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Easily Create and Manage Your Profit and Loss Statements with Free Templates

Creating and managing a profit and loss statement is an important part of any business. It is a document that tracks the income and expenses of a company over a period of time, usually a month or quarter. It helps to identify areas where the business is making money, as well as areas where it could be losing money. Fortunately, there are free templates available that make it easy to create and manage your profit and loss statements.

What is a Profit and Loss Statement?

A profit and loss statement, also known as an income statement, is a financial document used to track the income and expenses of a business over a period of time. It includes all revenue sources such as sales, investments, interest income, etc., as well as all expenses such as costs of goods sold, operating expenses, taxes, etc. The purpose of the statement is to provide an overview of the financial performance of the business over the specified period.

Benefits of Using Free Templates

Using free templates to create your profit and loss statements can be beneficial in several ways. First, it saves time by eliminating the need to manually enter data into spreadsheets or other software programs. Second, it ensures accuracy by providing pre-formatted templates that are easy to read and understand. Finally, it allows you to quickly compare different periods or scenarios in order to make better decisions for your business.

How to Find Free Templates

Finding free templates for creating your profit and loss statements is easy. There are many websites that offer free templates for various types of financial documents including profit and loss statements. Additionally, many accounting software programs offer free templates for creating financial documents such as these. Simply search online for “free profit and loss statement template” or “free accounting software” to find what you need.

Creating and managing your own profit and loss statements can be time consuming but with free templates available online it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With these tools you can easily create accurate financial documents that will help you make better decisions for your business.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


personal statement about business management

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What to include in a Personal Statement

personal statement about business management

Personal Statement Tips

Personal statement example business and management personal statement.

Submitted by Nathan

Business and Management Personal Statement

Business is one of the most important components of modern life, and I find its dynamic and interdisciplinary nature very interesting. Having enjoyed studying Business Studies at GCSE and A level, I would like to further my knowledge and learn more about management theory and how different organisations operate in the Global economy. I look forward to applying my learning, and developing practical managerial skills, by undertaking a work placement in industry to enhance my undergraduate study.

I am an extremely self-motivated, organised and diligent student, who achieves in both independent and group working environments. The research and planning involved in my EPQ project, entitled, 'To what extent is branding the most important influence on consumer preferences of coffee shops?' is enhancing my self-study and organisation skills, and allowing me to utilise some of the business theories that I have studied. My A level subjects provide me with skills that complement my study of business. In geography, collecting primary and secondary data before analysing the results has developed my sampling and data handling skills. Cross-over topics include globalisation and demographics, which have helped my understanding of the world within which organisations operate. In history, a subject requiring investigation and review of different historians' interpretations of past events, I have developed my analytical and critical thinking skills. These skills are invaluable in business today, especially in the decision-making process.

I am an active member of my school's Sixth Form council, which has strengthened my oral presentation and problem-solving skills, as the council is based on finding solutions, through discussion, to issues raised. I have volunteered as a prefect and both an educational and peer supporter; responsible positions which required communication skills and maturity to assist lower year students. Through completing work experience at Waitrose, I gained an insight into the world of work, learning about the importance of customer service in the retail sector. I participated in the daily managers' meeting which reinforced the importance to me of leadership, teamwork and communication in business.

In addition, I was a member of the winning team in a school-wide Business Smart Programme that required us to generate and pitch a business idea to senior staff and an external business owner. These experiences confirmed my career aspirations are definitely within the area of Business Management. In addition to extra curricular school responsibilities, playing tennis has been my passion for a number of years and I regularly represent my tennis club's adult first teams in local leagues. Through competing in singles tournaments, I have progressed to an LTA rating of 5.2, which required significant perseverance and commitment to achieve. I am a trained tennis coaching assistant and have a part-time job helping to deliver junior lessons at my club. This allows me to apply my leadership, planning and communication skills to organise a group of young players who require clear, concise and structured direction in order to improve their game. I also captain a local table tennis team and have represented Chelmsford in the National Junior League. Playing so much sport whilst studying has required me to effectively prioritise and manage my time. Undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold awards has allowed me to participate in many varied activities and learn the importance of leadership, co-operation and determination to successfully overcome challenging situations and enjoy team expeditions.

