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Upwork Proposal Samples that Get Interviews (2 Templates)

By Biron Clark

Published: November 2, 2023


Biron Clark

Biron Clark

Writer & Career Coach

I recently posted a job to and got 63 proposals overnight. There’s a TON of competition. So you really need a good Upwork proposal if you want to get any interviews at all. Fortunately, I’m going to walk you through the exact steps (and proposal templates) I used last year as a freelancer to make thousands of dollars per month on Upwork.

What we’ll cover:

  • How to write an Upwork proposal  that gets interviews
  • 2 word-for-word Upwork proposal samples you can copy
  • The mistakes you NEED to avoid if you want to get jobs on Upwork

Let’s get started…

How to Write a Winning Upwork Proposal

1. how to start your upwork proposal.

Within the first sentence, you want to show you’ve read their job posting. This is ultra-important. It’s more important than your name even. I see a ton of proposals that start like this: “Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a ___”. They don’t care. That’s boring and what everyone else does.

I’d start like this instead: “Hi. I just read your job posting and it sounds like you need ___”. This is so much better, and if you just make this one single change you’ll get more job interviews, I guarantee it. 

upwork proposals image

Talking about their needs and their job posting before talking about yourself is also powerful because it immediately shows them you read their job posting. Most freelancers just cut and paste the same garbage proposal to every client, and clients delete it immediately. So the sooner you can show this proposal is really for THEM, and not a generic cut & paste message that’s going to bore them half to death, the better.

2. How to Write the Middle of Your Upwork Proposal

There are two key pieces to the middle or main body of your Upwork proposal. First, you’ll want to share a bit about your background, and ideally how you’ve helped other clients solve the same problem or do the same thing in the past. But keep this brief. Four or five sentences are enough. You don’t want to tell your life story; they don’t care. They care about how you can solve their problem. That’s it! Then, the second part is you want to show you’re the expert here. You can do this by making a recommendation and pointing out the opportunities you see. Or you can do this by asking a question. For example, you might say, “I’d be curious to hear if you’ve tried ___. I recently implemented that with another client and the result was ___.”

Either way, you need something to show them you’re the expert. Why else would they hire you?

3. How to End Your Upwork Proposal

If you followed the steps above you’ll have a great Upwork proposal. It should be very brief, too. You should NOT be doing a ton of writing or sending out big bulky paragraphs. So now, how should you end the proposal?

There are two good options for how to end an Upwork proposal:

The first option is to ask a question about their project/needs. If you haven’t already asked a question in your proposal body, you can say something like, “Do you have a website so I can understand this more?” This is a good way to get a response and be able to find out more info about the project. The other option is to have a more traditional “call to action” telling them to reply or asking them when they’re free to talk. Examples:

  • “Reply to this message and let me know when would be a good time for us to connect this week.”
  • “I have a couple more ideas I could share as well. When is the best time for us to connect this week?”
  • “Are you free Wednesday or Thursday to talk briefly? Let me know what works best for you.”

4. Mistakes to AVOID in Your Upwork Bid Proposals

Here’s where so many people on Upwork go wrong:

  • They write big, bulky paragraphs without enough spacing. The reader immediately dreads reading your proposal after they open it
  • They cut & paste the same proposal to everyone without customizing it for their posting. Nobody is going to hire you if you do this. It’s dead-obvious when you’ve done this. I know because I’ve hired a lot of people on Upwork myself (along with landing high-paying jobs on Upwork as a freelance writer ).
  • They write about themselves too much, instead of writing about the prospective client and their needs

Now that you know what to do, and what not to do, you should be able to avoid these mistakes in any future proposals you send.

5. How Long Should Your Upwork Proposal Be?

I made tens of thousands of dollars on Upwork within a few months of starting, and got multiple interviews each day that I applied for jobs. And I tried to explain above how short your proposals should be in order to do this! (Really short). But sometimes it’s difficult to get this across via words.

So I did something better…

I just counted the words in my most recent, successful Upwork proposals. Here’s what I found:

I just glanced at my Upwork account and here are the exact word counts of 5 recent successful proposals: 83, 91, 87, 116, 87.

That’s an average of 93 words per successful Upwork proposal. That’s very short. Use this as a guideline and keep it brief if you want to start getting interviews on Upwork. Remember, prospective clients get 50+ proposals within the first eight hours of posting a job typically.

Do you think they want to read a giant block of text in each proposal?

So keep it short, save your time and theirs, and get far more interviews.

6. CRUCIAL Step Before Sending Your Proposal

Before sending out your proposal, you want to make sure it’s about them and their needs, not about you . I mentioned earlier – the average job seeker on Upwork is talking all about themselves in their proposal, and the client doesn’t care. It’s boring and generic. So before sending, do CTRL + F (or Command + F on Mac) and search for the word “You”. Count how many times you said “you”. Then search for the word ” I ” (put a space on either side so you don’t see each “i” in the middle of words. You only want to see the actual word “I”. Now that you’ve counted these, you should be saying “you” at LEAST as much as you’re saying, “I”.

If not, edit it or rewrite it until this is the case.

7. Best Time of Day to Send Upwork Proposals

I’d recommend only sending proposals for jobs that have been posted within the past 24 hours. This is another place where most people go wrong on Upwork. Don’t waste time/proposals on jobs that are 48-72 hours old (or more). This means you’ll need to apply for jobs on Upwork multiple times per week, since you’re only going to be applying for jobs posted within the last day. Your exact schedule will depend on your timezone, the timezone of your ideal client, and your schedule/availability. I usually applied mid-day (11 AM or noon) in my ideal clients’ timezone (US Eastern Time). I also experimented with applying at 8 p.m. in the evening, and that worked fine as well. And I did this Monday – Friday each week.

