What Is an XD Movie? It Could Be One of the Best Ways to View the Big Screen

Kori Williams - Author

May 31 2022, Published 6:20 p.m. ET

One of the best viewing experiences is in a movie theater. With so many great films coming out all the time, there are so many different ways to watch them so there's something for everyone. Many moviegoers are familiar with 3D and IMAX, but have you ever heard of an XD movie?

Here's what it is and how you can watch one.

What is an XD movie?

In this case, XD refers specifically to Cinemark XD theaters . The XD reportedly stands for "Extreme Digital Cinema."

Here, the screens are extra-large, almost wall-to-wall screens that can give viewers an even more immersive experience. "Once you see a movie in an XD theatre, there’s no going back," the Cinemark site states about its XD option, calling it "the ultimate movie experience" for its viewers.

The site added: "Heroes stand taller. Explosions hit harder. Emotions run deeper. All thanks to a cutting-edge combination of immersive audio and visual technology."

To do this, Cinemark uses 6-foot-tall screens with 35 trillion colors and 50,000 watts of power for its surround sound.

For those who think this is similar to seeing a movie in IMAX, you wouldn't be wrong. In fact, the comparisons have gotten Cinemark in some legal trouble.

IMAX filed a lawsuit against Cinemark.

Because IMAX's service is so similar to Cinemark XD, IMAX took legal action.

According to Cinemark's website, the two currently work together. But that doesn't mean that the relationship was always positive.

In 2009, Tech Dirt reported that it looked as though Cinemark wanted to build its own competing service. "The only problem is that [Cinemark] has been a customer of IMAX, so now IMAX is suing Cinemark for trade secret violations and breach of contract," the outlet noted at the time.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Cinemark Theatres (@cinemark)

"...IMAX is claiming that it shared proprietary trade secret info with Cinemark as part of their relationship, and that info was used by Cinemark to build its competing service," the outlet added.

In the end, everything was resolved because the two companies are still working together today. Sources say that the lawsuits between the two were dropped and a settlement was reached, although it's not clear how much the settlement was for.

What is the difference between Cinemark XD and IMAX?

Today, the two businesses have similar services, but there are some key differences that can help moviegoers decide which experience is better for them.

For one, IMAX only plays movies in its particular format. Cinemark shows other options including IMAX like 2D, 3D RealD, Digital, D-Box, and its XD format.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by IMAX (@imax)

According to Speakers Mag , there are a bunch of specific differences, like the fact that IMAX uses 2K projectors in its theaters while Cinemark uses 4K ones.

But there are other things that set the two apart that may not mean much to the everyday moviegoer, like the way IMAX uses an angled 12-channel surround sound system. On the other hand, Cinemark has an 11.1 multi-channel surround sound system with top-of-the-line equipment.

Just like with everything else, what looks and sounds right for you is subjective and you may have to go out of your way to find the best movie experience for you. Luckily, both IMAX and Cinemark have theaters across the U.S.

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What is XD Movie? Experience XD Cinema Movies at Cinemark

' src=

Are you tired of the same old movie-watching experience and looking for something more immersive and exciting? Enter the world of XD movies!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of an XD theater experience, compare it to the popular IMAX format, and answer the question, “What is an XD movie?” So grab your popcorn and let’s dive in!

Understanding XD Movies: A New Dimension in Cinema Theater

As an affiliate, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

A movie theater with a large XD screen

In the dynamic world of entertainment, XD , or ‘Extreme Digital Cinema’, offers a new dimension in the cinema theater. Don’t get it twisted though, XD isn’t just your regular movie experience.

When you step into an XD theater , you step into an all-enveloping, immersive theater that excels at enhancing your movie-viewing moments.

Notably, Cinemark , a hallmark in the movie theater industry, has been at the forefront of offering XD experiences. Cinemark’s specially designed XD theaters are renowned for redefining how enthusiasts perceive a movie.

The outstanding commitment of Cinemark to offering exemplary XD experiences surpasses the conventions of ordinary theatre entertainment.

Defining Features of XD Cinema

So, what makes XD stand out? Let’s take a look.

For starters, XD, as the name suggests, stands for Extreme Digital Cinema. This means there’s a significant emphasis on picture quality.

XD is designed to offer crisp and clean images that bring every moment of a movie to life. This, together with enhanced sound quality, makes XD a premium film experience.

In the confines of an XD theater, watching a movie isn’t just watching. It’s a full sensory immersion. The detailed sound design in XD theaters elevates the meaning of thriller scenes in a movie, the impeccably clear images bring you closer to feeling every emotion.

In essence, an XD movie is nothing less than a vivid discourse between the audience and the movie.

Comfortable Seating

Aside from picture and sound, XD also prioritizes comfort. The seats in an XD theater are designed to offer maximum satisfaction. Watch your favorite movie in the comfort of plush, reclining seats that leave you feeling thoroughly pampered.

For ‘Extreme Digital Cinema’, the aim is to provide a thoroughly top-notch theater experience, and Cinemark’s XD cinemas are deliberately committed to this cause.

Cinemark’s devotion to offering a rich movie experience has set them a class apart in the cinema theater sector.

At Cinemark, movies are not just meant to be watched but experienced. Each element in the XD theater is designed, refined, and optimized to give the audience more than just a movie.

So, if you’re a movie lover, give yourself a real treat and indulge in the profound experiences offered by XD at Cinemark.

The Immersive XD Experience

Over time, Cinemark has remained resilient in pushing the boundaries of theatre entertainment through XD. The commitment is in offering viewers the ultimate cinematic experience. So, if you find yourself at Cinemark, do not pass on a chance to enjoy a movie at an XC theater.

It bears repeating, XD is not just about a movie; it’s about a transcendent and immersive theater experience. Watching a movie at XD cinemas is about indulging all your senses – a perfect blend of vision, sound, and comfort. It’s always an extravagant experience when you watch a movie in an XD theater.

So, to summarize, XD is a premium film experience. XD is about doling out more than just a movie. It’s about creating memorable moments in perfect color and sound. It’s about comfort.

It’s about total immersion. It’s more than just a movie theater. XD at Cinemark is about sharing unforgettable experiences.

Digital Wonderland: Picture Quality and Screen Size in XD Movie Experience

A Cinemark XD theater with comfortable reclining seats

The movie-going experience has taken a significant leap with the introduction of XD movies.

No longer are viewers confined to standard movies; instead, they’re stepping into a digital wonderland offered by Cinemark. This experience redefines what a movie can be. With cutting-edge technology and an emphasis on quality and screen size, Cinemark’s XD movie enhances the overall movie experience.

Picture Quality and Screen Size

Picture quality is crucial in XD movies. Unlike typical screenings, Cinemark significantly enhances the viewing quality. The colors are rich and vibrant, and the images are crystal clear, which is a testament to the quality that Cinemark continuously strives for.

As much as picture quality is vital, so is the screen size when it comes to the XD movie experience. Cinemark has given viewers screens so massive that they cover the entire field of view.

There’s no chance you’ll miss a single detail, ensuring your movie experience is the pinnacle of immersive. This blend of superior picture quality and substantial screen size is what sets Cinemark’s XD movies apart from the conventional movie experience.

With each movie, Cinemark aims to provide the best quality while ensuring the screen doesn’t compromise on size or immersion.

When you visit a Cinemark cinema, you’re not just watching a movie; you are stepping into a realm where digital takes the reigns. This digital wonderland showcases the ever-evolving power of technology in the movie industry, packaging it in the form of an XD movie.

With its sizable screens and superb picture quality, digital has never looked so good. This digital experience transforms the movie into an unforgettable experience. Quality in every pixel, screen vividness in every corner, that’s the XD movie promise, faithfully delivered by Cinemark.

So, the next time you decide to catch a movie, consider the XD movie experience. When you step into a Cinemark cinema, the size of the screens will astound you.

From the onset, you’re thrust into a world where quality takes the forefront—the picture leaps out, thanks to the dramatically enhanced picture quality and the giant screen.

Your relationship with movies will never be the same, as each movie pulls you in further, enhancing the total movie experience.

Cinemark’s Revolutionary Approach

Whether it’s the digital element, the quality aspect, or the memorable movie experience, there is no denying that Cinemark is revolutionizing the way we perceive movies.

With each movie, Cinemark augments our visual senses with improved quality and larger-than-life screen sizes. All these aspects come together to construct a digital wonderland that offers movie lovers an experience they would not want to miss.

Each frame is a testimony to the unparalleled quality that an XD movie wields within its grasp.

So, leap into this digital wonderland to witness a new dimension and understand why Cinemark is synonymous with the ultimate movie experience. For Cinemark, every viewer deserves the XD movie magic.

An Overview of Cinemark XD and Movie Theater Innovations

In the ever-changing landscape of cinema, Cinemark stands as a pioneer, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining how movies should be consumed.

One such innovation that’s been taking the world by storm is Cinemark XD, a cutting-edge movie experience that encapsulates viewers in a digital wonderland of extraordinary image clarity and powerful sound.

Stretched across a massive custom wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor silver screen, each Cinemark XD auditorium is equipped with advanced digital projection and sound technologies, creating an unparalleled movie experience.

Cinemark’s focus isn’t just on delivering a mesmerizing movie experience, but also on advancing theater innovations. The XD theater has become synonymous with Cinemark’s commitment to enhancing every aspect of the moviegoing experience, from ticket purchase to the closing credits.

Cinemark’s dedication to theater innovations extends far beyond the projection technology and viewing comfort, affecting even the smallest details of the moviegoing process.

The Heart of Cinemark XD: Projection and Sound

a movie in an XD theater with a large screen and immersive sound system

At the heart of the Cinemark XD experience is the digital projection.

It involves state-of-the-art Barco projectors which can project movies in up to 35 trillion colors, coupled with proprietary Cinemark XD picture calibration processes. The result it presents is a stunning image that cannot be matched by traditional theaters, giving viewers an almost lifelike representation of the movie’s environment.

The enchanting visual experience is complemented by an equally impressive aural experience.

The sound system in Cinemark XD theaters is a creative marvel. Depending on the specific construction of the theater, Cinemark XD auditoriums can host anywhere between 30 to 60 speakers, including overhead speakers, to envelop the audience in rich, immersive sound.

Whether it’s the rustle of leaves in a quiet scene or the booming impact of an explosion, the intricate sound design reverberates within you, making you feel like you’re a part of the movie.

A New Era in Cinema

Ultimately, the Cinemark movie experience is an enchanting blend of compelling narration, stunning visuals, and immersive sound.

The cumulative effect of these factors is a movie experience that leaves an indelible footprint in your memory. The XD theater is a testament to Cinemark’s dedication to providing its patrons with the best movie experience playback.

So, whether you’re a casual movie watcher or a dedicated cinephile, experiencing a movie at Cinemark XD guarantees an experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

As a brand, Cinemark embodies innovation, constantly redefining the moviegoing experience with its path-breaking concepts. With Cinemark XD, you’re not just watching a movie.

You’re immersing yourself in the magic of cinema, you’re becoming a part of the movie itself, taking movie-going from a passive activity to an active, engaging experience. That, in essence, is the power of Cinemark XD .

From Film to XD: The Evolution of Movies in the Digital Age

From the moment we step into a movie theater , we’re transported to a new dimension, one that transcends the boundary between fact and fantasy. This voyage starts with movies , first introduced to us as moving images or films.

The evolution of movies from film to digital has been a remarkable journey, one filled with breathtaking innovation and creativity. At the forefront of this transformation is the XD cinema format, a unique experience that surpasses all standard expectations.

In the digital age, we’ve moved beyond film and embraced the advent of digital projecting. This shift has unlocked possibilities like never before, leading us to venture from film to XD, a format that maximizes digital powerhouse potential, offering staggering image quality.

Technology like THX plays an instrumental role, elevating the audio experience, and proving the axiom that movies are as much about what we hear as what we see.

A comparison of an XD theater and an IMAX theater

The primary difference between XD and IMAX lies in the details. Both offer an unparalleled experience, yet XD triumphs when it comes to a few specifics, especially for savvy moviegoers.

On XD screens, the images are crisper, every pixel alive with color and detail, a treat for the eyes, which no standard film projector can match.

Moreover, XD is part and parcel of the digital age’s evolution, constantly offering cutting-edge movie theater innovations. No matter the technology, XD continuously adapts, making every film experience as immersive and impressive as can be.

Of course, data cords and video cables are the lifeblood of XD movies. The video format is digital and the clarity is envisioned to be the best that technology can offer as we progress in this digital age.

Fortunately, the superiority of XD can be assured by checking out customer reviews and detailed information online. It is also playing a significant role in elevating movie experience in the likes of Cinemark, bringing a captivating dynamic between movies and film.

Differences are discernible upon contact with this spectacular cinematic experience, the XD difference is a sensation like no other.

So there we have it, a quick tour from film to XD in the digital age. An era where digital domination is key and XD is the new standard.

A landmark advancement in the long evolution of movies, bearing the torch lit by film and carrying it forward with an intensity only matched by the glow of XD screens.

Thrilling our senses, from what we see and hear, pushing the boundaries of what the digital age can offer to create a breathtaking level of movies that is, undoubtedly, the future of cinema.

Also read about Laser at AMC , another groundbreaking tech that enhances the movie-watching experience.

In conclusion, XD movies offer an immersive and enhanced movie-watching experience that goes beyond what traditional movie theaters can provide. With superior audio and picture quality, larger screens, and plush recliners, XD theaters cater to moviegoers who want more than just a typical movie night.

Whether you’re a fan of action-packed films or simply looking for a more social and interactive movie experience, an XD theater is worth considering for your next movie outing. So why not give XD movies a try and see for yourself what makes them stand out from the crowd?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is xd better than imax.

IMAX offers a taller screen, better audio quality, and more availability than XD, making it the preferred option when considering these factors.

What does XD mean at Cinemark?

XD stands for Extreme Digital Cinema at Cinemark and offers an immersive experience with its extra-large, wall-to-wall screens. This technology projects movies with sharper images and more vibrant colors.

The XD experience is designed to provide a more immersive experience than traditional movie theaters. The extra-large screens and vibrant colors create a more realistic viewing experience. The audio system is also designed to provide a more immersive experience.

Do XD movies require glasses?

Cinemark Theatres offer the signature Luxury Loungers with no need for special glasses, meaning XD movies don’t require glasses.

Is XD better than 3D?

XD and 3D are virtually the same, with XD being a digital stereoscopic projection of the 3D scene. Both give an illusion of three-dimensional solidity and there is no difference in the viewing plane. Therefore, XD is not better than 3D.

What is the main difference between an XD movie and a traditional movie?

XD movies provide a more immersive experience with superior picture and sound quality, larger screens and additional speakers compared to traditional movies. The larger screens and additional speakers create a more immersive experience, allowing viewers to feel as if they are part of the action. The superior picture and audio quality also add to the overall experience, making it more enjoyable.

  • Cinemark Official Website
  • Cinemark Theatres – Wikipedia
  • Cinemark XD vs IMAX: 7 main differences. Best review

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What is an XD Movie? Here’s What You Need to Know 

Photo of Steven Carr

Gone are the days of simply picking your theater, movie, and time to see the latest flicks. Nowadays, you have to choose from a dizzying number of showing types and add-ons – and that’s well before you even make it up to the concession stand. Standard. IMAX. ScreenX. Real 3D. Dolby Cinema. XD movies. And the list goes on and on. The only real way to choose the best moviegoing experience for your needs is by knowing what each screen type offers. Ready to get started? Let’s take a look at just what is an XD movie, for starters, so you can get the inside scoop before your next trip to the theater. 

Table of Contents

XD Movie Overview 

XD movie theaters are Cinemark’s answer to the IMAX experience. The XD in the name stands for Extreme Digital cinema, reflecting its marked improvement over standard theater screens. In fact, XD movies go beyond standard theater setups by using high-quality wall-to-wall screens that stretch from floor to ceiling.

Their 11.1 surround sound systems beautifully complement the oversized screens, making you feel like you’re right in the movie. Then, to bring everything together, the XD theaters have cushy reclining seats plus the ability to upgrade to motion-enhanced D-BOX seating in select areas. 

History of the XD Movie Experience 

Cinemark announced the creation of the XD movie experience in 2009. Since then, they’ve rolled out many upgrades to improve the screen, sound, and seating quality. Their debut Extreme Digital screen graced the Century San Francisco Centre 9 theater in California. 

With that screen in place, San Francisco moviegoers enjoyed getting to see both 2D and 3D flicks while kicking back and relaxing in the Luxury Loungers. Although Cinemark would eventually upgrade to 11.1 multi-layer channel surround sound, a basic 7.1 system was standard at this time. The moviegoing experience still felt wholly immersive from the start, resulting in XD movies going nationwide. 

IMAX Legal Challenges 

As the XD movie experience quickly made waves across the nation, IMAX took notice and promptly filed a lawsuit. As the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Immersive Movie Experience,” they were taken aback by Cinemark’s bold new approach to playing movies. 

So much so, in fact, that IMAX decided to sue Cinemark for breach of contract and trade secret violations. Counterclaims added to the drama, although the whole thing ended up getting settled out of court. 

Today, both IMAX and XD movies go head to head on the regular. Moviegoers benefit from having plenty of excellent options to consider whenever they want to see the next big hit to come out of Hollywood. 

The XD Movie Difference 

Cinemark puts its all into creating the ultimate Extreme Digital moviegoing experience. Their efforts resulted in excellent visuals and the sound quality to match, delighting even the most critical movie buffs out there. In many ways, IMAX remains the gold standard, but that’s only due to its proprietary large-format motion picture tech. 

Without that exacting tech on its side, Cinemark did pretty well in reimagining that approach. Their 4K projectors brilliantly paint the imagery on the 70-foot screens using a stunning 35 trillion colors. Although you might suspect that 20 trillion colors might do, the side-by-side difference actually turns out to be quite remarkable. 

After their upgrades, the Auro 11.1 surround sound system brings the movie to life with well-placed effects coming from all around the room. The system actually works like a 5.1 sound system doubled but the results are nothing short of phenomenal. Whispers and other subtle tones come through loud and clear while explosions and the like don’t blast out your eardrums. 

When you go see XD movies at Cinemark, you’ll get to enjoy: 

  • 70-foot tall screens
  • Barco projectors 
  • 35 trillion colors 
  • 4K resolution 
  • 2D and 3D showings
  • 16:9 aspect ratio 
  • Auro 11.1 surround sound
  • No bad seat in the house 

For all that, you just have to pay about $2.50 more for each ticket. Theaters in metropolitan areas typically have higher ticket prices overall. But the difference between standard and XD tickets remains largely the same. 

The XD movie experience still has room to improve if they want to come out ahead of IMAX. Cinemark’s usage of the 16:9 aspect ratio doesn’t work for movies edited to work best on 1.90:1 IMAX screens. 