I am very much looking forward to studying a degree in Business and Management at university to further both my theoretical business knowledge and its practical application into the 'real world'. I will grasp every opportunity available and am excited to face the challenges that university life has to offer.

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Business Management Personal Statement Examples

Our business and management degree personal statement examples will inspire you to write your own, unique statement, and help you understand how other students have successfully gained a place on a business and management degree in the past.

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personal statement about business management

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personal statement about business management

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personal statement about business management

Business & Management UCAS Guide

personal statement about business management

What is a business management personal statement?

You are required to write a business and management personal statement to showcase your main strengths, skills, experience and career goals to your chosen universities.

Admissions tutors want to see candidates with business and/or management experience that they can apply to their course.

It should also convey your passion for the subject, as well as why you want to pursue a degree in this area.

How do I write a business management personal statement?

It’s a good idea to start your statement with why you want to study business and and management at university (rather than just business ). For example, you may want to focus on the management part and why this interests you.

Make sure you back up everything with examples, which means having a good list of notes about your experience.

A good business and management personal statement should be written concisely, with a clear structure, including a memorable conclusion.

For inspiration on how to write your own unique statement, take a look at some of our business and management personal statement examples above (please don't copy them!), which will help you decide what to include.

What should I include in my business management personal statement?

It’s important you talk about skills and experience from all areas of your life and try to relate them to hobbies or extracurricular activities, especially if they are relevant to your course.

Think about how any work experience has helped you, what you have learned from it, and how it might be useful in your degree.

University admissions tutors want students on their course that are going to work hard and be of benefit to their department.

For more help and advice on what to include in your business and management personal statement, please see:

  • Personal Statement Editing Services
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  • Analysis Of A Personal Statement
  • The 15th January UCAS Deadline: 4 Ways To Avoid Missing It
  • Personal Statement FAQs
  • Personal Statement Timeline
  • 10 Top Personal Statement Writing Tips
  • What To Do If You Miss The 15th January UCAS Deadline.

Further resources

For more information about business management degrees and careers, please visit the following:

  • Business & Finance - National Careers Service
  • What jobs can you get with a busines degree in the UK?
  • 18 Career Paths in Business
  • Business careers advice for school leavers
  • What can you do with a business degree?

Student Good Guide

The best UK online resource for students

  • Business Management Personal Statement Examples

Applying to business management school? You will need a strong personal statement to support your university application. Use our business management personal statement examples as a guidance to write your own. Also, make sure to check other personal statement examples for more inspiration.

Business Management Personal Statement Example

The key to any successful business is good management. In order to adapt to the constant shifts of the global economy, businesses must apply methodical reasoning to people, processes, and technology. I have demonstrated a similarly flexible, adaptable approach to achieving my goals as a mature student with strong academic achievement in Administration and IT and extensive employment experience.

As soon as I graduated from school, I began working. However, as my desire to return to study grew, I combined my work experience with study to earn HNC and HND qualifications in Administration and IT. The IT component of this course has particularly intrigued me because of my interest in how technological processes impact business. It has also been fascinating to learn the theory behind the administrative and organizational practices I have implemented and observed throughout the years.

My experience as a news agent’s kid has given me hands-on experience in both financial and personnel management, including customer service, stock management, and liaising with suppliers. Having always been involved with business and management within the industry, it was perhaps not surprising when I decided to gain more experience in retail. In order to allow my passions for both the technological and financial aspects of these roles to flourish, I sought out experiences that allowed these passions to flourish. I used my expertise in providing excellent customer service while working as a Telephone Banking Advisor for Porta Wealth Management to counsel clients on the best services, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of various products in relation to their needs. Additionally, I was in charge of looking after databases, working on banking policies, and implementing rules set forth by the FSA. Moving between small, local firms and multinationals has allowed me to study the differences in administration and management, as well as how technology affects these.