As you get more clients and don’t need as many interviews, you could switch to Mon/Wed/Fri if you’d like, and skip Tue/Thurs. I started doing this once business picked up! But while ramping up, do it every day! Get a system in place in terms of keywords and search filters you use (I’ll cover this in a future article), and just repeat it each day. It’ll become habit and will be super easy to do after a few weeks.

Quick tip: I’d recommend grabbing a free account at Calendly for scheduling. It’ll save you hours of back-and-forth scheduling with clients and it’s amazing if you have clients in different timezones because it converts the timezones automatically.

8. How to Decide What Rate/Price to Put in Your Upwork Proposal

If you have an hourly rate, that should be consistent, so pricing your proposals on Upwork is easy. Things get more complicated if you do mostly flat-rate projects, though, like I did. I’d personally either have set prices for services you offer, and propose whatever your set rate is.

(For example when I did email marketing I charged $200 per email. Flat rate. So it was very easy to price out projects). Or, you could propose at or near the top of the client’s stated budget. For example if they say their budget is $2,000, I might either propose $2,000 or $1,800. Sometimes going a tiny bit lower is good, so they don’t just think you proposed their maximum after seeing it. So I’d probably do $1,800 in that example. But you don’t want to try to be the cheapest option, ever. Don’t compete on price. That’s what the people who struggle are doing.  I always aimed to be one of the most EXPENSIVE proposals a client got. Because I wanted to work with clients with great budgets who want quality. These clients are often easier to work with, believe it or not.

If you’re really unsure how much to propose in terms of your flat rate, you can also add a “P.S” at the bottom of your Upwork proposal mentioning that you’d need to discuss the project more before determining the exact price.

P.S. – the proposed cost is an estimate. I could give you an exact figure, timeframe, and what I expect to be able to accomplish if we talk. If any of the above sounds interesting, reply to this and we’ll set up a time to talk this week.

That way you at least won’t be ruled out based on the proposed rate. They’ll see that and even if you proposed a number above their budget, they’ll consider talking with you. I don’t use this all the time but it’s a good tactic if you’re worried.

9. Sell the Call, Not the Service

This is an Upwork tip (and a powerful sales tip in general) that most people don’t know: You should only be selling the next step in the process.

Here’s what I mean:                                                                                                                

The only goal of your Upwork proposal (and profile) is to get clients on the phone to discuss their project. Then your goal on the phone call is to sell your service and get them onboard (by paying an initial invoice, signing a contract, etc. – depending on your setup). The mistake a lot of people make – especially people who are new to sales – is trying to sell everything at the same time. They write their Upwork proposal trying to convince the client to pay to work with them. All you should be doing is selling them on why it’s a good idea to get on a call with you. That’s MUCH easier.

So keep it dead-simple, take it one step at a time, and you’ll get more clients.

10. Make Sure Your Upwork PROFILE Backs Up What You’re Saying!

Your profile is different than your Upwork proposal, but it’s very important. It’s what the potential client sees if they click your name and view your whole profile/bio. If you’re writing a great proposal, making suggestions, asking questions and sounding like a true expert, you need your Upwork profile to confirm that you’re an expert who they NEED to talk to.

I’m going to write another article soon focused just on how to write an awesome profile, but here are some tips to help you right now:

  • Be a specialist, not a generalist. People want to hire an expert in the one thing they need. You’ll actually get more projects if you go after fewer TYPES of projects.
  • Just like your Upwork proposal, your profile should be more about THEIR needs, and less about you.
  • Start with something interesting to catch their attention. I personally started by quoting a testimonial I had received from a past client. That’s far more interesting than the typical, “Hi, my name is ___ and I’m a ___.”
  • Have a “ Call to Action ” at the end. I put: “Send me a note with a bit about your company, your track record, and your project. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll schedule a call to talk.”

Notice in that last bullet I’m implying I’m not the right fit to work with everyone. This is how you should be positioning yourself… Show that you’re selective and careful about who you work with! Stop acting desperate. Stop chasing projects that aren’t a good fit for your specialty.

11. And if you don’t have a specialty yet, definitely go choose one…

You can always change it later if it doesn’t work out. But you’ll get far MORE work by specializing, and each project will be easier to complete because you’ll be able to create systems/templates, etc. All the broke freelancers I know say things like, “well, I don’t want to limit myself”… or, “I don’t want to cut off my options.” They’re going to stay broke, unfortunately.

The freelancers I know who are making $5-10K+ per month consistently all niched down and specialized.

They became true experts.

FYI there are two ways you can niche down:

  • You can niche down by service offering (I started as a general writer/marketer, and niched down into just writing marketing emails for B2B companies. That’s a very niche service).
  • Or you can niche down by industry. You could offer a service just to real estate agents. Or just for restaurants.

You can also do both, eventually. If I had kept going I would have eventually taken my B2B email marketing service and focused on just a few industries. But fortunately, my passive income from this blog – CareerSidekick took off and I stopped having to take any freelance work.

Proven Upwork Proposal Samples

The following are REAL Upwork bid proposal samples that I sent out and used to get clients when I was active as a freelance copywriter on the platform (after I had niched down into email marketing in particular).

Upwork proposal sample 1:

Hi there, I just read your posting. It sounds like you need an expert in cold emails to advise you on everything from the content to the overall strategy. I have a background in email marketing and have been doing this for 3 years. Cold emailing in B2B is what I specialize in. I can work with you to write the content and subject lines, recommend the best technologies for you to use, and more. Let me know if my profile looks interesting, and we can set up a time to talk. Best regards, Biron Clark

Upwork proposal sample 2:

Hi! Just read your posting. Sounds like you need an email expert to advise you on a few things… from funnel setup and strategy, to what you should offer to get signups in the first place. I have a background in funnels and email copywriting and have been doing this for 3 years, including for some other subscription/membership businesses. I can work with you to come up with a great strategy and high-converting emails to turn your prospects into paying customers. And I can help you get more email signups going into this funnel, too. If any of the above sounds interesting, let me know when you’d be available to talk this week. Best regards, Biron Clark

These are both real Upwork proposal samples that I sent out and got jobs from. Feel free to use these Upwork proposal templates for yourself… however, this blog gets a lot of visitors now, so I’d highly recommend customizing this. You aren’t going to be the only freelancer reading this article. 

