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Letters of Recommendation

  • Writing Personal Statements
  • Each school will ask you to write a personal statement. While the prompts vary across schools, generally a personal statement will ask you to describe your research interests, qualifications, and career goals.
  • Schools vary in their importance of the personal statement, but it is an area that students tend to have a lot of questions about.
  • The personal statement should be clear and well-written. Be realistic about your career goals. While showing interest in research in economics is important, don’t spend too much time describing your passion for economics. This will be unlikely to persuade admissions committees. Get to specifics as soon as possible.
  • For example, be as specific as possible in describing your past research and course experiences. For example, instead of writing, “I was a research assistant to Professor X and learned a lot through that experience”, spell out exactly what you did. Did you implement data analysis for Professor X? Was that analysis based on a recent methodological advance that you needed to figure out? What type of analysis was it? How did you solve the problems that occurred when implementing the analysis? Be as specific as possible. If you relied on coursework (for example, you proofread and edited a proof in a paper), mention the mathematical background that allowed you to accomplish this task.
  • You should describe potential research interests, but you don’t need to know exactly what you would like to research in graduate school. Interests change, and it is unlikely admissions committee will place tremendous stock in the specifics of your research proposal. In describing potential research, you should write clearly about your interests and show that you understand how to discuss a potential research project in economics. You can ask an advisor or letter-writer to look over your personal statement.
  • Research Experience
  • Getting Useful Letters of Recommendation

Femaile PhD in economics student staring

Economics PhD Statement of Purpose Tips

Are in learning how to write an outstanding economics PhD statement of purpose? Then you’ve come to the right place! Writing a compelling statement of purpose can be difficult, especially for students applying to competitive schools.

Your statement of purpose must stand out from the competition so it comes as no surprise that many applicants seek guidance when crafting their essays. In this blog post, we will discuss key elements of an effective economics PhD statement of purpose and provide helpful tips on everything from outlining to polishing your essay before submitting it. With this advice, you can take control of the PhD in economics application process with confidence and demonstrate why you are an ideal candidate for admission into the program.

Student taking a break from writing his economics PhD statement of purpose

Research the Program

This is perhaps the most important tip for all economics PhD statement of purpose writers out there: research the program you’re applying to ! What specific research areas do they specialize in? Who are their faculty members and what are their research interests? What opportunities does the program offer that align with your goals? And, most importantly, how well will you fit in this environment? By delving deep into the program’s website and faculty profiles, you can tailor your statement of purpose to highlight your alignment with the program’s values and goals.

Avoid templates at all costs

We strongly recommend that you do not use templates of previous economics PhD statements of purpose that can be found on the internet. Take our word for it, admissions committees can smell a template from a mile away!

This is because such templates are either generic in nature or unlikely to reflect your unique attributes. Moreover, they may be outdated as admission requirements can change over time and thus, using a template that does not take into account up-to-date information or trends in the field could hurt your chances of getting admitted.

Furthermore, most universities require applicants to write a statement of purpose that accurately reflects their personality and aspirations; therefore, it would be difficult for you to personalize a template written by someone else.

Finally, using a template from the internet- even for inspiration- also reduces your creativity and originality, which can be important factors in the selection process . Although it’s hard, take the time to write a statement of purpose that reflects your own unique experiences and qualifications.

Two economics PhD students

Don’t rush it

Writing an economics PhD statement of purpose can be as time-consuming as preparing for the GRE. It is important to allow a sufficient amount of time in its writing as this document will provide insight into your academic and personal background, relevant experiences, and your future goals. A well-written statement of purpose can make or break your chance of being accepted into a competitive program; therefore, it is essential to invest sufficient time into constructing the perfect statement that reflects who you are as a person and student. Taking this extra step to create a thoughtful and compelling statement shows how genuinely serious you are about being accepted into the program.

(If you are wondering about what to look for in a PhD program, watch this quick video where I break it down for you.)

Stay Organized

Structure is key when it comes to the statement of purpose. Start with an attention-grabbing introduction that sets the stage for your academic journey. Move on to discussing your educational background and research experiences, followed by your long-term goals and how the Economics PhD program aligns with those aspirations. Lastly, conclude with a brief summary that ties together all of the aforementioned elements. Remember, clear and concise writing goes a long way.

Know your audience and avoid TMI

The importance of presenting a scientific tone in a statement of purpose cannot be overstated. The tone used in any statement of purpose should always reflect a level of academic professionalism – such as avoiding slang words and abbreviations – while still conveying enthusiasm for the subject matter. Keeping personal information to a minimum will demonstrate respect for the profession and also help focus attention on the most important elements presented in the statement of purpose. By being mindful when crafting your statement, you can ensure that your personal goals will be accurately represented and taken seriously.

Six students sitting in a classroom listening to an economics professor

Describe your prior research experience

If you’ve had the opportunity to engage in research before applying to the PhD program, don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Research experience can be a key factor in demonstrating your dedication to the field of economics in your application. It is important to highlight any research you have conducted, internships or summer programs that you may have participated in, and even any volunteer experience that provided an opportunity for research-related activities.

Examples of research activities could include conducting empirical studies, data analysis and modeling, or designing simulations and experiments. If available, try to provide tangible evidence of the impact of the research (such as publications, awards received, and presentations given). Additionally, make sure to explain how the knowledge gained through these experiences will help you contribute at an advanced level during your PhD program.

Highlight your research interests

Admissions committees want to know that you have a deep understanding of economics and a clear direction for your research. Spend a paragraph or two discussing the areas of economics that you find most fascinating and why. Demonstrate that you are familiar with the current literature in your field and show how your research interests fit into the broader economic landscape.

