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The Critical Path team has considerable experience in providing training programmes, which are tailored to specific organisational needs and the individual requirements of delegates. We work in Partnership with leading Universities to deliver validated training programmes and have been appointed by the European Union to deliver Project Planning, Change Management and Delay Analysis training to Member State Public Sector Authorities.

General subject areas consist of the following:

  • Specific Project Planning Software Training (Any Platform)
  • Project Planning & Control
  • Change Management Techniques
  • Delay Analysis Principle & Practice
  • Process Management in Construction
  • Contractual Provisions regarding Time (FIDIC, EEC, JCT, ICE)

To outline your requirements or to request further information and examples of our training programmes, please email us at: [email protected]

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Critical Path Achieves ISO 9001

June 13, 2023.

At Critical Path, we are continuously reviewing our services to ensure that we are able to offer our customers the very best experience possible. That is why we are very proud to announce that our United Arab Emirates office has achieved ISO 9001 certification. 

Achieving this certification not only cements our commitment to our clients but it also means that we truly practice what we preach by complying with the same standards that we sell. What exactly is ISO 9001 accreditation, though, and what are some of the biggest benefits? We thought we would take a closer look. 

What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001 is considered the benchmark standard for quality management. It is a vital tool in helping to take your business to the next level, helping to improve your profitability and market potential. The certification clearly sets out the required steps organisations need to take in order to adopt a clear quality management system (QMS). 

A Quality Management System is a formal system that outlines the processes, procedures, and responsibilities required for an organisation to achieve its objectives and quality policies. Implementing a QMS ensures a business can coordinate its activities to ensure that they are meeting all regulatory and customer requirements. 

The standard is designed to help ensure that organisations are able to meet the expectations of their customers as well as all other interested parties. Since its launch, it has become of the most widely utilised management tools in the world, with over a million companies now certified. 

The comprehensive ISO 9001:2015 standard covers a wide range of methodology and information that covers an extensive range of areas, including:

  • Requirements for a QMS, including how to plan for one and how to determine process interactions.
  • The overall responsibilities of the management team. 
  • How you can manage your resources and work environment. 
  • How you should design and deliver new products.
  • How you can analyse and improve your QMS via regular audits. 

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on the seven core principles of customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management. The importance of these seven principles will depend on the organisation, and they can also change over time in response to market influence.

What are the benefits of ISO 9001:2015?

Now we have explored the question, “what is ISO 9001 certification?”, the next question is what are the benefits that it brings? For us here at Critical Path, it is an important milestone in our business and demonstrates our commitment to our clients. However, achieving the ISO 9001 certification can also provide your business with a wide range of benefits, including:

Boost your revenue

A big advantage of the ISO 9001 certification is that it can help your business to boost your income. Organisations can leverage the prestigious reputation of the standard for potential customers, allowing them to stand out from their competitors and win more tenders and contracts. The ISO 9001:2015 standard can also help you to increase retention rates among your existing clients. 

Meet customer expectations

When organisations start looking for new suppliers, having the ISO 9001:2015 standard as part of your pitch proposal will ensure you are able to meet their expectations. For businesses operating within the public sector, then having an ISO 9001 QMS is often an essential requirement. 

Improve customer satisfaction

Another significant advantage of having the ISO 9001:2015 standard is that it can help you to improve your customer satisfaction levels. The standard will help you to truly understand their needs while having strict processes in place will also reduce the risk of errors that can damage client confidence in your abilities. 

Greater efficiency

Being able to implement an ISO 9001:2015 standard quality management system means you are implementing the industry best practices. Alongside helping you to focus on quality, these practices will also help to maximise the efficiency of your team. 

Having your entire team working towards the same goals and agenda will also help to enhance their overall communication and engagement with your business. This will help them to feel a core part of the company, ensuring they are happier and more productive. 

Make better decisions

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is focused on delivering a clear set of practices for your entire team to follow. By following these procedures, you will be able to gain a vast understanding of your operations and can use that information to make more informed decisions. 

