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Intrigued by the balance of aesthetics, function, and emotion in a space? Envision yourself creating environments that transform everyday life?

A course in Interior Design could be your canvas to bring these visions to life.

Pursuing a career as an interior designer in the UK offers a unique opportunity to blend creativity, technical knowledge, and business acumen, making it an ideal choice for university applicants who have a passion for design and an eye for detail.

As an interior designer, you will play a pivotal role in transforming spaces, enhancing functionality, and curating aesthetically pleasing environments in residential, commercial, and public sectors.

A degree in interior design equips you with a solid foundation in design principles, spatial planning, materials, colour theory, and design history, while providing hands-on experience through internships and industry collaborations.

As a professional in this dynamic field, you will have the chance to work on diverse projects, collaborate with architects, contractors, and clients, and continually adapt to evolving design trends and technologies.

With numerous career paths available, from freelance work to roles within renowned design firms, an interior design career offers a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

👍 When writing a personal statement : Highlight your passion for the course, demonstrating your understanding of it. Use relevant personal experiences, coursework, or work history to showcase how these have fostered your interest and readiness for the course.

Career Opportunities

Someone with an interior design degree can pursue a variety of careers and professions within the interior design field. These include:

  • Interior Designer: An interior designer is responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional interior spaces. They work with clients to develop a design plan that meets the client’s needs and preferences. They then select furniture, fabrics, colors, and other materials to create the desired look.
  • Space Planner: A space planner is responsible for designing efficient and effective interior spaces. They work with clients to develop a plan that maximizes the use of space while still creating a pleasing aesthetic. They must be knowledgeable in building codes, zoning regulations, and other requirements to ensure the space is compliant.
  • Lighting Designer: A lighting designer is responsible for creating a lighting plan for interior spaces. They must be knowledgeable in the latest lighting technology and be able to create a plan that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  • Furniture Designer: A furniture designer is responsible for creating furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They must be knowledgeable in the latest furniture trends and be able to create furniture that meets the needs of the client.
  • Colour Consultant: A color consultant is responsible for helping clients select the perfect color palette for their interior spaces. They must be knowledgeable in the latest color trends and be able to create a palette that meets the needs of the client.

UK Admission Requirements

The entry criteria for the university course in Interior Design vary depending on the institution. Generally, the minimum entry requirements include a minimum of five GCSEs at grade C or above, including English and Maths, and two A-Levels at grade C or above.

In addition, some universities may require applicants to have a portfolio of design work, or a portfolio of relevant experience. This could include work in the field of interior design, architecture, or related disciplines.

The entry criteria for this course are similar to other design courses, such as graphic design or fashion design, but may differ slightly depending on the institution. For example, some universities may require design portfolios for these courses, while others may not.

UK Earnings Potential For Interior Designers

The average earnings for someone with a degree in interior design can vary widely depending on the individual’s experience, the geographic location, and the type of industry they are working in. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for interior designers was $53,370 in May 2019.

In the UK, the average salary for an interior designer is £30,000 per year, according to the National Careers Service. This figure can vary depending on the individual’s experience, the type of industry they are working in, and the geographic location.

Trends in the job market for interior designers show that demand for these professionals is expected to grow by 4% from 2018 to 2028. This growth is largely due to an increased demand for design services in both residential and commercial settings.

Additionally, the increasing popularity of home renovation and remodeling projects is expected to create additional job opportunities for interior designers.

Similar Courses in UK

Other university courses related to Interior Design include:

1. Interior Architecture: This course focuses on the design of interior spaces, with an emphasis on the creative use of materials and lighting to create a unique atmosphere. It also covers the technical aspects of construction, such as building codes and regulations. The key difference between this course and Interior Design is that Interior Architecture focuses more on the structural and technical aspects of the design, while Interior Design focuses more on the aesthetic aspects.

2. Furniture Design: This course focuses on the design of furniture, from both a functional and aesthetic perspective. It covers topics such as ergonomics, materials, and manufacturing processes. The key difference between this course and Interior Design is that Furniture Design focuses more on the design of individual pieces of furniture, while Interior Design focuses more on the overall design of a space.

3. Textiles and Soft Furnishings: This course focuses on the design of textiles and soft furnishings, such as curtains, cushions, and upholstery. It covers topics such as fabric selection, pattern making, and stitching techniques. The key difference between this course and Interior Design is that Textiles and Soft Furnishings focuses more on the design of individual pieces, while Interior Design focuses more on the overall design of a space.

UK Curriculum

The key topics and modules covered in an interior design course will vary depending on the university and the specific program. Generally, however, some of the topics covered may include:

  • Design Theory & History: This module will cover the history of interior design, from its origins to the present day, as well as the theoretical concepts and principles of design.
  • Design Processes & Techniques: This module will explore the design process and the techniques used by interior designers to create effective and attractive spaces. It will also cover the use of colour, texture, and light in interior design.
  • Design Materials & Technology: This module will provide an overview of the materials and technologies used in interior design, including furniture, fabrics, lighting, and other elements. It will also cover the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Construction & Building Regulations: This module will cover the basics of construction and building regulations, including building codes, safety regulations, and other legal requirements.
  • Business & Professional Practice: This module will focus on the business side of interior design, including marketing, budgeting, and project management. It will also cover the professional practice of interior design, such as client relations, contracts, and copyright.
  • Hands-on Experience & Practical Work: Many interior design courses will include hands-on experience and practical work. This may include field trips to design studios or sites, as well as the opportunity to design interiors.

Alumni Network

One notable alumni from the course of Interior Design is Kelly Wearstler, who graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is an American designer and tastemaker who is known for her bold, eclectic style. She has been featured in numerous publications and has designed for some of the most prestigious clients in the world.

