Master of Public Administration

Capstone projects.

As a culmination of their studies, MPA students undertake capstone projects to solve local public policy problems. These projects are not merely classroom exercises, but rather initiatives that can help local government and non-profit organizations choose between a course of actions, evaluate current programs, and improve the services they provide to the public. Below is a short description of some recent capstone projects.

Download the MPA Capstone Projects (PDF)

Stigma of Mental Health Counseling

One in four American between the ages of 18 and 24 is living with some form of mental illness. The impetus for this study was to explore if the stigma associated with mental health counseling plays a part in delaying or preventing students from seeking help on the campus of Saint Peter’s University. To gain a better understanding of the issues, an anonymous survey of 219 undergraduate students was conducted asking them about their knowledge of mental health issues, availability of mental health services, and their perspectives about those who receive help. 63% of students surveyed answered ‘yes’ when asked if they believed there was a stigma associated with students seeking mental health services on campus. Staff in 28 counseling centers at private and public colleges across the state of New Jersey were also surveyed. Most of the staff at the counseling centers reported that educating faculty was an important element in combating the stigma related to mental health on their campus. The study identified strategic efforts to combat the stigma of mental health counseling on campuses and to make mental health services more accessible to everyone.


Homeless families in hudson county.

The most recent government-sponsored homeless count revealed that over 827 men, women and children were homeless on a single night in Hudson County. Over 100 were members of families with at least one adult and one child under the age of eighteen. This count appears to have severely under-represented families who are homeless, but do not access the homeless service system. Most homeless families are hidden, usually doubled up living with friends or relatives. Given the large number of families and the number of contributing factors causing it, family homelessness could be considered a wicked problem – a social or cultural problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of the interconnected nature of problems. This project began with the expectation that an obtainable solution would be identified, but the researchers realized half-way through their study that there was no true solution to this problem. However, there are ways to help, and this capstone project provides recommendations that can assist in improving the homeless family epidemic in Hudson County.

Adolescent Suicide

Adolescent suicide is the third leading cause of death in children and young adults between the ages of 10 and 24 in New Jersey. Since 2002, the suicide rate has increased by 40 percent in the state. The desire to commit suicide stems from mental health conditions that usually present themselves through depression and anxiety. Since suicide is not any easy topic to discuss even when one may be thinking that a person is at risk, it is often avoided. The students created sensitive and useful information that would be made available to young people, in order to help reduce the frequency of youthful suicide.

Services for Expectant Mothers

This paper addressed the growing disparities between native-born mothers and foreign-born mothers in the utilization of federal support programs for expectant mothers in the Newark Community Health Centers. This paper focuses on foreign-born mothers who are considered non-immigrant (temporary tourist, student, or work visa) and the barriers that they face because of their lack of knowledge about federally funded programs that are available to them. Recommendations to address these barriers include (1) improved communication between expectant mothers and government officials (2) mandated education of assistance programs and (3) stricter regulations.


Drug-free school zones.

The Drug-Free School Zone law in New Jersey has caused a spike in incarceration over the last 30 years. This law has had a greater impact in urban areas compared to rural and suburban areas because more people live and work near urban schools. Since minorities tend to live in urban areas, they are disproportionately impacted by this law. It creates an injustice because the law’s impact is determined by race, socio-economics and where one lives, not on the crime committed. Drug-Free School Zone convictions exacerbate the overall problem of mass incarceration because of the mandatory minimum sentences. The original goal of this capstone project was to find a viable alternative to the law and write a persuasive paper that would encourage legislation to create a more equitable system. Unfortunately, the research and interviews revealed that there is very little political sympathy for “drug dealers.” Although some elected officials acknowledged the inequity of the law, they also explained that their constituency would never support “being softer on drug crimes” at the possible detriment to children in the community. Nevertheless, this research introduces several recommendations to improve the law.

Improving Relationship Between Police and African Americans

In the last few years there has been intense media coverage on police brutality and the African American community, but in reality there has always been a poor relationship between African Americans and law enforcement. A survey revealed that most Jersey City residents consider police relations with the African American community to be within a range of fair to poor. Respondents indicated that trust and communication between the officers and the community is the most important element when it comes to developing better police relations. Based on the survey and a series of one-on-one interviews with police officers, social issues (e.g., housing, employment, education, lack of activities) and a lack of sufficient diversity on the police force contribute to the problem. The study recommended that police policies be re-evaluated and that police undergo additional training on dealing with the public.

Help for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

This capstone project addresses barriers to formerly incarcerated individuals in Jersey City’s Ward A and Ward F. Through location-based research methods at the community level, discussions with subject matter experts, and an analysis of best practices and reentry literature, this paper makes a set of recommendations in hopes of better supporting formerly incarcerated individuals on their journey home. Cultural, geographic and legal issues were uncovered that posed barriers to a successful reentry journey for formerly incarcerated men and women in these communities. Although the barriers were neither major nor insurmountable, the combination of barriers experienced by this population causes a widespread hindrance to reintegration into society, and particularly into these communities. Although a robust network of specialized services is available to the formerly incarcerated, a lack of knowledge of these services appears to be widespread. The most significant and also the most easily solvable problem uncovered was difficulty obtaining a valid form of identification; this created barriers for employment, mobility and utilization of traditional financial institutions. Men and women also reported a lack of familial support, which impacted housing situations, reduced morale, and created a greater risk of recidivism. To address these barriers, this study recommends a three pronged approach of communication, legislation, and spiritual inspiration.


Human trafficking in new york city.

There are more people enslaved today than any other time in human history. Most of them are not bonded in shackles and chains – at least not in the literal sense. Today’s slave is most likely a young person with limited or no familial support, and a lack of legitimate options to live a productive and self-sustaining life. They are exploited by predators for their labor, and often forced into illegal activities in order to survive. For years, youth forced to engage in prostitution were often neglected, and in many cases, treated with contempt and charged with crimes of prostitution. The victims were being punished, while the predators were making profits. This capstone project focused on the problem of human trafficking in New York City and the homeless youth population. There is a direct connection between being a homeless youth and being a victim of human trafficking. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 homeless youth are involved in human trafficking. Solutions to this problem focused on reducing youth homelessness which is the key to reducing human trafficking.

Sexual Harassment at Pakistan Universities

Gender-based crimes and violations are the most prevalent, yet easily overseen issues pertaining to a student’s campus life. Embarrassing, shocking, frightening, and degrading incidents related to sexual harassment and sexual assault can leave life-long consequences in terms of physical, professional, personal, and psychological problems. Surprisingly, in Pakistan there are no specific anti-sexual harassment policies for the students’ protection, and sexual assault cases are dealt with according to the judicial system set for rape crimes. Interviews with senior university administrators in Pakistan revealed that the universities in Pakistan are not required to have anti-sexual harassment policies. A survey of Pakistani students found a wide-spread ignorance about university procedures and actions to deal with this problem. This paper concludes by identifying recommendations to help combat the critical and often ignored issue of sexual harassment at Pakistan universities.


Disaster preparedness for disabled individuals in hudson county.

The purpose of this capstone project is to highlight the general lack of knowledge and disaster preparedness on the part of individuals with disabilities in Hudson County. This research effort also makes recommendations to improve communication accessibility/information dissemination at three Hudson County offices: Regional Health Commission, Office of Disability Services, and Office of Emergency Management. Nearly 60,000 Hudson County residents have one or more disabilities ranging from vision loss and mobility impairments to schizophrenia and other mental health illnesses. Individuals with disabilities have a general lack of awareness in disaster preparedness, due in part to the shortcomings on the county level in effectively communicating information to individuals with disabilities before, during, and after disaster situations. Hudson County can improve its disaster communications performance by implementing three solutions: (a) involving the agencies that already work for individuals with disabilities, (b) reworking the entire emergency guidelines through consultation with individuals with disabilities, (c) creating a disaster preparedness campaign targeted at individuals with disabilities.


Awareness of hudson county senior citizens programs.

Hudson County is fortunate to have numerous programs for senior citizens such as Meals on Wheels, Senior Farmer’s Market Vouchers, and Senior Nutrition Sites. Programs are not the problem, getting the information to seniors about available programs is the problem. There are two senses used when spreading information-sight and hearing. Unfortunately, these two senses are greatly affected by age. The problems can creep up so slowly but there are methods to control and sometimes correct them. This capstone project recommends ways that technology can improve the dissemination of information about the county’s senior citizen’s programs.

State Police Social Media Policy

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer law enforcement agencies a unique opportunity to communicate and establish more trusting relationships with communities. Due to the lack of a social media policy, the New Jersey State Police is not communicating with the public as effectively as it could. Social media can also be used in case of emergencies, to notify the public of crimes in an area, to ask the community for help in solving crimes, and for community outreach. A proposal for creating a social media policy was developed for the State Police that will prove mutually advantageous for the residents of the state as well as the municipal and state law enforcement agencies. It is more important, now than ever, to bridge any perceived gap effect between the law enforcement community and the people it serves, and one of the most powerful tools that can be used to affect this communication is social media.


Hudson county jitneys.