Upwork Freelance Proposal Tips – Quick Review

  • Use the first line to show that you’ve read their profile and understand what they need (instead of saying your name and talking about yourself).
  • Introduce yourself and explain why you’re an expert in what they need.
  • Make a recommendation or ask a question to reinforce the fact that you’re an expert on this topic.
  • Close with a Call to Action to get them to reply. Either ask for a website to learn more, or ask them when they’re available to talk.
  • Sign off with your name.
  • Keep everything brief. Aim for less than 120 words in your Upwork proposal. 85-100 words is ideal.
  • Use great spacing; you should only have two to three sentences MAXIMUM per paragraph in your proposal.
  • Only send proposals for jobs posted on Upwork within the last 24 hours. You’ll be more likely to get the interview if you do this.
  • Commit to sending out proposals five days per week (Monday – Friday) for at least a month to build up your leads on Upwork.
  • Price yourself near the top of the client’s range. Never compete on price and never try to be the cheapest.
  • Make sure you have a great Upwork profile that backs up everything you’re saying in your Upwork proposal.

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About the Author

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Hi Esther, you’ll need to check Upwork’s information/resources for more info about this, or ask their support. It’s always changing. When I was freelancing on the platform, I think I paid around $10 a month for premium and it got me 60 “Connects” per month approximately, and most jobs required 2 connects to submit a proposal.

But then, right before I left the platform, I remember reading about upcoming changes, and the idea that some jobs would require more connects. So to get accurate info that’s actually up-to-date, you’ll need to check with Upwork directly.

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Great advice thanks. One question though – were all of your clients US based. The reason I ask if I don’t think the wording of you sample proposals would work in the UK as to us Brits it comes across as a bit flippant and slightly cocky. I don’t mean that in a bad way, and being married to an American I have come to realise that Americans tend to be extremely informal in such things, whilst I suspect we Brits find that feels a bit “spammy” and we expect things to be slightly more formal (but not old fashioned, stiff upper lip formal!). The Germans too are considerably more formal, stemming from the fact their language has formal and informal elements to it and traditionally it is unacceptable to address people informally until they allow you to do so.

What are your thoughts/experiences on this?.

Fair points. I think I had a few international clients, but mainly US. You do always need to adjust formality for industry and region. You’re right.

However, don’t be too quick to write something off based only on your opinion. Send it and test it. What you prefer, or what you find to be “too much” in a freelance proposal, might surprise you in terms of how others respond. So I always say: Test it and try it. But what you’re saying makes sense, and I do agree that this depends on region and country.

Your article is interesting but contradictory. Therefore, the post lost its value and credibility.

For example, you recommend starting a proposal with something interesting to catch their attention. The article states “That’s far more interesting than the typical, “Hi, my name is ___ and I’m a ___.” You provide the example of using a testimonial from a past client. However, your proposal examples use what you recommend against.

I would strongly recommend using examples that match up with your recommendations to make the information valuable, credible, and truly helpful.

I agree. In fact, if you count number of “I”, you’ll actually see there are little to no “You” in his proposals.

His examples are contradictory but recommendations are fine.

Thanks for pointing this out. I edited the first template to have a better balance of “you” vs. “I” to reflect the instructions in the article. It should be better now.

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My tip: Get one successful project done as soon as possible. One piece of great work that you can point to when talking to new potential clients. Make a case study, or have an example of that work that you can show. And ideally, a testimonial. After that, it’s the same as any freelancer… new or not. Just get that one project. Even if it’s volunteer work. And in the case of Upwork, you’d want to get that one project completed on Upwork if possible so you can get a review and so that you don’t look like a brand new profile.

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Freelancing With Chris

Land your first freelance client

Upwork proposal sample: secrets to rapidly winning clients

Upwork proposal sample: secrets to rapidly winning clients

posted on June 22, 2020

Why do some Upwork freelancers land client after client while others are stuck sending just as many proposals with nothing to show for it?

In this article, we’ll look at winning Upwork proposal samples but first I have to point out something else.

Through an experiment , I found that just about 55% of the projects I applied for never hired ANYONE. That means that more than half of the projects were closed without a match.

sample proposal on upwork

If you’ve had challenges landing new clients on Upwork, it could be due to a bad Upwork proposal but it could also be because of flaky clients.

I’ve captured some of the bad Upwork proposal samples I’ve received as a client and in this article, you and I will be looking at two of the most common mistakes.. just avoiding these two will make a difference!

We’ll also dive into reader examples of Upwork proposals that landed projects, why they worked, and how we can land projects by using the right Upwork proposal template.

Let’s get crackin’, shall we?

How NOT to write an Upwork proposal: little known mistakes that scream “don’t hire me!”

As a client hiring on Upwork, I often read one time-wasting proposal after the other.

It’s comments like “I understand the quality of content matters to you” for a copywriting project that makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

No shit, Sherlock.

It’s a painful experience to receive proposal templates with someone claiming that they read the project description when their proposal screams that they didn’t.

If a client only receives one of those every now and then, they might not think much of it but when 90% of them sound the same, it’s impossible to tell them apart. Just have a look at these examples:

Samples of a bad Upwork proposal s

sample proposal on upwork

What do you notice in these examples?

They SCREAM “me, me, me!” and most of the sentences in all three examples start with “I”.

They are invisibly asking the client to spend their limited time figuring out how theirs is different from the other and how any of the points relate to the project.

