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How to Create a Profile on Classmates Official Site

Creating a profile on the Classmates official site is a great way to reconnect with old friends and classmates. It’s easy to do, and it only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps you need to take to create your profile.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first step in creating your profile is signing up for an account. You can do this by visiting the Classmates website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and create a password for your account. Once you have done this, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Enter Your Information

Once you have signed up for an account, you will need to enter some basic information about yourself. This includes your name, date of birth, current city, and other relevant information. You can also add a profile picture if you wish. This will help people recognize you when they come across your profile.

Step 3: Connect With Your Friends

The final step in creating your profile is connecting with your friends and classmates. You can do this by searching for their names or email addresses in the search bar at the top of the page. Once you have found them, simply click “Connect” and they will be added to your list of friends.

Creating a profile on Classmates is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. By following these steps, you can quickly reconnect with old friends and classmates from all over the world.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


personal profile on cv for retail

Tips and Advice to Help You Write a CV

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV), or Resume, is your personal advertisement and chance to make a good first impression with a prospective employer. There is a lot riding on this first impression with up to 90% of CVs being rejected by recruiters in as little as 8 seconds. Understanding what recruiters are looking for in these crucial seconds will help you write a first-class CV which can help you move to the next stage of the recruitment process. Following the below tips and advice will help you make a great first impression every time.

The first section of your CV should always be your personal information. This does not need a title and is where you state your full name and contact details including address, telephone number(s) and email address(es).

It is becoming increasingly common to only include the town and country in the address, however, you may also include your full postal address if you prefer. Please also make sure any email address you provide is professional and appropriate.

If your LinkedIn profile is accurate and up to date, you may also choose to include it in this section. It is no longer considered appropriate to include personal information such as marital status, religion, age or ethnicity.


Next should be some form of introduction, career objective or personal statement. Clearly explain, in a sentence or two, why you are the best person for this particular job, or what experience you have to offer.

Work Experience

List your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent or current position. You should also provide volunteering or internship positions in this section. Each position should be listed separately and include the following information:

  • Company name;
  • Your position title;
  • Duration of employment – the month and year you commenced to the month and year you finished. If still currently employed, use month and year of commencement to “present” or “current”;
  • A summary of duties performed; and
  • Any notable achievements. It is always recommended to quantify any achievements if possible. Instead of writing “I increased sales during this time”, say how much you increased sales by – “I increased sales by 17% during this time”.

Don’t leave large gaps in your work history. If possible, provide a reason for any gaps, for example, travel, maternity leave or studying.

Education and/or Training

Include the name of your University or College, graduation date and the title of your Degree(s). It is unnecessary to include high school information unless you did not attend college. You should also include all the details of any additional training or study you have undertaken if it is relevant to the position.

Other Sections – As Required

Depending on the position you are applying for, you may consider including some or all of the following:

  • Certificates;
  • Publications;
  • Honors or Awards;
  • Technical skills; or
  • Other skills.

Remember to only include information if it is relevant.

The perfect length for a CV will be argued as long as the earth turns, however, the general consensus is around two pages. For a highly-skilled, technical position, an additional page may be required. It is unlikely you will fit all of the above information on just one page, so clear formatting is a must.

Make sure you use a clear, easy to read font in an appropriate size. Fancy fonts look great on your personal projects but do not present a professional image in your CV. If you are printing your CV, serif style fonts are the clearest and easiest to read – Times New Roman, Georgia and Century Gothic are serif style fonts. For electronic versions, sans-serif styles make for easier reading – Arial, Helvetica and Calibri are popular sans serif fonts.

Font size is also important. 11 or 12 point font is the most popular, however, it may be appropriate to increase or decrease slightly in certain situations. It is not recommended to go below 9 point or above 14 point in the main body of your CV.

Use headings, bullet points and short sentences. Do not be afraid of white space. White space can increase readability, and keeping the recruiter reading is your main goal.

Check spelling, grammar and formatting. Then check it again. If necessary, check a third time. Make sure you use the same margins, font and size throughout. If you have any doubts at all, ask someone else to check it for you too. Spell check is great, but there are times when you have used a correctly spelled word in the wrong place. Spell check will not single out “from” when you really meant to say “form”.

