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7 retail CV examples

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If you want to land a top job in retail, you need an eye-catching CV.

Check out these 7 retail CV examples for all job-types and experience levels, to give you a helping hand in creating your own interview-winning CV.

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Retail sales assistant CV

Retail Sales Assistant CV-1

See full sales assistant guide

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Retail manager CV

Retail Manager CV-1

See full retail manager CV guide

Supervisor CV

Supervisor CV-1

See full supervisor CV guide

Customer service CV

Customer service CV 1

See full customer service CV guide

Jewellery sales assistant CV

cv personal statement retail department

See full Jewellery sales assistant CV guide

Shop assistant CV

Shop assistant CV 1

See full Shop assistant CV guide

Sales advisor CV

Sales advisor CV 1

See full Sales advisor CV guide

Before you start writing your own CV, take a look at the example retail CVs above to give yourself a basic understanding of the style and format that recruiters and hiring managers prefer to see.

Also, take note of the type of content that is included to impress recruiters, and how the most relevant information is made prominent.

Retail CV structure and format

Think your CV is just about words? Think again.

Your CV needs to look professional and be easy for recruiters to read, meaning the structure and format of your CV are equally as important as the content within it.

Facilitate ease of reading by working to a simple structure which allows recruiters to easily navigate your experience.

CV format and structure

Formatting Tips

Structuring your CV

As you write your CV , work to the simple but effective structure below:

Now I’ll guide you through exactly what you should include in each CV section.

CV Contact Details

Contact details

Begin by sharing your contact details, so it’s easy for employers to give you a call. Keep to the basics, such as:

Retail CV Profile

Your CV profile is the first thing recruiters will read – so your goal is to give them a reason to read onto the end of the document!

Create a short and snappy paragraph that showcases your key skills, relevant experience and impressive accomplishments.

Ultimately, it should prove to the reader that you’ve got what it takes to carry out the job.

CV profile

Tips for creating an impactful CV profile:

What to include in your Retail CV profile?

Quick tip: If spelling and grammar are not a strong point of yours, Use our partner’s CV builder to add pre-written content that has been created by recruitment experts, and proofread by our team.

Core skills section

In addition to your CV profile, your core skills section provides an easily digestible snapshot of your skills – perfect for grabbing the attention of busy hiring managers.

As Retail jobs might receive a huge pile of applications, this is a great way to stand out and show off your suitability for the role.

It should be made up of 2-3 columns of bullet points and be made up of skills that are highly relevant to the jobs you are targeting.

Core skills CV

Work experience/Career history

By this point, employers will be keen to know more detail about you career history.

Starting with your most recent role and working backwards, create a snappy list of any relevant roles you’ve held.

This could be freelance, voluntary, part-time or temporary jobs too. Anything that’s relevant to your target role is well-worth listing!

CV work experience

Structuring your roles

Lengthy, unbroken chunks of text is a recruiters worst nightmare, but your work experience section can easily end up looking like that if you are not careful.

To avoid this, use my tried-and-tested 3-step structure, as illustrated below:

Role descriptions

Firstly, give the reader some context by creating a punchy summary of the job as a whole.

You should mention what the purpose or goal of your role was, what team you were part of and who you reported to.

Key responsibilities

Use bullet points to detail the key responsibilities of your role, highlighting hard skills, software and knowledge wherever you can.

Keep them short and sharp to make them easily digestible by readers.

Key achievements

Lastly, add impact by highlight 1-3 key achievements  that you made within the role.

Struggling to think of an achievement? If it had a positive impact on your company, it counts.

For example, you might increased company profits, improved processes, or something simpler, such as going above and beyond to solve a customer’s problem.

At the bottom of your CV is your full education section. You can list your formal academic qualifications, such as:

As well as any specific Retail qualifications that are essential to the jobs you are applying for. Note down the name of the qualification, the organisation at which you studied, and the date of completion.

Interests and hobbies

This section is entirely optional, so you’ll have to use your own judgement to figure out if it’s worth including.