As a client, it feels like there’s going to be a lot of extra work and hand-holding, and then I might as well do it myself.

Many clients have plenty of freelancers throwing themselves at their projects like it’s a 3 AM meat market at a popular nightclub.

sample proposal on upwork

Most clients are not looking for anyone with relevant skills. They are looking for the right fit .

If we don’t consider the client’s situation, we’ll lose out on the project. Almost everyone cares about themselves first and that is also true for our potential clients.

They only care about us in as much as it helps THEM and because we know that, we can use it to our advantage.

We often see long lists of “tips” to write Upwork proposals:

  • Be professional
  • Have a portfolio

While the tips might be on point, the challenge they give us is that they focus on too many things that aren’t going to move the needle for you and it’s impossible to know where to start among the 147 vague ideas.

Instead, let’s make things more actionable and focus on just avoiding two of the biggies:

Mistake #1 : Going for a 5-course meal instead of drinks on the first “date”.

When we assume that what Upwork calls a “proposal” is a proposal in the traditional sense, we risk losing out on projects by moving forward too fast.

Granted, for smaller, projects like research or data entry projects, sending a proposal and hiring right away works just fine.

They are great projects to get our feet wet but we are unlikely to earn anything with a serious impact in our lives over the long haul.

On the other hand, imagine a complex marketing project with ads, partnerships, and research or building a mobile app from scratch without a deeper discussion of expectations and goals.

It is a disaster in the making. It is unlikely that both the freelancer and client are on the same page right from the get-go. Inevitably, they will disagree on something during the project.

So, when we hit the client with a proposal screaming “hire me now”, it can go one of two ways: either it will end in a disaster down the line or the client will think that we aren’t a serious partner if we haven’t considered all the little details.

The client doesn’t know anything about us and they only have our proposal to make up the first impression by. If they aren’t too busy, they might look at our profile and portfolio. Maybe.

Many businesses use a proposal as a summary document to get the specific deal on the table in writing when they have all the project details and have ALREADY discussed it with the freelancer.

If that was offline, we wouldn’t go meet the client and bring a proposal right away either. Instead, we’ll ask them for more details to better understand their expectations and requirements.

That’s what we need to do on Upwork, too. Conveying complex topics is difficult enough as it is, so it is important to make sure we are on the same page as the client.

In a relationship-based business like freelancing, the invisible currency is trust and we benefit from getting the potential client to feel like they can trust us first.

Mistake #2 : Mistaking the matchmaking process between freelancer and client for being logic based.

Clients don’t tally up all the results and case studies among freelancers, give points and hire the winner.

It’s not a logical process, it’s emotional.

Clients like to feel that we are taking care of them, hugging them, and not running away all of a sudden so they are stuck if something didn’t go as planned.

Now that we know clients hire with emotions and that it is important for us to understand them and their project before offering the deal, let’s dive into a couple of reader examples that landed clients.

That way, we can understand what works and then finally, how we can turn that into proposal templates.

Upwork proposal samples that won projects

Let’s look at two examples from readers who landed real projects on Upwork.

Project description:

upwork proposal sample - project description for digital marketing project

The cover letter:

upwork proposal sample - digital marketing cover letter example

He landed the gig at $35 an hour.

By sharing his expertise in relation to the project, this freelancer is able to show that he needs more information to do a good job.

A tempting mistake is to overdo this by writing a hundred pages. The client will feel overwhelmed and never finish reading it. Instead, this freelancer is giving a “taster” and is opening up for a deeper conversation by point out things that the client might not have considered yet.

It has a terrific side-effect: you’ll see a number of trigger-happy clients that haven’t thought their project through, and they will either dive deeper with you or avoid you altogether.

Both avoid a major headache for you down the line. Disaster averted.

sample proposal on upwork

We, humans, are suckers for predictability and by showing his expertise, this freelancer helps the client feel like they get to know him a little bit better.

Study shows that we prefer things we know — even if that freelance isn’t amazing — over things we don’t.

That’s why the concept of a brand works. People feel like they know how it will behave in the future and that earns trust. It might not be good trust but it is comforting for us to know how something will pan out in advance.

Think about a brand like McDonald’s. Many of us dislike their food but they have proven that their customers sometimes just want something familiar. They serve millions upon millions.

Here’s another example. The project description:

upwork proposal sample - freelance copywriting remote job

And the proposal:

upwork proposal sample - copywriting job proposal

The reader won the project at a $250 flat rate.

It’s great that the freelancer used the client’s name but the opening sentence is generic and fluffy.

Instead, he could have shown a specific project where the use of strategy and content was obvious. The middle section does that and could have been used as the opener.

The first line in the job description says “I’m looking for a writer who can take my concepts and write an article, and then put it into MailChimp for my e-letters and also on my wordpress blog.”

It would make sense to focus specifically on that process when sharing previous projects.

For example by showing “my client preferred to share a keyword, angle, and basic outline and I would suggest an in-depth outline for approval before writing the content to make sure the direction was on point. If you’d like, I can check in with you daily in the beginning, and when you like the work we could switch e.g. to weekly check-ins if you prefer. That way, we can work out any potential kinks quickly and put together a process that works the best for your business schedule.”

The same goes for the email- and web strategy. If we have no experience, we can instead explain how we would go about it and suggest comparing notes with the client.

What do you notice in these two examples?

The project descriptions are not that specific which makes it hard to write something great. 

The proposals point this out by noting that there is some information that they don’t have so they can’t send the perfect proposal. And instead of shrugging and thinking “I might as well give up”, they show SPECIFIC examples. 

Examples that might fit into the client’s situation and give enough details for the client to get an understanding of their expertise but most importantly show interest and commitment to them by doing a lot of the work upfront.

I’ve noticed that by making a great first impression, we can put ourselves in a different “bucket” of freelancers.