Economics is a broad field with a lot of sub-disciplines. It’s important to show that you have clear research interests and have done your homework on the program you’re applying to. Talk about specific research questions you’re interested in exploring and how they relate to the program’s strengths. Don’t just regurgitate the program’s website; show that you’re genuinely excited about the research possibilities at your fingertips.

Discuss your research goals

Admissions committees want to know that you have a clear and ambitious pathway for your future. Discuss your long-term goals and how obtaining a PhD in economics will help you achieve them. Doing so can help demonstrate your commitment to the field and show that you have thoughtfully considered your future endeavors. To discuss your long-term research goals, consider how the research you want to do aligns with the program’s focus, if there are any professors whose work aligns with yours that you would like to collaborate with, and what legacies or contributions you hope to make within the field.

Additionally, think through any challenges or problems you’d like to tackle with your research as well as how this particular program supports those ambitions. Be sure to also explain why these objectives are meaningful and important to you. Doing so can help differentiate you from other applicants and give them a better sense of what makes you unique from the rest of the pool of applicants. Be sure to focus on your individual objectives and how they will contribute to the field, rather than generic goals everyone shares. This will show that you have put time into thinking about your own personal growth within the field, and what kind of mark you hope to leave behind.

Happy PhD student

By including your long-term research goals in your economics PhD statement of purpose, you can demonstrate that you understand the importance of understanding one’s audience and how to tailor communication strategies accordingly. Doing so shows that you are not only passionate about the field but also have the competence to excel in the program. Additionally, it helps to show that you have put thought into planning and setting achievable goals for yourself. Utilize this opportunity to make an impression on the reader and create a vivid picture of your future aspirations and plans within this field.

Discuss your short-term and long-term career goals

The importance of aligning your short-term and long-term career goals with the training provided by the PhD program cannot be overstated. By clearly outlining these aspirations in your statement of purpose, you can present yourself as an ideal candidate who has taken time to consider how this particular program fits their academic and professional needs. Doing so provides admissions committees with evidence that you are well-suited for success within that field, while also demonstrating an understanding of current developments or trends in the discipline. In addition, sharing your long-term career goals gives insight into what sort of research you plan to pursue after graduation.

Show, Don’t Tell

We’ve all heard this phrase at some point in our academic careers, but what does it actually mean? Don’t just state that you’re passionate about economics and that you are great at research; instead, demonstrate your knowledge of economic terminology and methods, your research and analytical abilities, your communication skills, and your ability to think critically and write effectively.

Examples of ways to demonstrate these skills include referencing relevant economic theories or principles when discussing your past academic experiences, providing evidence of independent research you have conducted, outlining how your current studies will help you accomplish future goals related to economics, and effectively communicating ideas through clear and concise writing.

Two PhD students leaving a univeristy while talking

Additionally, demonstrating an understanding of the program’s requirements as well as knowledge of the faculty members’ interests can be beneficial. By showcasing your academic strengths on paper, admissions committees can gain a better understanding of your potential as an economics PhD student.

Avoid buzzwords and jargon

While it may be tempting to use buzzwords like “innovative” or “cutting-edge,” refrain from doing so. These words have become so overused and vague that they’ve lost all meaning. It is also important to avoid using jargon because it can be confusing and off-putting to readers.

Jargon is highly specific language that may only be used by experts in the field–meaning that it will not be understood by people who are unfamiliar with the topic. A statement of purpose should instead explain major concepts in plain language so that anyone reading it can understand your goals and motivations for pursuing a doctorate in economics.

By avoiding jargon, you ensure that your message comes across clearly and effectively, which can help convince readers why you are an ideal candidate for the program. Additionally, using plain language helps communicate your enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject while showing you have done your research. In this way, you can make a strong impression and stand out from other applicants.

Ask for feedback

When writing a statement of purpose, it is important to seek input from other academics. Doing so provides an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback and advice about topics such as organization, content structure, and language usage. Additionally, obtaining feedback from multiple sources helps ensure that the statement of purpose reflects the desired tone and goals. Furthermore, seeking out input can provide new perspectives on your written work which can in turn help you develop a more compelling statement of purpose.

Don’t hesitate to seek out a professional opinion as you work on your statement of purpose. It is important to reach out to individuals who are knowledgeable about academia and have credentials that support their expertise. Potential contacts may include professors, economists from think tanks or research institutes, and PhD admissions professionals. When contacting these individuals, clearly explain why you need their advice and what you hope to gain from it.

Three studious economics PhD students

It is also important to consider other resources that can provide valuable feedback and information related to economics PhD programs. Research papers, books, websites, articles, and podcasts can be helpful tools for gaining knowledge about potential programs and understanding what successful applicants have done to gain admission. Utilizing these sources can help you refine your statement of purpose so that it accurately reflects your interests and goals within economics.

Finally, attending events hosted by universities or discussion groups organized by economists are excellent ways to learn more about the field and hear from people who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a combination of the right resources and academic experts, you will be well-equipped to make your statement of purpose stand out from other applicants.

In sum, writing an effective economics PhD statement of purpose requires synthesizing your research strengths and interests, as well as discussing what makes you the ideal candidate. By following the tips provided in this blog post, you can craft a powerful essay that will likely make a lasting impression on admissions committees.