Wearstler has been credited with revolutionizing the look of modern luxury and is considered one of the most influential designers of our time. She is also the author of two books, Modern Glamour and Rhapsody.

The university offers several alumni events and networking opportunities for graduates of the Interior Design course. These include an annual alumni reception, a student-alumni mentorship program, and a career development series.

Additionally, the university hosts an annual Alumni Design Showcase, which showcases the work of alumni from the Interior Design course. This event provides a great opportunity for alumni to network and showcase their work.

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Guide to Writing Interior Designer Personal Statements

Table of Contents

An  interior designer personal statement  is a document that conveys an individual’s unique qualifications, experiences, and goals in the field of interior design. It provides recruiters and admissions board representatives with additional information to help them gauge an applicant’s suitability. Personal statements highlight an applicant’s experience, skills, achievements, and aspirations.

Crafting personal statements is as much an art as it is a skill. Every student and professional must learn to write an effective personal statement essay because it significantly impacts their prospects.

The Importance of a Personal Statement

A personal statement is an integral part of any application material. It gives recruiters and admissions officers additional information to gauge a candidate’s suitability. Personal statements are everyday encounters in job hunts, special programs, internships, and university applications.

The main benefit of personal statements stems from their format. Unlike resumes and CVs, personal statements come in paragraphs. These grant applicants the ability to inject a bit of their personality into their content.

This significantly impacts you because it introduces a human touch to your materials. It gives evaluators and readers a glimpse into your background, values, and your character. 

Your personal statement is a way to present yourself in a manner that goes beyond bullet points and summaries. It lets you emphasize essential qualifications that can impact the impression you establish .

A well-written personal statement will help you stand out from other applicants. Exposition is key to a solid first impression and memorable profile.

Consider these surefire tips if you need help crafting an effective interior design personal statement.

Tips For an Effective Interior Designer Personal Statement

dining table set placed beside glass window

Showcase Your Technical Skills

Be sure to highlight the technical and practical elements of design that make you an excellent fit for the position. This can include samples of furniture selection, layout planning, or CAD design work that demonstrates your ability to effectively create beautiful designs.

More often than not, your skills are the primary basis for determining your suitability. If you’re unsure of what technical skills to emphasize, reread the job listing’s description. Recruiters usually include hints regarding the qualifications they’re looking for.

Highlight Your Best Designs

An influential interior designer personal statement should also include details on work you have completed. Discussing these pieces with passion and clarity will show prospective employers why they should hire you over other candidates. They also show prospects your full potential. 

Demonstrate Your Understanding of Trends

The field of interior design is constantly changing, so it’s vital to demonstrate that you’re aware of current design trends. You should also demonstrate your ability to incorporate them seamlessly into your designs. Mention specific pieces or styles you find interesting and how you would use them in upcoming projects. 

Explain Your Motivations

Writing about your motivations is another way to make your personal statement stand out. Consider talking about different aspects of interior design that excite you, such as working with unique materials or creating bespoke solutions for clients. Your motivations matter to recruiters because they help determine your behavior.

Use Strong Language

Finally, be sure to use powerful words when presenting yourself. Don’t rely on clichés. Instead, choose words like “innovative” or “dynamic” that express your excitement for the industry and demonstrate your commitment to success.

Moreover, strong language is a key ingredient for creating vivid descriptions and powerful messages. Its benefits permeate many aspects of life.

Interior Design Personal Statement Examples

As a seasoned professional, I have a unique creative ability to think outside the box. I can come up with innovative ideas for building interiors. Having obtained my degree from a prestigious university, I can apply my knowledge of modern design techniques to design aesthetic and practical living spaces. 

I strive to use research methods that go beyond simply looking at what others have done. Instead, I seek to look deep into the needs of the people using the space and build accordingly. 

With each project, I take the time to read, review, and evaluate every option carefully. I make sure to do this before submitting results that offer satisfaction and good value for money. 

Moreover, I understand how important it is to keep abreast of current trends and stay informed about new developments in the field. As such, I actively invest in learning activities such as attending seminars and workshops related to this subject matter. My commitment to honing my professional skills has enabled me to connect well with people from various backgrounds. It allows me to tailor my work according to their requirements. 

I am confident my experience, educational background, and passion for interior design make me an ideal candidate for your school’s program. I welcome the opportunity to learn more about your offerings. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

As a university student studying Interior Design, I am devoted to perfecting my craft. I want to be able to offer comprehensive design services for residential, commercial, and retail clients. 

My course has enabled me to develop an eye for detail and the ability to ask intelligent questions. Over the past year, I have worked on various materials selection and planning case studies. Through this work, I’ve gained an appreciation of how to effectively approach the technical and aesthetic elements of any design. 

I am passionate about building upon what I’ve learned so far and expanding my knowledge base by exploring new approaches to interior design solutions.

During my career, I aim to bring a unique perspective to each task, considering physical features and people’s interactions with the environment around them. 

I am confident that my enthusiasm, determination, and skills will help me excel in this field and become a valuable asset to any team.

I have been involved in the world of design for most of my days. In fact, it has become an integral part of who I am. It is something that transcends far beyond a mere art or profession. As an interior design student, I take pride in being able to use my creative abilities to shape unique art through design. 

From infusing exciting textures, colors, and patterns into the fabric of a room, to carefully selecting pieces of furniture, decor items, and artwork. I ensure all elements perfectly harmonize with the space’s environment. This is the crux of my craft; providing balanced and beautiful interiors tailored to each client’s needs and desires.

An interior design personal statement is a short essay that showcases your design skills . It should focus on your proficiencies and ability to use art elements to design aesthetic interiors. These statements are important because they can impact the course of your career by opening different prospects. 

