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Ca raisin grower shares experience with two new complete dov varieties, why sun-maid growers acquired plum organics, central valley farmer shares new experience with on-farm groundwater recharge, madera irrigation district leads the charge on groundwater recharge, 100,000 dairy cows relocated due to central valley flooding, introducing the new viticulture farm advisor for tulare & kings counties, combatting the arch nemesis pest of the ca grape industry, mitigating the effects of grapevine red blotch disease, mechanizing table grape vineyard pruning, how to meet today’s wine consumers where they are, industry news.

current california ag news

Dry Creek Vineyard Founder David S. Stare Receives ‘Wine Lifetime Achievement Award’ At Castate Fair

Dry Creek Vineyard is proud to announce that the California State Fair honored Sonoma County wine pioneer David S. Stare as the recipient of their “Wine Lifetime Achievement Award” during yesterday’s ceremony. Stare is one of two recipients for the 2022 year alongside legendary wine writer Bob Thompson, as the State Fair Advisory has recognized multiple industry experts across award …

current california ag news

Self-Teaching Web App Improves Speed, Accuracy of Classifying Cereal DNA Variations

Agricultural Research Service and Washington State University scientists have developed an innovative web app called BRIDGEcereal that can quickly and accurately analyze the vast amount of genomic data now available for cereal crops and organize the material into intuitive charts that identify patterns locating genes of interest. With the rapid advancements in the field of genomics the past 25 years, a game-changer for …

current california ag news

Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation for Tolerance/Susceptibility to New Soilborne Pathogen

In recent years, there has been an increase in crown rot/vine decline problems in processing tomatoes. Many tolerant, as well as several susceptible tomato cultivars, have been identified from previous efforts funded by CTRI. The number of fields in the Sacramento Valley with confirmed Fusarium falciforme vine decline has been increasing each year. In 2022, eight new tomato fields were diagnosed in Sutter …

current california ag news

Distinguishing Between Previous Recessions and Today’s Economic Circumstances

As inflation and fluctuating global economics raise concern for americans and california f….

current california ag news

California Farmland to Serve State in Recharging Groundwater Supply

The governor of california recently issued an executive order allowing local water distric….

current california ag news

Almond Board Launches New Website to Help Growers Coordinate NOW Mating Disruption Efforts

In effort to improve area-wide management of navel orangeworm, the number one pest of the ….

current california ag news

Applying Herbicides Safely to Keep Residue Off of Harvested Almonds

While there has been research and work underway to move the almond industry to off-ground ….

current california ag news

Opportunities to Grow and Market Climate Friendly Wines

While different sectors of the wine industry have embraced words describing their vineyard….

current california ag news

What To Know About the Central Valley Wine Market Heading Into a New Season

In this california ag network interview, watch mike needham from turrentine brokerage shar….

current california ag news

Legislation to Improve California Water Situation With Recharge

While a record amount of rain has fallen on the drought-stricken soils of california over ….

current california ag news

Gerad Borrego Joins California Farmland Trust as New Development Director

Gerad brings over twenty years of wealth management and commercial banking experience within the financial service sector to…

current california ag news

Kern County Potato Variety Trial Field Day, June 21

The Annual UC Cooperative Extension and California Potato Research Advisory Board (CPRAB) Variety Trial Field Day is an oppo…

current california ag news

Nearly 70% of Private Label Avocado Oil Rancid or Mixed With Other Oils

Avocado oil has become a popular choice for many people in recent years because of its heart-healthy benefits and versatilit…

current california ag news

USDA Seeks Feedback About 2023 Crops, Stocks, Inventories, and Values

During the next several weeks, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will con…

current california ag news

Meat Institute Partners with IT-ISAC to Improve Cybersecurity with New Food & Ag ISAC

The North American Meat Institute (Meat Institute) today announced a new partnership with the Information Technology-Informa…

current california ag news

USDA Invites Input on Crop Insurance Coverage for Prevented Planting

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a Request for Information today, announcing public listening sessions an…

current california ag news

CAWG Foundation Awards $44,000 in Student Scholarships

The California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG) Foundation has awarded $44,000 in college scholarships to eight stude…

current california ag news

Leon Panetta, Chairman of the Panetta Institute of Public Policy, Will Keynote the Salinas Biological Summit

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Chairman of the Panetta Institute of Public Policy, will deliver the keynote addr…

current california ag news

USDA Climate Hubs Go Global

For more than a decade, USDA’s Climate Hubs has been at the forefront of supporting climate change adaptation and mitigation…

current california ag news

$500 Million for Improved Regional Conservation Partnership Program to Better Support Partners, Producers

