105 Powerful Personal Vision Statement Examples that work for Everyone

Take a look at the personal vision statement examples below to isolate and identify a crystal clear vision for your personal life.

But first…Huge companies aren’t the only ones who’re allowed to craft vision statements, or the only ones who need them.

Everyone who’s ever made a serious impact or achieved personal success has had a vision of how the world would be once they were successful.

People with vision are almost brainwashed into thinking the world could be changed simply by their effort and imagination.

But first, make sure you learn how to Develop your Personal Destiny .

The best examples of a personal vision statement will have the following as their key components:

What is a Vision (statement)?

A personal vision statement is your GPS guidance system for life. It uses your strengths, inspiration, compassion, values and ambition as a reference point for all the decisions you make in life.

Don’t confused a vision statement with your mission statement , which is is what you do each day ( short-term goals ) to reach the end result (your vision).

Companies use vision statements to be the deciding factor when it comes to making basic and strategic decisions.

In a world where you have endless options that could occupy your time, getting results in your personal growth requires that your actions be effective , and a personal vision statement gives you a map for making this so.

Personal vision statements are:

Personal Vision Statement Examples

Here are some of the best examples of principle personal vision statements.

Personal Vision Statement Examples For High Achievers

The most important thing to understand about the vision of an achievement/accomplishment focused individual is their need for highly impactful, important goals. High achievers need to be optimistic about the action they take and be hyper focused on results.

Vision Statement: A world where everyone has precisely what they need to accomplish the huge goals and dreams they have or their own lives

Personal Vision Statement Examples For Nurturers

Nurturing people are by nature caring and protective. They like to help others make sure their needs are met, even if sometimes they forget to take care of their own needs.

When discover what type of nurturer you are, look at your personality, and decide how it is you help others most effectively.

Vision Statement: Seeing that the world’s children and those suffering always have the care and emotional protection they require to get through tough times.

Personal Vision Statement Examples For Highly Intelligent People

Highly intelligent people are often skeptical, critically thought out, highly adaptable, outlier like human beings. Because of this, they are capable of leaving behind significant contributions.

Vision Statement: To increase the value and scope of mathematics and scientific discovery in the third world, where geniuses are left undiscovered.

Personal Vision Statement Examples For Leaders / Leadership

Being a good leader means to inspire others to think, feel and act in ways that are beneficial to them and others. Good leaders are experienced, well advanced in their personal growth, and posses a service attitude.

Vision Statement: To increase the standard and quality of the worlds leaders through rigorous training and strengthening of character in today’s youth.

Personal Vision Statement Examples For Introverts

Being an introvert in an extrovert dominated world might make you think you’ve got nothing to offer, but, being hyper-stimulated in their brain and mind, introverts have strengths are are valuable to the world and cannot be found anywhere else in the same capacity that they posses.

In general, introverted people have brains that experience heightened levels of stimulation, and adding more environmental stimulation to that exhausts there resources. It’s the reason why you feel tired after handling all your responsibilities that require you to interact with others.

But introverted types are deeply thoughtful, creative, and focused individuals that can accomplish great things by themselves.

Vision Statement: That society will see an increased popularity and need for work at home jobs.

Personal Vision Statement Examples For Extroverts

Extrovert Defined: an outgoing, overtly expressive person.

Even though you would have to take a personality test to decide where are the spectrum of introversion and extraversion you are, in general extroverts will bring the skills of being able to handle the spotlight better than others, enjoying working in groups and having discussions with others in order to solve big problems.

If you think you’re heavily skewed to the extroverted side of life, you can take a look at these example vision statements below.

Extroverted Vision Statement: A world where walking up to someone and starting a conversation is no longer seen as weird.

Personal Vision Statement Examples For Adventurers

Adventurers are passionate, sensitive, artistic and curious. They are fiercely independent and sometimes unpredictable because their sense of adventure literally leads them toward the most interesting prospect. You may possess skills that cannot be measured by the normal means, and so occupations, arenas and atmospheres where that is prevalent make you uncomfortable.

When we here the word adventurer, we might think of Indiana Jones, and that can be true. However, this type of person might not necessarily be traveling and looking for buried treasure all the time. This can make holding a long term career that requires extensive long term planning difficult for you, but that doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer.

When thinking of the ideal vision for your life, think about the words: diversity, multitude of experience, fun, exciting and possibly travel. Actually, definitely travel.

