Small business ‘thank you’ message to customers | Tips & examples

  • 1 June 2023
  • By Sobrina Pies Crawford

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Looking for a seamless way to send thank you emails?

With Flodesk Checkout and Flodesk Email, you can automate your thank you messages post-purchase, ensuring your customers feel appreciated every time.

Leaving a great impression on your customers doesn’t stop with offering the best product or service. To further solidify your relationship with a customer , put a little effort into your after-sales process by sending them a thank-you note. 

When you show customers appreciation for buying from you, it signals that you care about them—this aids customer retention. In fact, 87% of customers will make another purchase if they had a good customer experience. 

This article will show you the importance of expressing gratitude to your customers by crafting and sharing the perfect thank you note—one that will have them returning to you. If you need a little inspiration, we feature 30 distinct ‘thank you for your business’ messages you can adopt and customize. 

Let’s get to it. 

30 ways to say ‘thank you for your business’

There is a sweet spot to hit when saying thank you to customers. A professional plus conversational tone is where the magic lies.

Here are 30 sample ‘thank you’ messages to share with a customer, leading to a stronger customer relationship.

  • Again, your purchase has brought a smile to our faces. Thank you for your continuous patronage. 
  • In a world where you can be anything, thank you for choosing to be our customer. We appreciate your trust in us.
  • Hey, [Customer Name], thank you for doing business with us. Here is a coupon to use on your next purchase {insert coupon code}
  • [Company Name] wouldn’t be where it is today without customers like you. Thank you for trusting us to deliver the best [product/service].
  • Thank you for purchasing [Product Name] from us. Serving you makes us happy, and we hope it lasts forever. 
  • Buying from us equals giving a vote of confidence to say, “I trust your business, and I want to be a part of it.” Thank you for being a part of our journey.
  • We couldn’t contain our excitement when your order came in. And now that it’s being shipped, our joy has tripled. Thank you so much.
  • Every single purchase means the world to us; yours was no exception. We can’t express our gratitude enough with words, so here is a coupon code for our best deals. {link}.
  • Your purchase means a lot to us, and we hope you had the best experience shopping with us. Kindly participate in this quick survey to let us know how to serve you better. 
  • We hope you loved your [Product Name] as much as we loved making it for you. It was an absolute joy doing business with you.
  • Thank you for supporting our small business. We hope you got great value for your money. Here are some resources to look through for help when using the [Product Name].
  • Thank you for your patronage [Customer name]. Customers like you keep us in business, and we look forward to serving you again.
  • Your purchase helps us continue doing what we love to do best—producing quality [Product/Service]. Here’s a code to access amazing deals on your next purchase {link}.
  • We appreciate your business, and choosing to buy from us makes you a part of our community. Cheers to the start of a beautiful relationship. 
  • Repeat customers like you have the whole of our hearts. To show our appreciation, here is a 20% discount coupon code for future purchases {link}.
  • Buying from a small business equals paying for a little girl’s piano class or a little boy’s swimming lessons. You sure made our day! 
  • A simple thank you isn’t enough to show how glad we are that you did business with us. So, we have included a gift just for you. Enjoy. 
  • Hey [Customer Name], your purchase was packaged with love. And we hope you feel the warmth of our services when you get it. Thank you so much. 
  • Loyal customers like you are the reason why we are still in business. Thank you for taking a bet on [Company Name].
  • Welcome to the community, [Customer Name]. Here’s a link to our exclusive deals to celebrate your first purchase and to thank you for your patronage. 
  • Hey, [Customer Name], you ordered a {Product Name} from us again! And we are beyond speechless for your continued support—thank you! 
  • Our online store did a jiggle dance when your order came in. It must have recognized how great of a customer you are. Thank you. 
  • Your purchase has been successfully processed and is on its way to you. Thank you for sticking with us thus far. 
  • Many customers have done well, but you surpass them all. Thank you for always taking a bet on us. We promise never to let you down. 
  • Happy [Day of the week]. Your business means so much to us, and to express our gratitude, here’s a link to get early access to our coming discount sales.
  • Hey [Customer Name]. We’re privileged to serve you today. Here’s your package tracking number. 
  • Not only did you get a [Product Name], but you got it from [Company Name]. You are smart, and we are so lucky to have a loyal customer like you. 
  • Yay! Congratulations on making your 10th purchase with [Company name]. To celebrate this milestone, we added an extra gift just for you. 
  • Without you, there is no us. Your business is greatly appreciated, and we couldn’t have come this far without your support.
  • Hey [Customer Name], you are one of our most valued customers. To celebrate your [Company Name] customer-versary , you have a whopping 30% off your next purchase. 

Flodesk makes it easy to design and send great thank you message emails that grab your customers’ attention, turning them into lifelong lovers of your brand. Check out the platform to start designing your ‘thank you for your business’ emails. 

Why write a thank you note to customers?

Every successful business has one thing in common—they understand the customer’s significant role in business growth. And they go all out to build and maintain a vibrant relationship with them.

A strong relationship with your customers will help you build a pool of happy and loyal customers. Beyond buying from you, they become your unofficial ambassadors telling others about what you offer. This promotes your brand awareness and fills the top of your sales funne l with prospective customers.

Customer appreciation creates a positive experience for customers and since a positive experience is more likely to lead to repeat purchases, you need to pay attention to how you can optimize every step of your customer’s journey, including after sales.

A simple thank you note can also be a core differentiating factor, helping you stand out in a sea of competitors. 

Selling products online?

Flodesk’s got you covered with all you need, from product landing pages & checkout flows, to integrated on-brand email marketing

thank you note template small business

How to craft a perfect thank you email of your own

Writing a thank you note that moves your customers doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need to focus on is being genuine and adding a personal touch that communicates your warmth over the distance. 

Here, you will learn how to craft the perfect thank you note that brings a smile to your customers’ faces and aids customer loyalty. 

Start with why

Knowing why you are sending a thank you note is as important as the note itself. When you understand the rationale behind appreciating customers, you would put in the extra effort to do it well.

A thank you note shouldn’t be aimed at getting customers to buy more. Instead, it should make the customers feel appreciated without forcing them to make another purchase or tell others about your business. When done right, it triggers the right emotions, leading to beautiful responses you didn’t anticipate. 

Be clear on who you are thanking

Who are you thanking? Any customer who buys from you? First-time customers? Long-term customers? High-value customers? People in customer loyalty programs? 

Be clear on the segments of individuals you are creating the thank you notes for to craft the perfect message. 

Then categorize your customers into the segments stated above or based on any criteria you use in segmenting your customers. And create specific messages they can relate to based on their relationship with your business.

Be genuine and personal

If you want to leave a lasting impact with thank you notes, don’t send a generic thank you message. Instead, personalize the message and include specific details to increase customer satisfaction. 

For example, if a customer has consistently bought from you for six months, you can send a thank you note to celebrate the milestone. It tells them how much attention you pay to your customers and boosts your chances of gaining long-term customers.

Also, phrases like “dear customer” or “valued customer” are a no-go area as they are generic and reveal a lack of thoughtfulness. Instead, include the customer’s name in the message to win their heart.

Create a cost-effective and repeatable system

Have a repeatable and cost-effective system of sending thank you messages, to aid consistency. With emails, you can do that, since, for every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an ROI of $42 . 

With an Email marketing tool like Flodesk , you can send personalized thank-you notes to customers’ emails, after every purchase or at customized intervals.  

You can also optimize your checkout page to improve conversion rate, by placing a gratitude note on the page. Check out 16 checkout page optimization tips to increase conversions for more fun ideas for your checkout page. 

How to send your thank you business messages to customers

Not sure what the best way to deliver your message of appreciation is? Check out a couple of options below.

Email Marketing for small businesses is one of the most effective ways to build customer relationships. 

Now, appreciating your customers doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. And by sending your thank you messages via email, you get the chance to showcase the human side of your business and create a positive impression in the minds of your customers without breaking the bank.

Like the example above, you can also include next-purchase discount codes, announce your best deals, and inform customers about special sales events like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday , etc. 

Doing this helps you provide great value in the post-sale stage, leading to a long-term customer relationship. 

Keep the following points top of mind when sending thank-you messages to customers via email:

  • Use a memorable subject line
  • Include a visually appealing design
  • Send it at the appropriate time
  • Make it personalized and include specific details if possible 
  • Include a discount code or freebie
  • Make it short and sweet. 
  • Use appropriate closing. 

Now, manually writing thank you emails can quickly become a chore. So, it is important to create workflows with automatic thank-you messages enabling you to thank your customers with less effort.

With Flodesk, you can easily design stunning emails and create such workflows. When customers take specific actions, they get an appropriate thank you message that fits their segment. Ready to show your customers some appreciation? Try Flodesk for free . 

Package insert 

Inserting a handwritten note into customers’ packages is another beautiful way to send thank you messages. It heralds intentionality and helps your business stand out. 

Beyond adding thank-you notes to customer packages, you can also insert another product sample to enhance customer satisfaction and take a shot at cross-selling. 

Text messages

60% of consumers read incoming texts within 5 minutes, showing how powerful text messaging can be. And with the right text messaging platform, thank you texts can help you connect well with your customers and keep you top of their minds. 

Social media post

Customers love being publically appreciated, and social media is a great place to give them their flowers. 

So, try creating customer shout-out posts, replying to comments and DMs with appreciation messages, posting happy customer reviews, or making video content to thank customers for their patronage, etc. 

Flodesk is built for small businesses like you

Every small business needs a business partner that looks out for their growth. And this is what Flodesk represents. 

With the Flodesk Checkout feature, you can create exciting sales pages to showcase your products or services. And if you aim to build a community of loyal customers, our email marketing software is ideal for growing your subscriber list and crafting open-worthy, on-brand emails.

Now, when creating your checkout page for sales, you can add a checkbox that allows visitors to opt-in to receive emails. With this, you turn visitors into community members who love to hear and buy from you.  Ready to grow? Start creating converting sales pages and emails that delight your customers .


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Business Thank You Notes Guide: Write Quickly, Simply and Efficiently

The art of the thank you note is too often forgotten, especially when it comes to business thank you notes . Sending a business thank you letter is a great way to make an impression and show a little thoughtfulness, whether you’re sending it to an employee, current customer, or prospective client . Knowing exactly what to say in a business thank-you note can be daunting, so we’re making it easy for you with the help of this article that will walk you through the steps. We’re even offering sample thank-you letters that you can use for inspiration to get started.

What are Business Thank You Notes?

Why writing a business thank you note is important, 1. employee thank yous, 2. customer appreciation notes, 3. donation thank you notes, 4. vendor thank you notes, 5. consideration thank-you notes, professional greeting, look toward the future, final thanks, summing it up: how to write handwritten thank you notes for business, thank you letter template for employees, thank you template for small business customers, thank you card template for potential clients, the art of the business thank you card.