If your hobbies and interests could make you appear more suitable for your dream job, then they are definitely worth adding.

Interests which are related to the industry, or hobbies like sports teams or volunteering, which display valuable transferable skills might be worth including.

Essential skills for your Retail CV

Tailoring your CV to the roles you are applying for is key to success, so make sure to read through the job descriptions and tailor your skills accordingly.

However, commonly desired  Retail skills include:

Writing your Retail CV

When putting together your Retail CV, there are a few key points to remember

Always tailor your CV to the target role, even if it means creating several versions for different roles.

Additionally, remember that the structure and format of your CV needs just as much attention as the content.

Remember to triple-check for spelling and grammar errors before hitting send. If you’re unsure, use our partner’s CV builder to add pre-written expert content with one click.

Good luck with your job search!

CV Example Retail

Retail is the selling of goods or services to consumers, either in person, over the telephone or on e-commerce sites. As careers in retail can encompass a wide range of jobs from customer service and cashier duties to merchandising and store management, professionals of all backgrounds are generally welcomed.

Depending on the setting (department store, specialist store, convenience store, pharmacy store, supermarket, e-commerce site), you could work in any of the following roles:

Whether you’re already working in retail and want to further your career at your next company or you’re looking to make the leap, we’ve got you covered with our writing guide and retail CV example .

Personal statement or profile

As a retail employee, you’re the first point of contact for customers. If they don’t have a good experience, they’re unlikely to return to the store again.

In the same way, your personal statement or profile is the first thing that recruiters and hiring managers will read. Here is the opportunity to highlight the skills, experience and achievements that make you stand out as a candidate:

I am a customer-focused sales assistant with 4 years of retail experience. I am to rapidly acquire product knowledge to offer advice tailored to customers’ needs. Through upselling accessories at a fashion outlet, I have been able consistently generate over £500 in additional daily revenue. I am currently seeking a role at a fashion retailer to further deliver excellent service.

Work experience

The retail industry is driven by metrics: revenue generated, conversion rates, average transaction value, etc. This means demonstrating the value you brought in each of your roles can make you a more favourable candidate than someone who just states that they ‘assisted customers’.

For example, if you work in the technology section of a store and often provide advice on particular devices, you can say that ‘provided specialist advice on laptops, resulting in 3-4 daily sales totalling £2000.’

Jan 2019 – present Fashion Sales Assistant, Topshop, London

Aug 2017 - Dec 2019 Sales Associate, PC World, London

Even if you are only applying for a cashier position that does not mention any other duties, don’t hesitate to indicate those you may have performed previously. Of course, cashier duties should be listed first to show your suitability for the position. However, if you have already carried out inventory or restocking, for example, this can be an advantage for your application because you will show that you can help with other tasks in the store that will employ you.

While you don’t need a degree or a specific qualification to get a job in retail, as the sector grows and the demand for more highly-skilled employees increases, a degree in any discipline can give you an edge over other candidates.

For instance, business studies and retail management qualifications can be useful if you’re trying to get into store manager roles, while a degree in finance, business, economics or mathematics will be beneficial for careers in retail merchandising.

Sep 2016 - Jul 2017 BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Retail Knowledge, Hither Green College, London

Sep 2014 - Jul 2016 A-Levels in Economics, General Studies and English Languages, Hayfield High School, London

Working in retail goes beyond greeting and serving customers. You’ll also need to know how to manage customer complaints, practice empathy and patience and above all, be a good communicator.

Here are some skills and qualities you can include in your CV:

In a retail environment, you will be in contact with customers from diverse backgrounds and countries. This is where even basic language skills can be helpful. Simply by greeting a customer in their language can put them at their ease:

English - native

French - basic

Volunteer experience

If you lack practical work experience , including volunteer experience can be a great way to catch the attention of recruiters, especially in an industry that can be quite competitive:

Sep 2015 - Aug 2016, Volunteer Retail Assistant, Barnado’s

Format and layout

Depending on the role, experience can be important, therefore a chronological CV format is often the best choice. This is because it allows recruiters to quickly see how you have put your knowledge and skills into practice in the different positions you have held.

