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I realise I am a bit late but I really would like to thank everyone from T.I.M.E to help me perform well in CAT 2018. I enrolled myself to the online test series last year which helped me a lot to prepare myself just 3-4 months before the exam. The video solutions had an added advantage as many of the tricks which I might have not been familiar with, proved out to be great time saver. The well organised set of mock papers is all what I could have asked for in those few weeks of preparation just before the exam and I am glad that it was upto my expectations. After all the hardwork that was put in, I recieved multiple calls from the top MBA colleges of the country and I finally decided to pursue my dream from IIM Trichy.

I found study material of T.I.M.E. to be very useful. Also the way the faculty members taught us the basic concepts was very effective. I also found the online sectional tests, SAMCATs and AIMCATs to be very useful in my preparation.

I found the classroom program at T.I.M.E. to be very useful in both preparation for entrance exam (CAT/XAT etc ) as well for the WAT/GD/PI rounds later on. The AIMCATs conducted by T.I.M.E. to be very helpful in analysing my performance and taking corrective action later on.

I had joined the long term CAT classroom at T.I.M.E. I made sure i attended the classes regularly. These sessions helped improve my subject knowledge a lot. Since i wrote all the AIMCATs, i did not have stress on the day of CAT as i was used to the test environment.

I found the WAT/ Mock GD sessions at T.I.M.E. to be very useful as it ensured that i was ready to face the actual WAT/GD session at B-schools. The feedback that i got at the end of each mock interview at T.I.M.E. ensured that i was able to identify areas that i needed to work on and due to this i was able to secure admission in this prestigious B-school.

I was able to secure admission into IIM Calcutta, only due to inputs given by Faculty members at T.I.M.E. during the classes.The teachers here are very helpful and understanding, you can approach them for any kind of assistance.

I have been able to secure a high CAT percentile due to the help i received from Faculty at T.I.M.E. They have not only taught the subjects but also helped me stay motivated throughout the preparation phase.

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