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30 Customizable DIY Notebook Covers

By Melanie 1 Comment

*We hope you enjoy all the crafty posts! Just so you know some links on this page may be affiliate links. For more information refer to our Privacy Policy .

Customizable DIY Notebook Covers

You can never have too many notebooks, can you? Perfect for planning your week, jotting down notes, or even to assist you with your studies, these items of stationary will never go out of style.

Rather than buying up big when it comes to the humble notebook, why not create your own? Not only are you going to save your hard-earned cash, but there’s just no beating that sense of DIY accomplishment.

Here are 30 customizable DIY notebook covers that you won’t be able to resist…

homemade journals

The girls from A Beautiful Mess will show you how to create these cute and thrifty little notebooks. You can use any patterns and colors you want too, so get creative!

diy travel journal

This wonderful DIY travel notebook idea is from A Pair and a Spare . You’ll love this clever, wanderlust-inspired design, so be sure to take a look at the full tutorial!

DIY notebooks

Bohemian Circus is the queen of paper crafts, so it comes as no surprise that these DIY notebooks are nothing short of fab! The Etsy blog will show you how to re-create your own.

diy personalized sketchbook

These simple yet stunning DIY notebooks by Cotton and Flax are perfect for those wanting to flex their creative muscles – in limited time. Mix and match your designs for a unique look!

DIY notebook ideas

Pink and gold are two color combinations which will (hopefully) never go out of fashion, so you’re going to love these gorgeous DIY notebook ideas from Curbly . They’d also make the most perfect gifts for loved ones.

hard cover binding

This insightful tutorial from Damask Love will show you how to create your very own hard cover binding – how amazing is that? This skill will come in handy for creating those extra special (and durable) notebooks.

eyelet bound notebooks

The super talented Damask Love has discovered how to easily create eyelet bound notebooks just like these beautiful designs! You’re going to love this useful tutorial.

diy notebook binding

Many of your favorite novels are probably ‘perfect bound’, so imagine creating your very own notebook using this technique? Damask Love will show you how!

gelato ombre journals

Who doesn’t love a good ombre pattern? Damask Love will show you how to get this on-trend look in notebook form – created all by yourself!

customizable notebook

Delineate Your Dwelling has a fantastic tutorial to help you customize any notebook – the opportunities are endless! You’ll want to make more than one of these.

free printable watercolor notebooks

Not only does this tutorial from Eighteen25 provide you with these pretty and free printables, but it also shows you how you can decorate your notebooks with them!

DIY embroidered notebooks

These DIY embroidered notebooks are from Elle Frost , and they make a beautiful statement piece for any stationary collection. The best part? You’re only limited by your imagination!

eye-catching notebooks

If eclectic and eye-catching notebooks are your thing, then you’re going to love this DIY idea from Gathering Beauty ! Create a whole collection and you’ll be set all year.

notebook cover clutch

If you’re someone who likes to carry a notebook in your handbag, then you’re going to love this idea! By adding an additional compartment to your notebook’s cover, you can carry little necessities with you wherever you go. Thanks Jennifer Priest for this awesome idea!

seashell notebook covers

It isn’t hard to see why this DIY idea went viral on Tumblr – it’s a notebook made using beautiful shells as a ‘cover’. Lauren Bishop is the talented maker of this project.

diy Tumblr-inspired notebooks

Speaking of Tumblr, how about these fancy DIY Tumblr-inspired notebooks from Life Ann Style ? Simply choose your favorite images and you’re good to go!

sharpie pen journals

Lil Blue Boo has a great tutorial for adding gold elements to an otherwise plain black notebook – all you need is a gold Sharpie pen! The possibilities are truly endless with this project.

daily planner

This would have to be the easiest DIY notebook idea in our list! Lily the Wandering Gypsy will show you how she turned a pretty folder and plain paper into a journal.

school book covers

What could be more special than a notebook covered in photos of your favorite memories? Julep  has this brilliant idea and you’re sure to love the tutorial!

kate spade notebook

Kate Spade’s black and white striped notebooks are incredibly popular, but if you want to save some precious pennies, why not create your own? This DIY version from Once Upon Her Dream is super thrifty.