Your CV needs to be customized for each individual position you are applying for. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all as you will want to highlight different experiences and skills for each particular role you apply for. Taking time to research your prospective employer and adjusting your CV to meet their requirements will be obvious to the recruiters and may help you land an interview.

Keep it Current and Accurate

Keep your CV current at all times. It is easier to update your latest achievements, certificates and training as they occur, rather than scramble to remember what you did and when if you find yourself applying for a position.

It’s not ok to lie or exaggerate on your CV. It can be hard to give ourselves credit for things we have done well but don’t cross the line by making things up. You will be found out at some stage and that could make for an embarrassing situation. You have things to be proud of, point them out in a clear, non-bragging way. If you follow these tips, you can write a CV which stands out from the crowd and gets the right attention from the recruiter.

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StandOut CV

7 retail CV examples

Andrew Fennell

If you want to land a top job in retail, you need an eye-catching CV.

Check out these 7 retail CV examples for all job-types and experience levels, to give you a helping hand in creating your own interview-winning CV.

Bold CV builder - small

Retail sales assistant CV

Retail Sales Assistant CV-1

See full sales assistant guide

Bold CV builder - large

Retail manager CV

Retail Manager CV-1

See full retail manager CV guide

Supervisor CV

Supervisor CV-1

See full supervisor CV guide

Customer service CV

Customer service CV 1

See full customer service CV guide

Jewellery sales assistant CV

personal profile on cv for retail

See full Jewellery sales assistant CV guide

Shop assistant CV

Shop assistant CV 1

See full Shop assistant CV guide

Sales advisor CV

Sales advisor CV 1

See full Sales advisor CV guide

Before you start writing your own CV, take a look at the example retail CVs above to give yourself a basic understanding of the style and format that recruiters and hiring managers prefer to see.

Also, take note of the type of content that is included to impress recruiters, and how the most relevant information is made prominent.

Retail CV structure and format

Think your CV is just about words? Think again.

Your CV needs to look professional and be easy for recruiters to read, meaning the structure and format of your CV are equally as important as the content within it.

Facilitate ease of reading by working to a simple structure which allows recruiters to easily navigate your experience.

CV format and structure

Formatting Tips

  • Length: While there’s no ‘official’ CV length rule, the majority of recruiters agree that less is more. Aim for two pages of A4 or less. This is just enough room to showcase your suitability to the role, without overwhelming recruiters with irrelevant or excessive content.
  • Readability : Recruiters appreciate CVs that they can quickly scan through without trouble. Ensure yours makes the cut by formatting your headings for attention (bold or coloured fonts should do the trick) and breaking up long paragraphs into smaller chunks or short, snappy bullet points.
  • Design: Your CV needs to look professional, sleek and easy to read. A subtle colour palette, clear font and simple design are generally best for this, as fancy designs are often harder to navigate.
  • Avoid photos: Recruiters can’t factor in appearance, gender or race into the recruitment process, so a profile photo is totally unnecessary. Additionally, company logos or images won’t add any value to your application, so you’re better off saving the space to showcase your experience instead.

Structuring your CV

As you write your CV , work to the simple but effective structure below:

  • Name and contact details – Pop them at the top of your CV, so it’s easy for recruiters to contact you.
  • CV profile – Write a snappy overview of what makes you a good fit for the role; discussing your key experience, skills and accomplishments.
  • Core skills section – Add a short but snappy list of your relevant retail skills and knowledge.
  • Work experience – A list of your relevant work experience, starting with your current role.
  • Education – A summary of your relevant qualifications and professional/vocational training.
  • Hobbies and interests – An optional sections, which you could use to write a short description of any relevant hobbies or interests.

Now I’ll guide you through exactly what you should include in each CV section.

CV Contact Details

Contact details

Begin by sharing your contact details, so it’s easy for employers to give you a call. Keep to the basics, such as:

  • Mobile number
  • Email address – It should sound professional, with no slang or nicknames. Make a new one for your job applications if necessary.
  • Location – Simply share your vague location, for example ‘Manchester’, rather than a full address.
  • LinkedIn profile or portfolio URL – Remember to update them before you send your application.