A business thank you is just a professional note expressing gratitude to help maintain and develop business relationships. The recipient doesn’t need to be within the same business, but they also don’t need to be a long-term, loyal customer to deserve a thank you.

There are many different reasons why you might want to send a business thank you card to someone, so let’s explore why these kinds of notes are important and the instances when you might want to send one.

Writing a business thank you letter matters to the recipients. They might not expect it, but it’s always welcomed and always remembered. It may seem like a minor thing, but a successful business owner understands the benefits sending handwritten cards has.

Sending a thank you letter shows gratitude, something that we often forget about and can help us keep track of the things we’re thankful for. It also shows respect for the recipient by formally thanking them for something they did, helping to build customer loyalty. Finally, it should be a great deal of thoughtfulness because writing a thank you card requires you to take time out of your day.

Thank you cards can also help build relationships with current customers, prospective customers, vendors, contributing donors, or superstar employees. Or, it can also be a great way to thank someone for their donation .

If you want to make a lasting impression , a thank you card is a great way to do it because sending a physical note creates a distinct memory that will stand out in the recipient’s mind for days, months, or even years to come. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple, classy sign-off on a thank-you card .

Reasons to Send a Business Thank You Letter

There are countless reasons you might want to send a business thank you letter, so let’s take a look at five of the most common.

An employee thank you letter is a great way to express your gratitude to an employee who has gone above and beyond in their role or who is producing incredible results. It’s also a good way to show your appreciation for an employee who might not be feeling confident in their work or who is struggling with self-doubt.

Getting a thank-you note from your employer is a big deal. It can remind employees that they are valued and that their presence and work are important to the larger organization. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day shuffle, and employees might not have the attention from their leaders that they’d like to have. A simple thank-you can remind them that their efforts are noticed and appreciated.

Another great reason to send thank you cards is to show appreciation for current customers. Nurturing customers is an important part of the customer lifecycle and keeps them engaged and loyal.

You could send a thank you letter after they make a purchase or even when they’ve been idle for a while to remind them of your gratitude for their business and possibly even convince them to make another purchase with your business.

You could also choose to send them at regular intervals to let all of your customers know how valuable they are, but thank you letters usually mean more when they are sent on an individual basis.

Some businesses or non-profit organizations raise funds for one reason or another. Many times, other businesses or capable individuals will contribute to the cause, whatever it may be.

To show your thanks for their contribution, whether monetary or with physical items like toy donations at Christmas time, can confirm their decision to donate and fuel the fire of their continued contributions.

It’s also a great opportunity to share just how their donation was put to good use so they can see the impact they’ve made.

Another thank you card opportunity is a vendor that has contributed to your business in one way or another. This could be your cleaning team that comes in and makes the office fresh for each morning’s arrivals or the branded products company you use to make your team swag.

Writing them a thank you card as their customer shows just how much you appreciate their participation and solidifies that you’d love to continue working with them in the future.

If you’re vying to win a bid or be selected as the provider, among other options, sending a thank-you note after a pitch meeting is an excellent way to make your way to the top of the pile of pitches and stand out from the rest.

Just as a job candidate might send a thank you letter after their interview, it’s a smart idea for businesses to send thank-you notes for the time and consideration granted by potential clients. It just might be the difference between landing the job and missing the mark.

It just might be the difference between landing the job and missing the mark.

How to Write a Business Thank You Card

While every business thank you card will be a bit different, there are a few features that all of them should have.

The first critical component is a professional greeting. Since this is a note coming from a business, it’s best not to get too personal or comfortable with the recipient in the greeting. Using “hello” or “hi” is better than using “hey,” for example.

Then, introduce or reintroduce yourself and your role at the company.

Once you’ve greeted the recipient and professionally introduced yourself, get right to the point and tell them what you’re thanking them for.

Try to use as much detail as possible. Instead of saying thanks for their hard work, you might say something more like, “Thank you for your hard work developing this social media campaign, especially all of the overtime you’ve put in after-hours and even coming in on some weekends.”

This shows the specific things you’re recognizing and thanking them for, and it also personalizes the letter. You don’t want the recipient to feel as though this letter was also sent to ten other people — it should feel like it was meant for them and only them, as it is.

Then, look toward the future and what that looks like with them. Perhaps you can offer something in return, such as a matched donation for another business if they ever start fundraising for a charity.

If that’s not appropriate, you could paint a picture of what your future relationship will look like and what you look forward to the most about it.

Finish it off by saying “thank you” one more time and closing out your letter; there are a wide variety of ways you can close your thank-you card, but in most cases, this is not the time to sign off “ with love “.

To write a customer thank-you note, follow these simple steps:

  • Use a professional greeting like “hi” or “hello”, and introduce yourself and your business.
  • Next,  express how grateful you are  by specifically addressing why you are sending the thank you note.
  • Address the future  by mentioning how you’re excited for your relationship to grow.
  • Close it out by  thanking them one more time .

handwrytten thank you letter

Sample Business Thank You Notes

Here are three thank you letter examples that you can use for inspiration.

Hi Samantha,   I’m writing as your proud team leader to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work on this upcoming project. The way you’ve led all of the meetings and guided the rest of the team toward success with superior management skills has not been lost on me.   I look forward to seeing you continue to grow and impress me in our future projects, and I see a long and fruitful future for you here at our company.   Thanks again, and know just how much we are grateful to have you on our team.   Best, Tom  

Hello John,     My name’s Tom and I’m the head of business development here at ABC Company. I just wanted to reach out personally and thank you for your consistent business and for choosing ABC as your go-to supplier for construction supplies. We know construction is hard work, which is why we’re glad to make it a bit easier with a robust inventory of products at competitive prices.   I’d love to offer you a 10% off discount on future supply orders over $500 as a small token of my appreciation.     Thanks again, and we appreciate your business.   Sincerely, Tom  

Hello Rebecca,     Thanks again for having my team and me at ABC Company today to discuss your upcoming warehouse project. As ABC’s development director, I feel confident that we’re the best team for the job and can support you every step of the way.      I know you’re meeting with several different vendors, so I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your time and attention. We appreciate your consideration, and we hope to work closely on this project and many to come.     Thanks again, and we look forward to speaking soon.   Best, Tom  

Generic thank you cards are always appreciated, but specific business-oriented thank you cards can go the extra mile in business. Business thank you letters are a wonderful way to show your appreciation in a way that gives your brand a personal touch, and they can start or nurture great relationships, leading to loyal customers.

Handwrytten can help make sending small business thank you letters easier by streamlining the process and taking the responsibility off your hands. We offer customized handwritten notes in over 25 styles for the most thoughtful touch. Sign up to start sending professional thank-yous out today.

thank you note template small business

Automation solutions for your business.

Scale your handwritten outreach, creating positive impressions and long lasting bond.

thank you note template small business

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

thank you note template small business

11 Strategies To Drive Customer Loyalty

Writing an in-kind donation letter that delights donors, what are you searching for, want free samples, still need help send us a note..

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thank you note template small business

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How to Write a Meaningful Thank You Note

  • Christopher Littlefield

thank you note template small business

Sample messages from common workplace scenarios.

Many of us fear expressing our thanks to others. We might worry that our efforts will be misinterpreted or make the person on the receiving end uncomfortable. Or we might struggle to find the right words to express how we feel. Here’s how to do it right.

  • Keep it genuine : The goal of expressing appreciation should be to let someone know how their actions have impacted you and/or others. If you have any other agenda, your message will not be authentic.
  • Share what you appreciate and why : Focus on the impact their actions had on you and explain both  what you appreciate and why . This will help the other person understand the reason you feel the way you do.
  • Send it : E-mails get lost and handwritten cards get saved. Write your message on a piece of paper, post-it note, or card and give it directly to the person. If you are at work, you can also leave it on their desk or in their “mailbox.”

Ascend logo

Where your work meets your life. See more from Ascend here .

We all want to be appreciated. Whether you’ve accepted a task while your plate is already full, worked through weekends to get a project off the ground, or simply been there for a work friend when they needed your support, an acknowledgement or “thank you” can go a long way in making us feel good about the efforts we put in — and the research supports this.

  • Christopher Littlefield is an International/TEDx speaker specializing in employee appreciation and the founder of  Beyond Thank You . He has trained thousands of leaders across six continents to create cultures where people feel valued every day. He is the author of 75+ Team Building Activities for Remote Teams—Simple Ways to Build Trust, Strengthen Communication, and Laugh Together from Afar . You can follow his work through his weekly mailing  The Nudge .

Partner Center

Writing the Perfect Customer Thank-You Note (+ Examples)

thank you note template small business

Picture this: You arrive home to the joyous surprise of discovering a handwritten card — real mail — hidden amongst the mound of daily junk mail. Woo-hoo!

At Help Scout, we are card-carrying members of the snail mail fan club. For the small amount of effort a handwritten customer thank-you note takes, it’s amazing the extent to which you can brighten the recipient’s day — and generate an indisputable return on investment for your business — by sending one.

Try the customer support platform your team and customers will love

Teams using Help Scout are set up in minutes, twice as productive, and save up to 80% in annual support costs. Start a free trial to see what it can do for you.

Try the customer support platform your team and customers will love

How to write a customer thank-you note

Use this template to write thank-you notes your customers will love:

Greet your customer by name.

Express your gratitude, clearly stating why you’re sending the note.

Include details about why enjoyed your experience with this customer — this is a prime opportunity to be specific and thoughtful.

Repeat your thanks.

Close with a sign-off (Best, Yours Truly, Kindest Regards, Warm Regards, Cheers, ♡, whatever feels right for you and your company), and sign your name.

Customer thank-you note examples

If you need a little more inspiration, consider these three examples:

Dear Christine,

I just noticed you’ve been a Help Scout customer for FOUR YEARS. Wow! Thank you for sticking with us for so long, and for all the feedback you offered when we were beta testing the Plus Plan. I hope it’s working out for you — and you know if you have any questions we’re always here! Thanks for always being such an awesome customer.

Kristi at Help Scout

Hey Arthur!

Thank you so much for bringing your whole team onboard with Help Scout while you were testing out different help desks. Your advocacy means the world to us, and it was a true pleasure working with your team during the process — you even inspired us to make a fix that improves our product for thousands of other people! We’re so stoked you’ve chosen Help Scout — thanks for giving us the opportunity to grow with you. See you at SupConf next spring! :)

Tim and Your Friends at Help Scout

Thanks for joining the webinar this week, and for your thoughtful comments about the role of customer support in cyber security — I’ve always admired how you and your company are real leaders in that space. I know you’re working with Zainab on an upgrade from the Standard to the Plus plan (that’s fantastic, congrats on your team’s growth!), but please always let me know if I can be of any assistance too.

