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How To Write Internal Medicine Personal Statement Successfully

internal medicine personal statement

An internal medicine personal statement is among the vital documents that medicine students prepare during their college or university years. This statement is essential to medical students because it doesn’t replicate what they learn in class. Instead, it’s part of their application that doesn’t expect them to present their test scores or other things depending on the perception of the former educators and people.

When writing this statement, a student enjoys the freedom of expressing themselves and making a solid case. Essentially, this statement is about the learner. The admission committee makes this statement a vital part of the admission process by emphasizing it. In turn, this makes writing this statement difficult for some learners. This article defines this document while explaining how to write it and when to use it. Such information is vital because many learners struggle to understand and write this document.

What Is A Personal Statement For Internal Medicine?

Also called a personal statement for residency, this document can also be necessary when applying for away rotations, scholarships, research opportunities, or other programs.

Standard traits of this statement include:

It’s a personal statement expressing the student’s style and personality It describes an individual’s experiences or influencers that inspired the learner’s career choice. It explains what the learner wants to achieve in the program they wish to join. It defines the student’s future professional goals in the specialty area and general.

A residency application is daunting, especially when writing a personal statement. Essentially, some learners are not well-versed in English, and others hate writing. Some students even have difficulties explaining who they are in writing. All these aspects can make writing this statement an intimidating experience.

Why Internal Medicine Personal Statement Matters

For internal medicine, this statement is essential because it explains why the student chose their career path. It also explains what makes the student unique or why the admission committee should allow them a chance to pursue their desired program.

Therefore, your statement should be direct, concise, and well-written. A student who yearns for admission to a program shouldn’t brush off their writing skills when working on this statement. If you’re unable to write a good document, seek professional assistance to enhance your chances of securing admission.

How To Write A Residency Personal Statement

When writing this statement, remember that your document will compete with many applicants. Also, the admission committee wants to read about your qualities and interests. Your goal is to show them that you’re passionate about joining the internal medicine residency program. Additionally, show them that you have the background and personality to handle the program’s daily work. Here are practical guidelines for writing a winning document.

Internal Medicine Personal Statement Sample

Also, reading several internal medicine personal statement examples can help you understand what this document covers. You can quickly find a sample of an IM residency statement online. Also, some medical schools or faculties can give students examples to guide their writing.

If you can’t find one, read this internal medicine personal statement example:

I believe our circumstances may not always be ideal but our dreams are never beyond our reach for as long as we are willing to work hard. I come from a poor family in Brazil and even though I wanted to pursue college degree in medicine, I didn’t have the funds and my family was in no position to support my college ambitions. I knew I would have to work to support my college education but studying for medicine leaves no time for work and there were no other options such as loans and government grants. Thus, I enrolled in evening law program while working during the day to generate income. It was a challenge managing both and even skipping regular meals was a norm.

I never forgot my roots, thus, as a practicing lawyer I particularly focused on the least privileged members of the society such as poor people as well as women and children who had been victims of domestic abuse or faced other family issues. After working as a lawyer for seven years, I met a Brazilian plastic surgeon named Dr. Christian Michaelson who hired me as his assistant when he learned about my past desire to pursue medicine as well as my willingness to learn. He also felt confident in hiring me because I had worked on homicide cases as a lawyer, thus, had some knowledge of human anatomy. Working with Dr. Michaelson made me realized medicine is truly my first love.

I came to the U.S. in 2004 and got married in 2007 but have been a single mother since 2011. One thing that has remained with me is love for learning, thus, I decided to resume my academic career by pursing a degree in medicine. I joined an English language program to improve my communication skills and have now even completed pre-medical courses.

Working with Dr. Michaelson helped me realize that doctors make even greater difference in others’ lives than lawyers. Experiences with Dr. Michaelson and pre-medical classes have also allowed me to confirm that my true interest has always been in the medical field and it is also a great fit to my skills and strengths. I am not oblivious to the fact I am in the U.S. now where even the most impossible dreams come true. Life has given me another chance and I intend to take full advantage of it.