Create a culture of development

An ISO 9001:2015 standard quality management system is about creating a systematic approach that helps you to provide the very best experience possible for your customers. This involves regular auditing and reviewing to ensure you are meeting the ever-changing demands of your clients, so adopting the practices for your business will help to create a company-wide culture of development. 

Build better relationships with suppliers

Of course, ISO 9001:2015 is not just about improving your own actions. By incorporating the best practices into your business, you will be able to create more efficient relationships with your supply chain as well as other stakeholders. 

How to achieve ISO 9001 certification

Now we have explored what is ISO 9001 certification and the benefits it brings, the final step is to explore how you can achieve this for your business. To help you, we have taken a look at some of the key steps that you need to consider:

1. Step one - Preparation

The first step to achieving your ISO 9001 certification is to make sure that you are well prepared. The more time you spend in getting yourself ready, the smoother the entire process will be. You will also need to nominate a dedicated person to be the main point of contact throughout the application process. 

2. Step two - Documentation

The next step is to gather all of the required documentation required that showcases your quality policy, quality objectives, scope statement, procedures, work instructions, forms, and process maps. When filling these out, it is important to remember that these need to be adapted to your specific business requirements. 

3. Step three - Implement changes

Implementing the required changes for the ISO 9001 certification requires almost every employee to change how they work. When making these changes, you need to make sure that they are user-friendly and non-bureaucratic; otherwise, you could face challenges in getting buy-in from your team. 

4. Step four - Conduct an internal audit

Once you have been able to implement the required changes, conduct a thorough audit of your company to ensure you are fully compliant with all of the required ISO 9001 criteria. 

5. Step five - Certification audit

The final stage is to undergo a certification audit by an independent auditor. This will review your entire business, and if you have fully complied with the required points, then you will be issued with an ISO 9001 certificate that is valid for three years. 

Are you ready to get your business certified to ISO 9001?

We are incredibly proud that our UAE office has achieved ISO 9001 certification, and if you want to discover how you can get your business certified, our team is here to help you. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to help them transform their operations and achieve their objectives. 

Want to learn more about our services and how we can help you?  Get in touch  with our friendly team today! 

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Best Critical Path Software for 2023

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Image of Zara Hanif

Critical path software is designed to accelerate work and manage critical path activities. Check out our comprehensive list of the best critical path software options.

Wrike: Best for Enterprise projects

Lucidchart: best for visualization, asana: best for simple and complex projects, teamwork: best for collaboration, clickup: best for custom visualization and reporting, smartsheet: best for complex projects, hive: best for feature-rich bundles.

One of the best parts of project management software is organization. It’s obvious, but the ability to simultaneously prioritize people, deadlines, tasks and timelines all at once is a huge benefit. For certain projects, teams need to monitor, as well as visualize, a project’s critical path. Not all project management solutions have the capability to do this, so it will help to break down some of the best choices.

Top critical path software comparison

  • Top critical path software

What are the benefits of critical path software?

Key features of critical path software, how do i choose the best critical path software for my business, methodology, featured partners.


The table below contrasts software based on some of the most important criteria when choosing critical path software.

The Wrike logo.

Wrike is a popular project management solution, stacked with powerful features like reporting and analytics. It helps you manage tasks, workflows and resources. Teams can track time, each other’s progress and your shared analytics all in one place.

The software offers work visualization with custom views, real-time reports and interactive Gantt charts. You can map out critical paths and track milestones and task dependencies in your projects easily.

  • Free: Unlimited users and 2GB of storage.
  • Team: $9.80 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Business: $24.80 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: Contact sales.
  • Pinnacle: Contact sales.
  • Task and subtask management and custom work views like calendar or kanban.
  • Team work schedules, individual work schedules and customer statuses.
  • Data visualization, real-time reporting and real-time Gantt charts.
  • Generative AI for projects and decision-making.
  • Project templates, forms and blueprints.
  • Time tracking, budgeting and timesheets.
  • Ability to add guests and collaborators.
  • Strong analytics tools.
  • Great plans for enterprises that need an abundance of features to manage time, reports, data and employees.
  • Less storage space than other software.
  • More useful features like time tracking and budgeting are pushed up to higher tiers.
  • Other critical path software can offer more diverse visualizations.