Vision Statement: Lower air fare, and increased availability for young people to travel and see the world during their youth

Personal Vision Statement Examples for College Students

The vision of college students varies by generation. The most recent generations are Baby boomers were dedicated and hardy workers, Generation X were more highly educated and independent, and millennials, who are most characterized by our desire to have a serious impact on society.

The generation in college right now is Generation Z, who (believe it or not) do have some admirable qualities.

Regardless of some of the more toxic views of Generation Z: they reject institutional structures that work and are time tested, they’re seen as snow flakes, etc… there is a deep desire for stability, flexibility and development.

Every generation has it’s toxic elements, and each generation needs to understand them, grow through them and emerge strong, stable, and capable.

If you’re Gen Z, and desire to navigate through a jungle of criticism, emerge victorious and live a comfortable life (during and after college) try these examples of personal vision statements below.

Vision Statement Examples for Community Colleges

Many of the personal development, entrepreneur and business guides on social media are alerting kids that a 4 year school isn’t worth $200k of un-erasable debt. With that, many are choosing to go to community colleges.

Your vision statements could use some fine tuning . Make them more specific the problems your students are facing rather than something broad or vague.

Try these vision statement examples:

Elementary school vision statements

As an elementary school you can use several avenues to craft a vision statement:

When it comes to issues elementary schools face, you could craft at least twenty different vision statements from those alone. Elementary schools are normally public schools, and public schools are always concerned about: classroom size, student health, home life, state funding, and the attitude of their students.

Try these vision statements to whip your elementary school into shape.

Vision Statement Examples for High Schools

High schools can craft their vision statements by understanding the problems and goals they’re dealing with. As a high school you worry about keeping your students interested in their education (not dropping out), maintaining teenage stress and anxiety, guiding directionless kids and preparing them for college while their going through the most tumultuous four years of their lives.

You’ll need more than good luck or this one. Use these high school vision statements below for inspiration.

Personal Vision Statements for Teachers

For teachers like you to create vision statements you want to understand the dynamic between you, your students and the school. Schools as institutions might face issues you’re ignorant of. You’re also not a teenager anymore, and may have forgotten what it’s like to be budding, bullied and confused while the teacher is telling you to behave. You also could benefit from understanding your own needs and desires while creating a grand vision for your teaching career.

Try these (teachers) vision statements out:

Personal Vision Statement Examples for Work and Career

To write a vision statement for your work and career , focus on growth, skills, attitude and resourcefulness. Employers and work environments in general reward those who have qualities that take problems away from the organization itself.

The qualities all employers want in employees are (not limited to):

The worst thing about working with someone is when they have this overwhelming sense of helplessness about them. They posses no desire to figure things out on their own, and constantly run back and forth to their boss or colleagues with a “this isn’t working” face on. Not only do you look pathetic when you do this but you lose other peoples respect, making it more less likely you for you to move ahead or keep your job for too long.

The worst feeling for a serious employee, someone who takes pride even in mopping the floors, is to know others cannot rely on them.

Try these examples when crafting your personal vision statement for your work and career:

Personal Vision Statement Examples for Entrepreneurs

To be successful as an entrepreneur you need to have a plan, know how to adapt and adjust, take advice from others who know more than you, follow the results you’re getting, understanding your atomic use case, delegate and be resourceful. To make sure your vision statement leads you to all of those things make sure you’re doing something that matters.

Try these examples below (if you’re an entrepreneur) for inspiration.

Examples of Personal Vision Statement for CEO’s

CEO’s don’t only have to worry about managing the company you’re in charge of you have to be concerned about background aspects of CEO-hood. Recently statistics were released that showed 25% of CEO replacement was due to getting fired or “suggested resignation”.

You cannot pass the buck, and in public companies, board members are constantly aware of your performance. Most wouldn’t apply this phrase to executive officers, but you are literally replaceable. You might not be as replaceable as someone who drives the pallet jack or forklift, but if you suck, board members are just itching to find someone to protect their (and others) investments.

In other words, you must stand out, and you must be great – being good is not enough , because everyone trying to get CEO (getting hired or keeping their job) is “good”. Set yourself apart from everyone else with a strong vision, and goals inspired by it.

Take a look at these personal vision statements for CEO’s below and use them as examples to craft your own.

Personal Vision Statement Examples for Businesses & Business Owners

What are some things you’re concerned about as a business owner? Having a strong mission that customers care about, satisfying those customers so they return, and having a great management team you can count on. Not to mention adapting to technology (which changes several times a year) and always coming up with innovative ideas.