A bucket that commands more money. Some clients actually want to pay for awesomeness but the problem is that most clients have never worked with someone really great before. So it is our job to show them what that looks like.

How to create a winning Upwork proposal template

So how do we create something better?

Everyone likes to say “it’s a number’s game” and they are right. But it’s a different numbers game.

They are neglecting that the challenge with sending many proposals and getting no results is that you’ll feel bad because you worked a lot with nothing to show for it.

Instead, we’ll send fewer that are more specific.

My approach is to first create proposals that win projects, then learn how to do it faster.

Not both at once!

The first step to writing a good proposal is to have a good project description to write it for.

You have to write something PERSONAL for the potential client. And since it’s personal, you also need some specific information to write from. 

This is a great example of a project description that is difficult to write a great proposal for, so you’ve lost before you even begin. The only thing it has going for it is that it mentions that it should be about nails.

upwork proposal sample - project description for a nail business

Compare that to the project description below:

upwork proposal sample - project description example

While it isn’t an amazing project description, it gives us something to go after because the owner has given some specifics like the time period and specific items she’d like help looking at.

The rule of thumb is that if you feel like you can write something that is personal and not easy to copy-paste based on the job description, you are good to go.

Understanding the client is our number one priority if we want to land the project. By focusing on their problem and getting to know them BEFORE diving into the solution, we can make them feel that we care about them. That makes all the difference.

We can show examples of solutions like we saw above but the client often won’t say “cool, let’s start” right away. The proposal is just a way to pass the initial test, so they can see if we are worth talking to. 

Remember that our potential client might not know all the facts about their own projects — he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. That’s what we have to help him figure out or at least figure out if he does.

I’ve found that the more we speak with clients, the more we move from the box of being an unknown freelancer into the box of at least being someone they are familiar with.

To be able to find projects with specific info, I like to search projects that share things like URLs (e.g. .com, .net, etc.) but it could also be names or other details that fit your line of work.

Once you have a project you like, the goal is to get the client to write back and schedule a phone call, not land the project! That comes later.

I like to write proposals with three “sections”:

Section 1: This is the first couple of lines and the purpose is to get the client to open the proposal and start reading. That’s it!

I like to do that by… you guessed it! Making it personal. 

I’ll include their name if I can (find it in their reviews) and write a line or two about my personal interest in the topic, a specific experience I’ve had, or a nice comment if I can find something relevant. Kinda like small talk if it was offline.

Section 2: here I like to share my expertise, experience, or how I would go about their project (e.g. the process I’ve found most helpful).

The key is to spend time thinking about what the client’s business goal is and show HOW the project or process helps with that. Make it obvious for them, don’t let them guess it. 

For example: if you are a video editor, they might want more engagement on their site, so show them how videos can drive more comments. You should have a good idea about the goals your type of client is after. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and they write it in the project description but don’t count on it. 

Section 3: In the last section, I like to share relevant attachments like screenshots from previous projects that are RELEVANT!

Not my entire portfolio so the client has to dig through it and figure out what is relevant. They are busy so do it for them.

I also like to finish with ONE question. Often, I’ll ask when we can get on a call so I can learn more about their business and feel out if they’ll be nice to work with.

That was step number one in writing proposals that’ll win you projects. Step two is learning how to do it fast and effectively.

You can’t copy-paste great proposals (that’s what makes them great) but you can create your own library of your winning proposals. 

Not only will it help you avoid getting stuck on a blank page not knowing what to write but you can reuse parts of the proposals to create entirely new proposals.

Say, you have five different winning proposals in your library. You might reuse two halves of the second section and put them together in an entirely new way while using the third section from another proposal and just write a new introduction. That’s how the pros do it.

Some people recommend sending personal videos in your proposals. I tried it out for a while but I never got it to work for me. It might work but it is less important than thoroughly understanding your client and showing them that.

What if you have little or no experience?

This approach can work well if you have no experience, too, because it focuses on one thing clients love: an attitude for working hard.

Some people even prefer this over hard skills because in their opinion hard skills are easier to learn than a great attitude.

With no experience, you shouldn’t lie and you’ll have to focus your proposals on how you’ll approach their project. Be as specific as you can through for example suggesting approaches from experts online.

You can follow the exact same process and detail as I’ve shown above, with the only difference being talking about how you’ll approach the project rather than how you have approached it for another client.

  • Understanding the client well should be your number one priority to get their interest
  • It is a numbers game but you might feel demotivated sending lots of proposals without results so focus on fewer that are deeper
  • If you can’t write a personal proposal based on the project description, ignore it.
  • If you can copy-paste an entire proposal it probably isn’t good enough
  • First, learn how to write awesome proposals, then learn how to create them fast and effectively by creating your own Upwork proposal templates!

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5 Sample Upwork Proposal Templates to Win the Competition

Profile Image:Soubhik Chakrabarti


BIG NEWS! We just released The Freelance Files , a collection of professional done-for-you email scripts, contracts, invoices, and more for smarter freelancing. The first 50 customers, save 50% with this link .

This post may contain affiliate links. See our affiliate disclosure for more.

Research shows 53 million Americans are freelancing today . They contribute $715 billion each year to the economic growth of the country.

Demand for freelancers is at an all-time high. However, the competition is also stiff. Platforms like Upwork have millions of freelancers competing for projects on the platform.

It takes more than skills and experience to win clients on Upwork. You must attract your client’s attention by establishing a strong connection right from the beginning.

A custom proposal can work wonders to help you break the ice. You can connect with your client instantly and show why you are the right person for the job.

What to Expect from this Article

Upwork has remained the largest freelancing platform in the world for some time now. It helps a freelancer build their career and earn consistent incomes.

However, Upwork has more than 5 million clients and 12 million freelance remote workers . As a result, several freelancers bid on a project, making it difficult to land you a job.