For more information, read the full Wrike review .

Visit Wrike

The Lucidchart logo.

With a visual project management tool like Lucidchart, you can plan concepts, ideas and entire projects with shapes. Your team’s critical path can be fully fleshed out, with all the data, dependencies and deadlines communicated clearly.

Month-to-month billing is available but not disclosed upfront. You can bundle it with Lucidspark, a brainstorming whiteboard tool.

  • Free: Three documents, 60 shapes and 100 templates.
  • Individual: $7.95 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Team: $9 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing and includes Lucidspark bundle.
  • Templates and shape libraries.
  • Ability to create layers and add links to shapes.
  • Collaboration through link sharing as well as the ability to download or print designs.
  • Commenting, inviting and presentation mode to enhance team discussion.
  • Visualization options like org charts, smart objects, diagrams, mind maps and dynamic shapes.
  • Integrations like Zoom, Loom, Slack and along with Google and Microsoft products.
  • Ideal for building complex visuals of your project paths.
  • Can handle the critical analytics you need to show for your team to stay on track.
  • Collaboration features and easy sharing.
  • Most communication features are in the Team plan.
  • Not as many classic project management features like spreadsheets and documents.
  • Importing is limited across tiers.

The Asana logo.

Another popular project management application with awesome capabilities is Asana. With the tool, teams can manage goals, milestones and task dependencies. The software has templates, a chart library and the ability to customize charts for your needs.

  • Basic: $0 per user with unlimited projects.
  • Premium: $10.99 user/month, billed annually, or $13.49 user/month, billed monthly.
  • Business: $24.99 user/month, billed annually, or $30.49 user/month, billed monthly.
  • Multiple work views like lists, calendars and boards.
  • Unlimited messaging, projects and tasks.
  • Unlimited storage but 100MB per file.
  • Teams can set task dependencies to manage workloads.
  • Gantt charts timelines and abilities to visualize milestones.
  • Chart template library.
  • Time tracking and reporting.
  • Powerful features for both managing projects and keeping track of important deadlines.
  • Unlimited free guests for collaboration in paid plans.
  • Multi-factor authentication in all plans.
  • Features to manage important deadlines like time tracking and Gantt charts are limited across tiers.
  • Can be costly the more team members you have.

For more information, read the full Asana review .

The Teamwork logo.

Teamwork has great time tracking, reporting and collaboration features. You can use templates for projects and tasks as well as track and manage progress. Teams can view progress with Gantt charts as well as use Gantt filtering and save filters. In the software, you can set dependencies and monitor vital milestones for projects.

  • Free Forever: 5 users and 100MB storage.
  • Starter: $5.99 user/month, billed annually, or $8.99 user/month, billed monthly.
  • Deliver: $9.99 user/month, billed annually, or $13.99 user/month, billed monthly.
  • Grow: $19.99 user/month, billed annually, or $25.99 user/month, billed monthly.
  • Scale: Contact sales.
  • Multiple project views like list, table and Gantt.
  • Templates for projects and tasks.
  • Variety of reporting options including time, status and profitability.
  • Ability to set dependencies, and track changes and milestones.
  • Financial features like budgeting, tracking user rates, invoicing and QuickBooks integration.
  • Collaborators and team chat for all plans.
  • Abundance of features and affordable plans.
  • 50GB storage and up in paid subscriptions.
  • Phone, chat and email support options in paid tiers.
  • Custom branding and color theme customization in paid plans.
  • Limits project templates and automation across tiers.
  • Minimum user amounts for paid plans.

For more information, read the full Teamwork review .

Logo for ClickUp.

With an abundance of features and custom work views, ClickUp can help teams stay on track. It can be more affordable compared to some competitors and has a strong Free plan to get started. It has advanced and detailed reporting options as well as task management.