Being a single mother, life has not been easy in U.S. as well but now I have even a greater incentive to complete my medical degree and become a doctor. I want to set a personal example for my daughter that learning should be a lifelong goal. I also want to prove to her it is never late to pursue your dream and more than anything else, women can do anything they put their mind to.

Doctors may be quite well-paid but my real desire is to improve the healthcare status of the least privileged members of the society. One of the most surprising discoveries in the U.S. for me has been the relatively inadequate healthcare system as compared to many other developed countries. Healthcare is beyond the reach of millions of people though I hope things may change now. But even if U.S. embraces universal healthcare system, it will take years if not decades to truly make healthcare affordable for everyone. It is my sincere hope I bring comfort to as many people as possible and hopefully inspire some of them to pursue a career which will enable them to make positive social contributions to the society. Overall, America has been good to me and it is only fair I give back to the country that has made it possible for me to realize my lifelong dream.

Practical Internal Medicine Personal Statement Tips

This statement carries significant weight in the selection process for IM residency programs. Therefore, students should make their documents as specific and robust as possible. If you’re unsure about the information to include in this document or how to format or structure it, please seek help from reputable experts.

Follow these tips from trusted medical thesis writing services to write a winning IM personal statement.

Write a personal chronology: Start as far back as possible to show the selectors your interest in joining the IM residency program. Avoid including your school and work experience only. Instead, include life events that shaped your desire to join the program. Start early: Many students struggle to start their IM personal statements. However, you will find the task more straightforward if you start early. Your application may not be due within a few months. However, spend more time getting some ideas on a paper. Read a well-written internal medicine personal statement example: Perhaps, this is an essential tip for writing a winning IM personal statement. Reading an excellent old IM personal statement will help you understand what the educator expects of you. Read your statement aloud: Ask a colleague, a friend, or a neighbor to listen to you while reading your document. After that, discuss it to find out where you can improve or what to add. Even if the person is a non-medical reader, they may provide good insights into the writing and organizational aspects of the document. Proofread and edit: Typo, grammatical, and spelling errors can ruin an otherwise impressive personal statement. Therefore, please don’t rush to submit your document without proofreading or editing it.

Reading your IM personal statement should be exciting. Therefore, focus on telling the readers things that will prompt them to accept you into the IM residency program.

Get Professional Writing Help

If you cannot write a high-quality IM personal document, our expert writers can help. We offer professional research and a master thesis writing service , among many others, to students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. studies. Even if you need thesis assistance due to your inability to write in good English or you’re a doctor with a tight schedule, we can help you.

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Internal Medicine Personal Statement Writing Strategies

EssayEdge > Blog > Internal Medicine Personal Statement Writing Strategies

Because an internal medicine (IM) residency is an essential step towards a career in numerous sub-specialties, IM residency matching is particularly competitive. Therefore, including an internal medicine personal statement in your application package that helps you stand apart from the crowd is especially important.

Despite so many applicants with a variety of long-term goals either in IM or a subspecialty, IM residency selectors really want to read about your interest in IM and working with IM patients. They need to know that you’re passionate about being part of their IM residency program and have the personality and background to do the day-to-day work of being an internist. Follow these guidelines on how to write a personal statement for medical residency and grab the selector’s attention.

6 Guidelines for Your Internal Medicine Personal Statement - EssayEdge

Table of Contents:

How to Stand Out

1. start with an experience related to im.

Yes, almost all internal medicine residency personal statements will begin this way. And yes, it is exactly what you should do, too. However, it is important that the anecdote that you choose make direct connections to the skills that you will use during your IM residency. Any anecdote that relates to managing a patient with multiple diagnoses, finding a correct diagnosis that required going beyond presentation of symptoms/initial testing or collaborating with physicians in other specialties to devise a tailored plan to suit the patient’s needs will show the IM residency selectors that you have the right mindset for internal medicine.

2. Focus on analytical skills

Working with IM patients can require significant detective skills. For this reason, make problem solving skills a focal point. Using a detective or Sherlock Holmes analogy is not uncommon in an internal medicine residency personal statement, and this works well when it is done well. If you choose this route, remember not to get so involved in the literary device that it takes over the statement. The main goal is to convey your ability to follow the facts wherever they lead to provide the highest level of care to each patient.