The Biden Administration announced the availability of $500 million in funding to advance partner-driven solutions to conser…

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100% Equipment Financing

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Paradox Seed "Mother" Orchard

FAQ Sheet Regarding the Class Action Lawsuit for CA Raisin Growers

current california ag news

Lucrative Market of Ox Gallstones for Chinese Herbal Medicine

current california ag news

Can Dryland Farming Help CA Agriculture Adapt to Future Water Scarcity?

current california ag news

Preparing to Evacuate During Wildfire? These Checklists Can Help

current california ag news

Dale: Biological nitrogen fixation such as that with legumes is done at the expense of...

' src=

Connie Tittle: I'm in Gavilan Hills in Riverside County. The StinkNet Oncosiphon piluliferum is...

' src=

larrry: Gallstones available in Nairobi at a competitive price, please reach out on what...

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Tanya Stephani Nidy: My father, who recently passed, filed in this class action suit. How can I get i...

current california ag news

Current and Former FFA Officers Tour CA Ag

current california ag news

FFA Members Explore Agriculture in California During January

Earlier this month, 46 current and former state FFA officers visited California and learned about the various types of agriculture the state offers.

Members flew into California and toured various agribusinesses — from the largest U.S. producer of caviar to a fourth-generation ranch practicing responsible carbon farming and more. They also talked with Karen Ross; California Secretary of Agriculture, Dorene D’Adamo; the vice-chair of the California Water Board, Matthew Allen; vice president of state government affairs at Western Growers.

The experience was made possible thanks to FFA sponsors John Deere and Bunge.

FFA members who participated in the experience include: Alyssa Andrews and William Blankenship of Arkansas; Jillian Johnson, Carter Howell, Julia Heijkoop, Kelly Alexander, Barrett Young and Tyler Brannan of Florida; Madison Stevenson and Kesley Holdgrafer of Iowa; Cassandra Moody, Claire Shelton and Katherine Hebdon of Idaho; Julia Hamblen of Indiana; Ashley Chandler and Rachel Sebesta of Kansas; Kyle Schulze of Maryland; Olivia Coffey and Adele Battel of Michigan; Nicol Koziolek of Minnesota; Joceyln Dvorak of Missouri; Regan Hand of Mississippi; Bailey Robinson, Emma Kuss, Madison Stracke and Victoria Ference of Nebraska; Emily Sadlon, Abigail Goodenough, and Johnathan Finney of New Jersey; Aubrey Schwartz, Jacob Zajkowski, John Dippold, Katherine Price, Kylie Baldwin, Isabel D’Aquisto-Butler and Justin Sharp of Oregon; Hunter Eide of South Dakota; Ryder Mortenson of South Dakota and Samantha Olson of South Dakota; Charles Moser; Samuel Leach; Ellie Vance; Jackson Lohr, Lauren Rhodes and Emma Jackson of Virginia.

The National FFA Organization is a school-based national youth leadership development organization of more than 735,000 student members as part of 8,817 local FFA chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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current california ag news

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Ieee 802.1ag, 2-arachidonoylglycerol.

IEEE 802.1ag (also CFM ) ( IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment 5: Connectivity Fault Management ) is a standard defined by IEEE . It defines protocols and practices for OAM (Operations, Administration, and Maintenance) for paths through 802.1 bridges and local area networks (LANs). It is an amendment to IEEE 802.1Q-2005 and was approved in 2007.

IEEE 802.1ag is largely identical with ITU-T Recommendation Y.1731 , which additionally addresses performance monitoring.

The standard:

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2-AG, unlike anandamide (another endocannabinoid ), is present at relatively high levels in the central nervous system; it is the most abundant molecular species of monoacylglycerol found in mouse and rat brain (~5-10 nmol/g tissue). Detection of 2-AG in brain tissue is complicated by the relative ease of its isomerization to 1-AG during standard lipid extraction conditions. It has been found in maternal bovine as well as human milk.