Retail CV Profile

Your CV profile is the first thing recruiters will read – so your goal is to give them a reason to read onto the end of the document!

Create a short and snappy paragraph that showcases your key skills, relevant experience and impressive accomplishments.

Ultimately, it should prove to the reader that you’ve got what it takes to carry out the job.

CV profile

Tips for creating an impactful CV profile:

  • Keep it brief: It might be tempting to submit a page-long CV profile, but recruiters won’t have the time to read it. To ensure every word gets read, it’s best to include high-level information only; sticking to a length of 3-5 lines.
  • Tailor it: Recruiters can spot a generic, mass-produced CV at a glance – and they certainly won’t be impressed! Before you write your profile (and CV as a whole), read through the job advert and make a list of any skills, knowledge and experience required. You should then incorporate your findings throughout your profile and the rest of your CV.
  • Don’t add an objective: Want to talk about about your career goals and objectives? While the profile may seem like a good space to do so, they’re actually much better suited to your cover letter .
  • Avoid cliches: Focus on fact, not fluff. Phrases like “Committed and enthusiastic thought-leader” and “Dynamic problem solver” might sound fancy, but they’ll do nothing for your application. Not only do they sound cheesy, but they have no substance – stick to real skills and facts

What to include in your Retail CV profile?

  • Summary of experience: Recruiters will want to know what type of companies you’ve worked for, industries you have knowledge of, and the type of work you’ve carried out in the past, so give them a summary of this in your profile.
  • Relevant skills: Make your most relevant Retail key skills clear in your profile. These should be tailored to the specific role you’re applying for – so make sure to check the job description first, and aim to match their requirements as closely as you can.
  • Essential qualifications: Be sure to outline your relevant Retail qualifications, so that anyone reading the CV can instantly see you are qualified for the jobs you are applying to.

Quick tip: If spelling and grammar are not a strong point of yours, Use our partner’s CV builder to add pre-written content that has been created by recruitment experts, and proofread by our team.

Core skills section

In addition to your CV profile, your core skills section provides an easily digestible snapshot of your skills – perfect for grabbing the attention of busy hiring managers.

As Retail jobs might receive a huge pile of applications, this is a great way to stand out and show off your suitability for the role.

It should be made up of 2-3 columns of bullet points and be made up of skills that are highly relevant to the jobs you are targeting.

Core skills CV

Work experience/Career history

By this point, employers will be keen to know more detail about you career history.

Starting with your most recent role and working backwards, create a snappy list of any relevant roles you’ve held.

This could be freelance, voluntary, part-time or temporary jobs too. Anything that’s relevant to your target role is well-worth listing!

CV work experience

Structuring your roles

Lengthy, unbroken chunks of text is a recruiters worst nightmare, but your work experience section can easily end up looking like that if you are not careful.

To avoid this, use my tried-and-tested 3-step structure, as illustrated below:

Role descriptions

Firstly, give the reader some context by creating a punchy summary of the job as a whole.

You should mention what the purpose or goal of your role was, what team you were part of and who you reported to.

Key responsibilities

Use bullet points to detail the key responsibilities of your role, highlighting hard skills, software and knowledge wherever you can.

Keep them short and sharp to make them easily digestible by readers.

Key achievements

Lastly, add impact by highlight 1-3 key achievements  that you made within the role.

Struggling to think of an achievement? If it had a positive impact on your company, it counts.

For example, you might increased company profits, improved processes, or something simpler, such as going above and beyond to solve a customer’s problem.

At the bottom of your CV is your full education section. You can list your formal academic qualifications, such as:

  • GCSE’s

As well as any specific Retail qualifications that are essential to the jobs you are applying for. Note down the name of the qualification, the organisation at which you studied, and the date of completion.

Interests and hobbies

This section is entirely optional, so you’ll have to use your own judgement to figure out if it’s worth including.

If your hobbies and interests could make you appear more suitable for your dream job, then they are definitely worth adding.