Regardless, the foundation of running a business properly is understanding your principles, and condensing those principles into a vision statement. If you sell something like toilet paper, maybe there’s no reason for you to come up with some inspiring vision that will “wow” customers, because its only toilet tissue. However, if you can’t reasonable stand for big things, just stand for the small things.

Use these business vision statements below as examples:

Personal Vision Statement Examples for Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Providers

Doctors take the Hippocratic oath – an oath to never harm hippos. Just kidding.

It’s an oath that states a few spoken things and a few implied unspoken things. Doctors, nurses, and all health care providers understand how important it is to maximize a patients personal growth, increase their quality of life, prevent health problems, disabilities and premature death.

You became a health care provider for several reasons that probably include: a calling to help others, a need to give back to society, and a fascination for medical and biological research. Having those reasons in the back of your mind might not be enough to get you through the struggles of working in health care, so I recommend writing them down and keeping them visible.

Personal vision statement examples for Doctors, Nurses, etc…

Personal Vision Statement Examples for Family’s

Personal Vision Statement Examples for Artists

Vision Statement Examples for Communities

Personal Vision Statement Examples (Dale Carnegie Version)

If there’s anything Dale Carnegie was famous for, it was showing others that the most successful people were those with inspiring visions . Use words that are exciting, get creative and really find ways to convey your vision with meaning.

How to write a personal vision statement

To write a personal vision statement: Focus on your future, Pick a direction, make it relevant, fill it with purpose, create core values, include rewarding experiences, make sure it challenges and inspires you, and have a timeline in mind. Include all of this while making it clear and concise .

1. Focus on the Future

What do you want to have accomplished in the future? A vision is you looking to the future and seeing the result of your actions. Think of what change you would like to make, visualize it in the future tense, and use that in your vision statement.

Personal Vision Statement Example:

“A world where people are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin – Dr. King (paraphrased) “

2. Pick a Direction

Consult your life plan. How is your vision statement going to compliment the path you’ve chosen to take in life?

“ Helping people overcome their self imposed obstacles by overcoming my own and reaching all of my goals “


3. Make it Relevant

Make the vision fit nicely. There’s no reason to make up some fantasy world just to waste time. Guide your vision statement so that it’s relevant for your life and society.

“Reaching a state in the world where we are no longer relying on fossil fuel to power our civilization”

4. Fill it with Purpose

Find a strong reason for doing this. A vision statement doesn’t just sit on the shelf; you need a good reason for doing it. They also require effort and time. The effort required will get difficult at times, so make sure you have a strong sense of purpose attached to this vision or you might break when the going gets tough.

“To rid people of their concern, because life is too short to be stressed all the time, and in the end, what concerns us right now rarely holds the same importance to us in the future. – Jim Carrey (paraphrased with some added) “


5. Include your Core Values

Name the ideals that matter to you.  When you know what you value, you can then work to add more of that into the world. You could inspire others to be more courageous or fight against the dishonesty you abhor.

Take the Core Values test

“To instill a sense of responsibility and adventure in all the worlds children”

6. Strive to Create Rewarding Experiences

What internal reward will you get from your vision? Life is not all about having an impact on the world or living solely for others. It needs to be deeply fulfilling for you too!

Personal Vision Statement Examples:

“To have impacted the lives of a million people living in the third world so I can feel like I gave something extraordinary to my home country.”


7. Make it Challenging Enough

Create a vision that will make you sweat. Everyone feels better after a hard workout. Part of creating fulfilling vision is working toward something that will challenge you. It’s a good way to make sure you never get bored.

“To achieve and remain at my ideal weight for the rest of my life and show others how to do the same.”

8. Make sure it Inspires you (& others!)

Create a vision that causes jaws to drop. There’s nothing better than accomplishing something that will bring tears to peoples eyes. Create a vision that people will be fascinated and inspired by. “Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.”

“Showing women politicians around the world how to command the respect of their male counterparts and occupy a serious space in the political arena”.


9. Be Clear and Concise

Be as simple as possible. Don’t “beat around the bush” in your vision statement. There’s no reason to overburden your vision statement with jargon, or add a million huge words. Avoid creating a vague statement that nobody can understand. You’re not a company, but if you were, anybody in the world should be able to read and immediately understand your vision.

“To ensure that various nations on planet earth give proper consideration and attention to the safety and care of it’s various kinds of downtrodden individuals…” (too wordy)

“A world that is makes taking care of the homeless a serious concern!” (better)

10. Have a Timeline in Mind

A timeline means  a finish line. Don’t give yourself any reason to put your vision off until tomorrow. If you’ve paid attention, and followed all the rules when creating your vision statement, you should feel no trepidation in starting now. Give yourself a time that it needs to be done, or at least a timeline where you need to have made a certain amount of progress.