In New Jersey, jitney buses can be seen on many streets such as Kennedy Boulevard, Newark Avenue, Bergenline Avenue, and the Journal Square transportation hub. These buses provide convenient services at low fares. Residents, however, have voiced concerns and complaints regarding these services. Jitneys became more controversial in the wake of an accident that killed an 8- month-old baby girl and sent seven others to a hospital. Other complaints associated with jitneys include the following: traffic congestion; lack of identifiable bus stops and route information; limited accountability, lack of insurance coverage to cover accident victims, inferior vehicle maintenance, and vehicles not operating in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act. This capstone project proposes several options that can be used to resolve the existing problems. A key recommendation is to create a medallion system for jitneys similar to that used by taxicabs in other areas. This would improve service, vehicle quality, traffic flow, and information provided to the public.

Bicycle Route from Florida to Maine

Jersey City has become a shining example of how a city, blighted by the economic and social malaise engendered by a post-industrial and post-manufacturing economy, could rise from the ashes reborn. A system of linear parks, crisscrossing the city, has been designated as a part of the East Coast Greenway, a 3,000-mile park system that connects communities up and down the East Coast. The one and only gap in the entire system is the portion that runs along the Lincoln Highway-Hackensack River Bridge connecting Jersey City to Kearny Point, Newark and beyond. This paper recommends ways to better integrate the Jersey City portion with the entire Greenway.

Teaching Children About the 9/11 Attack

If you were five years old or older on September 11, 2001, chances are you have some memory of the worst terrorist attack in American history. This project aimed to help teachers properly educate the next generation of Americans about the historical events that took place on 9/11 and extract lessons from that day that will have positive impacts. The project focused on developing a program for 5th grade students in Atlantic City. To obtain information, students were surveyed, roundtable discussions held with teachers and administrators, and relevant literature was analyzed. There are many challenges to teaching 9/11 to students in the classroom including: no standard curriculum, lack of knowledge or support for the teachers, timing of the school year in which this topic will be introduced, lack of financial resources, and uncertainty about which is the best medium to use. There is also concern from educators about sensitivities related to students with diverse upbringings, especially toward those from Muslim or Middle Eastern backgrounds. Although these are significant challenges, the effort toward learning positive lessons from 9/11 appears to outweigh any potential difficulties. In order to fully incorporate the lessons of 9/11, the capstone students developed a “Teacher’s Toolkit” for 9/11 curriculum resources.

English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual High School Programs This paper analyzes some of the major problems in both English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual high school programs in five Hudson County high schools. These programs face a number of challenges including: limited number of seats available in ESL classes, preparing students for state testing, newly arrived illiterate immigrants, students learning English when they speak another language outside the classroom, and the lack of programs for languages that are widely spoken, such as Arabic. Solutions to these problems are broken down into seven main components: (1) revise laws about bilingual programs so that school systems cannot easily evade them with waivers, (2) increase salaries for ESL certified teachers, (3) tailor classes for children who arrive in the U.S. as children, (4) partner with local colleges to audit classes and start summer programs, (5) maintain open sections of ESL for students who enter throughout the year, (6) revise standards so that international students do not need to take state tests upon their immediate arrival to this country, and (7) revise guidelines so that state tests are given a lower priority in teacher evaluations.


Jersey city park.

To the passerby, 16th Street Park in Jersey City appears to be no more than a fenced-in lot. The purpose of this capstone paper is to recommend improvements for this public space. The problem was precisely defined and the present state of the 16th Street Park documented in detail. Along with a literature review, city experts were interviewed, and neighborhood surveys conducted. Several promising alternatives for the 16th Street Park were then identified, evaluated and compared.

Street Cats

In the past few years, the Jersey City Bureau of Animal Control has frequently reported the prevalence of cats on Bidwell Avenue in Jersey City. In order to fully understand all aspects of the situation, the study began by counting the number of cats on Bidwell Avenue and its adjoining streets. A survey was then administered to find out the following: (a) if area pet owners neutered all their pets, and if not, why (b) what were residents’ attitudes towards street cats, and (c) where were the cats coming from and how were they surviving. In addition to the survey, other data was collected through interviews with relevant parties, a literature review and a best practice review. In light of the findings, the following recommendations were made: (1) the Bureau of Animal Control should conduct a targeted trap-neuter-release program for the area; (2) Animal Control should coordinate its low-cost public programs with the non-profit organization, Liberty Humane Society, to ensure areas with documented street-cat problems can benefit from their events; (3) all area pet owners should be informed of pet owner assistance programs available to low-income individuals.

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Capstone topics & research.

UST 692 is a generalist public administration capstone seminar that provides a final common experience for MPA students. In this course, students integrate learning from the MPA core curriculum with professional practices encountered in public and nonprofit organizations. Students prepare and defend a capstone paper. The following is a list of capstone projects that have been prepared & presented by MPA students:

  • Bridging the gap: Public administration theories and the city management profession
  • Farmers’ markets: Creating social capital, building trust and community while fostering civic engagement
  • Grantmaking in Cuyahoga County: Commonalities among health and human service private grantmakers related to sustainability
  • New innovations and social service agencies
  • Public funding influence on nonprofit programming and mission fulfillment
  • The impacts of beautification on urban environments
  • What are the best practices adopted by foster care programs to increase the graduation rate among foster youth?
  • What makes Vision Zero successful? Evaluating Vision Zero policy using the four Es of public administration

Spring 2019

  • A critical analysis of youth homeless policies in the United States
  • Adoption of the Good Food Purchasing Program at Cleveland Municipal School District
  • Affordable on campus university housing
  • A project evaluation of the Ohio Department of Public Health’s 2018 Hepatitis A outbreak response through a performance management system framework analysis
  • Building inclusive boards for arts organizations
  • Challenges to the legitimacy of the administrative state
  • Closing the gap: Hiring practices in employing people with disabilities
  • Commercial property revitalization
  • Democratizing criminal justice: Project implementation plan for criminal defendant wayfinding app
  • Efficacy and equity in public grantmaking
  • Equity in local climate adaption planning
  • Evaluating the Ohio benefits project: Goal achievement and satisfying the four Es
  • How are cities including environmental justice when strategically planning for climate change adaptation and mitigation?
  • Manager or mayor? Assessing the impacts of local government leadership on solid waste services
  • Medical debt: A public crisis
  • Millennials and public service
  • Social media engagement for nonprofits
  • The management values of public administration within special districts
  • The public value in universal child care
  • Use of predictive analytics in higher education: Implementation at Cleveland State University
  • Waste management in local government
  • Adequacy of public school education funding in Ohio
  • An evaluation of Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s transportation program through the four Es framework: Efficiency, effectiveness, economy, and equity
  • Assessing local efforts to address social determinants of health
  • Body-worn cameras in EMS: A regulatory process for policy-compliance management
  • Evaluation of juvenile justice risk assessment tools using the four es of public administration
  • Generational impact of codes of ethics in nonprofit organizations
  • Place branding strategies to enhance Cleveland’s perception
  • Police regionalization using the FOPA model
  • Taxes “coming out of her wherever”: An examination of sales taxation on menstrual products in Ohio
  • Spillover Effects: Analysis to Determine if Economic Development  & Land Use Propels Gentrification in Other Areas
  • The Peculiar Family: Exposing ‘Blaming the Victim’ Policies
  • Accessibility in Higher Education: Going Above and Beyond the Legal Minimum
  • Grandparent Caregivers’ Limited Financial Resources
  • Cleveland Voices: Technology in Modern Museums
  • Ban the Box: Fair Chance Hiring Legislation and Unintended Consequences
  • Nonprofit Hybrid Organizations and their Implications: What are they, how they interact, and at what cost?
  • Mass Incarceration: Cuyahoga County Community Cares Initiative
  • Public Participation & Electric Vehicle Policy: A review of public participation and its role in creating and implementing electric vehicle policy
  • Municipal Home Rule and Breed Specific Legislation
  • Public Service Education: Enhancing the Regula Center for Public Service
  • Organ Trafficking and the Public Policies that Affect it
  • Collaborative Efforts to Address Human Trafficking: A Local Solution to a Global Crisis
  • Reusing Historic Buildings: Connecting Historic Preservation to Environmental Sustainability
  • Racing toward Gigabit Internet: The Role of Cities in Fiber Broadband Infrastructure
  • Political Bias: Is Politics a Factor in Local Government?
  • Infant Mortality: Mitigating the Gaps

Before Fall 2016

  • Cleveland Hopkins Airport: A Vision for the Future by Chris Corrigan
  • Using Best Public Administration Practices for Promoting EITC by Marlene Perdan
  • Picturing Change: Self-Documentary Photography & the Search for Social Equity in Public Administration by Seth Beattie
  • No Board Member Left Behind: Raising the Standard for School Board Governance by Lori Chick
  • At Your Service: Patterns of Citizen Interaction With City Managers by Mark Medlar
  • Performance Measurement in Public and Nonprofit Social Service Agencies by Rachel Singer
  • The Legitimacy of the Administrative State & the Social Security Administration by Frank Wagner
  • Implementation of Outcome Measurement in Small Nonprofits by Steve Greenwell
  • The Few, The Proud, the Brave: The Under-representation of Black Women in City Management by Tanisha Briley
  • Eminent Domain as an Economic Development Tool by Peter Bishop
  • Ohio's Term Limits: More Harm than Good? by Ellie Sullivan
  • Think like a Business with the Heart of a Charity by Julie Scarsella
  • The Heroes Among Us: Mythical Adventures of Nonprofit Organizations by Rachael Balanson
  • The Future of Wireless Broadband: Implications for Economic Development in the Knowledge-based Economy by Brian Iorio

topics for capstone project in public administration

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The Open Repository @ Binghamton (The ORB)

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Capstone Projects 2015-Present

Jamaica Study Abroad: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Curriculum Design by Victoria Anderson

Jamaica Study Abroad: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Curriculum Design

Victoria Anderson

This Capstone proposes the design of a service-learning study abroad program between universities and PRM with the objective of increasing the monetary resources of the organization. To create a new flow of monetary revenue into PRM, Great Huts and PRM would form a cooperation, one in which the two entities would remain independent forprofit and nonprofit organizations respectively, but would have a mutual agreement in favor of the public interest of the community

Addressing Community Issues Through Alternative Funding Practice by Jose Artiles

Addressing Community Issues Through Alternative Funding Practice

Jose Artiles

The mission of United Way of Broome County is “To drive change that will have positive impact on the critical needs of our community by strategically leveraging the collective resources of community partners” United Way of Broome County is interested in improving the quality of services available to the residents of the Village of Endicott by seeking funding partners doing work in the area. This project will explore what some of the issues facing this community is and how United Way can aid helping bring more programs to the area.