Keep in mind that it is important to dedicate ample time to restructuring, drafting, and revising your essay. For further assistance in polishing your essay before submitting it or to gain additional insights into creating an effective statement of purpose, check out our statement of purpose editing services . Crafting a well-written statement of purpose that highlights how you can contribute to the program can significantly increase your chances of success! Got questions about the application process, or would like to get a quick assessment of your SOP? Sign up for a consultation , or send us your draft for an estimate. It’s FREE!

With a Master’s from McGill University and a Ph.D. from New York University, Philippe Barr is the founder of The Admit Lab . As a tenure-track professor, Philippe spent a decade teaching and serving on several graduate admission committees at UNC-Chapel Hill before turning to full-time consulting. With more than seven years of experience as a graduate school admissions consultant, Philippe has stewarded the candidate journey across multiple master’s and Ph.D. programs and helped hundreds of students get admitted to top-tier graduate programs all over the world .

Follow me on Instagram and TikTok for tips and tricks on navigating the grad school application process and weekly live Q&A sessions!

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Sample Economics PhD Statement of Purpose

personal statement econ phd

by Talha Omer, MBA, M.Eng., Harvard & Cornell Grad

In statement of purpose.

The following statement of purpose is written by an applicant who got accepted to top Ph.D. programs in economics. Variations of this SOP got accepted at MIT, Yale, and Brown. Read this essay to get inspiration and understand what a top Ph.D. economics SOP should look like.

Sample Statement of Purpose Ph.D. Economics

Inequality is a grim reality in the present-day world. Development topography is not homogenous. The contrast between developed and underdeveloped regions is far more severe in developing countries. Bad matters are made worse when the tools of development, meant to iron out differences, accentuate inequality.

The difference between Meridione, from where I belong, and Trentino is extremely. Unfortunately, the gap is widening with every passing year. The prime reason is the improper allocation of development funds because there is no criterion for the distribution of funds within 47 districts of Italy. Meager allocation fails to alleviate depravity because development projects are marred with ill conception, vague and intangible objectives, ineffective implementation regimes, and corruption. In addition, there is a gulf between academia and public sector officers. Consequently, underdeveloped regions of Meridione are sinking below the poverty line. Hence, I intend to obtain a Ph.D. in Economics to get insight into development paradigms and advanced research techniques so that I can give informed input for policy-level decisions.

My formal academic research has focused on funds distribution among various government tiers. In 2021, as an MS Economics dissertation, I explored the issue “Fiscal Decentralization & Service Delivery Mechanism: a case study of five districts of Meridione”. At that time, Italy had recently experimented with the devolution of power, which resulted in fiscal decentralization. Based on the analysis of the Annual Development Plan of five districts, I concluded that the rhetoric of budgetary decentralization was merely a façade because districts were dependent on the provinces’ provision of funds and plans had a regional footprint.

During my Master’s, I researched ‘Political Economy of Development Expenditure: verdict drawn from the provincial analysis.’ The Under-Development Index (UDI) composite index was developed using Factor Analysis based on 24 variables from UNICEF’s sponsored Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey of Meridione (MICS). Results showed that the topography of Meridione in terms of socio-economic development is rugged, and fund allocation was not correlated with the level of development. Both ‘deprived districts’ and ‘crucial sectors’ have been ignored due to political preferences. Therefore, I want to carry forward this work in my Ph.D.

During firsthand experience with developmental projects, I closely studied each project. I used statistical and research techniques to perform analysis. As a result, I found out that projects failed to deliver the envisaged objectives due to various factors which worked individually and simultaneously. For example, a project titled ‘Tree Plantation at Fort Harilaq’ failed to achieve its intended objectives because, due to improper planning eucalyptus plant (which requires an excessive amount of water) was planted in the hills of Fort Harilaq, which has no underground water. In another project titled ‘Establishment of emergency services at 12 districts of Meridione’, cheaper but non-durable ambulances were purchased without cost-benefit analysis.

Similarly, in a project titled ‘Elimination of bonded labor in brickkilns,’ a study was conducted after the execution of a project to check whether the labor was bonded or voluntary. There are numerous projects and numerous issues. I tried to voice everything. Even written in newspapers. I soon observed that the reporting resulted in improvements; even new projects were not designed in light of recommendations on old projects. Therefore, I gave the exam for the senior position of Assistant Chief and joined the appraisal section, which dealt with the project at the conception stage rather than evaluation which is carried out post-completion. To my surprise, appraisals should have been given more importance. The department pursued its projects as per its plan. The reason behind this stinginess was disclosed to me at a later stage.

My firsthand experience of development has shown that there is a gulf between academia and bureaucracy. Italy has well-known scholars and intellectuals, but their studies are outside the practical realm. Therefore, most government processes remain stagnant. Academia cannot be blamed for this sorry state. The bureaucrats and policymakers also need to engage academia or incorporate the results of their studies.

Consequently, both streams work in their silos. In the public sector, there are few Ph.D. The unfortunate part of the equation is that people from academia are only welcome if they join the public sector. For instance, the post of Chief Economist has been vacant for five years and is being run through an additional charge. In fact, since 1970, only one Ph.D. from academia was posted for the position, and the remaining part was filled through ad-hoc arrangements.

I want to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics specializing in Development Economics for the above reasons. I want to develop a which could give a yardstick to governments for the distribution of funds to different regions based on their backwardness and sectors on account of their importance. Moreover, I would like to abridge the gulf between academia and bureaucrats so that instead of working in silos, they sync their efforts to use the latest advancements in the field. In addition, because of the knowledge and techniques gained from the exposure, I would like to evolve the government process. Lastly, I would like to develop policy guidelines for each public sector development project category so recurrent issues are not repeated and optimum use of public resources is done. I have always used and implemented the knowledge gained.