“Decreasing the amount of sprayed foods consumed (wherever you are) by the year (5-10 years from now) “

More on Vision Statements…

We go through life a bit differently. We don’t always feel unstoppable. We certainly don’t always feel fierce, but still, you and I both want to live life like we’re the superhero in our own movie.

We don’t necessarily want our name in lights, but we do want to die feeling like the world is a better place because of us. This is not a post about the vision statements of companies.

Instead, we’re going to go over a basic formula and discover how to craft our very own personal vision statement.

A good Personal Vision Statement:

Personal Vision Statement Examples pdf

So how do we create our personal vision statement? Easy, first of all you just download the template here for free .

My Favorite Tools for this

The Power of Clarity by Brian Tracy (How to Develop your Personal Destiny)

Now what? Well, first…

21 Personal Mission Statement Examples and How to Make Your Own

Ikigai: How to Find your Passion & Purpose in Life

5 mistakes you’ll Make When Discovering your Purpose

“Should I Follow My Dreams or Be Realistic?”

Brian Wright

Brian Wright

I read a lot of books. I learn from a lot of experts. I learn stuff and package it all up for you.

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” There is not a day that goes by that life doesn’t get harder, but there is always a day that life will get easier. Therefore life is a giant cycle of ups and downs” Me Have a beautiful day!

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Meaning and Purpose: Your Personal Vision Statement

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 “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Viktor Frankl

This s the final part of a five- part series of blogs about what is meant by finding a sense of meaning and purpose in one’s life. The first article looked at the importance of finding ways to uncover a sense of awe, perhaps through experiencing nature both first hand or by watching videos and how research has shown that a sense of awe can make us feel more connected to others and make us behave more benevolently towards others. The second article looked at the work of Viktor Frankl who was able to find meaning even in the misery and brutality of a WW2 concentration camp.

The third and fourth articles showed you how to write your own Mission Statement, a simple process that can help you to discover your true mission and purpose in life, based on an exercise contained in the book Forward focussed Trauma therapy by Eric Gentry. If you haven’t competed the first part of this exercise, click here :

So ,going back to your previous writings, again take some time out for yourself, make a cup of tea and settle down with paper and pen.

Your Personal Vision Statement

This will be the outcome and payoff of your efforts to heal and grow. When you fulfil your mission what will have changed in your life? Who will you be? What will you be doing personally, professionally, and spiritually? Make what you imagine be vivid and compelling so that it will energise you throughout the arduous process of practicing ongoing self-regulation and intentionality in your daily life.

Try this exercise: Close your eyes and imagine yourself at your retirement party listening to the other guests making speeches about you. What is each one saying? What qualities and accomplishments are they praising you for?  Write 2-5 sentences, in the present tense so write “ I am financially secure” NOT “I will be…” and use broad objectives, don’t be too specific. Write in the first person – “I am…” Keep it compelling enough to really motivate you. Be bold!! Have fun!

Your Code of Honour

These are your fundamental moral and ethical principles that will guide your behaviour from this point forward. What constitutes the right action according to your vision and mission statement? This will give you some clear guidelines for when there are a choice of options:

Start by choosing 10-12 words from the following list that most represent your moral and ethical convictions. Then write a declarative sentence for each one that states your aspiration to abide by these rules without fail. Eg honesty: “I am always honest with myself and others.”

A leader               Active                        Approach vs Avoidance            Assertive             Challenging       Commitment         Compassionate                           Conservative                    Courageous        Creative                   Detailed                                        Effective              Efficient               Ethical                        Facilitative                                  Faithful

Farsighted           Fearless                      Frugal                                             Greedy                 Honest                 Hopeful                        Humorous                                  Joyful                    Just                        Liberal                          Loving                                         Moderate

Optimistic            Outspoken              Parenting                                    Passionate          Peaceable           Powerful                   Productive                                   Resilient               Responsible       Scientific                    Secure                                     Self confident

Service                 Strong                   Tolerant                                           Truthful

This completes your Navigation Map.  Put it somewhere safe and as the year goes by, refer to it from time to time and possibly make some adjustments. Are you still living by your Mission and Vision Statements?

  Book a counselling session today!

Need some advice and support?

If you are struggling with an issue in your life at the moment and would like to talk it over in complete confidentiality, call Alison Winfield, Mindfully Well Counselling Cork on 087 9934541.

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