Providing Mental Health Treatment In A School Setting: The Creation of School Based Mental Health Clinics by Ashley S. AuPont

Providing Mental Health Treatment In A School Setting: The Creation of School Based Mental Health Clinics

Ashley S. AuPont

Historically, less than 20% of children and youth with mental health (MH) concerns obtain MH treatment. Federal and state policies have begun to support MH treatment in school settings. Initiatives have begun to ensure accessible MH services as the intersection of MH services and the education system has been more heavily scrutinized. In Broome County, school districts are looking to increase access to MH services. The Family & Children's Society is also responding to this need by creating School Based Mental Health Clinics.

Emergency Medical Services in Eastern Broome County: Analysis and Opportunities by Sean J. Britton

Emergency Medical Services in Eastern Broome County: Analysis and Opportunities

Sean J. Britton

Emergency medical services (EMS) is a system to provide out- of-hospital medical care and transportation for individuals suffering from acute illness and injury. There is no requirement within New York State law for local government to ensure the provision of emergency medical services Deposit Emergency Squad, Windsor Emergency Services, Inc., and Colesville Volunteer Ambulance Service are currently the primary ambulance service providers in Eastern Broome County Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad and Superior Ambulance Service, Inc. frequently provide mutual aid from the City of Binghamton when the primary ambulance service is unable to respond

Atoms and Bytes: Distance Education and Community Colleges by Janice Yu Cheng

Atoms and Bytes: Distance Education and Community Colleges

Janice Yu Cheng

SUNY Broome Community College considers expanding its distance education offerings to meet growing interest from both students and instructors on campus. However, current institutional infrastructure cannot adequately support such an expansion. How can SUNY Broome boost its distance education efforts on campus, and eventually establish a virtual academy?

Monitoring: Ensuring Country Representatives Efficiency and Accountability by Benjamin Edwards

Monitoring: Ensuring Country Representatives Efficiency and Accountability

Benjamin Edwards

This study is a review of Exit Interviews (EIs) of World For World Organization (WFWO) appointed Country Representatives (CRs) who have served their various terms of office from 2008-2015 and WFWO executive management’s internal Performance Score assigned to each CR during the same period. The review was done with the view to uncovering potential operational loophole and monitoring deficiency that may have contributed to the CRs inefficiency, mismanagement, and fraudulent activities that have triggered concerns among executive management, sponsors, and other stakeholders. Following, it applies qualitative comparative analysis to measure the impact the deficiency and loophole have on the CRs’ efficiency (i.e., their Performance Score).

Direct Support Professional Turnove by Teresa D. Edwards

Direct Support Professional Turnove

Teresa D. Edwards

I began collecting vacancy trend data in 2008 to determine if there was an overall trend in the timing of vacancies, this would allow us to begin recruiting prior to increased staffing vacancies. There seemed to be an overall increase in staffing vacancies in April and a recovery in July. However, 2015 staffing trends became increasingly more problematic in a sense that we did not recover from the staffing shortage like we usually do and the turnover rate to date has reached a historic high.

Onondaga County Animal Response Team (OnCART): Development & Application by Chris P. Graber

Onondaga County Animal Response Team (OnCART): Development & Application

Chris P. Graber

In an effort to better address animal welfare issues, the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management (OCDEM) initiated the development of an all-volunteer County Animal Response Team (OnCART). • An annex to Onondaga County’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) and OnCART Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were developed in collaboration with state, county, and local stakeholders. These emergency plans define OnCART’s authority, capabilities and limitations, roles and responsibilities, and command structure. • Following a study of existing CARTs and animal disaster incidents throughout the U.S., a public education and outreach initiative was also initiated. Training modules for OnCART members, first responders and the public, as well as multimedia educational tools were developed in order to increase awareness and preparation within Onondaga County.

Developing a Strategic Tourism Plan for the City of Beacon by Vincent Grella

Developing a Strategic Tourism Plan for the City of Beacon

Vincent Grella

The City of Beacon is a small post-industrial city along the Hudson River. The local economy is reliant on tourism, as Beacon has become one of the most popular weekend trips for New York City residents and is one of the most frequented destinations along the Metro North Hudson Line. Beacon also offers visitors: • Views of the New York City skyline and the Hudson Highlands mountain range • Access to greenspace including hiking and walking trails • Dining, entertainment, and retail opportunities along Main StreetBy maximizing the potential these assets have, Beacon can effectively diversify the reasons people are visiting, despite being known as an artist community.

Creating an Agency Coordination Plan for Care Compass Network by Megan E. Griffiths

Creating an Agency Coordination Plan for Care Compass Network

Megan E. Griffiths

Care Compass Network (CCN) is a new non-profit organization that partners with local hospitals, community based organizations, and local government units whose aim is to transform the way Medicaid beneficiaries receive benefits from New York State. As a part of New York State’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP), Care Compass Network collaborates with various agencies throughout a nine- county Performing Provider System (PPS) in the Southern Tier of New York. My capstone project is to develop an Agency Coordination Plan for CCN, which the organization must submit to New York State in order to meet requirements. This plan will guide their current and future partnerships with local government agencies.

Arts Programming & Partnerships in New York City Public Schools: Geographic Mapping Revealing Disparities by Shanice Hodge

Arts Programming & Partnerships in New York City Public Schools: Geographic Mapping Revealing Disparities

Shanice Hodge

The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) is a New York State agency dedicated to supporting arts, culture, and heritage activities that serve the state’s citizens and visitors. Each year, through a competitive grant program, NYSCA awards grants to non-profit organizations.

Data Limitation? Lack of Access to Data?” Recommendations on Data Compiling for Student Retention at Binghamton University by Helen Li

Data Limitation? Lack of Access to Data?” Recommendations on Data Compiling for Student Retention at Binghamton University

In the United States, the national freshmen retention rate is currently at 73.3%, while at Binghamton University, the freshmen retention rate is at 91%. While this percentage is already higher than most institutions, the university would like to continue their efforts in looking for new initiatives to help preserve and increase our overall retention rate. In continuation of the capstone project done last semester, I was provided a data set of non-returning freshmen students from Spring 2016 to identify additional patterns and trends that might emerge. Additional components were included to help supplement and add contrast to the previous capstone project.

Binghamton Advantage Program- Program Evaluation by Erin Marulli

Binghamton Advantage Program- Program Evaluation

Erin Marulli

A program evaluation was conducted of the Binghamton Advantage Program (BAP) to determine how students in the program were performing and to obtain the participants’ overall thoughts on the program. Student demographic data was analyzed to determine the relationship between subgroups versus GPA and withdrawal rates. Additionally, a survey was administered to students to determine their connection to and identification with each institution, perceived preparedness levels, main concerns, and resources utilized. This evaluation serves as the first of its kind for BAP since its formation in 2011 and will help BAP administrators improve the program. Main findings include significant differences in GPA for male versus female BAP students and BAP White students versus BAP students of color, as well as significant differences in withdrawal rates for on-campus and off-campus BAP students.

Evaluation of Financial Trends and Fundraising Program of STAP by Jay McMahon

Evaluation of Financial Trends and Fundraising Program of STAP

Jay McMahon

Every non-profit organization faces challenges with funding. This project examines fundraising trends and threats facing the Southern Tier AIDS Program (STAP). The project began out of concerns about the impact changes in Medicaid legacy rates and Governor Cuomo’s plan for the end of AIDS 2020. Government grants and Medicaid are the largest revenue streams for the organization, changes in these streams could have a devastating impact on the organization. Along with identifying the impact of the funding changes I will evaluate the current fundraising programs and make recommendations based on the past trends and projections of the impact of funding changes.