Guide to Writing Interior Designer Personal Statements

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Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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A UCAS personal statement sets the scene for programme administrators, telling them who you are, what motivates you, and why you’ll be a good student for their course. A strong fashion designer personal statement, or perhaps a textile design degree personal statement, would go into the details of your experience with fabrics, innovation successes, and ability to recognise and set trends. Some students find it helpful to use a personal statement template to stay focused. Try writing a section each for: motivation and goals, passion and specific interests, experience and general study skills. Make sure you write with subheadings in place to keep track of what you're doing, but don't include them in the final statement. Keep your language professional but friendly. Avoid shock tactics or other gimmicks to stand out; the best graphic design or art and design personal statement examples speak for themselves. Seek support from people around you: your art or textiles teacher would be happy to proof-read your interior design personal statement for university. Grades can only say so much about you, so get into the specifics of what you’ve enjoyed and what you want to learn more about (such as a particular CAD or CAM project you excelled at, for a design engineering personal statement or 3D design personal statement). Talking about hobbies can be helpful to support claims about your strengths and skills. A passion for video games or a love of comic books can help build your case in a game design personal statement. Highly competitive courses can afford to be picky about their students, so read a number of fashion design personal statement examples before writing your own to get a feel for the perfect tone and content. If you have any voluntary or work experience to support the subject, be sure to mention it in your industrial design personal statement.

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Personal Statement Blogs

February 17th, 2023

Interior Design and Architecture Personal Statement Examples – With Writing Guide (2023)

personal statement furniture design

Are you having trouble writing your personal statement for interior design?

Your personal statement has a significant impact on how others will see you and your abilities.

Therefore, if you’re unclear, read our blog to get clear:

  • Things to include
  • How to format it
  • Professional tips

What is the Need for an Interior Design Personal Statement?

Through your personal statement, you can inform the admissions committee of anything that is not covered in your resume—something personal.

  • To create a personal portrayal of the candidate.
  • To distinguish you from others
  • To demonstrate your passion.
  • To make a good impression.
  • In order to boost admissions prospects.

When to Start?

  • Perfect time : Before 1 month of deadline
  • Things to include: Your personal stories
  • Note down the points to include
  • Find the most important ones to add.


How Lengthy is Your Personal Statement for Interior Design?

Depending on the university you selected, there are different requirements for the personal statement for interior architecture and design.

However, the typical length of a personal statement is:

No of pages –

Word count –, no. of characters –, best fonts –, font style –.

Read more about personal statement on:

Example 1 – Architecture and Interior Design Personal Statement

I think my traits of determination, attention to detail, innovation, and passion for design will help me succeed in achieving excellent grades and professional success in architecture and interior design. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Design, I began to consider the potential meaning a room or structure could convey about a person. A lot about a person’s life and temperament may be inferred from their room. That was how my parents would describe it. They were shocked by the chaos in my room every time they came in. And when they remarked, “Rooms can tell a lot about you,” I was unable to understand what they meant. But learning about architecture made it clear to me how significant each building is and how unique each one is. I am confident that I can offer to the education system your university offers due to my extensive knowledge of architecture, strong project-management skills, and profound imagination. My completion of my bachelor’s degree has proven my excellent degree of professional abilities and my rigorous design methods, among other things. I want to pursue a master’s in Architecture and Interior Design programme in order to broaden my experience and understanding in designing ideas.

My abilities to comprehend, analyze, and create exact concepts with creative thinking are my strongest suit. My engineering degree confirms my inclination for reliability, efficiency, and persistence in design, and I can carry these skills together with it. I decided to continue my education because of my enthusiasm and curiosity for the design world. I believe combining interior design and architecture studies will give me a better understanding of how to improve a space’s visual impact. This would be extremely beneficial for my career. The fusion of two powerful disciplines might deliver fantastic outcomes for its clients.

I have enrolled in pertinent courses in this field in order to enhance my knowledge and develop my portfolio. Through these courses, I was able to get a solid foundation in design principles, interior aspects, and diverse approaches. My internships and projects throughout my undergraduate programme have improved my communication, cooperation, organisation, and research skills. Since this field demands both hard and soft skills, I paid attention to improving both.

After attending the xyz advanced Course, I now have effective and professional-grade tools needed to produce interior and architectural representations. I can develop incredible pictures for practical uses by using these professional tools. I have learnt how to work in a manufacturing environment, effectively employ a range of methods and resources to create models, and use Photo editing softwares to recognise architectural principles.

My determination to flourish in the competitive design industry is represented throughout the courses that I’ve taken. I am confident of my capacity to carry a requirement, evaluate the demands, present a pictorial representation, show the final piece, and analyse the results and process. Considering today’s demanding world, my familiarity with business technologies gives me a huge edge over competitors.

I made a conscious decision to excel in this challenging and quickly changing domain of design by blending my clear architectural and practical designing abilities with my passion for imaginative design. I was driven to push my limits and accomplish more by my creativity and innate curiosity. By doing this course, I wish to pave the way for a future in which I can work as an interior designer and architect for any major firm in India. I intend to establish my own interior design business once I’ve accumulated the expertise and resources necessary. I believe my credentials and skills make me a strong applicant who is eager to achieve success in this program and in the future.

Example 2 – Interior Design Personal Statement

I have always been someone who continuously changed the appearance of my bedroom. I would add different items I have made and rearrange the furniture in my room to vary the appearance. I never seemed to be happy with how my room looked, according to my parents. I was constantly altering it. Actually, I liked solving the little hurdles my room presented. I look forward to discovering more about the impacts of western art and culture as I grow older since it will help me develop my own vision. I became acquainted with the design world due to my degree in Decorating Art and Design. I was able to better grasp designing through working in a variety of teams, developing concepts, and seeing them through to completion.