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Sample Statement of Purpose for Masters in Public Policy (MPP) India is a place of immense challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, limited state capacity in a country with a burgeoning population results in unmet needs for basic amenities such as healthcare,...

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Sample Statement of Purpose in Finance The Fall of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Credit Suisse has again raised the debate about the role of central bankers, deposit insurers, and regulators in modern-day banking. World has been through similar or worse...

Sample Statement of Purpose for Cyber Security

Sample Statement of Purpose for Cyber Security I am applying to pursue a master's degree in Cybersecurity with a special focus on Software Security and Data Privacy. My ultimate goal is to improve the cybersecurity posture of the US by collaborating with key...

Sample SOP for Business Analytics

The following SOP was written by an applicant who was admitted to top MSBA (Masters of Science in Business Analytics) programs in the US. Variations of this essay got accepted at Duke, UT Austin, and UCLA. This statement of purpose is intended to provide an example...

Sample Stanford Computer Science Statement of Purpose

The following statement of purpose is written by an applicant who got accepted to Stanford's doctoral programs in computer science. Stanford's CS program requires a 2-page statement of purpose that covers the following points: Should be concise, focused, and well...

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The following statement of purpose is written by an applicant who got accepted to several top master's programs in public health. Variations of this SOP got accepted at Rutgers, and Chicago. Read it to understand what a top SOP in MPH should look like. Example...

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The following statement of purpose was written by an applicant who was admitted to top MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) programs in the US. The applicant aspires to specilize in the field of nursing informatics. Variations of this SOP got accepted at Johns Hopkins...

Sample Statement of Purpose Cancer Research (Ph.D.)

The following statement of purpose is written by an applicant who got accepted to top Ph.D. programs in cancer research/cancer biology. Variations of this SOP got accepted at JHU. Read this essay to get inspiration and understand what a top Ph.D. SOP should look like....

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With an admissions rate of less than 20%, even applicants with the most outstanding profiles and GRE test scores get rejected from the Fulbright program. What sets successful Fulbright applicants stand out are their unique experiences, achievements and their ability...


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  • December 1, 2021
  • Personal Statement

Personal Statement Sample Image

A good PhD Economics Personal Statement is pertinent to pitch your value to an admission committee. It will help you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be.  It is important to put together a good personal statement if you’re seeking admission into one of the PhD programs in Economics. This sample will guide you on how to approach your statement.

Note: If you need further assistance writing your PhD Economics Personal Statement,  contact us today .

Top Universities to Study for PhD in Economics

  • University of Manchester
  • University of Nevada
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Kent
  • University of Calgary

Personal Statement Writing Service

I am proud of what I have been able to achieve at the Novel Economic Research Institute since joining them in 2019. From actively participating in economic researches to back federal government projects, to providing supportive economic data for externally funded projects and individual projects, I have come to appreciate the ideals of economic research and the professionals who dedicate a good part of their time and resources to uncovering human behaviours and how they affect financial and economic activities. Through my current responsibilities, I find that learning about people, institutions, and industries, and the reason behind their economic decisions gives me satisfaction.

My interest in economics was not something that happened naturally, it was not until my senior year in high school that I became interested in economics. It took the tutelage of my Economics Teacher to develop my love for economics. I would later understand that Economics contrary to my preconceived notion encompassed both arts and science, and was governed by precise principles and rules. Slowly, economics became one of my favourites and after enjoying a series of academic successes during tests and exams, I grew confident to pursue a degree in economics. I went ahead to enrol for a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Management and Economics, my undergraduate studies gave me the tremendous scope for self-expression especially with interpretations and analysis. I obtained top scores in key modules and graduated with a First Class Honour. I progressed to bag an MSc in Economics from Kent University. During my master’s program, I received rigorous training in ………… which helped equip me in economic analysis.

Upon completion of my master’s program, I joined a management trainee program to improve my management competencies and also to prepare myself for corporate life. I would later accept an employment opportunity to join the Novel Economic Research Institute as I was eager to apply the theoretical knowledge gained over a combined 7 years of academic work in a real-life setting. This opportunity has offered me avenues to approach real-life problems and has achieved some remarkable feats. One of my outstanding achievements so far is …………………….

At the Novel Economic Research Institute, progressive learning and growth is important if I am to effectively engage in intensive, progressive and interdisciplinary research that help promote informed decision-making as the government and nation rely on our results to advise on sensitive economic issues. While I never intended to focus solely on the research side of economics, nearly all my work revolves around it which has made me realize the need for advanced learning to strengthen my economic research skills. More so, my job allows me to tap into the intellectual depth of some of my colleagues with doctoral degrees which motivates me to also advance my knowledge to a PhD level.

Though my undergraduate and master’s degree gave me the background to understand and utilize economic concepts, I am still lacking in…………………. Specializing through this PhD program is important; as I have noticed how my co-workers who have specialized education excel at applying their knowledge in their area of speciality.

I first learned about Stanford University from a colleague who equally completed his doctoral studies in SU. While working with him, I was fascinated by his ability to quickly grasp concepts and discern issues with the combination of knowledge, critical thinking and fast reflexes which he formed during his years at Stanford. I love the reputation that Stanford University has built for itself over the years, and seeing the line-up of lecturers in the Environmental, Resource and Energy Economics research field, I am very much encouraged and eager to follow through with a Stanford doctoral.