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Ag economist sorts through changing dairy market.

current california ag news

IN-DEPTH: 21 AGs and 37 Parental Rights Groups Join Mom’s Fight Against Trans Indoctrination in Schools

Businessman linked to texas ag's impeachment charged with lying to get $172m in loans, businessman linked to texas ag ken paxton's impeachment charged with lying to get $172m in loans, u.s. attorneys, assistant ag respond to appeals by arbery's murderers, businessman charged after ag impeachment, business briefs: ag director visit, minnich manufacturing patent, samaritan grade and more, state ag announces opioid lawsuit settlements, texas man charged after ag impeached, pennsylvania ag lawsuit alleges local dealership sold cars that didn’t pass inspection, broke down, cantwell, senate ag committee chair stabenow, wa agricultural stakeholders preview weekend forum (maria cantwell), ag: planned parenthood trying to tell legislature ‘how to do its job’, don’t call it lobby art: a manhattan development is livening up the street with larger-than-life works by christopher wool and charles ray (artnet ag), extracts from the group's management report 2022 (not legally binding) (ms industrie ag), ag opinion says bill falls short of splitting ncorpe land, water rights.

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Two fighter jets Chengdu J-20 during 2022 Changchun Air Show, Jilin Province, China


178 episodes

Podcast by Patrick Cavanaugh

California Ag Today California Ag Today

California Berry Genetics Offering Superior Blueberry Varieties

Greg and Monica Willems are bringing growers and consumers remarkable new blueberry varieties.  Their California Berry Genetics is one of the top blue berry nurseries in the nation. New varieties such as Sweet Duchess, Early Duchess, and Blue Duchess will be sold under the Farm to Table Berries brand.

Extended Drought and repeated Zero Water Allocations Cause Massive Concerns For California Agriculture

Joe Del Bosque is a long-time farmer in Wester Fresno and Merced Counties. He farms almonds, melons an other crops.  He said farmers are selling their land and giving up their professions and the state wants to buy out other farms for the water rights!

Part 2 with William Bourdeau-- on Preserving our Domestic Food Supply

The vast majority of food, produced in the US, comes from California, which is experiencing another drought. However, for food security, sound policies must be made to allow farmers to get surface water for their crops. Too much water flows to the Pacific Ocean, which should go to farmers!

Part 2 Mario Santoyo on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

For decades, Mario Santoyo is someone who has fought hard for water for California Farmers. He describes the catastrophic nature of SGMA.

Preserving the Domestic Food Supply with Sound Solutions

William Bourdeau is Vice President of Harris Farms, a Director of Westlands Water District, and Chairman of the Board of the California Water Alliance. He speaks about preserving the California Food Supply for the Future.

Dire Prediction for California Agriculture Part 1

Mario Santoyo served as assistant manager for 30 years on the Friant Water Users Authority, and then served as Executive Director for the San Joaquin Valley Water Infrastructure Authority representing the counties of Merced, Madera, Fresno, Tulare,  and Kings, in order to promote the building of Temperance Flat Dam. He has seen many zero allocations and has been bruised badly trying to insure water for California Agriculture. This is part 1 of his dire prediction for the Agricultural industry in California. 

Customer Reviews

Entertaining and informative.

I just found this podcast and am really enjoying listening to it! Each podcast has given me a glimpse of the many updates and concerns that are happening in the California agricultural world today. Keep up the hard work California Ag Today! I’m excited to learn more :)

Credible, Neutral & Ethical Journalism!

Thankfully California Ag Today exists and continues to do great and honest journalism! Balanced and fair, with useful insights and great interesting interviews and content. Thank you Patrick and Laurie for the great work you all do. I wish more journalists and media outlets such as yours would exist. Farmworkers and agriculture industry is really the root of your passion and continued success. I look forward to continuing to collaborate on important pressing issues.

Knowledgable and Current

Highly relavant and enjoyable podcast on what's happening in California agriculture. I must listen for the ag enthusiast.

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Dynamic Navigation Systems, GPS Manufacturer, Aerial Agriculture

current california ag news

by DynaNav on December 29, 2020

Did You Know! DynaFlow

Did You Know! Series: DynaFlow Dec 29, 2020, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada – DynaNav Did You Know! series demonstrates features and opportunities to help improve productivity and pilot safety for the aerial applicator’s operation. Today’s feature is the DynaFlow flow controller system. 1.   DynaNav offers a standalone DynaFlow system with GPS receiver that includes and operates a flow control valve and flow meter. It also includes a pressure transducer that digitally monitors the boom …

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current california ag news

by DynaNav on August 5, 2020

Future-Oriented Systems

GPS and Flow Control Designed for Today and the Future Adapted from the September 2020 issue of AgAir Update. Report by Graham Lavender. For a direct link to the article, click here. The Global Positioning Systems used in today’s agricultural aircraft are vital to any agricultural aviation operation. Precision guidance and flow controls ensure that accurate applications are made exactly where they were intended. Used properly, it is undisputed that GPS-equipped ag-aircraft provide increased …