I really enjoy understanding how design affects how people behave. This interior design master’s programme can be helpful in learning more about the subject on a more comprehensive level. Understanding international design and current events is essential since the curriculum offers a wider viewpoint. So, in order to broaden the area of my academic studies, I began reading creative interior periodicals. I expanded my knowledge of the world through reading magazines and journals, watching interior design programmes, and attending seminars. These had a big influence on my designs. I want to build a career through this course that will enable me to accomplish more in life.

After earning my degree, I spent two months working for an interior design firm. As an intern, I helped the team leaders with planning and designing. Besides that, I realised that an interior designer needs to be a master communicator in order to comprehend their clients’ needs and meet them. This is in addition to having strong technical skills. Also, I had the chance to work individually with a client in this company. The customer enthusiastically endorsed my designs and ordered them for production. I’ve never felt as content and delighted as I did when my designs started to come to life. Since that moment, I’ve made every effort to devote my attention in the field as it brings me the most joy.

My ability to communicate with people from very different places and communities is made possible by my proficiency in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Malayalam. As a result of my encounters with these clients, my works have become more inventive and fruitful. One of the key aspects of this field that I find most appealing is the chance for personal growth. There is always room for improvement, and by enrolling in this programme, I expect to discover additional chances to socialise with others and discover other cultures.

Painting and dancing are two ways I like to use my leisure time to showcase my talent. I establish long goals with myself and make a conscious effort to achieve them both emotionally and physically. I take the same attitude for my academics, properly organizing my time and giving every task my complete focus so that it is done to the highest of my ability. With this mind-set, I will be able to meet the challenges of university education.

Spaces, in my opinion, can significantly impact our lives. Through this course, I hope to change and enhance people’s lives. I want to work as an interior designer in the future, and I want to create spaces that draw people in and inspire them. In addition to utilizing my abilities, I want to impress the company I will be working for. I feel my passion and insight of this subject make me a qualified candidate for the Interior Design degree offered by your respected university.

How Do You Write a Personal Statement for Interior Design and Architecture

A strong personal statement is essential if you desire to be admitted to the course of your choice.

So learning how to write one is important.

An intriguing opening

Any personal anecdotes or experiences you have regarding architecture and interior design should be the first thing you provide in your personal statement.

Academics & Skills

Include your academic background,  skills, achievements, activities, etc, with additional evidence since institutions are interested in knowing about your skills that will aid you on the course.

Why this course?

The course appeals to you for different reasons. Right?

To draw readers in and make an impression, describe it like a story.

Plans for the future

Describe your career objectives and how taking this course will help you achieve them.

It is good to add a personal touch to your writing.

Strong Conclusion

The conclusion should restate your points stated before and address the query as to why you should be allowed a seat for the course.

How Do You Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out?

When you are applying for interior design and architecture, it is sure that there will be competition for the course.

You can use your personal statement for interior design and architecture as a way to make yourself distinguishable and unique.

  • Using the standard format will help your personal statement look flawless and well-organized.
  • To support your claims, include pertinent examples.
  • Be more personal in your statement.
  • Thoroughly research everything.
  • Create a succinct and meaningful ending.

What Should an Interior Design and Architecture Personal Statement Include?

Your personal statement’s effectiveness will depend on how you compose it. And the content you choose to put in your writing will depend on your life.

Therefore, it is important to include the following information in your interior design personal statement:

  • Your passion for the subject 
  • Relevant work experiences
  • Any academic or professional achievements 
  • Any personal experience that led you to choose the course
  • Reasons for your motivation or inspiration.

What Should You not Say in an Interior Design and Architecture Personal Statement?

Learning what not to include in your interior design personal statement can reduce your chances of rejection.

Avoid these things in your personal statement:

  • False and exaggerated information
  • Repeating facts
  • Writing with a negative attitude
  • Applying clichés
  • Lack of clarity

Can You Copy Someone Else’s Personal Statement?

No, you cannot use another person’s personal statement as your own.

It’s unfair, and if your personal statement is found to contain plagiarised material, your application will be rejected.

Can You Reuse Your Own Personal Statement?

You can reuse your personal statement when there is no set of rules by the university.

However, change the details based on the desired course.

Challenges to Overcome When Writing

  • Facing writer’s block.
  • It might be time-consuming and difficult to decide what information to put in your personal statement.
  • Lack of confidence to write.
  • Lack of familiarity with a robust vocabulary
  • To get away from the purpose of the personal statement.

Checklist to Know Everything is Perfect

When you’re prepared to write your personal statement, use the checklist below to ensure you’ve included all the key details.

  • Your opening paragraph is attractive.
  • Included justifications for studying the course.
  • You provided proof to support your statements.
  • Your writing is precise.
  • You checked it for mistakes.

Tips to improve the effectiveness of your personal statement

Considering the number of applications submitted, the admissions committee searches for reasons to reject some of them.

By paying attention to these important tips, you can avoid having your interior design and architecture personal statement called out for its mistakes.

Do the editing

You should read and recheck your interior design personal statement at least three times. Edit your essay yourself before sending it to someone else for revision.

Seek an alternative viewpoint

After composing your personal statement, you should get a third opinion.

It can assist you in determining whether or not the personal statement achieved its goals.

Remain truthful

In your interior design personal statement, there’s no need to present a false impression of who you are.

Be honest in your explanations and usage of examples.

Give it some time

Take your time. You won’t be able to finish a personal statement in a few hours.

Therefore, take your time identifying the points and writing them.

Make it sound like you

Make sure that you come through in your personal statement—not an imitation!

To distinguish your statement from others, it must be wholly original and unique.

Best Interior Design Programs You Should Try in 2023

  • Master of Professional Studies
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) interior architecture
  • Master of Interior Architecture
  • Masters in Interior Design
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in interior design
  • Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design
  • Masters of Arts in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in interior design.

To conclude

Your personal statement should reveal more about your personality in detail.