To compensate for the difference, it’s sometimes necessary to put in black letterbox bars along the top and bottom of the screen. More often than not, these bars show up in blockbuster hits, like Avengers: Infinity War, which was shot in 1.90:1 to align with IMAX specs, not other screens. 

As for the surround sound system for XD movies, the biggest drawback centers around the fact that Dolby has become the industry standard. Like with the aspect ratio differences, not all movies are mixed to work at their best in Auro 11.1. 

So, in the end, Dolby systems still outperforms Auro in terms of sound quality and placement. But Cinemark does its best to make up for that by turning up the treble and bass levels accordingly. 

How Cinemark Improves the Moviegoing Experience 

Cinemark doesn’t just let the wall-to-wall 4K screens bring patrons through the doors, although they definitely could. To provide the best value, they go above and beyond in creating a memorable moviegoing experience with: 


The concessions stand at Cinemark offers all your snacky favorites, starting with classic hot, buttery popcorn. You can get your popcorn in a huge bucket to share or grab a handheld cup for each person to enjoy on their own. Coca-Cola drinks and candy complete the classic concession offerings, but they don’t stop there.

Other mouthwatering goodies you can get include:

  • Chicken tenders
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Quesadillas 

You don’t even need to go up to the stand anymore either. Just use their Snacks in a Tap app to order what you want, and it’ll get delivered to your seat while you watch the flick. 

At select locations, they even have beer, wine, and cocktails available for the 21 and over crowd. Margaritas hit differently while sipping in the theater, giving you endless opportunities to handcraft your ideal moviegoing experience. 

Keep in mind that each theater location has its own food and drink items on tap. So, you’ll have to keep an open mind on what to get until you figure out what your local theater offers. 

Luxury Loungers 

Comfy seating is a must if the theater wants to keep you fully immersed in the movie playing out on the big screen. So, to keep the focus on their picture and sound quality, Cinemark has rolled out their cozy Luxury Loungers. These seats are super spacious and adjustable to suit your comfort preferences. 

Whenever you come to see a movie, you can just hit the button to put up the extendable footrests and recline the seat backs to near horizontal if you wish. Or you can keep them upright and stay comfortable even while perched on the edge of your seat. 

Trays and cupholders keep your snacks and drinks at the ready, so you can focus on what’s happening on the screen. You’re then free to throw your hands up, clap at the end of the show, and otherwise let your personality shine. 

At some locations, they take the Luxury Loungers to the next level with integrated heating. With those controls in hand, you can set your ideal seat temp and stay cozy all throughout the film. 

D-BOX Seating 

To make the experience even more immersive, D-BOX seating was born. These ultra-luxury seats put you right in the middle of the action with well-timed movements and vibrations that match the action onscreen. As all the tactile textures come through the seats, you’ll get to see what it’s like to view movies in 4D. 

A true hallmark of the future, D-BOX seats are a must-try experience at least once in your life. But you’ll likely come back time and again for the hyper-realistic feel. While these seats are wildly popular, they’re not available everywhere. 

In fact, you’ll only find them at a handful of Cinemark theaters nationwide. So, if you’re ever near one of these well-equipped cinemas, it’s worth stopping by to see how D-BOX seating enhances XD movies. 

On top of all that, Cinemark can guarantee that there’s no bad seat in the house. Thanks to the 70-foot-tall, wall-to-wall screens at the front of each XD movie theater, every last seat offers the optimal viewing angle. 

Knowing that, it’s easy to reserve your seat ahead of time using their website or another app. You can then rest assured that you’re going to have an excellent view of whatever movie you want to see next. 

Is an XD Movie Really Worth Seeing? 

Overall, XD movies are well worth checking out for yourself. Everyone’s viewing preferences differ, however, so you’ll have to gauge if it’s the ultimate movie-watching experience. 

Plus, you’ll need to check out IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and all the rest for comparison purchases. All that means is that you will get to see all the latest flicks on the big screen, making it a journey worth taking, for sure. 

Don’t forget to see XD movies in both 2D and 3D, so you can compare that experience, too. The same film can feel quite a bit different depending on the format it’s presented in, after all. 

Furthermore, watch several types of movies before making your final judgment. Huge blockbusters filmed in 1.90:1 may come out differently than others filmed in the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. So, you never really know how the XD movies will look until you see all the options for yourself. 

Where to Find Cinemark XD Movie Showings 

Cinemark has over 500 theaters located in the United States and beyond. At those theaters, they have 5,855 screens and counting, many of which have upgraded to the XD movies format.

With so many theaters across the nation, you’re sure to find one near you whenever it’s time to watch a new release on the silver screen. You just have to go to Cinemark’s website and type in your zip code to see if you have theaters nearby. 

The screen that pops up will display a list of all the theaters in your area. Plus, it’ll show whether each location has XD movies, luxury loungers, restaurants, beer and wine bar, arcades, and so much more. 

You can then click through your preferred option to see what movies they have playing at that time. Then, you’re free to select your showing date and time to reserve your seat. 

If you’d rather find their locations, review your options, and reserve your seat using your phone, just download their app instead. The intuitive interface simplifies the process considerably, ensuring you can grab a spot at your preferred XD movie in no time flat.

Is XD better than IMAX? 

IMAX might be the gold standard, but XD movies are quickly catching up. The 70-foot-tall screens beautifully display the film in 4k using over 35 trillion colors in its makeup. Auro 11.1 surround sound brings the film to life while the Luxury Loungers keep you feeling cozy through every movie. 

Is Dolby Cinema better than XD? 

Dolby Cinema has XD movies beat when it comes to sound quality, for sure. Their super high-definition 4K projectors more than rival Cinemark’s as well, especially when it comes to 3D. Since they use two projectors, you can kiss your 3D glasses goodbye and just enjoy the 3D film as it was truly intended. 

Do the seats move in XD? 

The seats move in Cinemark XD movies when you get the D-BOX seating. These high-tech seats move, rumble, and vibrate with the film to provide a 100% immerse viewing experience. If you don’t get the D-BOX seats, you will just have Luxury Loungers to sit in, allowing you to kick back and relax all throughout the film. 

What’s the difference between XD and standard? 

Cinemark XD movies use a much larger screen to play movies for the crowds than their standard theaters do. In addition, the XD movies have louder 11.1 surround sound systems that help bring the movie to life. Luxury Loungers elevate the XD experience even more, although many theaters allow you to upgrade to immersive D-BOX seating instead. 

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What is an XD Movie? Is Cinemark XD Worth the Money?

From IMAX to 4DX , to Dolby Cinema and Cinemark XD, a trip to the movie theater offers a lot of confusing terminology without much explanation.

Since most of these premium options also come with a premium price tag, it is important to evaluate whether the features are worth the extra expense.

Here, we will take a deep dive into Cinemark’s premium movie theater — Cinemark XD. We will look at the video and audio qualities, and compare Cinemark’s marketing versus reality to help you decide whether it is worth the upcharge.

Cinemark started unveiling the XD theater in 2009, so it isn’t a new technology. However, there have been upgrades released over the last decade-plus.

Cinemark XD is often compared to IMAX , which makes sense because the two theaters are similar in a number of ways. In fact, IMAX actually filed a lawsuit against Cinemark years ago, claiming that Cinemark XD had stolen trade secrets from IMAX and that XD is essentially a copy of IMAX.

The lawsuit was dropped after a settlement was reached, and IMAX and Cinemark XD are now two of the most popular premium theaters in the U.S.

XD theaters have oversized screens that Cinemark advertises as “wall-to-wall” and “floor-to-ceiling.”

Early XD theaters featured 7.1 surround sound, but most XD theaters have been upgraded to an 11.1-enabled surround sound as of 2022.

In the simplest terms, here is what separates Cinemark XD theaters from a standard movie theater: more comfortable reclining seats, a larger screen, and louder speakers.

The only downside is that the tickets generally cost ~$2.50 more than the same ticket in a standard Cinemark theater.

A Note on “Premium Movie Theaters” in General

Before we discuss XD theaters, IMAX, RPX , 4DX, D-BOX , or Dolby Cinema, there is one thing you should know — advertising tactics of “premium movie theaters” are essentially the wild west.

Premium movie experiences aren’t like nutrition labels, which have a regulatory body overseeing and fact-checking their claims. Instead, every theater chain can make any claim they wish without any fear of it being debunked or disproven.

Generally, the theaters are factually correct in their claims. So, when XD claims to be 11.1 surround sound compatible, it is true that their sound system has 11 channels.

However, the theaters also tend to be misleading in terms of whether or not their fancy technologies provide any benefit to the viewers. For example, XD’s 11.1 surround sound compatible speakers aren’t really providing the intended experience of 11 channels unless you are watching one of the very, very few movies that was mixed in Auro 11.1 (*more on this below). And regardless, the audio experience still lags behind that of 7.1 Dolby Atmos.

IMAX has taken some heat from purists for their “lie-MAX” theaters, which are basically a lower-quality and/or smaller screen digital version of film rather than the 70mm film on massive screens that made the IMAX theater the gold standard more than a decade ago. Basically, IMAX established itself as the best, and then downgraded quality in most of their theaters without telling anybody.

Beyond all of this, movie theaters are now using 2K projectors, 4K projectors, 70 mm projectors, or dual projectors without explicitly telling viewers which technology they are watching.

All of this is to say that, unless you really take a deep dive into the particulars of your nearby movie theater, you won’t know exactly what you are watching. Some viewers even resort to calling the theater and asking for audio and visual details.

A better choice is to open your eyes and ears and decide whether or not the audio and visual meets your standards. If not, just try another theater next time!

Cinemark Claims vs. Reality

Here, we will look at Cinemark’s claims and offer counter-points to each. This way, you can decide whether it is worth spending a couple dollars more.

“Magnificent, 70-foot wall-to-wall surface”

Without a doubt, Cinemark XD provides oversized screens compared to the average theater. 4K projectors power the visuals, which Cinemark advertises as having 35 trillion colors. I’m not sure about you, but my eyes struggle to differentiate between a projector with 35 trillion colors and one with only 20 trillion colors.

With digital 4K projectors, it is definitely possible to have a 70+ foot screen without losing clarity. And I agree with Cinemark’s claim here. Video quality is excellent, even if it isn’t the absolute best video quality in the industry.

“11.1 multi-channel surround system”

This is technically true, but with a caveat. XD theaters feature Auro 11.1 sound systems, which are basically 5.1 surround sound with another level of 5 surround speakers and an overhead speaker. So, although there will be more channels to the surround sound, this isn’t an object-based audio like you would get with Dolby Atmos. In other words, Auro 11.1 can’t “place” a particular sound as accurately as Dolby Atmos can.

The other key here is that very few movies are even mixed in Auro 11.1. Instead, Dolby formats have become something of an industry standard. The number of films that are made with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, or Dolby Digital Plus is way higher than the number that are made in Auro 11.1.

Cinemark XD cranks the volume higher and adds more bass, so you still get an excellent, immersive audio experience. But my conclusion here is that the 11.1 channel surround system is more marketing hype than anything.

“Plush recliner seats”

Any time we discuss movie theater seats, we should give the disclaimer that your experience may vary.

To my knowledge, part of the Cinemark XD experience is premium seating. Any time I have sat in an XD theater, there has been upgraded seating with recliners. In my experience, these are very comfortable chairs that recline independently for the headrest and the footrest.

So, while we can’t speak to every theater in the country, I will conclude that this appears to be accurate.

THX Certified

Although many of us focus on the screen size and quality, it is sound quality that actually differentiates most modern movie theaters. Cinemark representatives have even acknowledged that “even though the images are pristine, it is the sound that people are raving about the most.”

THX Certification is a badge that “sets the standard for the audio and visual fidelity of entertainment experiences.” So the fact that Cinemark XD theaters are THX Certified actually is a big deal. Now, how big of a deal it is really just depends who you ask.

You can search for THX Certified theaters in your area here , and in most areas you will find that THX Certified theaters are quite rare. If you live in Los Angeles or New York, you will be able to find other theaters with the THX badge. But for most of us in mid-size cities, the suburbs, or middle America, Cinemark XD theaters are usually the only nearby THX Certified theater.

So, we also rate this claim as factually true.

What Do Viewers Say About XD Movies?

Here, we attempt to answer the question, “Are XD Movie Theaters Worth It?”

The general consensus is that XD movie theaters are worth the extra $2.50 ticket price for action movies and those featuring meaningful special effects.

In a Cinemark XD theater, you are guaranteed to be watching on the largest screen in the theater. Additionally, the theaters themselves are larger.

Further, there are no “bad seats.” Instead, you can be confident that every seat is located with an acceptable viewing angle. The seats themselves are extremely comfortable, and most/all XD theaters also have reclining seats.

Cinemark XD also presents one of your only options for a THX-Certified movie theater.

So, the visuals are good, the seats are comfortable, and the audio is good.

The visuals aren’t any better than a true IMAX theater, but XD is still preferable to the “fake IMAX” or “IMAX experience” that many theaters now feature.

And the audio isn’t any better than a Dolby Cinema , especially since most new movies are mixed in the Dolby format rather than XD’s Auro 11.1 sound.

So, Is an XD Movie Worth It?

For $2.50 more than a standard Cinemark ticket, I think it is worth it. For action movies, it is absolutely worth the extra expense. Is it an upsell? Yes, but one that is worthwhile and not terribly expensive.

  • Comfortable, reclining seats
  • Large, spacious theater
  • Ideal viewing angles
  • High quality audio
  • $2.50 more than a standard ticket

Final Thoughts

In most instances, Cinemark XD theaters provide you with a superior viewing (and listening) experience compared to a standard theater. For ~$2.50 extra, the difference is worthwhile if you are watching an action movie or anything that relies heavily on special effects. For a comedy or chick flick, it may not be worth it.

What is XD Movie Format? A Close Look at Extreme Digital Cinema

Hey there fellow movie fan! If you‘ve heard about the XD movie format offered at major theater chains like Cinemark and wondered whether it‘s worth experiencing, you‘ve come to the right place.

As a tech geek and home theater enthusiast, I‘ll give you an in-depth look at what makes XD so special. By the end, you‘ll know whether it‘s worth paying extra to upgrade your next movie outing to XD!

Next-Level Digital Projection

So what makes XD different from regular 2D movies or even IMAX? It all starts with the cutting-edge digital projection technology.

While standard theaters use 2K resolution projectors, XD boasts 4K projectors for pin-sharp clarity down to the finest details. In fact, XD 4K projectors display over 8 million pixels per frame – that‘s more than 4 times HD resolution!

But it‘s not just about more pixels. XD‘s laser projectors deliver breathtaking brightness up to 60,000 lumens, far higher than xenon lamps. This allows for amazingly vivid colors and inky blacks even on an ultra-wide screen.

To create smooth motion, XD projectors run at a high frame rate of 60 fps, eliminating the "judder" you sometimes see in regular movies. The total resolution works out to over 250 million pixels per second!

XD vs IMAX: The Screen Showdown

Like IMAX, XD utilizes larger-than-life screens to make you feel part of the action. But there are some key differences:

While IMAX screens are taller, XD‘s wider screen wraps your peripheral vision for a thrilling sense of immersion. Both formats use 4K resolution for pin-sharp images.

Sound That Fully Envelops You

An XD movie surrounds you with sound just as much as picture. Wall-mounted surround speakers and powerful subwoofers deliver an engulfing audio experience.

For the ultimate 3D soundscape, some XD auditoriums are equipped with Dolby Atmos. Unlike regular surround sound, Atmos adds overhead speakers for effects that seem to come from anywhere – even above you!

XD‘s precisely tuned multi-channel audio system makes you feel like you‘re inside the movie – whether it‘s jets roaring overhead or dinosaurs stomping all around.

The XD Experience – More Than Just Great AV

But XD is about more than just stellar AV gear. The entire space is designed to transport you into the movie. Here are some examples:

  • Extra-wide aisles and exits on both sides for easy entry/exit
  • Luxury powered recliners with reserved seating
  • Extended legroom between rows
  • Side tables for food/drinks to minimize disruptions
  • Next-gen 3D glasses for bright, vivid 3D movies
  • Environmental effects like wind, mist, scents, and seat rumblers

Whether you‘re watching in 3D or standard 2D, these amenities ensure you become completely immersed in the movie. The XD experience is closer to a futuristic theme park ride than merely watching a screen!

Is the Upgrade Worth it for You?

Now for the big question: is springing for XD really worth the extra $5-$8 on your movie ticket?

In my opinion as a home theater geek, XD earns its "extreme" name and premium price for certain films. Seeing movies with big special effects, sweeping panoramic views, and heart-pounding surround sound in XD is simply unrivaled.

Sci-fi spectacles, action-packed superhero epics, animated features, and nature documentaries truly shine in the expansive XD format. The imagery and audio impact you on a visceral level.

On the other hand, visually subtle dramas may not benefit as much from XD‘s "larger than life" presentation. And the bombastic sound could even be distracting for quieter films.

If you‘re a gaming or VR enthusiast like me, the immersion of XD can feel like stepping into one of your favorite virtual worlds! But more casual viewers may be perfectly happy with a standard 2D or 3D showing.

My advice is to decide based on the movie – for big action blockbusters, animation and sci-fi, pay extra to watch in XD when you can. You won‘t regret being blown away by the next-level sights and sounds! But stick to standard format for lower-key dramas and comedies.

Either way, I hope this insider‘s overview gave you a better idea of the XD format and helps you choose the best movie experience. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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How to See Your Most Played Songs on Apple Music

  • Movies , Reviews
  • December 16, 2023

Cinemark 19 And Xd: Experience Epic Cinema

Exploring the cinematic wonders of cinemark 19 and xd.

Imagine, if you will, a canvas where every flicker and shadow is a spectacle, where sound isn’t just heard but felt. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill movie night; it’s a pilgrimage to the heart of cinematic excellence. Welcome to Cinemark 19 and XD , a temple of technology and a haven for hardcore cinephiles. The recipe to its secret sauce? Well, it’s all about that XD—Extreme Digital cinema. We’re talking about a visual feast that’s crisper than the crunch you hear inside the popcorn bucket, and with 35 trillion colors bursting on a wall-to-wall screen, you’ll swear you’ve tasted the rainbow itself.

Remember, you’re not just watching a movie; it’s like you’re part of the scene—no helmet required, just a willing suspension of disbelief. The sounds? Dolby Atmos doesn’t just knock at your door; it envelops you, rolling over you like a symphony of waves orchestrated by Poseidon himself. The design? It’s meticulously crafted. Every seat carefully curved to cradle you comfort. And the luxury loungers? Forget about it. We’re talking the Cadillac of cinemas, offering a “select-your-seat” reservation. You can bet these aren’t your grandpa’s creaky fold-downs. It’s about feeling like a VIP from the moment you step in until the end credits roll.