A well-thought proposal can help you stand out and prove your expertise. You can express how you will benefit the client and their business and help them achieve their objectives.

In this blog, we will learn how to write a killer proposal to win projects on Upwork. We will also include a few sample Upwork proposal templates to inspire you.

5 Sample Upwork Proposals to Help You Get Started

The job description given by the client will form the basis of your proposal. You can use the client’s needs to align and sell your services better.

Below you will find a sample Upwork proposal for 5 jobs. You can write your proposal following our format and style to land more gigs.

1. Sample Upwork Proposal for a Graphic Designer

I understand you want to create a brochure for your upcoming sales expo. With my experience of 10 years, I can help you to stand out from your competitors. I have designed over 100 brochures for companies all around the world.

I’m attaching some brochures I made for past clients to give you a better idea of what I can deliver.

I’m proficient in several editing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud. I can also use a tool of your choice if that holds significance.

I can deliver the brochure within 7 days of receiving your confirmation. However, I would need a few resources from your end to make a compelling brochure.

Let’s discuss matters in the following communication. I will be waiting for your reply.


2. Sample Upwork Proposal for a Freelance Writer

I would like to place my proposal for your creative writing project. I see you want to develop high-quality content to fuel your marketing efforts. We can take the project forward immediately as I have chalked out a plan to drive your outreach program:

  • 5 blogs (700+ words) per month on industry news and updates
  • 2 how-to articles (900+ words) per month on company-related offerings
  • 1 mega blog (2,500 +words) per month on helpful guides
  • 10 social media updates per month for Facebook and Instagram

I’m prepared to handle the workload and deliver tasks on time. I have also worked with WordPress and can publish blogs, complete with images, tags, and videos.


Moreover, I can publish updates on your social media channels to keep your audience engaged.

We can discuss the rates once you reply to my proposal. I’m attaching sample blogs of past projects for your reference.

3. Sample Upwork Proposal for a Developer

I’m confident I am the right person to help you turn your vision into reality. Every business should have a mobile app to target and retain mobile customers.

I assume you don’t have a plan in place due to the lack of details in your job description. I can guide you to develop the right strategy and help you launch your mobile app with success.

I have developed the apps of top healthcare brands like XYZ and ABC. You can download and use the apps to get a feel of what I have to offer.

I already have a few features in mind that can help your app attract and convert more customers. I’ve been developing apps for over 7 years and completed more than 30 projects.

Most importantly, I have exposure to working in the healthcare industry and know what works best for clinics like yours.


I would like to take our conversation forward and provide you with more insights on developing your app.

4. Sample Upwork Proposal for a Web Designer

I would love to apply for your project. I have been helping entrepreneurs like you to create a strong brand and lasting memories with your audience.

I understand you are looking to give your website a fresh look and make it more appealing. I can help you design an aesthetic and modern website with high-quality visuals to create an engaging user experience.

I audited your website and already have a few recommendations. For example, I would like to make the UI simpler to remove clutter and distractions.

I have several other suggestions and a plan in place to help you create a strong market presence. Please reply to my proposal so that we can move things forward.

You can also view the following websites I worked on to get an idea of what to expect:

Please send me a message to discuss your project requirements.

5. Sample Upwork Proposal for a Content Creator (YouTube, Social Media, etc.)

I see you would like to create content for your YouTube channel. I can provide you with professional guidance and create stellar content to click with your audience. I have over 10 years of experience helping businesses develop strong brand awareness.

You might have seen my work on YouTube channels like XYZ and ABC. I also manage the 123 channel, which is a business similar to yours.

I’ve been working with them for 1.5 years, and my content generated over 1 million views. I can deliver you similar results, once we sit down to discuss the details.

I can help you with:

  • Content strategy
  • Content topics
  • Shooting videos
  • Pre and post-production tasks
  • Video editing

I would love to be the one to develop a long-term relationship that benefits both parties. I will wait for your reply to start on the project right away.

Let’s set up a meeting at your convenience.

How to Make a Sample Upwork Proposal on Your Own

an image of a laptop showing an individual upwork profile

An important part of becoming a freelancer on Upwork is to be able to write your own proposals . However, you don’t need to write from scratch every time you apply to a project.

Instead, you can make a sample Upwork proposal and customize it to your needs. Below are a few insights to help you write fantastic proposals.

5 Steps to Writing an Effective Upwork Proposal

A few easy steps can help you write a sample Upwork proposal template as a foundation. The first step is the most important:

1. Research Your Client

You must understand your client to write an effective proposal. The job description can give you vital insights to perform your research, like company name or product.

Moreover, read the project requirements to understand what problem the client is trying to solve. You cannot write a proposal unless you are clear about the project objectives.

Make a list of the pain points of a project before you do anything else.

2. Specify Your Services

Your client must know what you are selling them. Therefore, specify your services in your Upwork proposal to get more gigs.

However, do not mention services that are not useful to the client. They may make you look good on paper but don’t help you convince your client.

Instead, mention your deliverables and how they resolve your client’s pain points.

Let’s say a client wants to hire a creative writer and asks what you can offer. You will surely not get the project if you write something like, “I can deliver high-quality articles and blogs.”

Instead, write you can deliver:

  • How-to guides
  • Walkthroughs
  • Product reviews
  • Product descriptions
  • Elevator pitches

3. Create an Outline

Create a rough outline of your sample Upwork proposal. You can use the pain points you noted down as a foundation to elaborate on your services.

You don’t need to write a detailed outline. Just make a list of the main points you want to include in your letter.

It will help you stay on track and prevent missing out on important information. Write your proposal based on your outline for the best results.

4. Use a Template

You can find many templates online to write your proposal. However, you must customize the proposal for the project you are looking to apply.

Moreover, you can create a custom template based on your services. You can personalize based on your project requirements and save time and energy.