A Social Media Engagement Plan for the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management by Alyssa Moyer

A Social Media Engagement Plan for the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management

Alyssa Moyer

Several conversations with the OCDEM’s Commissioner, Emergency Planner, and the County’s Public Information Offi- cer (PIO) led to the conclusion that the OCDEM needed a stronger social media presence and the best way to do this was to help the Onondaga County residents become more knowledgeable and prepared in the event of an emergen- cy or disaster. The National Seasonal Preparedness Messaging Calender is an excellent means to educate the public on how to best be prepared for emergencies. The “Ready” Campaign is a national public service advertising (PSA) campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to provide Americans with information in regards to numerous com- mon emergencies and hazards, and strategies to prepare and educate the public on these topics. The calendar follows the twelve-month cycle of the year with different topics that pertain to that specific season. Essentially, the goal of the campaign is to “get the public involved and ultimately to increase the level of basic preparedness across the nation” (, 2016). The creation of a social media engagement plan that follows the National Seasonal Preparedness Messaging Calendar provides the most useful preparedness information in educating Onondaga County residents.

Increasing volunteer engagement in the OIP's Study Abroad Ambassador Program by Angelica Quintana

Increasing volunteer engagement in the OIP's Study Abroad Ambassador Program

Angelica Quintana

The Study Abroad Ambassador Program is one of the most recent initiatives from the Office of International Programs (OIP) that offers returning students a space to complete their intercultural learning by becoming a peer advisor and assisting the study abroad office in the recruitment of prospective students. The Ambassador Program, opens a direct dialogue among students who share similar study abroad experiences. Ambassadors work to encourage their peers on campus to participate in study abroad programs. Currently, the program accepts 15 participants for each academic school year. While the program is a form of participation for students post study abroad it was noted throughout the year that ambassadors were unable to fulfill their responsibilities due to a range of reasons. This research identifies the factors that effect the ambassadors’ varying engagement levels and recommendations for improvement.

Walkability and Bikability in Montour Falls, New York: Recommendations from a Comprehensive Plan by Chelsea Reome

Walkability and Bikability in Montour Falls, New York: Recommendations from a Comprehensive Plan

Chelsea Reome

Walkability and bikability describe how friendly or conducive a place is to walking and biking, respectively. In Montour Falls, they will: • Maintain small town environment • Enhance connectivity within the Finger Lakes Region via the Catharine Valley Trail • Provide low-cost transportation options for low-income individuals • Facilitate aging in place for senior residents

Implementation of Community Care Network of Nichols’ Volunteer Management Plan by Dorothy Kay Richter

Implementation of Community Care Network of Nichols’ Volunteer Management Plan

Dorothy Kay Richter

Community Care Network of Nichols (CCNN) is a grassroots 501c3, created to help the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill to be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible. In order to accomplish this, CCNN provides four (4) direct services: friendly visits, reassuring phone calls, transportation services, and information and referral services to area human service agencies. These services and programs provided through CCNN are accomplished by over 100 volunteers. However, CCNN has been challenged with managing this workforce. In 2015, a volunteer management plan was developed for CCNN to assist with this challenge. The focus of my capstone has been developing volunteer management tools outlined in the plan, along with assisting CCNN with their implementation of this plan.

Using an Integrated Strategy to Reach a Fundraising Goal by Emily Rose

Using an Integrated Strategy to Reach a Fundraising Goal

1) CITYarts relied primarily on revenue from foundation and corporate grants 2) CITYarts needs to expand individual donor base and create new relationships CITYarts was working with Youth, Inc. on its “Celebration” fundraising training program to get the Board and other supporters actively involved in fundraising and expand its individual donor base. CITYarts set a goal to raise $55,000 and the Executive Director appointed co-chairs to each raise $2,500 towards this goal.

How to Run a Production Management Internship by Elana Schlossberg

How to Run a Production Management Internship

Elana Schlossberg

In Summer 2015, I was a production management intern at Williamstown Theatre Festival (WTF) in Williamstown, MA. From this experience, I discovered that, while the internship was a great overall experience, there were some aspects missing from the program. As an intern, I recognized that there were educational opportunities at WTF of which the intern supervisors did not take advantage. This project is my Master’s of Public Administration capstone project, and is important because it has the potential to change the course of the production management internship at WTF, and potentially at other theatre companies nationwide.

Creating a Diversity Audit & Web Audit to Address the Current Fundraising Issues of the Veteran Sports Association by Steven Shirokikh

Creating a Diversity Audit & Web Audit to Address the Current Fundraising Issues of the Veteran Sports Association

Steven Shirokikh

The Veteran Sports Association was founded in June 2003 in Brooklyn, NY by current Executive Director Eduard Luchin.The mission of the Veteran Sports Association is“To provide helpful and useful resources to any and all former professional athletes from overseas who have recently immigrated to the United States.” Veteran Sports Association is interested in restoring its current fundraising efforts by increasing the number of attendees at their events.This project will look at why the Veteran Sports Association feels the need to restore its fundraising efforts and what can be done to push them in the

Engaging, Retaining, and Growing LitWorld’s Young Professional Donor Base by Ilanna Solomon

Engaging, Retaining, and Growing LitWorld’s Young Professional Donor Base

Ilanna Solomon

In nonprofit development, it is important to have diversified funding, meaning there is funding coming from multiple places, such as: •Individual Donors •Grants •Partnerships Even within those categories of funding, it is important to be diverse. This Capstone focuses on diversifying LitWorld’s individual donor base through engaging, retaining, and cultivating young professional donors. A guide was created for the organization which outlines two different projects which can be put in place to achieve a diversified young professional donor base. These projects are designed to be managed by LitWorld’s Young Professional Group, in order to engage the group further, and because they are the best resource for these projects. The projects are: Fundraising Dinners for young professionals, aimed at meeting the objectives of growth and cultivation, and the creation of Giving Circles with the young professionals involved in LitWorld, aimed at meeting the objectives of retention and growth.

Utilizing a Needs Assessment Process at the United Way of Broome County by Jennifer Strange

Utilizing a Needs Assessment Process at the United Way of Broome County

Jennifer Strange

This project intends to: • Explore the Working BridgesTM and other employee assistance programs • Provide needs assessment process guidelines for the United Way of Broome County

College Foundation Scholarship Process Improvement Plan by Michael Sullivan

College Foundation Scholarship Process Improvement Plan

Michael Sullivan

Scholarship support provided through the College at Oneonta Foundation to SUNY Oneonta makes up a substantial—and ever growing—portion of institutional scholarship resources. The College Foundation makes more than $2 million in scholarship resources available annually. The majority of scholarships made available through the College Foundation are not application based. Instead, College Foundation scholarships are awarded by various offices and departments on campus. The two offices making the largest number of awards are Admissions and Financial Aid (roughly 75% of all College Foundation Scholarships); the remaining scholarships are awarded by various Academic departments. While the majority of scholarship funds are allocated, awarded and distributed in a timely fashion, unawarded scholarships exist creating challenges on multiple fronts for the organization. Successful administration and utilization of the College Foundation’s scholarship resources serve the financial and educational interests of SUNY Oneonta’s students, the strategic priorities of the college, and the principals of affordability and access on which the SUNY system was founded. Further, the College Foundation’s ability to continue to grow its endowment, through charitable contributions, is dependent on the College’s ability to successfully steward scholarship donors. Full and successful administration of all scholarship resources is necessary for effective stewardship to occur.

Proposal to Better Support Religious Groups at Binghamton University by Mengdai Sun

Proposal to Better Support Religious Groups at Binghamton University

Mengdai Sun

In Spring 2016, I finished my internship in Multicultural Resources Center (MRC) at Binghamton University. With the purpose of promoting diversity on campus,MRC offers various training programs and educational opportunities for university students and staff. Currently, MRC has served cultural groups, LGBTQ,religious groups. However, it is lack of meaningful activities to support thereligious groups. Therefore, my project aims to help MRC to identify effective ways to better serve the religious community on campus.In 2011, President Obama launched the Interfaith and Community ServiceCampus Challenge. It encourages people from different religious and non- religious backgrounds addressing community challenges together. AlthoughBinghamton University is on the list of the Community Service Honor Roll, theuniversity has not been recognized for Interfaith partnership. My project will assist Binghamton University in actively responding to PresidentObama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. Also, it willcontribute to meet one of Binghamton University’s Strategic Priorities --- tounite to foster a diverse and inclusive campus culture.

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Public Administration Capstone Projects

Capstones from 2020 2020.

Financial Literacy Education: Building Generational Wealth , Lisa L. Brown

The Effectiveness of Mentoring Adolescent Girls: Targeting Underserved Communities in Chicago's South Suburbs , Robin L. Miles

Capstones from 2019 2019

Reducing Recidivism Rates: Teen Court Solution in Kankakee County , Robert J. Mason II

The Impact on Policy and Procedure Changes in Law Enforcement Due to the Black Lives Matter Movement in Cook County, Illinois , Shari Payne

Capstones from 2018 2018

Private Sectors , Lavonia L. Crawford

Capstones from 2017 2017

Making an Inherently Dangerous Profession Safer: New Ambulance Designs , Amanda George

Capstones from 2015 2015

Englewood: The Impact of an Underserved Community that is faced by Violence: Politicians vs. Residents vs. Advocates , Ouidie M. Pollard

Capstones from 1988 1988

Comparative Analysis of Illinois Juvenile Judges: 1965 vs. 1987 , Gerald T. Cyrkiel

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100+ Public Administration Research Paper Topics You Can Use

Oct 24, 2023

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Oct 24, 2023 | Topics

Public administration research paper topics can be a little tricky to find. There are many public administration research paper topics, but you might not know where to look for them or how to use your research time effectively. Thankfully, I have compiled a list of public administration research paper topics for your consideration!