3. Highlight research skills

Finding the right course of treatment for IM patients, especially those with multiple diagnoses, often means digging into the literature. To demonstrate this to the IM residency selectors, you might want to include this as part of a larger paragraph on research experience (if you played a major role in conducting the literature review) or as part of a second anecdote specifically about a patient where consulting the literature was necessary.

Need help? Check out EssayEdge editing services:

4. Discuss working with other providers

From Family Practitioners to Pathologists, internists frequently consult with other providers. Therefore, writing about your ability to work effectively as part of a healthcare team, especially having productive and effective interactions with providers from a variety of specialties, is an important aspect of your internal medicine residency personal statement. Also, emphasize your ability to be a leader as the primary advocate for your patient’s overall health and well-being.

5. Demonstrate your desire to build long-term relationships

Because IM patients may work with the same internist for years or even decades to manage chronic illnesses, the ability to build strong physician/patient rapport and earn a patient’s trust is an imperative aspect of the specialty. Additionally, these long-term relationships mean that IM doctors often get to know not only the patient personally but their loved ones. Let the selectors see that you are interested in patient care, patient education, and forming lasting bonds with your patients.

Personal Statement Internal Medicine Bonus Tip: While it’s fine to mention long-term goals beyond IM, don’t overdo it.

As stated above, many residents pursue IM training as either a supplement to a specialty or as part of a path to a subspecialty. Although it’s perfectly fine to be forthright about your career plans, remember to be clear that securing a spot in an IM residency program means more to you than just a means to an end. Always show that IM is where you really want to be at this stage in your career progress and that you are passionate about the opportunity to join an internal medicine residency program.

The internal medicine program will open numerous prospects to you. Make an effort on yourself and create a competitive personal statement to impress the faculty members. If you doubt your skills, find a medical school personal statement editor on EssayEdge. Some of our members have experience in this field, so you’ll get a perfect paper.

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how to write internal medicine personal statement

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how to write internal medicine personal statement

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how to write internal medicine personal statement

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how to write internal medicine personal statement

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how to write internal medicine personal statement

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how to write internal medicine personal statement

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Tailored Personal Statement for Internal Medicine Residency Is Here

Internal medicine is not an easy profession. You must work hard and be dedicated to helping others. Internal medicine is a typical medical discipline that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of adults. A common internal medicine practitioner, usually known as a physician, is in charge of internal medicine adult health care and needs an internal medicine residency personal statement. If you come across a fellow who is writing your personal statement, you can seek personal statement advice from them, but keep in mind that they are from various areas of internal medicine residency.

When it comes to residency selection, your internal medicine residency personal statement is critical to document. You must pay close attention to the personal statement for your internal medicine. A personal statement might be a deciding element in your internal medicine decision, and that’s what an internal medicine residency personal statement should focus on.

Personal statements for any internal medicine residency provide internal medicine residency applicants with an opportunity to persuade the selection committee that they are truly interested in internal medicine residency. They want an internal medicine residency personal statement to explain why they want to study internal medicine and how it’ll affect their future – that’s how a personal statement affects your future too.

When writing your personal statement for the chosen internal medicine, keep in mind that the internal medicine residency committee is not interested in your life tales or novel writing style. Internal medicine residency personal statement readers are interested in getting to know you and your passion for internal medicine expressed in a statement for your internal medicine residency:

When writing your personal statement for internal medicine residency, you might need some personal statement professional assistance, and ours is one of the internal medicine admittance options.

Mistake-Free Personal Statement Internal Medicine Residency Requires

It is critical to write a great personal statement since it demonstrates your interest in internal medicine and allows you to persuade the internal medicine residency committee that an internal medicine residency is an area for you. An internal medicine residency personal statement appears to be a basic internal medicine resilience document, yet a residency personal statement is critical to your decision.

