsie. He looks like Shadow except for his face.

Sonic the Hedgehog dressed as Shadow broke my brain

Zendaya at the Dune: Part Two World Premiere. She is wearing a metal suit designed by Thierry Mugler.

Dune 2’s press tour is actually a Zendaya fashion simulator

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‘Napoleon’ Sets Apple TV+ Streaming Release Date

By Caroline Brew

Caroline Brew

  • Variety FYC Fest: Oscar-Nominated Producers Share Storytelling Journeys Behind ‘Maestro,’ ‘Spider-Verse,’ ‘Flower Moon’ and More 7 hours ago
  • Variety’s Haley Kluge Honored With National Magazine Award for Journalists Under 30 1 day ago
  • IATSE and Low Budget Film Producers Form Working Group to Prevent Sexual Harassment on Set 1 day ago


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After hitting theaters in November, the Joaquin Phoenix-led historical epic “ Napoleon ” will begin streaming on Apple TV+ o n March 1.

Ridley Scott’s two-and-a-half-hour film chronicles the life of the notorious French military commander Napoleon Bonaparte, from his beginnings through his ruthless climb to emperor — viewed through the prism of his addictive and often volatile relationship with his wife Joséphine, played by Vanessa Kirby.

“Napoleon” received three Oscar nominations for visual effects, production design and costume design. It also received four BAFTA nods for outstanding British film, costume, hair and makeup and special effects.

The film received criticism from French critics and audiences for its historical inaccuracies. In response, Scott said , “I find I’m reading a report of someone else’s report 100 years after the event. So I wonder, ‘How much do they romance and elaborate? How accurate is it?’ It always amuses me when a critic says to me, ‘This didn’t happen in Jerusalem.’ I say, ‘Were you there? That’s the fucking answer.’”

In his review of the film, Variety film critic Peter Debruge wrote that Scott “orchestrates staggeringly complex scenes in such a way that we can intuit the broad strategy, even as he scars us with horrifying details, like a drummer vaporized by a cannon blast or a massive army sunk to the bottom of a frozen lake at the Battle of Austerlitz.”

Stream “Napoleon” on Apple TV+ beginning March 1.

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Bob Marley: One Love

Kingsley Ben-Adir in Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music. The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music. The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music.

  • Reinaldo Marcus Green
  • Terence Winter
  • Frank E. Flowers
  • Zach Baylin
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir
  • Lashana Lynch
  • James Norton
  • 53 User reviews
  • 80 Critic reviews
  • 43 Metascore

Official Trailer

  • Rita Marley

James Norton

  • Chris Blackwell

Tosin Cole

  • Tyrone Downie

Umi Myers

  • Cindy Breakspeare

Anthony Welsh

  • Teen Rita Marley

Aston Barrett Jr.

  • Family Man Barrett

Anna-Share Blake

  • Judy Mowatt
  • (as Anna-Sharé Blake)

Gawaine 'J-Summa' Campbell

  • Antonio 'Gillie' Gilbert

Naomi Cowan

  • Marcia Griffiths

Alexx A-Game

  • Howard Bloom

Quan-Dajai Henriques

  • Teen Bob Marley

David Marvin Kerr Jr.

  • Junior Marvin

Hector Donald Lewis

  • Carly Barrett
  • (as Hector Roots Lewis)
  • Bunny Livingston
  • (as Abijah 'Naki Wailer' Livingston)

Nadine Marshall

  • Cedella Malcolm
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

The Best Biopic Transformations

Production art

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Did you know

  • Trivia Bob Marley's son, Ziggy Marley heavily influenced and approved the casting of Kingsley Ben-Adir as the cinematic portrayal of his late father.

User reviews 55

  • sausage-913-893195
  • Feb 15, 2024

Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 44 minutes
  • Dolby Digital

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Kingsley Ben-Adir in Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

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OpenAI Unveils A.I. That Instantly Generates Eye-Popping Videos

The start-up is sharing the new technology, called Sora, with a small group of early testers as it tries to understand the potential dangers.

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By Cade Metz

Reporting from San Francisco

In April, a New York start-up called Runway AI unveiled technology that let people generate videos, like a cow at a birthday party or a dog chatting on a smartphone, simply by typing a sentence into a box on a computer screen.

The four-second videos were blurry, choppy, distorted and disturbing. But they were a clear sign that artificial intelligence technologies would generate increasingly convincing videos in the months and years to come.