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  • Top 100 Controversial Topics For Research Paper

Best Public Administration Research Paper Topics

  • How to improve public service delivery in rural areas?
  • How to ensure efficient and effective service delivery by government agencies?
  • What are the challenges facing public administration in India?
  • What are the methods of improving efficiency in Public Administration?
  • What is the role of leadership in public administration practices?
  • How can public administration be made relevant to the people?
  • What are the different models of administrative reforms?
  • How can corruption in public administration be reduced?
  • How can public administration be made more effective?
  • What is the role of bureaucracy in the Indian government?
  • How can the bureaucracy be made responsive to citizens’ needs?
  • How can better governance be achieved through public administration?

Interesting Public Administration Research Paper Topics

  • Emergency Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Disaster Mitigation Planning and Response
  • Economic Development Policy and Practice in the United States
  • Federalism: The Role of States in Public Administration
  • Effective Leadership Practices for Public Administrators
  • The Role of Public Administration in Economic Development Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of a Community-Based Disaster Mitigation Plan
  • How Political Science Concerns Affect Public Administration
  • Understand Ethics and Their Effect on Political Decisions
  • How Public Administration Relates to Government Accountability

Simple Public Administration Research Paper Topics

  • How did the United States react to September 11, 2001?
  • How does government handle crises in America?
  • What role does technology play in law enforcement operations?
  • How do politicians use social media to campaign for office?
  • What is the role of local government in making cities work?
  • What are the challenges facing small towns and rural areas in America today?
  • How do voters view political leaders elected for a second or third time?
  • What is the role of the media in politics today?
  • How do political parties define their platforms, and why is it important to voters?
  • How does the government use technology to enhance its operations?

Controversial Public Administration Research Paper Topics

  • Is it ethical for governments to limit social media use?
  • Should governments increase their role in the economy?
  • Should the government increase taxes on soda and sugar-sweetened beverages, or should we cut them instead?
  • Should we ban plastic bags?
  • Should government intervene in the housing market to help low-income people find affordable homes?
  • Should states be allowed to collect taxes on internet sales made by out-of-state businesses like Amazon and eBay?

Public Administration Research Paper Topics for Middle School

  • The role of government in solving problems faced by society
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of government agencies at the local level
  • A comparison between two different types of governing bodies
  • How do decision-making processes differ between local/state/federal levels?
  • The effectiveness of political campaigns in influencing voters to make a certain decision
  • The impact of new technologies on how government agencies handle daily operations
  • The importance of information literacy and how it can improve the quality of service delivery at the local level
  • How should government agencies manage their budgets to deliver more value for money?
  • The role that social media plays in driving public opinion about controversial issues
  • How does democracy work at local, state and federal levels?
  • How does the media influence public opinion on certain issues (e.g., healthcare access and immigration policy)?
  • How does the government use its power to influence public opinion?
  • How does government influence the media?
  • How do political campaigns influence voters?
  • What key factors impact the effectiveness of political campaigns?
  • How can government agencies use social media to improve public service delivery?
  • What examples of effective strategies have government agencies used in their communication campaigns?

Public Administration Research Paper Topics for High School

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of implementing a public-private partnership in local government?
  • How should local governments manage their limited resources during tough economical times?
  • How can technology be used to improve the quality of life for citizens living in disadvantaged communities?
  • How can local governments use social media to improve public service delivery?
  • What examples of effective strategies have local governments used in their communication campaigns?
  • How does public administration impact the lives of citizens?
  • How can public administrators improve their communication strategies?
  • The Concept of Democracy: A Review of Modern Democratic Theories
  • The Role of Public Opinion in the Politics of Developing Countries
  • An Introduction to Political Parties and Pressure Groups in India
  • How Stakeholders Influence Government Decisions about Water Resources Management
  • An Analysis of the Tax Reforms in India: Impact on Revenue Generation, Distribution and Economic Growth
  • How Globalization Affects the Indian Economy and What Is Our Response to It?
  • How Population Growth Can Lead To Environmental Degradation In A Country Like India And What Can Be Done About This Situation!
  • Assessing Administrative Reforms In India After Independence

Public Administration Research Paper Topics for College

  • The Role of Public Administration in the Government
  • Trends in Public Administration
  • Challenges Faced by Public Administrators
  • Functions of a Public Administrator
  • Issues Facing Public Administration
  • The History and Future of Public Administration
  • How to Become a Successful Public Administrator
  • The Importance of Ethics to the Profession

Public Administration Research Questions

  • What is the importance of public administration education in developing countries?
  • How can we improve the effectiveness of the political system in Africa?
  • What are the challenges facing public sector reforms in Africa?
  • How can we strengthen democratic accountability in Africa?
  • What are some ways to develop public service delivery in Nigeria?
  • Why should we replace traditional institutions with modern ones when changing our government structure?
  • How does corruption affect our society’s development, and what can be done about it?
  • Is there anything new in management that has not been tried before yet could work effectively
  • How can we build an effective public service in Africa?
  • What are the challenges facing public administration education in developing countries?
  • How do we improve the effectiveness of the political system in Africa?
  • How does corruption affect our society’s development?

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As you can see, there are plenty of topics you can use for your papers. Whether you write about one of the many government organizations or agencies listed here or go beyond that list and find your topic, we hope this article has helped make the decision easier for you. Good luck!

Herman Bailey

Joseph Oleksandr

With a passion for education and student empowerment, I create blog content that speaks directly to the needs and interests of students. From study hacks and productivity tips to career exploration and personal development


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509 Capstone Project Topics & Good Ideas

21 July 2023

last updated

Capstone project topics provide an opportunity for students to showcase their understanding of their chosen field by deeply exploring pertinent issues or creating innovative solutions. Some ideas can range widely, including exploring renewable energy’s viability, designing artificial intelligence (AI)-based healthcare solutions, examining the impact of digital marketing strategies on consumer behavior, or assessing strategies to increase educational accessibility in developing countries. Other topics can also involve designing a new software application, investigating the sociopolitical impact of media bias, or developing sustainable business strategies. A successful capstone project topic often reflects both the student’s personal interests and the evolving trends in their field. By delving into capstone project topics, students demonstrate academic proficiency, contribute to their fields of study, offer potential solutions, and often lay the groundwork for their future career path.

Top Capstone Project Topics

  • Innovative Approaches to Cybersecurity in Modern Businesses
  • Exploring Eco-Friendly Strategies in Urban Planning
  • Development of a Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups
  • Machine Learning and Its Use in Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Mobile Applications for Mental Health Support
  • Investigating Green Technologies in Construction
  • Analyzing Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture Practices in the 21st Century
  • Blockchain Technology and Its Potential in Voting Systems
  • Exploring the Effectiveness of Remote Learning Platforms
  • Future of Renewable Energy in Developing Nations
  • Investigating Gender Bias in Job Hiring Algorithms
  • Contribution of Social Media to Political Campaigns
  • Innovations in Telemedicine for Rural Healthcare
  • Study of Data Privacy Laws Across Different Countries
  • Fostering Inclusion in the Tech Industry
  • Strategies for Improving Cybersecurity in Fintech
  • Influence of Augmented Reality on Consumer Behavior
  • Analyzing the Effect of Climate Change on Global Agriculture
  • Investigation of Bioinformatics in Personalized Medicine

Capstone Project Topics & Good Ideas

Easy Capstone Project Ideas

  • Establishing a Community Outreach Program for Homeless Individuals
  • Building an App for Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Strategies for Improving Recycling Habits in Urban Areas
  • Investigation into Healthy Eating Habits of College Students
  • Mental Health Awareness Campaign in High Schools
  • Designing a Website for Local Artisans to Sell Their Crafts
  • Food Security Issues in Urban Community Gardens
  • Cultural Diversity in Children’s Literature: A Comparative Study
  • Creating an Educational Game for Children With Special Needs
  • Analyzing the Efficacy of Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools
  • Optimizing Library Resources for Digital Learners
  • Exploring Sustainable Tourism Practices in Coastal Towns
  • Educational Interventions for Students With Dyslexia
  • Investigating Physical Activity Levels Among University Students
  • Community-Based Strategies for Supporting Senior Citizens
  • Analysis of Effective Classroom Management Techniques
  • Creating an Online Platform for Pet Adoption
  • Promoting Conservation through School-Based Environmental Clubs
  • Investigating Nutrition Knowledge Among High School Students

Interesting Capstone Project Topics

  • Analyzing E-Sports and Its Growth in the Digital Age
  • Sustainable Fashion: A Look Into Eco-Friendly Apparel
  • Virtual Reality and Its Potential in Education
  • Urban Farming and Its Feasibility in Major Cities
  • Investigating the Intersection of Art and Artificial Intelligence
  • Nanotechnology: A New Frontier in Medicine
  • Decoding the Mystery of Dreams: Neuroscientific Perspectives
  • Exploring the Interplay between Music and Emotion
  • The Human Microbiome: Uncovering Its Secrets
  • Exploring the Science of Happiness
  • Bioethical Dilemmas in Modern Medicine
  • Analyzing the Popularity of Podcasts among Young Adults
  • Understanding Cryptocurrencies and Their Future
  • Investigation into Space Tourism: The Future of Travel
  • Dark Matter: Unraveling the Universe’s Hidden Mass
  • Unpacking the Popularity of Plant-Based Diets
  • Space Debris: A Growing Threat to Satellites
  • Climate Change and Its Effects on Polar Wildlife