Anthropologie inspired DIY notebook

This Anthropologie inspired DIY notebook from Radical Possibility not only looks great, but it’s so easy to create too! We love the addition of the paper tag.

mini Leather notebooks

Leather notebooks look chic and expensive, but how can you create your own on a small budget? Scraps of Us will teach you how through this tutorial!

wedding notebooks

If you’re planning a little DIY wedding gift for you and your bridesmaids, why not create your own series of notebooks? Something Turquoise made these using a vintage pastel color scheme.

DIY marbled notebooks

These DIY marbled notebooks from Tell Love and Party are sure to jazz-up your stationary collection! Mix and match your favorite color schemes to create something right up your alley!

pointillism notebook

With a simple template and some Sharpie pens, you too can create a notebook just like this one from The Crafted Life . What will yours say?

diy travel notebook

Using a much-loved palm print and some cardboard, The Forest Door has created their very own notebook! We think it looks incredibly professional.


You better believe it – it’s actually possible to make a notebook using a paper bag! The House That Lars Built will tell you all about it.

stationery notebooks

Marble and copper is on-trend for 2016, and thanks to this brilliant tutorial from The Lovely Drawer , you can create your own notebooks in this style. This is a must-see project!

back to school notebook

Chalkboards are very popular of late, but did you know that you can also transform a notebook using the paint product? Warm Hot Chocolate uses this project to include names on her stationary.

diy mini notebooks

We all need a little motivation in our every day lives, so why not incorporate some of your favorite inspirational quotes on your notebooks? Check out this tutorial from We R Memory Keepers to see how.

Those projects were incredible! We’d love to know which notebook designs were your favorites, so please let us know in the comments section below:

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May 8, 2017 at 6:36 am

I love these ideas

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Customizable Notebooks: Have It Your Way…Sorta

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by Julie Bestry | 15 Comments

As we’ve discussed previously, the key to any notebook system is that it fits your individual needs. What could be better than a notebook that you can customize to your specific sense of order?

In the beginning, there was Levenger’s Circa System . The backbone of Circa Notebooks appears to be rings — but instead of three fixed rings inside the spine of a binder, Circa uses discs (11 for letter-sized, 8 for junior-sized notebooks) to hold together a series of component elements: leather and other stylish covers, ink-friendly paper, tab dividers of various types, calendars and more. The discs come in a variety of sizes, from 1/4″ to 3″, and styles from basic black to designer-level sparkly, allowing you to increase the thickness and fashionability of your notebooks by switching out the discs. 


Instead of using a standard hole-punch that creates a series of circles, Levenger designed a specialized punch style (where each “hole” punch looks like a sideways mushroom or umbrella) such that elements can be switched out without tearing the paper edges. This style has been copied, with a little variation by the competition:

Levenger Punch

Levenger Punch

Ampad Punch

Ampad Punch

Want your calendar in the front and your notes in the back? Decide tomorrow you want to switch it around? Circa can do that. The Circa System is modular, classy and elegant, but oh-so pricey.  Notebook covers range from $60 to $150; the discs, which are sold separately from the covers run $12-$25. Refill pages start at $10 for a set, and if you want to keep any of your own papers, the specialized hole punches range from $30 to $80. 


Two years ago, Staples brought out an almost identical notebook style, the  Arc System , which I reviewed in my NAPO EXPO 2012 Recap . Arc has the same system of discs (though fewer sizes, and with a less glossy, more utilitarian styling), fewer but still multiple cover options (leather and poly, decorative and solid) and a variety of productivity accessories. Sort the pages to your preference, change them around as necessary, and switch your cover when you move from classroom to internship to boardroom.