Interests which are related to the industry, or hobbies like sports teams or volunteering, which display valuable transferable skills might be worth including.

Essential skills for your Retail CV

Tailoring your CV to the roles you are applying for is key to success, so make sure to read through the job descriptions and tailor your skills accordingly.

However, commonly desired  Retail skills include:

  • Customer service
  • Complaint resolution 
  • Stock management
  • Rota creation
  • People management
  • Retail knowledge
  • Product or service knowledge 
  • Transaction handling
  • Refunds and returns
  • PoS systems
  • Customer databases 

Writing your Retail CV

When putting together your Retail CV, there are a few key points to remember

Always tailor your CV to the target role, even if it means creating several versions for different roles.

Additionally, remember that the structure and format of your CV needs just as much attention as the content.

Remember to triple-check for spelling and grammar errors before hitting send. If you’re unsure, use our partner’s CV builder to add pre-written expert content with one click.

Good luck with your job search!

CV examples

William has chosen the Auckland CV template because of its simple yet professional layout. This template is a perfect one-pager for anyone just starting out in their career or wanting to showcase career progression.

"Ambitious and customer-focused retail professional with over five years of experience in enhancing store turnover and boosting productivity."

CV example - Retail - Auckland template

Table of contents

Retail CV Writing Guide with Examples

Retail is a dynamic and ever-evolving sector that offers considerable career opportunities. As a major global employer with increasing consumer demand, it has a significant workforce in various positions throughout the UK. Retailers provide consumer goods and services, from clothing and electronics to food and home furnishings. Retail work needs good customer service, product knowledge, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

When writing a good CV , it is essential to ensure it is well-structured and easy to read. CVMaker lets you make career documents and handle job applications in one place. We have a team that can help improve your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile.

A vital element of a modern CV is customising and making it ATS-friendly . To increase your chances of getting noticed and getting interviews, you should use a specific CV format. We outline the fundamentals and give suggestions for constructing a CV and picking a CV template for retail.

Looking to create a CV for a retail job?

To receive an interview invitation, you must have a good CV structure and tailored content. So, create a targeted and brief CV for retail jobs to increase your chances of being selected. Learn more from our dedicated experts by following the two main stages of the CV writing process : creating a master CV and a job-specific CV.

If you are looking for more tips on job interviews, check out some of the following articles:

How to Ace Video Interviews: Expert Tips and Examples.

Mastering Telephone Interviews: Preparation Tips and Examples.

Calm Your Pre-Interview Nerves: Tips Tailored for Introverts.

Before writing a job-specific CV, read the job post thoroughly, use relevant retail keywords mentioned in the job post, and refer to your master CV for more ideas.

Retail CV example


Download this retail CV sample in PDF

In this example, William Evans has over five years of experience in a customer-focused role. He highlights his expertise and outlays his success in achieving high-level positions as a Retail Store Manager and Team Lead. This CV follows a professional style and design which helps showcase William's skills and experiences. For more tips, refer to the retail cover letter example .

What to include in a retail CV?

When constructing a CV, you should include specific sections; others are optional. A successful CV for retail should highlight your customer service skills, product knowledge, and experience in retail. It should also demonstrate your ability to work with people, handle transactions, and maintain a professional attitude.

In addition, your CV should include any relevant training or certifications you have obtained, such as sales, product training, or knowledge in specific retail management software (RMS). Here, we guide you on what sections and information would help strengthen your CV.

Retail CV must have sections

Write the perfect retail CV profile

A compelling personal profile, also known as a summary, should demonstrate why you meet the role's requirements by emphasising your relevant education, skills, experience, and achievements. Additionally, it should give recruiters and hiring managers a quick overview of your retail background and other relevant experience that will make you a strong candidate. For more examples, refer to how to write a personal profile on a CV .

retail personal profile tips

Retail Sales Assistant CV personal profile example

Dedicated and customer-oriented Retail Sales Assistant with over 3 years of experience in providing exceptional service and driving sales in fast-paced retail environments. Proficient in product knowledge and adept at helping customers make informed purchasing decisions. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding sales targets.