A Journey Through the Magnificent Cinemark at Seven Bridges and IMAX

Walking into the Cinemark at Seven Bridges and IMAX is like stepping onto another planet. It’s an epic fusion of Cinemark’s commitment to quality and the mind-boggling enormity of IMAX. These aren’t just screens; they’re towering monuments to the gods of cinema. Watching a movie here is a full-on ceremonial rite. It stretches your field of vision to the horizons, dwarfing any reality you thought you knew. How do they do it? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The dual 4k laser projectors are an ambush for your senses—coupled with IMAX’s signature sound, it’s an auditory odyssey second to none.

The tech wizards behind this immersive concoction are not your average Joe’s. This is sorcery of the highest order, conjured up by the finest in the biz. I once had an old-timer, a true-blooded film junkie, tell me he’d seen it all. Then he caught a sci-fi flick here, and let me tell ya, it knocked his socks off—literally. Said it was like the very first time he ever laid eyes on the silver screen.

Image 17267

The Unparalleled Experience at Cinemark Downey and XD

Ah, Cinemark Downey and XD , you charmer! More than just another venue, it’s like the charismatic leading man in a rom-com—you can’t help but fall a little in love. This place doesn’t just show movies; it curates experiences. With exclusive screenings that’ll have you feeling like you’re in on a big secret, to community events that wrap you in a warm, fuzzy embrace, this baby puts charm back on the map.

And the staff? They’re the real MVPs, treating you to a level of service that’ll leave you gawking. Cleanliness that would make Marie Kondo weep with joy. There’s a sense of belonging that marries the theater experience with the touch of neighborly love, and let’s face it—feeling at home while the latest blockbuster blows your mind is a combo you don’t find just anywhere.

Behind the Scenes of Cinemark Fort Collins’ Success

Hidden in the lap of Fort Collins lies a gem, Cinemark Fort Collins , cranking the cinema game up several notches. It’s not just a matter of projection and sound—no, sir. We’re digging deeper to find that je ne sais quoi, the soul of the silver screen. It starts with the ambiance—it’s more than comfort; it’s an atmosphere that breathes a sigh of relaxation over you the moment you cross its threshold.

This mover and shaker embraces cutting-edge tech while dishing out hospitality that would make your southern grandma proud. Local business partnerships? Check. Sustainability initiatives? Double check. It’s a communal affair, raising the bar for what it means to be not just a theater but a pillar of the community. And boy, does it hit the sweet spot.

Image 17268

An Intriguing Glimpse into Cinemark Moosic’s Dedication to Film Enthusiasts

Step inside Cinemark Moosic —the cinema sanctuary where the silver screen is sacred and film buffs flock. I’m telling you, this place isn’t just screening films; it’s got a PhD in filmology. Film festivals that’ll have you on a cinematic high. Retrospectives that are a warm embrace to nostalgia. Niche genre nights that cater to your every movie whim. It’s like the Easter Bunny of cinema, gifting goodies to every good boy and girl.

The love here runs deeper than a Tarantino plot twist. It’s visible in every curated selection, each detail crafted to stoke the flames of passion for those who drink movies for breakfast. The result? A community tapestry, woven with threads of shared experiences and a common language spoken in movie quotes.

Cinemark North Haven: Synthesizing Innovation with Community Charm

Now let’s chat about Cinemark North Haven —a juggernaut married to a hometown darling. Here, innovation doesn’t just mean being on the cutting edge; it means weaving those advancements into the community quilt. It’s premiering local films, creating stars in our own backyard, fostering education through film, and nurturing the next Scorsese’s and Bigelow’s.

But remember, it’s not all popcorn and premieres; this place has heart. It lifts the community like Jungkook lifts hearts in his music, hanging tight to the human element that turns movie-going from a pastime to a life thread. And in a world of endless sequels and reboots, authenticity’s the true blockbuster hit.

Inside the World of Cinemark Pearland: A Model of Modern Movie Magic

Prepare for takeoff as we jet into the future with Cinemark Pearland , a luminary guiding us through the chasms of cine-space. This isn’t just a theater; it’s the Disneyland of cinemas, except in this kingdom, the magic spells are woven in laser projectors and thunderous sound. It’s luxe—VIP luxe—with comfort that cuddles you up and won’t let go.

And check this out — they flank their lobbies with virtual reality escapades, turning your wait time into playtime. The arcade isn’t just a pastime; it’s a headtrip that whisks you away before the feature even starts. This is the spot that dares to ask, “What if?”, then boldly ventures forth to provide the answers.

Synthesizing Epic Cinema Experiences: How Cinemark Redefines Movie Magic

Alright, folks. Time to dim the lights and focus that projector squarely on what makes Cinemark 19 and XD so darn mesmerizing. Across the lands—from Cinemark Downey and XD to Cinemark Fort Collins —each establishment we’ve ventured through is a beacon of immersive epicness.

This isn’t just about cutting-edge bells and whistles. It’s about the thrum of excitement that pulsates when the lights go down. It’s the collective gasp, the shared laughs, the tears stealthily wiped away in the dark. It’s where strangers unite under the flickering glow, where you become part of something larger than life. In each seat, the pure, unadulterated love of film takes root, nurtures itself, and blossoms into the shared experience that, let’s face it, is the true heart of cinema.

Visiting any one of these venues isn’t simply about escaping reality; it’s about embracing an enhanced version of it, with every sense tuned to appreciate the art of film in its highest form. From the technology to the human touch, from the colossal screens to the smallest of details, Cinemark knows the score. And that, my fellow film aficionados, is how you craft not just entertainment, but epic cinematographic legacies.

Get Ready for Trivia That’s Larger Than Life at Cinemark 19 and XD

Hold onto your popcorn buckets, movie buffs! We’re about to dive into a world where the screens are massive, the sound is explosive, and you become part of the story. Welcome to the engaging, trivia-filled universe of Cinemark 19 and XD, where every visit is not just a movie; it’s an epic experience.

Did You Know?

Star sightings.

Imagine settling into your plush seat at Cinemark 19 and XD, popcorn in hand, when suddenly up on the gigantic XD screen, you spot the radiant Mackenzie Foy . You whisper to your buddy,Hey, wasn’t she in that huge franchise about sparkling vampires? and they nod, completely starstruck. If you’re curious to know more about her rise to stardom from child actor to leading lady, check out this little tidbit about Mackenzie Foy .

A Blast from the Past

Now, think of a time when tunes were as groovy as the graphics on our XD screen. The Cinemark 19 and XD isn’t just about the visuals; it’s about the full sensory experience. Imagine the iconic music hits from the 60s filling the auditorium during a vintage movie night. Bet you can’t help but tap your feet! Ever wondered how your old-school tune knowledge stacks up? Why not test yourself with some Heardle 60s fun?

Celeb Relatives Making Waves

But hey, it’s not just the big screen where future stars are born. D’Lila Star Combs is already stealing hearts without even needing the XD treatment. And guess what? She’s following in some pretty famous footsteps. Ever caught yourself on Instagram, just scrolling and stumbling upon famous last names, and thought, “I bet they’ve got some wild childhood stories”? Well, get the lowdown on Dlila star Combs through this sneak-peek.

Plan Ahead for Your Movie Calendar

You ever sit there, munching away, and find yourself thinking, “Man, what’s coming up next month that I gotta see on this behemoth of a screen?” Well, wonder no more, because over at Cinemark 19 and XD, we keep you in the loop. Say you’re eyeing the august 2024 calendar to plan your movie outings. You’re in luck because we’ve got the sneak-peeks and premieres all lined up just for you!

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Okay, truth bomb time. We’ve all heard the whispers and seen the clickbaity headlines like Hailee Steinfeld nude , but here’s the real deal: talent, poise, and powerhouse performances are what truly stand out on the XD stage. So while some might chase the scandal, we’re here celebrating the art.

International Talent on A Grand Scale

Speaking of art, let’s not forget the global icons gracing our screens. From samurais to superheroes, Hiroyuki Sanada is one name you might recognize amidst the action. Think of his powerful presence, filling the room as the Dolby Atmos sound system of Cinemark 19 and XD envelopes you. You can almost hear the clink of swords, right?

Now that you’re armed with these fun facts and tidbits, you’re all set to fully appreciate the magic of Cinemark 19 and XD. So sit back, relax—actually, sit on the edge of your seat, because that’s how intense the XD experience is—and let the show begin!

Image 17269

What does XD mean for Cinemark?

If you’re scratching your head wondering about “XD” at Cinemark, think of it as the chain’s exclusive, souped-up cinema experience – it stands for “Extreme Digital” cinema, folks!

Is Cinemark XD better than standard?

Oh, you bet! Cinemark XD knocks standard viewing out of the park with a wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen, custom sound, and plush seats. It’s like giving your senses a luxury ride!

Do you wear glasses for Cinemark XD?

No need for spectacles here unless they’re 3D! For Cinemark XD, regular old peepers will do just fine, but if it’s a 3D movie, you’ll be donning those stylish 3D glasses.

What is Cinemark XD upgrade?

Upgrading to the Cinemark XD experience is like going from coach to first-class. You’ll get the cream of the crop in picture quality, sound, and comfort. It’s your movie on steroids!

Is XD the same as 3D?

Nope, they’re apples and oranges! XD is all about the screen size and sound, offering a premium digital experience, while 3D’s claim to fame is making things pop out at you with special glasses!

How big is Cinemark XD screen?

Cinemark XD screens are colossal – we’re talking floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall here. The screen size can be over 70 feet wide, enveloping you in the action!

What are the best seats in a Cinemark theater?

For the primo spot, aim for the center of the theater, about halfway back. It’s the sweet spot where audio and visuals conspire to blow your mind!

Is Cinemark XD better than D-box?

Cinemark XD trumps D-box when it comes to the overall experience, boasting a monster screen and killer sound system. D-box has moving seats though, so if you like to shake, rattle, and roll, that’s your jam.

Which row is best in Cinemark?

Aim to sit in the middle row for an epic balance of picture and sound. It’s like being the Goldilocks of moviegoers – not too close, not too far, just right!

Does Cinemark use 3D glasses?

Sure thing, Cinemark has got you covered with 3D glasses when you see a 3D flick. It’s part of the package, so you can sit back and let the movie leap out at you.

Can you buy popcorn at the movies without seeing a movie Cinemark?

Yup, you can totally snag some popcorn at Cinemark without a movie ticket. It’s a snack-lover’s dream – just waltz in, buy the popcorn, and enjoy it wherever your heart desires!

Do all 3D movies require glasses?

In the world of 3D movies, glasses are non-negotiable – they’re your passport to the three-dimensional shindig happening on screen.

Does Cinemark XD have high frame rate?

Cinemark XD is all about bringing high frame rates to the table when available. It’s like putting your movie on fast-forward but in a smooth, “buttery” way!

What does D-BOX mean in movies?

In movie lingo, D-BOX is not about packing stuff up but getting a seat that moves with the on-screen action. It’s like your chair is part of the cast!

What is 4DX movie?

4DX shakes up movie-watching with moving seats, wind, mist, and even scents! Basically, it’s a theme park ride mashed up with a cinema.

What is XDX screen?

XDX screen – that’s a bit of a head-scratcher. As of my last update, there’s no widely recognized format called XDX, so keep your eyes peeled for local terminology or new tech on the horizon!

What is XD format?

XD format at Cinemark is their signature big-screen experience, promising to crank up your movie-watching with steroidal sound, gargantuan visuals, and uber-cozy seating.

What does XQ mean in movies?

Now, “XQ” in movies is a tough cookie. It’s not a common term in the biz, so it could be a regional thing or someone’s fingers getting jumpy on the keyboard.

What is a D-box seat?

Strapping into a D-box seat is akin to strapping into a roller coaster – it’s designed to move and vibrate in sync with the movie, making you feel every turn and tumble!

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Home » Entertainment News » What is Cinemark XD? Is Cinemark XD Worth It?

What is Cinemark XD? Is Cinemark XD Worth It?

Vishal Gala

While booking movies on Fandango, you would have seen ‘Cinemark XD’ written across a few movies / shows, like shown below…

what does xd at the movies mean

…and wondered what it meant. You are not alone. There are thousands of people searching for this every month. So let us dive right in get to know what is XD in Cinemark.

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What does RPX mean in movies?

What is RPX Movie? RPX Regal Premium Experience Explained

What does xd mean in cinemark.

The XD in Cinemark stands for Extreme Digital. The XD technology is only available at Cinemark’s select screens and is aimed at providing a superior in-theater experience as compared to the standard ones. How exactly is XD different from the standard ones? We’ll find out below.

Quick History of XD

XD was born in the year 2009. Yes, it is over a decade older now! The primary objective of Cinemark was to offer something unique which was closer to an IMAX experience. It was only after Cinemark came up with XD that Regal launched its RPX experience a year later in 2010. (Difference between Cinemark XD and Regal RPX is covered below.)

What is Cinemark XD? Features of XD

Cinemark XD is powered with four primary features. They are: 1. Big screen – XD in Cinemark is being publicised as having ‘wall to wall’ and ‘floor to ceiling’ screens. This is huge because it gets almost closer to IMAX’s screen sizes. While XD’s screen measures 70 feet tall and 133 feet wide, IMAX has 75 feet tall and 144 feet wide screen. 2. Sharp picture quality – Cinemark supposedly used Barco’s 4K projector for XD while the standard ones have 2K. Cinemark claims this technology has ability to project a whopping 35 trillion colors! 3. Sound quality – Earlier, XD theaters were powered with Auro 11.1 surround sound system. However, not many movies were made to support this audio setup. Eventually, Cinemark started moving towards sound-mixing which is similar to Dolby 7.1 system but exactly that. 4. Premium seating – All XD screens come with comfortable recliners, and heaters! In fact, Cinemark is starting to use this seating for its standard screens as well. Secondly, in terms of seat placement, the front row seats are not very close to the screen. So you won’t have to move your eyeballs here and there. Similarly, the last row seats are not too far behind. Hence, there is no good or bad seating in XD.

To summarize, Cinemark XDs are backed with IMAX-like screens and picture quality. They are yet to figure out the right sound system to be used but it is not bad. Seating is premium and comfortable.

So, how much additional to pay for all of this as comapred to Cinemark’s standard theaters?

How Much Are Cinemark XD Tickets Priced at?

A quick check on Fandango reveals a wide difference in the prices of standard and XD theaters. Just to be clear, similar movie and theater was used to make a comparison. The timing was slightly different (12:00p and 2:45p) of the shows.

While the standard ticket is priced at $8.50, XD is priced at $12.00. A 40% premium is what you will have to pay to get the XD experience. Please note that this may vary theater to theater.

Read: What is RPX Movie? Regal Premium Experience Explained

Do All Cinemark XD Theaters Have Similar Features?

Need to admit – Cinemark XD’s consistency is commendable. Cinemark has focused on giving a similar experience across all XDs, which means similar screen size, seating, sound system and picture quality across the country.

Why is this commendable? Isn’t this common sense, you would ask. We live in times where IMAXs are being labelled as LieMAX. There were very strict requirements earlier for theaters to get an IMAX label. However, nowadays, even relatively smaller screen sizes have an IMAX label. Hence, it becomes difficult to predict the kind of experience you would be getting if you opt for an IMAX.

Cinemark XD is THX Certified – What Does This Mean Though?

For those who don’t know, THX certification is (as claimed by its own website) a gold standard for audio and visual fidelity. Cinemark XD theaters are THX certified, and it is a big deal. Several quality checks and adherences are looked into before getting the certification. In addition the superior sound and picture quality, THX also looks at seemingly-minute thing like noise or disturbance coming from outside the movie hall.

In addition to Cinemark’s own tall claims, there is a backing from THX that build more trust on the XD experience.

XD vs. RPX – What is the Difference?

Cinemark has publicised its XD offering and features very well. Also, its screen sizes are consistent across the country’s theaters. On the other hand, Regal’s RPX theater sizes have a wide variation. They are only 45 feet to 70 feet wide. Same technology is being used for projection and sound by both.

I would rate XD to be a notch above RPX mainly because of its screen size and the certification.

Read:  What is ScreenX? Meaning, Features Explained

Is Cinemark XD Worth It?

If you haven’t given this a shot yet, you definitely should. Sure, XD comes at a 40% premium compared to the standard offering. But with so many additions to provide an immersive experience and the THX certification, you are likely to be in for a different experience. We have mostly seen positive reviews of it so far.

How many Cinemark XD Theaters exist in the US as of July 2023?

Cinemark has a list of all its theaters on its official website. However, it isn’t separated by technology or whether the XD experience is available. A quick count on Cinemark’s official website reveals that the count of Cinemark XD screens would be anywhere between 155-165 across the US. A search query on Fandango’s website also return the same number.

Read: MX4D Explained – Meaning, Features and More

Vishal Gala

Vishal Gala is the contributor at ReleasingNow.com. His interest lies in cinema technologies, web series and movies, particularly in OTTs. He usually travels, listens to insightful podcasts, or binge-watches in his free time.

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what does xd at the movies mean

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What’s the Difference Between Standard and XD at a Movie Theater?

Movie theater | theater.

When you’re heading to the movies, you may be wondering what the difference is between Standard and XD at a movie theater. Both are popular options for enjoying a great movie experience, but they offer different features that may be more suited to your individual needs.

Standard Movie Theater: A standard movie theater is the most common type of cinema experience. It usually offers a single large screen with seating that can accommodate up to several hundred people.

The sound system is typically Dolby Digital and the picture quality ranges from standard definition to high definition (HD). This type of theater is ideal for watching classic films, newly released blockbusters, and small indie films alike.

XD Movie Theater: An XD (or “Extreme Digital”) movie theater takes the traditional cinema experience to the next level. It features an enormous projected image that’s much larger than what you’d find in a standard theater — some screens can even measure up to 80 feet wide!

The sound system is also much more powerful and immersive, with Dolby Atmos being the most advanced option available. Additionally, this type of theater offers 3D projection capabilities which can provide an even more realistic viewing experience.

9 Related Question Answers Found

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What Does XD Mean in Movies?

  • by Kingsley Felix
  • October 14, 2023

What Does XD Mean in Movies

XD in movies refers to Cinemark XD, which stands for “Extreme Digital Cinema,” and offers viewers a premium large-format theater experience.

This innovative format provides an immersive cinematic journey that elevates the movie-watching experience to a whole new level.

With XD, you can expect extra-large screens that are 6 feet tall, allowing you to feel completely engrossed in the on-screen action.

These screens are capable of delivering a staggering 35 trillion colors, ensuring vivid and lifelike visuals that will leave you awestruck.

But XD doesn’t stop at visuals; it also boasts powerful surround sound systems that immerse you in a symphony of audio.

With 50,000 watts of power, the sound quality in XD theaters is truly unmatched, enhancing every dialogue, explosion, and musical score with breathtaking clarity and depth.

It’s important to note that Cinemark XD, although similar to IMAX, has its own unique offerings and specifications.

In the past, IMAX even filed a lawsuit against Cinemark due to the similarities between their services.