Layout and design

In a retail environment, you are the face of the business. If you don’t make a good impression with customers, they won’t return to the store, whether online or in person.

When you’re applying for a retail role, it’s equally important to create a good impression with your CV. This means sufficiently spaced headings, bulleted lists, highlighted titles and neutral colours (black, white, pale blue, grey and green).

With regards to fonts , stick to 12pt for standard text for readability and go 2-4pts higher to emphasise section headings. Make good use of white space to avoid your CV looking cluttered.

Hopefully, you now have everything you need to create your own retail CV.

Create your retail CV now!

Get ahead of the competition

Make your job applications stand-out from other candidates.

CV example Pharmacist

Cv example teacher, cv example customer service.

CV Personal Statement Examples and Tips

CV Personal Statement

Your personal statement is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will read when flicking through what will usually be a huge pile of CVs. With so much competition, you need a personal statement that grabs their attention for all the right reasons. But how do you write one? Here’s our guide along with a couple of personal statement examples for inspiration.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a concise paragraph that sits at the top of your CV just below your name and contact details and tells the reader why you would be a fantastic asset for their company. It should include a summary of your most relevant skills and experience and give the recruiter an insight into your ambitions and character.

Your personal statement should explain:

Conveying all that information in just a few sentences is certainly not easy, but with research suggesting that recruiters spend an average of just six seconds reviewing each CV before deciding whether the applicant is a good fit, you must get it right.

How to write a winning personal statement for your CV

No one has your specific skills and experience, so your personal statement must be unique. However, there are some universal tips you can follow.

Probably the biggest challenge you’ll face when writing a personal statement for your CV is keeping it between 50 and 150 words, or around four or five lines of text. It should be clean and concise, formatted consistently and written in the same font and point size as the rest of your CV.

Personal statements can be written in the first (“I am a marine biologist”) or third-person (“Marine biologist looking for”), but whatever voice you choose, keep it consistent throughout your CV.

Recruiters read so much hyperbole and waffle that being honest and understated will help you stand out. This is not The Apprentice, so buzzwords, empty promises and meaningless metaphors should be avoided at all costs.

Cliches like ‘hard worker’ or ‘experienced’ are just empty words that recruiters see hundreds of times a day. Instead, establish your credentials with relevant vocational qualifications or professional memberships you have and quantify the level of experience you have. For example, “I am a RICS qualified surveyor with eight years’ experience working for a property development company”.

Including specific data or statistics in your personal statement will immediately make it stand out from the hundreds of others recruiters read every day. Metrics of success are far more memorable than simply listing your achievements. For example, “I introduced a new lead qualification tool that increased sales by 15 percent”.

The personal statement on your CV is the one place where it’s okay to talk about yourself in the third person. However, using pronouns, for example, “he is a conscientious worker with 12 years of experience...” is a step too far. Instead, drop the pronouns, so that would become “A conscientious worker with 12 years of experience…”

Personal statement examples

Here are a few examples of personal statements to keep you on the right track and hopefully provide a little inspiration.

Written in the first person by a graduate looking for their first professional role.

I am a recent graduate with a first-class degree in economics, specialising in econometrics and international trade. I have commercial experience in the finance sector courtesy of an internship with a UK corporation, where I developed the technical data engineering skills you are looking for. I have a proven ability to meet deadlines and produce consistently high-quality work, as evidenced by my degree, and would relish the chance to develop my skills within your organisation.

Written in the third person by an experienced purchasing manager looking to climb the ladder.

Purchasing manager with 12 years of experience who wants to progress to a more senior role within the aviation industry. Has developed strong and lasting relationships during previous managerial positions in the sector and wants to put this strong network to good use to add value to your business.

Time to get hired

Writing a winning personal statement that you’re happy with and that summarises your skills and experience effectively in just a few lines will take time. However, using these tips and examples as a guide and editing your personal statement for every role is an important piece of the puzzle.

To hear Guardian Jobs reader Elia’s story and how her Personal Career Management programme helped land her ideal job watch the video .