However, prevent copy-pasting content from other proposals. Your template should be a guide only and not the actual wording of your cover letter.

It is always better to take a few more minutes to write an original proposal. Otherwise, you may lose projects even if you have the right skills and capabilities.

5. Proofread Your Proposal

The last step of the process is to proofread your proposal. It should not contain any spelling or grammatical errors.

Moreover, your document should be professional and free of typos. You can use online services to proofread your proposal.

What to Include (and Not Include) in Every Upwork Proposal

A proposal cover letter should include a few vital things that help you land more projects. They are as follows:

Your Information

It is necessary to introduce yourself to your client. However, you don’t need to write about your hobbies or all the degrees you acquired.

Include your name and throw in a few details that help you persuade your client, such as:

  • Your experience
  • Exposure to working in different industries
  • Educational qualifications

Outline of Project

The job description will help you zero in on your client’s objectives. They also reveal the pain points the person or business is trying to solve.

You should capture the pain points in your proposal to tie your services with them. It helps you show why your client should hire you for the job.

Never be ambiguous when writing your client requirements. You should make your client aware of their pain points if they aren’t.

Let’s say the job description says a small company wants to improve its website user experience. However, they haven’t mentioned the areas of improvement.

Here, you can use your insights to understand your client’s pain points. Their user experience may be suffering due to clutter or an unresponsive design.

You can write an effective proposal by showing you understand your client. However, it’s better to ask questions rather than include assumptions.

Outline of Solution

You should describe how your service will resolve your client’s problems. It is necessary to be specific and provide a glimpse of what’s on offer.

Let’s say you are applying to a social media marketing project. In your proposal, don’t just say, “I can create an excellent campaign to bring you more leads.”

Instead, show them how you are going to do the job. As a result, many freelancers on Upwork include a list of deliverables in their cover letters.

An example of deliverables for a social media campaign may include:

  • An audit report of current social media presence
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • 25 Monthly posts and updates
  • Comments on 100 posts per month

Don’t include services that are not related to the project.

Call to Action (CTA)

Customize the CTA for your sample Upwork proposal. However, avoid writing ambiguous calls to action like, “hope to hear from you soon.”

Instead, write something like:

  • Let’s set a meeting for Monday
  • Please reply to my message to discuss matters
  • Please answer my queries to take the project forward

You must include a few samples of your work in your proposal. For a writer, samples of previously-written blogs or links to published articles are great.

Similarly, a developer can invite clients to check out apps and software developed by them. Samples are excellent to give your client an idea of the returns you can provide.

4 Tips for Writing Better Upwork Proposals

woman writing down notes on a notebook at a desk

You must start sending proposals as soon as you join Upwork to get a job. Here are a few proven tips to help you nail the task like a pro:

1. Keep It Concise

Your Upwork proposal should be brief and to the point. Don’t over-describe your client’s pain points or your services.

Instead, provide the right information to encourage your client to decide in your favor.

The length of your proposal will depend on the job description. However, it should not be more than 4 – 5 paragraphs long.

Nobody has the time to read a lengthy proposal, especially when 30 – 50 freelancers apply for the same job.

2. Don’t Oversell

A proposal helps you sell your service on Upwork. It should put you in the best light, but not by appearing too salesy.

A better approach is to show your client how you can provide value. List techniques or ways you can solve their pain points or help them achieve their goals.

A simple change in perception can help you nail the task. Think about how you can help a client instead of wondering how you can sell.

Moreover, add a human touch and work to create trust.

3. Answer Additional Questions First

Most projects on Upwork need you to answer ‘Additional Questions’ after you write your cover letter. However, clients see your replies to these questions first before your actual proposal.

Therefore, answer the additional screening questions before you write your proposal. Use your research to give compelling answers and show you are the best person to handle the project.

It goes a long way to make sure the client reads your proposal. If you cannot answer as expected, even an excellent proposal may fall short.

4. Ask Questions

It is always better to ask questions than make assumptions. However, any question you ask should show you understand your client or the project better.

Let’s say a project says you have to create a Facebook ad campaign. However, the job description has no information on budget or goals.

Instead of promising deliverables outright, you can ask:

  • May I know your budget so that I can create a fitting plan?
  • What is the price range of the product you are promoting?
  • Do you want to target a local or global audience?

Final Thoughts

You must be able to write effective proposals to become a top-rated freelancer on Upwork . Follow our steps and tips to create a fantastic proposal and land more projects. However, refrain from making false claims in your cover letter. Instead, include adequate proof to prove your expertise.

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Home » Blog » Freelancing » Great proposal sample for Upwork (3 templates)

Great proposal sample for Upwork (3 templates)

proposal sample for upwork

Here I included proposal samples for Upwork that has given me the opportunity to win lots of interviews and jobs. No matter if you’re a web developer or graphic designer or something else, these templates can definitely help a lot.

I applied for lots of jobs on Upwork back in 2016 and beyond. After a year, I went through a couple of winning jobs and sorted out the respective proposals.

Among the winning proposals, I picked 4/5 of them and rewrote them more precisely to make the templates for future use. These are the great proposal samples that I am going to share with you.

Note that you need to edit the templates based on your niche and unique situation. Also, you should not send the same proposal over & over.

1st proposal sample for Upwork

Hi there, I have just finished a similar job on Upwork & you can check the evidence as well as the client’s feedback. I have more than 1-year of experience in designing & developing websites.

So, if you would give me a chance to work on this project, I will try my best .

Here I want to note that I have worked 95 hours & finished 7 jobs on Upwork including eCommerce & business websites.

So, if you would give me a chance to work on this project, I will deliver the project within three days & obviously it will be perfect .

I would be happy to interview for this job .

Thanks Your Name

The above example is applicable to web designers and developers. But don’t worry! You can definitely take advantage of it and even if you’re working in a different field.