What you should do is write, edit, and proofread.

You can better understand your interior design personal statement by writing multiple drafts.

We hope you can do it by reading this blog.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of our writing.

personal statement furniture design

Mrs Jizah M

Mrs Jizah M has always enjoyed writing down her thoughts since school days. What just started as a hobby slowly transformed into a passion. Her writing skills were first acknowledged by few of her professors when she wrote content for the college website; this was a turing. Slowly she started getting freelance works and later on, a series of events led her to specialize in academic and higher education related documentations. In additional to personal statements, she along with her team writes LORs, SOPs, college application essays, admission essays and all similar types of documents.

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9 Ways To Make A Statement Piece Work In Your Home

These expert tips will help you balance a room.

this image is not available

If you've got your eye on a piece of furniture you absolutely love but it's a bit of a statement-maker, don't be afraid to buy it. There's always a way to make even the most eye-catching pieces work in your home, and as the great Bunny Williams said: "If you love something it will work, that is the only real rule."

2. Mix it up. Figure out what type of piece it is and try combining it with its opposite says Cecilie Starin of Cecilie Starin Design . "Get it clear in your mind what type of furniture it is, old, new, painted, or wooden. Simple or complicated? Then try to juxtapose things," says Starin. "Organic with geometric. Dark with light. Busy with simple. I think that is what makes a room interesting. Try to do something that is not like a piece that's already in the room."

3. Go back to the basics. Don't be afraid to go back to Art 101 and pull out your color wheel. "You're going to want to stick with accent colors that are a complement," says Hayes. "Whenever I get really stuck with color pairings, I pull out a color wheel and start playing with it. Maybe you won't be using the same tone, but if they can complement or stay in an analogous color scheme it will create balance."

4. The rule of three. When incorporating a piece of furniture forget about matching everything. "We're in a time now, where there isn't a lot of matching," says Starin. "Instead, when adding color to a room it's good to pick it up in three different accent areas. You don't have to use that much color to make it feel like there is color in the room. When you start using a lot of different colors it can be hard to make it all work without looking too busy."

5. Play with pattern. If your statement making piece has a pattern on it, don't be afraid to combine it with other patterned accents says Hayes. "For pattern, it's generally best to not mix a lot of pattern that all has the same scale," explains Hayes. "Instead a large pattern like a bold stripe pairs best with a smaller print, again it helps to create balance, where two or three large patterns thrown together could look garish."

6. Look at the big picture. "Take a step back. Sometimes you need to squint and see what is standing out," says Starin. "You won't even read the really recessive colors or features. Make sure what you are seeing is what you want to stand out." See what colors and shapes are visible so you don't lose perspective. If you're overthinking the nitty-gritty details the whole room can feel wrong.

7. Don't be afraid to play. At the end of the day it's your own personal style. "Just play with rooms and areas and don't be so stuck on a plan," says Hayes. "Sometimes you have to shuffle and sometimes the smallest tweaks can make a really big difference and balance everything else out."

8. Choose a focal point for your statement piece. There are certain pieces that are more secondary like an end table, mirror, or nightstand and it's a supporting element says Starin. If your looking for your statement piece to really up the wow factor make sure it's a main part of the room i.e. a sofa, bed, etc.

9. Keep scale in mind. You want to make sure that you're really paying attention to scale. "You're not going to want to combine a very large piece with something that is very small," says Starin. "Not only does it look out of place in the room, it will throw off the balance and makes day-to-day living harder. You won't be able to use things like a coffee table, end table, or lamp the way you need to if it's too tall or too short."

Caylin Harris is an Emmy-nominated producer, writer, crafter, stylist, and branded content creator. Follow her on Instagram @caylinharriscreative

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The Best Plant for Every Room In Your Home

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Fashion Personal Statement Examples

Our fashion personal statement examples will inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how students have successfully gained a place on a fashion course in the past.

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A level results day.

personal statement furniture design

Find out more

Clearing Guide

personal statement furniture design

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Fashion Personal Statement

This is a sample personal statement written by our professional writer. Please note that our website is scanned by various anti-plagiarism software, so do not attempt to copy/paste this personal statement. You will get caught and your university career will be over before it has begun! To get a custom-written personal statement, just complete the order form and we will write an original personal statement, based specifically on the information you give us, which will never be published or resold.

What I love about fashion is how it can define you as a person. The colours you choose, the styles, the accessories, they all combine to give you an overall style that is unique to you.

I enjoy experimenting with fashion, seeing what works and what does not, and working out why it doesn’t work. I had some major fashion disasters, but have learnt from them and so have developed my own sense of style.

As soon as I was old enough to work I applied for jobs in a number of High Street fashion stores and was taken on at Topshop. This has been perfect for developing my fashion sense, and I was often called upon to dress the mannequins when the latest collections came in.

Studying fashion at college has opened my eyes even more to the technicalities of fashion and design. Looking at fabrics and understanding colours and concepts was something I found I enjoyed. I was able to transfer this knowledge to actual designs, and as a result created an A grade standard collection for my final assessment.

There are numerous designers that I admire, and my preference changes with each season’s new collections. Stella McCartney and Christian Dior are my current favourites, as I feel they keep coming back with new and interesting ideas and fresh designs.

I want to study fashion at university as I know that what I have learnt at college is just scratching the surface of the fashion world. I am eager to learn more, from the hands-on design and creation, through to the theory and history of fashion that I know will help shape my future work and give me a depth of knowledge that will last throughout a career in fashion.

Aside from acting as a personal shopper and stylist to friends, I also help out at a local leisure club. I qualified as a junior swimming instructor while I was in college and regularly take swimming lessons for seven to nine year olds. I have also been involved with a number of charity events, including Race for Life and an event called Knit Together, where a number of people from my college knitted squares to make blankets for orphanages in Africa.