The main difference between Circa and Arc was Arc’s more frugal pricing structure, with covers ranging from $12 for poly to $25 for leather; disc expansion packs are only about $3, and plastic/poly dividers and pockets range from $3-$10. Pre-punched notebook, planner and graph paper sets runs $3.50-$4.50, and a specialized punch is $43.


Then just last spring, we talked about the Ampad Versa Crossover , yet another entry into the discs-instead-of-rings customizable notebook arena. As I described it then:

The key to the Versa Crossover Notebook’s appeal, however, is that the paper — indeed, all elements of the notebook, including the covers, flaps, flags, task pads, pockets and dividers — can be  re-positioned anywhere in the notebook . That’s because instead of being attached by spiral wires, everything is held in place by the discs nestled perfectly inside uniquely shaped oval “ tabby things .” 

Same basics, but the Versa has thicker, chubbier discs (like Duplo vs. Lego) and a variety of poly-based elements for creating dividers and holding accessory items. At $12-$17 for the basic notebook and about $3 for refill pages, the pricing is fine, but there’s no hole punch for your own papers, and the types of pages are very limited  (to wide-ruled or graph paper).

All three notebooks are spiffy, but I felt like Arc offered the best deal for the money for the average user. Recently, however, a client called my attention to a newcomer in customizable notebooks that’s sorta like Circa, Arc, and the Versa Crossover, but sorta like nothing we’ve seen before.


It’s YoonCo’s  Sorta , the Adaptive Notebinder .


If Circa is for executives, Versa is for students and Arc is for just about everyone, Sorta is for the person who says, “Well, I’m sorta doing the entrepreneurial thing during the week, and I’m sorta working on my tunes in the evenings.” It’s for someone who doesn’t necessarily see himself carrying a fine calfskin planner or a paisley-print poly cover. It’s for someone who wants a notebook that’s sorta cool for all the ways he or she “sorta” is .

The Sorta is customizable and has removable, repositionable pages . But there are no discs and no rings , and the page/element options have been created by designers rather than productivity or office supply experts .  

To add, remove or rearrange any of the paper elements in your Sorta, bend back the front and rear covers all the way , and the papers “unpinch” from the springback spine of the notebinder. Toss or archive what you remove, and then sort your papers in a stack. Move your graph paper to the front and your sheet music to the back, change out the style of calendar in the middle — and then bend those covers backward, slide your stack of papers back in , and you’re good to go!

There are two basic elements to the Sorta: the outer notebinder and the varying stationery templates.

To see how it all fits together:

Notebinders — The notebinders come in three styles:

Each notebinder is 6 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ and features one thick, color-coded elastic band for closure and two thin ones for bookmarks . (The bands are standard in the original version and optional for the cloth and leatherette covers.)

Stationery/Templates — Here’s where Sorta wins me over. There’s a huge variety of paper inserts and designs, and they are all kind of quirky. The ink is blue — and none of that stuffy navy or royal blue ink, either. It’s sort of a dark turquoise.



Most of the paper elements range from $3.49 to $4.49 for a packet of 25 sheets, with the drawing pages priced at $5.59. The dividers are $2.49 for three in any one color, and $3.29 for a variety pack of four.

A word on design:  Sorta’s aim is to be goofily cool. Unlike the attractive but fairly boring traditional notebook stylings of the three leaders in customizable notebooks, the key to Sorta’s style is that it’s not at all corporate , and not coming from a single corporate direction. There are currently  five design companies  from around the US, in addition to YoonCo, contributing to the Sorta elements, including Barrel Strength Design, Machine Design Company, Ditherdog, Patrick M. Coyle and Monkey Show. (If you’re a designer, consider joining the Sorta design team .)

So, what’s missing?  Huge expansion possibilities. The Sorta only holds 40-60 sheets of paper at a time, so it’s better for carrying around just what you really want and need and taking advantage of the easy-to-remove-pages aspect. Also, there are no rulers, no plastic sheets with sticky notes and tape flags, and no poly pocket inserts for digital media or business cards. It’s all paper (and, well, cloth, leatherette and elastic) and the lowest of low-tech. But there’s something sorta nice about that.