However, both companies were able to find a resolution, allowing them to coexist and continue delivering exceptional movie experiences to audiences.

One key differentiator between Cinemark XD and IMAX lies in the types of movies shown and the specifications of their projection systems.

While both offer a premium experience, Cinemark XD goes beyond and provides diverse formats, including the IMAX-like 2D, 3D RealD, and D-Box, alongside its signature XD format.

When it comes to projection technology, Cinemark XD utilizes state-of-the-art 4K projectors, resulting in incredibly sharp and detailed imagery. On the other hand, IMAX employs 2K projectors.

The sound systems also differentiate the two, with IMAX employing an angled 12-channel surround sound system, while Cinemark XD boasts an impressive 11.1 multi-channel surround sound setup.

So, the next time you come across XD in movies, remember that it represents the extraordinary world of Cinemark XD, where you can immerse yourself in the magic of cinema like never before.

Whether it’s the breathtaking visuals, the stunning surround sound, or the variety of available formats, XD ensures an unforgettable movie experience.

The Cinematic Experience of XD Theaters

Cinemark XD theaters provide viewers with an immersive movie-watching experience through their extra-large screens and powerful surround sound systems.

The XD in Cinemark XD stands for “Extreme Digital Cinema,” which accurately captures these theaters’ thrilling atmosphere.

Featuring screens that are 6 feet tall, Cinemark XD theaters create a visually stunning display that draws you into the on-screen action.

With the capability to deliver an astounding 35 trillion colors, every detail comes to life, making you feel like you’re part of the movie itself.

The sound system in Cinemark XD theaters is equally impressive, boasting a powerful 11.1 multi-channel surround sound setup with 50,000 watts of power.

From the subtlest whispers to explosive action sequences, the audio quality enhances the overall cinematic experience, immersing you in the story and creating a sense of realism.

While the experience of Cinemark XD theaters is similar to IMAX, the two have distinct differences.

Cinemark XD offers a wider range of movie formats, including 2D, 3D RealD, and D-Box, in addition to their XD format.

Furthermore, Cinemark XD uses 4K projectors compared to IMAX’s 2K projectors, resulting in sharper and more detailed images.

The sound systems also differ, with Cinemark XD utilizing an 11.1 multi-channel system, while IMAX uses an angled 12-channel surround sound setup.

Experience the future of cinema with Cinemark XD theaters

The combination of extra-large screens, vibrant colors, and powerful surround sound systems in Cinemark XD theaters takes movie-watching to new heights.

Whether you’re a fan of action-packed blockbusters or captivating dramas, Cinemark XD theaters offer a truly immersive experience that will leave you feeling awestruck.

Wrapping Up XD in Movies

XD in movies, specifically to Cinemark XD, offers moviegoers an enhanced cinematic experience with its large screens, immersive sound, and various formats.

The XD theaters feature extra-large screens that are 6 feet tall, creating a visually stunning and immersive environment for viewers.

With the capability to deliver 35 trillion colors, the screens bring movies to life with vibrant and lifelike visuals.

One of the key highlights of Cinemark XD theaters is their powerful surround sound systems, boasting an impressive 50,000 watts of power.

This audio setup ensures that moviegoers are completely enveloped in a rich and dynamic soundscape, enhancing the overall movie-watching experience.

The immersive sound truly transports viewers into the world of the film, allowing them to feel every emotion and action in a way that traditional theaters may not deliver.

In addition to the large screens and immersive sound, Cinemark XD offers a variety of formats to cater to different preferences.

Alongside their signature XD format, which provides a premium large-format experience, Cinemark also offers IMAX-like 2D, 3D RealD, and D-Box formats.

This variety ensures that moviegoers have the opportunity to choose the format that best suits their desired viewing experience.

While Cinemark XD shares similarities with IMAX, such as the immersive atmosphere and large screens, the two have some key differences.

Cinemark XD utilizes 4K projectors, providing viewers with exceptional visual clarity and detail.

On the other hand, IMAX uses 2K projectors. The sound systems differ, with IMAX featuring an angled 12-channel surround sound system, while Cinemark XD boasts an 11.1 multi-channel surround sound system.

Despite these differences, Cinemark XD and IMAX continue offering moviegoers unforgettable cinematic experiences.


Kingsley Felix

Kingsley Ibietela Felix is a digital media publishing entrepreneur and founder of Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC. A 2-time African blogger of the year. Kingsley can be found researching, reading, watching football, playing games, discussing politics or creating great content.

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Cinemark XD vs Digital: What’s The Difference?

what does xd at the movies mean

Going to the movie theatre does not mean just watching a film anymore. It is an experience that has been enhanced by adding new technologies, including digital projection. When you plan to buy a ticket, you might see the option to watch a film at Cinemark XD.

Nowadays, as the movie industry competition is so high, the big cinema chains are doing their best to improve the experience for their customers. They are constantly coming up with new ideas to make the trip to the cinema more enjoyable. They create an environment that confuses you to make a choice.

Two premium options are Sony Digital Cinema and Cinemark XD, both offered in various Galaxy and Cinemark movie theater chains . This article will provide a detailed comparison between the two options, examining factors such as image and sound quality, comfort, and additional features to help you determine which option best fits your preferences.

Table of Contents

What Is An XD Movie?

XD (Extreme Digital) movie theatre technology is an immersive movie experience that allows audiences to feel like they are a part of the action on the big screen . The auditorium was launched in 2009 by Cinemark company.

IMAX developed the technology and is now used in select theatres nationwide. XD movies are shot using IMAX cameras and projected onto a special XD screen larger than a traditional movie screen.

The sound system in an XD theatre is also top-of-the-line, providing moviegoers with an audio experience that is just as immersive as the visuals . With 4k laser projectors and Dolby Atmos sound, the XD experience is designed to be the most immersive movie theatre experience.

what does xd at the movies mean

So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable movie-going experience, check out an XD movie theatre near you!

Related : Cinemark XD vs IMAX: What’s the Difference?

Why Is Digital Cinema?

Sony Digital Cinema is PLF or “large premium format” system using 4k projection and immersive audio . The auditoriums are designed to give the audience a more immersive experience.

Digital cinema offers several advantages over traditional film projection, including sharper images, a wider color gamut, and higher frame rates. These advantages allow filmmakers to tell their stories in new and innovative ways while providing a superior viewing experience for audiences.

what does xd at the movies mean

The projector uses Sony’s 4K digital cinema, which provides superb image quality with HDR and an excellent contrast ratio. The 3D dual-lens technology creates a more immersive 3D best viewing experience.

The Sony Digital Cinema in Galaxy Theatres also offers top-notch sound quality, thanks to Dolby Atmos. With this technology, movie watchers feel even more immersed in the movie experience.

Cinemark XD vs Digital Comparison Table

What is the difference between digital cinema and xd.

Digital cinema and XD are two types of digital projection systems. And while they do the same job, these two technologies differ in key ways. At first glance, you might not think there would be much difference.

But when you look closer, it becomes clear that these two projection types have some crucial distinctions. This post will explore the key differences between digital cinema and XD.

1. 3D Compatibility

In terms of 3D compatibility, Digital Cinema is the clear winner . XD was not designed with 3D projection, so it does not support it. Digital Cinema, on the other hand, was designed specifically for 3D projection, thus providing a much better 3D experience.

2. Picture Quality

Picture quality is always a concern when it comes to projection. And in this area, Digital Cinema has the advantage over XD. Digital cinema uses a higher resolution than XD, meaning that the images projected will be sharper and more detailed . Meanwhile, XD uses a lower resolution, producing fuzzy or pixelated images.

what does xd at the movies mean

3. Sound Quality

Another clear difference between digital cinema and XD is sound quality. Digital Cinema uses a different audio format than XD . Hence, its sound is of higher quality, with better clarity and detail. For XD, the sound quality could be better.

Comfort is of the essence when it comes to projection, as it can affect how well you can focus on the film. In this respect, XD has a clear advantage over digital cinema. XD uses a softer, diffused light, which is less likely to cause eye fatigue.

On the other hand, Digital Cinema uses a more focused light, which can be uncomfortable for some viewers.

what does xd at the movies mean

5. Convenience

XD has a definite advantage . It is more compact and portable than digital cinema. Digital cinema requires a large, bulky projector, which can be challenging to transport and set up. XD is much smaller and more convenient in this respect.

Additionally, XD uses standard HDMI cables, which are easier to find and connect than the special cables required for digital cinema.

what does xd at the movies mean

6. Backend Technology

When comparing backend systems, there is not a clear winner. Both Digital Cinema and XD use different technologies that are equally effective . For Digital Cinema, the backend system is based on servers that store and manage film files.

The backend system uses a dedicated hard drive to store and play the film files for XD.

what does xd at the movies mean

7. Flexibility

From a flexibility point of view, XD is the superior technology . XD can show different types of content, not just movies. For example, you can use it for video games, live concerts, and other types of entertainment. Digital Cinema is more limited in this respect and is only designed for movies.

8. Screen Technology

The screen technology used for Digital Cinema and XD is also different. For Digital Cinema, the screens are typically made of silver halide . This material is effective but can be expensive. XD uses a different screen technology called DLP (Digital Light Processing).

This technology is cheaper and more common, making it a more attractive option for many businesses.

Digital Cinema and XD costs can vary depending on your chosen system . However, in general, XD is the more affordable option. Moreover, XD is a newer technology; thus, the systems are less expensive. XD’s smaller size and flexibility make it a more attractive option for many businesses.

10. Theatre Experience

Finally, it is essential to consider the theatre experience when choosing a projection technology. For many, the theatre experience is integral to the movies. In this respect, Digital Cinema has a clear advantage over XD.

Digital Cinema was explicitly designed for the theatre environment . As a result, it provides a more immersive and realistic theatre experience. XD, on the other hand, was designed for home use. Consequently, digital cinema does not provide the same immersion and realism.

what does xd at the movies mean

Which Is Better, Cinemark XD Or Digital Cinema?

When choosing between Cinemark XD and Digital Cinema, you might need clarification about which to choose. They both offer excellent features, depending on your personal preferences. Cinemark offers the best value for your money, while Digital Cinema offers the best overall experience. So, which one is better?

what does xd at the movies mean

Choosing between Cinemark XD and Digital projection depends on what you want in a movie-watching experience. If you want the best picture quality possible, then Cinemark XD is the way to go. However, digital projection is probably better if you’re more concerned with convenience and affordability. Whichever way you watch your movies, ensure you enjoy the experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does xd mean in theaters.

Movies are often shown in different formats depending on where they are screened. XD is a movie format that is typically only shown in theatres. XD stands for “Extreme Digital.” This format offers a higher quality picture and sound than other movie formats. It also has a wider screen size, giving viewers a more immersive experience.

Is XD Or 3D Better?

Regarding the cinema experience, you want to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, which means choosing between XD and 3D. So, which is better?

XD is short for Extreme Digital and offers a few key benefits over standard digital projection. First, XD uses higher-quality projectors that provide a sharper image . Second, the sound system is designed to provide a more immersive experience. Finally, the theatre’s seats are usually more comfortable, so you can relax and enjoy the show.

3D projection, on the other hand, offers a few key benefits of its own. First, it gives you the illusion of being transported into the movie . Second, it can provide a more immersive experience than XD. Finally, it’s often less expensive than XD.

So, which is better? It depends on what you’re looking for in a movie-going experience. XD is the way to go if you want the best image and sound quality. If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, 3D is your best bet. And if you’re on a budget, 3D is the better option.

Is Cinemark XD Good?

Cinemark XD is a premium movie-going experience with enhanced audio and visual features not found in traditional theatres. The upgraded sound system and giant screen create an immersive experience perfect for movie lovers.

While the ticket prices are slightly higher, the upgraded experience is worth the cost for many film fans.

How Many Speakers Does Cinemark XD Have?

Cinemark XD comes equipped with a whopping 12 speakers- that’s 6 more than the standard digital cinema system ! This allows for a truly immersive experience, with sound coming at you from all directions.

You’ll feel right in the middle of the action, whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster or your favorite concert film.

What Kind Of Projector Does Cinemark XD Use?

Cinemark XD uses a Christie Digital Cinema projector. This type of projector is known for its high-quality images and sound. It is also one of the most popular projectors used in movie theatres.

What Is The Resolution Of Cinemark XD?

The resolution of Cinemark XD is 4096×2160, which is four times the resolution of standard HD. This means that Cinemark XD movies are incredibly sharp and clear, with more detail than ever.

What Is The Resolution Of Digital?

Digital resolution is 1920×1080, which is the industry standard for high-definition movies . Cinemark XD uses a 4K projector with a resolution of 4096×2160. This means XD movies are four times sharper than those in standard digital theatres.

In addition, the 4K projector used by Cinemark XD has a higher contrast ratio than standard digital projectors, meaning that XD movies will have more vibrant colors and deeper blacks.

Does Cinemark XD Use Dolby Atmos?

Cinemark XD uses the Dolby Atmos sound system to deliver an immersive audio experience . This state-of-the-art sound system uses object-based audio to place sounds anywhere in the theatre, creating a three-dimensional soundscape. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action, with sounds realistically moving around you.

If you’re a fan of action movies or films with many special effects, you’ll want to check out Cinemark XD. The enhanced audio experience is just one of the many ways this premium theatre chain provides an unmatched movie-going experience.

Is IMAX Or Digital Better?

Cinemark XD and Digital are two of the most popular movie formats today. They both have their unique benefits that appeal to moviegoers. So, which is better?

IMAX offers a truly immersive experience with its large screen and sound system. Digital movies are more convenient and often cheaper to watch.

It depends on what you’re looking for in a movie-watching experience. If you want the most immersive experience possible, IMAX is the way to go. If you’re looking for a more convenient and affordable option, digital movies are a great choice.

What Screen Is Bigger, IMAX Or XD?

IMAX screens are typically much larger than XD screens. IMAX screens can range in size from as small as 22 meters (72 feet) to as large as 32 meters (105 feet), while XD screens are typically around 24 meters (79 feet). IMAX screens can provide up to 50% more picture area than XD screens.

Are All Movie Theaters Digital Now?

Only some movie theatres are digital now. However, most are making the switch to digital projection systems. This is because digital projection offers several advantages over traditional film projection, including sharper images, easier distribution and storage of movies, and lower costs.

You’re more likely to find a digital projector in a theatre than a smaller one, but the trend is moving toward digital projection for all movie theatres.

Watching a movie in the theatre should be a memorable experience. The experience of moviegoers should not only be limited to the quality of the film but also the theatre itself. Cinemark XD and Digital Cinema are the two most common ways of watching a movie in a theatre.

Both have pros and cons, so it comes down to what the viewer wants. The above guide should help make the decision easier.

XD and Digital Cinema have advantages, making them suitable for different purposes. It is essential to consider your specific needs to choose the right projection technology. With the points highlighted above, we hope you can make a more informed decision.

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what does xd at the movies mean

Tim has always been obsessed with computers his whole life. After working for 25 years in the computer and electronics field, he now enjoys writing about computers to help others. Most of his time is spent in front of his computer or other technology to continue to learn more. He likes to try new things and keep up with the latest industry trends so he can share them with others.

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what does xd at the movies mean

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What XD Really Means in the Digital World

Last Updated: May 29, 2023 Fact Checked

  • How to Reply

Alternate Meanings

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Janice Tieperman . Janice is a professional and creative writer who has worked at wikiHow since 2019. With both a B.A. and M.A. in English from East Stroudsburg University, she has a passion for writing a wide variety of content for anyone and everyone. In her free time, you can find her working on a new crochet pattern, listening to true crime podcasts, or tackling a new creative writing project. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 97,734 times. Learn more...

Way back before emojis were created to represent every emotion and experience under the sun, netizens used emoticons (combos of keyboard letters and symbols) to share their thoughts and feelings online. Back in the 2000s and early 2010s, “XD” was one of the most popular emoticons out there, but if you’re stumbling across it now, you might not know what these two expressive letters represent. You’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn exactly what XD means, as well as how to use and respond to it (along with some its lesser-known meanings and acronyms).

Things You Should Know

  • XD means the same thing as LOL (Laugh Out Loud), and is used to share or respond to something funny.
  • The emoticon resembles a laughing face that’s spun 90 degrees to the left, similar to 😆 (grinning squinting face emoji).
  • XD was most popular in the 2000s and early 2010s, and became a meme thanks to its use in emo subculture.

What does “xd” mean in texting?

XD is an older emoticon that means “laughing out loud.”

  • “I think I passed my first grade teacher in Walmart XD”
  • “That’s so funny!! I still can’t believe you did that XD”
  • Some netizens choose to use variations of the emoticon, like xD or xd. Both of these still mean the same thing!
  • Did you know? XD means the same thing across all digital platforms. In most cases, XD is just another way to add a light-hearted vibe to a message, whether it’s over email, text, or social media. It even means the same thing on gaming platforms like Roblox—users use XD as a way to react to something funny. [2] X Research source

How to Use XD

Step 1 Express how funny something is with XD.

  • “This is the best thing I’ve seen all week XD”
  • “This is amazing XD how did you pull off that prank without your brother noticing???”

Step 2 Add a friendly, humorous touch to your message.

  • Old message: “Are you sure that’s the right way to do it?” New message: “Are you sure that’s the right way to do it? XD”

How to Reply to XD

Reply with a cheerful emoji or emoticon if the convo calls for it.

  • Them: “How can you stand working 12-hour shifts? I would be bouncing off the walls XD” You: “I’m just built different I guess 😂”
  • Them: “Are you still bringing some of your mom’s guac to my party tomorrow? XD” You: “I know you’d give me the silent treatment if I didn’t. XD”

Step 1 I Love You

  • Person 1: “Rawr XD” Person 2: “You did not just send me that LOL”
  • This meaning of the emoticon is more ironic than anything else. If someone says “Rawr XD” in this day and age, they’re probably referencing this meme.

Step 2 Extreme Digital

  • “We’re seeing the movie in XD, right?”

Step 3 Kissed

  • “I totally XD him last night”
  • XD also rarely stands for “crossed,” with X representing the cross and “D” representing the “ed” ending of the word.

Expert Q&A

  • On very rare occasions, XD might be used as an acronym for phrases like Extreme Duty , Executive Development , Christmas Day , and Ex-dividend . Nine times out of 10, though, XD is likely being used to lighten the mood or say LOL. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

what does xd at the movies mean

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  • ↑ https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/rawr-xd
  • ↑ https://www.cinemark.com/theatre-technology/cinemark-xd
  • ↑ http://acronymsandslang.com/definition/7755521/XD-meaning.html

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Cinemark makes moviegoing more attractive with XD presentation

With the debut of Lubbock's first XD auditorium at Movies 16, Cinemark Theaters has fired a figurative warning shot, letting cinema competitors know it has no intention of backing down.

Cinemark has taken an aggressive stance since Premiere Theatres announced its intention to open an ultra-modern movie multiplex on the northwest side of South Plains Mall in 2012.