I have also completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, and rank this as one of my greatest achievements so far. However, I know there will be many more opportunities to come my way in the future, and I am committed to make them into my achievements.

Your personal statement is vital in ensuring you get the university place you want. Don’t take a chance with it. Secure your university place today!

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  • 5-star hotels (54)
  • 4-star hotels (190)
  • 3-star hotels (614)
  • 2-star hotels (573)
  • Apartments in Moscow (4434)
  • Hostels in Moscow (797)
  • Bed and breakfasts in Moscow (21)
  • Holiday rentals in Moscow (7)
  • Luxury hotels (245)
  • Arbat (217)
  • Red Square (188)
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Brick Design Hotel Moscow

Hotel Brick Design

2.Choose the number of guests

It is necessary to select the exact number of adults and children in order to find a suitable room.

3.Click on the 'Search' button

  • Help Centre

Brick Design Hotel 4*

The 4-star Brick Design Hotel Moscow lies in Basmanny, which is known for its edgy bars and avant-garde art spaces, within reach of entertainment venues like the historic Bolshoi Theatre, a 17-minute stroll away. Guests of this modern hotel are provided with private parking for additional cost on site.

This Moscow property features 9 rooms equipped with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels as well as a mini-fridge-bar and tea/coffee making equipment. Some units also have an electric kettle, a fridge and kitchenware. Offering a roll in shower and a separate toilet, the bathrooms are also appointed with hairdryers and shower caps. Some units include views of the street.

Dream Bar serves Central European dishes and lies 150 metres from this Moscow hotel.

The urban public park "Alexander Garden" is a 10-minute ride from the designer property and The Moscow Kremlin is a 10-minute drive away. The luxury Brick Design is located in the immediate adjacency of Moscow Choral Synagogue and Temple of the Great Theodore Stratilatus. Visit Clean Ponds, a 9-minute stroll from the accommodation, and feel complete harmony with the nature of Russia. The Kremlin Armoury Chamber lies a 25-minute walk away, and Chistye Prudy is fairly close to Brick Design Hotel.

  • Most popular 4 star hotels in Barcelona: Murmuri Hotel, Olivia Plaza Hotel, Center Hotel;
  • Best Historical hotels in Istanbul: Swissotel The Bosphorus Hotel, City, An Ihg Hotel;
  • Best value for money Hotels in Istanbul: Shangri-la Bosphorus, Hotel;

Train stations

Parking options

Property services.

  • Safe deposit box

Dining options

In the kitchen.

  • Electric kettle
  • Cookware/ Kitchen utensils

In the rooms

  • Sitting area
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Dining table
  • Ironing facilities

In the bathroom

  • Free toiletries
  • Flat-screen TV
  • AM/FM alarm clock
  • Parquet floor

Important information

  • Extra beds info
  • There is no capacity for cribs in a room.
  • 🌇 How far is the city centre from the 4-star Brick Design Hotel? Moscow city centre can be reached within a 20-minute walk from the 4-star Brick Design Hotel.
  • 🕌 Which landmarks can we visit during our stay in the Brick Design? You can always visit one of the highly rated attractions, the art museum "State Tretyakov Gallery", placed 2.8 km away from the Brick Design. Other sights that are worth your while are The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (2.2 km) as well as The Moscow Kremlin (2.9 km).
  • ✈ Is Brick Design Hotel Moscow close to the airport? Brick Design Hotel Moscow is set within 35 km of Sheremetyevo International airport, and can be accessed with a 37-minute drive.
  • 🚗 Does the 4-star Brick Design Hotel have guest parking? Yes, at the 4-star Brick Design Hotel your car will be safe in a car park onsite.
  • 🚎 Which public transport stops are close to the hotel? The closest bus station to the hotel is Sretenka, set within 800 metres away and the closest metro station is Chistye Prudy placed within just a 5-minute walk.
  • 🍹 What restaurants can we find near the Moscow hotel? For an evening meal near the Moscow hotel, guests can go to Dream Bar restaurant placed within a 5-minute walk or Dzhon Dzholi restaurant located 150 metres away from the property.
  • ❓ When should we arrive to the 4-star Brick Design Hotel Moscow for check-in? At the 4-star Brick Design Hotel Moscow guests can check in from 14:00 to 23:59 and check out from 12:00 to 12:00.
  • ❓ What room facilities are featured in the 4-star Brick Design? Every room at the 4-star Brick Design includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels for guests' entertainment.
  • ❓ Is workspace available in the 4-star Brick Design Hotel guest rooms? Some rooms at the 4-star Brick Design Hotel do have a writing desk.
  • ❓ Is there a safe in the rooms of the hotel? Some rooms at the hotel come with a laptop safe box.


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personal statement furniture design

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Popular hotels in Moscow

3 Tverskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia, Moscow, Russia

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2 Bld., 8 Novinskiy Blvd., Moscow, Russia

15/1 Mokhovaya Str. Bld. 1, Moscow, 125009, Russia, Moscow, Russia

Europe Square, 2, Moscow, Ru, Moscow, Russia

Kozhevnicheskaya Str 8 Bld.3, Moscow, 115114, Moscow, Russia

Hotels in cities worldwide

Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes, 670, Barcelona, Spain

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Carrer De Les Ciencies 11-13, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

23 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong, China

Placa De La Rosa Dels Vents, 1, Barcelona, Spain

Lepant. 406, Barcelona, Spain

No. 28 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong, China

Yesilkoy Mah. BakIrkoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

58 Rue Gioffredo, Nice, France

318 Clyde Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Marina Walk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Commune Rurale Alouidane, Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, Amerchich, Marrakesh, Morocco

Al Marsa Street 66, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Marjan Island, Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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6 Home Design Trends For 2024, According To TikTok

One of these trends has us majorly considering a kitchen renovation.