Cashier CV personal profile example

Detail-oriented Cashier with 2 years of experience handling cash transactions and providing top-notch customer service. Skilled in operating cash registers and POS systems efficiently. Possesses excellent math skills and is highly accurate in handling financial transactions. Friendly and approachable, with a commitment to maintaining a clean and organised checkout area.

Assistant Store Manager personal profile example

Experienced Assistant Store Manager with a proven background in retail operations and team leadership. Over 5 years of success in optimising store performance, inventory management, and staff development. Adept at coordinating store activities and ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

Retail Manager personal profile example

Results-focused Retail Store Manager with a demonstrated history of successful store management. Over a decade of experience overseeing retail operations, from staff management to sales growth. Proven ability to analyse market trends and implement effective strategies to maximize profitability.

Part-time Retail Assistant CV personal profile example

Enthusiastic and adaptable Part-time Retail Assistant with a flexible schedule and a passion for delivering outstanding customer service. Quick learner with the ability to work effectively in a team or independently. Eager to contribute to the success of the store during peak shopping hours and holidays.

Bilingual Retail Sales Representative CV personal profile example

Bilingual Retail Sales Representative fluent in English and Spanish, with a background in sales and a dedication to cross-cultural communication. With 4 years of experience in retail sales, leveraging language skills to serve a diverse customer base. Proven ability to build rapport and tailor sales pitches to individual customer needs.

Retail Buyer CV personal profile example

Experienced Retail Buyer with a strong track record in selecting and procuring merchandise that aligns with market trends and customer preferences. Over 7 years in retail buying, with a keen eye for product quality and cost-effective sourcing. Skilled in vendor negotiations and maintaining optimal inventory levels to drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

Discover more CV examples or directly go to the following for more tips:  

Security Guard.

Boost your CV with relevant retail skills

When crafting your retail CV, you must emphasise the qualities and abilities that make you an ideal applicant. Here are some unique skills to consider adding to your CV as a Retail Assistant or Retail Store Manager.

retail skills to add on a CV

For quick tips and guidance on crafting an effective CV, simply click on the following links:

How to Improve Your CV Guide: Examples and Tips for Success

What is the Best Font for a CV in 2023 (Top Tips and Examples)

How to Present Language Skills on a CV

Learn more about what skills to put on your CV and how to cater them to industry-specific roles such as retail.

Emphasise relevant retail experience

A good CV should include the most important and recent jobs, with other achievements strategically incorporated. This will ensure it is, at most, two pages long. For more tips, refer to our article on how long should a CV be .

List your professional background in descending order, listing your current or most recent job first. Then, aside from stating your duties, mention any measurable achievements. For example, you could spearhead a renewal that increased sales by 20%. But, if you specify achievements, explain your role in accomplishing them. For more tips, refer to how to write work experience on a CV.

retail work experience to add on a CV

Retail Sales Assistant, H&M, Brighton, UK | 2022 - Present  

Assisted customers in finding and selecting products, providing information, and offering personalised recommendations. Operated cash registers and handled financial transactions accurately, including processing returns and exchanges. Maintained a clean and organised sales floor, restocked shelves, and ensured merchandise displays were visually appealing.  

Designed over five merchandise layouts and increased sales of products by 5%.

Supported customers with queries and handled any issues on the shop floor, receiving “Employee of the Month” for six consecutive months.

If you are a recent graduate, student, or school leaver, refer to our article for tips on how to write a CV with no experience.

Mention education and professional retail training

Education is important for retail assistant jobs, and secondary-level education is enough for these roles. However, candidates applying for managerial positions might expect some companies to require certification or experience.

If you are beginning your career as a recent graduate, show your educational background before mentioning any employment history. Provide details about exams taken from GCSE onwards and any additional certifications gained. This is relevant for other careers within the retail sector, such as security guard.

retail education CV section

For more tips, refer to how to write the education section on a CV.

Key takeaways

To strenghten your retail CV, follow a strategic approach when writing it and your cover letter. Applying what you've learned in this guide will give you the insight needed to achieve your career goals in an ever-changing job market.

retail CV top tips

Next steps?