If you look at the above proposal, you will notice a few things that have great value to the clients. If you don’t find the value, check the underlined words in the application.

Why does it (1st sample) work

Below I am going to explain why those are important facts and why does it work.

  • The buyer wants to see similar works in your portfolio.
  • They want to give the job to an expert who has sufficient experience in it.
  • The client likes those freelancers who are passionate about their job . And that is why I mentioned that I will try my best for them.
  • Time pressure indicates your seriousness and that’s why I told them the project duration. You should also mention a reasonable timeframe where applicable. And even the client is not in a hurry.
  • From my personal observation, I found that most customers need some level of pushing . So end your proposal for an interview call.

2nd proposal sample (Article writer and SEO)

Hello there,

Being an experienced article writer in the psychology field, I can deliver well-researched and SEO-friendly blog articles on any Anxiety, Depression, and Stress related topics.

Why should you hire me?

  • 2600+ completed projects and 9 years of experience.
  • Grammatically error-free text.
  • 100% Plagiarism free. I use Copyscape Premium.
  • On-time delivery.

My recent articles: [share a couple of live article links]

Please leave me a message so we can initiate a discussion.

Thanks Your name

The above proposal sample best works for SEO gurus and content writers. I was hiring the writers before I build my own team. There are a few writers who wrote great proposals and also delivered great results. This (2nd proposal) is one of them. Also, I modified a couple of lines to make it stand out.

Why does it (2nd sample) work

The freelancer wrote an outstanding proposal that attracted me to hire him. He explained and mentioned the things that I was looking for. Here is why does it work:

  • The writer is experienced in a field that I was looking to hire as a client.
  • He is aware of grammatical mistakes .
  • The writer ensures genuine (unique) content and cares about “Plagiarism.” That’s awesome.
  • He has the necessary tool belt for his work (Copyscape Premium).
  • The writer honors my time .
  • He has included some great work samples with links (that I removed).

3rd proposal sample (Article writer)

I’m a seasoned English writer with a strong background in professional writing.

I have a wealth of experience and a passion for creating professional and memorable content.

I have written a book on Anxiety and depression.

Kindly go through the sample provided below.

Samples: [Link of the samples]

I hired the freelancer who wrote this application and I received great content. Not to mention, I edited the actual proposal and made it more outstanding.

Why does it (3rd sample) work

This proposal was for the same project as the 2nd one. I mentioned the most strength of the above proposal below:

  • The application shows her perfection in English and content writing .
  • She was passionate about creating memorable content that was exactly what I was looking for.
  • The writer has extraordinary experience (goodwill) in writing books.
  • She included a few links to her best works ( past work samples ).
  • Requested me to start a discussion.

Upwork is a very competitive freelance marketplace just like any others. Bidding and writing proposals for the jobs are the main way to get hired. In most cases, you have to compete with 50 other freelancers to win a job. That means a lot of freelancers are applying for the same jobs in your industry.

However, the buyers don’t go through each of the applications and read them one by one. So you have to be careful when writing proposals on Upwork. Otherwise, you may not hear back from the clients.

So includes those words and topics on your proposal that your client is curious to read about. Also, don’t forget to provide your past work samples with the proposal. If you can implement these things on your application, hopefully, you’ll get interview calls frequently. Otherwise, you may end up with unhappiness even no matter how many proposal samples you try on Upwork.

sample proposal on upwork

Shihab Ul Haque

You can call me Shihab. I am a web developer and have been working with PHP & WordPress a lot. I have a master's degree and left my regular job to fully engage with the field that I love working in. I live in Bangladesh and help business owners to create a stunning online presence.

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Upwork Proposal Template To Close Deals

Freelancers pitching potential clients on Upwork will love how this customizable Upwork proposal template helps you stand out from the crowd. This Upwork proposal template provides an example of how to pitch your services and win more business. This Upwork template sample contains everything you'll need to impress prospects, including an eye-catching cover, a personalized cover letter, sections to introduce yourself, your expertise, and your past work, and a pricing and agreement section complete with Proposify's free esignatures to make it official.

free upwork proposal template

All Proposify proposal templates are 100% customizable.

free digital marketing proposal template

Digital Marketing Proposal Template

Digital marketing agencies and consultants can use this digital marketing campaign template to pitch their strategy, campaigns, or digital marketing plans to businesses and potential partners.

free web design proposal template

Web Design Proposal Template

Interactive designers and developers can customize this bid template guide when quoting on web design projects.

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Managing proposals is a breeze in Proposify. Save all your case studies, fees, images and team bios all in one central library.

Tag them, search them and drop them into your layout. Proposals just got... dare we say... fun?

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Online previews & signatures

No more emailing big PDFs, printing and shipping proposals or faxing back signatures (ugh). Your client gets a branded, interactive proposal they can sign off electronically. No need for extra software or logins. Oh, and we tell you as soon as your client opens it.

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Track everything

Keep a pulse on your the sales pipeline of your agency. Proposify lets you know your close rate, which sections of your proposals get viewed and for how long, and all kinds of insight into what goes into your most successful proposals so you can sell smarter.

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Sync up your other apps

Proposals are just one part of your agency sales process. We tie together your other software, so you can import contacts from your CRM, auto create deals and generate invoices in your accounting software. We are regularly adding new integrations.

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We understand that when you’ve got questions, especially when you’re on a tight proposal deadline, you NEED answers. Our customer happiness specialists are at the ready, armed with friendly, helpful, timely support by email or online messaging. We’re here to help, regardless of which you plan you’re on or if you’re just taking us for a test drive.

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When it comes to protecting your private information, we’ve got it locked down tighter than Alcatraz. We partner with Amazon Web Services, use 128-bit SSL encryption, and create daily backups. And we never, EVER disclose any data to third-parties without your permission. Rest easy, nothing’s getting out of here alive.

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