Scovad/Getty Images

Are you getting ready to renovate your home or just give it a refresh? There’s no better platform to scroll for the latest looks, trends, and information than TikTok. From the micro trends you’re going to want to accessorize your home with to inspiration for major renovation projects, this platform has it all. So, what’s in and out for 2024? Here are six trends that TikTok creators say will be hot next year.

Related: 10 Home Trends Worth Following—and That You Won’t Hate Next Year

What’s Old Is New

After years of trends where everything looked the same, there's a new gravitation towards unique finds. According to creator @renowayoflife , what’s old is new again. Considering how popular thrifting became in 2023, this is no surprise. People want furniture and decor that tells a story. So, watch out 2024—the search for vintage is on.

Statement Furniture

Simple minimalism and neutral color palettes were the predominent trends for years, and it’s easy to understand why. During chaotic times, this style brought a sense of peace and calm. However, people are now looking to have more fun and express their personalities through their furniture. Whether it's a wood dining table painted red or a brightly patterned accent chair, 2024 will be the year for statement furniture to shine.

Almond Beige

Even with home design trends going more bold and maximalistic, beige has been the color that won’t go away. Not only is trendy, it’s also timeless. There isn’t one color that beige doesn’t compliment. However, some people are sick of it. So, almond beige provides the same neutral feeling, but with a slightly warmer and more updated tone. Expect to see almond beige cabinetry in both modern and contemporary kitchens in 2024.

Related: The 2024 Color of the Year Predictions Are Rolling In—and There's a Common Theme

Unexpected Accents

Paint can do so many things. Truly an unsung hero, it’s easy to do yourself and an affordable way to make a major design impact. While we saw a lot of painted arches in 2022 and 2023, this concept will evolve to more unexpected accents in 2024. This includes painting ceilings, moldings, and railings a bold pop of color as well as color drenching —which involves painting walls, ceilings and trim all in the same color.

Burnt Amber

Warm cozy colors are perfect for fall and winter, but they can also be a welcoming touch all year round. Burnt amber accents—whether via velvet pillows, linens, or decor pieces—can be a perfect companion to antiques and vintage-inspired spaces..

Walk-in Pantries

Walk-in pantries are next-level fabulous and they're likely to be a must-have home renovation feature in 2024. Considering how popular precisely organized kitchens have been in recent years, it’s easy to understand why. From snacks organized by color to decanted everything, having a walk-in pantry takes this concept to the next level. Expect to see this feature in new homes as well as renovated homes with larger kitchen spaces.

For more Real Simple news, make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

Read the original article on Real Simple .

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Discover Thomson Reuters

Moscow warns it faces coronavirus hospital bed shortage within weeks

By Polina Ivanova , Tom Balmforth

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Authorities in Moscow have warned that the Russian capital may run out of hospital beds to treat a rising influx of coronavirus patients in the next two to three weeks despite frantic efforts to get more beds in place.

Moscow, Russia’s worst-hit region, has rushed to reconfigure hospitals to treat patients of the new virus and made thousands of new beds available.

But officials said those efforts looked insufficient and that they had to ramp up capacity further.

“...The operational headquarters predicts that despite the inclusion of an increasing number of state, federal and commercial clinics, a shortage of beds in redeveloped hospitals is possible in the next two to three weeks,” the Moscow city health department said.

It would reconfigure 24 more hospitals given the precarious situation and planned to have a total of 21,000 beds available within the next 10 days, it said in the same statement, which was issued late on Monday.

New confirmed infections in the Russian capital shot up by 1,489 overnight, a record, bringing its total number of registered cases to 13,002.

The tally of nationwide cases, including Moscow, stands at 21,102. Authorities say 170 people have died so far.

Sergei Savostyanov, a Moscow lawmaker who sits on the local parliament’s healthcare commission, told Reuters last week that hospital capacity would be close to breaking point if new cases rose by more than 1,500 in the capital every day.

“Judging by documents on the healthcare budget I am familiar with and sittings I attend, I think that if 1,500-2,000 people get infected (on a daily basis), we will reach a very serious threshold, which may be critical for the city,” he said.


Moscow Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova said on Friday that the number of seriously sick patients requiring hospitalisation was rising quickly, creating what she said was a “dramatic” burden on the city’s healthcare system.

On Saturday, one coronavirus patient, Georgiy Federov, described the situation in the hospital where he was taken as “close to catastrophic”.

“The admissions room was packed with sick people, and most had identical symptoms... Ambulances were arriving every five to seven minutes,” he wrote on social media, adding that he had refused to be held in hospital.

“Medical staff and doctors are really working as if it was wartime. It’s some sort of crazy conveyer belt of sick people... Everyone is placed in wards together. Clearly, bed spaces are already filled to the brim.”

Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow’s mayor, said on Monday that the city had enlisted around 4,500 university and college medical students to help hospital staff treat the inflow of patients.

Additional reporting by Maria Tsvetkova; Editing by Andrew Osborn

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


  1. 8 Statement Furniture Pieces for Your Home

    personal statement furniture design

  2. 8 Statement Furniture Pieces for a Stylish Home

    personal statement furniture design

  3. 7 Ways To Make a Statement In Your Living Room

    personal statement furniture design

  4. 8 Statement Furniture Pieces for Your Home

    personal statement furniture design

  5. 8 Statement Furniture Pieces for Your Home

    personal statement furniture design

  6. Make a Statement with Furniture

    personal statement furniture design


  1. Design Personal Statement Examples

    Product Design Personal Statement Example 1 As I have come through life, I found out that even though I enjoyed various jobs I took, the best of them all is the one the heart is sat on. Until recently I would have only dreamed to study within the Art and Design industry... Environmental Buildings Design Personal Statement Example

  2. Product Design Personal Statement Example 1

    Product Design Personal Statement Example 1 As I have come through life, I found out that even though I enjoyed various jobs I took, the best of them all is the one the heart is sat on. Until recently I would have only dreamed to study within the Art and Design industry. So here I am keen to change that.