Just 10 months later, the San Francisco start-up OpenAI has unveiled a similar system that creates videos that look as if they were lifted from a Hollywood movie. A demonstration included short videos — created in minutes — of woolly mammoths trotting through a snowy meadow, a monster gazing at a melting candle and a Tokyo street scene seemingly shot by a camera swooping across the city.

OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT chatbot and the still-image generator DALL-E , is among the many companies racing to improve this kind of instant video generator, including start-ups like Runway and tech giants like Google and Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram. The technology could speed the work of seasoned moviemakers, while replacing less experienced digital artists entirely.

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It could also become a quick and inexpensive way of creating online disinformation, making it even harder to tell what’s real on the internet.

“I am absolutely terrified that this kind of thing will sway a narrowly contested election,” said Oren Etzioni, a professor at the University of Washington who specializes in artificial intelligence. He is also the founder of True Media, a nonprofit working to identify disinformation online in political campaigns.

OpenAI calls its new system Sora, after the Japanese word for sky. The team behind the technology, including the researchers Tim Brooks and Bill Peebles, chose the name because it “evokes the idea of limitless creative potential.”

In an interview, they also said the company was not yet releasing Sora to the public because it was still working to understand the system’s dangers. Instead, OpenAI is sharing the technology with a small group of academics and other outside researchers who will “red team” it, a term for looking for ways it can be misused.

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“The intention here is to give a preview of what is on the horizon, so that people can see the capabilities of this technology — and we can get feedback,” Dr. Brooks said.

OpenAI is already tagging videos produced by the system with watermarks that identify them as being generated by A.I . But the company acknowledges that these can be removed. They can also be difficult to spot. (The New York Times added “Generated by A.I.” watermarks to the videos with this story.)

The system is an example of generative A.I., which can instantly create text, images and sounds. Like other generative A.I. technologies, OpenAI’s system learns by analyzing digital data — in this case, videos and captions describing what those videos contain.

OpenAI declined to say how many videos the system learned from or where they came from, except to say the training included both publicly available videos and videos that were licensed from copyright holders. The company says little about the data used to train its technologies, most likely because it wants to maintain an advantage over competitors — and has been sued multiple times for using copyrighted material.

(The New York Times sued OpenAI and its partner, Microsoft, in December, claiming copyright infringement of news content related to A.I. systems.)

online movie link

Sora generates videos in response to short descriptions, like “a gorgeously rendered papercraft world of a coral reef, rife with colorful fish and sea creatures.” Though the videos can be impressive, they are not always perfect and may include strange and illogical images. The system, for example, recently generated a video of someone eating a cookie — but the cookie never got any smaller.

DALL-E, Midjourney and other still-image generators have improved so quickly over the past few years that they are now producing images nearly indistinguishable from photographs. This has made it harder to identify disinformation online, and many digital artists are complaining that it has made it harder for them to find work.

“We all laughed in 2022 when Midjourney first came out and said, ‘Oh, that’s cute,’” said Reid Southen, a movie concept artist in Michigan. “Now people are losing their jobs to Midjourney.”

Cade Metz writes about artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robotics, virtual reality and other emerging areas of technology. More about Cade Metz

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News  and Analysis

OpenAI announced that it was releasing a new version of ChatGPT that would remember all prior conversations with users  so it could use that information in future chats. The start-up also unveiled technology that creates videos that look like they were lifted from a Hollywood movie .

The F.T.C. outlawed unwanted robocalls generated by A.I. , amid growing concerns over election disinformation and consumer fraud facilitated by the technology.

Google has released Gemini, a smartphone app that behaves like a talking digital assistant as well as a conversational chatbot .

The Age of A.I.

A year ago, a rogue A.I. tried to break up our columnist’s marriage. Did the backlash that ensued help make chatbots too boring? Here’s how we tame d the chatbots.

Amid an intractable real estate crisis, fake luxury houses offer a delusion of one’s own. Here’s how A.I. is remodeling the fantasy home .

New technology has made it easier to insert digital, realistic-looking versions of soda cans and shampoo on videos on social media. A growing group of creators and advertisers is jumping at the chance for an additional revenue stream .

A start-up called Perplexity shows what’s possible for a search engine built from scratch with A.I. Are the days of turning to Google for answers numbered ?

Chafing at their dependence on the chipmaker Nvidia, Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft are racing to build A.I. chips of their own .


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    Ridley Scott's two-and-a-half-hour film chronicles the life of the notorious French military commander Napoleon Bonaparte, from his beginnings through his ruthless climb to emperor — viewed ...

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    Bob Marley: One Love: Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. With Kingsley Ben-Adir, Lashana Lynch, James Norton, Tosin Cole. The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music.

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