As previously said, if you want to get accepted into an internal medicine residency, you must compose a suitable personal statement internal medicine residency document. Typically, internal medicine residency applicants ignore little personal statement details that have a significant impact on their admittance. Here are some traps to avoid while writing your personal statement for the picked internal medicine residency in order to ensure your internal medicine residency admission.

The first thing our experts avoid is disorganization. The best personal statement for internal medicine residency should be appropriately ordered. A sloppy essay reveals the student’s immaturity and lack of interest. A proper personal statement with very clear ideas demonstrates your mental stability and focus on achieving things.

The selection committee examines thousands of personal statements for various residencies, and the majority of applicants utilize the same residency document clichés. It lessens the efficacy of your remark in an internal medicine residency personal statement, and the program director may be uninterested in your residency choice.

According to personal statement examples residency internal medicine documents need to focus on formatting: Because a personal statement for your internal medicine residency is a professional residency document, it must be correctly prepared. That’s why students prefer to use writing services for any residency candidates.

All Steps Taken for Personal Statement Residency Internal Medicine Doc

When writing your personal statement residency internal medicine document, it is critical to express just the facts. When writing about yourself, don’t overstate anything. Talking of copied residency document content, when students find it difficult to compose personal statements for any residencies, they often attempt to copy them from acquaintances.

A large number of samples are also available online, which appears to make an internal medicine residency personal statement easier for residency candidates. When they replicate personal statement information from any source, they actually lose their chance of selection. The residency selecting committee wants to see the authentic you, not the conventional cloned residency document stuff.

If you are interested in an internal medicine residency, you may have several possibilities. However, you must create a unique residency personal statement internal medicine document for each school to which you apply. Do some internal research on the institution and explain why you are interested in that particular internal medicine residency. A personal statement will boost your chances of internal medicine residency acceptance.

Create a rough draft of your personal statement for your internal medicine residency. When writing your personal statement for the selected internal medicine residency, make a list of the most important personal statement elements first and then compose a good personal statement for your internal medicine residency. It will assist you in organizing your internal medicine residency thoughts and personal statement content in a flow. In an internal medicine residency personal statement, write about your interest in internal medicine and how a personal statement will affect your career. What are your plans after finishing your residency, and why is internal medicine your sole option for advancing your career?

The most significant personal statement component of drafting your internal medicine personal statement residency document is revising and editing. When you’ve finished your first draft, go over it several times and modify it. Show your personal statement for the chosen internal medicine residency to a friend or family member who can assist you and ask for personal statement advice.

If an internal medicine residency personal statement is hard for you, there are many services on the net.

Best-Ever Residency Personal Statement Internal Medicine Assistance

One of the essential things to remember while writing your residency internal medicine personal statement is to tailor it to the internal medicine program for which you are applying. You will convey to the admission committee how serious you are about taking their specific internal medicine residency in this manner. If you don’t know how to accomplish it successfully, our top-notch admissions professionals are available around the clock to assist you. Your personal statement will be tailored to any internal medicine subspecialties.

Your personal statement for residency internal medicine program is incredibly crucial but also quite difficult to write. Students frequently become perplexed about what to include and how to style their personal statements. If you are in a similar scenario, we can assist you:

If you are interested in internal medicine, you must compose a suitable personal statement. Gather all of the necessary facts and create a suitable personal statement, bearing in mind that it might make or break your acceptance. However, if you encounter any difficulties, our internal medicine residency personal statement professionals are here to assist you at any moment.

To obtain a personal statement for internal medicine residency program, simply fill out our easy and extremely quick purchase form, pay a very reasonable charge for the service you want, and contact your personal statement expert. You will receive the first draft of your personal statement for the chosen internal medicine shortly after and may request as many personal statement adjustments as you like.

Our internal medicine experts’ objective is to polish your personal statement for the desired internal medicine to perfection and ensure that you are completely delighted with the final internal medicine residency personal statement. Our personal statement service for internal medicine residencies is simple, quick, and secure. So, what are you holding out for with your internal medicine document?

Contact our service anytime and get a promising internal medicine residency personal statement here!


Internal Medicine Personal Statement

Njm personal statement.