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current california ag news

by DynaNav on November 19, 2019

Icom Collaboration

DynaNav is proud to announce collaboration with Icom LTE. Adapted from the December 2019 issue of AgAir Update. For a direct link to the article, click here. The revolutionary Icom IP501 and VE-PG4 systems offer global voice communications and digital data transfer over LTE (4G)/3G. Communicate live, anywhere in the world.Full duplex (talk/listen simultaneously).High-priority cellular network status ensures calls are never dropped.No end-user infrastructure required; all networks managed by …

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current california ag news

by DynaNav on December 16, 2018

DynaHUD Unveiled

DynaNav Unveils First-of-its-Kind DynaHUD at NAAA Adapted from the January 2019 issue of AgAir Update. For a direct link to the article, click here. DynaNav Systems Inc. introduced their new HUD (Heads-Up Display) system at the Reno NAAA show. to a resounding positive response from all who had an opportunity to see it in action. Many pilots can not wait until they get the opportunity to operate DynaHUD in their aircraft. We presented the HUD at the NAAA trade show using real flight video capture …

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current california ag news

by DynaNav on September 27, 2016

Delivering New Solutions

DynaNav Delivers New Solutions for Aerial Application Guidance and Control Adapted from the October 2016 issue of AgAir Update. For direct link to article, click here. As an aviation technology company, DynaNav delivers modern and productive solutions to fulfill the current demands of the aerial application industry. The best way to know where to concentrate the technology advancement is by working directly with pilots and operators. As such, DynaNav is able to focus on important design requirements. …

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current california ag news

by DynaNav on June 22, 2012

Flying the Crops

An Ag Pilot's Dream Adapted from a Vertical Mag feature article by Jason Colquhoun. June 22, 2012 – San Diego County in Southern California is an ag pilot's dream: with agriculture that ranges from thousands of acres of mountainside avocado and citrus groves, to flowers, potatoes and wheat. If you’re considering a career as an agricultural pilot, Jason Colquhoun’s first-hand look at this demanding yet rewarding mission role can help give you the insights and starting point you might be …

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Simple by Design... Flexible in Application.

current california ag news

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current california ag news

Crop Management , Crop Protection , Farm Management , Food Safety , Labor , Marketing , organic , Technology Specialty crop groups outline Farm Bill requests

Crop management , organic , west grubmarket supports organic initiative with ccof partnership, crop protection , technology birds deterred from laser repellent, reports msu, labor , mid-atlantic , southeast , sweet corn efi certifies all of rouge river farms’ operations, biocontrols , crop protection , disease control , organic , pest control , plant nutrition , soil nutrition , technology , weed control bio huma netics changes name to huma, farm management , water supreme court decision narrows definition of wotus, latest news, spotted lanternfly survey started by penn state, specialty crop groups outline farm bill requests, purdue ag barometer shows farmer sentiment sours as crop prices decline, california approves certis biologicals nematicide, agbiome to use ginkgo bioworks technology, agronomic services provider brandt changes marketing, promotes staffers, multimedia see all ».

current california ag news

Current Issue

May/June 2023 VGN cover

Ohio grower finds direct sales financially, personally satisfying

Pest, disease damage expected, harvest impacts uncertain

Survey shows … inflation, competition factor in farm market pricing

Taking control: CA storage for asparagus extends season

Steam, chemicals offer weed and pathogen control options

Ionized gas used for food safety

Precision Ag: It’s all about meeting the needs of each plant

Seven takeaways from benchmark survey of markets

Ag Labor Review: Grower concerns help shape NCAE’s mission


May/June 2023 VGN cover

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  1. California AG's anti-Trump lawsuits are political, have cost taxpayers

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  3. California AG: Sessions' new war on drugs 'crazy and stupid'

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  4. California’s AG Charged One Crime That Sent A Chill Down Gun Owners

    current california ag news

  5. Satellite photos of the California wildfires reveal their incredible

    current california ag news

  6. California AG won’t charge police officers in teen’s death

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    June 22, 2012 – San Diego County in Southern California is an ag pilot's dream: with agriculture that ranges from thousands of acres of mountainside avocado and citrus groves, to flowers, potatoes and wheat

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    California growers determine options in wake of flooding. With the rains that flooded much of California since late December abating, growers are beginning the complicated process of calculating the damage