Are you looking for CV retail examples? Then, create an account with us and choose a professional CV template or cover letter template that suits your career goals.

For additional examples of professional CVs and various formats, explore the following options:



School leaver

What skills should you put on a CV for retail?

Emphasise the skills and qualities that make you the ideal candidate. For example, your CV should highlight core qualities such as your capacity for providing excellent customer service and team-playing abilities. Make sure you demonstrate how well you can cope with any customer-facing challenges.

How do you write a retail CV with no experience?

Writing a retail CV with no experience can be challenging, but it is possible. The key is to focus on the skills and qualities that you have and how they can be applied to a retail role. An example would be if you are multilingual, highlight your language skills, or have volunteer experience, highlight this instead. Start by listing all the skills and qualities you possess that could be beneficial in a retail job and focus on creating a skills-based CV.

How do you describe a retail experience in your CV?

Highlight the skills and knowledge you have gained from working in a retail environment. Start by listing the positions you have held in retail, including the company name and dates of employment. Provide a brief overview of your duties and responsibilities, followed by what you achieved.

What are some typical jobs in the retail industry?

Retail offers various job opportunities, from seasonal work to permanent positions. If you're looking to get into the retail industry or take your career to the next level, consider applying for one of these positions:

Retail Sales Representative: This role focuses on interacting with clients directly by supporting them in buying items. Additionally, they keep the shop clean and orderly, stock products, and carry out customer transactions. When new deliveries come in, the sales representatives manage the stock. They ensure the business is running correctly and augment store sales.

Customer Service Representative: As customer demand increases, there will be more customer needs and problems to address. A customer service representative manages phone calls, manages internet chat programs, answers emails, and gives responses to customers’ queries on social media platforms. They also deal with complaints and follow up on returned goods and refunds. This role requires someone with patience and exceptional problem-solving skills.

Cashier: When shops experience an increase in shoppers, they necessitate supplementary cashiers to accelerate the sales process. But cashiers do more than receive payments and help customers with returns or refund transactions; they also advise customers on discounts and loyalty plans.

Store Manager: Large retail stores require a manager to oversee proceedings and ensure everything functions correctly. The store manager is also responsible for controlling staff, budgeting, and adhering to safety regulations and official procedures. In addition, they stand for the proprietor's interests. Therefore, a store manager demands sturdy authority and interpersonal capabilities to arrange the business and keep it in order.

Land the interview for your dream job with CVMaker

Effortlessly create your professional CV within 10 minutes and download it whenever and wherever you want!

Increase your chances landing your dream job with CVMaker.

CV Example Retail

Retail is the selling of goods or services to consumers, either in person, over the telephone or on e-commerce sites. As careers in retail can encompass a wide range of jobs from customer service and cashier duties to merchandising and store management, professionals of all backgrounds are generally welcomed.

Depending on the setting (department store, specialist store, convenience store, pharmacy store, supermarket, e-commerce site), you could work in any of the following roles:

  • Customer service representative: in an office to assist customers over the phone or via live chat
  • Cashier: in a retail store, greeting customers processing transactions, checking product pricing and assisting customers with stock queries
  • Sales assistant: responsible for greeting customers, helping them find products and giving sales pitches at retail store locations
  • Retail store manager: responsible for hiring and training store staff members, setting sales quotas and work schedules and assisting customers when necessary.
  • Virtual merchandiser: creates appealing product displays to showcase products to attract business

Whether you’re already working in retail and want to further your career at your next company or you’re looking to make the leap, we’ve got you covered with our writing guide and retail CV example .

Personal statement or profile

As a retail employee, you’re the first point of contact for customers. If they don’t have a good experience, they’re unlikely to return to the store again.

In the same way, your personal statement or profile is the first thing that recruiters and hiring managers will read. Here is the opportunity to highlight the skills, experience and achievements that make you stand out as a candidate:

I am a customer-focused sales assistant with 4 years of retail experience. I am to rapidly acquire product knowledge to offer advice tailored to customers’ needs. Through upselling accessories at a fashion outlet, I have been able consistently generate over £500 in additional daily revenue. I am currently seeking a role at a fashion retailer to further deliver excellent service.