What do you think of the Sorta? What kind of customizable notebook is your speed?

Paper Doll Post:

customizable paper notebooks

15 Responses

' src=

If only they were made in a left-handed version. *sigh*

' src=

Yes. Oh yes, I’m with you there.

' src=

What, last Friday’s left-handed notebook post wasn’t enough? 🙂

Actually, Jacki, given the way the page inserts work, at least with the original style cover, flipping to the back would work without the rear cover being any less attractive, and the inserts can as easily be bound on the right as the left. I encourage you to contact David Yoon at http://www.yoonco.net/about.htm or @YoonCoInc on Twitter. In fact, I think I’ll point him here!

' src=

Hi Julie and everyone! Thanks for the really great, detailed write up about my little product. It’s been a labor of love for a little over a year now and I’m pleased to say that more and more people are discovering (and enjoying) the spontaneous, low-stress Sorta way of doing things. There are big things in store for Sorta as I make plans to ramp up production, including different sizes, customization, stuff like tabbed dividers and envelopes, and of course even more designer templates. I’m thinking about a Kickstarter campaign as well but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Jacki. A left-handed version sounds so interesting! What would that entail? Simply mirror-image flipping the whole thing? I’ll do a little tinkering in the old workshop.

Thank you guys for the interest. I’ll be back with updates!

David Yoon (founder of YoonCo, inventor of Sorta)

' src=

Where can you purchase the Sorta in U.S.?

Hi, Christine:

Please follow the bolded Sorta link in the text of this post from 2014; it takes you to David Yoon’s most recent page, with social media links and a place to sign up to get more information and updates from him.

David, thanks for joining in the conversation. Take a peek at the earlier post on left-handing notebooks at https://juliebestry.com/2014/03/28/organize-your-writing-right-with-left-handed-notebooks/ to get an idea of what kinds of features you might consider. Good luck!

Thanks David for considering a left-handed version. It would be just making a mirror image of the cover. The pages work both ways so no changes there! Although I enjoyed Julie’s coverage of lefty alternatives in a previous post, there are very few lefty options for notebooks with interchangeable pages. I was using a Circa notebook upside down for awhile but it wasn’t ideal. Thanks again for the great info Julie & David!

' src=

I have been considering the circa notebook, but holding off because I would prefer unlined pages, as I would like to make a family scrapbook. Arc also comes with lined paper. Any suggestions besides wasting the lined paper and buying the blank paper? Thank you for the review.

Mnguyen, thanks for commenting. I’ve blogged about a number of other types of customizable notebooks over the years, but none seem appropriate for scrapbooking, which requires a heavier weight of paper.

I invite my readers to offer suggestions, and I’ll be sure to do some research on the topic.

' src=

Thank you Julie for the overview of all these notebooks. I have been in search of something like this and your post has been really helpful in comparing them!

' src=

I love the Sorta concept but I’m short of desk space and I don’t think the Sorta notebook would work for me. I like to fold my notebooks back. I have been using Myndology and Arc notebooks. Myndology paper is nicer they offer unlined pages and their lined pages are more pleasant to use.

Thanks and keep up the great work 🙂

' src=

Can you use your own printed papers in the sorta?

I’m afraid I’ve put everything I know about Sorta into the post. I encourage you to click through and ask the creators directly. However, it’s my supposition that assuming your paper is the appropriate size, you could use it. However, the Sorta pages have their own, types of not-quite perforations (instead, larger spaghetti-thick circular holes) to tear pages off. Without perforated paper, you’ll have to remove your clump of pages, then take out the sheets you no longer want in the book. So, without talking to Sorta directly, I’d say “yes, but…” is your answer.