Mat at Help Scout

p.s. You mentioned your son collects stickers so I threw a few in the envelope for him … here’s hoping they go in his sticker book and stay off the walls this time. ;)

Handwritten thank-you card do’s and don’ts

When sending customers handwritten thank-you cards, follow these tips to ensure your efforts reap the most positive response possible:

Don’t use a red pen! It’s the equivalent of sending a “shouting” email in all caps. Blue or black ink is ideal. But if you’re a purple glitter gel pen kind of person… well, your sparkly message will probably make your customer smile.

Do use note cards or stationery that reflects your business. If you’re a vet clinic, keep it playful with paw-printed cards. If you’re an architectural firm, reflect your image with minimalist, artful cards. A postcard does the trick, too.

Don’t make excuses for your handwriting! If your second-grade teacher wrote “see me” on your handwriting homework, whatever. “Good” penmanship is overrated — as long as your note is legible, that’s what matters. Your handwriting is unique, which makes a personal note feel even more special and “real” to the recipient.

Do respond in a timely fashion. It’s called “snail mail” for a reason, but it’s best not to wait so long that your customer forgets having done the thing you’re thanking them for.

Don’t include anything overly promotional, like coupons or business cards. The point is to convey genuine gratitude, not to promote your business (that happens as a natural side effect). Stickers are A-OK, though.

Do showcase your company’s personality! If smiley faces and emoticons (or cat doodles, or a crayon drawing from your kid) are in line with your brand, by all means, include them.

Thank-you note sending party

Do include a little something extra when the situation merits it! Send a token of appreciation along with your note. Depending on the occasion, we send a book, stickers, a T-shirt or even baked goods.

Our favorite thank-you note stationary

Need help shopping for the right thank-you card? We’re fans of the personalizable thank-you cards and stationery at Pinhole Press . Use your company’s logo or that cute group photo from your last team retreat.

If you like more creative control, you can print your own custom-designed cards and envelopes — that’s what we do here at Help Scout. If you choose to create your own stationery, work with a designer who’s familiar with the printing process and can provide advice on card stock, dimensions, and the various printing options available.

Help Scout's letterpressed notecards

Our note cards are printed by Mama’s Sauce on 100-lb. duplexed cover stock with plain white matching A2 envelopes. Embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and letterpress are all fun things if you have a bigger stationery budget.

Options for sending customer thank-you notes at scale


If you have more cards to send than you have people/time to hand-write them, one of the following options is certainly better than nothing at all:

Postable : Postable prints your custom message in one of its patented handwriting fonts on its 100% recycled cards, then stamps and mails the cards for you. The only downside: Your customers might be able to tell the “handwriting” isn’t real.

Handwrytten : If you don’t want to send customer printed handwriting, Handwrytten might be a better option. Handwrytten’s robots (yes, actual robots) handwrite your custom message in real ink.

FeltApp : FeltApp lets you scrawl messages on your iPhone or iPad in your own handwriting. Choose a photo from your own library, then trace your message and the address (even the envelope is handwritten). They take care of the mailing.

The ROI of customer thank-you notes

If anyone tries to tell you there’s no way to prove the ROI of thanking your customers, or that sending handwritten thank-you notes “doesn’t scale,” don’t buy it.

Here’s why: The ROI when you thank your customers is inextricably linked to the ROI of word-of-mouth marketing. And when it comes to small- to medium-sized businesses’ toolkits, word-of-mouth marketing is a shiny power drill among screwdrivers.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait for it to happen “organically,” outside your company’s walls — thank-you notes let you cultivate quality word-of-mouth marketing yourself, and for a lower price tag than many other marketing efforts that won’t get you nearly as far.

Thanking your customers generates word-of-mouth marketing

It takes an exceptional product or customer experience to inspire someone to rave to their personal network about it.

One of the lowest-cost but highest-impact ways to prompt your customers to engage in word-of-mouth marketing about your product or service is to send a handwritten thank-you note.

Handwritten thank-you notes are such a rare throwback to old-school customer service because hardly anyone does it anymore. They stand out as a delightful gesture, one that makes people feel special enough to call it out and share with others.

Handwritten thank-you notes work better now than they did 20 years ago for a couple key reasons:

They’ve become rare enough to feel unique and special enough to turn customers into loyal ambassadors

Social media has increased the size of customers’ networks, and with it, the size of the audience who hears about it.

Whereas 20 years ago a customer might have told one or two people how nice it was for their mechanic to send a note following a tune-up, now people will snap a photo and share it with hundreds or thousands of friends and followers on their social outlets of choice.

“It’s not the money that makes these efforts shocking and awesome, it’s the care and creativity involved,” writes Gary Vaynerchuk in The Thank You Economy .

“Right now, there is a fortune in word of mouth that can be created,” he continues, "for companies who nurture relationships in these small but meaningful ways that turn customers into vocal brand advocates across large social media networks."

In other words, your business can’t afford to ignore the ROI of word-of-mouth, and sending handwritten thank-you notes is an inexpensive but highly effective way to trigger word-of-mouth marketing.

Thanking your customers improves retention

Research shows that sending a thank-you note inspires other measurable, positive outcomes as well.

Wufoo is known for sending thank-you cards to customers. Every week, the team takes time to draft, decorate and mail personalized cards, a tradition that dates back to Wufoo’s early days.

And get this: According to Customer Ops team lead Renee Morris, “out of the roughly 800 customers who received handwritten cards from us last year, 50% fewer folks left our product than those who did not receive cards.”

Think about that: Retention rates are a full 50% better among customers who receive a thank-you note.

In another experiment , the staff of Donors Choose sent hand-written thank-yous to half of all recent first-time donors, and they found that 38% of people who received a thank-you note were more likely to give again than those who didn’t receive one.

Thank-you note recipients donate an additional $41 per year on average, translating to more than $3 million in additional donations per year.

Imagine applying that kind of lift to your business. What results would you see if you committed to thanking your customers?

As Robert Cialdini explains in his bestselling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion , the principle of reciprocity is a powerful motivator.

By nature, we don’t like to feel indebted to others, so if someone gives us something, we’re wired to give back. When customers receive a token of appreciation as heartfelt as a handwritten thank-you note, they feel compelled to return the favor — ideally with repeat business and public advocacy of your product or service.

Thanking your customers is an act of great customer service

Kristi Thompson knows how inarguable those results are. Thompson handles Customer Success for CartStack , an abandoned cart email solution for ecommerce companies, where she’s helped establish a number of high-touch customer experience initiatives.

In addition to providing a high-touch onboarding experience, Thomspon personally writes postcards to people who sign up for trials, sends handwritten thank-you cards and CartStack sticky notes to every customer who converts to a paid plan, and mails holiday cards to every paying customer.

She also practices “monthly random acts of kindness,” where she’ll send chocolates, CartStack swag, or other small but personalized gifts, just because. “We get really nice emails from people about how touched they were by our thoughtfulness,” Thompson says.

Customer email

At first, CartStack didn’t have a whole lot of empirical evidence to go on — CEO Brett Thoreson was simply impressed by the personal note Zappos sent him along with a purchase of cleats. According to Thompson:

“It’s something he remembers to this day and has told a lot of people about. The inspiration to bring that to his own business was initially sort of a gut feeling.”

Now, however, CartStack has all kinds of data showing its high-touch service efforts are paying off: Over the past year, the company has doubled its MRR and increased conversion rates between 5-6%.

Perhaps more tellingly, 90% of the customer testimonials they’ve collected since launching the thank-you note initiative mention the quality of customer service, compared with 50% of the testimonials collected beforehand.

“It’s an easy thing to do, but a lot of people don’t do it,” Thompson said. “It’s such an easy win, to have a more personal touch and be more human and relational with your customers."

Thompson continues: "So often that personal touch is lost in tech. Because we’re little — we’re bootstrapped — we don’t necessarily have all these resources to advertise or have big flashy ways to stand out. We have to stand out in a small but sincere way.”

Write Support Emails Your Customers Will Love

Stay on top of your emails and answer more support tickets faster and easier.

Write Support Emails Your Customers Will Love

Sending a thank-you note is a gesture that's well worth the time

You can exhibit sincere gratitude in a well-worded email , but there are many occasions when you should make the extra effort to mail a real note. Handwritten thank-you notes convey sincere and heartfelt gratitude in a way that email simply can’t.

And while sending personal thank-you notes for every transaction or special occasion isn’t necessarily always scaleable — and the ROI on acts of kindness can be tricky to justify in a spreadsheet — thank-you notes do keep a line of communication open between you and your customer, and they keep your business top-of-mind.

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Emily Triplett Lentz

Emily Triplett Lentz

Emily is a Help Scout alum. You can find her on Twitter .

The Supportive Weekly: A newsletter for people who want to deliver exceptional customer service.

Free Thank You for Your Business card templates.

Choose from our business thank you card templates to design your own in minutes.

thank you note template small business

Discover free business thank you card templates from Adobe Express.

Thank you cards are a great way to show that you appreciate your customers and clients. The gesture of gratitude may even help you get some repeat customers. You can include a personalized message to make customers feel special or make generic thank you cards and print them out in bulk right from your home or office. If you mainly do business online, you can send your thank you cards virtually via email or social media.

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Black And White Bold Playful Business Thank You Card

Discover even more.

Social Graphics


Photo Collages

How to make a thank you for your business card.

thank you note template small business

Custom thank you cards for your business.

Thank you for your business cards are ideal for any business, whether you are brand new, established, or looking to expand. You can add your company logo onto any of our thank you card templates or choose a color scheme and font that complements your brand. In this way, the cards double as marketing, especially if your customers love them so much that they share them with friends and family. With Adobe Express, it’s never been easier to help your customers feel appreciated.

thank you note template small business

Let Adobe Express be your thank you for your business card design expert.

Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your thank you for your business card from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. With Adobe Express, it’s free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

Frequently asked questions.

24 genuine ‘thank you for your business’ messages to send your customers

thank you note template small business

Gratitude goes a long way — especially when it comes to your customer experience.

A simple thank you can make your customers feel appreciated and even increase their loyalty to your business. A study by Epsilon found that 80 percent of customers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences, like a thank you message.

Best practices for writing thank you messages

Writing personalized messages doesn’t have to be complicated. Just keep these best practices in mind when crafting your thank you’s:

  • Be mindful. A “thank you” out of the blue is meaningful, but too many thank you messages can make the words lose their meaning. A yearly or bi-annually thank you message should suffice for most customers.
  • Be concise. Long, heartfelt messages are well-received by customers … typically from their close friends and family only. As a business, it’s better to be short, sweet, and to the point with your gratitude. 
  • Be genuine. Avoid coupling your thank you message with an upsell. It can read as disingenuous and may potentially put off some customers.  
  • Be proactive. Use this time to ask your customers for valuable feedback to see how you can improve their experience. You can include a customer survey link at the end of your message. You can learn more about customer survey links in our article “ Customer satisfaction surveys: Best practices for sending CSAT, CES, and NPS via SMS .”