Capstone Project Topics for High School

  • Understanding Solar Power: Building a Mini Solar Panel
  • Reviving Endangered Languages: A Linguistic Study
  • Artificial Intelligence: Designing a Simple Chatbot
  • Exploring Graphic Design: Creating a School Magazine
  • Fitness and Nutrition: Creating a Healthy Meal Plan
  • Urban Gardening: Building a School Vegetable Patch
  • Investigating Air Quality: An Environmental Science Study
  • Music Production: Composing a Song Using Digital Tools
  • Developing a Mobile App for a School Project
  • Internet Security: Understanding the Basics of Cybersecurity
  • Exploring Mental Health: Creating a Mindfulness Journal
  • Documentary Filmmaking: Capturing a Local Story
  • Creating a Small Business: An Entrepreneurship Experience
  • Fashion Design: Crafting a Clothing Line From Scratch
  • Animal Behavior: Observing and Analyzing Local Wildlife
  • Virtual Reality: Exploring its Potential in Education
  • Understanding Genetics: The Basics of DNA Sequencing
  • Social Media Influence: Surveying its Effects on Teens
  • Space Exploration: Designing a Model of a Space Rover
  • Exploring Civil Rights: A Historical Case Study

Capstone Project Topics for College Students

  • Analyzing Cybersecurity: Designing a Secure Network Infrastructure
  • Understanding Climate Change: Predictive Modelling Techniques
  • Sustainable Architecture: A Green Building Design
  • Forensic Science: Novel Techniques in DNA Analysis
  • Mobile App Development: Implementing Augmented Reality
  • Nanotechnology: Prospects in Medical Applications
  • Bioinformatics: Genomic Data Analysis Techniques
  • Machine Learning: Predictive Analytics in Finance
  • Renewable Energy: Efficiency Improvement in Solar Cells
  • Artificial Intelligence: Ethical Considerations
  • Mental Health: Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Marketing Strategy: Using Big Data for Consumer Insight
  • Data Privacy: A Study on Cryptography Algorithms
  • Speech Recognition: Designing a Voice User Interface
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Aquaponics System Design
  • Immunology: Advancements in Vaccine Development
  • Quantum Computing: Exploring Its Potential Impact on Cryptography
  • Social Psychology: Studying Bias in Social Media Algorithms
  • Automation: Developing a Robotic Process System
  • Blockchain Technology: Potential Use Cases in Supply Chain Management

Capstone Project Topics for University

  • Sustainable Fashion: How Can Technology Contribute?
  • Conducting Comprehensive Market Analysis for Startup Success
  • Green Urban Planning: Strategies and Case Studies
  • Exploring the Feasibility of Self-Driving Cars in Urban Environments
  • Innovative Techniques in Biodegradable Plastic Production
  • AI-Driven Predictive Models for Stock Market Forecasting
  • Space Exploration: Propulsion Systems for Interplanetary Travel
  • Cyberpsychology: Understanding Online Behavior Patterns
  • Redefining Patient Care With Telemedicine Advancements
  • Quantum Physics: Investigating Quantum Entanglement
  • Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon Sequestration Methods
  • Virtual Reality Applications in Mental Health Therapy
  • Revolutionizing Education Through EdTech Solutions
  • Digital Art: Exploring the Influence of New Media
  • Strategies for Enhancing Cybersecurity in E-Commerce
  • Microplastic Pollution: Understanding and Mitigation Techniques
  • Biodiversity Conservation: Strategies for Endangered Species
  • Neural Networks: Developing Deep Learning Models
  • Investigating Innovative Methods in Water Purification

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  • Pediatric Care: Advancements in Pain Management Techniques
  • Chronic Disease Management in Home Healthcare Settings
  • Application of AI in Predicting Patient Outcomes
  • Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Oncology Patients
  • Prevention Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents
  • Telemedicine in Chronic Care: Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes
  • Innovative Approaches in Palliative Care for Terminal Illness
  • Stress Management Techniques for Nursing Professionals
  • Strategies to Improve Patient Safety in Intensive Care Units
  • Effectiveness of Different Therapies in Dementia Care
  • Integrating Holistic Practices into Traditional Patient Care
  • Burnout among Nurses: Causes and Possible Solutions
  • Exploring the Use of Wearable Technology in Patient Monitoring
  • Integrating Ethics in Clinical Decision-Making Processes
  • Post-Operative Pain Management: Current Practices and Improvements
  • Innovative Techniques in Wound Care Management
  • Patient Education and Adherence to Treatment in Chronic Diseases
  • Exploring the Potential of Virtual Reality in Physical Rehabilitation
  • Developing a Culturally Competent Approach to Patient Care
  • Crisis Intervention Techniques in Emergency Nursing

Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas

  • Advanced Cybersecurity Measures in E-Commerce Platforms
  • Artificial Intelligence in Predicting Stock Market Trends
  • Application of Machine Learning in Weather Forecasting
  • Blockchain Technology and its Potential in Healthcare Data Management
  • Predictive Analytics in Enhancing Customer Relationship Management
  • Smart Cities: Harnessing the Power of IoT in Urban Planning
  • Developing a Virtual Reality Interface for Online Education
  • Data Visualization Techniques in Big Data Analytics
  • Augmented Reality as a Tool in Interactive Marketing
  • Adopting Quantum Computing in Cryptography
  • Semantic Web: Enhancing Data Retrieval and Classification
  • Fog Computing and its Applications in IoT
  • Privacy and Security Concerns in Cloud Computing
  • Developing AI-Powered Chatbots for Customer Service
  • Application of Robotics Process Automation in Manufacturing
  • Exploring the Use of Bioinformatics in Precision Medicine
  • Multifactor Authentication Systems for Online Banking
  • Efficient Traffic Management Systems Using AI
  • Scalability and Performance Issues in Distributed Systems

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas for Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Natural Language Processing
  • Decoding Cryptography: Quantum Resistance in the Cybersecurity Field
  • Biometric Authentication Systems and Privacy Considerations
  • Advanced-Data Mining Techniques for Social Network Analysis
  • High-Performance Computing: Exploring Parallel Processing Algorithms
  • Advancements in 3D Graphics Rendering Techniques
  • Optimizing Database Structures for High Traffic Websites
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Machine Learning in Pathfinding Algorithms
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Exploring Advanced Architectures
  • Integrating Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management
  • Mobile App Development: Utilizing AI for Personalization Features
  • Innovative Strategies for Network Security in IoT Devices
  • Gamification Techniques for Enhancing User Engagement
  • Exploring Computational Biology: Algorithms for Genome Sequencing
  • Computer Vision Techniques for Medical Imaging Analysis
  • Advanced Machine Learning in Predictive Maintenance Systems
  • Quantum Computing: Developing New Programming Models
  • Exploring Natural Language Generation in Automated News Production
  • Biologically Inspired Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence
  • Visual Analytics in Processing Big Spatial Data

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Capstone Project Ideas

  • Strategic Market Entry Methods in Emerging Economies
  • Transforming Traditional Businesses Through Digitalization
  • Crisis Management Strategies in Global Corporations
  • Value Chain Analysis in the Fast Fashion Industry
  • FinTech Innovations and Disruptions in Financial Services
  • Organizational Change Management in Agile Companies
  • Ethical Leadership Development in Modern Enterprises
  • Assessing Corporate Social Responsibility in Tech Giants
  • Cultivating a Culture of Innovation in Established Firms
  • Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Products and Services
  • Business Intelligence Tools for Small Business Growth
  • Implementing Big Data in Supply Chain Management
  • Cognitive Bias in Managerial Decision Making
  • International Business Strategies Amidst Trade Wars
  • Customer Experience Management in E-Commerce Businesses
  • Investment Strategies in the Age of Cryptocurrencies
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Startups
  • Market Disruption Potential of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Predictive Analytics in Optimizing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Sustainable Investment Models for Social Enterprises

Accounting Capstone Project Ideas for Topics

  • Fraud Detection Mechanisms in Digital Accounting Systems
  • Harmonization of International Accounting Standards
  • Behavioral Finance and Accounting Decision-Making
  • Fair Value Accounting in the Real Estate Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Auditing Processes
  • Taxation Challenges in the Gig Economy
  • Risk Management Strategies in Banking Accounting
  • Accounting Practices in Non-Profit Organizations
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Corporate Accounting
  • Sustainability Reporting in Public Sector Accounting
  • Influence of Blockchain on Traditional Accounting Models
  • International Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs
  • Forensic Accounting Techniques in Fraud Investigations
  • Costing Approaches in Manufacturing Industries
  • Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions in Tech Firms
  • Cryptocurrency Regulations and Accounting Practices
  • Environmental Accounting and Corporate Sustainability
  • Financial Ratios Analysis in the Retail Industry
  • Capital Budgeting Techniques in Healthcare Institutions