As an ambitious student with a keen interest in business and management, I am constantly seeking out new ways to further my understanding and skill set. In my spare time, I delve into a diverse array of management techniques and put them into practice in both my personal and professional life, allowing me to achieve my goals and aspirations. One of the most prominent examples of this is my leadership experience as the Treasurer, and later the Chairperson, of my local Women’s Power Business Group. In this role, I have been actively involved in a variety of volunteer and fundraising initiatives, as well as organizing workshops to support isolated or vulnerable women and their children in my community. Not only has this role given me the fulfilment of making a difference, but it has also provided me with invaluable experience in implementing leadership, teamwork and administration skills in a real-world setting. I have also been able to infuse my other passions, such as my love for walking, by initiating annual sponsored events like a 5K walk for Breast Cancer Research. This unique blend of my interests and skills has allowed me to develop a well-rounded perspective and provided me with a valuable learning experience.

Having a natural inclination toward the management of people and processes as a persistent self-starter with a drive for improvement. As a result of consistently reflecting on myself in my studies and work, I have been able to identify areas for improvement and think critically about my own performance. In my undergraduate studies, I have not only honed this natural tendency but also gained knowledge on technology integration, which I believe will be crucial in the business world of the future. After graduation, I hope to utilize this knowledge and ability to make a significant impact. I’m determined to make a real impact in the business world, whether I start my own company or take on a key role within a larger organization.

Management Personal Statement Example

Being a very determined and studious individual academically, I knew a university degree was an obvious next step. In spite of my broad interests, I am drawn toward a law or business management degree. As far as Business is concerned, I chose it because of its complexity and intrigue. Management blends so seamlessly with everyday issues that I particularly enjoy. In taking the subject at A-Level, my interest has grown and matured, and I can view many businesses analytically and make suggestions regarding improvements. Law is an area which has interested me from an early age. I am an avid reader and believe that this habit is crucial when it comes to pursuing a career in law. I feel that my attributes make me an ideal candidate for the field as I possess a keen attention to detail and am intrigued by work that deals with contemporary social issues and the need to analyze and present evidence effectively. Additionally, I believe that the psychology coursework I have completed has helped me understand how people’s perspectives and recollections can be influenced by various factors. This type of work demands a certain level of self-assurance, which I am confident that I possess and can leverage to excel in the competitive sphere of law.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a diverse range of roles and environments, and this has helped me develop a broad range of skills. However, among all the experiences, I’ve had the privilege to work for Royal Worcester in the Debenhams store which I believe has been the most formative of all. Being a sales advisor in such a high-end company has taught me to have a self-assured demeanour, and I have also had to cultivate a good memory to be able to provide customers with accurate product knowledge.

Additionally, I was assigned the duty of training a new employee, demonstrating the great level of confidence my employers have in me.

From holding the role of form captain in secondary school to helping with the planning of large-scale festivities in college, my educational experiences have been quite useful to me. These kinds of responsibilities have enabled me to grow up and take my roles seriously, earning the respect of my coworkers. As English Prefect in Year 11, I was responsible for supporting the entire English department, which took up a significant amount of my time. I also had a piece I wrote against the mistreatment of women on French television published in the daily “Paris Local News” as a result of my interest in the French language. I was pleased to have my opinions represented.

I have always been passionate about languages and during secondary school, I took evening French classes. My dedication and hard work were recognized when I received the ‘The Best Student of the Year’ award for my outstanding performance. These classes required me to manage my time effectively, so my schoolwork did not suffer. Furthermore, being raised by German and French parents has helped me to achieve fluency in the language.

Aside from languages, sports and leisure activities have always been an interest of mine. In college, I used this passion to do charity work and raise money for ZBIN. One of my accomplishments includes raising £1050 and abseiling 120ft down London University. 

Additionally, I played netball for the local Netball Team and competed in the OGI UK Games for the Wembley Stallions AFC team. My performance was recognized with several trophies, as well as a gold and bronze medal in the long jump and javelin respectively.