24 thank you for your business message examples

It’s essential to know what channel to use to communicate with your customers. While each customer has their preferences, some common communication channels for thank you messages are email, text, or a classic handwritten letter. As a general rule, emails are better for longer, more formal messages (think like a letter,) while texting is better for short and sweet notes.

Here are 24 thank you for your business message examples for each department in your business, since anyone can say thank you on behalf of your company.

Sales and marketing 

1. General thank you for your business

We are honored to be your business of choice and hope we can continue to meet your expectations.

2. Send a coupon

Text message with a coupon code

3. Provide a token of gratitude

Hi, Gary. Our company sent out swag packs a few days ago that should be reaching you shortly. It’s a small token of our appreciation for your business. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for your account. Have a great day!

4. Highlight being a small business

Thank you for your continued support of our small mom-and-pop shop! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

5. Thank someone who attends a customer appreciation event 

Terry, thank you for coming out to our customer appreciation event. We hope you enjoyed it!

6. Thank a customer for being your account

Hi, Dan. I’m sad to announce that I am leaving the company, but I want to take this time to thank you for allowing me to handle your account. It’s been a pleasure.

7. Thank someone for being a part of your community

Thank you for being a part of our warrior tribe, Kevin! 

8. Thank a customer who helps you achieve an award

Our company was recently voted as one of the top marketing firms in the city by The Austin Daily. We couldn’t have done it without you.

9. Thank someone who refers a friend or business

Hey, Parish! Thank you for recommending our services to your friend.

10. Thank someone who renews their contract

Thank you for renewing your contract with JW Foods. We are thankful for the opportunity to supply you with the best products for your restaurants.

11. Thank a customer who churns

Hi, Kelsey. We’re sorry to see you go, but we are happy we had the opportunity to serve you. 

Customer support

12. Thank a customer for their patience

Dear customer, thank you for your patience while we renovate our stores. Our online stores are open in the meantime. 

13. After someone interacts with your customer support team

Hi, Sarah. Thanks for contacting our customer service department. We hope we were able to help you with your needs.

14. After a customer places an order

Thank you for your purchase! We hope you are happy with your order. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

15. Thank someone who fills out a survey

Thank you for submitting a customer satisfaction survey. We take all of your concerns into consideration.

16. Thank someone who subscribes to a newsletter

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! We will share updates, sales, coupons, and more here. Stay tuned!

17. Thank someone who submits a payment

We got your payment — thank you! You can check your billing statements online.

18. Thank someone who brings up an issue

Thank you for providing valuable feedback. We have considered your advice and will be working with our design team to incorporate it into our future releases. 

19. Thank someone who gives your business a second chance

Hi, there, Wasim. We just resprayed your exterior for your pest issues. We apologize that the first round wasn’t as effective as you hoped it would be. Thank you for giving us a second chance!

Medical business

20. A general thank you for being a patient

Thanks for putting a smile on our faces by being our patient! The Dental Clinic appreciates your business.

21. Thank a patient for being a longtime customer

Alexis, you’ve been our patient for three years! Thank you for choosing Dr. Feng and the staff to provide you with exceptional eye care. 

22. Thank you to a patient that refers a friend

Hey, Amina! Thank you for referring your friends for laser hair removal at our medspa. We made two new customers thanks to your recommendation.

23. Thank a patient for their feedback

Hi, Carol. Thank you for providing feedback for our office. We aim to provide the best eye care, and your input helps us get there. 

24. Thank a patient who is leaving

Hi, Trisha. We’re so happy to see your improvement with physical therapy. Thank you for letting us help you in your journey to better health!

Benefits of using texting for thank you messages

Sending a note of gratitude is a beautiful sentiment, but where and how you send the message matters. While email is the standard place to send thank you messages, email has a low engagement rate because it’s impersonal. If you’re a small business with few clients, you can likely get away with handwriting personal thank you letters, but those aren’t efficient for most companies.

One channel to consider for sending thank you messages is texting. Text messaging is a great medium to send thank you notes because texting is one of the most popular communication channels in the world. Most people have their cell phones on them at all times, so it’s no surprise that texts have a 98 percent open rate, compared to emails at six percent. 

You can add a ton of personality into a text by sharing an emoji or a photo, which is encouraged since texting is a personal medium by nature.   

Send a text with emojis

Promotional text with emojis

‍ ‍ When used correctly, texting can provide you with a way to communicate with your customers in a meaningful manner to build long-term customer relationships. It offers a non-intrusive way to contact your customers and has a high response rate of 45 percent to encourage back-and-forth communication.

Share photos or videos

Sharing photos via text

So, what are you waiting for? Make your customer’s day with a simple thank you text.

Start texting now

Earn commission for referrals, recommended reading, sms keywords: your ultimate playbook.

Get an all-inclusive guide on leveraging SMS keywords to grow your marketing lists and business.

RCS vs. SMS: Which reigns supreme in text marketing?

What’s the difference between SMS vs. RCS? Get an ultimate comparison of the two mobile messaging types and how to choose one for your business.

40 fundraising text message examples and templates

When every dollar matters, enhance your fundraising efforts with Textline’s tips and 40 sample fundraising text messages.

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10 Small Business Thank You Messages For Customers

10 Small Business Thank You Messages For Customers

Small Business Thank You Message Ideas

When was the last time you thanked a valued customer? We don’t mean offhandedly tossing out a “thanks!” toward their back as they walk out the door. We mean an intentional, thoughtful thank you message sent for the express purpose of showing your loyal customers how much they mean to you.  

 If it’s been a while, you may want to pick up the slack. Consider that recent data from the U.S. Small Business Administration reveals that 68% of customers polled responded that they left a business because they didn’t feel appreciated. That’s compared to only 14% that quote product or service dissatisfaction as the deal-breaking factor. Appreciative customer service can be the difference between unmanageable churn and a solid, growing customer base.  Customer retention is extremely important, so you need to build customer loyalty. New and returning customers are equally important for healthy growth.

  How can you write better business messages and say thank you meaningfully ? Read on.

SEE ALSO:  Handwritten Business Letters: How They Can Help Your Business


Customer thank-yous don't need to be longwinded. A few choice sentences are all it takes to cement long-term customer relationships. To help turn each person into a loyal customer, try these on for size.

For a Recent Purchase

Dear Mr. Johnson, 

  Thank you for your recent purchase! 

We're tickled that you chose our product out of our pool of competitors. We work hard to offer the finest products available, and it's always enlivening when a new customer visits our online store and recognizes the value we provide. We're so happy you made your first purchase!

It's a unique pleasure to have the chance to service your account and we look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship. If there's anything else we can do, let us know. Thanks for supporting my small business.

 With gratitude, 

 [Your name]

SEE ALSO:  How to Manage Your Time to Make Your Small Business More Profitable

A brewery owner smiling at customers.

For a Longtime Customer

Dear Linda, 

We like to periodically thank our longtime customers for all the value they bring to our business, and this year we noticed that you're coming up on your ten-year anniversary! How thrilling to know that we've kept you as a satisfied customer for that long. It's business loyalty — consistent customers like you that allow us to keep doing what we do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such valued customers. Looking forward to ten more years!

 With humble gratitude, 

For a Gracious Referral

Dear Charles, 

 Thanks so much for the recent referral! It means a lot that you trust us enough to pass our name on to your contacts. Rest assured we’re endeavoring to provide them the same stellar service that provoked your referral in the first place.  

 It’s moments like this when everything we’re doing feels worth it, and that we’re making a positive impact. Thanks again for helping us get the word out! 

 Your friends at [company name], 

For a Particularly Large Purchase

Dear Ms. Conners, 

 Your purchase order arrived yesterday, and imagine our surprise when we looked at the details; it’s a significantly larger order than you usually make. We wanted to extend our deepest appreciation, not only for your continued business but also for this vote of confidence in our abilities. We're actively building business loyalty, so we promise we won't let you down. 

 Thanks again! 

SEE ALSO:  Gratitude is a Business Strategy

A coffeeshop owner talking to her customer.

For a Glowing Review

Dear Bill, 

It's customers like you that make it all worth it. We saw the glowing review you left us on our Google Business listing, and it really touched our hearts. Thanks not only for taking the time to jot down your thoughts but also for being so generous with your praise. It feels great when a customer reports a generally positive experience. We work fastidiously to try and live up to the benchmark you feel we've set. We love customer appreciation, so thanks for helping us out! 

 Keeping up the hard work, 

For a Forgiving Customer

Dear Mrs. Michaelson, 

To ere is human, sure, but we made a big mistake. I know our sales rep has already patched things up with you, but I wanted to send a quick message as well, expressing our solemn thanks for giving us a second chance. Customer loyalty is important to us, and we've always appreciated your business, so it's pleasing that we'll get the chance to continue working with you. Thanks for being so understanding! 

 Earning your trust back every day, 

For a Patient Customer

I understand we finally got you squared away! Thanks for being so patient with our recent supply chain problems. It's been such a tumultuous year. We've built a system with multiple redundancies, but sometimes even that's not enough to keep the pipeline open. I'm glad our delays didn't cause you any major problems. We're working to permanently patch the holes we discovered so that we can prevent similar issues in the future. 

 Thanks for sticking with us! 

For a Helpful Customer

Dear Ms. Murphy, 

 This letter sends our deepest gratitude for the assistance you gave us with the Davidson pitch. The depth of information you provided, and your willingness to share sensitive business details allowed us to craft a powerful case study. It’s certain that your help was critical in landing the business, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

 With fondest appreciation! 

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A flower shop owner smiling happily at her flowers.

For Being Understanding

Dear Mr. Lamont, 

 I wanted to send you a message as quickly as possible to thank you for being so understanding about our recent accounts shake-up. We had a number of new account supervisors that didn’t yet understand our systems. As a result, accounts like yours slipped through the cracks. We’ve already rectified the situation and credited your account for the missed shipment. We wouldn’t have blamed you for getting extremely upset, but you didn’t, and we thank you. 

 Moving forward! 

For Coming Back After and Absence

Dear Shirley, 

 It was so great to hear from you again! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to give us another try. I know you were interested in seeing what our competitors might be able to do for you, so it’s lovely to see you back. I assume that means you found that they weren’t the replacements you thought they might be. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed by your decision. 

 Thanks for coming back! 

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Businesses that embrace gratitude find that they develop deeper, longer-lasting customer relationships. But creating all of those handwritten professional thank you notes takes your people away from their normal responsibilities. Simply Noted is the better way to send handwritten thank you notes. 

 We offer automated handwritten cards created by advanced handwriting machines using real ballpoint pens and proprietary, AI-powered smart fonts. All you have to do is type your message and mailing address into our simple online ordering tool, and your customer will receive a warm, fully convincing handwritten thank you card in the mail. It couldn’t be easier to say thank you when it makes a difference.