Personal Career Management can offer you a  free review to assess your needs and to see which programme is right for you.

To book call Personal Career Management on 01753 888 995 or fill in the contact form .

Personal Career Management are Career Management Partners for the Guardian and are a specialist career coaching and outplacement company.

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Department Manager resume examples

A modern resume example for a Department Manager position. Based on the best resume writing practices.

Average Department Manager Salary

Try our resume builder today.

Save time with our easy 3-step resume builder. No more writer’s block or formatting difficulties in Word. Rapidly make a perfect resume employers love.

Write an eye-turning Department Manager CV to win the job.

The very first thing anyone wishing to be recruited as a Department Manager in Retail makes is the perfect CV. Generally, you are expected to explain your knowledge, but that's not it. Keep to our pieces of advice to stay away from errors in the curriculum vitae and get recruited in the desired organization in a niche you prefer.

Typical Key Skills and Action Verbs for Department Manager

Adopt descriptive action verbs to highlight the Retail savviness you have earned over the years of work being a Department Manager. Be guaranteed that the action words' actuality and suitable compatibility with the ultimatums of the job you are applying for. Take these into account: cleaning, teaching, hipaa regulations

Key Skills & Proficiencies

Action verbs, words to avoid and include on department manager resume.

To provide the most impressive Department Manager CV, it is commonly suggested by HR specialists to correctly apply phrases outlining the considerable list of obligations, assignments, and abilities indicating your positive characteristics. We have done our review and offer making use of a few of the next catch phrases: relationship building and management, sales expertise, strategic planning

Phrases To Use

Best department manager resume objective examples.

Well drafted and well-located at the start of your Department Manager CV, an objective statement should directly be in line with the stipulations of the position and include the prowess and responsibilities that coincide with the demands of the recruiter. To To get recruited, settle for your Retail resume customization and insert only significant facts from your work experience.

How To Use Resume Examples To Create A Job-winning Resume


It is no longer news that you need to submit a professional resume if you want to improve your chances of getting the job you crave. In this article, you will find out how resume examples can help you with this challenging task. Over the years, statistics have shown that many job seekers find the act of resume writing difficult. Creating resumes that can win you the job you desire can be challenging, especially if you are writing your first resume. However, thanks to the emergence of information technology, you can now say goodbye to the struggles that come with crafting a resume from scratch. Now, there are a wide variety of tested and proven job-winning online resume samples on different resume builders available for you to choose from. This makes it much easier for you to write resumes that will convince hiring managers to give you the job. As you keep reading this article, you will find answers to the following questions:

How do I create my own resume with Resume Examples?

How do professional resume examples work, why do we suggest using resume examples, what are the things i should pay attention to when searching for a resume example, can i edit resume examples according to my needs.

Let's get right into the details!

What are Resume Samples?

As the name implies, they are ideal examples of what resumes in different industries look like. For instance, they provide you with suitable resume structures and recommended details to include in your resume. Additionally, they also show you the most effective way to portray your skills and experience to your potential employer. With the aid of these samples, you can create your resume faster and boost your chances of getting the job that you crave. This is why we have gone all out to show you how you can use them to edge out your competition (other job seekers). You will also discover some key details about resumes. Read on!

If you want to prove to your potential employers that you are the perfect fit for a vacant position, you need to create a perfect resume or cover letter. However, there is good news. You don't need to rack your brain to write a job-winning resume. All you have to do is visit a reliable online resume builder, follow a few simple steps, and best. These resume builders give you access to many ideal examples of industry-related resumes you can easily refer to when creating yours. Resume samples provide you with the perfect guide you need to craft a readable and relevant resume. Here is how you can use them to create your own resume:

After doing this, you can rest assured that you have created a professional resume.

Before explaining how these examples work, let's clear air. They should not be mistaken for resume templates that are ready-made document format designed to help job-seekers portray their career achievements, skills, education, and work experience to their potential employers in an organized and attractive way. Now, the purpose of an example is to provide you with sufficient context, general best practices, and insight on what a resume for a specific industry looks like. Once you have an idea about how writing a specific or targeted resume works, you can improve the way you write your resume. This is how they work in helping you achieve your goals of writing a job-winning resume.