My interest in medicine first stemmed from my freshman Biology class and my Nutrition class. I was intrigued by our studies of cells, genetics, and disease. Both courses incited a sense of awe and curiosity within me. Dissecting a frog, was the stepping-stone for my interest in medicine. Seeing the frog's heart made me wonder how the human heart worked. My research into the human heart inspired me to learn more about the medical field. I sought out volunteer opportunities that would give me insight into a doctor’s typical day. During my volunteer experience, I learned that as a doctor you experience many obstacles, including patient compliance and insurance approval issues. In my journey to pursue medicine, I learned that becoming a doctor means more than helping people, it means being the team leader, being compassionate, and most importantly being committed to the patient’s well being.

College Admissions Essay: How Earthquake Changed My Life

The morning of October 8th, 2005 shook my world - both literally and figuratively. A major earthquake devastated the entire region of Northern Pakistan and changed my life forever. Little did I know, when I was woken up by the sound of shattering glass and falling trees, that the scale of destruction would be so catastrophic. As the death toll continued to rise, I changed my inertia and grief into action and altruism. I decided to volunteer at one of the largest hospitals in my city. While watching doctors working tirelessly to save lives, my passion for becoming a doctor grew stronger. The satisfaction and sense of fulfillment I achieved after easing the patient's pain and making them feel better was priceless. This indeed was a defining moment in my life and gave it new direction and purpose. With a new found vigour and determination I entered medical school the same year.

Physician Personal Statement

As an aspiring physician my preparation has been driven by motivation, intelligence and most importantly commitment. Over the course of my undergraduate education I have developed strong communications skills all while maintaining a strong work ethic. My best attribute is my willingness to help other. I am caring, compassionate, confident, cultivated and consistently eager to learn. The career path I have chosen has tested my ability to deal with uncertainty, problem solving, and most importantly helped me to distinguish my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned to manage risk and deal effectively with problems. Overall, I have developed the skills to virtually engage people.

Internist Personal Statement

I felt motivated about the knowledge of semiology and pathology of diseases the internists possess. In the same way I truly enjoy diagnosing challenging medical conditions.

Ever since I was a child, when people asked me which profession interested me most, I used to say “I would like to be a detective”. I would say that because I knew my inherent ability to solve complex problems. Internal medicine is a complex broad field and the spectrum of diseases seen in this specialty fascinated me.

Physician Assistant Application Essay Sample

As I began my medical education my interests had piqued; however, my true passion was ignited when I discovered the stimulating environment of internal medicine. Foremost, with the aid of an exceptional physician preceptor, I discovered that managing a wide variety of pathologies within a varied population is the ideal way to develop a broad clinical knowledge. Additionally, I found that I enjoyed the ‘hands-on’ component that comes with the privilege of performing procedures and resuscitation. Finally, I discovered that managing patients holistically, through collaboration and coordination, is the best way to facilitate excellent patient outcomes. It was after these discoveries that I decided to further my pursuit of a career in internal medicine.

Interna Internal Medicine: Personal Statement

The intricacies of the human body, especially related to acute and chronic illnesses, is something that has intrigued me for as long as I can remember. My older brother is a physician, and I have spent countless hours over the years discussing the challenges and intricacies of his interdisciplinary career. It was during this time that my desire and drive to become a physician flourished, and as my academic, professional, and personal endeavors continued, my intrigue with internal medicine continued to expound.

Marshall University Program Entry Essay

It was not until my senior high school year when I had my first exposure to Medicine. I joined the Better Life Institute, a volunteer group that organizes a weekly medical convoys to provide medical service for underprivileged villages in Egypt, where I regularly attended the clinics and also assisted with the logistics and administrative duties. I also became a member of a team that supports and arranges home visits to cancer patients. This was an eye opening experience that made me realized the impact of emotional and spiritual well-being on patients’ prognosis, and I discovered how the simplest of well-chosen words can provide a priceless comfort to a suffering patient. This experience motivated me beyond any expectation and I realized there was no better way for me to pursue science and achieve satisfaction than through Medicine.