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thank you note template small business

Small Business Trends

Creating a small business thank you letter the easy way.

sample small business thank you letters

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more .

Sending a simple business thank you letter goes a long way in strengthening strong and long-lasting business relationships. You might write a business thank you letter to a hard-working employee that shows dedication and commitment to your business. Or you might write a business thank you letter to a loyal customer who continuously repeats purchases with you.

Whoever you want to thank, it doesn’t matter. Expressing your gratitude in writing makes the recipient feel good. And, by doing so, you nurture continued loyalty to your business.

thank you note template small business

Sending out thank you letters to customers, clients and colleagues becomes a powerful way to secure an ongoing business relationship. Showing gratitude, in turn, encourages your top customers to sing your praises to others. This could happen through online reviews, on social media and through word of mouth.

Here’s a word from Troyia Monay, who gives some tips on how to get more sales with DIY business thank you cards.

Sample Small Business Thank You Letters

An estimated 62% of consumers search online reviews and information before purchasing a product. So the importance of sending a thank you letter becomes clear.

Small Business Deals

If you find yourself unsure how to compose a thank you letter, don’t worry. Take a look at the following 5 best thank you letter examples.

Thank You Letter to Show Customer Appreciation

business thank you letter - customer seeing message on phone

Show your customers you are grateful for their business. And subsequently encourage them to keep doing business with you instead of going elsewhere. Sending your faithful customers a thank you letter cements your business relationship.

Thank you letters become even more appreciated by customers if they offer a reward. For example, try offering a discount voucher. Such rewards act as a lucrative incentive for customers to purchase from you again.

Your customer thank you letter could look something like this:

Dear [insert name],

On behalf of [insert company] I would like to say thank you for being a loyal customer. It has been a pleasure serving you and supplying you with [insert appropriate products or services] and we hope that we can have the pleasure of providing for you for many more years to come.

As proof of our appreciation for your loyalty and ongoing support, we would like to give you a 20% voucher off your next purchase with us.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing business and we look forward to serving you in forthcoming months.

Best regards,

Thank You Letter Expressing Employee Recognition

business thank you letter - employee appreciating her thank you card that is on her PC

Quality, hard-working and dedicated employees don’t grow on trees and should be thanked to show that you recognize their hard work and loyalty. Sending a thank you letter is a personal, simple and cost-effective way to show your recognition and appreciation of your most prized company assets.

Dear [name of employee],

I would like to say thank you for all your hard work this year.

We couldn’t have got where we did this year without your ongoing dedication, commitment, creativity and talent.

Since joining the business in [year] you have gone from strength to strength and are a true asset to our company and our clients.

I look forward to working with you for many more years to come.

Thanks again.

Festive Thank You Letter

business thank you letter - thank you card with Christmas theme

The run up to the Christmas vacation can be the perfect time to send your regards and best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year to colleagues, clients and customers.

If you’re struggling with the right words to use on a festive thank you letter, here’s template you might want to use.

Dear [name of recipient],

As the festive season approaches, on behalf of [name of business] I would like to say thank you for all the support and commitment you have shown to us in the last 12 months.

You are an exceptionally valued [member of our team/customer/client] and I would like to send my personal thanks for your continued support.

We consider you a friend of [name of company] and extend our warmest wishes for good health and festive cheer.

It is people like you that have helped our business get where it is today.

I hope you and your family have a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to doing business with you next year.

Happy Holidays.

Best wishes

Thank You Letter Acknowledging a Client Visit

business thank you letter - Clients looing at their thank you card for their visit

The arrival and prolific growth of remote, digital forms of communication has not stamped out the yearning for personal, face-to-face meetings. In fact, research shows that around 9 in ten people say small meetings are their favorite method of communication.

For clients that have taken the time and made the effort to visit your business, it is important they are adequately thanked.

Your thank you letter for client visitations could read something like this:

Dear [name of client],

On behalf of [name of company] I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us on [date of visit].

We felt the meeting was extremely valuable in getting to know you better and securing some solid goals on how we are going to proceed with the campaign [or type of service] in the forthcoming months.

We hope you got as much out of the meeting as we did.

I look forward to our next catch up and, in the meantime, if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our team.

Thank you and best wishes.

Kind regards,

Thank You Letter Recognizing Excellent Customer Service

business thank you letter - business owner making thank you cards for excellent customer service

Customer service departments can be the backbone of a business, the department that often gets the most flack and the least rewards.

Make sure you give your hard-working customer services’ team the recognition and thanks they deserve by sending them a personal letter of thanks, which could read something like this:

As a valued and hard-working member of our customer services department I would like to thank you for all your hard work and being such a key face behind our company.

The business has had great reviews and feedback in recent months, positivity that has been driven by our always-smiling and never flustered customer services team.

You are a vital member of our customer services department and I would like to say thank you and hope you remain part of the team for a long time to come.

Once again, thanks for your hard-work and commitment in what I know isn’t always an easy job.

Best wishes,

How to Make a Business Thank You Card

Creating a thank you card is easy with the right software or template. Take Canva, for instance. Making your cards with Canva is a simple and enjoyable process. Here’s how:

  • Launch Canva Open Canva and enter “Thank You Card” into the search field. Browse through various template suggestions to find the perfect fit.
  • Select Your Template Navigate through Canva’s wide selection of thank you card designs to locate the ideal template. You can utilize the search function to narrow down options by theme, style, or layout, discovering everything from cheerful to minimalist and classic designs.
  • Play Around with Design Elements Enhance your chosen design by utilizing Canva’s drag-and-drop feature. Move photos and images from Canva’s library, adding photos or animation effects to icons, stickers, illustrations, and other available graphics.
  • Personalize Your Card Give your card a unique touch by incorporating your own artwork, images, and illustrations within the editing interface. Modify the text, layout, and every small aspect to make it uniquely yours.
  • Save, Share, or Print Once satisfied with your creation, you can save and download your card design in formats like PNG, JPG, or PDF. Share it directly on social media platforms, send it through email, print it yourself, or even order prints through Canva’s printing service.

Table of Process Steps

This table provides a clear and concise overview of the process that you can print and post near your computer for easy reference:

Photo via Shutterstock 4 Comments ▼

Top 10 Tips for Bringing More Traffic to Your Small Business Website

I guess it helps to know how to create the letters. The templates help if you don’t know how to get started.

If you hand-write a thank you card it can be even shorter and still carry more impact (in my experience). Something as simple as “Thank you for purchasing [product they bought]. We appreciate it.”

This is really invaluable information. So many different variations of templates all of which set your business aside from the others. Thank you for the options!!

Real nice design and wonderful subject matter, practically nothing else we need :D.

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8+ Business Thank You Notes – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Whether you need to say thank you for a job interview, or if you want to show your appreciation for a recommendation or a referral, or to say thank for the business opportunity, thank you note to boss are always appreciated. Taking time out to say thank you will together show your appreciation and help build bridges with customers, clients, and colleagues.

business thank you notes

Note Template Bundle

note template bundle

  • Google Docs

Free Business Thank You Letter Template

free business thank you letter template

Business Thank You Cards Instant Download PDF

business thank you cards instant download pdf

Sample Business Thank You Note for Presentation

business thank you note for presentation

Business Thank You Note After Meeting Example

business thank you note after meeting

Sample Business Thank You Note to Client Download

business thank you note to client

Business Thank You Note Wording Download

business thank you note wording

Free Effective Business Thank You Notes

effective business thank you notes

Addressing Business Thank You Notes Sample

addressing business thank you notes

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Steal these 25 'thank you for your business' messages

  • September 15, 2020
  • Customer Support / Tips and Tricks / business text messaging

thank you business messages

Businesses are more active than ever when it comes to messaging their customers. Once, it was a thank you letter to client for giving business that would help cement customer satisfaction, now, texting and emailing them throughout the customer journey has become the new norm. 

Sending direct messages to your customers is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand and raises the odds of turning them into loyal customers.

This is especially important after they make their purchase. Sending great thank-you messages to new and returning customers is an easy way to build customer loyalty.

Why 'thank you for your business' messages matter

Sending a thank you note to your customer is a great way to make them feel appreciated after their purchase.

A nice thank you gives them a sense that your company cares about their business and wants them to have a positive experience with your brand even after the transaction is complete. You can never underestimate the value of customer appreciation!

When your customers have a generally positive experience before and after their purchase, not only are they more likely to buy again, but they are also more likely to recommend your brand to a friend . However, you say “thank you for your business,” messages like this add to that experience and create stronger business relationships and a higher probably of converting them to repeat customers.

‘Thank you for your business’ messages best practices

Sending a thank you note is a valuable, often overlooked step in the customer journey.

When communicating with a customer after a purchase, here are some best practices you should be following to make sure they come away with a positive experience:

  • Be positive. Make sure your customer feels appreciated and knows how happy you are to have their business.
  • Ask for feedback. Include a customer experience survey link to encourage a reply and get the information you need to improve the experience.
  • Provide support. Link to customer service or offer the right phone numbers to ensure your customers are taken care of if any issues arise.
  • Don’t try to upsell. The thank you message should thank them for their business. Nothing more.
  • Balance professional and conversational. Make your message formal if needed, but make sure you also express your brand's personality. Text messaging is an especially casual form of communication, so make sure the message is appropriate to the medium.
  • Show appreciation. Let them know how much their business means to you.
  • Keep it short. Write clearly and concisely.
  • Tailor your message. When necessary, you may want to tailor your message to fit your needs. If you’re thanking customers for purchasing from an online store, you could send “Thank you for your order” messages. If you’re an organization and appreciate donations, you should focus more on “Thank you for your support” quotes or messages.

25 ‘thank you for your business’ messages

  • Thank you for your purchase from [company name]. Please let us know if we can do anything else for you!
  • On behalf of [company name], we wanted to say thank you for your purchase. We’re so lucky to have customers like you!
  • Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.
  • Thank you for being our valued customer. We are so grateful and hope we met your expectations. [insert link to customer satisfaction survey]
  • We know the world is full of choices. Thank you for choosing us! 
  • Thank you for being our loyal customer. We have enclosed a coupon for your next order— [Insert Link or Coupon Code]
  • Thanks for shopping at [company name]. We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you in the future. 
  • Thank you. We hope your experience was excellent, and we can’t wait to see you again soon. [insert link to customer satisfaction survey]
  • We hope you are happy with your purchase! Thank you for being a valued [company name] customer.
  • Thank you for doing business with us! We look forward to working with you again. 
  • Thank you for making your first purchase with [company name]! We’re so glad that you found what you were looking for. Please let us know how we did. [insert link to customer satisfaction survey]
  • Thank you for your order on [date]. We look forward to doing business with you again!
  • Thank you for your valued business. We value your trust and confidence in us and sincerely appreciate you!
  • Your commitment as a customer is much appreciated. We look forward to serving you again in the future! 
  • [company name] would like to thank excellent customers like you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you! 
  • Thank you for your business, your trust, and your confidence. It is our pleasure to work with you.
  • Thank you for your recent purchase of [product]. We here at [company] are grateful for your patronage and look forward to serving you in the future. 
  • Thank you for shopping with us! We take pride in your business.
  • Thanks for choosing us! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 
  • We take pride in your business with us. Thank you!  
  • Thank you for making us your first choice, or at least your final choice! 
  • We at [company name] genuinely appreciate your business, and we’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. We hope you are satisfied with your purchase.
  • Thank you for putting your trust and confidence in our company. We won’t settle for less than the best for you!
  • Thank you for your purchase! Every customer matters to us; please let us know how we did. [link to customer survey]
  • Congratulations on your recent purchase! It has been our pleasure to serve you, and we hope we see you again soon.