One of my reasons for delving into doctoral studies in economics is because I am interested in carrying out independent research and analysis. My areas of interest cover Environmental, Resource, and Energy Economics, Development Economics, Public Economics, International Policy and Development. Researching one of these areas during my doctoral studies would help me uncover ………………

I will be coming with knowledge gained from years of intensive work in one of Nigeria’s reliable economic research teams. I have garnered knowledge from different economic and research perspectives that I believe will interest both my lecturers and colleagues during this program. I understand the requirements and high expectations of Stanford University, and I believe that my passion, previous academic records, work experiences, and future ambition will make me worthy of a place in the next class of students to be admitted for this program. I look forward to your consideration.

Do You Need Help Writing Your PhD Economics Personal Statement?

Thank you for taking out the time to go through this PhD Economics Personal Statement. If you need assistance writing yours,  click here  and contact our customer support.

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The best business economics personal statement examples describe a student’s interests, goals, strengths and motivations. It gives the uni a picture of who you are and why you will be successful with them. Beyond undergraduate study, a postgraduate economics personal statement is still essential and covers many of the same themes. Whether it’s an economics masters personal statement or an economics PhD personal statement, it’s important to give yourself the credit you deserve, and present yourself as winningly as possible. Start planning your business and economics personal statement by brainstorming ideas: what skills make an effective student, and how can you demonstrate those skills through past experiences or achievements? You might find it helpful to work with a financial / economics personal statement layout. That way, you can focus on high quality content and not worry so much about the structure. Always allow time to return to your draft to make changes, and proof-read for spelling and grammar. Business departments expect attention to detail, and errors can undermine a personal statement for economics degree students. Keep it professional! If you’re going for joint honours, tailor your statement to suit those particular subjects. A business management and economics personal statement might mention a role of responsibility, such as a position on your college’s student council. Or for an economics and finance personal statement, you could mention managing the budget for entertainment at the leavers’ prom. Don’t list endless clubs or musical awards if you can’t link them to the programme. Earning an entry-level swimming badge ten years ago is nice, but is it really going to enhance an economics and accounting personal statement? Be choosy with your details so that course leaders notice high quality skills, not filler or waffle.

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Personal Statement for Economics

Economic personal statement

Personal statements have turned out to be an inevitable part of admission to economics and other popular academic courses in foreign countries. The document is to be submitted along with your CV and other academic credentials. Your personal statement for economics needs to be designed to portray you as a passionate and capable candidate for the education program to which you have applied.

If you read good examples of economics personal statements, you will notice that they focus on the interests, aims, and strong attributes of the applicants. Universities go through this information to evaluate how you will perform as a student. In our experience, the top institutions prefer students who have consistent academic performance along with perseverance, social commitment, and a unique perspective. They also evaluate your proactiveness from these essays before sorting your profile.

How To Write A Personal Statement For Economics

Now that we have seen what a personal statement for economics is, let us take a look at some of the best tips for writing one. Remember, no single rigid method defines the guidelines to draft your economics personal statement. First-timers, therefore, find it challenging to get started with the creative task. To ease up your efforts, we have come up with a few instructions for you in this post, that will significantly ease up the drafting process. Here are a few tips that you can implement when preparing your documents for higher studies. These guiding principles apply to all economics personal statements – be it for a bachelor’s degree, master’s or PhD.

Do your research

Focus on relevant information, divide and conquer, make your motivations clear, maintain a personal touch, economics personal statement sample.

Please read the economics personal statement example we have written to illustrate the points mentioned above.

“The dynamics of our everyday lives are dictated by various economic decisions created by governments and authorities. The weight of such choices can manifest itself in several ways – from the price of commodities today to the fate of the nation in the years to come. I have relentlessly strived to improve my perceptions of economic decisions and their impact on the society. This journey has tremendously helped me to broaden my acumen. I wish to further extend this pursuit of knowledge through higher studies from your prestigious institute.

My passion for economics stemmed during high school studies. This was mostly because it enabled me to make sense of news stories and economic columns. I could not fully comprehend the global extent of various economic policies initially. As I delved deeper into diverse concepts, I became capable of seeing the forest for the trees. It was gratifying for me, on being able to read a piece of news regarding a fiscal policy and understand the motives and the bigger picture behind it.

The unpredictability of commercial trends is one of the things that I always find hard to wrap my mind around. Despite a high-level knowledge of fiscal theories, only a few economists are able to make accurate predictions, and even fewer can do it consistently. The concept of the black swan events, which breaks all expectations and turns the tables, was introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Incerto. The book and its premise have radically transformed my approach to variability thinking.

I have always been keen to acquire new skills and venture into the unexplored paths. As the success of modern economic analysis largely depends on coding and other technologies, I signed up for a supplementary course in Python programming. This knowledge facilitated the process of amassing data sets from the internet and analyzing them in my own capacity. I also learned to automate many of the trivial tasks that I have to perform on a regular basis.

In addition to my education, I have been an enthusiastic participator in various non-academic pursuits. My favorite physical activities are games like badminton and cricket. I have bagged several medals and prizes in competitions at the local sports club. As an avid reader, I was one of the active members of the reading club in my college. In addition to promoting reading at the campus, we have visited regional schools with book donations and reading campaigns. The leadership roles that I have taken in different groups molded my character and nourished my presentation skills.

Undertaking an MS in Economic Strategies will kindle my inquisitiveness regarding finding solutions to global issues. I think that the US is the ideal location for higher studies in economics. The country’s policies are decisive in the international ambit, and its recommendations carry much weight in the IMF and other regulatory bodies. In addition to this, the nation abounds with eminent economic researchers. Getting my education from such a setting will be conducive to my aspirations of getting into research later in my career.