Management Capstone Project Ideas

  • Agile Transformation in Software Development Companies
  • Strategic Leadership in Multinational Corporations
  • Supply Chain Sustainability in Fast-Fashion Industry
  • Emotional Intelligence in Virtual Team Management
  • Corporate Governance in Family-Owned Businesses
  • Employee Motivation Strategies in Remote Work Era
  • Change Management in Digital Transformation Projects
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation Strategies in Global Trade
  • Crisis Management in Hospitality During Pandemics
  • Innovation Management in Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence Implementation
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis in E-Commerce
  • Decision-Making Algorithms in Operations Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion Practices in Tech Companies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the Oil Industry
  • Service Quality Management in Airlines
  • Lean Principles in Healthcare Operations
  • Balanced Scorecard Approach in Performance Management
  • Organizational Culture Transformation in Mergers
  • Project Portfolio Management in IT Consultancies

Education Capstone Project Ideas for Topics

  • Incorporating STEAM Curriculum in Primary Education
  • Differentiated Instruction Strategies in Inclusive Classrooms
  • Efficacy of Online Learning Platforms in Higher Education
  • Gamification Techniques for Elementary Mathematics
  • Motivational Theories in Academic Achievement
  • Social Media Influence on Student Engagement
  • Digital Literacy in Early Childhood Education
  • Cyberbullying Prevention Strategies in Schools
  • School Nutrition Policies and Childhood Obesity
  • Blended Learning Models in College Education
  • Mindfulness Interventions for Student Well-Being
  • Language Acquisition in Bilingual Education
  • Universal Design for Learning in Special Education
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Diverse Classrooms
  • Parental Involvement and Student Success
  • Critical Thinking Development in High School Curriculum
  • Teacher Retention Strategies in Urban Schools
  • Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Learning
  • School Leadership Styles and School Climate
  • Blockchain Technology in Accreditation and Assessment

Marketing Capstone Project Ideas

  • Personalization Strategies in E-Commerce
  • Content Marketing Success in the Age of AI
  • Conversational AI in Customer Service
  • Privacy Concerns in Data-Driven Marketing
  • Emotional Intelligence in Branding Strategies
  • Non-Traditional Advertising Channels in Modern Marketing
  • Influence of Social Media on Consumer Behavior
  • Neuromarketing Techniques in Advertising
  • Innovations in B2B Digital Marketing
  • Green Marketing and Sustainable Business Practices
  • Crisis Communication in Digital Platforms
  • Experiential Marketing in a Post-Pandemic Era
  • Cross-Cultural Differences in Online Shopping Behavior
  • Blockchain Technology in Marketing Transparency
  • Influencer Marketing Effectiveness in Different Demographics
  • Augmented Reality Use in Product Promotion
  • Gen Z Shopping Preferences and Digital Marketing
  • AI-Powered Predictive Analytics in Sales
  • Brand Storytelling in the Age of Short-Form Content

Capstone Engineering Project Ideas for Topics

  • Biodegradable Materials in Structural Engineering
  • Nanoengineered Concrete for Infrastructure Sustainability
  • Biomimicry Principles in Civil Engineering
  • Mars Habitat Design Challenges and Solutions
  • Smart Grid Optimization for Energy Efficiency
  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology in Traffic Management
  • AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Biomechanical Analysis of Wearable Technology
  • Quantum Computing Applications in Electrical Engineering
  • Human-Centered Design in Assistive Robotics
  • Integrating Drones in Emergency Response Systems
  • Geothermal Energy Harvesting Techniques
  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Structural Health Monitoring
  • Innovative Water Purification Techniques for Developing Regions
  • Cybersecurity Challenges in Industrial Control Systems
  • Microgrid Development for Remote Communities
  • AI-Optimized Logistics in Supply Chain Management
  • Blockchain Technologies in Supply Chain Traceability
  • Green Manufacturing Techniques in Mechanical Engineering
  • Next-Generation Li-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

  • Neuroimaging Techniques in Understanding Addiction
  • Artificial Intelligence in Predicting Mood Disorders
  • Complexities of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Pediatric Psychology and Coping Mechanisms in Chronic Illness
  • Memory Enhancement Strategies for Alzheimer’s Patients
  • Psychotherapy Techniques for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Influence of Social Media on Adolescent Self-Image
  • Behavioral Analysis of Online Shopping Habits
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Insomnia Management
  • Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Phobias
  • Implications of Neurofeedback in ADHD Management
  • Workplace Stress and Its Link to Organizational Productivity
  • Effects of Mindfulness on Chronic Pain Patients
  • Analyzing Consumer Behavior Through Neuromarketing
  • Cyberbullying: Addressing Its Psychological Consequences
  • Compassion Fatigue Among Mental Health Professionals
  • Applied Behavior Analysis in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Analyzing Eating Disorders through Body Dysmorphia Lens
  • Coping Mechanisms of Frontline Workers in Pandemics

Environmental Science Capstone Project Ideas

  • Climate Change Projections and Coastal Ecosystems
  • Evaluating Biodiversity Conservation Strategies
  • Green Energy: Future Perspectives of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Feasibility of Vertical Farming in Urban Areas
  • Implications of Geoengineering on Global Weather Patterns
  • Drones in Wildlife Conservation and Monitoring
  • AI in Predicting and Managing Natural Disasters
  • Exploring Microplastics in Aquatic Food Chains
  • Assessing the Efficiency of Carbon Capture Technologies
  • Soil Erosion and Sustainable Agricultural Practices
  • Air Quality and Urban Green Spaces Relationship
  • Marine Pollution: Long-Term Effects on Coral Reefs
  • Agroforestry as a Solution to Deforestation
  • Effects of Noise Pollution on Urban Wildlife
  • Sustainable Water Management in Arid Regions
  • Natural Capital and Ecosystem Service Valuation
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis of Vegan vs. Omnivore Diets
  • Invasive Species and Their Effect on Native Biodiversity
  • Circular Economy in Waste Management: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Endocrine Disruptors in Urban Water Systems: Risks and Solutions

Public Health Capstone Project Ideas for Topics

  • Predicting Health Outcomes Using Big Data Analytics
  • Genetic Testing Ethics in Public Health Practices
  • Addressing Obesity Through Community Engagement Strategies
  • Mental Health Stigma Reduction: Strategies for Success
  • Integration of Traditional Medicine into Modern Healthcare
  • Epidemiology of Zoonotic Diseases in Urban Areas
  • Health Inequities in Rural vs. Urban Populations
  • Artificial Intelligence in Disease Surveillance and Response
  • Climate Change and Its Effects on Vector-Borne Diseases
  • Addressing Childhood Malnutrition in Low-Income Communities
  • Stress Management Interventions in the Workplace
  • Analyzing Telemedicine’s Influence on Patient Care
  • Understanding Health Consequences of Air Pollution Exposure
  • Healthcare Accessibility for Individuals With Disabilities
  • Social Determinants of Health Among Indigenous Populations
  • Tobacco Control Policies: A Comparative Analysis
  • Evaluating the Efficiency of Digital Contact Tracing
  • Community Approaches to Mitigating Opioid Epidemic
  • Antibiotic Resistance: Evaluating Preventive Measures
  • Occupational Health Hazards in the Tech Industry

Social Work Capstone Project Ideas

  • Interventions for Homeless Youth: A Comprehensive Analysis
  • Crisis Response Training in Schools: Benefits and Challenges
  • Domestic Violence Survivor Support: A Systematic Review
  • Analyzing Ethical Dilemmas in Elderly Care
  • Understanding Mental Health Stigma in Adolescents
  • Strategies to Counter Bullying in the Digital Age
  • Trauma-Informed Care: Effectiveness in Different Settings
  • Analyzing Substance Abuse Programs in Correctional Facilities
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Evaluating Therapy Methods
  • Coping Mechanisms for Families of Veterans With PTSD
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Individuals in Traditional Societies
  • Integrating Immigrants: A Look at Current Social Policies
  • Development of Resilience in Foster Care Children
  • Art Therapy for People With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Child Welfare Services: A Focus on Rural Communities
  • Housing First Model: A Solution for Chronic Homelessness?
  • Culturally Sensitive Approaches in Social Work Practice
  • Analyzing the Efficiency of Virtual Counselling
  • Restorative Justice Practices in Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Architecture Capstone Project Ideas for Topics

  • Sustainable Design Practices in Modern Architecture
  • Application of Biomimicry in Urban Landscapes
  • Preservation Techniques for Historical Monuments
  • Disaster Resilient Architectural Planning
  • Integrating Renewable Energy Resources into Building Design
  • Mental Health and Design: Implications of Spatial Layout
  • Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Buildings: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Futuristic Public Transportation Hubs: A Comparative Analysis
  • Incorporation of Vertical Gardens in Urban Residential Structures
  • Ergonomic Factors in Office Architecture: A Detailed Study
  • Challenges in Designing Multifunctional Community Spaces
  • Transforming Slum Areas Through Innovative Architectural Interventions
  • Understanding Acoustic Design in Concert Halls
  • Pedestrian-Friendly Urban Spaces: Exploring Design Elements
  • Implementation of Universal Design in Public Buildings
  • Residential Architectural Styles and Climate Compatibility
  • Augmented Reality Applications in Architectural Design Process
  • Exploring Underwater Architecture: Feasibility and Challenges
  • Experiments With Form and Material in Contemporary Mosque Design
  • Investigating Thermal Comfort in High-Rise Buildings