The best ways to send great thank you messages to customers

Now that you know the value of sending your customer’s thank you notes and have an idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it, you need to decide how to actually get your message to your customer. 

Sending an email to your customer after their purchase is the most common way to get in touch to send a thank you message. 

However, large and small businesses using email to send thank you messages can be perceived as cold and impersonal by the customer because they receive similar emails regularly.

Tip : When using email, you face the risk of not standing out against your competitors.

Physical notes 

Sending a physical thank you note to buyer is the most personal way to get in touch with your customers and is a great way to stand out, but it is also the most time-consuming and expensive option.

Many customers may throw away your package altogether if your thank you gets lost with other advertising and junk mail.

Tip: If you decide to send a physical thank you message, make sure the note is differentiated within your packaging to increase the likelihood of it being opened.

Texting is quickly becoming the primary form of communication between the company and the customer. In fact, 85 percent of customers have expressed that texting is how they prefer to receive messages . 

The right text messaging software can offer you an easy way to send your customers ‘thank you for your business’ messages at the end of their customer journey. Plus, with a centralized text messaging platform, you can easily save and reuse any of the templates above to make sure your messaging is consistent, concise, and exactly what you want. 

Even when you use a template to send your great thank you messages, your customers will still receive their texts directly on their phones and will have a much more personable experience than receiving an email. 

Texting is much cheaper and more efficient than sending physical notes and still has a personalized feel that your customers will love. Messages expressing thanks should be sincere and to the point! Creating a more successful business can be done by taking small but efficient steps. Look at our great guide for text messaging .

Tip : Learn how a made-for-business texting platform can help you send your customers nice thank-you messages today.

In the meantime, here are some other articles you might like:

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Thank-you messages: What to write in a thank-you card

Thank you card

You know that wonderful, warm-fuzzy feeling that comes over you when someone goes out of his or her way to spoil you, feed you, treat you, welcome you, bless you, support you or help you out? Of course you do. The feeling is gratitude, and it feels even better when you express it!

A handwritten card or note of thanks is one of the most heartfelt and meaningful ways to express gratitude. Maybe you can’t repay your recipient for the nice thing he or she has done, but you can reflect the thoughtfulness with the time and care you put into writing and sending a warm, gracious thank-you card or note.

If you need a little help getting beyond, “Thanks so much…,” you’re in the right place. Our “What to Write in a Thank-You Card” guide is full of thank-you-writing inspiration and message ideas from Hallmark writers. Whether you read the whole guide or skip to your specific thank-you situation, we hope it adds to the feel-good factor of putting your thanks in writing.

Inspired? Create and share by tagging @Hallmark .

Thank You Messages: What to Write in a Thank-You Card

  • Simple Thank-You Messages
  • Thank-You Messages for a Gift
  • Thank-You Messages for Help
  • Thank-You Messages for Hospitality
  • Professional Relationship Thank-You Messages
  • Warm Closing for Thank-You Cards
  • What to Write in a Thank-You Card VIDEO

Simple Thank-You Messages  

If you’ve chosen a card with a printed sentiment (more than just “Thank You”), then you don’t have to add very much. Briefly mention the specific gift or kindness you’re thanking the recipient for. Then add a warm thought like one of these…

  • “You’re the best.”
  • “I’m humbled and grateful.”
  • “You knocked me off my feet!”
  • “My heart is still smiling.”
  • “Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure.”
  • “Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.”
  • “The banana bread was fabulous. You made my day.”
  • “I’m touched beyond words.”
  • “All I can say is wow! (Except, of course, I’m grateful.)”
  • “My heart just keeps thanking you and thanking you.”
  • “You’re a blessing to me.”
  • “Thank you for being my angel.”

Writing tip: Sign and send your thank-you card while the gift or event is still fresh in your mind. Within three days is ideal, but in most situations a “thanks” will be appreciated no matter how late it arrives.

Thank-You Messages for a Gift  

Birthday, holiday and just because.

Here are some questions you could try to answer when writing a thank-you for a birthday , holiday or just-because gift: What was the gift? What do you like about it? Why was it a good choice for you? What do you plan to do with it? How did you feel when you opened it? How did it make you feel about the giver? Below are some message examples that answer one or several of those questions.

  • “Thank you for the bling hanger for my marathon medals. You know me so well!”
  • “I love the milk-glass vase. I’ll think of you every time I see it on my table.”
  • “Thank you for the fun and funky purse. I don’t know where you find such unique things!”
  • “The table runner you sent for my birthday is perfect! I can tell you spent a lot of time picking it out, and it makes me smile to think about how thoughtful you are.”
  • “I was so thrilled when I opened the new hiking boots. You knew exactly what I wanted.”
  • “Thank you so much for the new alarm clock. I’d been needing one, and the one you chose is perfect to use with my phone!”
  • “Bless your big and generous heart!”

Writing tip: Here are a few words to describe gifts: fabulous, perfect, touching, beautiful, unique, appreciated, awesome and much-needed. Some words to describe gift givers: generous, thoughtful, creative, sweet, considerate and caring.

Graduation, wedding, baby and other life events

The challenging thing about these life-event thank-you notes is that you likely have several of them to write. It’s fine to develop a general formula for what you’ll write, but anytime the task starts to become burdensome, put down your pen and come back to it later. You want to sound appreciative and enthusiastic, and you’re more likely to come across that way if you write five thank-you cards a day over 10 days, rather than 50 all at once.

  • “Wow! We are so touched by your generous wedding gift. The place settings will be used and enjoyed often—and we’ll think of you every time.”
  • “Thank you for adding to the joy of our wedding with your warm wishes and thoughtful gift. We love the candlesticks and how they look on our hall table.”
  • “Thank you for the adorable fire engine sleeper and bib for Ben. You put a smile in our hearts. Can’t wait to send you a picture of him wearing it!”
  • “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for organizing the group gift of the car seat and stroller for my baby shower. You shouldn’t have. (But it’s so nice you did!)”
  • “Thank you for the e-reader! I’m already using it and loving it. I really appreciate you thinking of me on my graduation.”
  • “I so appreciate your thoughtful graduation gift to me. The watch is beautiful, and it almost makes me look like a real grown-up when I wear it 😉 Thank you so much. You’re the best!”

Some things never go out of style. Sending a thank-you card in a  timely fashion is one of them. Say “thanks” in minutes with a Hallmark Personalized Card ! 

Make their day with a personalized Photo Card using your favorite pictures, or send them a video message with a Video Greeting Card. Shop personalized cards here .

Writing tip: You get a little more time to write thank-you cards for graduation , wedding , shower and baby gifts. It’s still best to write and send a card as soon as possible, but for a wedding gift, you have up to three months to send it. And if you have a new baby, people will understand if it takes that long or longer.

Money and gift cards

You’re not hard to buy for—you’re easy to love because you write such a nice thank-you when someone gives you money or a gift card! Here are some ways to make a giver feel great about choosing that option for you.

  • “Thank you for the generous gift card to REI! It will be such a big help in getting ready for my big camping trip. It’s much appreciated.”
  • “Thank you for the birthday $5! You’d be surprised at how happy this little tradition of ours always makes me. Burger and fries, here I come!”
  • “I just used the birthday money you sent toward a new power sander. I’m really excited to start using it. Thanks so much for making it happen!”
  • “Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the coffee shop gift card. Do you know me or what?”
  • “Thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift. I haven’t decided how I’ll use it yet, but I wanted you to know how happy and grateful I am.”

Writing tip: There’s no hard-and-fast rule on whether to mention the specific amount of money you were given in your thank-you message. If it feels tacky or wrong to you, then skip it. But if you feel like it highlights or helps identify the gift, it’s perfectly fine to include.

Thank-You Messages for Help  

House or pet sitting, yard work or housework, help during a busy or difficult time, above-and-beyond assistance with a project at work… anytime someone steps in and makes your life a little easier, call it out with a thank-you note.

More general examples

  • “This has been a challenging time, and I appreciate you so much.”
  • “You have no idea how much your help has meant.”
  • “For all the little and big ways you’ve pitched in…thanks!”
  • “There was nothing random about your acts of kindness. Thank you for all you have done.”
  • “I can never thank you enough. But this is a start.”
  • “You always know how to make life brighter for everyone you know.”
  • “I can’t possibly repay you.”
  • “You are always so helpful.”
  • “You make the world a nicer place.”
  • “You went above and beyond, and I am touched and grateful.”
  • “You took common courtesy to an uncommon level. We’re so grateful for your help.”

More specific examples

  • “Thank you for taking care of the lawn while Kevin was in the hospital. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”
  • “For my burden-bearing, laughter-sharing, forever-caring friend…a very happy, hug-filled, heartfelt thanks.”
  • “The best way to thank you for your work on my project is to keep you informed of the outcome—and I promise to do that. Meanwhile, you have played such an important part and your help won’t be forgotten.”
  • “It’s harder and harder these days to get the number of volunteers we need—but you made time in your busy schedule to step up. That means even more as every year gets busier.”
  • “I’m using you as an example to my kids of someone unselfish, giving and ready with a can-do spirit. I hope they turn out just like you.”
  • “Thank you for the wonderful meals you brought and arranged during Emily’s bed rest. Our hearts have been deeply touched by your kindness.”

Writing tip: If writing a thank-you takes you back to high school and turns your writing awkwardly stiff or formal, then relax and try to write like you speak. If you’re a person who would say, “Thanks so much for watching our dog!” then say, “Thanks so much for watching our dog!” Just exactly like that.

Thank-You Messages for Hospitality  

When someone opens his or her home to you for a meal, a party or an overnight stay, that definitely calls for a written thank-you.