The program offered by Adam Smith Academy perfectly fits my requirements. I am familiar with the researches and works of Dr. Brian Dinero and look forward to train myself under him. I believe that I can make numerous contributions to this esteemed institution and its lively community. I reckon the challenges that lie ahead in this journey and am confident of emerging on the top through academic commitment and dedication.

After completing this course, I will return to India and start my career as a college educator. After gaining substantial work experience, I aspire to become an economic researcher whose works will hopefully serve the society. A berth in your revered university will be the key to unlocking my potential and achieving my dreams.”

Disclaimer: Given above is a sample personal statement for economics.  Please do not reproduce or adapt the above content for your personal needs. Even if you modify the important parts, there is a high risk that it will be labeled as plagiarism. If you need an original economics personal statement, give us a call or a mail. With us, you do not have to be concerned about accidental plagiarism or the quality of your content. Our expert writers will craft spotless documents that take all of your demands into account. Our writers will get in touch with you and guarantee that everything you wish to say gets conveyed through the personal statement. And we meticulously wade through every word that is written for you to make sure no mistakes make their way into your economics personal statement. Our writers can improve your prospects of obtaining admission by making sure that the statement is appealing and convincing. And we also guarantee the delivery of the final output on the given deadline. To know more about our writing services submit your name and contact info in the forum to the right.

How We Excel In Writing Economics Personal Statement

As a  reputed professional writing service provider , we can help you improve your admission prospects with a perfectly crafted personal statement for economics. Over the years, we had the opportunity to prepare documents for students and support them in their respective academic journeys. Leveraging that experience and expertise, we can assuredly offer you high-quality content. Here are a few reasons why we continue to be your best option for writing a personal statement for economics.

Every document we write gets prepared from scratch, and this brings you two benefits. Firstly, you have no more reason to worry about accidental plagiarism and other concerns. In addition to this, the originality of the content will make your economics personal statement stand out from the lot.

We maintain the policy of strictly adhering to the demands of our clients. From word limit to writing style, our writers will tailor all aspects of drafting a personal statement for economics to fit your specific needs. We keep you in the loop about each phase of the work.

For high-ranking universities like Oxford, personal statements for economics should be virtually devoid of errors. We have a team of seasoned proof-readers to scrutinize every bit of the content before the final output is delivered to you. With us, you can rest assured that the document would be free from mistakes.

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Personal Statement

How to write a good personal statement for economics.

  • July 1, 2023

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Table of Contents

Are you required to write an outstanding personal statement for Economics because you want to secure your place for economics higher studies at the best university in your country or even abroad? 

This blog is a comprehensive guide that can certainly help you in this regard. In this blog, we have included all the information you are looking for such as: 

  • Economics personal statement structure you need to follow 
  • The recommended length and requirements you must adhere to 
  • Writing tips and mistakes to avoid
  • A couple of real-world economics personal statement examples

What Is Economics Personal Statement?

An economics personal statement is a piece of writing that a student will produce at the college or university when they apply for admission to an economics higher study program. 

It describes why the student is applying for the economics program, what he plans to achieve through the degree and what he wants to become after successfully completing the course. 

Why Are You Asked to Write an Economics Personal Statement?

  • You need a personal statement for economics degree as part of your application procedure. 
  • It helps you communicate a few important things about yourself to the selection committee of your respective university before the face-to-face interview. 
  • Economics personal statement help you convey why you fit into an economics program 
  • A well-drafted and comprehensive personal statement helps the admission panel figure out in what different ways you are distinguished from other applicants. 

How to Write a Personal Statement for Economics?

Follow the below step-by-step procedure to develop a comprehensive economics personal statement.

Research contemporary economics:

Don’t write an economics personal statement without researching contemporary economics, its scope, career paths you can choose in it etc.

Go through the institute’s guidelines:

 Find out what your institute wants you to focus on in your personal statement. If they have given any special instructions and prompts, adhere to them and cover all of them in your writing. 

Draft your outline:

After you have gathered all the points and know the structure to use, draft an outline. Don’t look for perfection at this stage. Do that in the next phase of your writing. 

Develop your full document:

In this step, develop each part of your personal statement into its full structure. Develop the introduction, body and conclusion. Replace words that look out of place and points that look irrelevant. 

Given that a personal statement is crucial in the final shortlisting of candidates, you can’t afford to have any mistakes in it. Proofread and get rid of all possible mistakes you may have overlooked during your writing. 

Finalize and submit on time:

Get someone else to read and give you constructive feedback for improvement. Finalize your paper based on those and submit your application on time.

Economics Personal Statement Examples

Growing up in a progressive economy in India, I witnessed both economic crisis and boom over the last decade. Particularly, I would mention the impact of The Great Recession of 2008 on India, that I observed as a school-goer. Maturing over the years, I fed my curiosity over this subject that defines the economic success of the globe all these years. I am a regular reader of The Times and the Economist, which shaped my perspective on this domain over the years. Eventually, my orientation and academic interests both shaped my fascination with this subject.

As a discipline, economics is strongly grounded in a position that impacts the quality of lifestyle of people across the globe. My inclination towards economics was such that I selected this subject, along with mathematics and economics during my intermediates. Studying statistics during my graduation, along with economics honours established me at the foundational level in the industry. However, I believe that global economics keeps evolving, and there’s a lot more to master. Economics is a subject, with which I can connect people and the world.