[…] Less expensive alternatives to Circa, reviewed here: https://juliebestry.com/2014/04/01/customizable-notebooks-have-it-your-way-sorta/ […]

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customizable paper notebooks

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customizable paper notebooks

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Talia Discbound Notebooks, Planner, Customizable, (Black, Letter (8.5in x 11in))

Talia Discbound Notebooks, Planner, Customizable, (Black, Letter (8.5in x 11in))

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Talia Discbound Notebooks, Planner, Customizable, (Black, Letter (8.5in x 11in))

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TUL Custom Note-Taking System Discbound Tab Dividers, 8 1/2" x 11", Letter Size, Assorted Colors

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Talia Discbound Notebook, Black LETTER size, 8.5x11in Heavyweight Paper, INCLUDES: undated monthly calendar pages, 5 tab dividers, clear pocket, 100 sheets lined paper, fun stickers, 1 set of poly covers, set of White discs

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customizable paper notebooks

Bullock's Buzz

Staples Arc Customizable Notebook Top Bound

Love it? Pls Share it!

2014 Back to School Guide

Staples Arc Customizable Notebook – Make It Into What You Need


Staples has created the answer to all our notebook woes, the M by Staples™ Arc Customizable Notebook. This innovative notebook has the small size and convenience of a paper notebook, and the storage capability and customizability of a three-ring binder. With all the amazing accessories available, you can create your own customized organizing system that works best for you.  It’s the notebook that allows you to make it into whatever you need it to be.

How It Works

The Arc is incredible easy to use. Instead of opening the discs (rings) like you would with a binder, you simply pull out the paper you are done with and slip in the new. Each of the discs have notches, and the paper and accessories have specially-shaped holes, so you just press each one onto the disc and it stays. To remove something from the notebook, just gently pull it out. Pretty cool, isn’t it! At first I was worried that the paper would come off the rings too easily, but that is not true. It is made to where the sheets and accessories remain securely in place, even if you remove one then add it back in.


Accessories for The Arc

Now here’s my favorite part, the accessories. These are what make it possible to literally transform your Arc into whatever you need it to be. Make it a notebook for class, a recipe book, a weekly or monthly planner, or even a combination of these and more. There are all sorts of replacement papers from which to choose including lined paper, graph paper, “To Do” list paper, project planner paper and many more. And if you still can’t find the exact paper you want, you can print your own, and then use the Arc System Desktop Punch to add the holes needed to place the paper into your notebook! There are also all sorts of organizational accessories such as pocket dividers, page flags, business card holders, zip pockets, rulers and more. And if you run out of room, get some of the Notebook Expansion Discs to swap out with the ones you already have, and you’ll have plenty more room as easy as that. 

M by Staples Arc Customizable Leather Notebook System, Top Bound Review


The Arc Top Bound Customizable Leather Notebook is literally the answer to my needs! This 11-3/4″ x 8-1/2″ letter size notebook comes with 60 repositionable sheets, and a satiny-smooth leather cover. This leather cover makes the notebook more durable and long-lasting than others, plus it gives it a professional look! I love how easily I can add more paper, remove others and file them away as needed, instead of having to go buy another separate notebook. Plus there are so many types of paper and accessories available for these notebooks that I can customize and organize it to my exact needs. Unfortunately, one thing I did notice is that there appears to be many more accessories available for the side bound Arc customizable notebooks as opposed to the top bound, but hopefully this will change soon! I also love that there is a handy pen holder in the back of the notebook!


M by Staples Arc System Top Bound Poly Tab Dividers Review


One accessory that is available for the top bound notebooks are the   Arc System Top Bound Poly Tab Dividers . These repositionable poly tab dividers measure 9″ x 11″ and come in five assorted colors per pack. They are made of a lightweight, yet tough plastic for extra durability, and come with 20 removable sticker labels. I love that you can easily move the dividers around as often as needed.


The Arc Customizable Notebooks are available at Staples.com and at your local Staples store. They come in two different sizes – regular and Junior, as well as top bound or side bound. They are also available in a large selection of bright colors and fun patterns. Prices range from around $11 and up depending on size, style and more.

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