How to write specific paragraphs of your statement:

I have always been fascinated by business and the way that companies and large organisations work. From my first steps, I have been an entrepreneur at heart, always finding ways to make a little extra money selling lemonade at the promenade or starting school projects. With my personal development, my interest in business has only intensified, and I have come to realise that business management is something I want to study at school. Read more in management personal statement examples .

I believe that a business management degree will open many doors for me and provide me with the flexibility to pursue a wide range of career paths. Whether I decide to start my own business or join an established company, I know that the skills and knowledge I gain will be invaluable. 

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personal statement about business management

Personal Statement - BSc (Hons) Business Management

  • Sample personal statement

personal statement about business management

07 July, 2022

Personal statement - bsc (hons) business management share.

  • 12 May, 2013

I am keen to study the BSc (Hons) Business Management with International Foundation Programmeat the University of East London.I am very ambitious and I have always been interested in management-related things. I believe Management to be a fast-developing profession as business industries are heavily involved with their management for all kinds of decisions, and I find the prospect of working in this field inspiring. And I found that studying this course will help me to enhance my knowledge of the fundamentals of business management, and contemporary business issues in an international context.The course combines practical and professional experience with creative attempts at enterprise and innovation which can develop my entrepreneurial spirit. I have an incredibly high interest in furthering my study in Business Management in the UK. I hope I can improve my academic accomplishments with particular aptitudes and make a predominant open entryway for my job in this field.

I completed my Secondary Education from the Business Studies group in 2018 and Intermediate Education from the Humanities group in 2021 respectively from the Sylhet, Bangladesh Board. I was involved in various co-curricular activities to enrich my knowledge. I would like to pursue a BA (Hons) Business Management course because this course would benefit me professionally. I think I should gain more knowledge in the field of Business so I decided to continue my further studies with this course. As I want to explore my career in business positions, this course will give me an upper hand to understand any business contexts and situations. As of the moment, I am interested in learning all the related skills and knowledge from this course. Where I found this course is designed to train the students for a future career. I'll be taught the fundamentals of business management in a large range of business landscapes which will ensure my skills and adaptability as the world changes. If I can successfully complete this course, and this course provides academic knowledge and skills to pursue career opportunities worldwide and will help me develop a broader understanding of specific areas such as Economics, Marketing and Business Accounting. So, I am confident that my professional goal makes me a suitable candidate for the course.

I want career advancement with different prospective. When I researched the University of East London course I found the highly contemporary modules for the BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year Programme.In my foundation year, I will be able to develop my academic skills, academic literacy, and fundamentals of business issues. In my first year, I will be introducedto various organizations and their prospects of work which will enhance my employability. I will also know about market strategies, project management, product designing,and how organizations produce and deliver products in my second year. In my third year, I can develop my core employability skills which will unlock my potential and improve my various skills. However, I am also attractedto the assessment method of my chosen course. I hope this will give me an upper hand in my future career progression. Moreover, I want to learn all the related skills and knowledge from my chosen course. Throughout my research, I have identified that I can grow up my career in smoothly with Business Management field. If I can successfully complete this course it will create a platform for me to explore different career opportunities such as Manager, Management Consultant, and Operations Manager. I believe this course will be the right choice for my career plans and objectives.

My wish is to study in the UK as UK education is known for the professions. And as for my graduation level of study, I want to build my academic skills strongly so I choose the UK. The study environment in my country is quite different and we get to study with only the national students. Furthermore, the political chaos makes it harder for students to get a degree without any delay. On the other hand, the UK has a great multicultural and diversified student community which is an opportunity for me to learn with a lot of students from different nationalities. UK education brand is highly respected by employers in our country as UK degree prepare graduates with academic competencies, developed personal and professional skills that are imperative for organizational success. The transferrable skills graduates carry forward from the UK are pivotal for transforming organisational growth and gain competitive advantages. A recent Survey of International Graduate Outcomes 2019 by Universities UK International produced by iGraduate shows that 82% of international graduates say that their UK degrees are worth the financial investment and a similar number of graduates say that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their careers. Nearly 83% feel that a UK degree has helped them to get jobs. These aspects have driven my ambition to gain the degree from a UK institution.