Presently, I spend a significant amount of my leisure hours, watching global news and keeping myself abreast with the developments on the business grounds. My passion for economics gets fuelled, as I get to learn about mergers, acquisitions, stock market booms, and inflation. I believe that a specialized knowledge in the area of my interest will leverage me to a position, where I would have the power to control these aspects to a certain extent, advising my organization with the right knowledge. This would also help me contribute with valuable decisions to my employer. Through my readings, I have realized that historical economic models are still relevant to modern situations. Whether it comes to controlling inflation, or advising stock market investors, this knowledge would prove valuable for me. I believe that it would be a fascinating experience for me to apply my theoretical knowledge on the practical ground, once I establish myself with adequate knowledge. Given that I have acquired two years of experience after completing my graduation in economics, I can align my existing knowledge with the fresh skill sets.

To leverage my knowledge in the subject, I have signed up with multiple online newspapers. At the same time, I nurture my knowledge through relevant magazines and journals. Over the last two years, I have been engaged with a job involving management practice. In the process, I could significantly leverage my organizational skills. Besides, I acquired relevant knowledge in business and management. These areas are intrinsically connected to economic theories. I love spending my time working with the administrative staff closely to learn directly about the industry. I also realized that theoretically, I had studied these aspects during my graduation. It is exciting to learn on the practical front.

Economics, I believe, holds the key to elevate the standard of lifestyle. It provides mankind with the tools for understanding some of the prime motivations of countries and their people. As the world keeps globalizing, challenges for economists grow tougher to come up with effective solutions for the persisting economic issues. I would love to capitalize on this opportunity and walk in the shoes of an accomplished professional, preferably a financial advisor. In India, skilled and certified professionals enjoy lucrative career opportunities. It would be a pleasure for me to work for my country on gaining the necessary skills and insights.

I have scanned through the official website of your university. It would be a logical decision for me to pursue the program your institution is offering. All the modules are closely associated with the needs of the industry. I have also gone through the website to know about the campus life, faculty, and amenities for international students. A dynamic academic life awaits me in the UK. I would like to integrate myself into the progressive academic environment in the country and leverage my profile. The UK is one of the finest academic destinations across the world. It is known for the high value of education. Degrees obtained from universities in the UK are valued by employers across the world. I would like to streamline my career on completing this program. This course will bridge my passion and ambition, paving my way to embrace a happening career in my country.

Personal Statements for Economics Specializations

Economics is a wide subject with so many specializations to choose from. If you are opting for specialization, you may need to write a successful economics personal statement tailormade for that specialization. Here are some economics personal statement examples written that way. 

  • Economics and finance personal statement
  • UCAS economics personal statement
  • Economic history personal statement
  • Health economics personal statement
  • Behavioural economics personal statement
  • Economics and management personal statement
  • Economics and business personal statement
  • Economics PhD personal statement
  • Political economy personal statement
  • Development economics personal statement

Best Economics Personal Statements for Top 10 Universities

Given that economics is a popular and most studied subject for ages, it’s offered in all the top universities in the world. 

Here is a list of the top 10 universities that you can consider for your economics higher studies. 

Remember to write a bespoke personal statement when you apply for each of these institutes. 

  • Stanford University.
  • University of Melbourne 
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • Columbia University.
  • Hong Kong University
  • University of California
  • University of Toronto
  • ETH Zurich 
  • London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • New York University.

Some Useful Guidelines for Writing Personal Statement for Economics Masters

As you prepare a personal statement for economics so as to apply for a post-graduate level university program, keep in mind the following guidelines so as not to end up writing a below-average MSc economics personal statement.

Don’t stress:

Yes, the personal statement is the most crucial document in your application for higher studies. If it goes wrong, your application can get rejected. But don’t stress over that. Start writing early so that you can have enough proofreading and corrections.

Show your passion:

It is easier for the admission panel to learn your degree of passion by reading your personal statement. Don’t fake your passion but show it in a genuine way throughout. Being true to yourself and enthusiastic will help a lot.

Refer to examples:

Referring to some of the previously written UCAS Economics personal statement examples is a great way to learn how to write and how to not write. It will give you insights as to how you must develop your thoughts. 

Make it engaging:

An engaging personal statement in your application will quickly catch the attention of the admission panel. It will make them read it fully and thus have a holistic view of your intentions.

Establish future plans:

Admission officers are particularly interested in knowing about your future plans as an economist. They will appreciate it if you establish your future plans in a realistic way founded on your genuine convictions. 

We are glad that we could provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to write a personal statement for economics. 

However, we don’t want to make our claim one-sided. 

Do you have any questions to ask us further with regard to this topic? 

Would you like to review more economics personal statement examples?  

We would greatly appreciate it if you share your genuine feedback about our blog. 

Feel free to write it in the comments below. 


I am Anjit.V.S, a freelance writer, overseas education consultant and an academic documentation expert. Over the years, I have written documents for thousands of students and hundreds of businesses and individuals worldwide. Many of the prominent study abroad counsellors in India refer me to their students for SOP, LOR, admission essays. personal statements and other similar documents. Not just the academic documents but whatever content needs you have, stay assured. Perfectly impeccable services are delivered.

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Phd applicants: writing your statement of purpose.


  • January 11, 2022

I’ve read a lot of personal statements for PhD applications. I sat on admissions at UChicago, Columbia, and Yale, mostly in economics, political science, and public policy. Here’s the advice I’ve given my own students and research assistants to craft their statements. I give it because, sadly, I don’t find most statements helpful. This means they are not helping you, the applicant.

As with all my advice posts, it’s important that students outside elite colleges get this information, so here are some personal thoughts.