Each of the 33 individual theaters at Cinemark's Movies 16 and Tinseltown in Lubbock has been upgraded for digital presentations.

The XD stands for Extreme Digital cinema.

The XD is unlike any other local theater. The XD's silver screen extends from ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall.

James Meredith, vice president of marketing and communications at Cinemark's home office in Dallas, said a Doremi server and a Barco DLP digital projector deliver the XD's digital images.

"With the advent of digital projection," he said, "we now can take these pristine, crystal-clear images and project them on a much larger screen than ever before."

Cinemark began constructing XD theaters in 2009.

Meredith said the Texas-based exhibitor will operate as many as 450 of the specialized auditoriums nationwide by the end of 2011.

"Customers come in and get the full wow-effect right away when they see the movie on this screen," Meredith explained. "What we realized over time was that, even though the images are pristine, it is the sound that people are raving about the most."

Each XD auditorium has a custom JBL sound system installed with higher-end components and 7.1-capable digital surround sound.

Surround sound thrilled those watching "Colombiana," the first film shown at Movies 16's XD theater.

The system allowed for different voices and sounds to arrive from various points in the theater.

Meredith said he wished Lubbock's XD auditorium could have debuted in time to host a "Transformers" sequel or "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2."

"Those types of movies really show off all of the bells and whistles at an XD theater," he added.

Small crowds greeted "Colombiana."

Adding an XD auditorium also helps Cinemark deliver more options, one of the theater chain's goals, said Meredith.

"Patrons now can choose to watch movies in 2D, 3-D or XD," he said. "And because of digital projection, we never are locked into showing the same movie in XD week after week. We can change movies as often as we like."

Some moviegoers will drive long distances to see a movie in XD, especially a film driven by special effects and/or action, he added.

Along with pristine visuals and an unbeatable sound system, Cinemark also has installed new seating in the XD theater at Movies 16.

Options extend to ticket pricing.

Tickets for adults on Friday and Saturday nights in Lubbock are $9. Ticket prices for any movie shown in the XD theater are $11 for adults and $8.50 for children 11 and younger, and seniors 62 and older.

Those prices do not change.

XD does not have bargain matinees, Tuesday discounts, Early Bird specials ro Senior Mondays.

On the other hand, films shown in 3-D generally have a $3 service fee attached to the ticket price.

The XD theater charges a $2 service charge for 3-D movies.

Meredith said he has no idea why Cinemark decided to do this.

Construction time on the XD theater at Movies 16 took about two months.

The noisier projects found work days beginning at midnight, after customers cleared the theater.

When building an XD auditorium, Meredith said, Cinemark always chooses the largest auditorium in a multiplex and basically guts it, removing everything.

"We generally start over, first by measuring for a new screen to be built," he said.

Curved screens make for better presentation, showing a much sharper 3-D image, Meredith said.

Meredith is unsure whether Cinemark's Tinseltown 17 in Lubbock will see an XD auditorium.

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An XD movie: What is it? Is Cinemark XD Worth the Money?

XD movie

An XD Movie is a movie that is shown in an XD theatre. XD theatres are equipped with state-of-the-art speakers and sound systems that create an immersive experience for viewers.

To understand what an XD movie is, it is important to understand the difference between traditional and XD movie theatres. Traditional movie theatres use a standard 2D projector to show films. XD movie theatres use a particular projector capable of displaying 3D images. The projector uses two synchronized beams of light to create the 3D effect.

The benefits of XD movies are that they offer a more immersive experience. The 3D images are more realistic, and the sound is more immersive. The downside of XD movies is that they can be more expensive. A standard ticket to an XD movie can cost up to $3 more than a standard ticket to a 2D movie.

Cinemark is a popular movie theatre chain that offers a variety of perks to its members. Some of these perks include discounts on tickets and concessions and access to exclusive screenings and events. Cinemark also offers a loyalty program that allows members to earn points towards free movies and other prizes.

So, is Cinemark XD worth the money ? The answer depends on your personal preferences. If you want a more immersive movie-going experience, then Cinemark XD is worth the extra cost.

What is it about Cinemark XD that is so appealing? Is it the gigantic screens, the ultra-comfortable reclining chairs, or the dedication to showing only the latest and greatest blockbusters? No matter the reason, one thing is for sure – Cinemark XD is quickly becoming the go-to spot for moviegoers across the country.

Definition of XD movie experience: Explanation of Cinemark XD and its features

If you’re a movie buff, you always look for new and exciting ways to enhance your movie-watching experience. One of the latest and greatest options available today is Cinemark XD. This immersive and state-of-the-art movie theatre experience promises to take your movie-watching to the next level.

So, what exactly is Cinemark XD and what makes it so special? This article will look at this revolutionary new movie theatre experience, exploring its features and benefits in detail.

What is Cinemark XD?

Cinemark XD is a premium movie theatre experience that combines the latest in audio and visual technology with comfortable, high-end amenities to create an immersive and unforgettable movie-watching experience. This experience is designed to provide movie-goers with the most realistic and engaging movie-watching experience possible, with features like 4K resolution, 3D sound, and motion seating.

Features of Cinemark XD

One of the most notable features of Cinemark XD is its use of 4K resolution technology. This technology is four times more detailed than standard high-definition and provides movie-goers with an incredibly crisp and clear image that makes them feel right in the middle of the action.

In addition to 4K resolution, Cinemark XD utilizes 3D sound technology to create an immersive and realistic movie-watching experience. This technology uses a combination of speakers and subwoofers to create a surround sound experience that makes movie-goers feel like they’re right in the middle of the action.

Another major feature of Cinemark XD is its motion seating. This feature uses special effects like rumbling, vibrations, and even misting to create a more realistic and engaging movie-watching experience.

Benefits of Cinemark XD

There are many benefits to choosing Cinemark XD over a traditional movie theatre experience. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Immersive experience: With its combination of 4K resolution, 3D sound, and motion seating, Cinemark XD provides movie-goers with an incredibly immersive and realistic movie-watching experience that is unlike anything else.
  • High-end amenities: Cinemark XD theatres are equipped with comfortable, high-end amenities like luxury seating, advanced sound systems, and more, making them the ultimate destination for movie-goers who want a premium experience.
  • Great for events: Cinemark XD is also great for special occasions like movie premieres, parties, and corporate events, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for all involved.

Overall, Cinemark XD is a game-changing new movie theatre experience that allows movie-goers to experience their favourite films in a new way. With its combination of advanced technology and high-end amenities, it promises to take movie-watching to the next level. So, next time you’re looking for a new and exciting way to experience movies, check out Cinemark XD.

Explanation of the Technology Behind XD Movies

XD movies, also known as Extreme Digital, are a new and exciting format quickly becoming popular among movie-goers. This revolutionary technology offers an immersive experience unlike anything else in the world of movies.

We will take a closer look at the technology behind XD movies and compare it to traditional movie formats such as 2D and 3D. We will also discuss the visual and audio enhancements offered by XD movies.

What is XD?

XD movies are a new and unique format that combines the best aspects of 2D and 3D movies. Unlike traditional 2D movies, XD movies are shot using special cameras that capture images in 3D. However, unlike conventional 3D movies, the embodiments are not limited to a single depth plane. Instead, they are caught in a full 360-degree environment, giving the viewer a truly immersive experience.

How Does XD Work?

The technology behind XD movies is quite complex, but it involves using special cameras and software to capture images in 3D. These images are then processed and rendered to create a fully-realized 360-degree environment. The final product is then shown on special XD-compatible screens that display the photos in all their glory.

Comparison to Traditional Movie Formats

Compared to traditional movie formats such as 2D and 3D, XD movies offer several advantages. For one, the immersive experience of XD movies is simply unmatched. The viewer can see the action from all angles, creating a truly immersive experience. Additionally, XD movies offer several visual and audio enhancements that are not available with traditional formats.

Visual and Audio Enhancements

One of the biggest advantages of XD movies is the enhanced visual experience. The images captured in 3D offer a level of detail and realism that cannot be achieved with traditional 2D film. Additionally, the fully-realized 360-degree environment offers a level of immersion that is truly unparalleled.

The audio experience of XD movies is also noteworthy. The special sound systems used in XD theatres offer a level of immersion that is impossible with traditional movie theatres. Surround sound, and other advanced technologies allow for a truly immersive audio experience.

Comparison of Cinemark XD to Other XD Theaters

A few options are available when choosing a theatre for the ultimate movie-going experience. Two popular choices are Cinemark XD and XD theatres from other major chains like AMC and Regal. But what sets Cinemark XD apart from the rest?

We’ll take a closer look at the unique features and amenities of Cinemark XD and compare them to those of other XD theatres. We’ll also analyze the cost difference between Cinemark XD and other XD theatres to help you make an informed decision.

Here is a comparison table between Cinemark XD, AMC, and Regal XD theaters:

Cinemark XD’s Unique Features and Amenities

Cinemark XD offers several exclusive features and amenities that set it apart from other XD theatres. One of the most notable is the Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema. This state-of-the-art projection and sound system provides movie-goers an incredibly immersive and realistic experience. The images projected on the screen are quite sharp and clear, and the sound is crisp and powerful.

Another unique feature of Cinemark XD is the XD auditoriums. These auditoriums are specifically designed to provide the ultimate movie-going experience. They feature oversized screens, plush seating, and powerful surround sound systems. Plus, each seat is equipped with a built-in cup holder and a footrest for maximum comfort.

Cinemark XD also offers a wide range of food and beverage options. In addition to traditional theatre snacks like popcorn and candy, Cinemark XD provides a full menu of delicious food options. From burgers and pizzas to chicken tenders and nachos, there’s something for everyone. Plus, all food is prepared fresh in-house, so you know you’re getting a high-quality meal.

Comparison to Other XD Theaters

Other XD theatres like AMC and Regal have a lot to offer regarding features and amenities. Both chains have versions of the XD experience, including large screens, plush seating, and powerful surround sound systems. However, there are key differences between Cinemark XD and other XD theatres.

One of the biggest differences is the projection and sound systems. While other XD theatres use similar technology to Cinemark XD, the projection and sound systems at Cinemark XD are considered some of the best in the industry. This means that the images and sound are sharper and clearer than at other XD theatres.

Another difference is the size of the screens. Cinemark XD’s screens are generally larger than those at other XD theatres. This means that the movie-going experience is even more immersive and realistic.

Finally, the food and beverage options at Cinemark XD are more extensive and high-quality than those at other XD theatres. This is because all food is prepared fresh in-house, so you know you’re getting a high-quality meal.

Analysis of the Cost Difference

When it comes to cost, there is a difference between Cinemark XD and other XD theatres. Generally speaking, tickets to Cinemark XD are slightly more expensive than at other XD theatres. However, this is to be expected given the higher quality projection and sound systems, larger screens, and more extensive food and beverage options.

It’s also worth noting that Cinemark XD often offers discounts and promotions. For example, they frequently provide discounted tickets to military personnel and students. Plus, they usually have special deals where you can get a certain number of tickets at a discounted price.

Detailed Cost Analysis of Cinemark XD Tickets and Concessions

Cinemark XD is a premium movie-going experience that offers larger-than-life screens, immersive sound, and comfortable seating. But is it worth the investment? In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the costs of Cinemark XD tickets and concessions, compare them to traditional movie theatre costs, and share personal testimonials from Cinemark XD movie-goers.

Cinemark XD Ticket Prices

Cinemark XD tickets are generally more expensive than traditional movie theatre tickets. On average, a Cinemark XD ticket costs $15-20, depending on the location and showtime. This is about $5-10 more than the average ticket price at a traditional movie theatre. However, it’s important to note that Cinemark XD tickets include premium features such as larger screens and immersive sound, making the experience more enjoyable.

Cinemark XD Concession Prices

Cinemark XD concessions are also more expensive than traditional movie theatre concessions. A small popcorn at Cinemark XD will cost around $6-8, while a small popcorn at a conventional movie theatre will cost about $4-5. Similarly, a soda at Cinemark XD will cost about $5-7, while a soda at a traditional movie theatre will cost about $3-4.

Comparison of Cinemark XD Costs to Traditional Movie Theater Costs

When comparing the costs of Cinemark XD to traditional movie theatres, it’s important to factor in its premium features. A Cinemark XD ticket may be more expensive, but it includes a larger screen and immersive sound. Similarly, Cinemark XD concessions may be more costly but are also of higher quality.

Overall, a night at Cinemark XD will likely cost more than a traditional movie theatre. However, for movie-goers who value the premium features of Cinemark XD, the extra cost may be worth it.

Personal Testimonials from Cinemark XD Movie-Goers

Many Cinemark XD movie-goers have reported that the premium features of Cinemark XD make the experience more enjoyable. For example, one movie-goer said, “The screen was huge and the sound was amazing. I felt like I was really in the movie.” Another movie-goer said, “I loved the comfortable seating and the fact that the theater wasn’t crowded. It made for a really relaxing experience.”

Conclusion on Whether Cinemark XD is Worth the Investment

Whether Cinemark XD is worth the investment is ultimately a personal decision. The extra cost may be worth the additional cost for movie-goers who value premium features such as larger screens and immersive sound. However, a traditional movie theatre may be a better option for those who are more price-sensitive. Ultimately, it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of Cinemark XD before deciding.

Cinemark Claims vs Reality

When it comes to movie theatres, many people have strong opinions. Some people love the immersive experience of going to the theatre, while others despise the hassle of dealing with long lines and paying high prices. But which is the real story?

Cinemark Claims

Cinemark is a well-known and well-loved movie theatre chain. They boast a wide variety of theatres throughout the United States and are known for their high-quality film experiences.

Their website boasts that Cinemark “pushes the envelope” regarding movie theatre technology and is always working to improve its facilities. They claim their theatres are “state of the art” and provide an “unparalleled” movie-going experience.

Cinemark 70-foot wall-to-wall surface

The 70-foot wide surface of Cinemark’s wall-to-wall screens is the epitome of the moviegoing experience.

Cinemark’s wall-to-wall screens provide an unrivalled immersive experience in the industry. With a width of 70 feet, the screens offer a panoramic view that envelops the viewer in action. The result is a more realistic and believable experience that will satisfy even the most discerning moviegoer.

THX Certified

Cinemark’s THX® Certified Cinema creates an unparalleled moviegoing experience, from the visually stunning and acoustically powerful opening credits to the final gripping moments. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbusters or your favourite classics, THX Certified Cinema ensures that you’ll enjoy the film the way the director intended.

THX is a certification given to products that have passed specific quality standards set by the company. The certificate is most commonly seen in movie theatres and home theatre systems.

THX certification is an essential aspect of the moviegoing experience. THX-certified theatres provide moviegoers with the best possible sound and visual experience. THX-certified home theatre systems offer the same high-quality experience in the comfort of your own home.

THX certification is also important for the movie industry. THX-certified theatres must meet specific standards for sound and picture quality. This ensures that movies are shown in the best possible environment, providing moviegoers with the best possible experience. THX-certified home theatre systems also help to ensure that movies are seen in the best possible quality at home.

Cinemark Plush recliner seats

Cinemark has long been one of the most popular movie theatre chains in the United States. In recent years, they’ve pushed to improve the movie-going experience by adding luxury features like recliner seats. These plush seats are comfortable and spacious and have plenty of legroom. They’re also a bit pricey, costing a few dollars more than a standard ticket.

While some moviegoers are happy to pay the extra cost for the luxury of recliner seats, others find it a rip-off. After all, why should you have to pay more to be comfortable at the movies? And is it worth it when the film itself might not be any good?

There are pros and cons to Cinemark’s recliner seats, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. They’re worth checking out if you’re willing to pay a little extra for a more comfortable experience. But if you’re on a budget or are unsure how much you’ll use them, you might want to stick with standard tickets.

11.1 multi-channel surround system

Cinemark 11.1 multi-channel surround system is a multi-channel surround system that creates an immersive movie-watching experience. The system consists of 11 speakers and one subwoofer, placed around the theatre to create a realistic soundscape. The system also includes Dolby Atmos technology, which makes a three-dimensional sound field.

Cinemark 11.1 is just one example of how movie theatres use technology to enhance the movie-going experience. Other examples include IMAX theatres, which use large-format screens and high-tech sound systems, and 4D theatres, which add sensory effects like smell and vibration to the movie-watching experience.

With the increasing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, movie theatres are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and attract movie-goers. Technology is one way to do that. By offering a more immersive and realistic experience, movie theatres can entice people to leave their homes and visit the theatre.

While Cinemark’s theatres may be “state of the art” in some areas, they are not always up to par. They have been known to have some of the worst movie theatres in the United States. Their theatres are often too small and have poor sound and lighting quality. They also have notoriously long lines, and their prices are often high compared to other movie theatres.

In short, while Cinemark may have some great features, its overall theatre experience is not as stellar as it would like you to believe.

What Do Viewers Say About XD Movies?

Many people believe that XD movies are the best quality movies. They say the experience is much better than watching a movie in 2D. The colors and graphics are very realistic, and the sound quality is impressive. People who have never seen an XD movie often wonder about all the hype.

However, many people are not entirely sold on XD movies. They say that the experience is not worth the higher ticket price. They also complain about the discomfort of wearing special glasses. Overall, there are mixed reviews about XD movies.

Are XD Movies Worth It, then?

Many people have asked me whether or not an XD movie is worth it. My answer is always the same: it depends. On what, you may ask? Well, that’s what I’m here to explore with you today.

The price of an XD movie ticket is typically higher than that of a regular movie ticket. So, if you’re on a budget, you might want to wait for the movie to come out on DVD or Blu-ray. However, I say go for the ticket if you can afford it! The XD experience is worth it.

Another factor to consider is the movie itself. If it’s a movie that you’re looking forward to seeing, then I say go for it! The XD experience will only enhance your enjoyment of the film. However, if you’re not particularly excited about the movie, you might want to wait and watch it in a cheaper format.

So, there you have it! Whether or not an XD movie is worth it depends on a few factors. But ultimately, it’s up to you. Are you willing to spend the extra money for the enhanced experience? Only you can answer that question.

Cinemark is one of the most famous movie theatre chains in the United States. Their XD theatres are some of the best places to see a movie. They offer a great experience with their large screens, state-of-the-art sound systems, and comfortable seats.

XD movies are a revolutionary new format that offers a truly immersive experience. The technology behind XD movies is complex, but it allows for realism and immersion unmatched by traditional movie formats. With visual and audio enhancements not available with conventional formats, XD movies offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience. As more and more theatres begin to show XD movies, this format will become the new standard for movie-going.

What is a premium movie theatre?

Simply put, a premium movie theatre offers an experience above and beyond the typical movie theatre. These theatres often have more comfortable seats, upscale food and beverage options, and special features not found at other theatres. In some cases, premium theatres may be located in luxury hotels.

Why are premium theatres important?