My choice is the University of East London because it incredibly welcomes international students and includes content and structure with a distinct focus on the international context and professional level. In addition, University of East London is dedicated to supporting international students to develop the skills, mental intelligence and creativity needed to improve in a constantly changing world and the competitive job market. To support students the University have invested heavily in their facilities to shape the physical and intellectual environment of learning. The university is ranked 801st in the QS World University Rankings by Top Universities and has an overall score of 4.1 stars, according to student reviews in the study portals. In addition, the university offers modern and secure on-campus accommodation which will add extra convenience and experience for international students. In addition, the university has a good reputation for teaching, research and business partnerships. Moreover, The University works hard to ensure that all students reach their full potential. I will look no further if I get this opportunity to study at the University of East London.

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Meta Description: 

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personal statement about business management

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Business management personal statement

Below is a professionally written business management personal statement, that you can use as a guide. You are advised not to copy it word for word.

Business management personal statement example 1

“Business is the way of the world. Shopping, buying, selling, promoting, discounting, are all business activities and we as individuals are involved with in it some way, every day. It’s a field that I am greatly interested in, and wish to learn more about. Although I have a broad range of interests, I have always been drawn to business management because to me it’s a very exciting environment with lots of demands and challenges. However the thing that excites me the most about business management is the way in can directly and indirectly affect the lives of so many people.

I am a forward thinking individual who has drive, ambition and ability, all of which are traits that are vital for effective business management. I posses strong team-working skills, am able to work individually or as part of a group, and have excellent organisational skills that I have gained through my academic and work experience. I consider my key strengths to be; an ability to make analytical judgements, people management, making decisions, assessing business situations and identifying important points. I have excellent interpersonal skills which allow me to relay business information clearly to my target audience, and can prepare well thought out, crisp presentations for both individuals or groups.

At present I am studying for my A levels at college, and what I’ve noticed about myself is that the more I have studied this subject, the more my interest in it has grown. I’ve discovered that it’s more than just management, it’s about ensuring that a customers’ experience is nothing other than exceptional, while motivating a team of employees to effectively deliver the following responsibilities: exceptional customer service, building and maintaining a loyal customer base, coaching & guiding customers on product knowledge and application, calling clients for follow-ups, organising events, handling the arrival of new merchandise, and working as a team to meet individual, team and store objectives. All of these are factors which I now have a firm understanding of.

As a technically minded person I am currently working part time as a IT administrator for a networking company. The role involves me in the administration of the company’s LAN/WAN network in 5 locations, performed desktop services, building the bank’s new personal computers, and installation and distribution of new software. I am involved in the management of the Internet frame relay network, and have helped to develop the company’s operating system migration plan for nearly all computers from Windows 98 to XP or from XP to Windows 7. I am also responsible for performing testing on all workstations and servers, ensuring their compliance or and patching the BIOS.  The position requires me to work in close partnership with the management team, to ensure the provision of a full and comprehensive support to the frontline technology staff.

I feel the three most important points I learnt so far from my work experience, is firstly the ability to understand what drives a business, and the processes needed to help resolve any barriers to continued growth and profitability. Secondly being able to look beyond the numbers to the business trends and drivers, and thirdly being able to work to deadlines and handle pressure.

I am a social person who enjoys spending time with friends and family. I like to be a part of my local community, where I help out at events and activities also performing in the local pantomime! Music is a passion of mine, and I go to concerts whenever possible.

I am now looking for an opportunity to further my personal development and career progression by enrolling with a reputable university on a business management degree course. I want to learn more about the nature, power and limitations of various business techniques; how management can influence a business’ performance; how business and other types of organisations can help society to function and address society’s problems. After viewing many different universities and campuses I have come to the conclusion that your university is the best option for me. I aim to put as much into the course as I get out, and I very much hope that you will look favourably upon my application.”

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