Health Outreach Quality Improvement Program

My introduction to medicine was during high school where I was a participant in a medical magnet program. I was attracted to the academic challenge as well as the various career choices available to physicians. Captivated, I took classes in specialized areas of medicine; learning about genetics, medical technology, and anatomy and physiology as a dual enrollment student. This experience challenged me, both academically and physically. I had to wake up by 5 AM to catch the bus and frequently

Passion For Medicine Personal Statement

My passion for Medicine developed after witnessing a family member face ongoing health issue since the last 3 years. This made me realize how ill health can leave a person physically, mentally and financially vulnerable. My caring nature combined with my passion for Science is what inspired me to pursue a career in Medicine .

Example Of An Internist: Personal Statement

Through my exposure to the various branches of medicine during my rotations in medical school, I found that I was drawn toward Internal Medicine. The variety of clinical encounters, procedures, and degrees of illness make internal medicine extremely appealing to me. During this period, I was mastered in taking patient history and conducting thorough physical examination. I actively involved myself in interacting and educating patients and their families about their diseases by willingly staying extra

Clinical Care Extender: A Short Story

To say that this incident was the defining moment as to why I chose medicine would be an exaggeration, but it had undoubtedly been an affirmation of my decision. To embark on a career in Medicine was not an easy decision, and it was certainly not something that I had aspired to be from a young age. In fact, it took nearly half a decade of careful consideration and exploration before I reached this conclusion. My motivation to become a doctor stems not only from my love for science, but also from the special connection that is established between a patient and a doctor during diagnosis and consultation. The opportunity for devoting a lifetime to alleviating illnesses stands as my inspiration. I believe that there is no other profession that can be compared to one which utilizes one’s acquired abilities to bring about a more immediate impact on someone’s life, just as this experience had

The Medical School Of Medicine Essay

During my yearly summer break as a child, I would visit my cousins who run a clinic in India. Their lifestyle really inspired me; I was intrigued at the thought of helping people selflessly. Then, during my last few years of high school, my bedridden grandfather moved in with us in Qatar. When I saw how my dad took care of him day in and day out, a spark ignited in me and I realized that I wanted to practice medicine. I’m happy to have found a career that will allow me to accomplish all my aspirations: learning about the human body, helping people and educating them to take better care of their health. Medicine provides a career path filled with choices but during my second medical school rotation, my love of challenges and learning new things led me to choose internal medicine as my specialty. My interest in pursuing internal medicine began with my curiosity for the entire spectrum of medicine.

Internal Medicine Rotation

understand and diagnose patients fascinated me. Wading through years of medical history while integrating current symptoms to develop

Evidence-Based Medicine: Personal Statement

Hailing from a different country, I can bring a unique multicultural perspective to the program along with the values of hard work, empathy, and efficiency. The workings of Internal Medicine embrace my personality, interests and abilities and I am confident I will excel and fulfill my goal of making a significant impact on patients'

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Learn the Steps for Writing an Internal Medicine Personal Statement

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Internal Medicine (IM) is a medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disorders and diseases in adults. The internal medicine personal statement subspecialties include cardiology , endocrinology, gastroenterology, oncology, nephrology, rheumatology, pulmonology, allergy and immunology, infectious disease, and hematology. A physician who specializes in internal medicine is called an Internist.

If you wish to become an internist, you must specialize in internal medicine study for a period of 1 to 4 years in addition to the 4 years of medical school. Getting admission in an IM subspecialty is highly competitive and not easy at all, in order to make your application stand out, you must write an effective Internal Medicine Personal Statement without any faults. The IM Selectors will consider the IM Personal Statement to be one of the deciding factors to approve or decline your application.

In case, you are unaware of how to write a smart Internal Medicine Personal Statement, continue reading this blog post. Here, you will get in-depth ideas about the intelligent ways to write a convincing Internal Medicine Personal Statement.

What is Internal Medicine Personal Statement?

An internal medicine personal statement is a written personal statement that should explain your interest in choosing the particular field of medical study and the unique features and skills you possess. This personal statement is a reasonable way to persuade the selection committee that you are really interested in studying internal medicine.