Premium theatres offer a unique experience that can’t be found at typical movie theatres. These theatres often have more comfortable seats, upscale food and beverage options, and special features not found at other theatres. In some cases, premium theatres may be located in luxury hotels.

Some of the benefits of going to a premium theatre include the following:

More comfortable seats. Premium theatres often have more comfortable seats than traditional theatres. This means that you will be able to sit in a seat in the correct position for your body rather than having to adjust your posture to fit the chair.

Better food and beverage options. Premium theatres often have more comfortable seats than traditional theatres. This means that you will be able to sit in a seat in the correct position for your body rather than having to adjust your posture to fit the chair. Premium theatres often have more upscale food and beverage options than traditional theatres. This means that you will be able to enjoy food and beverages that are both delicious and nutritious.

Premium theatres often have more upscale food and beverage options than traditional theatres. This means that you will be able to enjoy food and beverages that are both delicious and nutritious. Premium theatres often have features that are not found in traditional theatres. These features may include special movie previews, unique movie theatres, or special events. Special features are not found at other theatres.

What are some of the drawbacks of going to a premium theatre?

There are a few drawbacks to going to a premium theatre. These theatres often have higher prices than traditional theatres and may not have the same selection of movies. Additionally, premium theatres may have stricter dress codes than conventional theatres.


Going to the movies has many unfamiliar terminologies, such as IMAX, 4DX, Dolby Cinema, and Cinemark XD, that are rarely explained.

What is the difference between all of these different screens and technologies? Do they offer a better movie-going experience?

Here is a breakdown of all the different types of movie theatres, screens, and technologies and what they have to offer moviegoers.

IMAX  screens are much larger than traditional movie screens, and the image is projected at a higher resolution. This results in a sharper image and a more immersive experience. IMAX screens are also designed to provide a more immersive sound experience.

4DX  screens are similar to IMAX screens in terms of size and resolution. However, 4DX screens include additional features like moving seats and special effects synchronising with the movie. This results in a more immersive and interactive experience.

Dolby Cinema  screens are designed to provide the best possible sound and video quality. They use Dolby Atmos sound technology and 4K projection systems. Dolby Cinema screens also have loungers and recliners for a more comfortable movie-going experience.

Cinemark XD  screens are similar to IMAX and 4DX screens in size and resolution. However, they also use laser projection technology. This results in a brighter and more vibrant image. Cinemark XD screens also have a slightly curved screens to provide a more immersive experience.

What does XD mean in movies?

Regarding movie terminology, “xd” can have a few different meanings. It sometimes stands for “Extreme Digital cinema,” which could reference a movie’s setting or the characters’ abilities.

What is XD movie theatre?

XD movie theatres are a new type of movie theatre that is becoming increasingly popular. They offer a more immersive experience than traditional movie theatres and provide a better overall experience.

An XD movie theatre is a movie theatre that uses extra dimensions to create a more immersive experience for the viewer. The different sizes could be in sound, smell, or physical movement. This type of movie theatre is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to escape the mundane reality of their everyday lives.

The XD movie theatre experience is designed to be immersive. This means that you are not just watching the movie but also feeling it, smelling it, and even interacting with it. This type of movie theatre aims to make you feel like you are a part of the movie, not just an observer.

There are a few different ways an XD movie theatre can achieve this level of immersion. One way is by using special effects that go beyond what is possible with traditional movie theatres. This could include things like wind, water, and even smell. Another way is by using physical movement to create a more realistic experience. This could be done by seats that move or even by having the floor move.

XD vs digital cinema

There is much debate in the film industry about which is better, digital cinema or xd. Many people believe that digital cinema is the way of the future, but many holdouts still believe that xd is the way to go. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to see which is the better option.

Digital cinema has many advantages. One of the significant advantages is that digital cinema is much cheaper to produce than xd. In addition, digital cinema is much easier to edit and distribute. Finally, digital cinema provides a better quality picture than xd.

However, there are also some disadvantages to digital cinema. One of the significant disadvantages is that digital cinema can be very difficult to pirate. In addition, digital cinema requires special projection equipment, which can be expensive to buy and maintain. Finally, some people believe that the picture quality of digital cinema is not as good as xd.

So, which is better? It depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a cheaper, easier-to-edit and distribute option, then digital cinema is the way to go. However, if you are concerned about picture quality and piracy, then xd might be the better option.

Cinemark 20 and XD

Cinemark 20 and XD are one of the most famous movie theatres in the United States. It is located in Plano, Texas, and is known for its large size and luxurious features. The theatre has 20 screens and is equipped with XD technology, providing an immersive experience for moviegoers. The theatre also has a full-service bar and restaurant and is wheelchair accessible.

Century 20 Daly city XD and IMAX

This multiplex movie theatre is located in Daly City, California. It features stadium seating, digital projection, and surround sound. The theatre also has an IMAX screen.

Clackamas town centre movies

There’s something special about movies shown at Clackamas Town Center. It could be the beautiful, historic theatre. It could be the excitement of the big city. Or it could be the connection to the community that the theatre provides.

Whatever the reason, Clackamas Town Center movies are worth watching. Here are a few reasons why:

Theatre History

The Clackamas Town Center movie theatre has a rich history. It was built in the early 1900s and has served the community ever since. The theatre has been through a lot over the years, including a major renovation in the 1990s.

Theatre Location

The Clackamas Town Center movies theatre is located in downtown Clackamas. It’s just a short walk from the MAX station, making it easy to get to. Restaurants and shops also surround the theatre, so you can make a night of it.


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Cinema Equip

What Is RPX At A Movie Theater?

When you step into a movie theater, you may have noticed a few different phrases pop up on screens around the place and may even be written on your ticket.

Everyone’s heard of IMAX, XD, 4XD and RPX but not many people actually understand what they mean and the difference is between them. 

What Is RPX At A Movie Theater?

So, if you want to find out more about your cinema viewing experience, this is the place for you. 

Here we are going to be taking a look at what RPX is in a movie theater so you can understand all the different factors and areas.

That influence how enjoyable your time at the movie theater is. If you want to learn more about RPX, then check out the information below! 

What Is RPX?

RPX stands for ‘Regal Premium Experience’ and it is a type of cinema format that influences everything in the theater room from the projection technology to the seats you sit in.

It refers to every small detail in the movie theater room that can impact how you enjoy your viewing experience.

Currently, there are nearly 100 different locations across the United States that offer the RPX cinema experience.

When you go into a movie theater room, everything will be different depending on a few factors. Location is the biggest factor but so is the cinema format.

IMAX, XD, and RPX all differ when it comes to speakers, screens, projections, seats and infrastructure. 

This means that each movie theater room can differ when it comes to atmosphere and comfort, which is why it’s important to know about how each of them differ from the other and what they have to offer. 

So, what does RPX cinema have to offer? 

RPX cinema is meant to be the more luxurious way to enjoy a movie. Although their rooms are usually on a much smaller scale.

The infrastructure and technology used for the speakers and projectors are meant to be incredibly high quality – so let’s take a look at these differences in a little more detail. 

Probably one of the most obvious differences between RPX movie theaters and regular movie theaters is the seats. 

If you are not a cinema buff who knows everything about projection specifications and exact screen size and dimensions, it’s easy for the other differences to slip you by – but no one ever misses the difference in the quality of the seats. 

RPX movie theater seats are made from fine materials including leather.

They are a lot more padded which means that they are super comfortable to sit in and you are less likely to feel achy or stiff after sitting in them for so long.

This is a huge advantage RPX theaters have over other kinds of cinema formats because movies nowadays are constantly getting longer which means that audiences have to remain in the same seat for longer periods of time. 

However, leather seats are not always the best when it comes to cinema viewing. They are pretty loud and squeaky if you want to fidget a bit.

Plus, you know sitting in a luxury leather seat will drive up that ticket price – so there are many reasons why someone may prefer to sit elsewhere in a different kind of cinema format. 

The Infrastructure

When we mention infrastructure, we are often talking about the build and layout of the room overall.

Of course, every movie theater room will differ from place to place as every building is unique so it’s difficult to say if RPX (just like with all movie theaters) sticks to one kind of decor. 

However, it is noticeable how much ‘fancier’ or ‘sophisticated’ an RPX movie theater room feels compared to other movie theater rooms.

This is most likely because RPX wants to deliver this kind of ‘regal’ vibe to their movie theater rooms.

Which basically means they want their audiences to feel as if they are in a more expensive cinema than compared to their competitors. 

The leather seats are a huge factor in this but also are the railings and limited seating. You can get a few hundred seats in a single movie theater room but RPX rooms tend to keep seating on the lower end of the scale.

Most rooms range between 150 and 300 seats, with 300 seats more likely to be found in RPX cinemas in inner cities.

This limited amount of seating definitely makes your viewing experience feel a lot more cozy – and not always in a good way. 

Each row of seats are placed uncomfortably close together which means that you will not have a lot of legroom to stretch out.

It’s a common complaint a lot of people have after visiting an RPX cinema so they are known for having some of the closest seats in the business. 

The Technology

The Technology

Finally, we have come to the section for all movie buffs: the technology of an RPX movie theater room! 

In truth, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference on the surface when compared to other types of cinema formats and the equipment they use.

RPX uses laser projectors to create bright and vivid colors for their movies while other cinema formats like IMAX use digital projectors instead.

However, the technology is generally very closely matched because each type of cinema format does not want to be outdone by its competitors. 

Think about it – if there was a massive difference in quality when watching the same movie in an RPX room or an IMAX room, then audiences are naturally going to gravitate towards the room with the better film quality.

Audiences usually go back and forth on whether they want to pay extra for comfortable seats or extra legroom, but there’s no point in buying a ticket for a movie that looks washed out and faint on the screen. 

Audiences want to see their movie clearly so projector technology is usually consistent between all cinema formats.

The same goes for sound – the same type of speakers is usually used in all cinema formats although they can vary on where they put them.

Some RPX cinema rooms have included speakers in the seats themselves for clear sound quality and to create an immersive experience for their audiences. 

However, this has also been known to cause the seats to rattle in some cases, which can be super annoying when trying to watch a movie. 

Once a big difference though is the screen and its size. RPX cinemas tend to have a smaller screen size than other movie theaters like IMAX.

The dimensions of an RPX screen is 40 by 60 feet, while other screens like in IMAX movie theaters are 52 feet by 70 feet.

This is balanced out by the fact that the seats in an RPX movie theater are closer to the screen but a lot of people prefer a larger screen because it means they can see every detail of the movie clearly. 


IMAX is probably RPX’s biggest competition when it comes to movie theater rooms and formats.

While RPX is only available in 97 locations across the US, IMAX has over 120. IMAX are also well known for creating loud.

Immersive movie experiences with their large curved screens that are noticeably superior to RPX and the fact that IMAX movie theater rooms have 12 channels of sound while RPX only features 7. 

However, RPX have the superior seats although they lack legroom. 

So, it’s pretty clear to see why so many people choose the IMAX movie theater over RPX.

Not only is it more easily accessible, but it is larger and louder which is a general desire for when it comes to watching a movie on a huge cinema screen.

However, when it comes to price, you may be able to find an RPX cinema ticket for a bit less than an IMAX ticket although this relies heavily on what movie you are watching and in which city.  

XD is the movie theater room format that is available in Cinemark movie theaters which means that this format is way more accessible than both IMAX and RPX as Cinemark currently operates a total of 321 movie theaters in the US. 

They are best known for offering quality reclining seats, screens that stretch over 70 feet tall, and a sound system that uses 11 different channels.

However, all of this comes at a cost which ups the price of your movie theater ticket. 

So, RPX has competition here when it comes to premium experience but you are sure to save a few bucks choosing the RPX experience of XD. 

In conclusion, RPX is a great alternative to IMAX and XD if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper than the latter two.

This movie theater format offers a similar experience to IMAX but it is outshone by IMAX and XD when it comes to screen size and sound quality. So, carefully consider which format is best for you. 

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What does xd mean, and how do you use it.

It's a very old but still very popular example of netspeak!

Quick Links

Dying of laughter, the history of xd, an emoticon in the emoji age, how to use xd.

Don't be fooled---XD is not an acronym! It's a great way to express yourself on the internet without busting out the emoji keyboard. Here's what this text-based emoji means and how you can start using it.

Despite it being two capital letters, XD is not an acronym or slang term. The letters don't mean anything. However, if you turn your head to the left, you'll figure out that it's a text emoticon that forms the shape of someone smiling with an X for eyes. People usually interpret this emoticon as someone laughing with their eyes squinted. Alternatively, you can imagine it as an animated face with an X for eyes, like a visual metaphor for "dying of laughter."

XD is one of the most enduring text-based emoticons in the history of the internet. Despite emojis largely replacing text-based emoticons in private messaging apps, XD has remained an enduring smiley that nearly everyone knows. Not only is it easy to visualize and type, but it's also the most "cross-platform" emoticon around. Unlike emoji , which change based on which software or operating system you're in , "XD" looks the same on every device.

You should take note that XD is only written in uppercase because it does not make the same face in lowercase. There's a program in the Adobe Suite called " Adobe Xd " that lets you design user interfaces, so you should also avoid confusing it with that.

Related: How to Use Emoji on Your Smartphone or PC

While this emoticon doesn't have an exact origin story, it likely originated in the 1990s and early 2000s in IRC chatrooms and text-based message boards. The first definition for this expression on Urban Dictionary was written in March of 2003 and describes it as a "laughing face." Eventually, it grew to widespread prominence during the age of IM, where it was one of the most common text emoticons alongside ":)" and "^_^."

While emoticons started getting phased out in the 2010s, XD stayed on and was adopted by the internet meme community. It became the most common text-based emotion across various social media websites and internet communities. You'll find it on plenty of internet memes across the years.

what does xd at the movies mean

You might be wondering -- why is this text emoticon still so prominent, even when every operating system and messaging app already has an emoji system ? You can attribute its longevity to two things: its lack of a completely equivalent emoji and its reputation as a massive internet meme.

If you pop open your emoji keyboard, you'll notice emojis for pretty much everything... except for a smiling face with a cross for eyes. There's an emoji called " Grinning Squinting Face " that depicts someone grinning with two eyes tightly held together, but it's not quite as expressive or versatile as XD is. The Unicode Consortium has not made an equivalent emoji yet.

Related: How to Look Up What an Emoji Means

On top of that, since it has no precise equivalent, messaging apps that automatically convert emoticons to emojis will have nothing to convert it to. For example, if you type up ":)" in a modern messaging app, it will likely be converted to the basic smiling emoji when sent out. However, when you type up "lmao XD," you'll get the same text in every single app.

The other big reason is its place as an internet phenomenon in its own right. For nearly a decade, the phrase " LMAO XD" was the de facto internet phrase used to react to something funny, whether on a YouTube comment or in a message board. It became so common that it stopped being funny until it was rescued by the recent resurgence of "ironic humor" on the internet.

Unlike other emoticons that involved symbols such as parenthesis or colons, XD is comprised of two letters. You'll often hear people in online videos say "Lmao XD" ironically to refer to something they found funny at the time or that other people find humor in. In these videos, commentators would say it phonetically, as in "Ex Dee," which adds to the effect.

Nowadays, no one bats an eye when it's mixed in with emojis and GIFs in a text thread. Saying "XD" is still a common way of expressing that you find something amusing nearly two decades after its invention.

Using XD on your messages is pretty straightforward. The next time you reach for the emoji button on your phone, consider sending an XD instead! While it won't have the visual fidelity of an emoji, nearly everyone will recognize XD as a funny, laughing face. XD doesn't work in lowercase, so you're going to want to hold the Shift key for this one.

Here are a few examples of XD in action:

  • "LMAO XD, that's hilarious."
  • "Wow XD I can't believe it."
  • "Have you seen this super funny video? XD"
  • "XD okay, you got me good that time."

Do you want to learn about other web slang terms? Then check out our pieces on NGL , LFG , and NP , and you'll be typing like an internet savant in no time!

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Watch CBS News

After AT&T customers hit by widespread outage, carrier says service has been restored

By Brian Dakss, Aimee Picchi

Edited By Anne Marie Lee

Updated on: February 22, 2024 / 8:17 PM EST / CBS News

Customers of numerous U.S. cell service providers reported outages and other service problems early Thursday morning, according to the website  Downdetector.com , which tracks such reports. AT&T had the most by far, with tens of thousands of customers telling Downdetector they had no service.

Customers of T-Mobile, Verizon, UScellular and Consumer Cellular were also reporting issues, though far fewer. T-Mobile and Verizon told CBS News that their networks were operational, although some customers may be encountering problems when trying to reach people on another network.

The reports of AT&T outages appear to have started at around 4 a.m. EST, Downdetector said, then seemed to wane some two hours later, then picked up again and were about 60,000 at 11 a.m. EST.

But by 3:10 p.m. EST on Thursday AT&T  said  the problem had been resolved.

"We have restored wireless service to all our affected customers," AT&T said on its website. "We sincerely apologize to them. Keeping our customers connected remains our top priority, and we are taking steps to ensure our customers do not experience this again in the future."

Later Thursday night, the company attributed the outage to a software bug.

"Based on our initial review, we believe that today's outage was caused by the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network, not a cyber attack," the company  said on its website . "We are continuing our assessment of today's outage to ensure we keep delivering the service that our customers deserve."

United states cluster map showing concentration of user-submitted problem reports over the last 24 hours to Downdetector.com.

Officials: Don't call 911 to test your phone

Earlier in the day, some officials urged people not to call 911 to test whether their phone was working. 

"Many 911 centers in the state are getting flooded w/ calls from people trying to see if 911 works from their cellphone. Please do not do this," the Massachusetts State Police wrote on X, the former Twitter.

Likewise, Chicago's Office of Emergency Management & Communications had a similar message for local residents, noting that on X that people who actually need to get through to 911 should use a landline or find a friend or relative who uses a service other than AT&T and ask them to make the call.

Some municipalities experienced difficulties with 911 service.

The San Francisco Fire Department said in a post on X, "We are aware of an issue impacting AT&T wireless customers from making and receiving any phone calls (including to 911). We are actively engaged and monitoring this. The San Francisco 911 center is still operational."

In North Carolina, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said on X at 3:15 a.m. EST that it was "aware of a nationwide outage impacting AT&T cellphone customers this morning. Customers were briefly unable to contact 9-1-1. There are no disruptions to our call center's ability to receive 9-1-1 calls. Service should be returning shortly."

And in Florida, the Flagler County Sheriff's Office posted on X at 6:43 a.m. EST that, "Texts to 911 from affected AT&T users are now being received. If you have an emergency, and cannot dial out, send a text message to 911."

The transit system serving Philadelphia and its suburbs, SEPTA, said on X that, "Due to AT&T communication outages, some trains may reflect a delay, however all trains are operating on or close to schedule."

AT&T outage

As of 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, Downdetector had more than 60,000 reports of service issues from AT&T customers. Most of the complaints were focused on problems with their mobile phones or wireless service. 

Outages were highest in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Louisville, Miami and San Antonio, according to Downdetector.

