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10 Lines On Calculator In English For Students

  • A calculator is an electronic device used to perform mathematical calculations.
  • Calculators come in a variety of sizes and designs, from small handheld devices to large desktop models.
  • They can perform a wide range of calculations, from basic arithmetic to more advanced operations such as trigonometry and statistics.
  • Most calculators have a keyboard with numerical keys and mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Many calculators also have functions for square roots, logarithms and trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine and tangent.
  • Some calculators also have memory function which can store and recall values.
  • Most calculators use LCD or LED displays, but some older models used a mechanical display.
  • Calculators have been widely used in education, business, and science, as well as in everyday life.
  • The first electronic calculator was invented in the 1960s and were very expensive, but with technological advancements, they became more affordable and widespread.
  • Today, calculators are also available as apps on smartphones and tablets.

Calculator Use in Education Essay

Benefits of using calculators.

Calculators are crucial because they enable students to cover the syllabus in time. This is because with the use of calculators it becomes fast to solve mathematics problem in less time and by use of little energy. Students are enabled to solve problems within given time. Students are able to practice a lot making them perfect problem solving.

This makes teachers and students to cover their course work in time. Calculators ensure accuracy is achieved in calculation. Students are relieved worries about mistakes which result in multiplying, dividing and carrying out of other operations manually. This ensures that the answer they obtain when using calculators is correct one. This boosts their grades making them achieve their future dreams.

A calculator makes mathematics to be enjoyable. Tedious paper work makes students hate mathematics but with the use of calculators students are able to solve mathematics easily. This makes them have a positive attitude towards mathematics which makes them perform well in this subject. Use of calculators makes students focus on steps needed to solve a problem which is believed to be important as the actual answer.

Some calculators such as graphical calculators in the classroom extend problem solving and mathematical comprehension by combining both practical and possible a crucial theory referred to as multiple linked representations. With calculators students are able to work with large numbers and decimals with ease and get accurate answers.

Teachers can use resource from the everyday life such as figures from supermarket sales and ask the students to solve. This makes students well equipped to face challenges found in real life. It also makes them see the relationship between calculations in class and real life situations. This cannot be possible without the use of calculators (Joseph, 2008).

Disadvantages of using calculators

Calculators are considered to encourage student laziness. Many students take their calculation with little seriousness due to use of calculators. Students are aware that calculators are fast and; therefore, they spend most of their time idling instead of concentrating in grasping the concepts needed to solve problems.

Calculators simplify calculations a thing that make student with a disability to solve mathematics without difficulties. Visual nature of calculators’ display enables students to develop their own mental portraits making them recall how to solve a certain problem easily.

Calculators make students be used to them; this makes the students unable to solve mathematics in the absence of calculators. Students become fully dependent in calculators that they are unable to solve even basic problems without using calculators. This is not a pleasant thing because students do not always have calculator wherever he goes.

Calculators are not accepted in all exams this makes students who rely on computers fully to fail in these exams. Since not all schools allow use of calculators, incase a student who has been using calculator is transferred to this school he is unable to get the points got by other students.

This leads to frustration and development of negative attitudes towards mathematics which affect student career in the future. Some calculators can store numbers as well as formulas which students can use during examination time (Pomerantz, 1997). This may lead to students being expelled from schools and if he is not caught he would have an advantage over his fellow students.

This is unfair because he would get marks which he does not deserve. Calculators are expensive to buy this increases financial burden to parents and guardians. They are also small in size a thing that makes some students to hide and steal them. This may lead to constant loss, which is a burden to parents.

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                          A calculator is a device that performs mathematical problems enabling the user to find answers to complex problems faster than ever. Plus with technology improvements, calculators are now able to fit in the palm of your hands. Also calculators are able to do a lot more complicated problems today, and display them on much larger screens (example: graphic calculator) .              One of the early calculating tools were called "The Abacus". It was a simple instrument for working on math problems. It was used by many cultures and dates back to ancient times. Another early calculating tool was called the "Slide Rule". An English man called William Oughtred invented it in the early 1600's. The slide rule made multiplication and division much easier. Engineers and scientists used the slide rules until the invention of calculator in the early 1970's.              Until the late 1960's, hundreds of different types of calculating machines were also invented; they all used different types technologies. One of the most popular was the stepped-drum and pinwheel mechanism. These early calculators were large, very heavy, and expensive. The early ones needed the user to pull a hand lever to turn the calculating mechanism. Later on they used electrical motors to turn the mechanism. Compared to calculators we have in our pockets today, these calculators are almost useless to us. The early ones could do the four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.              The calculators that we all use today can do a lot more complex problems, plus some of them allow the person using it to store numbers in the memory. Some have the ability to do complicated geometric, algebraic, trigonometric, statistical, and calculus functions. Now calculators operate on electrical power either by batteries, or solar cells. Also man is now able to read the answers on digital displays, most of them now use some form of LCD screen.

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They blame the decline on the introduction of calculators in elementary classrooms. ... Calculators are not effective when factoring quadratic equations. ... Though useful, calculators cannot replace the best, most effective tool children have, their brains. ... Calculators do not make mistakes, but people do when they use them. ... Knowledge of math facts proves to be a more effective tool than a calculator. ...

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I had all the materials I needed three sharpen pencils, calculator, and my brain. ... When I came upon a more difficult problem I turned to my calculator for the answer, I typed the numbers but something wasn't quite right, I punched in the numbers again and nothing was showing up, my calculator had gone dead. ... She couldn't help me because she didn't have an extra calculator. ... Time began to fly by, even though I didn't have my calculator, I still manage to finish the test on time. ...

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Those computing machines were the very first calculators. ... Then, in the late 1800's there were several multiplying calculators built each a little different and a little better. ... Felt built the first printing desk calculator. ... This calculator was originally called the V1 but was later renamed the Z1. ... He did this with the help of Samuel Williams and together they built what they called the Complex Number Calculator, which was later renamed the Model I Relay Calculator. ...

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He invented the numerical wheel calculator that adds entered with dials to help his father with his duties. ... When Thomas of Colmas created the first successful mechanical calculator that could add, subtract, multiply, and divide. A lot of improved desktop calculators by many inventors follow, so that the range of improvement included Accumulation of partial results; Storage and automatic reentry of past results (A memory function); Printing of result. ... The machine called ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator). ...

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This may sound like a pointless item now that we have quick calculators, but when there were no calculators that abacus was really helpful and quick if you were good with it. ... Some are used for banking cash registers, accounting, and currently maybe the only calculator anyone has. ... Even though there are electric calculators over there, usually they are very expensive, so a small company owner certainly cannot afford to buy one for all of his employs, but he can easily buy an abacus for them all. ... Russians call it the "Abak", which is where we originally got the name the "Abacus" ...

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Pascal was 19 years old in 1642 when he invented an eight-digit calculator, the Pascaline. (Mechanical Calculator, n.d.). ... Leibnitz also conceived of a reasoning calculator for interpreting an evaluating concepts. ...

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