  • Free: Unlimited users and 100MB storage.
  • Unlimited: $7 per user/month, billed annually, or $10 per user/month, billed monthly.
  • Business: $12 per user/month, billed annually, or $19 per user/month, billed monthly.
  • Wide variety of work views including list, calendar and Gantt.
  • Unlimited tasks, workspaces and custom views.
  • Multiple reporting capabilities including tracking goals, time, milestones and sprints.
  • You can track specific critical paths with both Gantt charts and Slack and automate calculations.
  • Sharing and ability to add guests.
  • Task checklists, tagging, marking priorities.
  • Team sharing, commenting, in-app recording and notifications to stay on the same page.
  • Time tracking in all tiers.
  • Over 50 native integrations in all tiers.
  • Unlimited file storage in paid plans.
  • Many great features are limited across tiers like automation and reporting.
  • Data protection like HIPAA compliance and custom SSO are pushed up to the Enterprise plan.

For more information, read the full ClickUp review .

The Smartsheet logo.

One of the best data and project organization tools for spreadsheet lovers, Smartsheet is a popular choice. They are feature-rich offering task dependencies, collaboration, data visualization and a variety of templates.

  • Free: Allows 1 user and 2 editors.
  • Pro: $7 per user/month, billed annually, or $9 per user/month, billed monthly.
  • Business: $25 per user/month, billed annually, or $32 per user/month, billed monthly.
  • Work views such as grid, calendar, card and Gantt.
  • Templates for sheets, reports and dashboards in all plans.
  • Ability to set dependencies, save filters and manage team activity logs.
  • Unlimited viewers in paid plans, and unlimited editors in Business and Enterprise plans.
  • Ability to assign members to projects, comments and conversations for team communication.
  • Paid plans start with 20GB of storage.
  • Ability to automate requests, alerts and reminders for your team.
  • Extensive features list.
  • Automation and integrations are limited across tiers.
  • The majority of security features like SSO are in the Enterprise tier.

For more information, read the full Smartsheet review .

The Hive logo.

If you’re looking for software that’s stacked with features, affordable and without an array of confusing plans, then Hive is a good choice. They have only three plans, and their freemium version Solo has access to most of the available capabilities. It has the same features set as other popular applications, like time tracking, resource management, task dependencies and reporting.

  • Solo: $0, 2 users, and unlimited projects, notes, and tasks.
  • Teams: $12 per user/month, billed annually, or $18 per user/month, billed monthly.
  • Different work views like kanban, calendar, table, Gantt and more.
  • Unlimited storage, projects, forms, notes and more.
  • Templates for tasks and projects.
  • You can set task dependencies and milestones.
  • To stay on top of projects teams can track risk and issues.
  • Resource management and goal tracking.
  • Features aren’t as limited across tiers compared to other software.
  • Free plan is stacked with project management capabilities.
  • Super feature-rich for the cost.
  • Time tracking in all plans.
  • HIPAA compliance in all plans.
  • Some collaboration, resource management and reporting features are limited in Solo and Teams.
  • Teams plan has most of the collaboration features but can get pricey the more members you have.

For more information, read the full Hive review .

Project management tools that can track critical paths offer powerful organization and reporting. The features below are some of the most popular ones you will see, but there are certainly many other important capabilities. These will serve as a sounding board as you brainstorm other integral project features.

Data visualization

Some project management tools offer diagrams, flowcharts and mind-mapping functionality. These will offer more customization and detail for developing the critical paths your team needs to follow. If the software is entirely for visual designing, then it may not have other features like setting task dependencies or resource allocation.

Gantt charts

A specific form of data visualization, that schedules the people involved and their tasks in an easy-to-understand timeline. It can show task dependencies and individual deadlines as well. Gantt charts are a great option if you aren’t planning to build your own flowchart or diagram yourself to show the project’s critical path.

Most project tools have some form of reporting, but ones especially suited for tracking critical paths will offer custom insights. Reporting for both the micro and macro parts of projects will revolutionize decision-making for your team.

You can focus on tasks, milestones, time spent, budgets, rates, progress of each team member and much more. It’s one thing to know the overall turnout of each project, but being able to back up and look out at how each step was managed is important for taking on bigger endeavors in the future.