In a statement to CBS News, Verizon said its network was operating normally, although some customers experienced issues earlier Thursday when calling or texting people who use another carrier. It said that it was continuing to monitor the situation. 

A spokesperson for T-Mobile said it didn't experience an outage and that its network was operating normally.

"Downdetector is likely reflecting challenges our customers were having attempting to connect to users on other networks," the spokesperson said.

UScellular also told CBS News that its network was operating normally. 

"We are, however, aware of a disruption that could be impacting UScellular customers attempting to roam on or call customers of another carrier," it said in a statement.

How to turn on Wi-Fi calling

Even if you have no cellular service, you should be able to make phone calls using wireless internet access, which is what AT&T is recommending for its customers. 

To turn on Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone, go to "settings," then "phone" and next click on "Wi-Fi" calling. Apple says you may need to confirm or enter your address for emergency services. 

You'll see "Wi-Fi" in the status bar while you are looking at the control center, which means your phone will use the wireless internet service in your home or office to make calls. 

To turn on Wi-Fi calling on Android phones, Google says to open your phone app, then tap "more settings." Then tap "calls," and from there tap "Wi-Fi calling." If that's not an option on your phone, it means your carrier doesn't provide the option,  according  to Google.

What does SOS mean on my phone?

Some customers reported seeing an "SOS" message on their iPhones. 

This can happen when a cellular service isn't widely available, but your phone is letting you know that it will still work for emergency calls,  according  to Apple.

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Yale again requiring SAT scores, saying it will help poor students

Israel says 1 killed in West Bank shooting as Gaza toll nears 30,000

Fire traps residents of high-rise buildings in Spain, injuring at least 7

Pope Francis cancels audience due to a mild flu, Vatican says

Everything we know about four The Beatles biopics from director Sam Mendes

  • "No Time To Die" director Sam Mendes is working on four biopics about The Beatles.
  • Each movie will be from the perspective of a different member of the iconic British band.
  • Here's everything we know about The Beatles movies.

Insider Today

“No Time To Die” director Sam Mendes is working on four biopics about The Beatles .

Mendes, who's also known for Oscar-winning films including “American Beauty,” “ Skyfall ,” and “1917,” has partnered with Sony to work on the ambitious slate of movies about the iconic British band. 

In a press release announcing the news, Sony Pictures CEO Tim Rothman said: “Sam’s daring, large-scale idea is that and then some.”

Here’s everything we know about the four movies about The Beatles.

Each movie will focus on a different member of The Beatles

According to the press release, each movie will be from the perspective of a different member of the band, meaning Paul McCartney , John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr will each have their own biopic.

It’s the first time that the band’s company, Apple Corps Ltd., has given permission for the group’s life story and music to be used in a scripted film about them.

Since 1979, 18 unauthorized biopics have been made about the band including 2009’s “Knowhere Boy" starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lennon and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as McCartney.

The release also says that the four movies “will intersect to tell the astonishing story of the greatest band in history.” Yes, Mendes is effectively giving audiences The Beatles Cinematic Universe, so get those “ Avengers ” jokes out of the way now. 

Sam Mendes will have 'no limits' telling The Beatles’ story

In an interview with Deadline published on Tuesday, Pippa Harris, who will produce the films, said the band’s surviving members, McCartney and Starr, have given their blessing for Mendes to work on the four films.

“It’s a testament to his creative brilliance and powers of persuasion that Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sean Lennon, and Olivia Harrison responded with such warmth and enthusiasm as soon as he spoke with them,” she said, referring to John Lennon's son and George Harrison's widow.

Harris went on to say that Mendes will have no restrictions on what he depicts from the band members’ lives.

She said: “What is truly exciting is for Sam to have the freedom to delve into the lives of each of the Beatles, with nothing off limits and no sense of the band wanting him to tell a particular ‘authorised’ version of their rise to success.”

Starr also gave his blessing on Tuesday via a post on X.

Have you heard the news? Oh boy. We all support the Sam Mendes movie project. Yes, indeed. peace and love.😎🎶🌈✌️🌟❤️☮️ pic.twitter.com/byhnmVqsHY — #RingoStarr (@ringostarrmusic) February 20, 2024

Nobody has been cast yet, but The Beatles movies should be released in 2027

Mendes is currently the only big name attached to all four movies as director, and no actors have been cast as Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, or Starr as of yet.

Per the press release, Sony is looking to release all four movies about The Beatles in 2027, which gives Mendes plenty of time to find the right people to play the Liverpudlian superstars.

what does xd at the movies mean

Watch: We just got our first look at 'Blade Runner 2049' and it looks amazing

what does xd at the movies mean

  • Main content

What is Ash Wednesday? Here’s what to know about the holy day marking the beginning of Lent

what does xd at the movies mean

Lent is a 40-day season of prayer, fasting and giving that Catholics and some other Christian denominations observe as a time of repentance and closeness to God in preparation for the day of Christ's resurrection, celebrated on Easter .

Ash Wednesday is the kickoff of that season that is one of five on the Catholic liturgical calendar, along with Advent, Christmas, Easter, and Ordinary Time .

That means you may see someone walking around with an ash cross on their forehead this Wednesday. Don't try to clean their forehead: Here's what it means and why the day figures so prominently in the Lenten season.

What is Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is the first day of the liturgical season of Lent that falls six and half weeks before Easter each year.

Members of the Catholic Church ages 18 to 59 are required to observe Lent and fast on Ash Wednesday, starting at 14-years-old.

Ash Wednesday dates back to the 11th century, according to the Vatican , but the tradition of marking one's forward with ashes is rooted in the ancient Hebrew custom of "clothing oneself in sackcloth and dusting oneself with ashes as a sign of penance," according to Hallow , an app for Catholic prayer and meditation.

When is Ash Wednesday 2024?

This year, Ash Wednesday falls on Feb. 14.

Why is Ash Wednesday important?

Ash Wednesday places Catholics and other denominations of faith in the place of Jesus’ entry into the desert before His death. It is a symbolic turning of one's heart towards God, recognizing the brokenness that exists and the need for salvation.

"Ash Wednesday is the perfect opportunity for us all to recommit to many of the things we know we need to do," Hallow CEO Alex Jones said.

For some, it could mean prayer and meditation, Jones added. For others, it could look like fasting food or social media.

"It might be serving at a local shelter or being more generous in our giving. Whatever it is, Lent is the perfect time to take just 40 days and commit to it," Jones said.

What do the ashes symbolize?

The ashes symbolize our mortality.

On Ash Wednesday, you may see neighbors walking around with ash crosses on their foreheads.

During mass on this day, priests will add crosses made of ashes to foreheads reminding Catholics, but you do not need to be Catholic to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday. Other Christian denominations and even those disconnected from traditions of faith, sometimes observe.

When is Easter 2024? How its date is determined each year and why some celebrate.

Can you eat meat on Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are the only two days of fasting and abstinence required by the Catholic Church, though Catholics are encouraged to abstain from meat on Fridays during the 40-day season of Lent.

Christ fasted in the desert for 40 days leading up to His death and resurrection, so believers choose to fast as well according to their own conviction in the days leading up to Easter. Fasting, just like ashes, is a sign of repentance and aims to stir up a spiritual hunger.

What is Lent?

Just as the four-week season of Advent prepares believers for Jesus’s birth at Christmas, the 40-day season of Lent prepares believers for Jesus' death and resurrection at Easter.

This time of sacrifice and repentance prepares the heart to receive the reconciliation that Christ offers. An individual gets to choose what they'd like to give up during the time of Lent, as Jones shared.

When does Lent start and end?

This year, Lent starts on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14) and ends on either March 29, Good Friday, or on March 30, " Holy Saturday ," the day before Easter, depending on the denomination.

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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Through My Window 3: Looking at You’ on Netflix, the Conclusion to the Semi-Steamy Spanish Sex Saga

Where to stream:.

  • Through My Window: Looking at You

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Mea Culpa’ on Netflix, a Punny Erotic Thriller From The Twisted Mind of Tyler Perry

Tyler perry’s ‘mea culpa’: kelly rowland and trevante rhodes have freaky paint sex, what time will ‘through my window 3’ premiere on netflix, stream it or skip it: ‘miller’s girl’ on vod, an erotic thriller led by jenna ortega that’s stirring up controversy.

Through My Window 3: Looking at You (now on Netflix) at last brings the scintillating Spanish sex saga to a close. The Through My Window trilogy is a part-YA/part-softcore romance based on novels by Ariana Godoy , and the first film must’ve been enough of a hit when it was released in 2022 for Netflix to keep the rutting rolling. The cast and creative team remains consistent throughout the trilogy, so if you’ve seen the turgid first two films, you pretty much know what to expect from the third one. And so we chomp at the bit, I guess, to see if the boy named after a Greek god and the humble girl next door will live happily ever after or what. We’re all on pins and needles here, aren’t we?


The Gist: Three movies in, and Raquel (Clara Galle) is still sitting at her window. We’re about a minute-and-a-half in, and she’s already topless, so hooray for you horndogs out there who watch this movie for that reason . And there’s plenty of that in this movie, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Thing is, the people doing that aren’t doing that with the people we want them to. As you no doubt recall from Through My Window 2: Electric Screwaloo , Raquel and her megarich neighbor hunk Ares (Julio Pena) ain’t together no more. She’s with Gregory (Ivan Lapadula) now, and Ares is at med school in Stockholm with Vera (Andrea Chaparro), so everybody’s happy and far less dysfunctional and there’s no reason for this movie to exist, right? 

No! Of course nobody’s happy! The cruel hand of destiny put Ares and Raquel together in the first place and will surely reunite them but first we have to slog through the middle part where they’re untogether and secretly yearning for each other’s loins and hearts and cockles and other miscellaneous innards. It’s Christmastime, which means Raquel’s shitty job at a toy store requires her to dress like an elf. This is only temporary, though – remember how she wrote a book about her and Ares’ love affair called Through My Window ? Well, it’s being published now, and the pre-release hype is so strong, her editor already wants a sequel. Thing is, she sits at her laptop and, just like the morning after the fateful evening when you singlehandedly ate the entire cheese log, nothing comes out. 

Well, nothing comes out until she looks out her window and sees Ares looking out his window. He’s home for Xmas break and his mere existence in the same general vicinity really gets the juices flowing – in her brain, you pervs. Well, and elsewhere too of course, because there’s no way in god’s green hell that he isn’t going to climb through her window dripping wet from the rain and relieve a little tension, ifyouknowwhatImean . But before that sex scene happens, we have to get through a different sex scene, one that cross-cuts between Raquel and Gregory having sex and Ares and Vera having sex, and what with an editing trick or two, Raquel and Ares are having sex, because that’s who each of them would rather be having sex with, and also who we’d rather be watching having sex. This, my friends, is the ART of FILM.

There’s a bunch of non-sex plot here, and I promise you’re not going to give a rip about any of it. Some of it has to do with Ares and Raquel letting their other significant others down gently. Gregory sneak-reads the beginning of Raquel’s new book and it’s all Ares this and Ares that and I wish Ares was ravishing my nethers, so that’s easy. The Vera-Ares sitch is more compleximicated, since their families’ gigantocorps are on the verge of a merge, and trust me, there’s nothing here you’ll be more invested in than the conglomeration of Alpha3 and Egarmex! If they break up, will it torpedo the deal? Pressure’s on, especially since Ares’ family’s gigantocorp has been operating in the red, much to the chagrin of his brother and CEO Artemis (Eric Masip), who’s now with the family’s former servant Claudia (Emilia Lazo), and she’s not only pregnant, but has had enough of his shitty rich entitled privileged snobby cold uncaring asshole family, so he better make decisions prioritizing her and the baby over the all-consuming globocorp drama. Oh, and there’s also that girl Anna (Carla Tous), who’s still upset about Yoshi dying oh so tragically and hilariously at the end of the last movie. Remember Yoshi? OF COURSE YOU DO. Anna has a little case of pills with her at all times, and you know what a movie character with pills is, right? Yep, an Agent of Chaos. Watch out for her! Wait, I haven’t mentioned sex-having in this entire great big long paragraph. Wanna know why? Because there’s pretty much no sex-having in the second half of the movie. You’ve been warned!

What Movies Will It Remind You Of?: Let’s see, I referenced Twilight and Fifty Shades and 365 Days in reviews of the first two, as well as fellow Spanish teen-lust saga My Fault , Nicolas Sparks junk and YA stuff like The Fault in Our Stars . Since all three Through My Window ses are doggedly consistently dishwater-dull, I’ll hold to those comparisons. 

Performance Worth Watching: Whoever edited that dreamy dual-scrump sequence, take a bow. 

Memorable Dialogue: The gems here range from awkward metaphors (“I doubt an iceberg is capable of learning”) to generic fortune-cookie sentiments (“I’m not trying to understand love anymore. I just want to experience it”). 

Sex and Skin: Plenty! Butts ‘n’ boobs ‘n’ thighs. None of it really pushes into hard-R territory, though.

Our Take: So, is the Through My Window trilogy a comedy or tragedy? (In the Shakespearean sense, of course, because the comparison is so apt!) Of course I can’t answer that, but I can confirm that it’s just as insipid as the preceding chapters, which failed to convince us that Raquel and Ares are legit human beings who consist of more than their hair and genitals, and are passionate about writing or doctoring – or even doing the sex, because those moments are all so gauzy and flavorless, it’s like watching a kid clomp dolls together in a fit of pre-pubescent curiosity. We might be more fired up for the schtupping if we truly understood how these characters functioned, but after spending five or so hours with them, one can only come to the conclusion that there’s more air in their skulls than brains.

Even after three movies, the Raquel/Ares chemistry is akin to pouring a glass of water into another glass of water. (Pena is especially charmless; he has all the charisma of a brooding stack of wolmanized decking.) That’s one of this series’ fatal mistakes. The other is assuming we give half a rat’s hiney about any of the subplots here, which explore perfunctory dynamics between the rich-prick haves and the nice people who are the relative have-nots. If this is supposed to be some Romeo and Juliet-type star-crossed-lovers economic-caste-system saga, it’s wildly ineffective. So boil it down, and we’re just here for the hawwt stuff, and Through My Window 3 substitutes that for dazzlingly moronic manufactured third-act drama that was telegraphed an hour earlier, and still makes no sense whatsoever. Was anybody out there just dying to see how this saga concludes? Well, it’s not even amusingly bad. It’s just vapid. But at this point, we should expect nothing more.

Our Call: I don’t NEED new windows! Take me off your call list! (Violently hangs up phone) SKIP IT.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Will There Be A Season 11 of ‘The Blacklist’? What We Know

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what does xd at the movies mean

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Mean Girls. Argylle. Madame Web. Why are movies so bad right now?

Jason Struss

2023 was an unusually great year for movies, with each month of the year offering something new and exciting in virtually every genre from almost every distributor. From the slick dance moves of the killer robot M3GAN to the modern Greek tragedy in neon-colored spandex that was The Iron Claw , last year was a great time to be a movie fan.

The 2024 winter movie slate is awful

Even movies on streaming services like netflix and amazon prime stink, tv is offering bigger and better alternatives than ever before.

  • Winter moviegoing doesn’t need to be so bleak

Why does this matter?

It’s only mid-February right now, and already that seems like a lifetime ago. Why are movies in 2024 so bad right now? There’s the usual litany of excuses: January and February have always been a dumping ground for movies; the Super Bowl takes eyeballs away from the movie theaters, so studios are less inclined to release quality movies; and the rise of streaming has caused the threshold for what constitutes a good movie to drop.

But that doesn’t fully explain why this particular time has been plagued with so many terrible, uninspired movies at both the multiplex and at home. Why did the quality of films coming out right now plunge so low and so fast? More importantly, what effect does this have on an audience that is already apathetic about movies and is increasingly willing to find other methods like gaming, social media, or even AI to entertain themselves?

  • Like the 1997 action satire Starship Troopers? Then watch these 3 classic sci-fi movies now
  • The 50 best movies on Netflix right now (February 2024)
  • This 2023 movie should’ve been nominated for Best Picture. Here’s why you should watch it now

Remember last year when the first weekend of 2023 witnessed the release of one of the most talked-about movies of late 2022? Yes, I’m talking about M3GAN , and while it’s no classic, it generated enough hype, not to mention money at the box office, to start the year off with a kick. Every subsequent weekend had a movie that had some appeal: the superb, creepy-vibes horror movie Skinamarink on January 13, the underrated thriller Missing on January 20, the strikingly original sci-fi film Infinity Pool  on January 27, the popcorn pleasures of Knock at the Cabin on February 3, and the climax (pun intended) to the Magic Mike trilogy, Magic Mike’s Last Dance , on February 10. It was only on February 17 that 2023 saw its first huge misfire, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania , and even that was tempered with the simultaneous releases of the art house hits Pacification , Of an Age , and Return to Seoul .

Compare that lineup with 2024’s and you’re bound to get depressed: a Mean Girls musical, drained of all the charm of its cinematic and stage predecessors, that was originally scheduled for streaming and pushed into theaters; a Jason Statham action movie, The Beekeeper , that wishes it was as insanely fun as the Crank movies; something called The Book of Clarence , which vanished so fast I’m not sure it’s actually real; ditto for I.S.S .; the awful indie movies Miller’s Girl and Founder’s Day ; and the twin over-produced disasters of early February, Argylle and Madame Web .

The combination of poor-quality movies and an unimaginative lineup that played it too safe resulted in a pileup of mediocrity early this year that seemed endless. 2024 has been one disappointment after another, with few films, either from the major studios or from independent companies, really connecting with critics or audiences. And things weren’t so great on the streaming front, either.

Good Grief . Lift . Role Play . Self Reliance . The Kitchen . These movies encompass wildly different genres (drama, action, rom-com, surrealist comedy, and futuristic sci-fi, respectively) and showcase a diverse range of actors from Dan Levy to Kevin Hart to Jake Johnson, but they all have one thing in common: they stink. At least, that’s what the critics think, as they each received middling to downright vicious reviews, and the audience response to each has been apathetic at best.

Why is streaming also stumbling at the same time as theatrical movies? One answer could be the Academy Awards. Streamers, like their studio brethren, are holding back their quality movies for the fall to qualify for the Oscars. Even Society of the Snow , which debuted on Netflix on January 4, 2024, technically is a 2023 release, as Netflix gave it a limited theatrical run in December 2023.

But not every movie needs to be Oscar-worthy to be enjoyable, and something like Lift , which has a good premise (thieves have to steal gold on a place in mid-air), a game cast (Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jean Reno, and Vincent D’Onofrio), and a talented director (F. Gary Gray, who made the similar but much better The Italian Job in 2003), should’ve worked.

It didn’t, and neither did many of the other original streaming movies that have been released so far. This piling up of mediocrity, at both the movie theaters and at home, has made the prospect of seeing a movie, any movie, filled with dread. How much more disappointment can one person take?