Remember, the committee is not looking for biographies, they only search for the details about who you are and your advantage in internal medicine. So, first, research the institute you wish to apply to and explain your advantage in a convincing manner. Your Internal Medicine personal statement should be original. Never copy content from online sources. The committee can easily detect if your record is a duplicate.

Steps for Writing an Internal Medicine Personal Statement

When you write your Internal Medicine Personal Statement, be sure not to include the things that you have referenced in your resume. It is sufficient to mention your personal statement on a single page within the word count as expected by the Institution.

The personal statement should contain all the necessary details in an appropriate way. To prepare a definite statement of purpose , follow the below-mentioned steps when you start writing.

Internal Medicine Personal Statement

Conduct Research

Collecting information about the medical foundation or a school you wish to apply for internal medicine in the prior is always advisable. So, first, conduct deep research about the establishment and find the reason why you are specific in getting admission to that school. Also, get to know about your choice of Internal Medicine subspecialty. Then, with all the details you have gathered, you can write a personal statement in a smarter way to attract the selection committee.

Prepare a Draft

After conducting research, take notes of the principal things you wish to focus on in your personal statement. Notes-taking will help to arrange your ideas and cover all the important points without leaving. Be natural and express your interest in internal medicine. Also, explain how the study will influence you in the future along with reasons why you have decided to take internal medicine as your profession.

Revise and Edit

After you have written the first draft, do a complete revision and rectify the errors if you spot any. You can also ask any experts to review your personal statement and then alter it based on their comments.

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How to Make Your Internal Medicine Personal Statement Stand Unique in the Crowd?

In order to gain the attention of the selection committee and make your IM personal statement stand out, follow the below-mentioned methods and guidelines for writing an effective internal medicine personal statement.

Effective Methods to make the Internal Medicine Personal Statement

Begin by highlighting your Internal Medicine Related Experience

One of the best ways to start the IM personal statement is by highlighting your experience related to the IM field. To make your statement attractive, carefully pick the anecdote that connects well with the skills that you would apply in IM residency.

Focus on your Analytical Skills

To work with IM patients, the internists should have detective skills. So, to make your statement stand out, focus on your problem-solving skills. Similarly, convey your ability that is suitable to the facts that sync in point to provide the utmost care to each patient. Remember, not to adopt too many literary techniques to express your skill because it may spoil the essence of your statement.

Demonstrate your Research Skills

To deal with IM patients and to diagnose the disease correctly, you need to do a wide analysis of the literature. For that, you must have strong research skills, and it is also one of the important skills the selectors will always look for too. In order to seek the selector’s attention, emphasize your research skills as a second anecdote in your personal statement.

Discuss working with other suppliers

It is common for the internists to consult other suppliers or providers. Hence, when you write your personal statement, make a point to highlight your ability to work with a medical team, specifically by interacting effectively and productively with suppliers of different strengths. Also, focus on your leadership ability as you would advocate the overall health and well-being of your patient.

Express your interest in building long-term relationships

Generally, IM Patients with chronic illness would consult the same internist for years or decades. So, it is mandatory to earn the patient’s trust and to maintain the relationship with them for a long period. Also, during these periods, you may get to know about your patients personally too. In your IM Personal Statement, you can let your selectors know that you are responsible for patient care, patient health education, and maintaining a good bonding with your patients.

As said earlier, admission to IM is highly competitive. So, to secure your spot at the IM residency program in a renowned medical school, be frank and energetic when writing your personal statement. Also, continuously express your interest in studying IM without diluting your excitement.

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Final Words

The selection committee usually has a high level of experience in the IM residency program selection process by analyzing the IM personal statement submitted by the physicians. So, they can easily find content that is duplicated, distorted, and inappropriate.

When writing a statement, don’t be over-expressive, and also don’t exaggerate the key points. Maintain your expression at a normal range, organize your points in order and write the statement honestly using appropriate ways as mentioned in this post to get selected for the IM residency program.