Time tracking

Time management can apply to employee hours, project completion, individual tasks, budgets and more. If your project’s critical path takes quite a long time for each dependent task to be completed, it may not be worth doing again, especially if there is a drain on the budget. Conversely, if your tasks are completed quickly and consistently some projects may be worth repeating.

Set task dependencies

One of the most important parts of planning a project’s critical path is making it so everything follows an order of operations. If a task gets completed out of order or is confused between different team members, you can end up doubling the time just to fix everything. Setting dependencies and being able to view the timeline in a Gantt chart allows everyone to see who is doing what and when.

Critical path project management tools offer capabilities to visualize and manage a project’s specific order of operations. It will help you organize through scheduling, sending reminders, messaging, allocating roles and resources, as well as being able to visualize the timeline through Gantt charts. Below are some of the general benefits.

  • More effective communication and collaboration.
  • Ensuring steps are assigned to the right people and followed through in the correct order.
  • Offering templates or Gantt charts to visualize a specific process or project while including deadlines and people involved.
  • Time management for everyone on your team.
  • Easy integrations to import data from email and databases.
  • Improve the team’s ability to see the macro and micro of long-term projects.
  • Offer a baseline to make changes and decisions more effectively.

When it comes to choosing any software, you need to consider the features you need and also be willing to cut down on more expensive features. Some of the functionality to track critical project paths can be pricier, especially if you want resource allocation and time management. The bright side is that most of the popular feature-rich tools have features for tacking critical paths in projects, including Gantt charts.

After you’re sure of the necessary features, you should look at online tutorials for the software you like. Ask yourself:

  • Will this handle my project’s data?
  • How does it notify team members of task completion?
  • Is the user interface overly complicated?
  • Will my team be able to learn the software fast enough?
  • Can anyone reading the chart templates or generated Gantt charts understand every detail?
  • How does it track time, for the whole project, each task or each person?
  • Is it easy to make changes to deadlines and tasks without starting over?
  • Does it offer enough features compared to the yearly cost I’m paying?
  • Would it be easier to just use a free tool like Figma or assign one person to track project changes?
  • What other value does the software offer besides critical path generation?

The software in this list was evaluated in terms of its ability to offer capabilities to help manage critical path tracking. We also looked at costs, a variety of plans to match different team sizes and put consideration into how feature-rich each solution was.

critical path uae

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The path to limiting global warming to 1.5 °C has narrowed, but clean energy growth is keeping it open

News 26 September 2023

photo depicts an abstract Dune cliff sand with metallic Arches and clean blue cloud sky. Surreal minimal Desert natural landscape background. Scene of Desert with glossy metallic arches geometric design

Driving greenhouse gas emissions from the world’s energy sector to net zero and limiting global warming to 1.5 °C remains possible due to the record growth of key clean energy technologies, though momentum needs to increase rapidly in many areas, according to a new edition of the IEA’s landmark Net Zero Roadmap .

The new Roadmap sets out a global pathway to keep the 1.5 °C goal in reach, providing a comprehensive update to the groundbreaking original report that was published in 2021 and has served as an essential benchmark for policy makers, industry, the financial sector and civil society. The 2023 Update incorporates the significant changes to the energy landscape in the past two years, including the post-pandemic economic rebound and the extraordinary growth in some clean energy technologies – but also increased investment in fossil fuels and stubbornly high emissions.

Since 2021, record growth in solar power capacity and electric car sales are in line with a pathway towards net zero emissions globally by mid-century, as are industry plans for the roll-out of new manufacturing capacity for them. This is significant, since those two technologies alone deliver one-third of the emissions reductions between today and 2030 in the pathway. Clean energy innovation has also been delivering more options and lowering technology costs. In the IEA’s original Roadmap in 2021, technologies not yet available on the market delivered nearly half of the emissions reductions needed for net zero in 2050. That number has now fallen to around 35% in this year’s update.