  3. Interior Design Personal Statement Example 2

    This personal statement was written by Hirasajid for application in 2012. Hirasajid's Comments Have a look at my personal statament for Ba (Hons)interior design .

  4. Interior Design Personal Statement Examples

    The average earnings for someone with a degree in interior design can vary widely depending on the individual's experience, the geographic location, and the type of industry they are working in. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for interior designers was $53,370 in May 2019.

  5. Guide to Writing Interior Designer Personal Statements

    An interior designer personal statement is a document that conveys an individual's unique qualifications, experiences, and goals in the field of interior design. It provides recruiters and admissions board representatives with additional information to help them gauge an applicant's suitability.

  6. Interior Design Personal Statement Example 4

    I was given a brief and the specifications of the room. From this information I was left to finish a room fit for purpose, taking into account issues like where light would be coming from and the most appropriate places to put the furniture to maximise functionality. Overall, this experience was extremely beneficial.

  7. Interior statements

    A BoConcept statement piece can be customized to match your style and lifestyle. Below we show you how to get started on your individual statement with a mood board, guides and inspiring homes. And remember: our interior stylists stand ready to help you in customizing and making your personal statement. Book a free personal stylist.

  8. Furniture Designer CV Template + Tips and Download

    Personal profile statement I am a skilled, hardworking and creative Furniture Designer with great attention to detail. I have a proven track-record of being able to work on multiple projects and complete the work on time and within budget.

  9. Design Personal Statement Examples

    A passion for video games or a love of comic books can help build your case in a game design personal statement. Highly competitive courses can afford to be picky about their students, so read a number of fashion design personal statement examples before writing your own to get a feel for the perfect tone and content. If you have any voluntary ...

  10. Interior Design Personal Statement Example 3

    Interior Design Personal Statement Example 3. Despite my youth I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity and challenges to project manage the Interior Design of Samuel Pepys, a pub and restaurant in Northamptonshire, by someone who was willing to give me the challenge and liked my vision for when I applied for the project.

  11. Writte down your personal design statement

    Focus your focus on one or two key issues, comment on ideas and experiences. 2. Tell the reader something you have never heard or read. 3. Explain to the reader with intensity what drives you or drives you. 4. Be You, transparent and direct. No IDEAL. 5.

  12. Personal Statement

    Product Design Personal Statement 2I am applying to join the Product Design BSc course next year as I believe that it best suits my personal interest in design and fits what I would like to gain from my university experience. I have been drawn to design since first starting Design Technology as an academic subject at secondary school. I specifically chose my higher level IB subjects in support ...

  13. Personal Statement

    Small, conscious choices pave the way for great impact. Our mission is to help make those choices easier through interior design services and the curation of home goods, products and ideas that promote harmony and sustainability for the mind + body. Harmony / noun / The state of being in flow with the divine energy that is the source ...

  14. Interior Design Personal Statement Examples 2023

    What is the Need for an Interior Design Personal Statement? Through your personal statement, you can inform the admissions committee of anything that is not covered in your resume—something personal. To create a personal portrayal of the candidate. To distinguish you from others To demonstrate your passion. To make a good impression.

  15. Architecture Personal Statement Examples

    Architecture Personal Statement Example 4. My application for your university stems from my desire to study at one of the best universities in the world and from my internationalist perspective as a world traveller. It also ensues from my deep passion for art, my appreciation of architecture, and my yearning to be amongst those who create the ...


    Jul 19, 2019 - Бюро работает в нескольких направлениях: дизайн интерьера апартаментов, вилл и яхт; дизайн интерьера для ресторанов и отелей; создание авторской мебели; архитектура частных резиденций и общественных ...

  17. 9 Ways To Make A Statement Piece Work In Your Home

    1. Let it stand out. Reagan Hayes, furniture and interior designer makes an important point. "If everything is special than nothing is special," says Hayes. "If you're trying to let one piece be a statement, keep other things smaller or less ornate." You can't fill a room with statement makers; it will feel like the room is shouting at you. 2.

  18. Fashion Personal Statement Examples

    Fashion Personal Statement Example 1. Fashion; to me it is an art. It is a concept that can be interpreted in various ways for each individual, which, for me makes it fascinating- everyone has a different style. For some people, self-expression is difficult, having an individual style gives these people the ability to show their personality and ...

  19. Обзор Нового Сценария Москвы От Drzewiecki Design

    Приобретение:Анонсы стримов: ...

  20. Free Fashion Personal Statement Sample

    Fashion Personal Statement. This is a sample personal statement written by our professional writer. Please note that our website is scanned by various anti-plagiarism software, so do not attempt to copy/paste this personal statement. You will get caught and your university career will be over before it has begun!

  21. Hotel Brick Design Moscow

    Brick Design Hotel 4*. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast. View all +. The 4-star Brick Design Hotel Moscow lies in Basmanny, which is known for its edgy bars and avant-garde art spaces, within reach of entertainment venues like the historic Bolshoi Theatre, a 17-minute stroll away. Guests of this modern hotel are provided with private parking for ...

  22. 6 Home Design Trends For 2024, According To TikTok

    While we saw a lot of painted arches in 2022 and 2023, this concept will evolve to more unexpected accents in 2024. This includes painting ceilings, moldings, and railings a bold pop of color as ...

  23. Moscow warns it faces coronavirus hospital bed shortage within weeks

    It would reconfigure 24 more hospitals given the precarious situation and planned to have a total of 21,000 beds available within the next 10 days, it said in the same statement, which was issued ...