  • “A big thank-you to you both for letting me crash at your place (again) during the conference. You always make me feel just like family.”
  • “Thanks for the great time…and the great memories.”
  • “Thank you so much for hosting my shower. I felt like a total VIP.”
  • “My heartfelt thanks to you for opening your home to me during my visit. I loved every minute of my stay.”
  • “What a great party! You really know how to make good times happen. Thank you for letting me be part of it.”
  • “Thank you for a lovely evening filled with laughter and good conversation. I’m still smiling.”
  • “Thank you for the unforgettable meal. You’re incredible.”
  • “Your home is so warm, welcoming and delightful. I felt so pampered.”
  • “I didn’t want to leave. Don’t let that scare you—I promise not to show up all packed and ready to move in. It’s tempting, though.”
  • “You spoiled me rotten! The delicious food. The comfy bed. The company. The fun. Thanks for everything!”
  • “I felt like Goldilocks. Everything was JUST RIGHT.”

Writing tip: Thank-you advice from a longtime Hallmark writer: “I think about what has touched me in the notes I’ve received from people. I try to just let my heart speak and not worry that I’m being ‘gushy’ or ‘over the top.’ When you’re sincere, I don’t think you can be.”

Professional Relationship Thank-You Messages  

It’s good business to send a handwritten thank-you note for the courtesy of an interview, for referrals or opportunities, for above-and-beyond work done for you, for mentoring and many other professional situations. After an interview, a gracious thank-you card can distinguish one candidate from another. More generally, it makes the sender memorable, leaving a positive impression and paving the way for a lasting business relationship.

  • “Thank you so much for inviting me to interview for your open account specialist position. I truly appreciate the time you took to talk with me about this opportunity and the company. I enjoyed learning more about your work group and how I might fit into that team. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any follow-up questions you might have. I hope to talk with you again soon.”
  • “Thank you for your invaluable mentoring these past three months. I’ve had fun getting to know you better, and I’ve learned so much from talking with you and seeing how you work. You are amazing at what you do! I’m grateful to have had the chance to work with you so closely.”
  • “I can’t thank you enough for advising me to send my résumé to your colleague Dana Evans. I now have an interview scheduled with her next week to discuss some freelance work, and I’m really excited about the assignment she’s describing. It was very kind of you to refer me to her. I hope I can find a way to return the favor soon!”

Writing tip: In business communication, it’s all about relationships—establishing them, keeping them strong and making them work for you. Sending a written thank-you is a standout way to do all those things!

Warm Closings for Thank-You Cards  

A warm closing is like the bow on top of your thank-you message. Choose one of ours or create your own.

  • Lots of love,
  • Love always,
  • Much love to you,
  • Love and thanks,
  • Warmest thanks,
  • Beyond grateful,
  • Feeling spoiled,
  • Gratefully,
  • With gratitude,
  • God bless you,
  • God bless you now and always,
  • ThankyouThankyouThankyou,

Want to go the extra mile? Add a little token of your appreciation to the note with a thank you gift .

What to Write in a Thank-You Card VIDEO  

Find out the simple formula for crafting your own thank you messages and get some real life examples from Hallmark Senior Writer Cat Hollyer in this short video.

  • Greeting Card Messages and Ideas
  • What to write video guide
  • Additional contributions from Ellen Brenneman, Bev Carlson, Suzanne Heins, Cat Hollyer, Dan Taylor and Molly Wigand.

thank you note template small business

Keely Chace is a Hallmark Master Writer who loves reading, running and spending time with her husband and daughters. She shares writing tips in her "What to Write" series on Hallmark & Community.

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Business Thank-You Letter Examples

  • Letters & Emails
  • Skills & Keywords
  • Salary & Benefits
  • Job Listings
  • Job Interviews
  • Cover Letters
  • Career Advice
  • Work-From-Home Jobs
  • Internships

Are you wondering how to structure a gracious and winning thank-you note to send to a business associate or colleague? Here you will find several business thank-you letter examples, including thank-you letters for employees, managers, colleagues, clients, vendors, networking contacts, and other business professionals.

Use these examples as a starting point for your own correspondence, being sure to edit them to fit your own professional and personal circumstances. A business thank-you letter can be sent as a written letter, a thank-you note, or via email.

If you send an email message, the Subject Line should say "Thank You – Your Name" or "Thank You for Your Assistance – Your Name" so that the recipient knows why you are writing, at a glance.

Sample Business Thank-You Letter

You can use this thank you letter example as a model to write a thoughtful note. Download the template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online), or read the text version below.

Sample Business Thank-You Letter (Text Only)

Sara Smith  Owner, Central City Boutique  42 Central Ave Central City, Iowa 52240

May 20, 2021

Joe Johnson  Johnson Hardwood Floors  1 Main Street  Central City, Iowa 52240

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for your speedy and beautiful work fixing our floors after our plumbing mishap this spring.

Although I would have preferred to meet you and your crew under different circumstances – a planned renovation, say, and not during our busiest season – I am so grateful that my neighbor recommended you.

Our floors have never looked better. Customers comment on them at least once a week, which is unusual to say the least! I always make sure to give them your information and pass along my recommendation.

Thank you, again, for fitting us in at the last minute and getting us back up and running so quickly.

Best regards,

Signature (hard copy letter)

More Business Thank-You Letter Examples

These examples are customized for different relationships in your business life.

  • Appreciation Letter Sample: A letter of appreciation can be sent to someone who gives you a business contact or helps with your job search – it’s a great way of strengthening and maintaining your personal and professional relationship. Here's how to compose an appreciation letter for email or to print and send through snail mail.
  • Business Thank You Letter Example: See how to format a simple business thank you letter to print and mail.
  • Business Thank You Email Message Examples : Email can be a quick and easy way to thank someone who has provided you with professional assistance or excellent service.
  • Business Thank You Letter for a Vendor: See how to send an email or letter to one of your suppliers or service providers who help make your business successful through their reliable delivery of the products and / or services you need.
  • Employee Thank You Letter Examples : Sending employees thank-you notes for work well done is both an effective and inexpensive way to boost workplace moral. Employees who are formally praised and thanked on a regular basis tend to take more ownership of their performance and display strong allegiance to their company. Show your employees appreciation for their service by writing a personalized letter or email, using these examples as your models.
  • General Thank You Letter: A simple format for a thank you letter or email. You should modify this template to fit the situation and the recipient.
  • Sample Thank You Letter for a Colleague : If you want to thank a colleague for his or her help on a project or for support extended to you, use this example.
  • Sample Thank You Note for a Team Member: Use these thank-you letter examples to let a team member know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Career-Related Thank You Letters

If you are looking for a job, be sure to always thank those who have provided contacts and assistance. Not only is this an instance to show good manners – it’s also a politic way of laying a solid groundwork for a continuing, mutually beneficial networking resource.

  • Sample Thank You Letter for Job Search Help : Use this thank you letter to send to someone who has helped you in your job search, such as a former instructor, human resources professional, or supervisor.
  • Sample Thank You Letter for Networking: This note is directed to a person you met through networking, either face-to-face at conferences or job fairs or through professional social media sites like LinkedIn. Thank them for helping you develop contacts and further your career goals.
  • Sample Thank You Letter for a Referral : Sometimes the most effective way to land a dream job is to be referred by someone who either already works at the organization you’re interested in or is on good terms with its management. Here’s how to thank someone who has given you a referral to help with your job search.
  • Sample Thank You Letter to Accept a Job Offer: Use this format to thank an employer for the offer and make a written acceptance.
  • Thank You Letter to Decline a Job Offer: How to be gracious should you decide to bow out after a hiring committee makes you a job offer.
  • Sample Thank You Letters for Job Interviews: Follow-up the interview with a thank you email or letter. Here are examples for the first interview, follow-ups, second interview, group interview, and other variations.

Read More:  Professional Letter and Email Writing Guidelines

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Home » Communication » 50 Thank You for Your Business Notes (for Email and Cards)

50 Thank You for Your Business Notes (for Email and Cards)

The following examples of business thank you for your continued support messages serve as great samples of the type of messages to use to show your appreciation for someone’s continued business.

1. Thank you for your continuous trust in our business. It brings us great joy to serve you. I hope we can continue to earn your business and if you have any comments or concerns, please let us know so we can help you better.

2. Your unending support of our business does not go unnoticed. We would like to thank you for continually choosing us. We strive to pay back your support tenfold.

3. A business is only as good as its customers, and you are one of the best. We make it our goal to try and surpass your every expectation. We are eager to continue serving you to the best of our ability.

4. I want to thank you for choosing our business. There are many businesses to choose from, but you chose ours. We will make sure that your trust in us is not misplaced. We look forward to serving you again soon.

5. Your patronage means the world to us. Serving you is always a pleasure and a bright point in our day. I would like to thank you for the opportunities you have given us, and we hope to see you again soon.

6. We sincerely appreciate you as a customer and would like to express our gratitude. Your continued support and patronage mean more than you know. I would like to thank you for allowing us to serve you.

7. Your support of us helps make a dream a reality. It’s excellent customers like you that remind us why we got into this business. I hope you know how thankful we are through the work we do for you. Thank you for your continued support.

8. Thank you for using our services. We work hard every day to provide the best experience possible for customers, such as yourself. Your patronage means we are doing something right, but we’ll continue to improve to better serve you.

9. Thank you for choosing us. We’re delighted that you were able to find what you were looking for. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. Our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

10. Loyal customers, such as yourself, give life to any business. We just want to take some time to say how much we appreciate you. Your patronage makes our business possible, and we can’t say thank you enough.

11. I want to thank you for picking us. I hope that we can foster a strong relationship so that we can better serve you in the years to come. We understand that choosing us over another business is a big decision, and we are eternally grateful for your support.

12. I just want to let you know how much we value your patronage. I hope that we can continue to have the privilege of serving you in the future. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are eager to help.

13. Thank you for continuing to be a valued customer. It truly means a lot that you continue to choose us over the competition. We strive to make sure we surpass your expectations.

14. We’re genuinely lucky to have a customer like you. Your unrelenting support inspires us to do our best. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we hope we can continue to call you one of our customers in the future.

15. Whether you realize it or not, you’re a part of our family. Just like any family, we try our best to support those who support us. With your continued support, I hope we can bring the best out in each other.

16. Your confidence in our business encourages us to better serve you. We value you as a customer and consider ourselves lucky for being chosen by you. We sincerely appreciate you.

17. Thank you for showing faith in us. We are grateful for your unwavering support. It is our duty to make sure your faith is not misplaced. It is our deepest pleasure to serve you.

18. We are thankful to have a customer like you who sticks by us through thick and thin. We are yearning for the chance to serve you once again to show our appreciation.

19. Your continued patronage is what allows us to continue to grow and succeed. I hope that we can continue enjoying our joint prosperity in the coming years. As always, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

20. Your ongoing belief in our business inspires us to meet and exceed your every expectation. Without you, we would not be able to provide the services we do. Thank you for being a valued customer.

21. Our team is always happy to do business with you. We greatly value your support and feedback. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us so that we can improve how we serve you.