Work experience

The retail industry is driven by metrics: revenue generated, conversion rates, average transaction value, etc. This means demonstrating the value you brought in each of your roles can make you a more favourable candidate than someone who just states that they ‘assisted customers’.

For example, if you work in the technology section of a store and often provide advice on particular devices, you can say that ‘provided specialist advice on laptops, resulting in 3-4 daily sales totalling £2000.’

Jan 2019 – present Fashion Sales Assistant, Topshop, London

  • Recipient of Sales Associate of the Year through successfully selling over £30k in fashion accessories.
  • Developing knowledge of current sales promotions and events to inform customers at the entrance.
  • Stocking shelves and displaying products according to merchandising department layout.
  • Providing advice to customers on outfits for specific occasions.

Aug 2017 - Dec 2019 Sales Associate, PC World, London

  • Offered customers assistance with their purchases and provided specialist advice on laptops, resulting in 3-4 daily sales totalling £2000.
  • Served and assisted customers on checkouts.
  • Answered the phone and helped with queries/complaints, remaining professional at all times.

Even if you are only applying for a cashier position that does not mention any other duties, don’t hesitate to indicate those you may have performed previously. Of course, cashier duties should be listed first to show your suitability for the position. However, if you have already carried out inventory or restocking, for example, this can be an advantage for your application because you will show that you can help with other tasks in the store that will employ you.

While you don’t need a degree or a specific qualification to get a job in retail, as the sector grows and the demand for more highly-skilled employees increases, a degree in any discipline can give you an edge over other candidates.

For instance, business studies and retail management qualifications can be useful if you’re trying to get into store manager roles, while a degree in finance, business, economics or mathematics will be beneficial for careers in retail merchandising.

Sep 2016 - Jul 2017 BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge, Hither Green College, London

  • Understanding the management of stock, security and loss prevention in a retail business, and how the effectiveness of store operations can be improved.

Sep 2014 - Jul 2016 A-Levels in Economics, General Studies and English Languages, Hayfield High School, London

  • Achieved 3 A grades

Working in retail goes beyond greeting and serving customers. You’ll also need to know how to manage customer complaints, practice empathy and patience and above all, be a good communicator.

Here are some skills and qualities you can include in your CV:

  • Communication: Explaining products to customers, responding to complaints effectively and handling queries via the phone, email or live chat.
  • Attention to detail: Processing transactions correctly and monitoring stock levels accurately.
  • Mathematical: Managing cash, handling large amounts of money and approving credit.
  • Sales: Upselling accessories to generate £500 in additional daily revenue.
  • Technical: Operating electronic cash registers, credit card processors and Shopify.

In a retail environment, you will be in contact with customers from diverse backgrounds and countries. This is where even basic language skills can be helpful. Simply by greeting a customer in their language can put them at their ease:

English - native

French - basic

Volunteer experience

If you lack practical work experience , including volunteer experience can be a great way to catch the attention of recruiters, especially in an industry that can be quite competitive:

Sep 2015 - Aug 2016, Volunteer Retail Assistant, Barnado’s

  • Processing transactions.
  • Providing advice to customers.
  • Sorting out donations.
  • Tagging stock and categorising items.
  • Keeping the shop tidy.

Format and layout

Depending on the role, experience can be important, therefore a chronological CV format is often the best choice. This is because it allows recruiters to quickly see how you have put your knowledge and skills into practice in the different positions you have held.

Layout and design

In a retail environment, you are the face of the business. If you don’t make a good impression with customers, they won’t return to the store, whether online or in person.

When you’re applying for a retail role, it’s equally important to create a good impression with your CV. This means sufficiently spaced headings, bulleted lists, highlighted titles and neutral colours (black, white, pale blue, grey and green).

With regards to fonts , stick to 12pt for standard text for readability and go 2-4pts higher to emphasise section headings. Make good use of white space to avoid your CV looking cluttered.

Hopefully, you now have everything you need to create your own retail CV.

Create your retail CV now!

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CV Example Nurse

Cv example marketing, cv example teacher.


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