[Note: You can now subscribe by email to receive posts to your inbox.]

First, let’s clarify your number one job as an applicant: Send the best, clearest signal of your abilities as a future researcher, and minimize the noise around that signal. I explain why in a longer post on whether and how you should apply to PhD programs (including the other elements of an application packet):

the fundamental problems in graduate admissions are “information overload” and “noise”. For every slot in a PhD program, there are probably 30 to 50 applicants. A department that plans to have a class of 20 students may receive 1000 applications. Meanwhile, most departments delegate admissions to a small committee of two to six faculty. They don’t have time to read 1000 applications in detail. And the committee may change every year. Thus, their experience may be limited. And you never know who will be on the committee or what they care about. This adds further randomness. These faculty want to admit the most talented and creative young researchers who will push the field ahead. And they also want you to pass all the most technical classes, because they hate kicking students out. So the admissions committee are looking for strong signals of intelligence, creativity, determination, and other proclivities for research. But this is hard . There are too many applications. Applicants don’t have many good ways to signal quality. All applicants are trying to send the same signals. And there is a ton of uncertainty around each signal. Hence: Information overload and noise.

Yet most schools as for a written statement of some kind. Sometimes they ask for both a biographical statement and a research statement. What do they want and what should you write?

  • Don’t tell your life story. This statement is not an undergrad entry essay where you describe your life’s trials and tribulations, or your journey to wanting to do a PhD. It’s not that we don’t care. It’s just that it’s probably not relevant to judging your ability as a researcher. If it is, then weave that into the narrative around your research interests and plans. We have hundreds of these things to read and so you only want to focus on the most important information.
  • Don’t be cliché. Do not start your with your epiphany—the day the scales fell from your eyes and you realized you wanted to be a professor, or were inspired tackle big questions and social issues. Especially if it involves a child in a poor country. This approach is overused and unoriginal, and the information does not help us judge whether you will be a great researcher (see point 1).
  • Platitudes about wanting to be a professor or researcher
  • Generic or flattering statements about being excited to join a program, your admiration for the faculty, etc.
  • Unspecific interests in a research subject or field
  • Routine information such as “I am graduating in May…”
  • Filler sentences like “Please find enclosed…”
  • Start with your broad fields of interest (e.g. “I am principally interested in labor and development economics” or “I want to work at the intersection of comparative politics and international relations”)
  • Then give 2-3 examples of broad topics and questions that interest you. (“I’m interested in studying inefficiencies in labor markets, especially market power and monopsony. I’m also interested in…”)
  • Are tenure or tenure-track faculty
  • Have their primary appointment in the department you are applying to
  • Are actually there and take students (i.e. they didn’t retire last year, etc.)
  • You could discuss two ideas in moderate depth, or one idea in greater depth. Either way, I recommend this research discussion be 40-60% of your entire statement.
  • Ideally this is a question or topic of current interest in the field. One thing I often see is that students are focussed on the research frontier 10 years ago (because those are the papers they read in their classes) and are not clued in to some of the current puzzled and priorities. This is hard to avoid, but some reading and your advisors should be able to help you avoid this.
  • The best discussions will (if empirical) identify interesting data and discuss plausible empirical strategies. This is difficult, which is why it is a good signal if you do it well.
  • It’s important to locate your question in the literature without overdoing that discussion. Try to motivate the question with reference to recent and recognizable research papers and agendas. If you are mainly citing articles with few citations, in lower-ranked journals, this is a sign that you need to link your idea to bigger debates in the field, or perhaps rethink the question you are proposing.
  • This is (in my experience) the most crucial section for most social science departments. Except possibly economics. It’s not clear how seriously many departments take your statement in economics, and some of my colleagues profess to never look at the statement. That may be true, but some will look, and you have to have a statement, so I suggest following this advice to make it a research proposal.
  • Why you studied physics but now are doing political science
  • What happened in that single bad semester on your transcript
  • How to interpret your foreign GPA, and where you ranked in your class
  • Clarify your classes if they have off names (e.g. “My class called XX was a Real Analysis class using textbook X, and so I have all the mathematical requirements for entry.”
  • Get help. Your letter writers, professors you work for, or PhD student you know can read and give feedback on your statements. Ask them for their advice. Do this early–a couple months before the application, ideally. they can help you frame your question in a more interesting way, decide what papers to mention, or what is or is not frontier.
  • Don’t be repetitive. This is not the place to restate your CV (“First I worked for Professor… and then I worked for…”). They have your CV. Use this document to do something no other in your application can do. Only mention work or other experience if you can add essential, high-density information the reader cannot get elsewhere in the application packet. Maybe you picked up specific technical skills working on a project that relate to the research proposal you just described? If not, you don’t have to say anything at all about your past. Just let the research proposal speak for itself.
  • I recommend using the Hemingway Editor as a tool to write more clearly. Some long and complex sentences are ok, but sparingly. And they can often be improved. Aim for a grade 10 reading level.
  • Use active voice
  • Omit needless material and words (see points 3 and 9)
  • Limit jargon
  • Each paragraph should be a distinct idea
  • Paragraphs should have a hierarchical structure, with the big idea or general point as the first topic sentence, and the rest of the paragraph elaborates. Someone should be able to get an “executive summary” but simply reading the first line in every paragraph. they should make sense as a story/summary.
  • Use subheadings if possible, to delineate sections such as your broad fields of interest (point 4), your research proposal (point 5), and other key information (point 6)

This is just my view. Other professors will have different preferences and advice here. So ask them. Get more opinions. Or put your advice in the comments below.

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