Take our online assignment help , if you experience any difficulty in writing your internal medicine personal statement. Our assignment helpers are skilled enough to prepare and deliver you a well-structured Internal Medicine personal statement suitable to attract your selection committee.

how to write internal medicine personal statement

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Internal Medicine – Personal Statement

As I was making my final decision on my career path I tried to write several personal statements for different specialties. The one that was the easiest and most enjoyable to write was the one I wrote for internal medicine. I found that there were lots of stories I’ve gathered during my third year rotation in internal medicine that resonated with me and affirmed my determination to become a physician.

I felt that my personal statement reflected on the “professionalism” competency as my initial story demonstrated my personal struggle between social stigma and maintaining professionalism by growing out of fear. I’m happy that I was able to stay respectful and compassionate and grow as a professional.

I plan on continuing this competency by being an honest, kind and respectful health care provider throughout my medical career.


“Who are you?”… “I’m the medical student working with the internal medicine team. It’s nice to meet you.” On my first day of my internal medicine rotation I was assigned a unique patient. He was a prisoner with a fever, melena, cellulitis and signs of acute kidney injury. As I walked into the inmate’s room—no doubt looking very nervous—I quickly introduced myself. Wasting no time, I took a brief history and proceeded onto my physical exam. His right leg was visibly inflamed and swollen, with pus seeping from a superficial wound. His foley catheter had minimal amounts of urine and he exhibited costovertebral angle tenderness. On a rectal exam, the melena was apparent by sight and smell. I began to formulate a list of hospital problems, and with the help and guidance of my attending physician and residents, we created a treatment plan. Each day as I visited my patient, I began to see the positive effects of our treatment. His wounds were healing. As I measured the amount of lower extremity edema with a measuring tape, I found the swelling had decreased dramatically in a matter of days. He began to have adequate amounts of clear, yellow urine, and he had multiple days without a fever. Even his melena resolved! However, the best part was that I grew to know this patient as a person. He was a proud father of two grown children: one a kindergarten teacher, the other an engineer for the Navy. He enjoyed a close relationship with his father and his hobbies included fixing cars and playing guitar. I learned that his prisoner status was not his defining characteristic and that he was like any other patient. Though initially I perceived him as someone to fear, he was just another person who needed help. During this time, I appreciated the opportunity I was given as a medical student to learn about the human body and to have this rare window into someone else’s life.

When I decided to pursue medicine, I was the first in my family to attempt a medical career. My only experience with doctors was conducting research with them or shadowing in college. Still, there were certain qualities I admired about physicians and their practices that drew me toward medicine. I found these were best exemplified in internal medicine. Firstly, I enjoyed the idea of a life-long relationship with patients and pursuing a career with the main principle of helping others. Next, I found the challenging and detective-like process of interrogation (history taking), scene investigation (physical exam), and forensics (labs and imaging) to be thrilling and satisfying. Finally, it appealed to my love of organization and details since everyday I would write notes, make lists, and constantly adjust my patients’ plans until the mystery was solved and a life had been saved.

My extracurricular activities, work experiences, and research further contributed to my interest in internal medicine. Before entering medical school, I had conducted cardiac/radiology research at the Los Angeles Biomedical Institute. I enjoyed viewing the human body through CT imaging and was fascinated by the complexities and inner workings of the heart. In my first and second year of medical school, I worked with a medical oncologist and was able to see the varied manifestations of breast cancer and how medications can become a lifesaver. Then once I started surgery rotations, I found the most interesting and intellectually challenging moments were during pre-rounds and morning rounds where I formulated differentials and interacted with patients. Out of all the avenues of medicine I had explored, I found that internists spent the most time with their patients and provided healing physically, emotionally and socially. I have come to believe internal medicine is the foundation and home base where patients are cared for from the beginning to the end of their hospital stays. I want to become this anchor and support for my patients.

As a future physician, I envision myself as not only an efficient and comprehensive clinician, but also as a caring patient advocate. My ideal practice would focus mainly on clinical practice with some research and teaching opportunities. During my free time I envision myself volunteering in free clinics or participating in medical mission trips to help those in need. So who am I? Simply, I am a doctor-to-be who wants to be a friend and guide for my patients through this ever-changing healthcare system.


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