22. We appreciate you choosing us. It is always a pleasure to do business with you, and we hope that we can continue to do business together for years to come.

23. Thank you for supporting us. You are essential to the success of our business. Your continued patronage allows us to serve you and others as best we can. It is important to us that you know how much we value you.

24. Your continued business is vital to us. As a valued customer, it is important to know that we are thankful that you decided to let us assist you with your needs. We hope to get the opportunity to serve you again soon.

25. Thank you for doing business with us. We hope your experience was as positive as ours was. We hope that you give us the privilege of continuing to serve you in the future.

26. On behalf of [company], I would like to thank you for your continued support. We are committed to first-rate customer service and hope that your loyal patronage means that we are on the right track.

27. We appreciate your ongoing support. Your repeat business shows your belief in our organization, and all of us at [company] are grateful to work with you as such a highly valued client.

28. We are immensely grateful to you for your continued business. Without you, [organization] would not have been able to enjoy success. Your feedback is always most welcome.

29. May I express my warmest thanks for remaining one of our most loyal and valued customers. We aim to provide high-quality service, and it is a great pleasure when we see our client relationships flourish.

30. Here at [company], we pride ourselves on our customer service. Having your return business highlights that we are doing something right. Thank you for your support, and please remember that you are appreciated.

31. May I offer heartfelt thanks for the confidence you have shown in [company]. It has been rewarding to see our relationship prosper, and I hope we can continue to serve you.

32. We greatly appreciate your business and continued support. Our priority is ensuring our clients are happy with our service. We hope you will let us know if there is anything we can do better to ensure our ongoing partnership.

33. We appreciate the continued trust you have put in [company] and hope that you remain a faithful customer. Our commitment to serving you is our key concern, and we will always be grateful for your support.

34. I am truly grateful for the faith and support you have shown our organization. Our achievements would not have happened without your patronage, and we appreciate your loyalty.

35. I wish to offer my sincere appreciation for your continued business. The support you have offered has made a unique contribution to our success at [company]. I hope we have met your expectations.

36. I hope you will accept this expression of thanks for your continued business with [company]. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we hope that our business relationship can keep developing.

37. We are delighted that you have chosen our organization over any others. We hope that we can continue to meet your requirements and thank you for your ongoing support.

38. Many thanks for your loyalty to our organization. We always strive to meet our customer needs, and we hope you will continue to support us in the future.

39. It is a pleasure to have you as a customer, and your support is much appreciated. As a valued client, please let us know how we can help with any future requirements.

40. We would like to say thank you for your continued support. We would not be where we are today without your loyalty and relish the opportunity to fulfill your needs.

41. We are delighted to have you as a loyal customer. Your continued business and support are appreciated, and we hope we will be your choice going forward.

42. Serving you is our top priority, and we are thrilled we are able to fulfill your requirements. We are grateful for your continued support.

43. We sincerely appreciate your valued business with us. We hope you will continue to choose [company] to meet your needs and we meet your expectations.

44. Our business relies on having customers like you who offer us exceptional support. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

45. Thank you for your ongoing support. It has been our pleasure to do business with you, and we hope you will keep us in mind in the future.

46. It is hugely rewarding for [company] to have a loyal customer base. You are one of our most valued clients, and we wish to thank you for supporting our business.

47. Thank you for showing having confidence in [company] to meet your needs. We greatly appreciate that you have become a loyal customer.

48. We wish to thank you for being one of our most trusted clients. Your feedback is important to us, so please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

49. Our company would not be able to flourish without the support of loyal customers like you. Your repeat business is much appreciated.

50. [Company] thanks you for your ongoing business and support. Customers who show us such loyalty are much appreciated, and we hope you will continue to do business with us.

The below infographic provides some interesting facts and trends regarding taking care of your customers, ways to maintain a high retention rates and garner returning customers in the future. Competitors are a dime a dozen, however, striving for excellent customer service can help to set your brand and company apart from the rest. Customers are twice as likely to share a bad experience with others, but however, will also spread the word regarding positive experiences associated with your company.

Facts About Customer Appreciation

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thank you

How to Write a Perfect Thank-You Note for Any Occasion, According to an Etiquette Expert

Nothing expresses gratitude quite like a thoughtfully written note.

You went the party. You opened the gift. Now it’s time to express your gratitude. But what thank-you note etiquette should you keep in mind?

These days, it’s common practice to simply send off a text or email to say thanks, and many people are cutting down on their use of paper to be environmentally conscious. But all of that only makes a physical note stand out more.

“A hand-written thank you note is still the most impactful [way to express thanks] because it’s tangible, and it shows that extra effort and extra thought,” says Myka Meier , founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette .

More From Veranda

preview for HDM All sections playlist - Veranda US:

Whether you are sending thanks after a wedding or baby shower, to a professional connection or a friend, for money or a gift at the holidays , we’ve outlined thank-you note etiquette guidelines on how to send the best note on the appropriate timeline, as advised by Meier in her book Modern Etiquette Made Easy and in a recent interview with VERANDA . As she reminded us, you are sending joy in the note you are writing. (You might even consider crossing out your name (yes, that's can be part of etiquette too!) .)

When Should You Send a Thank-You Note

As a rule of thumb, you should send a hand-written thank-you note for any formal invitation or gift, or for any special occasion where effort was shown on your behalf or that made extra impact on you.

The best thank-you note etiquette is to send it within a week of what you are thanking the person for, be it a party or a gift. But you should also always send a thank-you note, no matter how late it might be. “Is it ever too late to send a thank you note? Never,” Meier emphasizes.

When Text or Email Thank-Yous Are Appropriate

A text is the least formal way to send thanks, then email, a then a hand-written note, and how you thank someone should match the formality of what you are thanking them for. You might, for example, send an email or text if someone left a candy cane on your desk at work or to the organizer of your child’s school holiday or a neighborhood potluck or any other group celebration. If someone has done something specifically for you, though, you should skip the digital option and send a hand-written note.

Stationery Selection

Match the stationery to its recipient. If it’s going to a close girlfriend, pick a design you think she would like. If it’s for a corporate relationship, use a corporate stationery.

Scallop Trim Notecard Set

Scallop Trim Notecard Set

What to Write in a Thank-You Note

Meier outlines a formula for writing an impactful thank you note, as described in her book Modern Etiquette Made Easy, and recommends a note be one to two paragraphs in length.

1. Date and Salutation. For a formal note, you should always use “Dear” before the person’s name, but in a less formal note to a friend, you can just use their name followed by a comma. Add the date at the very top if you want to make the note a keepsake.

2. First Sentence. Meier recommends not starting with the words “thank you” since it is expected and takes away from the impact of the message. Instead, start with a sentence about how the gift, party, etc. made you feel.

3. Second Sentence. Write about why you liked the gift, party, etc.

4. Third Sentence. Now it’s time to thank the recipient for the invitation, gift, etc.

5. Fourth Sentence. Add a personal message about when you look forward to seeing them next or another concluding thought.

6. Sign Off. Again, match the formality of the words to the occasion.

  • Professional Examples: Best Regards, Respectfully, With Regards, Sincerely*
  • Informal Examples: Love, Xoxo

*Also of note, "sincerely" should only be used as a sign off in written correspondence, not in emails.

When Kids Should Send Thank-You Notes

Meier says kids should send thank-you notes as soon as they are able to understand that someone gave them a gift, and that it’s more important that they send notes than how formal they are. She recommends making it fun for kids with markers, stickers, pipe cleaners, glue, whatever you have on hand so that they are more excited to send them.

With her own daughter, Meier would have her draw on a construction paper cards starting when she was 3, and Meier would write the note. That evolved into a Mad Libs-style card where her daughter would fill in the blanks.

“She was very involved in the thank-you note process, which I think is really important because it teaches children value of a gift, of a thought, of an action, and teaches them early on what gratitude is,” Meier says. Now that her daughter is older, she has designed her own stationery and sprinkles perfume on it when she sends a note.

Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Thank-You Cards for Kids

Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Thank-You Cards for Kids

What Not to Write in a Thank-You Note

“The most common mistakes is to make it too generic or send the same note out to everyone,” Meier says. “You should always try to personalize it.”

Also be careful not to use ChatGPT, but to make sure a note sounds like it is coming from you. “You want to make sure it comes from the heart,” she notes. “Otherwise it seems disingenuous.”

How to Express Thanks for Money or a Gift Card

Do not mention the amount of money or the gift card in your note. Use the word “generous” to show that you were taken back by it if that is the case. Instead, comment on the store for a gift card and what you might use it for.

How to Write a Professional Thank-You Note

Black is the most formal pen color followed by blue (and you should never use red), so always use black for formal correspondence. Avoid adding fragrance for a professional note. You should also note that a “clamshell” card that opens and closes is less formal than a one-sided card, so the latter should be used for professional notes, writing on only one side of the card.

Custom Business Notecard with Logo

Custom Business Notecard with Logo

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  6. How to Write a Meaningful Thank You Note

    Write your message on a piece of paper, post-it note, or card and give it directly to the person. If you are at work, you can also leave it on their desk or in their "mailbox."

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    Postcard by Altea Design. Simple Pastel Handmade Business Thank You Card. Postcard by Designs by Darowan. Modern Line Floral Thank You Postcard. Postcard by Invasi Studio. Brown and Gray Minimalist Thank You Postcard. Postcard by Rayya Studio. Cream Minimalist Thank You For Coming greeting card.

  8. Writing the Perfect Customer Thank-You Note (+ Examples)

    Use this template to write thank-you notes your customers will love: Greet your customer by name. Express your gratitude, clearly stating why you're sending the note. Include details about why enjoyed your experience with this customer — this is a prime opportunity to be specific and thoughtful. Repeat your thanks.

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  23. 50 Thank You for Your Business Notes (for Email and Cards)

    The following examples of business thank you for your continued support messages serve as great samples of the type of messages to use to show your appreciation for someone's continued business. 1. Thank you for your continuous trust in our business. It brings us great joy to serve you.

  24. How to Write a Thank-You Note for Any Occasion

    Add the date at the very top if you want to make the note a keepsake. 2. First Sentence. Meier recommends not starting with the words "thank you" since it is expected and takes away from the impact of the message. Instead, start with a sentence about how the gift, party, etc. made you feel. 3.

  25. 20 Business Email Examples: Templates and Best Practices

    Here are 20 different business email examples you may use. 20 business email examples. When sending a business email, the structure and flow of your message matter. After all, communicating over email is completely different than delivering your message in person. Let's take a look at what each of these business email templates should look like.

  26. 20 Thank You Card Template Small Business Bundle Packaging

    Business Thank You Cards & Templates | Zazzle. Jul 5, 2021 - This Bookkeeping Templates item by Mrxking has 9 favorites from Etsy shoppers. Ships from United States. Listed on Oct 11, 2023.