Criminal Justice Capstone Project Ideas

  • Cybersecurity Measures in Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Bail Reform and Its Implications on Pretrial Detention
  • Police Accountability Measures: Comparative Study
  • Misidentification in Eyewitness Testimony: Minimizing Errors
  • Restorative Justice Programs in Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Sentencing Disparities Among Different Ethnic Groups
  • Exploring Technological Advances in Crime Scene Investigations
  • Interrogation Techniques and False Confessions: Preventive Measures
  • Victim Advocacy Programs: A Detailed Review
  • Mental Health Services Access for Inmates
  • Digital Forensics in the Fight Against Cybercrime
  • Crime Prevention Strategies in Urban Neighborhoods
  • Prisoner Reentry Programs: Success and Failures
  • Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops: An Empirical Analysis
  • Human Trafficking: International Cooperation for Prevention
  • Juvenile Gang Involvement: Causes and Intervention Strategies
  • Drug Courts and Their Effectiveness in Rehabilitation
  • Transnational Organized Crime: Challenges in Law Enforcement
  • White Collar Crime: Corporate Fraud Detection Methods
  • Ethical Dilemmas in the Field of Criminal Justice

Communication Studies Capstone Project Ideas for Topics

  • Decoding Non-Verbal Communication in Leadership Roles
  • Exploring Communication Barriers in Multicultural Teams
  • Social Media’s Influence on Political Discourse
  • Addressing Miscommunication in Online Learning Environments
  • Public Speaking Anxiety: Techniques for Overcoming Fear
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies in Organizational Communication
  • Implications of Virtual Reality on Interpersonal Communication
  • Influence of AI-Assisted Communication in Customer Service
  • Health Communication Strategies During a Pandemic
  • Understanding Gender Differences in Communication Styles
  • Crisis Communication Strategies in Large Corporations
  • Rhetorical Analysis of Presidential Speeches
  • Effectiveness of Visual Communication in Digital Marketing
  • Exploring Intercultural Communication in Globalized Workplaces
  • Satire in Media and Its Effects on Public Perception
  • Constructive Communication in Family Business Succession Planning
  • Privacy Concerns in Digital Communication Platforms
  • Strategies for Improving Inclusive Communication in Universities
  • Media Literacy and Its Importance in Modern Society

Graphic Design Capstone Project Ideas

  • Design Aesthetics in Enhancing User Interface Experience
  • Interpretation of Semiotics in Modern Advertising
  • Incorporating Sustainable Practices in Graphic Design
  • Effective Branding Strategies for Small Businesses
  • Art Nouveau Influence on Contemporary Graphic Design
  • Accessibility Considerations in Web Design
  • Exploring Emotional Responses to Color Theory in Marketing
  • Cybersecurity Visualizations: Enhancing Public Understanding
  • Utilizing Virtual Reality in Architectural Visualization
  • Representation of Diversity in Corporate Branding
  • Influence of Japanese Graphic Design on Western Media
  • Implementation of AI Tools in Graphic Design
  • History and Relevance of Typography in the Digital Age
  • Augmented Reality Applications in Interactive Design
  • Analyzing User Behavior Through Data Visualization
  • Ethical Considerations in the Design of Social Media Algorithms
  • Evaluating the Success of Non-Profit Organization Branding
  • Simplicity vs. Complexity: Trends in Logo Design
  • Visual Strategies for Climate Change Communication
  • Exploring the Connection Between Graphic Design and Music Industry

Hospitality Management Capstone Project Ideas

  • Innovative Practices in Sustainable Hospitality Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Metrics in Hotel Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Hotel Bookings
  • Food Waste Reduction Strategies in Hospitality Sector
  • Service Quality in Boutique Hotels: A Comparative Study
  • Crisis Management Techniques for Hospitality Enterprises
  • Analyzing the Efficacy of Loyalty Programs in Hotels
  • Tourism Promotion Through Cultural Heritage: Case Studies
  • Hospitality Business Models in Post-Pandemic Era
  • Hotel Design and Its Influence on Guest Satisfaction
  • Enhancing Revenue Management With Predictive Analytics
  • Navigating Globalization Challenges in the Hotel Industry
  • Embracing Digital Transformation in Hospitality Management
  • Effective Strategies for Handling Customer Complaints in Hotels
  • Incorporating Wellness Trends in Hospitality Industry
  • Assessing the Influence of Online Reviews on Hotel Selection
  • Innovations in Restaurant Menu Design and Their Influence on Sales
  • Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover in the Hospitality Sector
  • Ethical Considerations in Event Management
  • Exploring the Success Factors of Family-Owned Hotels

Sports Management Capstone Project Ideas for Topics

  • Fan Engagement Strategies in Modern Sports
  • Efficacy of Sponsorship Deals in Professional Football
  • Ethics and Transparency in Sports Governance
  • Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Athlete Performance
  • Innovative Revenue Streams for Sports Clubs
  • Exploring Athlete Branding and Social Media Influence
  • E-Sports Growth and Its Influence on Traditional Sports
  • Mental Health Support Systems for Professional Athletes
  • Integration of Virtual Reality in Sports Training
  • Analyzing the Dynamics of Sports Franchise Ownership
  • Strategies for Improving Accessibility in Sporting Events
  • Management Challenges in International Sports Tournaments
  • Crisis Management in Sports: Case Studies
  • Sports Marketing and the Influence of Celebrity Endorsements
  • Predictive Analytics in Player Recruitment and Scouting
  • Navigating Legal Challenges in Sports Contracts
  • Youth Talent Development Models in Professional Clubs
  • Inclusion and Diversity in Sports Management
  • Sustainable Practices in Organizing Large Sporting Events

Human Resource Management Capstone Project Ideas

  • Workplace Flexibility and Employee Satisfaction
  • Artificial Intelligence in Modern Recruitment Practices
  • Cultural Intelligence in Global Human Resource Management
  • Effects of Employee Well-Being Programs on Productivity
  • Predictive Analytics in Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Mentorship Programs and Career Progression
  • Inclusion and Diversity in Hiring Strategies
  • Exploring Ethical Issues in Human Resource Management
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution Mechanisms and Effectiveness
  • Employee Engagement and Organizational Success
  • Challenges and Solutions in Remote Work Management
  • Organizational Culture and Its Influence on Employee Turnover
  • Performance Appraisal Systems and Employee Motivation
  • Labor Laws and Employee Rights: A Comparative Study
  • Leadership Development Programs in Large Corporations
  • Sustainable Practices in Human Resource Management
  • Exploring the Efficacy of Employee Reward Systems
  • Human Resource Policies and Organizational Change Management
  • Work-Life Balance Initiatives in High-Stress Industries
  • Analyzing the Effects of Organizational Transparency on Employee Trust

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Capstone Projects

Mpa team capstone projects.

This seminar provides a team of students a service learning experience in public management. In an effort to combine students’ academic preparation with practical, applied experience, we introduce students to public management through a project sponsored by an area government or nonprofit agency. With this approach, we hope to expose students to the rigors of working in a team in public management. This assignment encourages students to refine their leadership, management, and decision-making skills for resolving problems and enhancing group performance. Students are guided by an MPA faculty member and an experienced local community consultant, and are conducted every fall and spring semester.

The end result of the effort, or deliverable, takes the form of an analysis that results in a formal written report and a PowerPoint presentation to the sponsoring organization.

Examples of past capstone projects are provided in the link below. If your agency has the need for such a student-led project, please contact Dr. Suzanne Leland, MPA Director, at [email protected] or 704-687-5937.

Past Capstone Projects

topics for capstone project in public administration

MPA alumna is Misha Eady-Harbold.

Learn more about Misha and see other Spotlights.

The mission of the Master of Public Administration Program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is to provide education and training for the public and nonprofit sectors, conduct scholarly and applied research to advance the field of public administration, and serve the community.

A message from our Director

Master of Public Administration 9201 University City Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28223-0001 Fax: 704-687-1400

Director Prof. Suzanne Leland Phone: 704-687-5937 [email protected]

Administrative Assistant Phone: 704-687-5974

This is a sample syllabus - if you are enrolled in the Capstone course, use the current syllabus distributed by your instructor.


Capstone Projects

The capstone project is the crowning achievement of your degree.

The culmination of the Fels degree program, the capstone project is an opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge and skills to specific tasks or inquiries that serve the real-world needs of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. You have the option to propose your own capstone project or choose from a list of projects submitted by government agencies and nonprofit organizations to Fels Lab. The resulting project enables students to build relationships with diverse stakeholders and improve their skills in policy research, creative thinking, data analysis and interpretation, program evaluation, written and verbal communication, time management, and client management.

Students begin thinking about potential capstone projects during orientation and career advising as we get to know the skill areas you would like to develop and the types of organizations you may want to support. Once you have reviewed available Fels Lab projects or worked with faculty to design your own, you’ll be matched with your partner organization and guided by your capstone advisor as you begin the preliminary research and data collection for your project. A formal credit-bearing capstone course is designed to help you finalize your project. 

Partners: Is your organization interested in working with a Fels student on a capstone project?  Submit a Fels Lab capstone project proposal »

Claire Robertson-Kraft, capstone instructor

"There is increasing demand being put on nonprofit leaders and public sector agencies to demonstrate the impact that they have in the community. Regardless of your role, it’s important to have an understanding of what data can tell you, how to use data, and how not to use data."

Claire Robertson-Kraft , Capstone Instructor

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  14. Capstone Projects

    You have the option to propose your own capstone project or choose from a list of projects submitted by government agencies and nonprofit organizations to Fels