Yet bolder action is necessary this decade. In this year’s updated net zero pathway, global renewable power capacity triples by 2030. Meanwhile, the annual rate of energy efficiency improvements doubles, sales of electric vehicles and heat pumps rise sharply, and energy sector methane emissions fall by 75%. These strategies, which are based on proven and often cost-effective technologies for lowering emissions, together deliver more than 80% of the reductions needed by the end of the decade.

“Keeping alive the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C requires the world to come together quickly. The good news is we know what we need to do – and how to do it. Our 2023 Net Zero Roadmap , based on the latest data and analysis, shows a path forward,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol . “But we also have a very clear message: Strong international cooperation is crucial to success. Governments need to separate climate from geopolitics, given the scale of the challenge at hand.”

The Roadmap outlines a route to net zero emissions for the global energy sector by 2050 but recognises the importance of fostering an equitable transition that takes different national circumstances into account. For example, advanced economies reach net zero sooner to allow emerging and developing economies more time. And the net zero pathway achieves full access to modern forms of energy for all by 2030 through annual investment of nearly USD 45 billion per year – just over 1% of energy sector investment.

Nonetheless, staying on track means almost all countries must move forward their targeted net zero dates. It also hinges on mobilising a significant increase in investment, especially in emerging and developing economies. In the new zero pathway, global clean energy spending rises from USD 1.8 trillion in 2023 to USD 4.5 trillion annually by the early 2030s.

In the updated net zero scenario, a huge policy-driven ramping up of clean energy capacity drives fossil fuel demand 25% lower by 2030, reducing emissions by 35% compared with the all-time high recorded in 2022. By 2050, fossil fuel demand falls by 80%. As a result, no new long-lead-time upstream oil and gas projects are needed. Neither are new coal mines, mine extensions or new unabated coal plants. Nonetheless, continued investment is required in some existing oil and gas assets and already approved projects. Sequencing the increase in clean energy investment and the decline of fossil fuel supply investment is vital if damaging price spikes or supply gluts are to be avoided.

More resilient and diverse supply chains for clean energy technologies and the critical minerals needed to make them are key to building an energy sector with net zero emissions, according to the report. However, it is equally vital that supply chains remain open, given the pace and scope of clean energy development required.

The report stresses the importance of stronger international cooperation to limiting global warming to 1.5 °C. It warns that a failure to sufficiently step up ambition and implementation between now and 2030 would create additional climate risks and make achieving the 1.5 °C goal dependant on the massive deployment of carbon removal technologies, which are expensive and unproven at scale. In a Delayed Action Case that the report examines, a failure to expand clean energy quickly enough by 2030 means nearly 5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide would have to be removed from the atmosphere every year during the second half of this century. If carbon removal technologies fail to deliver at such scale, returning the temperature to 1.5 °C would not be possible.

“Removing carbon from the atmosphere is very costly. We must do everything possible to stop putting it there in the first place,” said Dr Birol. “The pathway to 1.5 °C has narrowed in the past two years, but clean energy technologies are keeping it open. With international momentum building behind key global targets such as tripling renewable capacity and doubling energy efficiency by 2030, which would together lead to a stronger decline in fossil fuel demand this decade, the COP28 climate summit in Dubai is a vital opportunity to commit to stronger ambition and implementation in the remaining years of this critical decade.”

Read the report

This 2023 update to our Net Zero Roadmap surveys the significant changes to the energy landscape in the past two years and sets out an updated pathway to net zero by 2050, taking account of the key developments that have occurred since 2021.

photo depicts an abstract Dune cliff sand with metallic Arches and clean blue cloud sky. Surreal minimal Desert natural landscape background. Scene of Desert with glossy metallic arches geometric design

Flagship report

Net zero roadmap: a global pathway to keep the 1.5 °c goal in reach, latest news, iea, ecb and eib highlight importance of an accelerated clean energy transition for europe’s industrial competitiveness and financial stability, iea critical minerals and clean energy summit delivers six key actions for secure, sustainable and responsible supply chains, lagging policy support and rising cost pressures put investment plans for low-emissions hydrogen at risk, stronger international cooperation in high emissions sectors crucial to get on track for 1.5 °c climate goal, subscription successful.

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