Here's why we recommend you use them:

Most of them are written by resume experts

Saves you time

Makes writing a top-notch resume easier.

Writing a professional resume is easier when you use a resume example. It's no longer a hidden secret that some job seekers know little to nothing about creating a resume or cover letter. If you fall under this category, that's no problem at all. Not everyone is great at putting words on paper. So, don't feel bad because you struggle with this aspect. It isn't all doom and gloom.

Here's what you can do to make things better:

Look for samples of resumes related to the industry or position you are applying for and use them as a guide when writing yours. This will improve your ability to write a job-winning resume quickly.

When you use them, you are simply following a laid-down blueprint on the right way to write a resume suitable for any industry. This is because the options you will find on resume builders are crafted by resume experts. These experts possess vast knowledge about the do's and don'ts when it comes to writing a resume. They understand perfectly well what hiring managers look out for when they screen job resumes. For this reason, they ensure that the examples they make available to you on the resume builders are easy to read and well-formatted. They make it possible for you to draw the attention of any employer to your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. You can be sure that writer's block is a thing of the past when you use them as your guide. And the best part is this — you will be able to create a resume that will leave a lasting impression on your potential employers.

Helps you to avoid the mistakes that most job seekers make

One way to avoid the mistakes that most job seekers make is to use a guide for writing resumes. According to experts' opinions, most job seekers make spelling and grammatical errors. In the eyes of your potential employers, these mistakes are red flags that can prevent you from getting the job you crave. Using examples to create your own resume can help you cut out mistakes because you need to pay attention to every detail. By doing this, you can avoid the errors your competitors will likely make in their resumes. This gives you the upper hand.

Writing a resume from scratch takes a lot of time. But it gets better when you use samples because you get to save yourself a few minutes or hours of brain-racking. All you have to do is find a resume ideal for the industry of your choosing and use it to your advantage. Besides saving you time, you won't need to go through as much stress as you would have if you had to start from scratch.

Making a decision to use examples when crafting your resume is one step in the right direction. But before you settle for an example, here are a few things you should consider during your search:

When it comes to resume writing, you control the situation completely. It is up to you to create a great resume that is well-suited to a particular position or industry. You can use this opportunity to transform your previous job experience into a sensation and catch the eye of your potential employers. If you want to pull this off easily, you can edit samples of resumes. The sole purpose of an example is to provide you with the right context required to craft a resume for a certain industry or job title. Every tip, resume format, or phrase you will find is designed to help you target industries specifically and show your worth. It helps you to prove to your employers that you are a professional who understands the demands of a position and the goal of the company. With the aid of this guide, you can easily draw the attention of the company's management to your skills, dedication, knowledge, and expertise. Regardless of the industry, you plan to begin or continue your career in, there is an example available for you to use. This implies that if you want to impress employers in industries like Information Technology, Real Estate Management, Accounting, and many others, there is one for you to edit according to your needs. No one is left out.

Final Words

So far, we have shared with you all you need to know when using these helpful tools to create your resume. It's now up to you to use all we have shown and explained to you to your advantage. Remember, although writing a great resume can be tasking, you can rest assured that if you use samples on industry-related resumes the writing experience will be much easier. We wish you success in your job hunting.

Targeting other Retail? See one of our examples:

Most popular Resume Examples:

Learn from people who have succeeded in their job hunt


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    The personal statement on your CV is the one place where it's okay to talk about yourself in the third person. However, using pronouns, for example, "he is a conscientious worker with 12 years of experience..." is a step too far. Instead, drop the pronouns, so that would become "A conscientious worker with 12 years of experience…".

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    A personal statement (or statement of purpose) is an essay, cover letter, or question response required for academic applications. It presents a story of the applicant's academic motivations and career while exhibiting their unique qualities. In it, an applicant expands on the information in their resume or CV. TWO TYPES OF PERSONAL STATEMENTS

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