A common observation/complaint in the Peak TV era is that TV shows are now better, or at least more satisfying, than movies. And while I’ve always viewed that way of thinking as too general and sweeping, I’m afraid it’s true now. With shows like True Detective: Night Country on HBO and Masters of the Air on Apple TV+, who wants to go to the movies anymore? Both shows couldn’t be more different yet they consistently offer the same things — star performances, big budgets that actually service the plot, and compelling narratives — that movies used to have on a regular, week-to-week basis.

Moreover, some of the same stars and genres that used to feature exclusively in movies are now more likely to be seen and done properly in television. A Jodie Foster thriller with horror overtones was a winter hit in February 1991 with The Silence of the Lambs ; in 2024, it’s HBO’s most-watched show. Masters of the Air could’ve easily come out in the summer of 1999 on the heels of similar World War II pictures like Saving Private Ryan  and The Thin Red Line ; instead, it’s one of streaming television’s most expensive and impressive productions ever.

Streaming television isn’t exactly stealing these performers and types of stories away from movies in so much as it’s offering a more attractive method of storytelling, longer runtimes, and less pressure to appeal to a mass audience. Yet I have no doubt had these properties been developed as movies, they would’ve been big hits, even in January and February, and would’ve balanced out the junk that has piled up and out in theaters in 2024.

Winter moviegoing doesn’t need to be so bleak

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it usually isn’t; the excellent movie slate in early 2023 wasn’t an exception but rather a fairly typical theatrical programming schedule. Just look at any pre-pandemic year and you’ll find at least a few movies worth watching: 2019 ( Cold Pursuit , Glass , The Duke of Burgundy ); 2018 ( Paddington 2 , The Commuter , Black Panther ); 2012 ( The Gray , Chronicles , The Secret World of Arrietty ); and on and on. Go back further and you’ll find groundbreaking movies like the aforementioned Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver, and Cabaret had dead-in-the-winter release dates.

Despite the common perception that this time of the year is a dumping ground for bad films, history tells us a different story: that the months of January and February can hold secret treasures like the Paddington films, guilty pleasures like any Liam Neeson action film , and Oscar-winning classics right out of the gate like Cabaret . For some reason, the movie industry forgot its history in 2024, and the result is a depressed moviegoing audience that, just last weekend, gave the industry its worst Super Bowl weekend at the box office ever .

It’s no secret that the theatrical industry has been undergoing hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Streaming has experienced a few bumps of its own lately, too, with declining subscribers and depressed stocks for most of the conglomerates that own them. To have movies in both theaters and at home fail so consistently and across almost every genre threatens to disincentivize an increasingly fractured audience that is already too distracted by TikTok or video games further. When you have nothing good to offer and offer it non-stop, why should anyone come back?

My hope is that these last seven weeks have been just an outlier; after all, the first two months of 2016 gave us Norm of the North and Dirty Grandpa . (It also was around this time that Deadpool was released, but I digress.) There are bound to be peaks and valleys in the entertainment business, and the next few weeks offer some hope with the B-movie kitsch of Drive-Away Dolls and the sci-fi spectacle of Dune: Part Two .

But movies are still in a vulnerable state right now, and nearly two months of bad films can be enough to push people away for good. Peak TV may be over, but we’re still getting such big-budget epics like Shōgun on FX/Hulu  or thrillers like Ripley on Netflix. Movies can still offer a home for stories like those (and did in 1999 with the masterful The Talented Mr. Ripley ), and can be released in January and February to critical acclaim and big box office. If it worked before and has worked for decades, then it can work again.

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Jason Struss

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, with nearly 250 million subscribers. And just what do those people tend to watch? In particular, what is the most popular movie on Netflix? Each week, the streaming service releases a list of its 10 most-watched movies over the past seven days to keep subscribers in the loop regarding its most popular titles.

Players, a new rom-com starring Gina Rodriguez and Damon Wayans Jr., won over the hearts of the Netflix audience on its way to the No. 2 spot. And though the holiday season may be over, but Eli Roth's Thanksgiving slashed its way to the No. 9 spot. Other new films to debut in the top 10 include Einstein and the Bomb and Horrible Bosses 2. Below, we've listed the top 10 movies in the U.S. from February 12 to February 18, along with general information about each film, such as genre, rating, cast, and synopsis.

When Netflix recently added The Abyss to its lineup, there probably weren't very high expectations for it. After all, it's not James Cameron's The Abyss from 1989. Instead, it's a Swedish disaster film that is now one of the most popular movies on Netflix.

That's the thing about Netflix's algorithm: It's very unpredictable. More often then not, seemingly random films are suddenly more popular now than they ever were when they hit theaters. In this case, American audiences would have never seen The Abyss if it hadn't suddenly arrived on a large platform like Netflix. But if you're on the fence about checking it out, here are three reasons to watch The Abyss on Netflix. Tuva Novotny grounds the movie with her performance

Peacock celebrated the streaming premiere of Oppenheimer by adding several other Christopher Nolan movies to its lineup for February. What Peacock declined to mention is that The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and Dunkirk are all leaving at the end of the month. So you only have a short time left if you want to curate your own Nolan film festival at home.

Our picks for the three movies leaving Peacock in February that you have to watch only includes one of Nolan's films, because it just wouldn't be fair to give him the entire spotlight. Our other picks include a family drama starring George Clooney, as well as a Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller comedy that is turning 20 in 2024. The Dark Knight (2008)

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‘True Detective: Night Country’ Ending: Creator Issa López on Those Killers, Season 1 Ties and What’s the Deal With Annie’s Tongue?

By Kate Aurthur

Kate Aurthur


  • ‘True Detective: Night Country’ Ending: Creator Issa López on Those Killers, Season 1 Ties and What’s the Deal With Annie’s Tongue? 6 days ago
  • Porsha Williams Guobadia Returning to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ in Bravo Reboot 2 weeks ago
  • ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Announces Season 20 Guest Stars, With Jessica Capshaw Returning as Arizona 2 weeks ago

Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, "True Detective: Night Country" finale.

SPOILER ALERT:  This interview contains spoilers from “Part 6,”   the season finale of HBO’s “ True Detective: Night Country ,” now streaming on Max.

After flirting with the supernatural all season, the finale of “True Detective: Night Country” revealed that the show’s killers were very much real human beings.

But back to the mystery. As Navarro had intuited immediately, a murder years before led to the 2024 deaths of the TSALAL scientists. Activist Annie K. (Nivi Pedersen) discovered that not only were the scientists faking environmental data for Silver Sky Mining — the company that’s been poisoning Ennis — but they actually wanted the permafrost to melt so they could better conduct their experiments. In a justifiable rage, Annie destroyed their research in the secret lab under the TSALAL station, and when the men caught her, they stabbed her and beat her, seemingly to death. When her boyfriend, scientist Raymond Clark (Owen McDonnell), went to weep over her body and Annie showed signs of life, he smothered her with his T-shirt.

It’s a long night for everyone, and by the time the northern lights streak the New Year’s Day sky, Clark has purposefully chosen to freeze to death, the power has gone out and both Navarro and Danvers have ventured out onto the ice, hearing the whispers that have called to them throughout the series. For Navarro, that Danvers nearly dies falling through the ice — she thinks her dead son Holden is trapped under it — is what snaps her back to reality, and they end up saving each other, with Danvers finally grieving her son.

“That they embraced at the end is all the companionship that the two of them need,” López tells Variety.

Danvers and Navarro toast to the New Year, and finally admit that they’ve become friends. “Try to come back, OK?” Danvers says to Navarro, who clearly still feels the pull to wander. After Navarro mentions the hatch again, Danvers, going on a hunch, puts a UV light on it, and finds a handprint with two shortened fingers, indicating that Blair Hartman (Kathryn Wilder) had been there. Blair is one of the women of Ennis who have multiple jobs, and hover around the periphery of the town — López calls them “the women who know everything.”

With the blizzard over, Navarro and Danvers go to speak with Blair, and Bee (Diane E. Benson), clearly the group’s leader, takes charge of the conversation — or the “story,” as she puts it. “Those fuckers killed Annie K.,” Bee says, as she describes how she had discovered the underground lab while cleaning at TSALAL, and then figured out what had happened to Annie six years earlier. This band of women then came together to kidnap the TSALAL scientists, busting in with guns and corralling them into a truck. After making them strip and forcing them to walk out onto the ice, Bee says she was leaving their fates up to nature. “I guess she ate their dreams from the inside out, and spit their frozen bones,” she says with a shrug. As the women stand in formation against Danvers and Navarro, Danvers tells them the case has been officially closed. “Thought you’d want to know, seeing as they were your employers and all,” she says.

The audience sees Navarro setting out to walk across the ice, but this time, she looks resolved and happy, not frightened. As we watch Danvers and her stepdaughter Leah (Isabella Star LaBlanc), happy and getting along, one of the investigators asks about sightings of Navarro, who has become a mythical figure. “Well, this is Ennis,” Danvers says, over a serene scene of her and Navarro sharing space on a deck that overlooks a lake. “Nobody ever really leaves.”

In a wide-ranging interview, López discusses the details of the finale, where Danvers and Navarro end up, the mystery of Annie K.’s tongue — and confirms that yes, Rose’s (Fiona Shaw) late ex-boyfriend was Rust Cohle’s father.

I’ve seen people worrying on social media that the show wouldn’t have enough time for the mysteries to be resolved — but most of them are! What questions did you know you wanted to answer definitively in the show’s finale?  

Who did it! It’s a whodunit. There’s a satisfaction in knowing what happened. It’s two different crimes and they’re connected, and we’ll get an answer on both.

Most importantly, I want to know honestly if our characters are going to find their own answers, and I think very much that they do. One thing that we hear Danvers say in Episode 5 is, “You need to know when to stop asking questions.” That’s one line — the other one is, “Not every question has an answer.” So there’s things that will be up for our audience to decide on themselves. And that was very important to me too.

At what point in your writing process did you know who had killed Annie and what happened to the Tsalal scientists? Can you take us inside your process for how those things were related?

We know who put those men in the ice. What happened after the men ran into the ice? That’s up to you.

I knew the moment that I wrote, “Men disappear in an Arctic research station…” that there would be a body part that would connect with an older crime. So that’s how it all started.  And then I thought, “What is going to be interesting?” Lynch absolutely took care of ears forever.

He sure did.

There is a Japanese movie by a very demented and incredible Japanese director [Takashi Miike] that did that movie “Audition.” And there’s a tongue actually flapping on the floor in that movie, and it’s an image that stays with you. I thought that that would be a nice reference. Nobody has caught it up until this moment.

One thing I love to do in my work is underline the concept that we are at the point in history where we can’t trust the justice machine to come and help us, and that justice needs to be manifested in a different way. So who would avenge the death of this woman? It was obvious that it was the very same women that had been suffering this.

Day one, I knew those two things, and that’s all I knew. I needed to construct everything in between.

How did you come up with this secret society of women in Ennis, who are the ones who’ve taken revenge against the scientists who’d killed Annie?

As a Mexican immigrant who’s now a citizen in the United States, it’s such an interesting thing to realize that everybody working beyond the spotlight is invisible. Usually, the waiter that comes to your table in the restaurant is an aspiring actor or writer, or perhaps a French immigrant. But it’s rarely the Mexican that just crossed the border that is struggling, or the Ecuadorian. Those are the ones that pick up the plates, and when you call them, they quickly say, “I will call your waiter.” We’re not supposed to interact! They’re the people that show up in the office after everybody left.

However, they’re witnesses to everything that happens in all these places; they’re the invisible witnesses. And I thought that the working women in this town could be pretty invisible, which is unfortunate. But at the same time, it gives you a chance to observe everything, and do things that nobody will notice — because nobody’s looking at you.

And with Annie’s murder— ultimately, we see that it was Clark who killed her, even though he says to Danvers and Navarro that he “would never hurt her.” Tell me about that decision — to show what really happened as we hear his lie.

I establish in the series that you cannot rely on the stories that your characters are telling you when you see what actually happened — as happens in real life. But the question here with Clark is how much he believes what he’s saying. And I think he does. It’s torturing him, because at a certain level, he knows exactly what he did by stopping her from breathing.

This woman is moments away from dying anyway. And in his mind, he wants to stop it, the way that you put a wounded animal out of his misery. But she could have been saved? I think she could have been saved, or at least it could have been attempted. And it’s possible that the other scientists, after the horror and the shock, would have allowed it. And how much of that decision is to quote, “stop Annie’s suffering?” Or knowing that, thinking that if he doesn’t do it, one of the scientists is going to come and kill her with no love. Or that Clark also needs that secret to stay a secret.

Where does Navarro go when she sets off across the ice? Is she in a place of peace? Is she alive?

Navarro — definitely she’s at peace. That decision is very different than the Navarro that we see in the station listening to voices and walking into the ice. Then, she’s terrified thinking that she’s going to her destruction. She’s been fighting that call for a long, long time.

And what she finds once she surrenders to it is that the voices are trying to embrace her, and give her something that is a missing piece of her life. So now she can, with that knowledge, make a decision about this instinct that she always had, of, “Just go, and keep on going.” And do it at peace with herself. If that takes her to the afterlife or not, it’s a little bit open for interpretation.

There is going to be a part of our audience that wants to believe in the poetry of her just leaving to be with the spirits of the people she’s lost, and not be alone in the way that she is now. And that’s OK! That’s an interpretation.

My colleague and I had very different interpretations of the final shot of the series of Navarro and Danvers. I’m a literalist, so I thought, “Oh, they’re hanging out at a lake house.” And she said, “I don’t think that’s the corporeal Navarro.” So tell me about that.

When the author speaks, it’s over. And I don’t want to cut out the reading that your colleague had. I love, love, love that, because what you two did is what I want our audience to do. If the Navarro that comes back is her spirit, there’s a beautiful poetry into that: It’s a spirit at peace, not like the apparitions that she saw before. And if she is Navarro after going on a walkabout and coming back to hang with her friend, that’s beautiful too.

Danvers is very broken at the start of the show. Where did you want her to be at the end?

Danvers is a person that has absolutely frozen herself, petrified herself, hardened herself. Jodie and I worked very hard on the concept that she was not turning to this horrible, marvelous — I love her — bitch because of the tragedy she went through. As Connelly states, she was terrible before! She was always impossible, but she became a lot tougher and bitter and angrier after it. And it was her way to deal with it.

When she’s quiet, she can hear Holden’s voice. And she can hear “Twist and Shout” when she opens the fridge, which is the song that Holden loved. And when she’s alone, she puts that white noise machine to cut all of this. She doesn’t listen to music because music accesses emotions and brings messages. So she cuts it all with a white noise machine, and never listens to anything.

So the Danvers on the other side is the Danvers that has made peace with her loss, that can think about her child. And that can now enjoy her other child. Finally!

You mentioned the tongue earlier, and throughout the finale Danvers and Navarro keep asking people whether they had cut out Annie’s tongue. When I interviewed John Hawkes , he thought that Hank had cut out her tongue.

Well, I’ll tell you the two stories of the tongue, so our audience can pick. Annie was killed by the scientists, as we know. Clark finishes her off, and then they panic and they call the mine. The mine sends Hank, who has a corrupt relationship with the mine, to take care of the body. So he takes her out of the station and dumps her in a place close to the area of conflict between the mine and the hunters, the people that live of the land. And there, he mistreats the body. He’s the one that kicks the body. He’s the one that cuts the tongue.

And all of this is to make it look like it’s a message about the activism against the mine. In my many conversations with John, this is not something Hank enjoys. He disconnects, and it’s a job. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t haunt him. But I do believe that there is a slight psychopathic streak in Hank to be able to do that violence to a woman. He leaves a tongue there, and walks away.

So what happened to that tongue? The version that will work for the people that will read the series as a completely rational story is that the tongue was found by the people of the village. And then the women who know everything knew that they couldn’t take care of Annie’s body in the way that they would like. So one of them keeps a tongue as an act of reverence and kindness to the body that is still going to go through a lot of indignities. They preserve the tongue. Danvers says in Episode 2 that the tongue has some unusual damage, which could be because of freezing. And then when the women come into the station, they leave the tongue as a sign that now is the time of the truth of storytelling — of our storytelling. The stories that Annie couldn’t tell and was silenced for are going to come to the light.

The other version of events is: Annie is left there, and the tongue is cut and the tongue disappears into thin air. And it is Annie who comes with the women into the station, like she’s awake. Clark says, “I knew she was coming.” Annie does visit the station with the women, and leaves her own tongue, because she knows this is how it starts — that she can finally tell her story.

So it’s up to you to decide.

Does the show “True Detective: Night Country” believe in the supernatural?

The women throw the men into the night and the cold, and they died of exactly of panic-induced hypothermia and self-harm because of the cold. Are we going to go with that? Or are we going to go with that they faced something they’d woken up in that bone chamber, and that finally came to “claim their souls,” as Bee says.

How did you decide to weave in references to Season 1 of “True Detective”? I nearly fell off my couch when Clark said, “Time is a flat circle.”

I think it’s very important to say that it happens in the same universe. In the same reality where the events of “Night Country” happened, those horrible murders in Louisiana happened. Every time that it felt organic, I connected them, just to create a common universe — to say, “It is the same place.” So the moment that I knew that Rose had a lover, and it was Alaska where Cohle’s father had died, I had to check the dates and be very sure that it was feasible age-wise for all the characters to work like that. It is not a central part of the story, but it’s nice to know that there is a certain connective tissue between those.

And if you have an evil corporation in the first season where politicians and powerful people are cooperating with the government, isn’t it interesting that they have an investment in the company that is founding the mine in this town? It doesn’t mean that they’re doing bad things everywhere. It’s just bad money, and bad money brings bad things.

Right after the show premiered, you went on Twitter and asked fans to leave a review on Rotten Tomatoes, because the “bros and hard-core fanboys of S1 have made it a mission to drag the rating down.” What has that part of this experience been like for you? And have you been paying attention to online discourse about the show?

To tell you the truth, at the very beginning it was a little discouraging to see a negative reaction. There’s people that don’t like the series — that’s OK! There’s people that I trust their opinion, that don’t like things that are sacred to me. But it was discouraging to see that at least a certain amount of those came from — well, automatic reactions , let’s call them. I felt that people that feel positive to it should also speak up.

I really very quickly understood that it was useless to think about those reactions, because those are not going to be changed. And the truth of the matter is the series has been massively and beautifully embraced by people that were both familiar with the original series, and people that were not familiar with the original series. By the reviews, by the ratings.

Which of these characters have been the hardest to say goodbye to, and would you ever want to do another season of “True Detective”?

But I think all of them went through a journey that is final. They find themselves at the end, and that’s when you have to let them go — like children — once they find themselves. But on the other hand, yes, I would do another one.

The luxury that this particular series presents is that what makes it is a tone, and a certain way of looking at the world, and to America. And it allows for an exploration of the dark and macabre that I love. So yes, for sure.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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